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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 19, 2017 11:30pm-12:03am EST

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i know he thinks i'm nuts, but this one's for you. good luck on the avocado farm. uh, could we have a word? yes, of course. sure. (clears throat) kat: i hate the farm. avocados, they make no sense. i thought they did, but they don't. but working with you this week... that made sense. well, now i'm really confused because, i mean, i thought... no, i know, i know. i know. (laughing): i wrote a whole book about how the farm saved me and i completely meant it because, i don't know if you've heard, but, uh, i am nothing if not fully committed. (chuckles) i might've heard something about that. yeah, about those stories. they're all true. well, they do keep getting one part wrong. i didn't throw a chair.
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i threw a table... at a chair... of the armed services committee. we had just been, uh, traveling through southeast asia, setting up aid programs when i found out this guy had let himself get bribed in the... the dumbest way imaginable and i just lost it. do i regret it? of course. and i worked like hell to get those people to trust me again, but the problem was i didn't trust them. the day i quit was the day i realized i didn't want to have to throw furniture anymore. but then you tracked me down at a pita place to talk about permafrost... yeah, sorry about ambushing your meal. no, no, no, i loved it. you knew you didn't have it yet and you weren't gonna stop until you did. do you know how rare that is? look, all i wanted to say was i know you're looking for a policy advisor and i want to throw my hat in the ring. i am open-minded but decisive.
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i will walk through fire to make things happen for you and i promise my furniture- throwing days are over. you had me at permafrost. she actually threw a table at a senator. i mean, how often is the real story even worse than the rumor? you think i'm crazy for hiring her. what? sorry. look, i think i need to talk. it's about the leak that led to nafisa being taken. who was it? i still don't know. there's a task force looking at the agents being blown in multiple departments. okay. so, they're looking into it. that's good. but the blown ops, in order to have access to that level of intel,
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you'd have to be on the president's cabinet. which is crazy. i know. that leaves only eight other people it could be. henry. someone in the congressional gang of eight could be selling out our country. i don't know who. i don't know why. and i hope to hell i'm wrong, but what if i'm not? captioning sponsored by cbs and toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh sofía, you stopped coming to the café. we have to talk. but you love my coffee. let's just say i found something better. can he make it rich? mm-hmm.
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welcome to wusa9 news. we hope you enjoyed your sunday. i'm debra alfarone alongside howard bernstein and howard let's get going here. how's the thanksgiving week going to start off? >> going to be that chilly start you know but temperatures are going to rebound quickly by tuesday. so up and down we've been dealing with much of the month. well that's going to continue this week as well. boy it got cold after being in the 60s. our high today was 64. that was early this morning. but we've got windchills in the 20s in a few spots now. and yes, the snow has been flying up in the mountains. garrett county's got some snow- covered roads there over toward accidents and grands fold but even up into pennsylvania this is settling down tonight but a cold night nonetheless. the winds are still gusting over 30 in martinsburg but we had gusts this morning over # a in -- 50 in a few spots. so conditions are getting better but the windchills are
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and 38 here in d.c. and 40 manassas so yeah the cold has come in for the night. now the futurecast shows overnight fairly quiet. by monday morning, you know we'll be in the upper 20s to mid 30s out there. the snow showers will be done in the mountains. a chilly day tomorrow. getting to about 50 or so. but with the wind a lot less it shouldn't be all that bad. as we head to tomorrow night and tuesday morning, not as cold and then tuesday, look at this. by tuesday afternoon. lunchtime mid 50s and on our way to near 60. and then we go back down a little colder as we head toward thanksgiving. i'm coming back in a few minutes and take a look at the travel forecast on wednesday and we'll let you know about next weekend as well. debra? thank you howard. well, the big story tonight, here at home, puerto rico. thousands of people gathered on the national mall today for a unity march supporting disaster relief. the man who created broad's hamilton. -- broadway's hamilton. lin-manuel miranda.
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many listened to speakers plead for money and support for the hurricane rajed island. more than half the island still without electricity and many don't have access so basic as running water. a local chef tells our stephanie ramirez he was devastated when he returned. this is chef sammy diaz, he works at republic in takoma park. he's not celebrity chef jose andres but still thought to involve a plan that had chefs working on the island of puerto rico. when he returned. >> when i got back i was kind of in a slump the next few days. >> as the base for a makeshift charcoal grill. it was a short but meaningful cooking trip to puerto rico that he should be proud of. but tonight chef sammy also used the word "guilty." >> come home and see that i had a bed. a floor. running water. you know, and electricity. because in a lot of
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places they went to we didn't have any of them. >> gracias. >> there was a lady we tried to help because she was like you know thank you for providing food for my kids you know. we got tired of eating out of cans. and you know for the first time, i could say thank you. we got a hot meal. >> that was another shocker for diaz, he says a few people told him their group was the first to come. on the map it is one of the places chef diaz's foundation has not gone to and they've already served more than 2.3 million meals. last weekend diaz and four chef friends left with a plan to cook fresh meals for three days and three different towns. one of diaz's sons. it's the next town just north of where hurricane maria made landfall last september. >> cleaning pots and recooking and with bottles of water because we don't have any water to use inside the kitchen. >> in the mountains with cooked meals. >> we started walking door to door camp site. >> diaz said they fought
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end they made over 3,000 meals. chef sammy wants to go back. >> the need is definitely there. like the need is definitely there. >> in takoma park, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> and it's been two months since hurricane maria hit the island. well, still no arrests in the killing of baltimore police detective sean suiter. the father of five -- suiter, the father of five was shot and i would last week in west -- killed last week in west baltimore. several other fundraising pages have been set up previously for suiter. but they weren't set up by his family. all the money from this page will go directly to detective suiter's widow nicole police say. we have a link to that official go fund me on our website right now. the reward now stands at $215,000. well, have you seen these faces? it's been a week since three teenaged gir
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virginia and police believe they could be in serious danger. the fbi is now involved as the search now crosses state lines. our michael quander is in prince william county to explain why much of this case remains a mystery. >> reporter: you know police say the three young girls who dispored somewhere in this town of bristol, virginia. it's about 30 miles or so outside of d.c.. but they're not saying where those girls were last seen. now i want you to take a look. these are their pictures. ashley lee and riana thomas and shamaria wright. they were reported missing last sunday but five days later this past friday. detectives had reason to believe that something could be wrong and they could be in danger. prince william county police sent out this alert on social media and got the fbi involved. the girl believed to be out of the state by now, driving a small silver suv. so what are the circumstances? either police don't know or they're just not telling us yet.
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the fbi who says that there's no indication that this thing is gang related but it's definitely a cause for concern and unusual. out of the ordinary for three young girls to vanish altogether and lose contact for a week. look it you towel a -- i want you to take another look. ashley was last seen wearing a nike sweatshirt and gray leggings. she has tattoos on her chest and arms and wrist. thomas was last seen rocking a colorful romper and bandanna and. and wright head on a sweatshirt and leggings the last time she was spotted. while police can't offer much, they stress that they strongly believe that these girls could be in danger. reporting in bristol, virginia, i'm michael quander, wusa9. >> and officers say that the girls left of their own free will. if you think you have seen these missing teenagers, or you know where they are, call police right
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learning that the secret service has taken a man into custody for attempting to get into the white house. this happened around 8:00 this morning while president trump was inside. the secret service says the man tried to jump a security barrier on the pennsylvania avenue side of the mansion. the barrier is immediate up of -- made up of metal bike racks which were installed recently. bell, right now, we want to recognize three local students who got a huge honor today. they were named rhodes scholars and only 32 of the best students in the entire country get that each year. their prize? a full ride to the prestigious oxford university in england. now rhodes psychological similars have strict -- scholars have strict guidelines. these are you ready to feel like you're standing still? the first scholar made army history. fairfax's simone askew is the first black woman to be named the
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the school's 215 year history. the next one, matthew chun. he is originally from arlington. and he's a senior at mit this year. studying mechanical engineering. and yeah he's got a 5.0. gpa is there. go that high. he leads the team that's designing the first prosthetic knee intended for people in develop countries. and lastly, naomi mburu from ellicott city. she's a senior from the university of maryland baltimore county and studies chemical engineering. right now she's working to create a machine that preserves human organs awaiting transplant longer and she san bernardino at a nuclear -- interned at a nuclear research facility in switzerland. wow congrats to all three. a prince william county lawmaker's historic win got her the invite to the big awards show. danica rome was invited -- roem was invited to the american
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music awards by singer demi lovato. after she won a seat in the virginia house of delegates november 7th. well, low have toe has been an advocate for the lgbtq community and she says she was inspired by roem's win. meet a little girl who knows at a young age what it means to give the gift of appreciation. her name is rosslyn baldwin. she lives in louisiana. now after the two -- 2016 shooting rather that took the lives of five dallas police officers, she decided she wanted to give as many police officers as she can around the country, a hug. she's been to 24 police departments and this week, she brought her sweet hugs to the dallas police department. how about that story? well still ahead, snow i said it. it is slowly starting to fall all across the country and now it's back in maryland again. we're going to tell you where. and there's a scam. it's targeting people in virginia. but there's one key giveaway that's going to let you know it's a fake.
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more video conferencing, and more downloads in seconds, not minutes. get fast internet and add phone and tv for only $24.90 more per month. comcast is building america's largest gig-speed network to give small businesses more. call 1-800-501-6000 today. the detectives in loudoun county tonight. they are warning of a scam. the sheriff's of
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several people have complained about representatives from a company called economy blind and shutters. showing up to take measurements at residents' homes. so those reps are asking for a deposit to cover materials, the problem is, that company went out of business in 2016. the sheriff's office wants to hear from anyone who's been a victim of that scam. oh, robo calls. those automated telemarketers always call when you're eating dinner. why and how to top them? complaints have -- stop them? complaints have spiked despite a ton of people signing you on the national 'do not call' registry. more than 300,000 people last year from the dmv registered for the list and they made complaints. our team from verify listened to your frustrations and took them up with experts from the two federal agencies in charge of weeding out illegal robo calls. we've got answers to your most common questions. the first if i'm on the 'do not call' registry, can i still get robo calls
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>> the do not call list is very effective at preventing calls from legitimate companies using legitimate telemarketers. the vast majority of tell marketing robo calls are illegal. and it doesn't matter if your number is on the do not call list. >> question two, i'm getting random calls from my local area code. are those robo calls? well, yep. it's true too. >> it's called neighborhood spoofing. so instead of calling you from a number that you don't recognize, that you probably will be a little suspicious about. they'll call you from a number that looks very similar to your own number. and that will in a split second make you maybe pick that phone up whereas before you would have questioned. >> so the fcc announced a new rule that targets those solicitors who manipulate the caller id. so we've also got a few apps to keep solicitors away on our website at so do you have a story or maybe something you
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tell us about it. by e-mailing again, that's you can always reach out to us on twitter and facebook. well, tonight the white house is remaining silent about the allegations against republican senate candidate roy moore. nine women have accused moore of inappropriate behavior. including groping and assault when they were teenagers. while president trump has not publicly commented on that issue, two congresswoman are speaking out. today, democratic congresswoman debbie tingle of michigan and republican congresswoman barbara comstock of virginia appeared on an nbc news talk show "meet the press." >> you've seen people around across -- across the board. ted cruz and you know mike lee withdraw their support and say he should step aside. i still hope he will do that and do the right thing. >> we have to fix this together and change the culture and by the way it's been going on for too long. it's not just these men. thar
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there. many of them are dead now. let's fix the problem. >> roy moore has denied the allegations against him and won't drop out of the senate race he says. all right, just before we get to howard and his forecast we need to talk about this. yeah that's snow? maryland. just a reminder we're inching closer to winter. now that's not really closetous, it's out in grantsville along i-68 that's like two and a half hours away something or so. >> garrett county -- and change or so. >> garrett county. >> if you really love snow and believe me hundreds of people are watching it right now. head over to the facebook page, we have a stream of it right now. i know you love snow. >> yeah. >> we don't agree on this. but that's okay. because -- we can still be friends and still work together. happily. >> yeah. >> how'd you do today in. >> well we're going to talk about that
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snow and i wanted to talk about the travel weather coming up big travel day, big travel week but we're going to focus on wednesday. so this is what the models look like right now nationally. not bad at all. there's some storms on the west coast. and storms in the southeast and the northeast but the bulk of the country as we go from tuesday evening in toward wednesday. not that bad. we've got some snow showers coming across parts of the northeast wednesday morning. the rain in the northwest and also down across florida but generally, wednesday afternoon, look at this. pretty good shape across the country. so that is some good news, let's show you the travel forecast for wednesday. some rain up in seattle and portland. they'll be in the low erotize and looks great for the west. -- lower 60s and looks great for the west. even denver is going to be in the 60s and quite a chile around the great lakes and -- chill though around the great lakes and chicago. but this is doable. not delay any travel to or through chicago. texas looks good and the brownsville maybe a couple of showers there but the dope south? looks fine.
11:53 pm
jacksonville. and we can see some earlier rains in the northeast but even here not so bad with a mix of wet flakes and rain there in maine but you know this could be a wheel lot worse for travel wednesday. now as far as the three degree guarantee we got to 64 early this morning. i thought it'd be a midnight high i went 61 and just made it. three degree off. so that's good. tomorrow, i'm forecasting 50 for a three degree guarantee. and there's going to be a chilly start with temps down in the 30s in moa spots and temperature -- most spots and windchills will be in the 20s. the temperatures hovering around 50 for the high in the middle of the afternoon. and looking around toward thanksgiving around here even that doesn't look bad. a little bit cool. yeah temperatures will be in the 40s and chilly but partly to mostly sunny. 30s to low 40s in much of the area now although still 45 at national. and the winds, they are up not like they were but still gusting to
11:54 pm
there's dew points now down in the 20s. the futurecast shows the snow showers out there. lot of that will diminish towards morning as high pressure builds in. a cold start. it's going to be a chilly start to the week but sunny. tomorrow night, also on the chilly side. with lighter winds. and then as we head toward tuesday, see the mild air out to the west? that's going to build in so tuesday we're going to be back close to 60 in the afternoon but here comes the next front which will bring maybe a couple of showers. out ahead of it here overnight tuesday night into wednesday morning. but as that coast that comes up and this is going to help us. this front is going to kick this storm out to sea so that on wednesday. there's the storm. northerly winds start to build in. so colder air moves in later wednesday and in towards thanksgiving. giving us again nice travel weather and for the turkey trots football games or whatever you do on thursday yeah you may have to dress for the chill. but you won't be stopped by the weather. 20s to mid 30s tonight. clear to partly cloudy. breezy and
11:55 pm
4:52 it was. 30s and 40s in the morning with the windchills in the 20s and your highs tomorrow upper 40s to low50s as winds go west even southwest at about 10 miles per hour. by tuesday, much warmer near 60 in the afternoon. mid 40s tuesday night again we could have that shower overnight. early showers southeast wednesday. 55. by thanksgiving, look back in the 40s. on friday, 52. terps boy they got penn state saturday coming to town. >> oh boy. >> weather going to be in the 50s for that. could be a shower late and then chilly again next sunday. darren here now with sports and looked good for 56 minutes down in new orleans. what happened? >> a lot of stuff had to happen and it all went down. i mean they had a 99% chance of winning this game. this was a redskins. and they blew it. we'll talk about it
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...don't know if you can hear chaos me, here! can we get a shot of this cold front, right here. [vo] progress is an unstoppable force. brace yourself for the season of audi sales event. all right, here's what's on my mind tonight. i can't believe the redskins lost to the saints today. the skins were up by 15 points with 4:42 remaining. another way to look at it. the saints had a .2% chance of winning today's game at that time. you want to know how crazy the
11:59 pm
chance of becoming the president of the united states in 2020 than the saints had at winning today's game at that point. yeah. the world hasn't seen a comeback like that since last year's super bowl when the falcon blew a 25 point lead against the patriots. as much as i wanted the redskins to win this game, and trust me, i did, i was your present day miss collie owe six days -- cle oh six days ago. i hope the redskins upset the boys trust me but on paper it doesn't look lie that way. my -- that way. my one word is loss. my prediction was right. however, it didn't have to be that way. so here's my one word for today's redskins' loss. it's disappointment. when i first move here, y'all tried to warn me saying the redskins love to get us excited and then disappoint us at the end. i wasn't having it. but i saw it today. the skins have allowed 89 total points in the final two minutes of each half this season. that's the most in the nfl. they'll need to win out
12:00 am
the playoffs. they won't win 11 plus games the last time they did that, 26 years ago. literally every other team in the nfl has done it since. even the winless browns. this is my producer tom i mean look at his face. born and raised in the dmv and told me this. today was a perfect example of redskinning. it's not even a word. but if it was, and needed a definition, probably mean frustrated. that's why that's my one word. here's jay gruden's words on the loss. >> that's what stinks you know. going the stink a lot of people. it stings everybody involves with the washington redskins that's for sure. i wish we could bounce back and have a short week. no easier the giants are coming to town on thanksgiving. have no choice but to keep grinding and battling. now the redskins suffered number of injuries this season. but this one is a big one. running back chris thompson. fractured his right fibula and will need surgery.
12:01 am
was carted off the field. now listen to the message he tweeted. he says this hurts not being able to go out and perform for my god who blessed me with this ability and the brothers and coaches and the fans. but if you know me you know i'm going to work my butt off. even better, than before. thanks for your support. now what makes this injury arguably the biggest this season is that chris thompson so difficult to replace. he entered today's game leading the team in rushing yards and receiving yards and touchdowns. to me chris thompson was a game changer and also the same guy who bounced back from a torn acl and a broken back. i'm confident we shall see chris thompson on the field again. now how do you feel about the redskins this year somewhere you hurt or disappointed or frustrated? or are you just used to it? let me know on our wusa9 sports facebook page and i will
12:02 am
191 to the rap tops but -- raptors but bradley peel finished with a team high 27 points today and now averaging 25.9 points a game this month. that ranks second in the nba in november. the raptors are in milwaukee tomorrow to take on the bucks. now here's -- bucs. now here's my final thought. dale earnhardt jr. even caught a pass from cousins this summer. it's pretty cool. now today dale jr. said good- bye to nascar after 18 plus seasons. he was motional about it -- emotional about it before and after the race and look at all the fans who wrote thank you to number 88 up and down dit road. that's -- pit road. that's why he was voted nascar's most popular driver each of the last 14 seasons. even a fan myself. after his final race, dale said he pulled into pit road and had a few beers with his team. i'm sure the next time the redskins play on sunday, dale jr. will be drinking beer this time with his
12:03 am
watching the redskins play. >> okay but will he be happy when he watches the redskins play next time or just used to it. >> i'm making my rediction now. they will -- prediction now. they will beat the giants on thanksgiving. >> you have heard it here. >> they will beat the giants. >> by the way nice picture in the uni with dale there. >> that was actually jimmie johnson. >> we'll be right back. >> all in
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