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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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police say the detective was investigating a homicide in west baltimore when he approached a man that he recognized. he was shot during the confrontation. the police commissioner says the suspect may have been wounded as well. >> my best hunt is that more than one or two people know, or suspect that our killer was involved in this yesterday, and we're asking those folks to do some soul searching, and pick up the phone, and give us a call. we're asking this shooter to do the right thing. he knows what he did. he knows he shot and killed a cop. do the right thing. call 911. go to a hospital, go to a church, go anywhere. turn yourself in. >> detective suiter was a former navy supervisor. he leaves behind a wife and five children. baltimore police have not released a name or description of the suspect. now as the search continues for the officer's killer a lot of people familiar with maryland's largest city
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baltimore? in the months leading up to this murder, crime has spiked to crisis levels while city leaders seem powerless to do anything about it. scott broom is live in baltimore with some possible answers. >> reporter: leslie, this is just a bizarre situation for people who live here, because this city is in the middle of a renaissance. huge investments being made in places like this beautiful harbor area here. and yet, for some reason right now this city seems to be in a crime filled tailspin. >> you can't just keep finger pointing. everyone has to take some responsibility. >> reporter: baltimore residents sounding the alarm. city leaders struggling to respond. >> this kind of violence cannot be tolerated. >> reporter: all of this threatening a remarkable new renaissance that has been
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the opening of the spectacular new hotel this year. goldman sachs investing in a $5.5 billion waterfront redevelopment, also led by plank. trending growing neighborhoods like federal hill, with young d.c. commuters flocking to the funky, and glittering sections of this city on the move. now a new trend of terror. >> i'm actually thinking about moving. >> reporter: roving groups of predator juveniles, launching senseless, random attacks. a woman beaten with boards on halloween. and the murders. 309 so far this year, including just this month an off duty police sergeant who lived here. and this week a popular bartender ambushed outside a convenience store after work. the crime spike, a reversal of progress. baltimore's
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2010. that all seemed to unravel quickly after 2015 riots over the death of freddie gray exposed an ugly truth. policing in baltimore was routinely abusive, and unconstitutional. a federal judge is now overseeing reform. city leaders deny that rank and file police officers have backed off under the pressure, letting crime spiral out of control. >> i hate to see this city go down. >> reporter: so with all of the incredible money pouring into the town, the millennial d.c. commuters who love the place, and are spiking real estate values, the situation feels as desperate with crime as it's ever been, and the question what is wrong with baltimore is more urgent than ever. >> baltimore police have put out decoy units to try and stop roving groups of young people to cause
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developments in the search for this cop killer in baltimore, you can download our free wusa9 app. top democrats and republicans in the senate are tonight calling for an ethics investigation of minnesota senator al franken. this after a los angeles radio news anchor accused the democrats of forcibly kissing and groping her. franken, a comedian at the time. he admits to everything that news anchor lauren tweeden says. >> he mashed his lips against my face, and he stuck his tongue in my mouth so fast. all i can remember is his lips were really wet, and it was slimy. >> franken
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saying what he did was not funny, and completely inappropriate. tweeden says she accepts franken's apology, and she's encouraging other women to tell their story. the white house says it will not call on roy moore to drop out of the senate race. >> the president believes these allegations are very troubling and should be taken seriously. >> surrounded by religious leaders, roy moore once again denied allegations of sexual assault against women. >> i have unified the democrats and the republicans in fighting against me, because they don't want me there. >> the alabama republican party
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announced this afternoon it is standing by roy moore as their candidate. as you just heard president trump has not joined the chorus of republicans calling for roy moore to end his senate campaign. the president was celebrating the package of the party's tax plan in the house. among the highlight, the measure passes the corporate tax rate, and doubles the standard deduction. a handful of republicans opposed to eliminating deductions for state and local taxes, they joined every democrat in voting no. >> taking more money from a place like new york in order to pay for deeper tax cuts elsewhere. >> this tax scam won't pay jobs. it won't fill the coffers of the donors, and the fat cats. >> we basically keep the money in the first place. it's your money, do what you want with it. >> getting a tax bill through the senate is going to be a much bigger challenge. all that's needed to kill the
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senators voting no. one is already on record opposed to the measure. the current bill includes a repeal of obamacare's individual mandate, which requires everyone to have health insurance or pay a penalty. president trump says he wants the tax reform bill on his desk by the end of the year. a fairfax county teacher is on leave after a student posted on twitter that he pulled off her hijab. that's a head scarf. she posted on wednesday that that teacher came from behind her, and pulled it over, and told her that her hair was so pretty. students who witnessed the incident said he thought he was just pulling off her hoody. >> her body was violated because she has the right to cover whatever portion of her body she chooses, and he doesn't have the right to touch her, let alone remove her religious scarf. >> he would never mean to do that on purpose or anything. >> you just think he was pulling her hood off, not the hijab. >>
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her sweatshirt hood off, not the hijab. he does that to like a lot of other students. he just yanks their hood off, because you're not allowed to have hoods on in school. >> fairfax county schools called this teacher's action inappropriate and unacceptable. they say the administration has apologized to the student and her family. they say they're taking this seriously, and while conducting an investigation the teacher has been placed on leave. getting ready for a big drop in temps tonight. topper shutt is out on the weather terrace. >> winds are going to pick up as well. we're looking at winds from 20 to 25 miles per hour overnight. only a week away, you can believe, to thanksgiving? looking at temperatures 45 to 50. and right now, it looks dry. we'll come back and talk about the weekend. that may not be dry. >> coming up, we've got a real life fish story that's hard to top. >> up next, outrage over the trump administration's plan
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a mistrial was declared today in the federal corruption trial of bob menendez. the new jersey democrat and a florida eye doctor were charged with running a bribery scheme between 2006 and 2013. following the release of the verdict, mitch mcconnell
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investigation. big changes coming on big game trophies. the trump administration has decided to allow hunters to bring in elephant head trophies. u.s. fish and wildlife services believe legal regulated sporting developments could give local communities a financial incentive to protect them. the head of the humane society says that's just a phoney argument. >> africa generates billions of dollars in activity, from tens of millions of people seeing these animals alive. >> back in the 1970s, africa had an estimated 1.3 million wild elephants. today that's down to a half million. and an estimated 100 elephants are slaughtered every day. coming up, a profanity laced sticker attacking president
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unwanted attention from a texas sheriff. >> skeptics trying to debunk claims that a young child dies from a marijuana overdose. >> i'm wusa9 first alert meteorologist topper shutt. the titans in town up in pittsburgh. kind of breezy up there. an isolated shower is possible. and tailgating between 4:00 and 7:00, temperatures on the chilly side, 35 to 40. with the winds north-northwest 10 to 15. windchills in the upper 20s, to 30s. it will be dry during every tv doctor knows scrubbing is serious business. they also know you need to get your annual check-up. it will be dry during now, with one touch using the mycigna app, you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money. need to be thorough. cigna. together all the way.
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new at 6:00, one story causing a lot of buzz, about a pair of doctors who claim they documented the first known deaths from a marijuana overdose. >> this of course is setting off a scientific debate in which all sides agree they need to do more studies. an autopsy concluded that the child died of heart failure brought
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called myocarditis. that's a rare condition in children, usually brought on by a virus. doctors at a colorado poison control set out to try to explain why the child died, and they didn't start out with the assumption that pot caused him to die. >> we thought it was more likely that it was something else. but we tested a lot of things. even things that are very rare to find in kids. the only thing we found was a high concentration of thc in this kid's urine, and ended up in this kid's blood also. >> listen now, even that doctor's statement hints at the limitation of the study. there is no smoking gun, and no proof positive that pot caused the baby's death. what the doctors did was rule out other causes. pointing out that myocarditis can be caused by things that th
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>> there are so many things that caused the problem that this poor baby had, that we're not even close to saying it was definitively a marijuana overdose. >> we should point out it is widely accepted that marijuana overdoses are not deadly. the dea says no overdose from marijuana has been reported. there is insufficient evidence to link thc to overdose fatalities. you can read more and get more context on the story. just go to or our wusa9 app. this drug decal is creating a firestorm on social media tonight. it's a profanity laced attack on president trump and those who voted for him. the fort bend county sheriff posted a photo of the truck on facebook. saying he'd like to talk to the owners about the decal, or they could possibly fast charges, the post went viral.
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children who own the truck argue the decal is a matter of free speech. if the sheriff wants to talk to them, he knows where to find them. >> he's a sheriff. he has every means of finding out that information. i've been stopped numerous times, and they could not write a ticket. >> people have called, and they are offended by this language. i want to reach out to the owner of the truck and say listen, the last thing we need to do is see anyone have any kind of confrontation over the language on the truck. >> no plans to take it down. unless i see it on the law book. other than that, it's staying there until the weather takes it off, or i decide to take it off and put another up there. >> the fort bend county d.a. says there's no way he'd ever accept a charge against the owner of the truck, simply over the profanit
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the owners of the sheriff's facebook post has -- let me try that again. the owners say the sheriff's facebook page has created more of a safety risk for their family than the trump sticker ever did. comments from both sides on this controversy on our wusa9 facebook page. christy says, ridding me this, why can he say whatever he wants everywhere, but i can't? respect begets respect. and charlotte counters, terrible. i'm so happy i don't have small children that may see that. the disrespect of some people just makes me sick. tell us what you think. join in the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. holy crap. >> yep. a lot of talk online about this whale of a fish caught in the boise river. that rainbow trout measured 34 inches long, 23.5 inches around, and weighed about 19
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the trout that most people catch is between 9 and 15 inches. the man who caught it says he's never seen a fish that big. >> my adrenalin was pumping. i couldn't breathe. it was pure shock. >> anything over 18 is, people start getting really proud of. getting anything over 30 inches is extremely rare. we don't see it very often. >> never in my life did i expect anything that big. this is a fisherman's dream. guess what? that fish missed the record by less than a pound. the largest rainbow trout on record in idaho is 20 pounds. would you eat that? >> i wouldn't. how old is that? >> it's probably 20, 30 years old, but i'd eat it. >> so like a grandparent, a really old fish. >> when you put it that way, i probably wouldn't eat it. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> you want to talk turkey? >> i don't want to talk
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>> a grand-fish. >> i don't want to think about it. 53 right now. winds are still out of the northwest at 17. it will be breezy to gusty all night. in some ways that keeps the temperatures up a little bit. it will feel colder. temperatures 30s to around 40. winds still gust over 20 miles per hour. bus stop temps 32 to 46. so a chilly start. it will be a tiny bit breezy early in the morning. windy and warm on saturday. late showers. temperatures will be either side of 60. it's going to get a little colder, but not going to last long. 55 tomorrow. 60 on saturday. 52 sunday. down to 49 monday. back up to 58 on tuesday. this is sort of a deceiving number. probably going to be a midnight high. tonight, we're looking at temperatures in the 40s. by 8:30, we're still 40 downtown. 46 in buoy. not bad. by 10:00, we're 40 in 40ederick.
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37 in bethesda. by 9:00 a.m., back in the low 40s. by lunchtime, either side of 50. even cumberland, and romney are close to 50. a pretty uniform day in terms of temperatures. by evening, temperatures upper 40s, and clear, and the winds will subside by tomorrow afternoon. low 40s to start. downtown temps. 46 at 11:00, 50 by1:00. best chance of showers overnight sunday. 60. then we're looking at 52 with falling temperatures on sunday. monday, cool. 49. back to the upper 50s on tuesday. right around 50 wednesday and thursday. looks dry for turkey day,
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you might remember robert, and mia. now they're expecting triplets. after we showed their story, you showed your generosity, asking how you can help them. we'll be accepting diaper donations in all sizes tomorrow, friday, november 17 right here at wusa9, 6:00 a.m., to 8:00 p.m., the address is there, and we will make sure those donations get to the tollbert family. all right, so there will be no kirk cousins ugly christmas sweater this year, the redskins quarterback. he tells me, they're no longer selling that product on their website, and here's why. when cousins first approved the sweater, he thought it said merry christmas. instead, the sweater says merry kirkmass. cousins says he didn't feel right replacing christ with
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own name. cousins continues to show his selfless attitude on and off the field. he could have made money on this. if kirk cousins' future is no longer in d.c. after this season, there are three things we will never forget. he loves football and his family. most importantly to him, he loves god. >> amen. well said. what does it look like? we're okay tomorrow. a little cooler. mid-50s. then we're looking at 60s as we get into saturday. get out of showers early sunday morning. that's before you get up. temperatures fall on sunday, then we're back in the upper 50s on tuesday. turkey day looks dry. >> that's the news at 6:00. cbs is next. >> bruce will be back at 7:00. the rest of us will see you at 11:00.
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