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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 4, 2018 7:00am-8:55am EST

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right now, school districts are shut down all across the area. all the major school districts in the metro are closed including prince george's, montgomery county fairfax, loudoun. the government is on a two hour delay. a full list of the closures at the bottom of your screen and on the free wusa9 app. >> miri marshall is tracking this for us. >> roughly one inch or so outside but that is not a lot of snow and is sticking to the roads and the side roads are hard to get by.
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around winchester, we are getting snow to clear out and virginia, some of the first places to get relief. 9:00 or so, you will see the snow around d.c. until about 10:00 or 11, it will clear out and we will see it much longer over the eastern shore. outside, the highs are 5-30 and between now and roughly 11:00, flurries and things will slow down, 1-2 inches around the d.c. area. a heavier band of snow is setting up shop around prince george's county and has come into the eastern edge of d.c. if you are around alabama avenue southeast, you will notice moderate snow versus at th
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in those areas. further north around rockville, light with a moderate band of snow between germantown and gaithersburg outside 495 and further north. la plata and waldorf, these areas have seen moderate snow through the morning and other areas have gotten a break and those bands have been favored. moderate snow around stafford and fredericksburg and quantico. for accumulation, a dusting up to about one inch around leesburg in the snow will wrap up early. you will see things fizzled out in about one hour or two. in d.c., up to 4 inches and ocean city, upwards of 8 inches with a blizzard warning and effect and ocean city with winds gusting up to 50 miles-an- hour. you can see gusting wind around d.c. and you will notice the snow
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blowing out there at 37 miles- an-hour. you see the warning around ocean city and storm warning in washington, dc. the winter weather advisory, by 8:00, dealing with light to moderate area -- areas where snow lightens up. toward the east, the snow is shifting out and the roads will be a mess. one of the hard hit spots will be ocean city where we have melissa nord who has been braving it out with storm wind -- strong wind and sometimes we could barely understand what you were saying, melissa. we hope you are safe. >> reporter: it's brutal out here. we've made it to the boardwalk and the wind is gusting and it is st
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it's an offshore wind rather than on shore and that is good because we've been worried about beach erosion. we've replenished the sand and it is typically done about every four years in ocean city. they actually lost a lot of sand in 2016 and they had to replace the sand earlier in the fall leading up to the end of december. you can see the snow hitting me in the face and it is not comfortable. we've had winds gusting up to 50 miles-an-hour so far and it is creating reduced visibility, less than .25 miles. snow drifts are happening and in delmarva, and ocean city, places can get 6-8 inches of snow. blowing snow, winds are gusting and 50 miles-an-hour and
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coast that will likely be 5-9 feet at least. will have another update and we will watch our backs. as you can see, it's not the most pleasant of places this morning. >> what you don't know is that melissa is about 5 feet tall. that poor girl. get back in your car. >> thank you. 50 mile-an-hour wind is whipping the snow. >> you make a good point. this is what she does because she was getting hit in the face with a snowball and i was just reminiscing about other storms. >> poor melissa. [laughter] >> i'm clearly not making it better for her. >> you had all this on the map and the viewers were
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this. >> we started asking viewers to send in photos and right away they have been sending them and this is what jan was talking about because the red is not on the road's and we aren't seeing delays or backups. we are seeing that some cars on the roads, people trying to get to work, it is not good for you. they are sliding off onto the side and there are disabled vehicles that had to pull over to the shoulder. we've had overturned vehicles and some colleagues coming in, they said even the secondary roads are not good. if you have to go out this morning, take it slow. on pennsylvania avenue at 2nd street southeast, if you are trying to walk on the sidewalks, be careful. if you are trying to walk to the metro, there is no delays. so
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66 westbound, we have reports of a disabled vehicle. we were talking about the airport. if you are flying out, give yourself extra time. bwi has been saying that all morning and the most recent tweet is there are cancellations because of the weather. check with your airline before you go to the airport and i want to show you about this photo. i was told that this is for wild pets, so they have a place to go. >> what was that? >> they take shelter so they are not out in the snow. >> what was that? >> you are not a cat lover? >> i love cats. i love them. >>
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stop this right now. stop it right now. [laughter] >> the federal government has a two hour delay and most employees have the option for unscheduled leave to telework. >> plenty can't be late to their jobs, even in spite of the snow. we talked with some of you who will be working in chevy chase this morning. >> not surprisingly, the sidewalks behind me are pretty empty right now with no one really wanting to brave this bitter cold and snow. it hasn't stopped people from going about their daily rides as far as making it through these conditions. >> i lived in minnesota for about seven years and grew up in wisconsin. >> do you have a way to prepare that
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>> no. layer up. i'll be good. >> james said he is now a washingtonian. a little snow and cold, everybody is all fired up. >> reporter: eric glasser, wusa9. >> one place the snow came down is in southern maryland. >> they have been working down and how bad is this? >> reporter: out here, the snow is continuing over the past hour and the wind is whipping back and forth with the snow across your face and the roads are quite icy as the accumulation continues. on route 5, there are places open to help. you can get coffee and food and that is where we met joseph and
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fingers for a snow day? >> if you don't have to go out, don't go out. the roads are no joke. >> reporter: you said you almost died getting here? what happened? >> it's so i see on the roads and crazy drivers. >> reporter: what is the biggest challenge trying to get here? >> trying not to slide. >> getting out of our neighborhood. the neighborhood was the last place they plowed. >> at least we know that you are here. drivers are trying to get here with these difficult and icy roads. back to you. >> that is an essential employee. >> nor'easters and grocery store workers, we need you. [laughter] >> we have a list of delays and a personalized forecast.
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>> people want to know when this will and in my neighborhood and the want to know when to get on with their lives. let's go around and talk about this. some relief for the western areas in the virginia suburbs and counties is where we get this with winchester having areas of being almost in the clear and this is where the line will stop. outside of front royal is where it is coming to an end with some light snow around 66. i give you another hour or two, until 9:00 or so and that should move past you. around d.c., a little bit longer, 10:00 or 11:00, it will taper off and by 12:00, it will shift east with lingering flurries but the actual snow will push out and definitely by this afternoon it is
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here. the highs are 25-30 and between now and roughly 11:00 a.m., light flurries and the bulk will have shifted out by that time. 1-2 inches possible around d.c. we still have a moderate band of snow setting up shop along prince george's county and the eastern edge of d.c. around college park, moderate snowfall in your area and around fedex field including 50 toward those areas. zooming into washington, dc, just outside alabama avenue southeast, you will see the moderate band east and howard university and georgetown, the pentagon, all light snow. further north around montgomery county, moderate snow around germantown and gaithersburg and then it lightens up around rockville and further south with that being one of the hotspots at waldorf and la
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quantico, stafford and gaithersburg, some accumulation. a dusting to one inch around leesburg and 1-2 inches around d.c. and up to 8 inches around ocean city with a blizzard warning in effect around d.c. and winter weather advisory in effect for us. by the time you get ready to drive home at 6:00, the snow is out of here. >> i thought there was a lot from hillary's live shot talking to the employees. people are saying it is not good and you should stay home if you can. our director told me that some areas were great but there is a secondary road not loading -- looking good. it's hit or miss. the number of accidents, there are a lot, despe
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traffic. do you see this tv on the porch? that is us. they are watching us. >> that is carol and and we are outside the snow and braving the elements. >> that's cool! [laughter] >> send your photos. use #wusa9 weather. >> you need to go outside in about 30 minutes they just said. >> we were giggling because carlton in wisconsin said he was walking from the metro station. >> we have an alert with the metro. orange line trains, there is a problem at courthouse with delays. >> he even had to call. [laughter] >>
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we appreciate our wusa9 viewers. kathy sent a tweet saying, larry, i need your help. it's my son's sixth birthday and he is stuck at home with mom and was looking forward to the birthday song on the bus and school and that won't happen. we will wish him a happy birthday today. >> larry was going to sing and then he chickened out! >> let's do it together. >> [singing] happy birthday to you,
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now, we are going out to check on the road conditions. >> the closer you get to the ocean, furthered north you get, the lighter the storm is. i brought you here where we are on the more moderate or lighter side of the storm and there's plenty to talk about it. the roads that are salted are in pretty good shape for the commuters trying to get out but it's so cold, right around 19 degrees and when you get off the salted surfaces, there is not a lot of snow, but it is still very slick and not easy getting around this morning, even in the areas where it is not snowing hard. for scott corona, trying to get to his job as a plumber
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plumbers -- with broken pipes -- had a flat tire trying to make it to work. >> i was going down to 95 and blew out my tire on the way to work. it's a lovely day and i'm happy to be here. a 4-inch tall -- a 4-inch hole. >> if you go out, be very careful. this is a yellow alert day and here's wusa9's first alert weather. such a bummer. not only snowing, but a tire blowout and i'm glad he will be okay. we are looking at moderate to heavy snow around ocean city with moderate bands popping up and clearing around virginia and this storm has an expiration and will push out. let's talk about when the snow will wrap up. if you are a long 66
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warrenton area, by 8:00 or 9:00, it should clear. chantilly, fairfax and around 9:00, you will see things lighten up. d.c., 11:00 or 12:00 and it may take longer. we are adding up snowflakes around here and have measured roughly one inch outside the studios. today, highs are 25-30 and chilly and breezy with the winds gusting and we will see the winds gusting up to 30 miles-an-hour and stronger. snow up until 11:00 a.m., 1-2 inches with the winds gusting up to 30 miles-an-hour in d.c. and ocean city, i can tell you it has been gusting more than 50 miles-an-hour. snow amounts around the region, because it will wrap up in virginia, we are looking at one trace to e
7:21 am
inches around d.c. and eight in ocean city and southern maryland. around the region, you can see the snow has lined up around warrenton and manassas. in d.c. and prince george's county, there is a moderate band of snow around fedex field that you can see on the eastern edge of d.c. toward the pike and we have a break around the pentagon and around 395. at nats park, it has lightened up and the end is near as we zip up further north around rockville with a little break east of rockville and we have snow in gaithersburg. further south, snow is falling around la plata and waldorf with moderate snow. quantico, stafford and fredericksburg, moderate snow and the next few
7:22 am
like this. at 8:00, light snow and it is tapering off and pushing east. the coastal system will really begin to strengthen and energize when it comes toward boston and new york, where they expect stronger wind and higher snow amounts. 10:00 a.m. for us and lightning up by lunchtime with heavy snow shifting east and by 6:00, wind will mix in and the saw -- the snow will be out of here. call in cold and send photos. i wanted to put this on for you, i will show you metrorail. the orange line train is offloading at courthouse because there is an equipment problem. that is only noticed with metrorail this morning. on the roads, not a lot of cars . cars
7:23 am
and they are going onto the shoulder. we've had overturned vehicles this morning and it is sporadic. i can't even point to this all on 95 or on 66 or the west side of the beltway. traffic and delays in frederick are going down through parks berg. you can see that the roads are wet and we have snow on the side. in frederick near to 70 and i- 70, i have an update with carlton, our assistant news director, pointing out this is a reflection. they said it's not really outside, but melissa, she wins. >> she had enough points. she already one for the day. >> we will check with her again in ocean city. we will be ri
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y2l2xy y16fy welcome back. 7:26 is your time. we are going to see how many people are brave enough to make
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this morning given the fact that the roads look like they do. >> we went to see how hard it is right now to get around d.c. >> reporter: i'm here off of mlk jr. avenue. it's not real pleasant right now. but people need to eat and get their groceries, and that's why the folks here are digging out. >> i don't like it, period. i hate snow. but it's my job. i have to make sure people can get in and out without hurting theirs. damaging the property, damaging themselves. >> reporter: there you go, guying. back to you in the studio. all right. i'm sorry. exr producer came over, our
7:28 am
and asked if anybody needed any water or anything. >> look at this. at your service, larry. >> so we get a lot more pictures isn't in this morning. we want to show you some more of them right now. jeffrey says -- >> he's out in wetworth, northwest d.c. some of you have been sending in photos, and you can see what the snow looks like on the roads and the streets, as well. we're seeing a lot of those main roads, that may be clear in and indicates, depending on where you are. parts of the beltway, maybe 395, but other places, maybe secondary roads in your neighborhood that aren't clear. are still pretty slippery. >> we're looking at a computer monitor here inside the desk. they wrote this is delightful when they
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picture. do you see that? says that's delightful. >> we don't all have the best visi
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good morning, everyone. snow still falling across the area, though it is beginning to taper off. let's show you what we've seen so far in snow amount in ridge maryland, 5.5 inches. here in wsa9 and d.c., roughly 9/10 of an inch, and up to an inch in alexandria, virginia. so this is what we're looking at for the rest of the day. estimates between 5 and 30. it's light snow, but it's going to blow around abet with those really gusty winds. so we can see the snow starting to break up
7:33 am
leesburg. germantown, you'll be next in line to clear up, and then we'll start to see it clear up around the d.c. area. we actually already have a little break in some parts of d.c., but still have a moderate band around the fedex field. light snow around the bowie area. in d.c. right new, scattered flurries around nationals park, but it's light as you get along 395. adam you get closer to 66 there, you find more light snow. as you go around florida avenue northeast, running into pockets of snow there. a little further up north. we have a break around the of the area. this is what it looks like in the next few hours. by 8:00 a.m., still some light snow showers and flurries moving around. the heavier snow will be around to to the east of us. by noon today, looking at most of the snow beginning to push out of here with some leftover flurries mainly over to
7:34 am
east. >> i want to show you some traffic lane cameras here. what we're seeing mainly on the beltway, 270 up in frederick. that's where we're starting. i-70 and 270. if you're on the beltway, this is at good luck road. rows are very wet, especially on bridges and overpasses, they're going to be slick. this is a look at 295, heading northbound and southbound, i guess, right after you pass through the beltway. so major roads have all been treated. but take a look at my accidents here. i don't see a lot of you out on the roads. i don't have a lot of drivers, yet people are scholarshipping and sliding out there. we have a some overturned vehicles. definitely want to be careful this morning. one more place. i love this tweet. he said hash tag, this is not my snowstorm. this is what his porch looked like. he didn't get anything. if you're looking out your front door and seeing snow or not seeing snow, tell me about
7:35 am
hash tag, with is wusa9 weather. just one more notice on meriweather, our vienna bound or an -- metro, our vienna bound orange train. >> it's definitely not a normal morning commute, but we had to come to work, and we had colleague who have been coming to work. >> look at all of these accidents right here. >> yeah. and when you say red, it's not the normal red we talk about in the morning. >> there's no backups, because there's in traffic. but there are so many accidents. >> i just keep adding the, and they're not clearing very quickly. site sounds like maybe
7:36 am
cars and those vehicles are staying out there. >> well, that's something to keep in mind, because if there's an accident, it could take a while to get anybody to come. we have crews checking conditions in the d.c. area. >> last time we checked in there, she was getting whipped around. hopefully she safer now. melissa, how is it going? >> reporter: we're still on the boardwalk, but there's a better view of what's going on around us. do you see this behind me? the wind has been blowing towards the shore line. this is the snow drift. and we'll look even further. this is the boardwalk. we're going to look out towards the sea. we have snow here where the beach normally is, and then there are be waves just crashing along the shore. those waves could be five to 10 feet, and the brunt of this storm, which is actually happening this morning. can you get this, mike? look absent this. the snow being picked up over the side of the
7:37 am
the wind keeps pulling everything up. this is about three feet deep of snow. that's been happening. winds have been gusting consistently throughout the morning, about 50 miles per hour, larry, and, man, it stings your face. it really stings your face. so those in d.c. not seeing a lot of snow, you may be disappointed, but the reason why, let's talk about the reason why we didn't see that much snow in d.c. the reason why is the location where the center of this bomb cyclone is. because it's further off the coast, and the blizzard we had in 2016 in january, that's leading to having the most intense part of this storm also staying east of d.c. that's why we are seeing the intense part of the storm forming right now from norfolk up to ocean city, and it will continue northeast up towards new england, say. i want to say something else about ocean ci
7:38 am
erosion, and that's something that they worry about often, and it happens with every storm. in 2016 with the blizzard, it really did a lot of beach erosion here in ocean city. so much so that earlier than they would normally do it, they have restored and added more sand back to the beaches. so they just finished in december a restoration project, where they actually added about 7 feet of knight the beach here in ocean city. they do this about every four years typically. and that is mostly funded by federal money there. so they just finished it in december, and now we have all of these waves crashing on the shore. we're likely going to see some beach erosion, because we didn't see as much of the northeast winds kicking, they probably won't see the worst extent of beach erosion that could have been possible, like they will see in some places north of us. okay, guys, i don't know
7:39 am
questions do you have for me? >> can we take a look around the area very quickly? is there a -- >> reporter: yeah, yeah, let's take a look. well, let's walk down the boardwalk a little bit. there's not a soul in sight, except for other camera crews. our car, we're sitting if an alley way, and the wind just gets funneled in between these building. so the strongest wind gusts that we've seen have been right in this area versus over there. but it's interesting, because our storm tracker 19 basically sitting on a sheet of the ice right now, and that's because the storm is coming in. we actually had freezing sea spray that was picked up from the ocean, and it's been coating all of these streets right here by the shore line. but there's really nobody out. even driving around, we've seen very nice sheriffs. and police officers out here. we have a news crew
7:40 am
there really aren't people out here. think people are used to getting one of these coastal storms. just one of those days you hunker down. when is the biggest threat of coastal flooding, of course these people all in the first couple of blocks would experience some flooding, so they would move further inland. but it looks-like it's not going to be a worst-case scenario ever for this storm. one thing i want to talk about. you hear the term bomb cyclone, guys. it's been trending the last couple of dates. you know what that is, larry? >> no, i'm coming to you, friend. you tell me, friend, about that. >> reporter: okay. so that's just -- it's referring to a storm that strengthens, and the pressure level drops 24 millibars within 24 hours. guess what? this storm actually was twice that much in
7:41 am
the pressure of it could end up being as low as sandy's. >> you are just an encyclopedia of sorts right now. i haven't love weather. what can i say? >> she's so smart. you guys stay safe. get warm. >> reporter: we will. we're going back in the car. >> we saw what was going on in ocean city right now. analysts talking about no snow out in hagerstown. you can see this storm hitting areas really hard, and other areas kind of walking away untouched at all. >> if you have any pictures you want to share with us, please use the hash tag wusa9 weather. we would love to show them i like these award-winning cheddar puffs. and i like these award-winning cheddar puffs. first place. both events? booyah! we're an awards family.
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is good morning, everyone. the snow still falling out there, at least for a few spots. some areas, though, are seeing relief, and pretty soon we'll see that spreading to the d.c. area. let's show you what we can expect today and what we've seen so far in terms of snow amounts. waldorf, one of the areas where we've seen those moderate bands, it dumped 2.8 inches there. .90 of an inch here in d.c. one inch in alexandria, virginia. we can expect that snow to stick around until at least 11:00 a.m. this morning. high temperatures today 25 to to 30 degrees. let's look at what we're seeing right now. lees burg, this is about to wrap up for you, my friends. you're on the tail end of it. it is pushing out to the east,
7:46 am
look and good right now. i would give you until about maybe 8:45 or so, and this will be clearing. d.c., a little bit more time left, although we've seen some breaks in the snow around the area, and it has lightened up a bit. it shouldn't be lasting much longer for the d.c. area. this is what it looks like in the prince georges county area. it's going to take until at least 1:00 or so for it to clear there. but we still are looking a empty and flurries now around the d.c. area. you can see that around georgetown, the pentagon actually snow-free now, but there are some flurries making their way back over to you again pretty soon. a little further north around montgomery counties, rockville, some flurries happening in your area. there is a little moderate area, but this is beginning to move it's way to the east. let me show you what the next few hours look like. at 8:00 a.m., still some light snow arou
7:47 am
the heavier snow where we're getting battered. they'll still be dealing with heavy snow showers will. they are closer to the actual storm. 10:00 a.m., and most of that snow begins to push over to the east. by lunchtime, if you do have to step out, this should be just some flurries left. the bulk of the snow will have moved over to the east of us. by 6:00 this evening, there will still be plenty of snow on the ground, as temperatures will support it, but at least it won't be falling from the ground. that's going to be our next big weather concern. we've already seen wind gusts up to 23 miles per hour. ocean city really getting batter bid strong winds will. the cold, that's the other big weather story. tonight, temperatures will go soaring, or dipping, rather, as we have another brush of cold air making it way in. we're down to 11 tonight, folks. you add a little wind to that, it's going to feel like we're at zero out there later tonight and tomorrow morning.
7:48 am
the days we have to warm our houses safely, and keep those pipes covered, because it's the coldest days of the week. we'll only get to the teens saturday, a high of 19 degrees. so the weekend is off to a bitter cold start. a warmup on monday. >> that'sed this the good news. >> i'm trying. >> can you hear me now in okay. we had a battery change. i we've been on too long. if you are heading out this morning, we've been talk about a lot of accidents we've had out on the roads. some of the accidents, especially over on pennsylvania avenue around theft east side of the beltway, they're starting to clear. i still would say it's not a good idea to go out. if you can work from home, that would be the best idea, because later today we're still going to see
7:49 am
with the wet, wet roadways, and the temperatures staying low, the bridges and overpasses there are freezing. and this was a good photo we got from megan. she sent this to quaker lane. it looks like quaker lane is pretty clear, but i've been looking a empty and other traffic lane cameras down in d.c. this morning, and we're seeing that some of the side roads are clear. some are not. some of your main highways cityville some snow on them. this is on substitution avenue and northwest. we have issues with metro today, as well. a vienna bound train and orange line train had problems offloading. so expect it to be a little slower in
7:50 am
7:51 am
living in d.c., you see things that can only happen four city. every morning we'll highlights the photos and
7:52 am
capture what it's like to live here. a video sent this morning of a bird on' metro. only a bird would be brave enough for that commute. now, in a bird is willing to travel on the ground, you know it's an emergency, which is exactly how we handle any level of snow in this city. we raid the milk and bread aisle, because evidently snow is a time for african of toast. -- evidently snow is a time for french toast. and cars cutting me off. even when i got here, four inches of snow is on every channel, and mary is
7:53 am
weather hits to the soap opera tunes when somebody is in the hospital. everybody knows this weather is dangerous for animals like dog asks cats. so i won't judge you if your have your dog in a bubble vest. we, da better d.c. it's 2018. we have been getting snow for 220 years. we shouldn't have birds taking the metro. let's handle this like we've been here before, because we have, like 220 times. now, if you have seen something that is d.c., e-mail me. i need a break. get up d.c. on january 10th. you can catch it right here on wusa9 from 6 to 7:00. we'll be right back. i
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good morning, everybody. we're hoping you'll help us out with our coverage this morning. >> yeah, continue to send in your photos to our wusa9 facebook page. this is a look at many we have gone thus far from many of you. this is the potomac river this morning. the snow was actually sitting on the potomac. it looked enticing, like maybe i wanted to go ice skating, but something tells me you should not do that. >> i love how you on your way to work stopped to post that picture. >> we want to see all of the photos. you can share them on our
7:58 am
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z2l2xz z16fz
8:00 am
y2l2xy y16fy that powerful storm hitting out right now causing problems all over the country. >> at least 17 deaths are being blamed on those dangerously cold temperatures that have been gripping the u.s. for the past several days. even orlov. schools are handing out donated winter clothing to students. below 40 is considered too cold
8:01 am
snow pictures last night from tallahassee, in there, that never see snow. >> we're -- tallahassee, florida, that never see ♪
8:02 am
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8:03 am
thanks for joining us for our extended coverage here. >> we'll be with you
8:04 am
next hour tracking that snow, as it actually starts to slow down a bit in parts of the metro. where are we right now, mary? >> the end of this storm is starting to look a little raggedy. pretty soon in d.c., we'll begin to see some clearing here, as well. so these have been the snowfall amounts we've seen around the area. 5.5 inches in one area. right here at wusa 9, we've had about 9/10 of an inch. 1/10 at reagan international. so outside right now, wee see that storm making it's trek to the north and east. this storm will really strengthen over the next few hours, and slam into the new york and boston areas as a very powerful storm there. we'll zoom sue into the area right now. here you can see around bo
8:05 am
up there. around fedex field, it's really light. d.c. metro right now, it's all light flurries. that's what we're seeing around george town, 295, reagan national, flurries. in' further south, we have snow around mechanicsville, all of those areas. bottom line, this should begin to clear most of the area by 11:00 a.m. highs today, 25 to 30. bitter cold sets in tonight as tells dip to 11 degrees. >> we found your photo of the morning. can you guess? kristina jumper said hanging with my peeps this morning during her two-hour delay. she showed us her
8:06 am
it's very healthy. and then in the pack ground doing weather here. >> that's what i would be doing. the two-hour delay breakfast. the irony of that. did you tell her i love food? >> she watches every morning, so she's figured it out maybe? i think so. think christina knows you pretty well. thank you for waking up with us, cyst -- in a, and showing us your healthy breakfast. >> tell us what you guys aring, either out your front door, what you're having for breakfast on facebook, or use our hash tag this morning, wusa 9 weather. at the airport, seeing some delays. it will be harder to get to the airport, first off. reagan airport said their operations are normal, but there will be some kind of impact if you are trying to get to any destination along the east coast, so check quit your
8:07 am
accidents we've had. we still have about a dozen accidents and at one point, we had close to 20 seconds. i've been looking at track lane cameras all day. 270. this off the spur by the beltway. you'll see that the snow is here in the middle, and then larry and jan, those roads are just wet, wet, wet. >> not so bad. looks like its starting to clear up a little bit, right? >> you had your bridges and overpasses. if we don't have a lot of cars out there, i just saw d.c. police saying, hey, don't forget, in roads aren't being traveled much and they're wet, they can refreeze. >> we won't get above freezing until the weekend. >> one thing important to point out, a cbs news record said almost 300 flights here in the metro have been canceled associated with the snow. >> and the cold. when we
8:08 am
d.c. area checking on conditions right now. we sent melissa into the thick of it. >> she is at ocean city, maryland, showing us how the wind and snow were mixing up together and cause something pretty big headaches out there. >> reporter: hey, larry. hey guys at home. our camera battery because of the cold is really struggle, so if we break out in the middle of this, i apologize. but we're in ocean city. and in terms of our area, the coastline, this is where we are going to see the most intense winds, and where the highest snowfall totals will end up being from this coastal storm. big wind gust here. check this out. good thing it's not any stronger. tiny little me out here. but the winds are blowing. it's hitting you the face like its sand. you can see the palm tree over here blowing in the wind. we've had consistently wind gusts that have been 50 miles per hour throughout the
8:09 am
low is going to be passing by us just to the east, and then moving north of us. what you can see over here -- can we turn and look out towards the water? we have these snow drifts here, and then we've got crashing waves on the shore. but the winds are so strong, it's picking this snow up, and just blowing it around like it's sand. if you were on the beach, it's just like sand. it's pretty miserable out here. we have several hours to go. i don't think we'll see the snow wrapping up here until early to mid-afternoon. >> stay safe. you've been doing a really good job today, by the way. >> and from southern maryland to prince william county, our wusa 9 crews spread out across the region, keeping an eye on conditions just for you. >> let's head to st. mary's county where hillary is right now. okay. we're going to check in with hillary momentarily. in the meantime, you can let get the latest road condns
8:10 am
the snow totals by going to our wusa 9 app. we have hillary now. >> let's go to her. >> reporter: we're here at dunkin' go donuts in leonard town in st. mary's county, because we met stephanie a few hours ago go, around 4:00 a.m., trudging through the snow, to open this dunkin' donuts here. and stephanie, you look a lot warmer now. , you must be very happy to be inside. >> yes, i am. >> how is business now? >> it's been slow, but it's picking up. >> reporter: earlier today, i met a manner out here at dunk were donuts, who was just so happy you were open. he was on the roads, and so happy to get coffee. in love her. i appreciator her day. >> every day. they love dunkin' donuts. >> reporter: what advice do you have for people getting ready to head out on the roads? >> please be safe, and your life is more important than getting to work. >> reporter: all right. and if you
8:11 am
or coffee, stephanie is your girl. we've been outside all day. the snow is continuing to fall. the ice is building up on the roads, so be careful out there. back to you. >> we called all of our cashier workers, about reas, everybody. essential personnel on a day like today. >> here is live look at times square. >> looks like a few people out in the streets. >> i was actually there just last week, and it was snowing, and it was -- yeah. >> quite a sight. in the meantime, if you want to
8:12 am
8:13 am
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8:14 am
good morning, everyone. the back edge of this is starting to break up a little bit, even though this storm is still going strong along the ocean city area, where the winds have been gusting more than 50 miles an hour there. if you are around your virginia suburbs, you will notice how things are starting to break up there. within the next hour or so, you're going to get relief from the snow. it will take until 11:00 or so for d.c. to see that break. still spotting moderate snow showers around the b
8:15 am
light snow around fedex field. it is lighter around college park. even a break around some parts of d.c. at the back edge. we do have some light snow around the waldorf area, but dunkirk, just another batch of light snow. some of this moderate snow will be heading to the east. at 9:00 a.m., still some light flurries falling around the area. by 10:00 a.m., this shifts over to the east. the areas that we will begin to see the snow will be along the ocean city and even shore area. we'll be getting flurry that will dissipate throughout the afternoon. by 6:00 in the evening, if you have to go to work today, and you have to drive home, the snow will have clear most of the area, except the eastern
8:16 am
winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour and strong person we've already seen those wind gusts that have been very strong out there. 32 mile per hour gusts in d.c. ocean city, a 41 mile per hour gust now. gusts up to 50 miles per hour, though, in some locations. the biggest story will be the cold air settling in. low temperatures tonight near 11 degrees. friday and saturday, the coldest days of the week with high temperatures in the 20s and low teens. traffic this morning, luckily i think a lot of you are staying home, which is good, because we've had our fair shay of issues on the roads. a couple of trains, 326 and 328 have had mechanical issues. you can take the metro option. or train 10. we've had some problems on th
8:17 am
station train had to offload at courthouse because of an equipment problem. but that's been the only issue with metro trainers. metro buses are seeing some delays this morning because of what we've been dealing with on the roads. these are the accidents we've had. a lot of them. >> reporter: had delays with the accidents. it's a lot of car that either lost control and slipped and were sliding all over the road, and they went off on to the shoulder, adam well. so we're seeing a lot of them over here on the beltway. i've been watching live traffic lane cameras all morning, as well, to try to get an idea of what you're facing out there. this looks pretty clear here. you do still see the snow in the middle. the wet roadways, if you're on bridges and overpasses like this one, this is right before you get to the beltway, when you're going to the 270 spur, that's where you really have to be careful, because that's where that water
8:18 am
>> meanwhile, plows are out in full force, especially in prince georges county this morning. >> schools are closed there today. we're checking out the conditions. >> reporter: we're now in temple hills. want you to check out this mom and daughter right now. they're getting in a cab, and this is because a lot of people this morning have gotten stuck trying to come out of this apartment complex here. take a look at this hill. it is extremely steep. and we're told this morning several cars got stuck as they were trying to get out of the development here. so lots of people just trying to catch rides out of here now, and many of them walking up this hill to catch their ride on the other end of it. we are in prince georges county, temple hills. back to you guys. >> interestingly enough, one of our faithful, pamela evans, li
8:19 am
she commented on the hill. >> th
8:20 am
8:21 am
z2l2xz z16fz y2l2xy y16fy all right. the headline now, while the back end of
8:22 am
starting to break up, the snow for our area, as this storm has tracked north and east, it has intensified. officially bombed out, if you will. but areas in boston and new york are going to really get hits we with storm. but for us, it's starting to lose some steam here 25 to 30 degrees today. she snow should begin to wrap null most places by 11:00 a.m. let's talk about those snow totals, 5 and a half inches in ridge, maryland. at reagan national, 8/106 an inch, and one inch out in alexandria. bowie and queen ann are looking at ra
8:23 am
even along 50, around fedex field, lighter snow falling there. lighter snow around the washington area, but if you are outside of georgetown, you're getting a break there. montgomery county, still some snow around rockville area. further south, we go around the area. some moderate snow there. light snow over waldorf. the stafford area, light snow there, and same story for quantico. fred ribs burg, the snow is lightening up for you, as well. so that's what we're seeing here. give it to 11:00 or 1:00, and it should clear for most areas. this is what it looks like on futurecast. 10:00 a.m., some flurries still around. heavier snow over the eastern score and ocean city. and then some isolated flurries are possible, but the main event will have left us as this system moves to no
8:24 am
though east. the big weather story will be the breezy winds lipping around, making it feel much colder. we've already had wind gusts up to 32 miles per hour in d.c. tonight, low temperatures falling to 11. we're watching out for a wind chill advisory. with those types of winds, illness, it could feel much, much colder than that. >> and i'm watching this snowfall total in falls church because of this viewer's photo. this is this man's dog, macon, the first time it has ever seen snow. but he's, like, what is this? and it's go to freeze his paws. that is out in falls church this morning. find us on twitter, facebook. you can use our hash tag wusa 9 weather, and we'll talk about it, but it on air. love to see what's happening out your front door. a lot of flights to the east coast airports are being
8:25 am
you want to check with your airline before you head to the airport. and then also give yourself plenty identify time to get to the airport, because vwi and also national, and dulles airport saying the roads to get there haven't always looked good this morning. >> flights all across the country affected. almost 3,000 flights have been canceled or delayed associated with this storm. this storm is really all about location. some of you seeing snow, and others just seeing a dusting. >> yeah, on the coast, it is still coming down right now. places like hagerstown just got a dusting. we have a report from prince georges in william county. haven't this is what a lot of the neighborhoods are look like here in prince william county. people really aren't having a lot of trouble getting out. they're still heading to work, whether that's driving, or even
8:26 am
taking the bus. >> i can't stand snow. i can't stand it. no, no, it's not -- it's not a very good thing for me, because i have to get to work, and i don't drive. so that's one of the bigger problems. i go to the vre station and catch a commuter train, and, you know, i'm gone. so it's not that bad of a commute, but the snow slows it up. its way more of a hassle than anything else. especially this. this isn't that bad. as long as we don't have more snow, it's okay by me. >> reporter: in prince william county, wusa 9. all right. meantime, a live look right now. i believe this is reagan national. you're going to see the snowplows out there right now, trying to make sure that the runways are clear for flights to hopefully
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
with the yellow alert. we still have snow falling. it is beginning to break up in the virginia counties and suburbs. let's look at it. the heavier snow bands are over ocean city. we are checking in, in a moment. we are seeing a moderate snow around the buoy area and towards fedexfield around 4 to 95, college park, lighter snow showers and along d.c., a break when you get further out to the west. we have light snow around the pentagon and nationals park and on florida avenue. up north, a break from the snow in knoxville and light snow making its way back towards gaithersburg. down south, we have snow falling around dale city, quantico, stanford and fredericksburg. it is light and it will be clearing out very soon. as you can see behind that, it is clear. fredericksburg, we will give you another hour or so and this will be out of here. d.c., we will give it till about
8:31 am
24 degrees and cloudy right now. it feels like 9 degrees. we have got the strong winds and that is the other big weather story out of the northwest. we continue to see the winds whipping around. tonight the temperature is will begin to drop. we will be watching out for the wind chill advisory. highs today are between 25 and 30. we will not see much warming and the snow will be between now and 11 am. we are expecting 1 to 2 inches in d.c. and we have seen up to 5.5 inches around ridge maryland . waldorf had moderate snow bands setting up shop, dumping 2.8 inches in d.c.. and i measured 9/10 of an inch and at reagan international -- we will count the last few flakes before this clears up. in the next few hours, 10 am, light snow is lingering and it is down to a flurry at that point. by noon, the bulk of the
8:32 am
eastern shore. for us, by 6:00 p.m., we should not have snow on the way home from work if you made it into work. i know that the roads were really tough. look at the wind gust , 40 miles per hour in ocean city and more than 50 miles per hour as we watch this warning. really, you can brave the winds out there and we have 32 miles per hour in d.c.. near 30 today, tonight, down to 11, friday, saturday, the temperature is around 20 friday and a high of 19 saturday. >> we have not pointed out that you have your snow boots on. yeah. >> you have been going out to do the measurements. [ laughter ] >> all morning. she is putting those to good use. if you're going out this morning, you want to be careful on the roads. we are seeing a number of issues. we had a new issue on route 50 .
8:33 am
there are a lot of smaller accidents. there are no big backups included in these. i have not had a lot of people on the roads. there are a number of them because we are seeing the roads that are so slippery. i thought that this might be something where we see a delay. we have had delays from frederick through urbana. and went -- it is not even on 270. it is right at crystal rock drive. that one should not impact you too much on 270. i have been looking at the cameras, getting an idea of what you're dealing with. route 50 at rutland road, you are seeing snow in downtown in d.c., 14th street and new york avenue, you will see some snow in the roads occasionally if you're walking to the metro which no longer has delays on the orange line. watch out. some of the sidewalks need to be cleared. we have a heads up for vre customers. if you are on trains 3 to 26, 328 -- this was 40 minutes ago -- they had to couple.
8:34 am
you want to take the trains 310 or the metro option instead. we have been checking in with the airports. larry mentioned several they -- not just several -- thousands of delays. it is mostly for any flights going along the east coast. if you have a flight along the east coast, check with your flight before you go there and take extra time because the roads are not looking great. we have crews all over checking out conditions right now. >> melissa nord is in ocean city this morning. giving us an update on how things are shaping up out there. how are you doing? >> reporter: my goodness. >> it looks like we have lost audio. you can see just how strong that wind is. it is whipping her around. it has been since she has been reporting for about four hours. she said the wind speeds in ocean city were upwards of 50 miles per hour.
8:35 am
they were causing a lot of concern. with the snow, it was making it difficult to see and get around. >> she talked about how the ocean, the winds were causing the ocean to spray the water onto the streets there. as a result, it was icing the streets. they have already been deiced. there was thick layers of ice. she was showing the news man but she was talking about how slippery and slick the road conditions were and how -- >> understandably. >> we are going to check in with her. once we get the shot of and working -- let's check in with wusa 9 scott broom. >> on the roads between here and towson come as soon as he woke up -- he is a veteran. here is what he found. >> reporter: hi everybody. this is a beautiful place. buddy attic park. here in greenbelt, maryland. i ll
8:36 am
why i am out of breath. it is just because i interview the only person i could find out here, a runner, lloyd rowley. this is the first time i have done a writing interview. how is it out here? >> it is cold. >> reporter: your fingers are freezing. >> diaz. >> reporter: aren't you a little lonely? you are the only guy out here. there might be somebody else out later. >> reporter: besides lloyd, there is basically nobody out here in this part of greenbelt. that is really weird. people love bringing their dogs out here for dog walks in the morning. it is sort of uniquely miserable with this storm. it did not snow a lot. he is really cold. it is around 19 degrees. the wind bites right into you and makes it very uncomfortable. they have got salts
8:37 am
street, generally, and they are good to get around on. as soon as you get in the unsalted service, a walking path like this, you look forward to a pretty slippery day. in greenbelt, scott broom, wusa 9. >> i forgot to say that i saw a fox here. it is not a very good picture but take a look at that. there he goes. >> it is cold. he mentioned it is not so much snow but it is s
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
this is a yellow alert day. here is wusa 9 first alert weather. good morning, everyone. the big story is that the snow is starting to taper off and some of the viewing area the further west you go. ocean city, we have melissa nord getting battered with strong wind and a lot of snow. let's look around the region and talk about who is getting a break. around queen anne, bully, fedexfield, light and moderate snow is falling in those areas. going into the d.c. area in the district, there is a break from the snow on the back edge from georgetown all the way over to 39
8:41 am
further east around nationals park, you are dealing with flurries. in the north, montgomery county, it is light flurries falling across parts of the gaithersburg and further down south, you can see waldorf is getting some lighter snow along with low played a and then dale city, quantico, the snow is breaking up. you are likely seeing some light flurries. this is moving out. you are on the tail end. i give you another hour and it should be done in those areas. the rest of us about 11 am, we should notice most of the snow is gone. fredericksburg is almost done with the snow that you will see. in the next few hours, by 9 am, you are seeing light snow and isolated flurries popping up. by 12:30 pm, the bulk of the heavier snow is shifted to the east. this storm has rapidly intensified. it is taking aim towards new york and boston and maine. we are done with the worst of it except around ocean city, where we are seeing the higher snow amount and stronger waves and winds.
8:42 am
by 6 pm, if you made it to work, drive home should be snow free except for on the ground. that is hazardous but be careful of that as you go outside. the winds are blowing. the lakes are frozen over. this is what we see outside. 24 degrees. it feels like 9. why am i showing this? this is where it picks up the bitter cold settles and once the snow moves out. you will notice that. it feels like 9 because of the winds, 21 miles per hour. we will see the winds lashing us for the next few evenings. 32 miles per hour at d.c., ocean city, gus x and more than 50 miles per hour. today the highs are 25 to 30 and it will feel cooler with the wind shell. snow wraps up for areas by 11:00. we have seen some snow totals coming back, 5.5 inches in ridge, maryland, waldorf, had moderate snow. d.c., i'm going to take another measurement in a moment. 9/10 of an inch of snow at reagan national,
8:43 am
inch in alexandria. 1 inch out of this particular system. tonight, pay attention to the low temperatures because i'm watching out for the national weather service to issue a wind chill advisory. we are down to 6 degrees in gaithersburg. it is 11 in d.c.. it is 9 around andrus. it is 7 potentially. it is really cold air settling in tonight as we get the other arctic push. really cold tomorrow and saturday. those are the coldest days of the week. i want to highlight that. you want to pay extra attention. we have had a lot of water main breaks. with the temperatures at 9 degrees saturday morning, you are going to want to keep the water running and open up the cabinets and check on neighbors if you have elderly neighbors. make sure that they are safely heating their homes and give them extra blankets. a high of 19 degrees saturday. sunday we are back to 32.
8:44 am
it is not hot but it is an improvement. that is the best i can do. >> we will take 32. >> yeah. i feel like i am playing a game of chess with the traffic map. i have been doing the overview map and showing you the accidents. you are going to see we are not seeing delays and backups. it is a single vehicle that has slid off the road and is sitting on the shoulder. there is a new one on route 50, eastbound, so route 50, 301 when you get to 97. you will see the accident and slight delays going eastbound. it is not towards the d.c.. we have been looking at the cameras. i keep talking about the bridges and overpasses. the biggest bridge of all, the bay bridge, passing over the bay bridge -- be very careful. there are wind advisories out there. all morning we have been asking you to send photographs of what you are seeing using the hashtag wusa 9 weather. larry and jan, i have to give you the update, talking about the woman that put out this little cat shelter thing. she said that she heard the conversation and she is glad that jan lo
8:45 am
>> what? but i think we should go there. >> you put this -- this is for wild cats. the cat is out of the bag on this one. >> my gosh. [ laughter ] snowplows are clearing the roads. >> mikea turner is in temple hill with a look at the conditions right now. >> reporter: we are in temple hills and the heather hills apartment complex, big trouble for people trying to get out of the apartment complex because of this steep hill. the cars are backed up because they are stacked. that is the case here. she is trying to get out of here. she is not having any luck.
8:46 am
andrea, what is going through your mind? this is tough. >> i'm trying to get to work i have been in the house for three days. i am trying to get to work and this is my second attempted to get over the hill. no luck. >> it is very frustrating. >> no luck. i do not want to hit anyone else. it is a mess. if you do not have to go out, stay in.  >> reporter: thank you. we will see how things continue to shape up and hopefully we temple hills, wusa 9. literally holding my breath watching that because there were so many cars sliding. did you see the large truck? scott
8:47 am
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8:48 am
living in d.c., you see things that can only happen in this city so every morning we will highlight the photographs and videos that you have seen and captured.
8:49 am
i hope i got your name right. there is a highly likely her. you sent us a video of a bird on the matter. now, it seems to be an empty car so it is probably the blue line. only a bird would be brave enough. if a bird is willing to travel underground, you know it is an emergency. the milk and bread i'll. snow is needed for french toast. the only thing left is smuckers peanut butter and jelly in the same jar. i would rather start. i would never lower myself. i will not panic we never even get enough snow to throw snowballs. 20 cars on the road are causing 70 hours of traffic and the snow emergency vehicles are driving around, taking us to two lanes. i will not naming names.
8:50 am
even when i got here, the edge of the snow was on every channel and she was doing the weather hits to the music soap operas use when somebody is in the hospital. everybody knows this is the weather that is dangerous for animals like dogs and cats. i am not going to judge you if you have your chihuahua in a bubble bath. this is the most d.c. thing. we can do better, d.c.. it is 2018. we begin snow for -- we have been getting snow for 220 years. we should not have hiding birds. let's make a resolution to handle this like we have before because we have 220 times. if you see something, send it my way. i am on facebook and twitter or you can email. we are launching a brand-new show, get up d.c. on january 10. you can catch it on wusa 9 from 6:00 to 7:00 and use the hashtag on all social media post. i'm going to pop it over
8:51 am
miri. >> that is kind of you. our snow is tapering off the further west you go. make no mistake. this is a potent store. it is really going to do damage as it makes its way towards the boston, maine and the new york area. the heavier snow bands are over ocean city through philadelphia and atlantic city. on the back end of it, the snow is breaking up with only flurries left around many parts of virginia at this time. moderate snow is falling along fedexfield, it lightens up you go past that around college park and we are down to flurries. in d.c., half the city is getting flurries and the other half is getting a break. if you are around howard university, and florida avenue in nationals park, there are flurries and there is a break from it once you go further east of that towards the georgetown area. falls church is getting some flurries at this hour. we have flurries
8:52 am
and gaithersburg and traveling further south i'll around the plate and walled off, there is moderate snow but going to stafford and fredericksburg, this is about to wrap up. you can see the snow moved over. in the eastern edge of stafford, you are about finished with the snow. it should wrap up by 11 am. i will show you what this looks like. by 10 am, lighter snow is here and heavier snow is a long ocean city. that is where melissa nord has been battling the winds and waves with this strong storm. 12:30 pm, most areas are getting a break with a stray flurry not bugging you too much. the following snow will be wrapping up, at that time. we turn our attention to the next big story. 6:00 today, clear tonight, lows down to 11 degrees and cold on friday and saturday with highs in the 20s and teens. i asked if you thought the evening commute would be bad and she said not if they plow the road so hopefully that happens and we will not have a bad evening
8:53 am
number of accidents, some small and some involving overturned vehicles. none of them have backup. on the outer loop, right by landover road, a car hit the guard rail. we have a jackknifed tractor- trailer and down on the 301, south arm, with all of these, you are not seeing significant delays but a lot of accidents. the secondary roads and neighborhood roads are not clear and not looking good. a look at the key bridge if you are trying to passover -- remember bridges and overpasses will be the worst and it is not going to get that warm today. the moisture out there will freeze again. 15th street and maryland avenue in northeast, you are seeing snow. as larry said, when you are walking
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
melissa nord has been braving the snow and wind. it has been brutal out there to say the list. is it getting any better? >> reporter: eight is getting a lot better, guys. a look at this. we found some dogs enjoying the snow. nico and charlie, right? and lauren and maggie, the owners. what do they love about snow? -- running around and playing in it. they have been eating it. >> reporter: i think this is the brightest part of the morning so far. we have been pounded by winds of 50 miles per hour. it stings you in the face. right? >> yeah. i have been hit plenty of times in the face. >> reporter: have you seen anything like this as residents in ocean city? >> the remember the blizzard from two years ago? >> i have seen more blizzards than this. i have not seen anything like this here. >> reporter: not
8:57 am
keep your dogs away from playing in the snow. they are having a blast. that is the light at the end of the tunnel for this day. it has been a little beating on the eastern shore. >> stay warm and take care. we are on the tail end of the store but it is a strong storm as it goes further north and east. you will notice a break in the snow for the areas out of the virginia suburbs and parts of d.c. getting a break and light flurries. the further east you go, you find moderate and heavy snow bands. it wraps up around 11 and and the high today is 30. tonight, 11 degrees, friday and saturday, coldest days of the week with highs in the 20s and 30s. we are slowing down the traffic. i do not think as many people are getting out there. the number of accidents is going down as well. i have been doing and our review and i am in edit mode as you are trying to go out. you will see on 50 in the area, a lot of yore
8:58 am
is not looking good. we have had issues around the bottom side of the beltway. as you are trying to pass by route 50, on the beltway, we have a disabled vehicle there as well. i have been following the cameras. the metro is looking good. we had a delay with the orange line. we are back. >> thank you for joining us for the extended snow coverage. coverage continues on great day washington. >> we
8:59 am
9:00 am
[ theme music playing ] good morning and welcome to "great day washington." washington on a snowy school day out. >> we have the ladies of the our . or a few hours! what a crazy morning. >> i have been tracking our steps and we are over 400 steps to the weather wall. >> is that why i am so hungry?


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