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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 4, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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below zero in gaithersburg and six below in la plata. extreme cold coming in through tonight, tomorrow and into saturday. we will come back and talk about the next chance at making get above freezing and i will put some pressure for how strong winter storm was. >> get up-to-the-minute weather information with the wusa9 weather app and get the download for the mobile devices. >> we are going to get a triplet from the north. in new jersey, accident covered highways. broadway is looking like base camp at mount everest and in boston, snow fell 3 inches per hour. >> very slippery. we had some friends that twisted and
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their head. out of the game. >> parts of new england could see 1.5 feet of snow and once it falls, it's not going anywhere. there are single-digit temperatures sticking around. >> a slew of canceled flights. more than 4000 flights canceled on thousands more delayed in two major new york airports, jfk and laguardia, shut down for the day. we are checking the situation at airports. we are at reagan national in arlington. >> reporter: the local airports have a ripple effect across the region. bwi can no longer accept diverted planes from jfk. instead, those flights are going to dulles airport and passengers are told to catch a bus to new york. at reagan national, canceled flights across the north mean a smaller than normal business day. >> i'm heading back to indianapolis and i hope i make
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>> reporter: she took her chances, showing up after a canceled flight to indiana university. >> originally, i was supposed to leave at 10:00 tonight. i found out it was canceled and they rebooked us for 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. i thought i would have to book a hotel and what will i do. i came here to see if they could do anything earlier. >> reporter: it worked. she pushes out later this evening and for many others, it was slow at reagan national with canceled flights in providence and new york keeping many to ride out the storm at home. albright will camp out at the airport for a bit. as long as she makes it home, she's all smiles. >> it will be a challenge. i will find stuff to do. >> reporter: wusa9 at reagan national. >> at laguardia and jfk, they will hopefully open around midnight tonight. >>
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city, maryland. many of you saw melissa nord get blowed around this morning. we sent bruce leshan to investigate and even though he left at 10:00 this morning, he couldn't get there. >> reporter: what is the old saying, don't get off at the main road? we got off at the main road, 50 in ocean city and it is about 10 minutes outside salisbury. the plows are stuck and it may be a couple of hundred feet before they get to the other plow and then there is a main road. right now, they are stuck and we are stuck.
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we are stuck behind the plow over there and we can't go anywhere. we want to get to ocean city to show you the bomb cyclone and the sites but we have to wait until these hard-working folks get out of here. near salisbury, maryland, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> governor harkin urges people in snow-covered parts of the state to stay off the roads. >> the snow may be over but it leads to problems this morning and a whole lot of good deeds. >> in heather hills, this apartment complex, big trouble for those trying to get out of the complex. all of these cars are backed up and this is the case for us right now. what is going through your mind right now? >> i've been in the house for
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three days and i'm trying to get to work in this is my second attempt to try get it out. >> the main issue is the wind whipping you in the face. it is absolutely freezing and we are here and we first met checked at around 4:00 a.m. he's been out all morning. >> i'm holding up just fine. the adrenaline keeps us going. >> i'm glad to be out here. >> we will come out in the morning and get into the buses. >> it was cleaned up. i cleaned the grill and everything. >> me and my dog chaos, we are nice. we had some little kids in the area and we cleaned up. >> how long is the walk? >> 45 minutes.
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>> want to ride? >> yes, please, sir. were you surprised? >> very surprised and happy. >> reporter: kevin kozlov, and just about every school in the area canceled school this morning. >> prince william canceled for tomorrow. a two hour delay. coming up, what schools and prince george's county will have to reopen their doors. many have showed pictures on social media. thanks for sharing. another one share this and writes, don't ask, bad choice. >> we encourage you to keep sharing your pictures. we can't wait to see them at the wusa9 facebook page. use
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share them throughout the newscast and the evening. >> other big stories, a coastal storm gave us a glancing blow but it's different in norfolk, virginia. >> yes. >> attorney general jeff sessions has a message
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file this under, did this just happened? a republican wins after his name was drawn from a bowl. >> at was watched all across the country. a tied race and it was hanging in the balance and they settled it like this.
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about as serious as it gets. who controls the direction of virginia? over -- republicans or democrats? a high decision comes to this, a bowl. really, political pottery. shelly simonds is the democrat in the tied race and republican david yancey isn't here because of snow, but here is where it gets going. film canisters from cvs or costco, each name went inside a canister and then, you guessed it, the canisters go into the virginia bowl. the black canister picked first wins the race and this is the moment. >> vice-chair, if you would pull your canister. >> the bowl is empty. >> the winner is david yancey. we are
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>> reporter: a quick exit from shelly simonds after the action of last resort. the state of the race in the commonwealth may not yet be sealed. the democratic candidate can request a final recount but who really calls the shots in the lower chamber may not be settled with this battle. the house race in fredericksburg could be on the way to a do over. a whole lot of confusion and we will know more on that front on friday. it is not over yet. >> maybe because of this, we will be watching. >> great for friday. will there be another bowl involved? >> i don't think so. unless there is another tie, their virginia bowl won't come back. still ahead, president donald trump fires back after an unflattering book about his first year in
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it's cold and you know this. what you don't know is that it is getting colder, dangerously colder. toppers back with reports on freezing temperatures. >> the virginia coast is better prepared for hurricanes than snow. a big blast with a coastal storm. tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts -- of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. comstock supported donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock
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president donald trump is trying to shut down a book that is very critical about his first year in office. his lawyer sent a cease and this is lettered to the publishers of the book, fire and fury inside the trump white house. the author released more excerpts today and it includes allegations that president donald trump encouraged allies to engage in partisan attacks against robert mueller, leading the investigation into collusion into russia. they believed the only thing saving mueller from being fired is trump's inability to grasp how much a special prosecutor has on him and his family. >> days after recreational pot became legal
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is taking aim at marijuana and is rescinding an obama-era policy that basically allowed states to set their own laws without federal intervention with pod. they will let the u.s. attorneys decide whether or not to aggressively enforce federal marijuana laws. keep in mind those people are elected. what does it mean for d.c. and maryland? we have more at 6:00. in times square, doing the backbreaking work of removing the snow, it didn't keep new yorkers from walking the streets. and you know how they would walk the streets. one vehicle, two, three and a lot more. cars, trucks and suvs are getting stuck in downtown norfolk. the deep snow is proving to be too much, up to one foot in some areas.
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>> when i got stuck, i knew i would be here forever. >> hotel employees going above and beyond. this fire truck was stuck and an suv needed help. >> a cool moment and a bad moment. we took the snowblower and tried to move snow. there was a lot of spinning. >> it didn't stop there. this car was stuck on a median and the driver inside was a hospital employee. >> making sure everybody is happy and comfortable is what we try to accomplish. >> several were stuck on st. paul's boulevard but once again, help was around the corner. >> i saw them stuck in the snow and i helped. that's what we do, help each other out.
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>> all of us are feeling the pressure of this snow and the lowering temperatures and the wind. the pressure is what is impressive. >> it really is. i tweeted yesterday that the storm was so big and strong that normally a storm in that location would have sunshine, that's how big it was. melissa nord proves that she was getting blasted in ocean city. she took some science with this. [laughter] >> reporter: you hear the term bomb cyclone that has been trending the last couple of days. >> i'm coming to you, friend. you tell me. >> reporter: it is referring to a storm that strengthens and the pressure level dropped 24 hours, 24 millibars within 24 hour
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with the pressure ending up as low as sandy. >> does she love her job, or what? that's a good perspective. you talk about the inches of mercury and sea level pressure, you can think of it as about 1000 millibars or 30 inches of mercury. in 1993, the pressure was 960, a pretty darned big storm. sandy was 945 millibars and this, the lowest pressure we could find was 950. the winter storm was essentially a category 3 by pressure alone, very impressive and unusual and this storm was not as big. given its track you would have maybe had a flurry and would have seen sunshine today. the dewpoint
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digits and tomorrow, we will see this in the below zero area and the wind is gusting through 38 with the wind chills going to uncomfortable levels with the yellow weather alert extending to tomorrow and saturday. wind chills late tonight and a new delay for saint george's county -- prince george's county. bus stop temps, if school is on time, 46:00 through 9:00, temperatures, forget those because as much as 10-15 degrees below zero early in the morning. think layers and the good news, back to freezing on saturday and dulles, 32 degrees or under and tomorrow will be day 10 and then day 11 and sunday, and might go 12 consecutive days, unusual and that is when pipes break. we will talk about
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chill forecast and that's all we have to worry about. for below zero in gaithersburg, one degree downtown and by morning, six below zero downtown and 10 degrees below zero in hagerstown and 11 degrees below zero in cumberland. 9:00, feels like 10 below zero in gaithersburg. peak heating, wind chills are below zero north of town and minus 2 degrees, minus one degree in frederick and 4 degrees in la plata. cold air and by tomorrow evening, wind chills minus three, minus 4 degrees below zero and by tomorrow night, by 10:00, 7 degrees below zero in gaithersburg and 8 degrees below in winchester. we have to live with this through saturday night. the day planner, low teens to start and 19 degrees by 1:00 and the winde
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cold on sunday but 32 and it will feel pretty good by sunday. the next seven days, warming up and raining on monday. a little january thaw, 50 on wednesday and a shower on thursday. temperatures by thursday are 55. >> something to look forward to. right now, it's freezing. here are the facts you need. now, we all want to keep pipes from freezing and we want to save some cash. is there an optimal temp before you go to work? to get the answer verified, we have tim sheppard. he said you can set a thermostat all the way to 55 degrees before going to work but you can't guarantee if or when your pipes will freeze. he has seen them freeze when
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house is even set to 80 degrees and that is because they were outside walls not properly insulated. the department of energy agreed with the expert, and they said set the heat to 68 when home and into the mid-50s for a few degrees during the day will knock about 10% off your heating bill. about 55 degrees, significant savings and they said real estate companies do this all the time when they are not on display because the houses will sit at a cool 55 degrees. does cold weather make you sick? we will verify that. we will talk with experts and have the details at 5:45. a dangerous warning. popular lettuce. why you may not want to eat any salads with romaine in it for a while. just know. could nude were called classes be a trend in 2018? see the gym wh
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58 people in this country and canada have gotten sick from e.coli and at least one of the affections -- infections occurred in virginia. officials haven't confirmed it. the cdc is investigating but they don't have enough information to tell you not to eat something specific. this strain of e.coli is very dangerous and can lead to death ends and -- consumer reports tells us not to eat romaine even if sold in bags or packages. >> ain't nobody got time for that. >> macy's is cutting 5000 jobs on top of closing nearly one dozen stores. they said holiday sales were solid but they are performing to trail jcpenney. >> it's now illegal to pay women less than men for the same job
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the companies have to prove any global playing field. it's not the first country to an act legislation for pay disparity. >> the top-selling vehicle of 2017 was the ford f series pickup truck. it's the 36th year they earned that title. they so the trucks at a rate of two per minute. the average price in 2017 was slightly more than $36,000. that is a new record. nintendo is on track to have the top-selling console of all time. the nintendo switch became the fastest selling console of all time in the u.s. officials said it has sold nearly 5 million units. the megamillions powerball jackpot now totals more than $950 million. no one took home the drawing last night. it's the first time they have been at more than $400
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>> that is wusa9 news at 5:00. >> the cold has us under a yellow weather alert for the next two days for extreme cold and power is out for tens of thousands on the east coast. a wideout in new york. massive crashing into the seawall with waves and thousands of flights with nowhere. >> believe it or not, this is ocean city, maryland. the view comes from ocean city 11 inches of snow today. it didn't all stick around pick the wind is blowing this around and it's one of the hardest storms to hit in the last century. >> most schools had a snow day and many delays were caused with closures around the metro this morning. tonight, a different story with wind chills about zero. so
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tomorrow. let's talk about the wind. it's gusting up to 38 miles-an- hour downtown. 30 in manassas and let's talk about the wind chill advisory, in effect until noon on friday. wind chills in the metro, minus 15, minus 10 degrees and across the divide, a warning with wind chills 30 degrees below zero. this is serious stuff. dress in layers and limit exposed skin. you can get frostbite in as quickly as 18 minutes. i look at what the temperatures feel like, single digits. 6 degrees in gaithersburg and talking about what will happen with the wind chill, 10:00 tonight, 4 degrees below zero. one degree downtown and tomorrow morning it will feel like 12 degrees below zero in gaithersburg. we will tell you when the wind


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