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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  December 5, 2017 6:30pm-6:59pm EST

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20th century? >> maybe i'll settle for the greatest photographer of all time. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor.
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this is what firefighters are facing. >> we're trying to keep this exr extending into this whole neighborhood. >> reporter: also hampering the fight-- little or no water pressure on several hillside streets. so you you just can't get water out of the hydrants. >> there's only limited amounts. >> reporter: once the water from fire trucks ran out, all that remained on several streets were garden hoses. so residents filled buckets, trying to douse hot spotses before they are reignite. but throughout the day, the fire claimed even more homes. police are going door to door-- >> mandatory evacuation in effect. >> reporter: ...warning residents to leave now. >> yeah, the wind shifted. it's coming down. it's about four, five houses down. >> reporter: time to go. >> yeah, it is time to go. >> reporter: in another neighborhood, we found steven phillips. why did you come up here? >> to check on my son's house. >> reporter: his son is a firefighter, now on the lines, his
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evacuated. as the flames came closer. i mean, you see this, that's-- what's the only thing you can do now? >> just stay as family and, you know, and be blessed that you're alive. and you can always rebuild. >> reporter: the flames got so intense, we had to leave. the fate of that firefighter's home, as well as so many others is unknown at this point. the extreme fire conditions are expected to last here through at least friday morning. >> reporter: i'm carter evans about 45 had been feet above the sillmar fire in los angeles. take a look down below. you can see thick, black smoke, this fire 11,000 acers and growing. homes are threatened. earlier today, we were at an even bigger fire about 50 miles north. the fire is in some pretty wealthy communities right now. we're talking about multi-million-dollar homes, and some of these neighborhoods, when you look down bw,
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they're entirely wiped out, jut a few homes left standing. from the air you can really get an idea of the size of this fire, and it is growing by the minute. it exploded overnight by tens of thousands of acres, and there's really nothing to stop it right now. look at that black smoke. that is intense. those are intense fires burning right now. look how some of these homes are still standing. you've got that intense, black smoke and flames, and right there in the middle, an untouched home. unbelievable. look at the flames on that. you can tell how hard the wind is blowing. that smoke is just blowing sideways. how dangerous is it to fly in wind like this? >> so, those guys who have to fly 100 feet above it, i mean, thur risk is getting push intied mountside, into a tree, that kind of stuff. it's narly, a challenging environment. >> reporter: wow, look at this fire here. you can see the flames burning inside the home. looks like a total loz. there are a couple of firefighter
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fire from spreading to the car. but it might be too late. firefighters are going to catch a little break tonight. wind are going to decrease but still blowing 30-40 miles per hour, gusting up to 50 miles an hour. and that forecast holds through friday, with the windiest days, jeff, on thursday and friday. >> glore: there was a close call today at new york's j.f.k. airport. transportation correspondent kris van cleave is following this developing story. kris. >> reporter: jeff, the f.a.a. has been made aware of this afternoon's incident. an airbus a-320, belonging to bolaras, a mexican airline, lined to land on a runway where a delta flight was cleared to take off the delta pilots warned air traffic control something seemed wrong. >> i see that. cancel takeoff plans. brickyard, cancel takeoff
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volaris, you're land 1-3 right. left turning, lining up on the wrong runway. >> go around, turn-- turn left heading 1-0-0. >> reporter: now, you could hear in the background of that volaris record, 400 feet. that's likely the plane advising the pilots of the altitude as it was descending. at this point, we don't o don't know how far apart the two planes were. . >> glore: the state department is warning u.s. diplomats and their families to avoid jerusalem's old city. there are fears of violence after president trump told arab and muslim leaders he has every intention of recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel and later moving the industry there. palestinians have long desired their own state with their capital in jerusalem. seth doane is there. >> reporter: despite the dire warnings across much of the middle ea
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market, president trump is still getting high marks. >> i love trump. all the market love trump. >> reporter: moving the u.s. exwaefs a campaign promise, and today palestinian president mahmoud abbas said mr. trump told him it was his intention to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. abbas said he warned the president there would be grave consequences and possible violence if he does. >you have world leaders lining p against the u.s. making any adjustment in a situation here. >> and i think they're wrong. >> reporter: eran lerman called the palestinians delusional if they thought even part of the jerusalem could be theirs. >> driving a carving knife exproos through and meandering across a living city would be a mistake. >> reporter: both sides claim the city as their capital. it is here in the old city of jerusalem, whichs
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a sense for how difficult this real estate is to carve up. take a look over here. this illuminated wall is the western, or wailing wall, one of the holiest sites for jews. and beyond that is one of the dome's of the al-aqsa mosque, which is one of the most sacred sites for muslims. >> when you look at a place that's on the version of an explosion, you do not introduce a flame. >> reporter. >> reporter: the officials in the trump administration have said some of these moves could jump start peace. ( laughs ). >> these moves could jump start peace? they would scuttle peace. >> reporter: it's unclear when this might happen, if at all. but reaction on the streets is already happening. two palestinian groups have called for protests and the u.s. government is warning americans and its employees to stay away from parts of jerusalem for fear of violence. jeff. >> glore:
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big olympic news today. russia's olympic team was banned today from the 2018 winter gaipt in south korea for widespread doping. a number of team fshz were banned for life. the international olympic committee said russian athletes may compete as individuals under a neutral olympic flag. the dean of the house of representatives, its longest serving member, stepped down today under pressure. democrat john conyers was accused of sexual misconduct. here's adriana diaz. >> reporter: on local radio, representative john conyers tried to step down on his own terms, retiring, effective immediately, days after congressional leaders called for his resignation. >> yes, i think he should resign. >> reporter: five women accuse of 88-year-old democrat of harassment or inappropriate touching. >> if it is true, i would think
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know that he is a human being. the. >> reporter: admiration for conyers runs deep here. the civil rights icon was first elected in 1964 and is in his twoafth term. >> release the names. >> reporter: today his supporters urged congress to release the names of all members who have reached secret sexual harassment settlements, concerned conyers is being unfairly treated because of his race. conyers says he wants his oldest son to take his seat, but there's a family feud brewing. his grand-nephew, 29-year-old state senator, ian conyers, also plans to enter the race. sam riddle is a political consultant. >> we're about to see a political free for all politically in detroit. >> reporter: it's going to be a slog? >> a log. it would be a polite term. it's going to be a slugfest. >> reporter: conyers is the first congressman to step down in the wave of recent sexual assault claims. today, he called
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he's being treated for a stress-related illness. he again denied wrongdoing and they had sade this, too, shall pass. jeff. >> glore: adriana diaz in detroit. thanks. the supreme court heard arguments today in the most-anticipated case of this term. it started when a colorado baker refused on religious grounds to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. chief legal correspondent jan crawford talked to both sides. >> as soon as we sat down with the owner, he asked us who the cake was for. and when we said it was for us, he said he would not make a cake for a same-sex wedding. >> i will gladly sell you anything in my shop. but this is just an event they can't create a cake for. >> glore: jan, you othe were ine courtroom today. both sides have deeply held beliefs here. >> reporter: jeff, in this case, sharply divide the justifies on these bedrock
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principled. liberal justices were really welled a ruling for the baker would mean all other kinds of businesses could refuse to participate in same-sex weddings. elena kagan said: but conservative justices were troubled by the idea that the government could force someone to make something that goes against their deeply held religious beliefs. and here, justice samuel alito was almost encrudulous. he said: but, jeff, these issues have always divided the justices, gay rights vooshz always divided the justices on ideological lines. you've got your four conservative justices on the one hand, four liberals on the other, and in the middle, conservative moderate justice anthony kennedy. he is the one to watch. and over the years, he has consistently sighted with liberals to expand gay rights or legalize same-sex marriage. >> glore: jan crawford, thank you very much. now a quick look at some
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stories in this evening's newsfeed. one week before the special senate election in alabama, the republican national committee is funding roy moore again on orderorders from president trum. but republican senator jeff flake of arizona showed his opposition to moore, who is accused of sexual assault. flake tweeted a photo of his $100 donation to democrat doug jones with the notation, "country over party." cbs news has confirmed, the f.b.i. agent who landlord the hillary clinton email investigation, changed the description of hillary clinton's description. he changed it from grossly negligent to "extremely careless." he was dismiss for sending text messages considered to mock presidenpresident trump. fewer undocumented immigrants are trying to get into the u.s.
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low. during the same time, arrests of foreigners living here illegally have surged by more than 40%. >> reporter: what started as a nearby, dark currency has exploded into a global phenomena. >> bitcoin. >> bitcoin. >> bitcoin. >> good afternoon, i am olaf-- >> olaf-- >> please let me finish. >> glore: the short that ran 52 long. >> senator kennedy-- >> reporter: when bobby kennedy was shot, when beatles had their famous pillow fight, harry benson was there. >> i'll settle for the greatest photographer of all time. our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day.
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drinks are flowing, and so is the conversation about... >> bitcoin. >> bitcoin. >> bitcoin. >> reporter: the buzz soever this new form of currency exploding in value. >> i think bitcoin is the fiewfort of currency. >> reporter: nathaniel popper is a reporter with the "new york times." >> what it promised was a money that could exist outside the control of wall street and outside the control of any government. >> reporter: so what is bitcoin? it isn't money you can hold in your hand. some consider it the new gold, a digital currence they exists online. you can buy and sell them on a bitcoin exchange. there's no central authority, and they can be sent and received without third parties, like a bank, taking a cut. all transactions are tracked and verified on an electronic spreadsheet. the key to its success, like any currency, is trust in its backing. the japanese government officially recognizes bitcoin, while the u.s. government views it as a propert
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or any asset. a growing number of major companies, including microsoft and, are embracing it as well. but red flags are being raised. legendary investor warren buffet warns it will go bust, and jamie dimon, c.e.o. of jp morgan chase, warns the lack of regulations means investors are playing with fire. >> if you're stupid enough to buy tyou'll pay the price for it one day. >> reporter: but 19-year-old erik finman has faith. so you are the youngest bitcoin millionaire. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: how does that feel? >> it feels pretty great. not too bad for 19. >> reporter: at age 12 he invested a $1,000 gift from his grandmother. >> i checked the bitcoin price every 30 minutes. >> reporter: every 30 minutes. now, despite its recent popularity, we are not yet at the point where bitcoin is widely used in day-to-day transactions. and as enticing as it may be, investing in bitcoin is not for ever.
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stomach-area pain and swelling. ask your doctor if 90 days of linzess may be right for you. >> you're supposed to eat it. >> glor: it is the short that runs long. "olaf's frozen adventure" is testing the patience of parents forced to sit with their kids through a 22-minute-long animated film before the actual featured film "coco." now, "olaf" is being fuld puld from theaters on friday. disney says it was always scheduled for a limited run. pictures from mars had u.f.o. hunters doing a double take. something that sure looks like a cannonball is seen in a pile of rocks. nasa says hold oits rovers have captured dozens of spherical projects before. the scientists call them blueberries. we'll be right back.
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ask your doctor about lyrica. >> glor: we end tonight with a man who brought us some of the greatest images in the album of american history. now he's sharing his personal memories of those moments. here's jim axelrod. >> senator kennedy, right now is on the ground. he has been shot. >> reporter: when bobby kennedy was shot, harry benson was there. >> i turned and see bobby falling to the floor. and ethel appeared. she threw her hand up. and i'm saying to myself, "don't mess up today. mess up tomorrow." >> reporter: when martin luther kg'
6:57 pm
was there. when you took the picture of coretta scott king and the kids, did you know "i've got it?" >> no, no. very rarely do you know. ( cheers )
6:58 pm
scotland left the world of london newspapers to become one of the great chroniclers of the american civil rights movement and chaos of the 19 sects. >> he'd just been shot. that was the watts riots. >> reporter: now harry benson is out with a new book celebrating his extraordinary career. this man of pictures can also turn a phrase. when asked how his life behind the camera should be remembered. >> maybe i'll settle for the greatest photographer of all time, of all time. >> reporter: so that's not too much to ask for, huh? >> i was glad i was there when i was there. >> reporter: which is exactly, harry, how the rest of us feel. jim axelrod cbs news, new york. >> glor: and that is the cbs evening news tonight. i'm jeff glor. thanks for watching. good night. >> reporter: it is growing by the minute.
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i had hoped that judge moore would resign in other words withdraw from the race. that obviously is not going to happen. >> and we certainly don't want to have a liberal democrat that's controlled by nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. we don't want that for alabama. welcome to our script i'm bruce johnson and president donald trump and the republican party are tonight rallying around the candidacy of roy moore in alabama. tonight steve bannon will be at a rally in the state. >> i think he's going to do very well. we don't want to center a liberal democrat in alabama, believe me. we want strong borders, we want stopping crime. we want to have the


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