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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  January 8, 2018 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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are on the rise and it's worth pointing out that orkin makes a living off treating this. >> move over gobel court -- google glass. the first augmented glass that can talk to alexa is debuting at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. after communicating with alexa, the smart glasses display information like the weather, directions and the glasses are not cheap. they set you back about $1000. >> the largest automotive recall in u.s. history, just got bigger. japanese air bag maker, takata, is recalling 3.3 million more airbags covering frontal airbags in certain 2009-2010-2013 vehicles manufactured by 15 automakers. this is a biggie. the recalls are phased in over the next three years. >> that is
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the 5:30 news begins right now. >> it begins with the weather alert, again, and a wintry mix for driving home. topper has the details. i'm looking to see if it is sleet or plain old rain. it is plain old rain in the metro-north west and we have a winter weather advisory until about 9:00. most of the metro area was covered. temperatures right now are above freezing and the spots south of town, for waldorf, you can see that even if it is hovering around 33, you would still get some icing on the trees because it has been so cold the last few days. some of the birds have not been freezing in 12 consecutive days. another mixed bag of precip and from rockville toward germantown, you will see that howard bernstein is on 270. >> reporter:
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lake annsville to manassas. we have generally wet roads with some glaze and some of the places have slick sidewalks. earlier in frederick and meyersdale, there were reports that there were areas that were around the 2:30 frame, with some sleet. thankfully, most of the roads are just west with residual salt and treatment by the road crews during the day. on the way to damascus and montgomery county, from the stormtracker 9, i'm meteorologist howard bernstein. a lot of the rush-hour seemed to happen earlier. if you are going south bound on 95, you will see some delays and 95
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vehicle fire on the right-hand side. anyone trying to get to baltimore that takes 95, you will see delays this evening. between 175 and route 100, those delays are moving quickly. i found a traffic camera that is looking at the right hand side with traffic trying to squeeze by on the left. the backups are beyond route 32. >> one small accident on greenbelt road westbound is impacting traffic westbound by cherry wood lane. we see water main break repairs going on. two lanes closed on new hampshire avenue and impacting riverdale road and another water main break out there. route 450 is coming through. >> the usa nine an app -- wusa9 app is your best tool. you can hold ellen in the palm of your hand. it
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family safe and informed. parts of our region that stayed below freezing for 12 days has a major punch for south east d.c. business. capitol hill crabcakes closed its doors after pipes froze and burst open last week. the owner and father of two young children said his insurance won't pay all of it and the landlord is making him foot the bill. michael rondeau reports that if something isn't done soon, the restaurant may have to shut down for good. >> reporter: customer after customer more -- customer had to be sent away. capitol hill crabcakes was flooded. this is what he walked into on the first of the year, a roof caved in with pipes gushing water and ice coming through the ceiling. >> all our storage, containers, all if it was done. >> reporter:
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here and opened up the business because he knows it is a food desert with only a few healthy options. >> anything that is good for you, you've got it right here. >> reporter: he said it was doing well since opening more than two years ago but then this happened. >> i need to take care of the issue. >> his side is he said the pipes are our pipes. >> reporter: we got our hands on a copy of the lease and the language was pretty clear. it said the landlord will keep up the walls but the tenants are responsible for everything else including electrical and plumbing. >> i understood that. i struggled to get this done. this, i didn't feel like it was mine. it couldn't have been mine because it came from the ceiling above me. >> reporter: david hired a plumber who tracked the leak to the upstairs baom
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>> it came from somewhere up there. >> reporter: the building owner said he is responsible and david is trying to fight this but things are getting hard. >> i have no money coming in. i have babies with needs to be taken care of. >> reporter: the community pitches in to help and hopefully keep this passionate shop from closing his doors for good. wusa9. >> we reached out to the building owner for comment several times today but have not heard back. more was posted about how community members are helping david directly on his facebook page. >> the family of a young woman county that was kidnapped and killed last year are pushing for a change. ashanti billie had moved to the norfolk area to attend culinary school. she disappeared in september, aged 19 and her body was found to weeks later in charlotte, north carolina, hund
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miles away. virginia house bill 260 is unofficially known as the ashanti alert. a new elected delegate filed the bill when the legislation convenes and it would create the critically missing adult program. they believe there needs to be something in place for state police to activate suspicious situations like their daughter's. a dramatic fire at the washington marina with flames moving through the boats at the james creek marina. d.c. firefighters contained the fire but the boat didn't survive. hazmat units were called in to deal with the fuel that spilled into the waterway. no one was hurt and investigators are working to see what caused the fire. our temperatures were so cold that flares were used to thaw frozen hydrants before they could put out a fire. this happened when a
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spring. montgomery county fire crews worked quickly to thaw out the hydrant and put out the flames. >> still ahead, how your kids are addicted to their smartphones. apple is under new pressure to do something about it. a sweatshirt that is so offensive that h&m is apologizing tonight.
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let's get to what is trending tonight. how did anybody not stop this before it became an ad? they must not have a multicultural group of people working there. >> mind blowing. retailer h&m is taking a beating, rightly so, over the advertising for a hoodie. have a look. it reads coolest monkey in the jungle and it is worn by a young black child in the uk. h&m apologized and wrote the image has been removed from all online channels and will not be for sale in the u.s. that is something. we believe in diversity and inclusion in all that we do and we will review our
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policies accordingly to avoid this in the future. >> seems like a blanket statement. a huge mistake. the king center tweeted that every center should invest in training that accomplishes cultural competency and sensitivity. it is absolutely necessary period. pictures were tweeted out of princess charlotte. she begins her first day of nursery school. >> her mother, the doctors -- the duchess of cambridge snapped the pictures. the school charges $4000 per term for students monday through friday mornings and the princess is fourth in line to the british throne after her grandfather, prince charles, and her older brother, prince george. >> let's go to stillwater, minnesota, for a brand-new ice castle. how cool is this? tunnels and
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lights with 25 million pounds of the sculpture being used. turn on your mic, buddy. >> we could be weather translators. >> it's all nice and clouds and stuff. redskins might not be
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i just want to go home. >> they are flying high and the big apple is returning to normal after days of mayhem for stranded passengers. a water main burst took out a terminal at jfk on saturday and two planes clipped each other near the turn normal that compounded the delays -- near the turn -- near the terminal and that compounded the delays. passengers want refund and compensation. the was a break barone -- a break down. it could be days before luggage is returned to the owners. >> we have a january thought to look forward to and that is a good thing. >> temperatures are 34 with dew point
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50s. winslow road of the south at about 8:00 -- at about eight miles-an-hour and we have a batch of precip to roll through. this batch will duck to the south and it's the last vestiges of the rain and should be out of here by about 9:00. zooming in, we have a mixture in fairfax and we have some snowflakes toward rockville and germantown as you go up to 70. temperatures are actually either side of freezing. howard checked earlier and there there is a glaze on cars and that sort of thing north of gaithersburg with temperatures 31 in damascus and 32 in germantown. 31 in reston and fairfax and springfield but south of town, 34. in clinton, 34 and 34
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yellow weather alert. a winter weather advisory from 7:00 until 9:00 with light freezing rain and walking could be more dangerous with a ton of salt. there should be a few slick spots. the futurecast, 8:30 tonight, plain old fashion rain is straddling i-95 and it goes through fast. by the time you get to 10:00, moderate rain into extreme st. mary's county and we are dry from d.c. to the west. temps are 33 in hagerstown and by morning, some 20s. 32 in gaithersburg and 25 in manassas. 27 in orms with some slick spots and by 9:00, low to mid- 30s with sunshine and a good day, probably the best of the last 13. sunshine and
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time tomorrow night, partly cloudy with temperatures generally in the mid-30s, 37 in buoy and 36 in bethesda. by 8:30 tomorrow night, we sneaked through with 8:00, 10:00, having the day planner right around 32 and 35 at 9:00, 11:00, sunshine and 46 at 1:00. wednesday, some showers and chilly. milder with showers on thursday and back into the 50s. in the next several days, warmer on friday with mid-60s and cold air returns. on saturday, a morning shower and back into the 30s sunday and monday. as you go home or if someone is coming home to you, you will run into trouble on 95 and most of the rush-hour happen at 4:00 and it has gotten
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route 100 or 175, you will see delays with problems on the right-hand side. a vehicle fire was involved and the traffic is trying to squeeze by on the left. when you hit route 32, you will have to hit your brakes. from baltimore, it is slow. southbound, through the morton bridge area, no accidents. traffic right now, and the accident on greenbelt road restaurant, it's near cherry lane. >> now, wusa9 sports with frank hanrahan, brought to you by xfinity. >> the redskins aren't in the playoffs. i know there was plenty of football over the weekend. some very special moments as we go inside the red zone and we go to the wildcard weekend next. we are not the kansas city chiefs because their new neck name should be the kansas city
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the meltdown was seen a mile away. everything was done perfectly wrong and slipped away to get over the hump. better to be there then give yourself a chance to lose. the wildcard weekend, this play jumpstarted the come back with a throw yourself touchdown pass, marcus mariota, it will likely be the best play of the game. this bowl game was over. >> the winner of the cutest kid contest, easy winner. one of these young ladies can retrieve their cutest moment of the weekend, what a sweetheart. and finally, best fan for the weekend, a character from the movie flip element played by chryst harker. congrats on the outfit. thgu
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i've never seen that movie, and i have to, now. >> it's probably 55 but it looks like 80. >> coming up at 6:00, we go to annapolis where they use boats to bre
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apple faces new pressures to help curb what is being called
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children's and teens to smartphones. influential investors are asking the tech giant tech giant to make changes so parents can limit phone use. ann werner has more on the push for change. >> like all kids, they are glued to their smartphones as much as possible. >> reporter: mark noticed his children spending too much time on their smartphones and created a wooden box that would restrict technology during certain hours. >> for 20 minutes or one hour or whatever, they are not in sight. >> reporter: 1200 boxes have been sold worldwide but despite the popularity, he does not think it is the end all solution. >> i really hope a company like apple or google can find a way out or another path. >> reporter: mark is not alone. in a letter sent to apple, two major investors,
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need for apple to offer parents more choices and tools to help them ensure that young consumers are using products in an optimal manner. "wall street journal" reporter, david benoit, said the call to action is to protect apple's bottom line from backlash. >> apple does respond, they said they are well aware this could be an issue and we will tweak the phone and make it the best phone you can buy your kids. >> to gather the -- together, they control to billion dollars of the nearly $900 billion market value. that does not stop them from asking apple to study the impact of excessive phone use on mental health. apple did not respond to our request. a survey last year found 58% worry about the impact of social media on their kid's physical and mental health. more than half of the parents surveyed said their kid is attached to their phone or tablet and further studies show
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shorter attention spans and higher rates of depression. >> milder temps are on the way to the dmv but we have to get through a wintry mix this evening. don't let the rain fool you. it freezes when it hits the ground, making thin glaze of ice possible. what can we expect through the evening? topper is tracking the wintry mix on the terrace. >> we have some cold rain in the northwest and winter county and points west and north until between 7:00 and 9:00. i won't get into this until just about 9:00, and it's very cold and some places could glaze over. grass and roads should be fine but i'd be leery of sidewalks and driveways. 30 in hagerstown and
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town, you are in good shape, 37 in fredericksburg and 35 in waldorf. the radar over the past hour, the mix has gone in to hagerstown along i-81 with light rain and wintry mix and to rockville and germantown, you can zoom in toward damascus with a bit of a mixed bag. howard bernstein is in stormtracker 9 near damascus. >> reporter: topper, i'm off 108 in downtown damascus. unlike you in town, we have and icy glaze with a burst of freezing rain earlier that caused this card to be sitting here. leave your windshield wipers up in a situation like this. the sidewalks are a mess because the side roads and parking lots, switching over, we can tell you what will happen as we


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