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tv   13 News 11 Weekend  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:20pm EST

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and her nephew caught in crossfire neighbors say they heard multiple gunshots coming from this basketball court this cause them to be both concerned and emotional it was bone bone bone dry own gold watch and it was an unexpected and violent and to the basketball games and wager road n partridge st sunday after new norfolk police say the people in the courts became targets of a drive by shooting over duke is an adult friday i attended a safety officers responded to this part of nor view after police received several calls about gunfire when they arrived they couldn't find any victims. then we got a call about a thirteen year old with a gunshot wound a couple of miles away as they headed there. police received another call when a sixteen year old who had been shot a
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the hospital. i'm emotional right now because this could be in with the winning houses or anything else i would think i'm finally bringing is a nice day and they just seem to see people running. lisa tolbert lives across the street from the park she was seconds away from taking a two year old nephew there to play. i could have them on so in the body in or fiction to her thirteen years now please ignore but also are investigating a shooting that took place in the city tonight dispatcher say it happened around seven forty five on east only road near see paul's boulevard officers expect if the victim to survive one person died earlier today after a shooting in virginia beach it happened around one am at mayfair apartments just off of newtown road officers down a man who had been shot in the chest he died at the hospital knew anything about the shooting can call crime solvers using the crime one number the red cross is helping five people after
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home this afternoon the fire on the can ave the valentine place section of norfolk crews got there around four thirty and then a small fire inside a bedroom to keep the fire from spreading anywhere else in the house investigators are working to determine the costs to virginia tech students are under arrest charged in connection with the murder of a missing thirteen year old from blacksburg nicola bell's family reported her missing on wednesday her mother thought the teenager climbed out of her bedroom window early that morning saturday police found her body in north carolina just across the sea border police arrested eighteen year old virginia tech engineering student david eisenhower and charged him with abduction and first degree murder nineteen year old natalie keepers who also goes to tech is accused of helping eisenhower disposal of al's body based on evidence collected today we have determined that eisenhower and a coworker pointed part
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now use this relationship to the ranch to go out and then killer state police spent the day searching a pond near the virginia tech campus they have not said what they were trying to find state troopers are working to find out how injured woman ended up lying on an interstate off ramp early this morning police started getting calls about the ins and a little after two am the one on the shoulder of the ramp leading from westbound i sixty four northampton boulevard. medics took her to the hospital. troopers do expect her to survive investigator say people saw a red pickup truck driving away from her. we left at the light at the bottom of the ramp heading in the direction of north military highway. if you do have any information about what happened state troopers ask that you contact them people gather this week to remember six members of the dooley family who died in a case of murder suicide in chesapeake. last week twenty six real camera and we shot his parents his siblings and his grandmother in deep creek he then killed himself tomorrow there will be a memorial service for the family at deep creek baptist church in oak creek
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seven p m the fire department and local church groups will run shuttles between deep creek high school in the church. the shuttles will not be handicapped accessible crews are working to repair a water main break under part of virginia beach blvd tonight even out there for most of the day on the eastbound side of the road between which top row in arizona boulevard expect to finish the repairs by five tomorrow morning and work at the midtown tunnel wrapped up ahead of schedule this weekend which means it is open to traffic again might not guess by looking at right there elizabeth river tunnels to shut down the tubes the workers can remove a pedestrian bridge on the norfolk site. it was suppose to be close until tomorrow morning but the rt reopened at around six thirty tonight are the reason may not see any traffic even though the tunnel is open to the rt says there will be single lane closures in both directions until five am. all eyes on iowa when it comes to the race for the white house tomorrow. voters head to the polls for the democratic and republican caucuses. it
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for some candidates and coming up later on sunday sport special william and mary in a critical showdown with state rival james madison and is shaping up to be another warm day monday with highs near seventy but i am tracking the cold front will drop temperatures by tuesday. details coming up in (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
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when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. after months of campaigning the presidential candidates will face their first test at the ballot box the iowa caucuses are tomorrow and the most recent poll shows tight races for both republicans and in the morning. in this final push for iowa votes. thank you the south both hillary clinton and donald trump are
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their families. he will be unbelievable. the bass to me the bass master negotiator that includes trump's wife mona and clinton's daughter chelsea. so please join me in rockland maine. i hope our next president. the latest poll shows trouble eating the gop race now five points ahead of ted cruz and okay if stealing our blog at one hundred and four temperature get out of bed and caught this on the democratic side it's a tight race between clinton and bernie sanders which all use in the next twenty four hours is to make sure that there is a law each voter turnout sanders volunteers knocking on seventy five thousand doors this weekend alone cruz attended church in iowa you pray for victory i pray that god's will be done. his rival senator marco rubio casting cruz as the favorite ted cruz is clearly the frontrunner it was a favorite guest ten
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millions of dollars are infected or moines register estimates the candidates have spent more than thirty three million dollars combined and add the lower right here in iowa and they have been flooding the airwaves all weekend long. brady at abc news moines iowa. a warm day today we had a high of sixty nine degrees will be at least that warm tomorrow some spots might had seventy the spot on forecast tomorrow is martin who hit seventy degrees. i am tracking the cold front will drop temperatures as we enter the day on tuesday library are sweeping clear to expect with a mainly clear skies and we saw during the day today just a few high thin clouds are doing the sunshine us to see some showers out of the gulf stream waters pretty impressive to see that all aspiring upright through the warmer waters off the coast of north carolina we do have those high thin clouds streaming overhead but is the next system that we're watching it's a cold front
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associated with the makeover will slide through here tomorrow evening giving us a chance at a few showers dropping temperatures a bit on tuesday will go right back up to seventy degrees on wednesday for another push of cooler air for the end of the week so sunday is our future cast generally those high thin clouds temps are still in the fifties even at midnight tonight as we start things off tomorrow morning right around fifty degrees across the road a few degrees above that while on the coastline some forties and are in one spot to hide this time the years forty nine were not even going to get that cold for an overnight low tonight as we go through the day with those wins coming on the south and southwest mid sixties minute into the afternoon up around seventy degrees over my shoulder you can see a line of showers that's a call from those currently in the part of the country sliding south and east to notice by six o'clock likely be tracking a few showers moving through the area as that front approaches the front will slide through tomorrow evening dropping temperatures will see those winds switch around towards the northeast of groundhog day on tuesday looking at those northeast
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skies and cooler temperatures only in the mid to upper forty s around fifty degrees for an afternoon high my tack on another degree or two off towards the south and west away from the water but in general fairly cloudy day on tuesday with cooler temperatures but in this one switch right back around towards the south and southwest on wednesday pushing temperatures back up near seventy degrees and giving us a chance of a few showers and possibly even a few thunderstorms mostly cloudy skies out there with those high thin clouds fifty seven degrees was coming on the south southwest at seventy mph fifty eight in smithfield fifty seven in purdue's fifty nine of gloucester fifty four known her for forty seven one of the cooler spots of the wall of time on the eastern shore is fourteen and watch a pre still fifty seven degrees in west point sixty in wakefield sixty three williamsburg fifty four dollars the city and sixty two out in oceania in virginia beach the overnight partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies again started dimming that moonlight out there. fifty one degrees ones of the south it in the fifty mph for up to sixty nine degrees partly sunny and warm a cup of those
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the southwest and fifty mph in a stray shower to go into the overnight hours tomorrow night forty five with his northeast winds partly sunny the mccombs mostly cloudy skies on tuesday fifty three degrees for high temperature back up to seventy on wednesday with scattered showers and thunderstorms thursday and friday cold front slides through stalls off towards the south lawn for a chance at a few showers and we have in the thursday night into friday morning if there's enough cold and moisture that might be a wet snow flake or two mixed at this point we're watching that closely and have to start to go back up to forty seven saturday and forty eight sunday looking for to another day with temperatures near seventy. well everybody was really outside the ashram was packed the kites fly oh yes i'm really out there some good stuff. now american with a cold but write this letter up on the sunday sport special legal pro bowl taking place out in hawaii. brian
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the members of a church in software for doing what they can to help people affected by the water crisis in flint michigan water supply in the city is contaminated and experience church collected cases of bottled water to send their congregation collected enough water to fill an eighteen wheeler truck headed to michigan tonight the church's pastors flying there tomorrow he plans to use the power scope at the congregation can get a live look at the difference they are helping to make good stuff on going to frustrate any sport specials up next remember thirteen years now at daybreak starts of the four
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we are track two on the sunday sport special this former hit the gravel making his debut was a pro bowler ny latino hottie right to other fared against the league's best in college hoops when they're in a key see a match up would state rival james madison and down under is number one player really is no joke jeffrey let's get our dance on the sunday sport rational why would a bridesmaid walking to the sunday sports bets we begin with the nfl super bowl fifty is just a week from today but there's other stuff going on this
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the annual pro bowl which had some va flavor to a quarterback for team irvin they're led by ho famer michael irvin they've got hampton native thai rod taylor. i did of course rice that isn't for the buffalo bills will team jerry rice as tim urban rather has seattle's russell wilson is from up the road in richmond let's head to her by e there eli manning in his bento few pro bowls in his career playing for team rice will go up top puts up with the chiefs travis kelsey as second look kelsey making it look easy as they took an early seven up in the backroom team urban led by wilson who woke up with julio jones spectacular catch second look. photos and just like that were tied it seven second quarter now wilson will go over the middle is one of his three touchdowns in the day that one to todd gurley made a twenty one
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twenty down fourteen manning
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