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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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democrats and republicans calling for a senate ethics investigation. franken says he'll cooperate fully. cbs has spoken to 13 of his former female staffers. they all say they've never experienced or seen any inappropriate behavior from the senator. president trump is being called out for his tweet about the al franken accusations. this morning the president tweeted the al frankenstein picture is really bad. speaks a thousand words. where do his hands go in pictures two, three, four, five, and six while she sleeps. the president made no mention on twitter or otherwise about sexual assault allegations against roy moore. choosing to let the white house do his talking. during the presidential campaign. at least 11 women publicly accused president trump of sexual misconduct in the past. the white house says the president's comments are not hyper critical. >> i think in one case, specifically. senator franken has aded
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hasn't. i think that's a very clear distinction. >> make that hypocritical. >> most disagree with the white house. >> people who live in glass glass houses shouldn't throw stones. at least he took ownership. eric said if i were the president i'd stay away from the topic. it's best he stays signed with the roy moore situation as well. mainstream media very vicious. meanwhile, roy moore's wife today said the republican candidate will not drop out of the alabama senate race. at least nine women have come forward to accuse moore of making unwanted sexual advances. the latest is tina johnson, she says she was 28 years old when she met moore at his law firm to discuss a custody issue. johnson told tv host megan kelley that she was
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>> he just grabbed my behind. i mean forcefully grabbed it. and i didn't even react. i just walked out. >> he's a loving father and a grandfather most important, he is a christian. >> moore's wife, the alabama republican party also standing behind moore's candidacy. but republicans here on capitol hill calling for him to drop out of the senate race. the house intelligence committee could be issuing more subpoenas as it investigates russian meddling into the 2016 presidential election. this time a popular social media platform could be in the cross hairs. members of the house intelligence committee want to review the twitter exchanges between donald trump jr. and wikileaks. to see a full picture of of the discussions, twitter may get a subpoena. don juan released screen shots of the exchanges. in october,
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eldest son wrote wikileaks what's behind this wednesday's leak. wikileaks responded hey donald. great to see you and your dad talking about our pub hi occasion. don jr.'s lawyer down played the significance. while the house pursues its investigation. the senate is also probing russia's involvement. special council robert muller is also leading an investigation. the senate judiciary committee notified a lawyer for president trump's son-in-law and jared kushner that he withheld information about wikileaks. ike, a soviet born businessman spent several hours in special council muller's office thursday. he attended a 2016 meeting with kushner and don jr. where they expected to discuss dirt on
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hillary clinton. cbs news, capitol hill. the lawyer for don jr. says they have no concerns about the documents. the man hunt for a cop killer. now in its third day. police haven't ruled out that the detective may have been shot with his own gun. investigators say the detective's gun was found at the scene and that it had been fired more than once. the detective was born and raised here in dc. he was investigating a homicide in west baltimore on wednesday. when he approached a man that he recognized. he was shot during that confrontation. police officers, fbi, and atf agent haves been going door to door in the neighborhood searching for a suspect. they have no name. no description. there are i wards for information that helps to capture that killer. we're hearing from a pastor after his church was shot at twice. around 11:00 last night. a gunman shot at the glass door
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way at the new light seven day adventist in gattburg. today gaithersburg. someone noticed a bullet hole in a window frame. no one was hurricane. pastor said they won't be deterred. >> we will have services. we have a community event sunday afternoon. our annual turkey give away for the community. we're going to continue those things. we can't allow fear to stop us from doing gods work. police are warning churches to be on hey heart. investigators are offering an award for information leading to an arrest call 1866-tips- 411. marylands governor committed to widening the beltway and i 270. this week i we learned more about what may be involved. including questions about possibly double stacking sections of
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widening the american legion bridge. scott broom joins us now. >> saying you want to add four lanes to the capitol beltway at george avenue and silver spring is one thing. getting it built is another. here in silver spring, widening would mean taking out rows of houses or a chunk of the hospital. here's the council member questioning maryland's secretary of transportation, pete how do you get four lanes in there? >> i can't tell you which is preferrable. >> ron did not rule out double stacking or under grounding. council member, george
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leventhal. >> you don't want to have an adverse effect on holy cross hospital and rock creek park. those are the parameters that you're looking for is. that an accurate statement? all right. good. >> the project would be privatized supported by tolls that have not been announced. if you commute to and from northern virginia and maryland over the american legion bridge, you might be relieved to know secretary ron told council here in montgomery county that this will not happen without the widening of or the replacement of that notorious choke point. the american legion bridge hasn't been widened since 1992. scott broom wusa9. maryland asked private firms to submit their ideas. but we're talking years before the work
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as we move through the weekend. we're tracking showers for tomorrow. we'll come back and detail them hour by hour. we're also tracking winds. this is at 6:00 tomorrow evening about this time. winds gusting to 34 miles per hour downtown. and 36 no manassas. those aren't the strong winds. we'll come back when the strong winds roll in. and the windchills fall off the table. up next, dozens of students walk out of school to support a teacher disciplined after a student claims he pulled off her headpiece.
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dozens walked out of class to support a teacher placed on leave. the tech teacher, mr. saunders was disciplined after a opportunity tweeted that he pulled off her hijab. but an eyewitness tells wusa9 that the girl had a hoodie over her hijab. the witness says mr. saunders asked her twice to remove the hood, when she did not, he swiped it off and the hijab came with it. >> i come from like a muslim
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getting her hijab pulled off is extremely disrespectful. but at the same time. both of them are in the wrong. mr. saunders shouldn't have touched her. and then she shouldn't have had her hood on. mr. saunders remains on leave while the school system investigates. reverend jesse jackson says he has parkinsons disease. the 76-year-old civil rights icon revealed he's been seeking out patient care for parkinsons over the last two years. he says he can no longer ignore the symptoms and he plans to dedicate himself to physical therapy. his father also suffered from parkinsons. we're going to have more on this story on off script at 7:00. we're going to talk to a doctor from georgetown university hospital. about the challenges the reverend now faces. it's been a special day for a pair
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houston and jack were pilots for a day. they met while under going treatment for leukemia at johns hopkins hospital. today the folks at andrews gave houston and jack the vip treatment. the boy put on flight gear, climbed inside a flight simulator, inspected planes and engaged in mock hand to hand combat. >> who won? >> me. >> that's a good day. these pilots for a day had once aboard one of the planes. going forward, we wish them well in treatment and we salute the folks at andrews and the organization check six for making this special day happen. coming up, a woman who caught the sheriff's attention for a profane anti-trump sticker on her truck is placed under arrest. 18 high school football players suspended
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woodson's appeal of the decision to keep 18 players from playing in next week's championship game. he attached a letter that he sent to the chancellor of dc public schools laying out his case for reinstatement. woodson high is in the northeast dc neighborhood represented by gray. 18 woodson football players suspended following a brawl that broke out during last weekend's game against eastern senior high school. eastern's season is over. their suspended players will sit out the first games of next season. gray and some of the woodson parents will join us on off script later this evening. wusa9 sports director darryn haynes things the punishment fits the crime and he sites his own experience. here's my last call. 25 players suspended one game for this fight between eastern and woodson high school. as much as it stinks, the suspension was the right decision. i watched this video probably about 20 plus times people. i saw players get stomped out. punches thrown at players and itaches.
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woodson player? you're right there was. the problem is he retaliated and then all hell broke loose. eastern's season is over. their suspension will start next season. woodson is set to play in the turkey bowl short 18 players. i went through the same thing in high school. someone started with me. i retaliated back. i was suspended too. i remember like it was yesterday. sitting at home while my team competed and it sucked. now i'm thankful. i never got into another fight after that. i learned my lesson. my mind set changed. and i ended up accepting a division one scholarship to play football. woodson fans and players, you have a title to play for next week. i know you hate this decision. but i guarantee those 18 suspended players will become better men because of it. former mayor gray and the woodson parents argue the punishment for the players at both schools are not equal because woodson was the latest to play
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over. again we're going to hear more of their side coming up on off script at 7:00. both parents of a texas toddler who was found dead a week after she was reported missing are now in jail. the mother of charin matthews appeared in court today. arrested for leaving the girl at home alone for an hour and half while the rest of the family went to dinner. this was the day before she was reported missing and the family changed their story again. they say they left her at home alone because she wouldn't drink her milk. her husband wesley is also in jail georgeed with causing her death of her boty was found in a covert near their home. the family's attorney claims the girl's mom had nothing to do with her death. a follow up to a story we told you about yesterday. a texas family who says they've been targeted. they've been targeted by the local sheriff because of a profanity laced entry trump decal on
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the truck has been arrested. she's now out of jail. she and her husband say the timing of her arrest is suspicious. this is a mug shot of karen. the fort bend county sheriff's office says they received a tip the woman had an outstanding arrest warrant for fraud. she made national headlines will recall when the sheriff called her out on facebook for the f trump sticker on her pick up. the sheriff says they could be charged with disorderly conduct for the decal. she says she has no idea what the fraud warrant is about and her arrest appears unrelated to the issue. she thinks the arrest is in retaliation for continuing to display that sticker. >> i'm also certain it does. especially with people i'm been talking with. i'm almost certain. people abuse the badge. in my opinion. and money talks. money on that end and people with money on the other end too. >> she says she doesn't know who might have filed the
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charge against her. this story continues to spark a lot of conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. a user name polit bull posted when you draw attention to yourself the closet needs to be clean. no violation for the trump sticker but got the attention of the deputy who ran the plates and found the warrant 15 minutes of fame complete, move on. so much crime. so much unsolved crime, but the lady with the sticker, caught her. this is an abuse of power. they should be fired or put in jail for this stupid arrest. tell us about this debate on our wusa9 facebook page. as we head into the weekend, what can we expect? >> a lot going on, buoy state is hosting their first ever playoff game. go bulldogs. some showers will be north of you. lots of stuff going on the rest of the weekend. there's a lady gaga concert. all kinds of stuff. let's start with a life look outside. temperatures aren't that low. it's still 50. winds have
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they'll pick up tonight. and turn more south/southwesterly. winds will be a theme all weekend. breezy and chilly tonight. some showers tomorrow morning especially north of town. north of leesburg. north of gaithersburg. much better chance of showers than folks to the south. no showers in fredericksburg or la plata. windy and colder on sunday. winds gust over 30 miles per hour in the metro area. 50 in the mountains. 50s still hang tough even though we get a quick shot of cold air. 59 tomorrow. 56 on sunday. low 50s monday. back in the mid 50s tuesday into wednesday. travel wise, it couldn't really look much more tranquil in the eastern u.s. on wednesday and tuesday. tonight, 10:00 on future cast, 35 in manassas. low 40s downtown. by morning, clouds over spread the area. sun early on. but dry. by 10:00, showers,
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by 6:00, showers north of gaithersburg again. temperatures in the 50s just about everywhere. 53 toward romney. then we get a break. then showers roll through with a cold front. then just ahead of it, big time winds. this is the forecast, a snapshot in time. winds at 36. and then by midnight on sunday, late tomorrow night, winds could gust over 40 miles per hour in the metro area. then by sunday morning, winds could still gust over 40 miles per hour. so we may end up seeing a wind advisory for sunday. low 40s to start. 50 by 11:00. then 55 by 1:00. sunday, early morn showers. big news, windy but colder. tuesday, warmer, back to the mid to upper 50s. same on wednesday. i through a drop in here as a cold
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sunshine around 50
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now, wusa9 sports with frank hanrahan. brought to you by xfinity. oh the excuses my goodness. all i hear is the redskins are battered, bruised, blah blah blah. so what if the injury report looks like a grocery list, it's long but it doesn't matter. it was that way two weeks ago and the consistency beat a good seattle team on the road. now they head to new orleans to face a red hot saints team and this guy drew brees on sunday. some players said they didn't have a good week of practice headed into the loss. every game from here on out is vital if they want to have any sight on the
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>> the wizards, they are red hot right now. they've won four straight back- to-back tonight facing the miami heat. here's the key to success. it's the defense, holding opponents under 100 points. that results in wins. tip off at 7:00 tonight downtown. i expect another victory for the wizards. >> they're fun to watch. >> the defense is key for that team. windsbe a big, big thing over the weekend. 59 tomorrow. some showers. for primarily north of town during the day. rain and showers over night. we clear out. then temps fall. turkey day looks dry and cool. that's it for news at 6:00. we'll be back at 11:00. see you then.
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