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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 1,300 items. eat well for less. only at my giant. this cold weather, not going anywhere. tonight tips from the experts to keep you safe and warm. >> there's a science to keeping those new year's resolutions. we've got three easy tips to make it happen. >> if you pick all winning lottery numbers, are you more likely to win millions? we'll verify. >> we're bringing some context to the president's big claim with your safety in the sky. >> did you know it was warmer in alaska than it was he
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let's get right to d.c.'s most accurate forecast. topper has his eye on some snow headed our way. we know that make you pretty excited, top. any changes to that track yet? >> maybe a little further west. we have the first ingredient and that's cold air. that's in place. we'll talk about winter storm watches already posted for our friends at the shore. that includes ocean city and georgetown, rehoboth and bethany beach. as i showed you earlier, we have winter storm warnings from norfolk down to northern florida. that's pretty unusual, how far this cold air is sinking and how strong this storm will be. it will develop off the florida coast. a lot of times nor'easters develop off the north carolina coast. this will develop in the northern bahamas. tracking a coastal storm, current track still most of the snow east of i-95, critical time has not changed, midnight thursday to noon thursday and in the wake of the storm we're talking
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not even wind chill as we get into friday night and maybe again on saturday night. so here are the model comparisons, almost 2 inches with the gfs, 0.1 for the euro, 0 for the rpm and 0.9-inch for the north american model. when we come back, i'll tell you what i'm thinking for the models and if it's a problem for your thursday morning commute. this is a satellite photo of the chesapeake and as we zoom in, all that white is ice. areas near the susquehanna flats, barrier bay and the sound were frozen this afternoon. >> this cold weather covers a huge part of the country stretching west to the mighty mississippi. chunks of ice are floating down parts of that river tonight. we don't have it that bad here, but think about this for a second. the wind chill today in chicago made it feel like it was 23 degrees below 0. >> ouch. >> no thank. down south some students from north carolina got a little extra sleep this morning. their school buses either wouldn't
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gear shifts. my daughter's bus didn't come this morning either, wouldn't start. hopefully those kids are in bed tonight, but those buses will be back in service tomorrow. in montgomery county three teens were rescued last night after their car got stuck in a creek in west old baltimore road and crews used a boat to rescue them. so how did they get stuck? they were simply trying to cross the creek with no bridge. drivers are expected to just plow through it. >> hasn't been this frozen for a while. >> but just watch as his trip back over the ice wasn't so easy. after a couple attempts he eventually made it over. despite the risks the county department of transportation says there are no plans of changing that stream crossing any time soon. they say it's historic and it's the only one of its kind left in the county. a little later on in the news at 11:00 we're talking with firefighters in prince george's county. they've got some tips
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follow tonight to keep you and your family safe in weather this cold. first some frightening moments for a child in montgomery county, the 8-year- old says two men tried to lure her into a minivan. it happened just after 9:00 this morning nearly the corner of elm and pine avenues in takoma park. the child told police one man opened the van door offering her candy. she pushed the door closed and ran back into her home. >> it's sad, but i'm also really impressed that the kids know what to do. this girl was so brave. she closed the door on the guys. >> the child was able to give a very detailed description of one of the guys, a flower tattoo on his left hand, light brown complexion, hazel eyes, a hoop nose ring and a pimple by his left eye. police are hoping someone out there knows who he is. in columbia, maryland, a young man who played defensive tackle for marshall
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is now paralyzed from the waist down. he was hit by a stray bullet at a new year's eve party. his name is lawrence aaron, iii. he graduated from oakland mills high and then headed for marshall. his familiar has started a gofundme page. it is active to cover his medical costs and the spents of creating a whole new living -- expenses of creating a whole new living experiment once he's out of the hospital. in fairfax county a man accused of supporting isis makes his first court appearance. his name is sean andrew duncan. he could face up to 20 years in prison. john henry has that story. >> reporter: sean henry duncan did not say much at his hearing here in alexandria. he walked slowly into the courtroom with several u.s. marshals at his side. the 21-year-old is accused of obstruction of justice. when fbi agents raided his sterling condominium friday, they discovered he had broken a memory chip and thumb drive. the fbi said it needed those
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duncan's alleged ties to isis. it was heard the convert approved of beheading westerners. he and his wife moved from philadelphia in june. his old neighbors said it all caught them by surprise. >> why did he come here to begin with? why did he come to pittsburgh to be in this building if they were already planning something around here? >> reporter: duncan could face 20 years of his life behind bars and pay a $250,000 fine if found guilty. in alexandria, john henry, wusa9. >> duncan heads to court again next monday in alexandria. so long, farewell, it's the good-bye edie of politics in 60 seconds. let's -- edition of politics in 60 seconds. let's go. democrat al franken announced he'd be officially resigning this afternoon stepping down after a series of misconduct allegations. no change in power for the senate. his homestate's lieutenant governor will replace him,
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smith, a democrat. continuing the theme, republican senator orrin hatch says this will be his last term in office. he's the longest serving republican in the senate. he's been there more than 40 years. the president had encouraged hatch to run for an eighth term representing utah. now from good-byes to hello again, hatch's decision not to run clears a path for former governor and presidential candidate mitt romney to run for that senate seat in utah. that could be trouble for the white house. romney has been a very vocal critic of president trump and some of his policies. so far no word that he's getting in. all he's done tonight is praise orrin hatch for his service. president trump has had a lot to say on twitter since he returned from the winter white house down at mar-a-lago. he's talked tax cuts and taken on the media and tonight we're focusing on just one of those, this one, where he seems to take credit
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around the world. we asked travel reporter pete muntean to put it all in context. >> this tweet is just not true. i'll tell you why in three. points. let's go back to the breakdown last night on news at 11:00 i did of plane crashes last year. this is so remarkable because there were no deaths on commercial passenger jets all year. that has not happened in the last sick years known as the jet age -- 60 years known as the jet age. this is also worldwide, not just the united states. president trump only oversees our aviation regulation carried out by the federal aviation administration. so the president cannot claim on being strict on aviation worldwide. second deaths on commercial jet liners have been on a downward trend for decades. technology has gotten better. commercial jets have new equipment to avoid mountains, weather and hitting other planes. the last time people were killed on an american airliner was in 2009, the colgan air crash in buffalo killing 49 people. third and maybe most important, the president has
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any big aviation policy on his own or through congress. he did implement travel bans and security restrictions. trump wants to privatize our nation's air traffic control system, but now experts wonder why fix something that's not broken since the president has deemed aviation so safe? pete muntean, wusa9. new tonight developments on a major story that we are keeping close watch on that's happening overseas, the nuclear threat in north korea. president trump pushing things even further tonight with a tweet. have a look. "north korean leader kim jong un just stated that the nuclear button is on his desk at all times. will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that i, too, have a nuclear button, but it is a much bigger and more powerful one than his and my button work." intelligence analysts at the pentagon say they're seeing troop and equipment movement
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ready for another missile test. let me reiterate, just a test. they told reporters they expect to see that happen in the next couple days. let's talk about those new year's resolutions now. the numbers show about half of you made one yesterday and anyone can tell you making the resolution is easy. keeping it is the real challenge. so we talked with experts on human behavior for some scientific strategies you can use. first the number 21, it takes 21 days to create a new habit. so if you resolve to work out more, it will take that long for it to become a habit. second, piggyback, connect what you want to do with what you already do. if your goal is to floss more, you should do that when you brush your teeth. you're more likely to keep up with the new habit when it's connected to an existing one. third, go hard. studies show if you try something in an intense way for about a month, it often leads to longstanding change. so take
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seriously and by february your chances of hanging onto it will be better. it's lottery mania right now between two lottery drawings, more than $800 million up for grabs. is picking numbers that have won before a strategy for getting you to the winners circle? our verify team verified that and we have the answer straight ahead. >> topper will have his snow map for later this week in d.c.'s most accurate forecast. it's just two minutes away. 11:0 0 on wusa9.
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my instincts. as long as gps can still get you lost, you can count on geico saving folks money. i'm breeding, man. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. . the mega millions numbers are in and somebody may have won big tonight. the estimated jackpot, $361 million. combined with tomorrow's powerball jackpot there's nearly $1 billion out there
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lottery land. we've got those mega millions numbers. no. 1, 42, 47, 64, 70 and the mega ball number was 22, the multiplier, 4. big money on the line, right? everybody posting about it online looking to better their odds to game the system, but is there really a way to get an edge when you play the lottery? you have a one in 292 billion shot at picking all the numbers correctly. virginia lotto says yeah. if you buy two tickets, you technically double your chances of winning, but it's really not much difference with those long shot odds. so there's no edge there. what about picking past powerball numbers? they keep track of the most frequently drawn powerball numbers and put out these handy charts. they say since 2015 28 and 32 came up the most often. so should we all
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tickets with 28 and 32? nope. maryland virginia lottery says there's no strategy. just because a number is picked a lot doesn't mean it's an en. think of it as a coin toss -- edge. think of it as a coin toss. there's an equal chance it will be heads or tails. even if you've gotten heads 100 times in a row, your next toss is still a 50/50 chance. >> going back and studying past winning numbers might be fun, but it really will not help you. it's not going to increase your chance of winning the jackpot. >> sorry to crush your dreams of an early retirement, sun bathing poolside with a mimosa, but what you talking about, willis? whamo, this is false. past winning numbers won't give you better odds at the jackpot. whether it's winning lottery numbers or busting fake news on your social media feeds, our verify team is always ready to go to work for you. we're kicking into high gear going into
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find me on facebook or twitter or send me an e-mail. we can verify it's cold out there tonight. it has been for days. debra alfarone noticed with this cold snap came a bigger than usual number of fires in homes across our area. she headed for the fire department of prince george's county to talk with the experts about staying safe. >> reporter: assistant fire chief christian wargo, give us a couple tips. >> if you're using space heaters, it should be a space heater that is new listed with ul which is underwriter laboratories that has a thermostat. if it tips or anything, it will turn off. >> reporter: a really good one. >> yes. for the safety features. >> reporter: what about kerosene heaters? >> so kerosene heaters, a lot of people use it where when the kerosene runs out, you should never refill it inside. take it outside your home on
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let it cool down. put the kerosene in and bring it back and light it back up. >> reporter: what else should we know? >> every year you should be cleaning out your furnace. >> reporter: you've seen fires start with furnaces that were dirty or not serviced properly. >> that's correct. a lot of times we're able to get in and put them out quickly. if there's too much debris around it, you should keep things 3 feet away from the furnace. your fireplaces, make sure it's clean and serviced and inspected. when you get rid of ashes, use a metal bucket. take the ashes, put them in there. take them outside the home. keep debris and stuff away from it because they will smolder and keep that bucket warm. so it could start a fire that way, also. >> reporter: four tips that could save your life possibly. here in prince george's county, debra alfarone, wusa9. >> this is important stuff to talk about. people are doing all kinds of things to stay warm. >> yeah. you don't want to like use your oven or stove. it's going to just get colder in the wake of this coastal.
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believe, but when this thing gets off the maine and massachusetts coast to put this in perspective, the central pressure will be very close to sandy. it's going to be a winter hurricane by the time it gets up to the main coast. first things first, 3-degree guarantee. guess what, nice job, melissa. you know what she went today? >> she nailed it. >> 26. we're going 34 tomorrow. the computers are going 37, 38. i don't see it. live look outside, i see it's cold now, 20, dew point single digits, light winds. we'll see single digits in the suburbs tonight with clearly skies. here's the radar, kind of widen this way out because this actually is the beginning of the storm in its infancy. it's going to develop very far south in the northern bahamas off the florida coast. arctic air is plummeting already to the gulf coast. that's light snow all the way down to new orleans, the gulf coast. once this is developed it's going to take a track ofrtheastward pretty far
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if this thing would hug the coast, that would be interesting, but it's not doing that. in terms of headlines, bus stop temps 6 to 24, maybe keep the kids in the car and keep the car running tomorrow. still cold, high clouds tomorrow, not a bad day, maybe above freezing for some folks. hasn't been above freezing at dulles since the 26th. monster coastal, too far east still for a big snow here, light snow possible midnight through noon thursday. it will be a quick hitter. wet early it's a glancing blow or misses us completely, it will be a quick hitter. the european says no snow for us, only in southern maryland. the gfs says wait a minute. maybe an inch or so downtown and most of the snow in southern maryland, st. mary's county, calvert county and across the bay into the delmarva, 2 to 4 inches, norfolk and virginia beach a foot likely. snowfall forecast, then, haven't really changed this much. a trace to an inch leesburg, gaithersburg, d.c., 1 to
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that includes a little part of prince george's county and eastern sections of charles county. then you jump the bay 1 to 2 inches and get into the coast 2 to 4 inches, rehoboth, bethany, their second storm of the season. 6 a.m. tomorrow 11 in gaithersburg, 13 in bowie, clear. by 9:00 it's 20 downtown, 15 in manassas. some high clouds begin to roll in. this is the model that has zero snow for us. by 6:00 some high clouds to the south, 31 downtown, 20s elsewhere and by early in the morning on thursday after midnight most of the snow along the delmarva, but i think that model is too far to the east, more of a compromise i think is in order. on the day planner 16 to start, 28 by 11:00, high clouds increasing, 33 by 1:00. thursday morning snow or flurry, 30 and look at this, 24 on friday, wind chills below 0 on friday. next seven days only 15
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saturday, low 30s on sunday. all the cold air we suffer through, it warms up and rains on monday. that is not fair. it may end as quick rain or snow tuesday morning as cold air rushes back in. >> nothing this week is fair at all. thanks. now that he's thawed out from hosting new year's eve on times square on cnn anderson cooper is sitting down with stephen colbert tonight for an all new late show. here's a preview. >> hey, everybody, join me on the late show. i have the handsome and talented anderson cooper on my show and year going to talk about the world. i haven't paid attention the last two weeks. anything going on? >> a couple things. >> maybe their chemistry will be a little better than it was on cnn new year's eve. the late show with stephen colbert is on deck as soon as we wrap up here on the news at 11:00, but we ain't done yet. got my man d-back in the crib. >> yes. speaking of crib, we're going inside the redskins crib again. the season may be ove
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of 9 cribs. don't go on no lunch room. don't go to the bathroom. st
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before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway?
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now wusa9 sports with darren haynes brought to you by xfinity. >> all right. every tuesday this season 9 cribs gave you exclusive access inside the redskins' locker room. now 17 weeks worth of 9 cribs material cut down for your viewing pleasure. earlier today we showed you our top four of the best of 9 cribs. before we get to no. 1 here are a few clips. >> welcome to inside my locker. i've only got one. big dog, graduated, got two of these things. >> i think that i have the neatest locker in here, but no one is a judge here. this is actually pretty clean. he probably paid off the equipment guy to clean it up today since i was doing this for you guys. >> in case i want to get comfortable, this is where. >> the arm fell off. so i just got this
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with one. >> sums up my whole locker right here. i got this slide. i'm missing a toenail now. >> this is my nickname duke. that's what they used to call me. still my family on my father's side they call me little duke. i don't like it. >> all right. and then there was one. 9 cribs has given you exclusive access like never before. what you're about to see next either went viral or left us all in the media amazed. here's no. 1. >> you media people will be happy to see i've got your names and faces here on a printout so i can hopefully remember all your names as you guys change. >> last but not least every cheerleader needs extra lashes. this is what happens when you're stomping like you need to be. you break your boots sometimes.
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because it is the fastest ping pong paddle on the planet. a lot of my teammates and friends have been on the business end of this ping pong paddle and i'm proud to say i am top dog up there on the ladder for ping pong. >> i do got some little highlight tapes back here from back in the day, got my 40-yard dash that i ran at tech. i got my high school highlights tape from 2 now, some archive stuff that -- from 2000, some archive stuff that people ain't never seen vhs for some of these young kids. >> special little thing right here i'm going to let you all see, be unveiling this this weekend, came fresh hot off the press. not bad, not bad, not bad. sticky. >> cool stuff. you can watch the entire countdown of the best of 9 cribs on our wusa9 sports facebook page. >> just wonder if kirk cousins ll
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reporters to memorize next season or
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visit for a store near you. just cold tomorrow. we might make it above freezing and light snow or flurries tomorrow and into early thursday. i think the only significant snow will be in southern maryland and across the bay bridge and in the delmarva. >> three layers tomorrow instead of five. >> and eight by the end of the weekend. >> the late show with stephen
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