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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  November 21, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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>> i think it's the most antique shop. >> reporter: people have always loved coming here, because there's no chain this, or corporate that. >> it looks really cool. >> reporter: it's a bunch of small businesses, and restaurants run by real people in an incredibly cool old historic mill town. but the great flood of 2016 continues to threaten that vibe. this holiday season, this is the season the flood survivers need to be successful, to know they can make it in the long run. to make it feel like it's normal again. looks to me like they're ready for the test. >> these are navajo indian bracelets. >> reporter: lori sells native jewelry 28 years, making it here in ellicott city. >> i snapped this picture inside our hallway. >> we had water coming in under all four walls. there was no place for us to go.
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>> the only loss may be about 17 stores out of 90 plus stores in town. that's a hell of a comeback. >> everything that i put away for a rainy day, the rainy day came and ruined it all. >> reporter: blare jet sells vintage, and antiques. >> why would you come back after that? >> because we had over 25 years invested into this town, and it's a great town. the community is very supportive. >> reporter: in some cases, the work's not done. there was a ribbon cutting. this november, a year off, it's time to butter the bread, for real. >> i think it's really nice. >> it looks beautiful. >> they did a good job restoring it. i thought there would be a lot more damage in the area, but it doesn't look like anything happened. >> reporter: ellicott city needs a lot more of that. in ellicott city, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. >> one reason to go to el got city, small business saturday, going on this weekend. everything will
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people looking for unique gifts that they can't find anywhere else. the flood gates are open. the me too movement. charlie rose joins that long list of powerful men accused of inappropriate behavior. it started in early october with the rapid fall of producer harvey weinstein and followed by other big names, including kevin spacey, and louis c.k. some women are now coming forward saying they were harassed by men in congress. including senator al franken. and the problem is not partisan. it's not a hollywood issue. this is a problem that women and some men have experienced for years. cbs correspondent, alex wagner facilitated a discussion with high profile women who are leaders in their field. >> i remember leaning on a desk to finish a
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turning around, and there was a guy pretending to perform a sex act on me, with all the other guys watching. and this sense of incredible shame. >> you felt ashamed. >> absolutely. and how could i have leaned over the desk like that. >> there was a problem that we're encultureated from the time we grew up. with men thinking it's okay to over-sexualize women. what did we think was going to happen 30 or 40 years later when they get into the boardroom? you think about the incidents over the past year with harvey weinstein, and roger ales, and bill o'reilly. these are companies, where everyone who runs that company in any position of power is a man. >> look, if you had women on the boards, in those companies, you would not have had the kind of payouts. there's no way. >> the majority of the cases, even that have come out, in some ways, there are
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white. >> when didded what's different now from stories of claims covered in the past, the women say that others are rallying around each other, and their hope is that by speaking out, they will help others speak out. the u.s. border patrol is facing a deepening mystery surrounding the death of one agent and serious injuries to another. both agents were found late saturday in a culvert near van horn, texas. that's not far from the mexican border. according to an internal border patrol email, it's unclear if the agents were attacked or fell into a culvert. the agents wounds were extensive. one had injuries on his chest, collar bone, and ribs. the border agent's union believes they were victims of a stoning. still ahead, three minutes, two countries, and one wedding. see the rare ceremony at the u.s./mexico border. >> plus the internet going crazy over the atlanta bus that drove right
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camera man's shot. why now it's the best new sports meme. like that topper? >> i do like that. we're tracking a cold front move through tonight. here are the showers stretching from detroit, back toward indianapolis. we'll tell you when these are going to roll through. what that could mean for your morning commute, and a look ahead to weather for all the football games. >> and we've got a tip for you. tis the season for tipping. or is it? we're going to let you know if you're supposed to tip people like your babysitters, your teachers, your handymen. you do that around the holidays? grab your phone and tell us what you do. you can tell us at
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all right, let's go trending. one couple didn't let the u.s.a./mexico border keep them from getting married. they got married standing on two different borders. reyes is not allowed to go into the u.s., and houston is unable to go into the mexican border. that ceremony was three minutes
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together. wow. >> enough walls that are artificial in a marriage. >> trying to build a bridge there, and it was a 3 minute one. >> at least border patrol let it happen. yesterday, crews imploded the georgia dome in atlanta. he had the money shot, he was in the perfect place, ready to capture the moment. >> and then -- >> 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> [bleep] get out of the way bus. are you -- you ugh! [bleep] >> oh, gosh. >> he held it together. he let a few words fly there. >> more than a few. you hear all those beeps? he's like what, marta? come
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and then, of course it leaves. >> so the camera man was furious, as you heard there. and now the internet is going all in on turning the marta bus into a meme. iguodala, to curry, up to iguodala, up for the dunk and blocked by james. lebron james with the rejection! >> yes, sports illustrated tweeted that one. the memes are endless. you want to see that play? not so much, courtesy of marta. >> the problem is, those are plays you actually didn't want to see. the famous georgia dome moment in 1998. that's the olympics. famously landed the vault. giving the u.s. its first ever gold medal in the team event. and we missed it. >> and of course we missed it. that's what it's all about. there's even a new facebook filter, one of our
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marta my face. so we have the ability to do that too. it's all fun and games until a marta bus pulls in front of you. >> for real. you're probably going to be eating a lot of food this thanksgiving. >> so ready. >> we're going to show you how long it's going to take to run off all those calories. >> so are you supposed to give your kid's teacher a holiday tip? we're going
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so if you're planning to indulge in a full on thanksgiving feast this year, you're probably going to eat around 3,000 calories and every single one of them are going to be delicious. >> oh, yeah, that's true. >> that 3,000 calories is according to the calorie control council. those guys study thanksgiving gluttony. they're also known by another name, the fun police. walking off a 3,000-calorie meal is going to take about 9 hours. that's for a 180-pound adult. you're in luck if you jump rope, you only have to go 4.5 hours straight. >>
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you're not going to work it off. >> you'll work it out, you just spread it out through the week. >> you eat it, you enjoy it, and you move on. don't eat thanksgiving dinner on black friday. you eat thanksgiving dinner on thanksgiving, then you move onto something else on black friday. >> well said. move on. if you plan to give your dog some thanksgiving leftovers, you may actually not want to do that. and you certainly don't want to give them anything that will send them to the hospital. things like turkey skin and bones. poultry bones can splinter off in the esophagus, or intestines, and that requires surgery. fattery turkey skin can cause distress. you also don't want to give them corn on the cob. bad, very bad. some have allergies to corn, and those whole cobs of corn, you can't really digest it, and it's hard to pass. it can lead to surgery to
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the trimmings, just don't give them the food. you can see a full list of foods you shouldn't give your dog, right now. this is someone who doesn't have a dog, but i would hate to have your dog end up in the hospital. no feed them, just don't give them bad stuff. we've got a whole holiday section on our website, including ways to save money on your thanksgiving dinner. some of you have probably already made your holiday shopping list. you might be forgetting some people, our service provider. >> the question is do you give people like your garbage person, or your kids teachers, or babysitters a tip on the holidays? tell us what you do. let us know on >> according to etiquette experts it is recommended to give a little extra money to the service providers in your life. ben thompson explainswh
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you're supposed to tip, and how much. >> tis the season. >> is there such a thing as holiday tipping? >> absolutely. >> reporter: only problem, many of us aren't doing it. she has clients around the world. >> people either don't realize they need to do it, or they're just intimidated. they don't know how much to tip during the holidays. >> reporter: who should you tip? amy says anybody who provides you a regular season. garbage collector, your hairstylist, dog walker, even your favorite barista. that quickly becomes a long, expensive list. >> i guess it depends on how much you count on their service, how much you appreciate them, and how much extra resources you have to tip all of these people in your life. >> reporter: still don't know? amy says then tip the people
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it the most. >> if you can also attach a note. being specific about what they do that you appreciate, that's nice. >> reporter: while she says cash and gift cards are always the best bet, if you're cash strapped, give anything, cookies, wine, something. after all, it's not really about tipping, it's about saying thank you. >> so are you wondering how much to tip? there's no set amount, obviously. just make it is more difficult for us. for a babysitter, you might want to consider a night's pay. for a list of suggested tipping amounts, go to our website, >> most people agree you should give a little more around the holidays. 44% say you should. i get that. >> definitely hook up the folks that carry out the garbage, and the recycling in the neighborhood. >> the garbage. >> they're working their faces off. >> my garbage folks are gods. they're awesome. i take care of them, and i get a paper delivered, so we take ca o
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and the mail man. we're looking at really a cold front going through tonight. doesn't drop temps much. we will pick up some wind. a live look outside. it's still 61 degrees. dew points in the low 40s. winds still out of the south. winds are going to be with us all night, and help keep up the temps a bit as a cold front approaches. we've got to widen the radar way out. all the way to detroit, fort wayne. showers pretty close to cleveland. this is the front itself. it will roll through the metro area overnight. no worries for the evening commute. it will be well after midnight and those showers that roll through will not be a huge deal. breezy, and just milder tonight. lows in the 40s. maybe 50 downtown. bus stop temps, 44 to 52. still a pretty mild start. quiet weather ro
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country, with the exceptions of florida, and the pacific northwest. pretty comfortable. very comfortle for a walk after the meal. penn state coming into town. this is on saturday. temperatures 52 to 60. winds pick up southwest 10 to 15. another front will be approaching. that's why we get these bursts of cool air. cooler to chilly for thanksgiving too. 56 tomorrow. 50 on turkey day. back to 55 on friday. 60 for the terps. back to 49, and blustery, and windy on sunday. kind of like november should be, quite frankly. tonight, 10:00, temps still primarily in the 50s. maybe 49 in frederick. 55 downtown. 52 in bowie. 53 in bethesda. still mild, upper 40s, low 50s. i do think
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onto these showers a little bit long. i do think they'll be closer to the bay. nonetheless, they roll out quickly. by 1:00, already 51. temperatures a little cooler. hagerstown, martinsberg, winchester now back in the 40s. we're still looking for highs in the mid-50s tomorrow, even though the cold front rolls through. 52. maybe a shower early on, and lots of sunshine. temperatures holding around 50. winds increasing, northwest 10 to 20. 50 on thanksgiving, with sunshine. 55, milder on black friday. and saturday for the terps again 60. blustery on sunday. but it does not last long. we're back in the mid-50s on monday. back in the low 60s next tuesday. i guess kirk cousins didn't leave new orleans with the team on sunday. he stick around, and joined
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pelicans, and got ejected in his first start. the problem is, that's not kirk cousins. a newspaper made a big boo boo saying he was ejected from the pelicans game. clearly, they meant to say, demarcus cousins. kirk cousins had fun with the obvious mix up. this wasn't an online article where you can go back and correct it. this is in print. so it's forever out there, that kirk cousins plays in the nba. that's just the least of their worries. the redskins? they have so many injuries, they can't even practice. 22 injured guys on the squad. their game is against the giants, and it's in two days, people. >> they need to throw thursday night gas
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bodies. speaking for us. speaking for any other nfl team. it's hard for you when you just get on the field on sunday, and you've got to prepare in two or three days, and get ready for another physical game. >> most of the players we're playing with at the skill positions have been out there before. we have a can couple of exceptions, but you rely on those reps in training camp. >> if you didn't know, kirk cousins is 0-90 in his career. including 0-3 on thursday. there is good news. the last time the redskins were 4-6 going into thanksgiving, they finished the season 10-6. it all started back in 2012, when rg3 tossed 4 touchdowns, and beat the cowboys on thanksgiving. by the way, leslie, and adam, they made the playoffs that year. they did go
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>> yeah. >> okay good. >> that better beet the giants, that's all i'm saying. on the way at 6:00, president trump finally talking about roy moore, and came off his seeming to endorse the candidate. >> next, how a robot named rudy is helping to care for some local seniors.
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a start up in fairfax county is getting some attention. meet the robot named rudy. >> is the sun out? >> reporter: this is rudy. showing helping out is not just for humans. marie hasn't bought this thing yet, but she's giving it a try for us. for example, there are games, like rudy says. it also tells some jokes. >> my first job was working in an orange juice factory, but i got canned. i couldn't concentrate. >> reporter: jokes that would make your dad proud. then there's this. >> would you like to dance with me? >> reporter: yeah. this thing dances. playing an old glen miller song, it's meant to get seniors moving. >> really has a sense
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i think it's awesome. he's still in the mood. >> reporter: despite all that promise, the robot isn't perfect. sometimes it doesn't hear you, and you've got to repeat yourself. also, sometimes this happens. >> yes, how may i help? >> reporter: if there are too many people in the room it gets confused. despite those set backs, it's like being in a futuristic movie. >> something with harrison ford, or i don't know who. >> reporter: there's also this. >> i've never been good at video games, but i'm good at driving rudy. >> reporter: so long as there's wi-fi, she can video chat with her mom, and even control rudy to look around. toni says that's a big deal. >> i call her on her cell phone, she doesn't answer. i call her own the home phone, and she doesn't answer. now i'm panicking. with rudy, i can have her turn
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>> reporter: here's how the pricing works. you don't actually buy the robot. you lease it out, for however long you need it. it costs $99 a day. here's an important part of this. that includes three virtual check-ins per day from a professional caregiver. you pay for the service, not just the robot. we begin with breaking news tonight. president donald trump has broken his silence on the senate race in alabama. the president essentially endorsed republican candidate roy moore. telling reporters at the white house, we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat. responses to questions about moore allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. the president responded, he denies it. the president before leaving for the holiday at his mar-a- lago country club. >> you look at all the things that have happened over the last 48 hours, he totally denies it. he says it didn't happen.
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listen to him also. you talk about he said 40 years ago, this did not happen. >> are you going to campaign for him? >> i'll be letting you know next week. but i can tell you you don't need somebody who's soft on crime like jones. >> the president's comments are at odds with most republican leaders who have called for moore to drop out of the race in alabama. the president's own daughter, ivanka told the associated press last week, there's a special place in hell for people who prey on children. moore has repeatedly, steadfastly called the sexual contact allegations lies. cbs and pbs have both terminated charlie rose over sexual misconduct allegations. eight women who either worked for rose, or tried to work for him on his pbs program came forward to "the washington post." they acc


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