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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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whether you reached your destination or you are going tomorrow, we have travel information you need to see tonight. and when you fill up at the pump, does it really matter if you use brand name gas? we verify. a dc council member getting hate mail after a national interview about a statue honoring marion berry. someone shooting bb guns in a local community taking out car windows and more. and, drunk people getting a free ride in one community, paid for by tax dollars. the news at 11:00 starts now. first tonight, breaking news in that baltimore police shooting, detective shaun suitor, the baltimore officer shot to death a week ago tonight, turns out he was killed with his own service weapon. he was shot while canvasing a neighborhood looking for leads in a 2016 murder case, he was supposed to testify before a grand jury in a case against fellow officers but inrestigators say ey
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with his death. sky 9 over the scene of a serious accident that shut down the inner loop of the beltway, a car hit a prince george's cruiser, the officer lost control of his cruiser, hit a van, and then a truck, nine people, including the officer went to the hospital because of that crash. none of them was seriously hurt. the loop opened up a half hour ago. whether you are where you need to be or hitting the road first thing, here are the holiday travel headlines. if you are leaving tomorrow, get on the road before noon, the geniuses at google say that is when traffic starts to peak again. for the return, try to hit the road friday afternoon or as early as you can on saturday or sunday. if you are flying tomorrow, good news, the worst is over. at least for now. thanksgiving day usually the lightest of the holiday stretch. the rush home begins, again, on sunday.
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marcela mar-- robinson has more. >> reporter: things are definitely a lot quieter tonight. as chaotic as things can get here at the airport sometimes during the holiday travel, it really is potential to thing about-- special to think about all the people that reunite with families. we met one family, for them this thanksgiving is much more special than any in the past. they didn't mind the long lines or the long waits that come with thangs travel. >> we have been here since 2:00 waiting for him. >> reporter: that is really nothing in comparison to how long kathy carter and her family waited to see their son. >> here he is, right here. >> why is there a camera on me? >> first time we has been to-- he has been to our house for thanksgiving. >> glad to see you. >> glad to see y'all, so glad to be ouf that plane. -- off that plane. >> his plane was delayed. >> very long flight. i found them after 44 yearsfelt >> reporter:
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mother kept him away from his dad's side of the family. >> she never spoke of him, she never, like, i mean, for a while i thought my step dad was my dad. he adopted me so that is all i knew. there is always something inside of me, i knew my family was out there. >> reporter: they were, his dad, a step mom, and three sisters. childrenress tried looking for them before but in the end his partner found them on facebook. >> this was all worth it, like, getting to spend the holiday with them, and reminiscing and spending time. i wouldn't want anything else. >> reporter: gary's flight was actually delayed coming out of south carolina, but fighting through all of that holiday chaos was well worth it for him and his family. live at reagan national tonight, marcela robertson. >> we were so thankful to be there for that moment. we with working on more travel news, we will verify, whether
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difference to use name brand gas when you fill up your thank, that is later on the news at 11:00. right now, lets check in with the chief, who is cheling outside on-- chilling on the outside with the most accurate forecast for thanksgiving day. what do you got, top? >> pretty nice, really, clear as a bell. just cold to start. this is 7:00 in the morning, 34 downtown, but most of the burbs 20. 27, manassas, 299 in fairfax. 10:00, 40 downtown. threw 8 in buoy, 39 in bethesda. 1:00, low to mid 40s, crystal clear tomorrow, gorgeous. tomorrow evening, temperatures start to fall. low 40's in gaithersburg. 47 in fredericksburg, 46 downtown. the forecast for thanksgiving for the day, mostly sunny, pretty nice day, light winds, chilly temperatures, 46-50. we will let you know how cold it will be if you go to the giants game tomorrow night. looking to weather for the terps game
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>> thanks. wow want cold blood-- you want cold blooded? a member of the city council is getting hate mail, people are upset about what he said on national television about a statue that will soon be arriving at the wilson building. here is steve. >> at least you made room this year. >> reporter: fox news viewers inboxed anger for city council mem evans, he appeared on a show, the host asked why the city is putting up a statue of the late marion berry. >> truly a terrible mayor and openly a race baiter and kind of without real achievement, why would you make him a statue? >> i have to say he was an iconic figure in local washington. >> reporter: berry served four terms as mayor, three on city council, and six months in priz frn a crack bust-- prison for a crack bust caught on tape. >> i can't excuse his personal
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demons, people who know the real story, there is a strong commitment towards honoring him with a statue at city hall. >> reporter: a bronze statue costing $300,000, worth it to long-time people in washington, like charles. >> he represents boebt the good and bad-- both the good and bad tendencies of the town and i think this town owes him that . >> it wasn't a good example. i just don't think they should put a statue up. >> i think it is kind of weird because he has a troubled past, but i also understand he did a lot of really good things for the city. >> reporter: a local legend thrust into a national narrative. do you think this changes the debate at all? >> not at all in the city, the statue is built, we are ready to go. >> reporter: wusa9. >> the district attorney general got a restraining order to shut down a funeral home, at the center of a scandal over questionable practices. this is the austin royster funeral home we are talking eaout in northwest.
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general carl filed a consumer lawsuit alleging the home operated without proper licenses and charged grieving families for services it never provided. fairfax county, a teacher who removed a student's job will be allowed back after thanksgiving break. it investigated the incident and concluded the teacher violated school policy but did not intend to disrespect anyone's religious beliefs. the school system has sent a memo to staff pointing out religious dress is permitted in class. montgomery county where a shooter is on the loose, the weapon of choice, appears to be a bb gun. the targets are businesses and buses. mostly the germantown area, police report at least 20 shootings since late september. >> detectives were going and talking to businesses and found out after the fact that their windows had been broken out and they had already replaced the windows.
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police, but it is significant. >> police say if caught the person is definitely on the hook for the property damage and there is a reward up to $10,000 for information that leads to an arrest. so you have been hearing this phrase a lot this week: net neutrality. wait a second, don't let eyes glaze over. we will break it down. how it will affect your internet experience and your wallet. here is john henry. >> reporter: what is net neutrality? the idea people should be able to access all interyet equally regardless where it came from and internet service providers should not be able to block access. there is concern the fcc could change all of that. >> they were free and open internet. >> reporter: fcc chairman proposed getting rid of net neutrality rules saying they slowed innovation, he believes deregula
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digital revolution. >> lewd chris. >> reporter: associate professor at school of communications says not so fast. >> if the major broadband operators get their way and we do end net neutrality, that will mean basically the internet will become more and more like cable television, we will have fewer augzs in terms of where-- options in terms of where we get content and service providers will create bundles of stuff they sell to usism >> reporter: providers could start charging you to visit your favorite site. >> we will see all kinds of added fees showing up on bills without knowing what they are. >> reporter: the fcc slated to vote on the possible changes december 14. a story about beating the odds, for one local woman, and her dc neighborhood. back in 1989, then 10-year-old lakeisha davis was interviewed about the pshaw community in the northwest, the name of the dockrimentry: -- documentary: throw away people. here
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>> reporter: you can call it a come back for lakeisha davis small, overrun by drugs and violence 30 years ago, now one of the new hot spots in dc. davis mall, she reinvented herself too, a survivor of sexual and domestic abuse. she is now out to prove there is no such thing as a throw away person. snoor i don't accept the-- >> i don't accept the title but i will use it as a platform to let people know you are not what people say you are. you are only what you believe you are. >> reporter: that confidence took years to build. after just one moment, that broke her spirit. >> five years old, i was sodomized, raped by an adult cousin left to baby sit me. >> reporter: that left to a cycle of abusive relationships e. >> i have ben a woman who sat with a man and said hey, i am going to kill you, and i am going to kill myself. and i am not playing. and not only that, i am going to hide your bald
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kill myself so your family will not find you. >> reporter: but she survived and is now helping others to find hope and healing. >> i started a movement called stop selling our souls, putting it into sex exploitation. >> reporter: davis small wrote a book and working with dc leaders on a district wide rally in the new year to inform and educate people about domestic and sexual abuse, a conversation that she hopes to take out of the headlines and into the homes of every dc family. >> it is a disease, like cancer, but if you don't find treatment or you don't discuss it, it will keep perpetuating itself and that is what is happening. >> reporter: wusa 9. how do you feel about your tax dollars paying for a drunk person's ride home from the bar? it is happening in north carolina. when you fill up at the pump, does it matter if you use gas from a name brand station? you
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all over it. those stories and a full look at dc's most accurate forecast in less than two minutes, the thanksgiving eve edition of the news at 11:00 on
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news at 11:00 continuewise a north carolina-- continuewise a north carolina program raising eye brows, police staking out bars, looking for people about to drive drunk. our sister station in charlotte explains what happens next. >> 2, 3. >> reporter: dui check points a great way to get drunk drivers off the road but police say they are a lot of work. >> the officer has to do a report, go to court, has to go to the jail. now in the system, now da office has to deal with them. the hospitals have to deal with them. >> reporter: michael crowley, chief law enforcement officer for mecklenburg county alcohol control board says the check points weren't showing results anymore. >> we had a lot of police officers, a lot of man power, we only got like 9 people. >> reporter: he came up with operation safe streets. officers in unmarked cars sit in parking lots of local bars and study the people who come out. >> can't find their keys,
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phones, very loud, and those are the people we walk up to. >> reporter: no ticket, no handcuffs, just one simple question. >> we just ask them, do you think is a good idea you drive home? they are usually like maybe not. >> reporter: if the drinker can't afford a safe ride home, the county pays for uber. >> what is $10 opposed to a traffic accident? >> reporter: granted it is taxpayer money but he says they have only spent $400 in the first year of the operation. they already intercepted more than 600 people prepared to get behind the wheel intoxicated. >> we will be out tomorrow night, we go to where we know people will be. >> reporter savannah leavens from charlotte, worth noting the program is not replacing those dui check points on the roads there in charlotte. got a question for you: when you gas up on the way to grandma's house, do you purposely stop at the big well- known gas stations to fell up? you know, shell, bp? or okay with the generic ones no one s
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you believe the hype out of mega corporations about their gas and how much better it is for krour car? we verify-- your car? we verify. our team contacted three gas experts. mason hamilton with u.s. energy information administration says when it comes to the difference between name brand and generic fuel, there isn't much of one. expert patrick with agrees, while some brand names add chemicals like nitrogen which help your car from bimding up carbon-- building up carbon, it is not a major distinction. >> as long as the gas is meeting federal minimums you probably won't notice, the car won't notice a big difference. >> what should you look for? aaa john says top tier, that helps your engine get the best gas mileage and run cleaner, you can get it in any octane and unbranded, like costco. look for the sticker on the pump. you will be happy to know, whamo, that claim, oh,
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branded, generic gas, doesn't matter where you go. it is the top tier gas that will help your car function better. for a list of top tier gas stations, or to send us a verify story idea, find us online, >> good way to get ideas to me, find me on facebook or twitter@adamlongo tv. topper has tips on how you can keep your engine clean. the deep fried turkey tips. >> on facebook. pretty popular, and it is not as hard as some people make it out. be careful. >> we discussed it in a facebook live video on my page, it is koond of entertaining. chem-- kind of entertaining and comical. cold overnight. it is, everybody thought i was crazy for the high 3 degree guarantee. i went 57 and oddly enough i didn't go high enough. i am okay with fib9 before the- - 59 before temperatures falling. 49 tomorrow, i went from 50, lowered to 49 tomorr
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right now, 39 already whip is low so far today. winds kauchled down. -- calmed down. west-northwest at 9. so, cold for turkey bowl and turkey trot. neighborhood football game or doing a turkey trot, just, 30s, not much wind, so that is good. brisk for thanksgiving, 46-50. chilly for the giants game, 30s and 40s, but really figure on the 30s, there will be low 40s to start but mainly 30s first quarter. mostly sunny and mild for black friday if you want to be stuck in a mall. but sunny and 55, pretty sweet. for the giants game, 36-41, clear to partly cloudy, light wind. southwest 5-10. look ahead to saturday, penn state in town, shed be interesting, 52-60 for temperatures, lets hope penn state doesn't score that many points. partly cloudy, breezy, mild. southwest winds 10-15, pump up warmer air. in the morning, 34, 20s in the
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10:00, 40 downtown, 39 in buoy. 1:00, 45 downtown, 44 in bethesda. by 6:00, temperatures still in the low 40s downtown but 30s in frederick and 38 in romney and cumberland, you jump the divide. 30 in oakland. tomorrow night, coming home late after the game, doing the late walk, already 31 in frederick, 37 downtown, another cold night tomorrow with temperatures mid 20s to mid 30s. day planner, mid 30s to start, 34 downtown, 41 by 11:00, and 45 by 1:00, again, full sun and wind in check. friday, pleasant, 55, 60, breezy, and milder on saturday. how nice is that? the next 7 days, you know, sunday will be a little blustery, another cold front saturday noig late. looks dry. -- night late. looks dry. we are back in mid 50s on monday. 62 on tuesday, that may be a low number, and 57 on wednesday, maybe a
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in my book a pleasant day. >> not bad. >> yeah. >> we will take it. you obviously noticed leslie has the night off. so does our boss, executive producer roberta peterson, that means we can do this. the bro-show. >> yes. >> presenting the top 3 thanksgiving tips. lets get to it. first, the turkey, if it still frozen, yeah, it is too late to defrost the sucker, you have to stick it in a bath of cold water like right now. and you will want to change that water every half an hour, so-- >> have fun with that. >> good luck getting that sleep. >> you were going to get. it takes four days to defrost, the big one. at the table, okay, here are strategies to keep it civil. from actual legit hostage negotiator, we went all out on this, you will want to sit strategically, don't put yourself next to that uncle who thinks we faked the moon landing for god's sake, don't tell anyone to calm down. those two words are likely to se
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>> okay. >> don't sit next to the trump hater and say make america great again. sit at the kiddy table. >> do that, or you know what is good? say, okay, fair enough. somebody makes a point, fair enough. and end it. >> keep desert in another room. say i have to get more desert. >> perfect. >> extraicate yourself. >> always an excuse. black friday, topper is not shopping, i am not, darren is shopping. >> whoa. >> darren, a word of advice, it is a surgical strike, not a saunter, go in with a clear list, execute, and get out of there. >> i have a clear list. get stuff for my daughter&get out of there. >> told me he wasn't going to work up-- >> for his daughter. the day will come, where did i put that stuff? >> she is already wearing it. >> get in, get out quick. we have a team in the giving mood, gm, i guess doing long work for a fan. -- lawn work for
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remember munewt bowl? he is playing basketball for the
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here is the best thing i saw tonight, cap senators, ver anna delivers a laser but there is no call, it went so fast into the net the ref never saw it. after a slight delay gets second goal, the puck was stuck in the top of the net. caps win 5-2. here is what is on my mind tonight, though, redskins corner back, josh norman is in the giving mood, taeken a full page in his home town of greenville, south carolina, he aced churches to send him a letter with "the concerns of the church and the needs of the youth." norman will do his best to take care of it. i have one word for josh norman and that word is "mirror." every day we look in the mirror and acourselves, what-- ask ourselves what will we do to make the world a better place? someone posted on our facebook page and said all nfl athletes are selfish million dollar thugsism he was wrong . i know josh norman, he is not a thug, he is
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captain has done nothing but give back, he admits he won't be able to fulfill the entire wish list but who are we to complain when the man gave $100,000 to help puerto rico after hurricane maria, into this holiday season, what are we going to do after we looking in the mirror? that is my one word. >> dj swear chgen,-- swearingen, i got you, man, about to go fresh tomorrow, thank you. shoot, what i do? >> didn't mess up dj's cleats but wearing them tomorrow against the giants, he is playing for his grandparents, their names listed on the shoes and he has two because he feels like he is giving to his family. for more on the redskins like our wusa 9 facebook page, we have the latest on the game against the giants. bay socks in
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experience if they purchase a holiday ticket pack. it includes bay sock general manager, brian shellcros, come toing your house to-- coming to your house to do one hour of lawn work, raking the leaves, mowing the lawn, or trimming the hedge s. i wonder what our gm would do if that came up. just a thought. the 12 days of christmas ticket pack will be available from november 27th to december 12. the price of the package, not that bad. $160. not the only unique story tonight. remember sev'7monu-- 7'7bol? listed 23 years old when he joined the washington bulls in 1985 but allegedly his october 16, 1962 birthday was made up. kevin mackey, the basketball coach who brought bol to the united states from africa in the mid 80s, recently said "i gave him his birthday because they didn't know how old he was.
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complications from steven johnson syndrome at 47 years old. if he go by his made up birthday he died at 47. the oldest nba player was a basketball player at 45 years old. he died, well he played in 1947. if this is true, and bol did play until he was 50, that would make him the oldest nba player ever . john stockton was like 62 when he retired. >> all right. anyway.
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