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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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of that fine had to be paid today. now this case all stems back from the charges that the company illegally imported wood and put endangered species at risk by doing so they violated the lacey act. now the company lumber liquidate has pled guilty to all of these charges back in october most of those thirty million dollars that fine money will now go back to environmental groups. trial attorneys say this case really set the precedent because it is the first felony conviction of illegal importation of what it is also the largest criminal fine ever. under the lacey act. this case really shows that the us won't stand for companies that profit from the illegal resources and endangered species. now we also spoke with an executive from lumber sentencing hearing you'll hear what she had to say coming up tonight starting in thirteen years now at four
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marcella robertson thirteen is now were so thick you switching gears to the weather is going to be another warm and sunny day as i take a look at that shot of the virginia beach oceanfront those temperatures are going to continue to climb throughout the afternoon craig is tracking the warm temperatures and a chance for showers later crack at temperatures are up from this time yesterday across syria take a look right now we have those towns in the mid to upper sixties already seventy virginia beach chesapeake seventy two williamsburg we are seeing this warm up thanks largely to south and southwest winds are blowing right now sustained winds ten to fifteen mph and gusts up closer to twenty mph wind is reporting there from chesapeake. he gets he gets to twenty and suffocating dust eighteen there at petersburg so little breeze is warm right now the sunshine out there is going to be a gorgeous day there will be a chance for a few showers later tonight and i talk a lot more about that coming up we'll take a quick look at the satellite radar images those showers out
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that is triggering no showers come through here this evening. get ready much cooler weather tomorrow another warm up wednesday and more changes as we had your weekend. the bechtel about that coming up larry craig thank you and now to the race for the white house the final frenzy is underway presidential candidates are in the home stretch with just hours to encourage iowa voters to caucus for them tonight abc's lana zach is in the morning with the latest after some fifteen hundred rallies clinton and bush and thirty three million dollars spent. it is decision time in iowa the new quinnipiac poll out today has donald trump widening his i will eat what you have to be a little bit nervous and you know i like to win and that one would for the country but polls are not votes and a third of likely caucus voters say they are undecided or may still change
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for cruise who has been sliding in the polls and with just hours ago is being criticized for sending out this mailer stamped voter violation. many today saying it is deceptive and marco rubio is still hot on the campaign trail today trying to lure voters away from the ten other republican candidates to say someone or caucus site tonight and as a candidate really been with but you don't think they're gonna make it to the finish line caucus for me because we can win in supporting all of the wannabe presidents armies of volunteers fanning out across the state. i think our message is resident of fifteen thousand sander supporters in iowa the clinton campaign says it's knocked on more than one hundred and twenty five thousand doors all the contact with iowa voters hillary clinton says has for her candidacy. i think that the months i've spent here listening to iowans on has really made me a better candidate and i think it will make me a better president and we'll be watching especially those first time voters they may determine if
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sanders wins here in iowa tonight. remember it was the first time voters at hand the surprise victory to then senator barack obama in two thousand and eight. one is at abc news to moines the iowa caucus is our first of several across the country after today focus shifts to new hampshire for their primary on february nine that is followed by nevada caucuses and south carolina primaries later next month right now the sounds of freedom in williamsburg bills bills mark the beginning of the month of celebration and remembrance of first baptist church a ceremonial ringing of the bell for the start of black history month believes brown is live at the church believes many local politicians and civil rights leaders attended the ceremony it was a lecture here at first baptist church people were chanting singing
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to witness history to win is the symbol of freedom and hasn't rang in more than fifty years want the people are here today celebrating they're still actually want the people here and find the church same singers dionne warrick in valerie simpson performed in reverend jesse jackson spoke among several hours jackson spoke about the importance of the need for america to unite thing that we do anything we learn to live apart but now we must come together. that was the theme for many speakers including the church's reverend doctor reginald davis. here's what he had to say the scale to commit ourselves to the unfinished work of freedom justice and equality the reagan of the bailout is a clarion call for us to work together to help america to a new course is going to take all of us to make on this and
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much more in this coming up in thirteen years now for whining leesburg elise brown thirteen years now. all right elise thank you and people will gather in chesapeake today to remember six members of the dooley family who died in an awful case of murder suicide chesapeake police say the twenty six year old cameron julie on the left there shot and killed his parents siblings and grandmother then turned the gun on himself last week the community is invited to attend a memorial service tonight at indian creek baptist church on mill creek parkway in chesapeake the service is supposed to begin at seven o'clock we are told that a free shuttle will be provided from deep creek high school to the church starting at five thirty to see you know it will not be handicap accessible. well there's another report of a dangerous virus in virginia students and hampton roads university has contracted the virus had help health officials believe that the students came into contact with it was a story
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this afternoon to virginia
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. a student at the college of william and mary contract the disease the virus while traveling to central america during winter break. according to the university the student is expected to recover and is not experiencing symptoms the school believes that there is no health risk to anyone on that campus. izzy get is a mosquito borne virus that has been linked to severe birth defects. common symptoms are fever rash and joint pain and content that i was in the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting today to discuss ways to battle with age or seek a virus they will consider declaring his ego virus and international public emergency and because of that. it means that there'll be a global response to court to fight this disease also bring more money to address the outbreak police pull a man from a burning box truck but then
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to roll heading right for two parked police cars but when an officer may get away in time and a game of basketball
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. appear virginia tech college student has faced a judge for the first time in connection with the kidnapping and murder of a thirteen year old girl has so far it's not really clear why the girl was killed. abc's megan hughes has much more from washington eighteen year old virginia tech engineering student david eisenhower appeared in court today facing first degree murder charges police
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thirteen year old nicole level to know that this could very easily been one of my children it really it really hits home. also in shock the maryland communities of the two teenage suspects natalie keepers also arranged today is charged as an accessory accused of helping eisenhower dispose of the girl's body. police say eisenhower new level and that he used that relationship to his advantage. people are in distress at this point and that they can use your prayers. catherine jack o'neill of the few doors down from eisenhower's maryland home where he was a high school track star she feels for his parents that has to be the blackest day of their lives after arresting eisenhower saturday morning for abduction authorities found levels body eighty miles away in north carolina levels parents say she vanished wednesday sometime between midnight and seven a m after pushing a dresser against her bedroom door and climbing out her window. more than a thousand volunteers joined last week search family and friends worried
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transplant as a young child and needed daily medication i didn't think that would happen to her because she was always the cutest little thing levels mother tells the washington post that her daughter was bullied on social media and its cool mega news abc news washington where the new trial for the alleged gang members charged in connection to the murder of virginia beach police captain is set to begin a judge approved moving the trial from charlottesville to rotate agreed to have an anonymous during the first trial ended in a mistrial for suspects are charged with killing a waiver was or police captain kevin quick police found his body near the goose linn county line in february of twenty fourteen now and check out this video a new jersey police officer is recovering after a close call with the burning out of control truck. sparta police responded to a box truck on fire on route fifteen over the weekend. officers got
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safely. suddenly the burning truck began to roll backwards towards two parked vehicles now an officer job out of the way at the very last second the truck stops when it hit a guardrail the officer severely bruised his right shoulder and her his left knee he will be off the job for several weeks to go to the weather the heavy el nino rains have devastating consequences in san diego's tree came crashing down for car sunday one of the drivers died police say the massive tree roots became loose after the wet weather move through your home are dealing with much calmer weather that's right craig is tracking warm temperatures for today as the showers but nothing is too sad about my no i think it's really a nice day you consider what's going on other parts of the country than to take a look at the sunshine here to think wow are we ever lucky and we are there would be a front the country it's going to give us some showers later this evening but is a good day tomorrow just be a lot
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almost twenty degrees from afternoon and that will warm it up again on wednesday so we'll talk more about that moment right now mid sixties around norfolk upper sixties hampton newport news. we have seventy reported in chesapeake and virginia beach just beautiful out there. heh just get out and do a little reporting earlier this morning part of our pizza we got special coming up daybreak and i will tell you is one of those mornings back inside to stay out and enjoy it as i showed it near little breezy some winds gusting up to about twenty mph right now the sunshine is widespread it is partly sunny for most of the region a few more clouds here and there but still very nice with west southwest winds of fourteen mph knowing you take a look at the giraffe the country there are some features i want to talk about scattered showers out to the last cold enough for snow across parts of nebraska and kansas back to colorado so it is much much colder for that part of the country or to
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first of all coming through this front will slide through this evening cache the exact timing on that as with the future cast was going to be sometime around seven maybe eight o'clock that front clears most of the area behind it. the winds will shift and it will turn a lot cooler. so all we have some clouds breaking across the region right now will continue to see a mix of sunshine in those clouds very pleasant in the afternoon very warm as you loath the winds are coming in from the southwest so it's very warm today on the other seven that point you get a wind shift to the north and this cooler air is set to move in overnight to as we head through the late afternoon into the evening clouds will increase by say eight thirty nine o'clock shower start to overtake the region around ten to eleven good chances for showers here hit the roads note that run through the area the winds shifting around and the south so the color is coming in and that'll move on out. so do the day tomorrow a cooler day in stores guys are going to be partly cloudy and we will see much cooler air with
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tomorrow stay in the low fifties like the warmer weather hang in there it's gonna warm up again on wednesday but this next one comes at a price and you see the warm appears a wind shift back around. notice the intense rain and possibly some stronger storms in the next is well more potent front the set come through and while we see that warm southerly flow wednesday afternoon highs back up around seventy. we will see that better chance for showers and thunderstorms as we head into the late afternoon evening some of the storms could produce some gusty winds very heavy rain that will move out into early thursday morning maybe some lingering showers down the carolina coast but after that turns a lot cooler for the remainder of the seven day period to objection to again if you like warm weather so got up today cooler tomorrow warmer wednesday and then the big push of cool air through the weekend. so generally today partly sunny highs around seventy will be one with that slight chance of a shower late. we are to see
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this evening and then tomorrow the temperatures are going to be much cooler and fifty one. lows tomorrow night the upper forties and after that the temperatures back to near seventy four wednesday says temperatures in the forties again thursday and staying in the forties friday saturday and sunday so little on the chilly side of normal no major like arctic blast that will be cooler and will be watching that radar carefully again this evening again wednesday. maybe some stronger storms once i think i owe you at noon a groundhog day isn't until tomorrow but a group of people in buffalo new york just couldn't wait for the foxes annie fell to make his prediction so they put their own spin on this holiday take a look and do the only way i read a mascot named buffalo matt made the prediction of six more weeks of winter at a brewery on sunday. on saturday actually the proceeds from the event went to the buffalo
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people in that city to beat the winter blues a lot of their houses have a good time being around each other and you know you also donated two been fantastic better than i could have ever met i think ever imagine that isn't hopeful the house to the first year the event's only raised two hundred dollars but this time around organizers believe that they fetched a lot more than its tomorrow him to roseville groundhog will make his prediction chesapeake chuck is the resident groundhog at the virginia living museum in newport news. the groundhog is live at the museum for attend the ceremony tomorrow at noon we'll have a second reason to celebrate mckinley price to clear tomorrow. bill murray day it's all part of the city's campaign to convince murray and the ceremony where he's coming at them right now are coming up you can give back to your community and support
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. i it is your chance to enjoy some arts and support a very good cause tidewater art arts outreach is auctioning off instruments of art in this year's theme is havana nights so here to tell us how you can get involved is marion toe goes the founder of t h allen thank you so much for being here with us today. happy to be here we
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items here tell us that everything is slowed these are just two of more than thirty pieces that we have to auction. we have. i think is thirty six pieces of beautiful works of art that have been created from old broken down instruments and it's a great testament to our organization because we work with people who have disabilities and we bring the arts to them land so there people who maybe could see elderly shareholder may be broken down so there's a little bit of a correlation there. like as a therapy basically therapeutic music and arts programs for people so where were actually matching artists in the community with opportunities to share their talents with people who can't get out and experience the arts and everyone's minds are opened when you bring the arts into the concrete care settings that we serve when she did address the guitars that we're seeing here we saw the jimi hendrix on guitar and actually it's the other side. this went on our sats right now yes as in get a really good shot of
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singleton wasn't inspired by jamie's choice of fashion and that his musical persona and created this lovely instrument he also i did a piece of gene simmons. wow that's pretty fantastic and the mute be of the partisanship that has gone and the craftsmanship to creating the pieces this year and has been fantastic so tell us exactly how you use the money where is the cost actually get appropriate. we we advocate for arts in healthcare we match these artists and we pay in mentor artist to do programs at more than eighty different locations and seven hampton roads cities impacting the lives of six thousand more people with disabilities many of them are elderly. we also work with the women victims of crisis and the homeless families and we use the arts to help them envision better futures and have new tools for creative self expression and inspiration a little bit away so but so we have for part time staff and we pay the artists and our scheduling these programs all
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the funding goes to support the operations behind these outreach efforts. well we wanna tell you one more time when and where it gives the details make sure this is saturday night february six at that decorum of furniture right here in grants and it's running from six to ten you can get tickets online at tidewater arts outreach dot org and that includes like patients food will have dancers the famed diana night's awesome cuban music natalie graham dancers cuban music great cuban inspired tap as well be a fun night
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thirteen is our new monthly seeing lucy bustamante right now at twelve thirty were tracking sunny skies and a chance for showers later find out when you may need your umbrella and price forecasts that isn't just a few minutes but first we have a recap of today's top local stories a student at the college of william and mary contracted the virus while traveling in central america during winter break. according to the university the student is expected to recover and is not experiencing symptoms the school believes there is no health risk anyone campus zeke is a mosquito borne virus that has been linked to severe birth defects and a judge chester rain to virginia tech students in connection with the death of a thirteen year old girl investigators believe that nicole level disappeared from her blacksburg home late tuesday police found her body in north carolina on saturday a eighteen year old david eisenhower's charge with facing first degree murder and abduction charges nineteen year old natalie
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improper disposal of the dead by the community is invited to a public memorial today for the six members of the dooley family who died in an apparent murder suicide twenty six year old camera dolly shot and killed his parents siblings and grandmother and in turn become self last week tonight's service starts at seven o'clock at deep creek baptist church on mill creek parkway in chesapeake. a lot of frayed nerves and one norfolk neighborhood after a drive by shooting as some basketball courts left three people heart. the court on or view avenue yesterday as a blue suv drove by. witnesses tell detectives that the suv passed the area before someone inside it started firing. she knew her or talk to neighbors including one who almost found herself and her nephew caught in that crossfire it was bone bone bone bone old watch and it was an unexpected and violent
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and wager road and partridge street sunday afternoon norfolk police say the people in the courts became targets of a drive by shooting. i see that open to kids and adults in tennessee officers responded to this part of your view. after police received several calls about gunfire when they arrived they couldn't find any victims. then we got a call about a thirteen year old with a gunshot wound a couple of miles away as they headed there. police received another call when a sixteen year old who had been shot a third victim a twenty year old man showed up at the hospital. i'm emotional right now because this could be in with the winning houses or anything else i would think i'm finally bringing is a nice day and they just seem to see people running. lisa tolbert lives across the street from the park she was seconds away from taking
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to play. i could have been montoya in the body in or fiction to her thirteen years now. the navy sailor convicted of two thousand three hundred murder is expected in military court this week austin greeting is scheduled for an article thirty two hearing on friday that similar to a preliminary hearing a civilian court convicted him of second degree murder for killing his friend and is part of a plea deal served six months in prison. well now the military has decided that they will charge him for the crime federally federal investigators are expected to release new evidence today in last year's amtrak crash that killed eight commuters and heart two hundred others among the key mysteries why that train take a sharp curve near philly twice the speed limit. the ntsb has already said that speed it play a factor in the crash within days of the derailment amtrak installed automatic speed control at that her new a new new report shows how americans are using their money experts say consumers kept spending flat in december of spending
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savings rate to the highest level in three years the commerce department says a rise in out in incomes and flat spending push the savings rate to five point five percent in december that was the highest level since two thousand twelve economists expect that an improving job market will boost spending this year and boost overall economic growth also doing you a small decline on the stock market us stock futures pointing lower today while global markets were on even dow jones opened negative point three percent u s stock markets posted their biggest gains in about five months on friday and they're trading right now the dow trading down one hundred points the nasdaq off by loving them as this can be done by eleven nasdaq off twenty two points and a close call for an elderly blind man in virginia how he escaped his burning home without the gift of sight. plus did you see it's a fireball racing over
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on his face trying to call nine one but became confused in the commotion family members say he knew he had to do something and try to leave the home of his own we might not have made it without his neighbors help continues onto the back door and gets out gets out down the stairs and into the backyard neighbors had notice of the houses in flames and were able to come and talk to my dad and get him over to their house no one was hurt two people including the blind man are looking for new home now and take a look at this a neighboring northern virginia captured these images of a fireball the cat that you see at one time they are fireball in the sky that's over the falls church area last night the american meteor society says the hundreds of people across the eastern u s reported seeing a fireball also known as a very bright meteor those shooting star i wish to talk about taking window shopping to another
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the terminal c line in california rolling through store employees at the ahoy store says this last minute customer walked in as they prepare to close or forsee waddled in and the sea lineman business to climb one hundred and forty five spheres of a tunnel from a cave below to get to the store employees say the chase the little guy ran for a while got tired eventually does use salmon to q are you ready for super bowl fifty one carolina
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super bowl fifteen less than a week away but football fever is already taking over the nation and if you just can't wait for kickoff we have a sneak peek for you. this is a preview of what panthers quarterback cam newton and the rest of the team will wear sunday in california. fresh out of
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manager hug each one up with so much care. the players will sport their black jerseys and silver pants on gameday host of another fashion style here all the feathers the broncos are in california today getting ready for the sumo let's talk about what your celia screen right here with the of the highlights panthers quarterback cam newton newt is known for his unique sense of style the movie go right there. these pants had everyone talking on social media just in case you're wondering they're made by versace and will set you back just a hundred and eighty five dollars and eighty bucks or whatever it is too much or even a box of shoes two pair you'll have to wait they're already sold out. i had came to tj maxx in something like that for people watching while thinking of the super bowl would not be the big game without some wings yet again tradition just how many wings. americans are expected to eat during the big dance plus it's a lunch time so you might be dreaming of the perfect these updates are going to show you one of them
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. everyone loves chicken wings right now most people especially this time of year school fifties just six days away according to the national chicken council yes are such a thing americans will consume one point three billion chicken wings this weekend leading up to and during the big game the countess as a one point three billion wings were blatant and they would stretch from bank of america stadium in charlotte north carolina to sports authority field in denver colorado almost fifty three times that's an interesting women that are right if you're craving a slice for lunch we've got you covered we asked to be a social media to send us the names of your favorite pizza joint from all around hampton roads and you definitely delivered. so let's start with a spot in virginia beach who does not deliver but many say is well
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on holland road into the shopping center made the cut in georgia is yours you own is tony's pizza in virginia beach. we've been here for possibly thirty eight years and has a really loyal customer base and now we're serving not only the children but their grandchildren which i'm not sure that that's a comfort in this first generation greek american credits his family's work ethic attention to detail for being able to survive the highs and lows of the restaurant business willow for customers. that's what makes is business really worthwhile he says it's the sauce that makes it worth the drive extremely high quality sausage that we have brought in from out of state george was so passionate about keeping the sausage a secret that we had to face the camera a certain way so competition what we see george says making the pizza is basic account is fresh ingredients. we call our own
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and the other hand checks on for fifteen minutes later out came a pepperoni cheese pizza man with the secret sauce that left me well and good pizza home. speechless. hyde counties is not the only hotspot you told us about even though it was fantastic other hot spots in virginia beach include windy city pizza delicious pun gop's a total classic at the beach and bella pizzeria so let us know what your favorite places using the hashtag thirteen pizza week on facebook and twitter craggy you have a a slice of pie coming up this week two was also excited about it that we would shower this morning we're still talking about the mobs are older they get all right there every day and asked to call fresh. anyway when that story coming up right now to talk about some fresh weather for all of this sunshine temperatures climbing up close to seventy
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take a look spot on forecast yesterday were saying a son is going to be thirteen degrees at least thirty degrees warmer than saturday and we were with an official high of sixty nine bringing our forecast spot on st. up to five today said they were at least in some spots hitting seventy degrees guess what i had semi at the airport it's already sixty six and were well our way and you can see it will be partly sunny with just a slight chance for showers late. better chances for showers expect someone to kind of fitness as we go through the mid to late evening hours tomorrow fairly cloudy fifty one and then another warm up wednesday with the heat coming up wednesday ahead of a cold front will push through late showers and a few thunderstorms a little later at it make it six in row because virginia beach chesapeake williamsburg already at seventy or warmer so it is very warm southwest winds gusting up close to
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little breezy at their gorgeous down at the oceanfront some beachgoers at the sky. check it out to get up in the sixties why not join i state the beach here early february when u s southwest right now fourteen mph so you have this wet weather out to the last room to watch is a frontal boundary that extends from the northeast just out to the west that is going to push through later this evening and then once that comes through it's a chance for showers. oh and draw this on here like showing the wins because you can see where the wind shift is right now that we ship as we take a look at three o'clock will be pushing into the northwest part of virginia as we go through say five o'clock six o'clock now starting to work just off to the north of our area and then by say seven it should be pushing through that front coming through early evening showers quickly to follow him we will see pretty good chances for rain showers later this evening that will move out. things will improve overnight into early tomorrow it will be
12:39 pm
can see more she's starting to build out to the last one to get a chance for showers and thunderstorms by wednesday evening he see that one getting closer another push of warm air but no showers and storms on the way so we'll be watching for that late wednesday temperatures tomorrow and warm again wednesday the big push of cooler air in your weekend thursday friday saturday sunday staying in the forties
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