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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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on sunday. the senate whip says conyers' resignation would be the right thing to do. marian brown revealed she is the exstaffer with whom conyers settled a wrongful allegation suit. >> he asked me to satisfy him sexually. he pointed to areas of genital areas of his body, and asked me to, you know, touch it. >> i pray for congressman conyers and his family. i wish them well. however, congressman conyers should resign. >> nancy pelosi did not elect the congressman, and she sure as hell won't be the one to tell the congressman to leave. >> tonight, the 88-year-old conyers is hospitalized in detroit with what family says is a stress-related illness. his attorney says conyers has no
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word is he won't seek reelection next year. meanwhile, embattled texas congressman, joe bohniers announced his resignment today. it came after exchanged sexual messages with a reporter. he apologized after it surfaced last week. he first suggested he was a victim of revenge porn. former today show host matt lauer has broken his silence a little more than a day after being fired by nbc news over allegations of sexual misconduct. he released a statement read by savannah guthrie. >> there are no words to express my sorrow, and regret for the pain i have caused others by words and actions. to the people i have hurt, i am truly sorry. some of what is being said about me is untrue, or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stor
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and ashamed. >> nbc terminated lauer's contract after a could you worker filed a detailed sexual harassment claim against him. now there are other allegations by other women. variety magazine reports lauer dropped his pants in front of an employee. another person tells the new york city times that lauer sexually assaulted her in his office back in 2001. >> according to our sources it wasn't just low level employees that had knowledge of matt lauer's inappropriate conduct with women. >> nbc news says prior to monday night, management was never aware of any complaints of lauer's conduct. lauer says repairing the damage that he caused is now his full time job. another high profile media personality is stepping down, following allegations of misconduct. def jam records founder, russell simmons announced he is
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the move comes after writing in the washington reporter she was intimidated to have sex with him in 1991. in a statement, simmons apologized. he said his account of what happened differs from her. cbs news has confirmed, the white house has drafted a plan to replace secretary of state rex tillerson with mike pompeo. tonight, there are also reports, the white house put the plan out there to express his displeasure with the job tillerson is doing. president trump shrugged off questions about this today. >> he's here. rex is here. >> the state department says white house chief of staff called this morning to say rumors tillerson is on the way out are not true. but the "new york times" reports tillerson could be replaced in a matter of weeks. arkansas senator, tom cotton is reportedly being tapped as ceo re
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find the tax reform bill would add $1 trillion to the deficit over the next decade, and generate $458 billion in tax revenue. the debate continues on the senate floor. the republicans continue to revise the plan to appease gop hold outs. arizona senator john mccain announced he would vote yes. that's a big deal. democrats are opposed, of course. the plan they say cuts taxes for businesses and the rich more so than the middle class. senate leaders, they want a final vote by the end of the week. ready for a philosophy lesson? this story starts with a quote. gandhi once said those who believe religion and politics aren't connected don't understand either. that is definitely the case with a church in dupont circle. >> reporter: we've all heard of the face palm. now it's called
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the face palm. it's jesus doing a face palm with the words, the president said what? written right next to it. this is not the only sign here. >> we wanted to add a different voice. >> reporter: he's shown us these four signs. >> the president said what? what is it with america and guns? i never said i hated anyone. yes, science is real. >> reporter: it's where the historic church is being rebuilt. then this happened, an international journalist saw them, snapped a pick, and it went viral. >> the last i heard it had 23,000 likes, and almost 8,000 retweets. i don't know what is going viral these days, but i think we're pretty close. >> reporter: what's the relationship wean religion and politics? we asked you on twitter whether churches should avoid the sticky subject,
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it like they did? marcy chimed in, saying religious institutions have a moral obligation to speak out. another wrote silence condones. back in dupont, lots of people stopping to take a look. >> i think it shows you that religious institutes are not apolitical. >> i think it's a good way to kind of connect with the younger generation that might feel a little bit alienated by the church. >> reporter: of course, not everybody is going to like these banners. he's gotten a few angry letters, but says these banners aren't going anywhere. in dupont, wusa9. >> that church has a long history. it was built in 1891, and had the likes of eleanor, and franklin roosevelt in their congregation. at least 12 women are now suing the prince george's hospital center, after they say they were treated by a doctor
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with a fraudulent medical license. whitney wild is digging into this, and we talk about what she's uncovered so far. >> is he a doctor? >> reporter: according to some records i've read, he at least went through some sort of residency program at howard university. the question is, does he have medical training outsides of the united states? we can't verify that. what we know is federal officials found falsified records. >> he has treated people. real patients. >> reporter: he has treated real patients. >> what's been the outcome? >> reporter: some people say he really did cause lasting harm. there are a lot of lawsuits at present. the details of which, are different for everybody. the reality is, these women say he's caused them lasting damage. >> so who dropped the ball on this? >> reporter: that's what we've been trying to figure out. we questioned prince george's hospital center. they say as
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he was a licensed doctor with training from howard university. the medical board in maryland, and the medical board in virginia both say they got their information from the board that certifies foreign medical doctors. as far as they know, those people had done the checks. it seems to be this list of people who say that person checked, and that person checked, and that person checked. you can sort of put blame everywhere. the question is who is legally at fault? this really comes down to the parent company of prince george's hospital center. >> okay. a full report on this doctor tonight on wusa9 news at 11:00. it could get a little wet around here later tonight. topper is tracking some showers out on the terrace. >> we have a few showers now just entering cumberland. they've pushed through morgantown. we'll come back and track these for you. we're also going to track some arctic air. we'll tell you when the pattern changes. stl
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and gold renew their rivalry with the cowboys tonight in dallas. a look at the history between the two teams a bit later in sports. >> but first, a pest control company says there could be up to 25,000 insects in one christma
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5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> have a good time tonight. >> okay, let's get started. this is the official start for the holiday shopping as far as i'm concerned, and probably you too. president trump and the first lady with the national christmas tree on the ellipse tonight. okay in tonight's verify segment, a pest control company says there could be up to 25,000 insects in one christmas tree. our researchers set out to verify this claim. this buggy headline comes from an organic gardening, and pest control company called safer brand. it got a lot of attention this week. one works with the forestry commission. the other owns a tree farm. both men say they've got their doubts about the christmas tree insect invasion. >> there are bugs in the world. there are bugs in the field, but 20,000 bugs on a tree?
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fake tree propaganda. it's an exaggeration beyond the pail. >> i've had a real tree, and we've had a real tree for years. we actually have never had a problem. >> if you are worried about bugs in your christmas tree, you can shake it off before bringing it inside to decorate, or leave it out, or in your garage for a couple of days. it's not recommended that you spray pesticides on your tree. but the odds are you won't have to do any of those things. >> that number sounds really high to me. >> i feel like i'm defending something that doesn't need to be defended. >> while there may be some kind of bug on real christmas trees. experts say 25,000 is pretty high. we can verify this is false. you got something you want us to verify? email us at you could oles reach out to us on -- also reach out to us on twitter or facebook. >> people are di
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this picture of a mother breast fielding a child at disneyland. >> i'm wusa9 first alert meteorologist topper shutt. welcome to tackle your tailgate forecast. okay, washington visiting dallas. well you know someone tailgating, 58 to 65. it's about perfect temperature wise. under partly cloudy skies, and mild, and winds not a factor out of the northeast at about 10. let's just hope we can ruin that tailgate tonight with
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john mccain called it wone of the most pristine and beautiful parts of the world. now donald trump and republican leaders have a tax scheme that will put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. it's a bad deal. the top 1% get a tax cut. we pay the price.
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don't sell our wild lands to give billionaires a tax cut. breaking tonight. police arrested a man, and charged him, 36-year-old mychal bell, with impersonating an officer, and raping a young man. it happened while the victim was walking at 6:00 sunday morning along university boulevard in the langly park area. officers say bell flashed a badge, demanded some id, and patted the victim down. he then reportedly told the victim he was in an unsafe neighborhood and offered him a
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assaulted and raped. there may be more victims out there. a mother took to facebook to defend herself after she says she was shamed while breastfeeding her child at disneyland in california. britney medina posted this photo to a facebook group called breastfeeding momma talk. thousands have reacted. the mother claims she didn't want to get out of line, so she removed her shirt and breastfeeded. we should note the california law does protect breastfeeding in public. still the story sparked dozens of comments in just the first hour after we posted it on our wusa9 facebook page. deloris writes, find a good spot, and hide your boobs. you can find a nice spot, and also keep the child out of the sun
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disneyland says mothers can breastfeed anywhere in the park. if you don't like it, don't go. that's your problem, not hers. one of the most destructive hurricanes ever. three made it to landfall in the u.s., making it the most expensive hurricane season ever recorded. take a look at the numbers. hurricanes cause more than $206 billion in damage this year. before 2017, we have to go all the way back to the 1890s for the second most expensive hurricane season. who can forget 2005, when storms like wilma, rita, and of course hurricane katrina hit the u.s. >> wow. and of course in puerto rico, 71 days after maria, there are still a lot of people who don't have power. >> we went ahead, and plotted each tropical storm and hurricane. it was a busy year.
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the first time we had two storms hit the continental u.s. since 2005. so 12 years. so the reds are hurricanes. the yellow lines indicate tropical storms. so it was a busy year. we had 17 named storms. 12 is average. we had 10 hurricanes. about 6 are average. we had 6 major storms, 3 is average. but the big key, if they're out in the atlantic, nobody cares. when they hit the continental u.s. and san juan, and those islands, that becomes a problem. a live look outside. it's 53 still. very nice. dew points mid-40s. not going to get that cold tonight. winds are still south-southeast at 7. they will kick and become northwesterly when the cold front goes through. the cold front now just entering the mountains. consequently we have showers, cumberland, to romney. they're light. they're not going to hold together. some of them will between frederick and rockville. they could be in the rockville area around 10:00, and 10
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as it moves eastward. it does not have a lot of moisture with it at all. okay, in terms of earthquakes, there it was, around dover. if you compare that to our earthquake of 2011, ours was 50 times stronger with 350 times the energy. although that said, it was still felt. the dover one was still felt in montgomery county today. bus stop temps 38 to 48, so chilly. a great start to december. 52 to 57. what more could we ask? the weekend looks great. sunny, temperatures in the 50s. on the day planner, mid-40s to start. 51 with sunshine by 11:00, and 54, just gorgeous by 1:00. winds will stay in check tomorrow. a little bit cooler on saturday, 53. then we bounce back to 56 on sunday. that's a pretty good beginning to december, in terms of the weekend. and these are the days to put the lights up outside so your fingers don't freeze off. 62 on tuesday. rain and showers on wednesday. then
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with rain and/or snow showers. everybody's thinking, well, everybody wants the redskins to win, but coming up in sports, it's going to make you guys happy. i'm going to give you a reason why the redskins will win tonight against the cowboys,
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all right, so it's dallas week, and you know what
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means. rivalry. the redskins and cowboys match up goes back almost 50 years. diane roberts has more on the rivalry, and what it brings out. >> reporter: everybody has a memory of their favorite rivalry game. mine is back in 2005 when the cowboys were leading 13-0, there was about 4:00 left in the game. then mark brunell and santana moss connected twice, and they beat the cowboys. that's my favorite memory. i just wanted to ask other people theirs. >> dallas week, rivalry week. anybody have a redskins/cowboys story? >> rg3, when he went down there and beat them. >> when we face them next time and we beat them. >> i'm in d.c., so you want the redskins to win, and have everybody feeling good around here. >> reporter: you just told us, who are you a
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>> i am an eagles fan. >> reporter: whose going to win tonight? >> the dallas cowboys. >> you don't have ezekiel elliott. >> we don't need ezekiel elliott. >> usually when i'm watching, we lose. so i don't think i'm going to watch the next dallas cowboy redskins game, because i want us to win. >> reporter: both of these teams need to win to make a playoff push. hopefully, we'll be creating memories for another redskins fan. in washington, diane roberts, wusa9 sports. all right, so diane's right. the redskins may need to win out to make the playoffs, but they've been here before. the skins ran the table to finish the season in each of their last four playoff appearances. just two seasons ago, the skins won fair final four games after a 5-7 start, and finished as nfc east champs. in 2012, rg3 led the skins to ann their final 7 games, and
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how about ten years ago. remember todd collins? he helped the skins win their final four games and a spot in the playoffs. finally in 2005, santana moss highlighted a run of five straight wins to end a six year playoff drought. the skins have 5 more regular season games to go. the good news is, starting tonight against the cowboys, the burgundy and gold are tied for the easiest remaining schedule in the nfl. >> who is todd collins? do you remember him? where is he now? get him on the phone. >> he is on the phone, getting ready to watch the redskins play the cowboys. they didn't want to wear the gold on gold, so they decided to wear burgundy on burgundy. >> the same color of burgundy. >> nike wanted them to wear gold on
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