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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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of this much closer to normal and we were yesterday. now does warm up again tomorrow and get ready with the warm up will come chances for showers and storms later in the day tomorrow i'll be back talk a lot more about that just few minutes right now to check in on the western freeway in and she's been watching jack reagan the kickoff of the morning rush hour and as we got the maps now it's not much of a rash around the area you can see here here the western freeway one sixty four deep green on both sides but just to prove it to you. i've had for thirteen years now trap the camera and here's a live look at the west north bridge eastbound traffic there rounding the corner headed toward fifty eight moving well no delays and if you're headed westbound toward six sixty four also in very nice shape selected back to the maps now and zoom in to naval station norfolk where that's really the only spot of red on the maps but again it's not as severe in terms of your delays as you see here at this point the laser beginning passed a one way tunnel come close to the gate
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a you will still see up the brake lights out there and had a passing grade for him to boulevard. he will still have the traffic there other than that the rest of five sixty four west is clear head to naval station norfolk a bit of good news there keep a close eye on an upbeat you throughout the morning and then coming up at six ten will head to sixty four and will to traffic around the battlefield in greenbrier out and to speak and breaking overnight it was a close one but a democratic caucus winner has been announced and i were hillary clinton takes it with just point three percent of the lead over bernie sanders both sanders and clinton declared the night a success as they spoke with voters love i will have some very profound message to the political establishment by the time and keep doing what i've done my entire life i would be standing up for you i will keep fighting for you the clintons was not as
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hoped and sanders is strongly favored in next week's new hampshire primary now as for the republicans i once did not fire donald trump interested in getting the job either ted cruz won the republican caucus with twenty seven percent of the vote came in second barely edging out marco rubio tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great day. tonight we have taken the first step but an important step towards winning this election we will go on to easily beat hillary or burning or will ever the hell they grow up there now last night's vote means the ted cruz will get eight marco rubio will each get seven. those delegates will go on to nominate other delegates to the state party meetings and the final count is set for july now caucus attendance last night it was record breaking one hundred eighty thousand people showed up for republicans democrats they're still tallying those numbers right now and despite those record breaking numbers
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are calling it quits. mike huckabee and martin o'malley suspended their campaigns last night after lowe caucus numbers and low polling numbers. gma is going to have a full breakdown of those numbers and what's next for the candidates as they head to new hampshire that's coming up at seven o'clock right after thirteen years now. new this morning alerting of an incident where dare county deputies used a canine to help take down a burglary suspect daniel weaver is in jail right now deputies responded to a call about a break and saturday in stopping point when deputies searched the home with the canine they say the founder weaver trying to climb out of a window after a short chase deputies scott weaver and no one was her new information this morning eastern shore woman faces criminal charges after dog attack and a parker is due in court tomorrow investigator say parker's two peoples attacked two girls at the bus stop last month in mackinac county. one child in need surgery. the dogs were
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show parker was convicted of letting her dogs run loose in the past and the roads will welcome home some of our service members this week the us and is leroy grumman will return to naval station norfolk tomorrow the crew is wrapping up a five month deployment the ship provided millions of gallons of fuel in critical supplies for navy ships in the mediterranean sea. well this morning we're getting details about a possible case of sexting at ocean lakes high school in virginia beach according to court documents a seventeen year old student admitted to a teacher but he did circulate nude pictures of a female student multiple female students through a phone app the app looks like a calculator but it's not it's actually a vault the heights photos and videos no one has been charged yet the police are investigating a similar issue and colorado high school recently made national headlines after investigators found hundreds of students involved in a sexting scandal. quinnipiac university recently did a survey on the dangers of sexting according to the poll
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sexting is a very serious problem. however sixty percent think that expelling a student for sex thing is just too harsh. seven ten of those polled polled say that minors who sexed should not face criminal charges. well there are life saving tools on your smartphone that you may not even know about yall will tell you about the button that could mean the difference between life and death and a mother and a father murdered in their own home the only witness their
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i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost . . all right we're starting off with a live peek includes a tawny pennsylvania waiting for the groundhog it's a concert out they were singing every rose has its still part of why the run all day i immediately go to jeanne are you know a guns n roses there that's awesome and i play the weather up there is pretty good so what does that mean when you see the skies are clear up rob puts it on he will remember the sun comes up the groundhog comes out if he sees his shadow that means
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the elders gathered so that i add. that's my bet we've had times where there's been downpours over their initials of the scene the shadows of anybody's guess. will laud just wait with baited breath to see what the groundhog says yes that's sarcasm certainly cloudy still mild this morning tensions in the mid forties it is a lot of fun i love groundhog day where does the temperatures getting up close to fifty i think i just peed chalk and everybody else around this area may see their shadows as well once that sun comes up how we should see partly sunny skies so this is over looking at today now over the coming days some more changes we knew the storm system is going to roll in and that's going to like the pretty showers and storms tomorrow with a warm up after temperatures today stay generally in the lower to mid fifties will get back up low seventies tomorrow and into early thursday the showers linger for north carolina but cooler air returns as we settle into the week at select teacher weather over the next three days i had
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right now let's check in on chesapeake years ahead traficant at the big legs actually moving pretty well as one to give you a quick live look at sixty four between greenbrier and battlefield know the issues you can see things moving nicely they're headed for the high rise or making your way westbound in the direction of two sixty four so we look good there on the traffic network maps we keep the good news going as we at naval station norfolk take a look at five sixty four west all of our delays have been doubt if you're headed toward the base so at this point way down here were singles a later date three a are now moving at fifty five miles an hour so we're taking the base off the list of delays and coming up the next few minutes. things start to pick up now fifty eastbound at the midtown tunnel that's headed into norfolk. i'll give you a live look in just a bit. all right ashleigh thank you all this is a restaurant that has been around for sixty years yet as daybreak continues we'll take
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. ahh i write this next story definitely needs a warning though you're about to hear is very graphic. a tragic nine one one call coming out of tennessee where police say that a toddler saw his mom and dad get shot right in front of him that five year old call police. we are going to play some of that heartbreaking call. we want to warn you once again
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you you know and maybe get a home where were you not only owned the home the girls are good no matter when you know he's like he came on the outer office. com years ago i got him on the way do you now gang that foisted on the phone with dispatchers and watched tv until police arrived he is physically ok police are still looking for the shooter. officials say that you can save a life saving information on your phone that medics or police can access if you are unresponsive on my phone's it's in the very bottom left hand corner of the lock screen you can see the word emergency it is a standard app on my phones where you can save information including your name and emergency contact and medical conditions certain android phones come with similar apps or there are plenty online to
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this morning an apology from the delta airlines for a fistfight between two flight attendants got so out of control that the pilot made an unscheduled landing the flight attendant started arguing over who had to do what during the flight last month another boxing match erupted a thirty seven thousand feet on the flight from los angeles to minneapolis at that point the captain decided to land at a salt lake city airport the plane sat for about eighty minutes then finish the trip to minneapolis after more than a decade free snacks are back on the biggest u s airlines most airlines dropped complimentary goodies to keep costs down. delta was the only major airline to keep it though. united is once again offering free snacks today at american airlines will offer them on all domestic flights by april we have been on a roller coaster week for sure with the weather. yes yesterday we were wearing short sleeves and take ranks as densely packed a jacket. oh yeah i can read go on a jump in the shot over here guys yeah
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the punxsutawney phil's have some fun with that but trying to take a look now you know it's an old german tradition of batter and the dates bag the other to do this for a long time of course it's over the years evolved into a huge party at the appointed connie i think we can take a live look up there they were telling me that live feed from my up and punched a tiny but there's music there's fireworks you got tired of writing appear that the dancers i've seen the blues brothers up there in years past i don't know that that sent jake and elwood but you know when you get the chance to rock a hat like that and not to have fun it's all leading up to the big moment where the groundhog will emerge and then we'll see if he sees his shadow and i was just looking up there and i can tell you that the skies right now are mainly clear over punch a tiny so in theory sun comes up he would see a shadow six more weeks of winter regardless the crater has
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has been a lot better. we said yesterday some spots we hit seventy or more and guess what we were well over seventy in fact the airport we were at seventy four said extends our spa streak to six as you can see today's temperatures will be a lot colder about twenty degrees or more colder than yesterday and i think the fish through the highs will be in the lower to mid fifties so we should be really good shape extending that spot on streak as you can see here locally we did some cloud cover off to the north and mention it is clear or mainly clear prop onto tiny there's a storm system up to the west and this is something we're watching it would keep working eastward this front left back through the area opening the door for a warmer air flow later tonight and tomorrow temperatures tomorrow back up and low seventies behind this is the much colder air set to wrap around on the heels of that and that's going to keep us cooler through the weekend so what can we do about that this morning to become partly cloudy and then we're going to see a thing partly to mostly sunny skies this
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the evening through the overnight those wins eventually shift around we get the south wins tomorrow and here comes the rain again moving closer to us through the afternoon in the evening and not just showers maybe a few stray storms in the mix as well jeff will be tracking that for you tomorrow evening it will move through and then thursday we could see a few lingering showers especially down over north carolina but a chance for a few showers here in hampton roads as well. it will be cooler and drier friday and into weekend temperatures right now mid to upper forties for most locations the scents are down from this time yesterday so already cooler and it's going to stay cool through the afternoon north winds ten mph the high today close to fifty one that warm or friendly spots lows tonight are forty seven to mile seventy one mostly cloudy warm or scattered showers or storms like the lake today and tomorrow evening. look for showers again on thursday mainly in north carolina
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upper forties saturday in low fifty sunday another chance for showers on monday was a look at the midtown tunnel and we'll check in with ashley. cry wolf you know we haven't had much traffic in terms of issues this morning of course volume is picking up and headed into work this morning or late to school wherever they may be headed at this point the midtown tunnel is kind of the spot of focusing on in terms of reform lite flight delay your portrait into norfolk you can see traffic started to slow down there as it approaches the total headcount in norfolk. other than that of the westbound traffic lane right here that's pretty open and free and into portsmouth that's moving pretty well but again i'll be watching that slowed traffic they are headed into more but at the midtown tunnel on the traffic network maps again the rest of the area looks pretty good as of right now thirty northbound south just the bay bridge tunnel a great example of how the rest of the area looks you can see you're into moving well if you're leaving the eastern shore and head to virginia beach only taking twenty minutes and that's pretty normal for now things can
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in terms of volume him to norfolk of the hr bt still get a live look there. that's coming up at six thirty right wing fascism. we are giving you a chance to win free pizza for years and years that moments in somerville where it is chan's how much is that we had the sweet way to learn the hard recommended daily dose. yes absolutely i think the keyword enter the voting is now back on click on the features tab for a chance to win free pizza for a year. be sure to keep watching daybreak for pizza week as we highlight some of your favorite spots and hampton roads is all right more people that i'm no pizza that's made of gold. what's disgusting i mean to spend on
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this morning if you want to feast on like a king there during the super bowl presented as a giveaway for it. we may feel like king midas with this one it's a pizza topped with twenty four karat gold in the hat is giving away fifty limited edition gold two pizzas during the big game the golden garlic knot speed size garnish and more than a hundred dollars worth of edible gold with hits like get this is even packaged in a gold box. winners will also
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pizza hut gold gift card maybe it's like the gold chocolate bar that we seem to have kids and we've all been sending in some great suggestions for pizza places people need to know about let's take a look at some of them notes each week here at daybreak our day in india said this spaghetti eddie's pizzas are the best including the gluten free ones as well we also mention this. why not italian. thirteen is now we'd love to join thirty pizza we voted best pizza in temperate virginia for the past twenty two years we'll have one more to share with the karen jones just south of great britain another one real quick scott brothers pizza in virginia beach so that people are sending in their suggestions coming in a line of this piece points out across hampton roads. lucy always repeats right now the research yet but i only want to hear from you once again what's your favorite pizza spot got a facebook post or page comments tweet us make sure that use
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week so we can find you the coa pizza week this week so in the last we go we were given the gift cards gift cards we want to fix some of our five hundred dollar gift card winners from last week we have james carroll that he's on your left hand side of sandy green easier without the greats in the red head right there at a mets and her gotcha gotcha came in here written teleprompter to speak so very clever for coming in congratulations to those winners their offer when the final gift card last week and good luck to anyone who's competing right now with repeats per year. absolutely wolf every just started yet it doesn't feel like it at all around him to the greatest record temperatures in the fifties and you will hear what's in store for tomorrow. also a
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oh. upgrades in one city could reach traffic trouble for commuters the major thoroughfare set to close today in the d tours you need to know about then how this eco viruses affecting where some members of the military serve plus pizza we let the lady there who are scouring the seven cities
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to norfolk daybreak start now good tuesday morning tea with a six o'clock i'm on three senior alyssa bustamante we are in for a drop in temperatures today and we are all just read will enjoy this now with her out the door for casper tells about as out say what today's a pretty special day not only not only do we have pizza week here on daybreak but we have groundhog day where he can end up that bag cobblers not home to tiny phil ponce a tiny pennsylvania and you can see some of the festivities going on there this is just a live camera feed them got songs fireworks all kinds of entertainment dancing and spent a lot of fun as that party continues we'll still see a shadow that's the question right now i will tell these guys are mainly clear up over into tiny so we'll watch and see if he actually sees a shadow let you know about that ride north winds ten mph here
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the forties still low fifties down in chesapeake. as you can see right now we do still have some cloud cover out there but off to the north clearing skies out to last another batch of cloud set to roll in tomorrow showers and storms today starting off very early cloudy to partly sunny skies through mid day and temperatures this afternoon should top out right around fifty one degrees officially all right so we're waiting on punxsutawney phil right now in to check in with asin teacher ashley and i understand if she sees her shadow we've got seven more hours of back ups. what he got ahead here the oh well worth the view back to give them a break i am i gonna lose a turn even the ad revenue at the camera adds miss me okay. and damn did we do have a delay to discuss a few hundred from hinton to
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just wanted to show you if you're headed with our bd you will see delay starting around mallory street to watch out for that as you head to norfolk for the knots in the air traffic network now so head over now to the midtown tunnel minor delays there as well but stopping to pick up in terms of activity fifty eastbound slows right around here at the western freeway drop down from fifty five to twenty three so does watch out for that coming up in that will have the six sixty four no big issues report the western branch right now but upbeat around portable of our computer room extremely well to the monitor merrimack and ours hill that's when i come back alright actually thank you. we have a major construction alert you to know about today virginia beach public works crews will close a portion of lynn had the parkway and will remain closed for several months of closure begins at albright drive and it ends at dalrymple st. our lease brown joins us there live with more on the changes that you're going to see after the construction of those you know andrea i'm here i'm an even par we at the midpoint
6:25 am
homes out here as you can imagine this construction will cause a headache for lots of people now the city will shut down this road when even parkway between all great and i'll ramble at nine am now there is no specific detour route because construction is blue it to you want to make sure that you pay attention to the signs that will be out here however the city says if you live in this area you will be able to get home now this project is scheduled to run until september. lots of things out here that includes installing a water line sound walls working on curbs sidewalks and pavement. we spoke with dan day from public works on when certain project will be worked on tying this to do all the milling at nighttime but with the potential for cooler weather i would have to do the actual painting during the day again leaving parkway
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nine am this morning between albright and all ripples of you have to come through this it makes sure you are paying attention to those signs live in virginia beach police brown thirteen years now we are also watching breaking news from overnight a pizza delivery driver is robbed at gunpoint in our force with officers they're looking for two suspects we say the two armed men took cash and pizza from a cellist delivery driver has all happened just before one thirty this morning on avondale road and beech daly road now this is just south of where i to sixty four actually crosses over victory boulevard were told that the driver is ok we are now working together you more details for you. of course right now police are asking anyone with any information all about this robbery to contact the crime line at number one eight lock u up center they queue at six thirty for shipping up to be a tough week for workers in newport news shipbuilding more than seven hundred employees are scheduled to be
6:27 am
handful of them are hourly workers this move follows the layoff of four hundred and eighty salaried employees last fall shipyard officials say a dip in the workload is responsible for these cuts the company says it hopes to begin re hiring again in twenty seventeen were told the shipyard is providing benefits in helping affected workers find new jobs investigators are looking into what caused the crash that killed one child and critically injured another one in norfolk norfolk police say that the boys were in a minivan that crashed with a pickup truck yesterday at west twenty seventh street and llewellyn avenue the seven year old and a nine year old was thrown from the band the nine year old died officer say that the woman driving the van didn't get hurt but will recover. medics treated two people from the truck this morning new information about the people who attacked a man in norfolk and shot him in the arm police now say all attackers are between the ages of fifteen to twenty years old happened around eight o'clock last night as the eighteen year old victim walked down virginia beach boulevard near church street right now all of the people police are looking for remain
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taken to the hospital and is expected to survive if you know anything from a washington d c police officer shoots and kills a suspect was allegedly reaching for
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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are we been watching and lots of celebrations
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stuff going on up the plants are tiny and we have our adorable little groundhog his way to peek his head out we're going to find out if been having fun with this this morning you could see clouds so off to the southwest right now it's mainly clear in theory the sun should come up you should see is a shadow and we should look at another six weeks of winter but we'll see what i can tell you for sure is that they are feeling every bit of winter right now across nebraska. heavy snow there into northern parts of kansas and much of iowa started see that snow they were finishing up the caucuses last night and i know a lot of the candidates are hoping to get out of iowa before the heavier snow sets in and it is going to continue to fill in across the hawkeye state. rain across missouri there's a front the trails ali down to texas that is going to push to our area tomorrow late today giving us good chances for showers and storms tomorrow. right now temperatures are in the forties for most series is fifty two there in chesapeake and across
6:32 am
chilean twenty six no their reign in san francisco rain snow mix in chicago snow in minneapolis. rainstorms in st louis and down to normal and more opportunities for strong is their things are good if your head up to the northeast boston new york in great shape today with sunshine and forties locally across our region were looking at temperatures in the lower to mid fifties i think an official high close to fifty one and then when cecily and there's a little bit warmer we all warmed up tomorrow temperatures back up low seventies the storms come in late tomorrow and tomorrow evening and some leftover showers on thursday especially for eastern north carolina so much a weekend coming up in a minute here's ash are a great taking a look now at traffic in western brands with one of the spots across him the roads we do have plenty of them are moving pretty well forty minutes into the morning rush hours you can see here southbound traffic on northbound six sixty four around dock landing moving well with no major delays out there to report as we head
6:33 am
spot some continuing to follow here. hinton to norfolk sixty four eastbound at the hr bt delays are beginning around settlers landing road a mile from the title you can see there from now or should that things couldn't get to settlers landing and healthy fifty eastbound traffic into norfolk is also slow starting at the western freeway so watch out for that other than that the rest of the area doing pretty well as of right now i'll give you another update if we need to add anything else to the left that's coming up in just eight minutes. terry nash thank you all day break is highlighting some hot spots as part of our pizza week ahead we'll take you to the norfolk steeple that could be considered a one stop shop the pizza and the common council when you're both of the road like that we're right there plus
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the other virginia beach that is where firefighters are battling a house fire right now it's happening at winter haven dryness is in the castle to neighborhoods just off london bridge road is not far from democrats were told that two people are being evacuated right now for smoke inhalation we do have a
6:35 am
will bring you more details as soon as we get them thanks and telling you this morning we're learning that washington d c police officer who shot and killed a man holding a bb gun was not wearing a body camera d c police chief cathy lanier says that officers tried to stop a man who was acting suspiciously. early yesterday the chief says the man reached for a gun and that's when the officer shot and killed him. he's been placed on administrative leave pending this investigation six forty five to time a new this morning we have some new information about a uva students lawsuit against the state's department of alcohol alcohol beverage control video of her keys johnson being pinned to the sidewalk by abc agent went viral on social media laughter we told you about what happened. and yesterday johnson's attorneys filed an amended complaint in the lawsuit attorneys added to the suit why they believe one of the special agents is liable for johnson's arrest me emphasize that johnson did not know that the men were abc agents during the arrest
6:36 am
tech students linked to the murder of a thirteen year old girl. eisenhower's charged with kidnapping and murder in the columbian staff natalie keepers accused of hiding her body police have not said how lovell died by then a gun was not used to kill her levels mother said her daughter met eisenhower on line coverage of the case continues on good morning america. these ego break is officially an international emergency and it made its way to our neck of the woods as well we told you that a student at the college of william and mary became infected while traveling central america and this morning we're hearing from a university spokesperson about very important to us that the campus community be aware that we have been in contact with both our health and wellness team and the cdc and that there was no helpers to canvass the spokesperson also told the school trips to central america will go on as planned and our partners at the military times report
6:37 am
offering voluntary relocation to pregnant family members of active duty personnel and d o d employees assigned to areas affected by the z virus the virus is linked to a rare birth defect in damages and babies as well. no health experts recommend visitors in affected areas especially women who are pregnant to take measures to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. all right switching gears to the weather now locally and what is going to be like throughout the day today though i was asking our floor director. we would have the video from punxsutawney and today are looking at him mouthing people egg was not the groundhog brown the guy was trying to land a plane on a carrier i hear the infamous know what that one but this is a lot. we were checking in so much fun today and no i don't put a lot of stock in the groundhogs forecasts but it sure is fun to watch all these folks have been such a
6:38 am
the weather pun story looks really good i believe gma will have live coverage of the groundhog coming out they typically do have that life he actually comes out of cobblers now that emerges to see his shadow or not will see high yesterday seventy four was feeling like spring arrived early than it already get back to feeling much closer to average highs today in the lower fifties the loon and fifty for a few areas believed to be a lot closer and temperatures actually dipping below normal after a system come through tomorrow night we're going to get a lot cooler next friday really temperatures down in the mid forties so temps will be cooler today temps stay above normal backlit that is an asian decent amount of sunshine this afternoon here locally we get some cloud covers and then chewed up around punxsutawney pennsylvania skies mainly clear right now so it is a good chance he will see his shadow this morning as we look out to the west wholly different story. we have an area of low pressure center north of wichita there's a front that extends down from
6:39 am
east and this thing is producing a lot of snow to northern parts of kansas into nebraska back across iowa showers and storms down across parts of the south central us. this whole system will work east this from here will lift to our area allowing wind to shift from the south and then it will be a lot warmer tomorrow as that cold front pushes through later in the day tomorrow chances for showers and storms. so all we have some cloud cover out there this morning skies become partly sunny and partly to mostly sunny tuesday afternoon notice overnight into tomorrow how the wind shift back around to the south here comes that moisture from the west and its cord increases we go through the early afternoon central and western parts of virginia deal with the rain here locally i think the better chances developed during the afternoon and into the evening and there could be a few storms in the next is well not just moderate to heavy rain but maybe a couple of thunderstorms here with the front coming through behind the front the winds shift back around to
6:40 am
cooler conditions fear thursday and friday notice so still some moisture down reason north carolina and maybe a few showers for hampton roads as well. we'll continue to monitor that i do have a chance for showers for us on thursday the best chances will be down in the eastern north carolina right now temperatures mid to upper forties you can see it is a cooler start the day temperatures down from this time yesterday at the airport well in the diary set camera but forty five degrees north winds of ten highs today will stay in the lower fifties mid fifties in one partly sunny obviously much cooler. we want tomorrow and temperatures dropping in thursday's friday's or chili's day then back to the upper forties near normal saturday in it says let's check in now on north nick and ashley travis got to be picking up now a low brick red but honestly it's been really nice morning rush hour if you're headed to the hr bt in norfolk. i like to ride will give you live about four miles from it. here's a westbound traffic passing
6:41 am
issues. eastbound traffic also very nicely with the pickup in certain spots in orbit around the jar bt we still a pretty good at least on the norfolk side note we head back to the map you can see your view leaving him to making a way to norfolk the delays began with a more closer and closer should say to mallory street that we dropped on the fourteen miles an hour and fifty eastbound traffic at the midtown tunnel headed to norfolk also slow back to the western freeway you drop down to eighteen now speaking of norfolk we are picking up a little bit was found around the downtown tunnel all have that live look for you in five minutes starring ashley thank you all knew in tech news gogol is staying on top of this year's presidential election users who search for particular candidates will now receive a google now cards. it shows the politician's stance on the major issues of the campaign as well as a reminder to go out and votes and then police in the netherlands are training eagles to take down drones that may be flying where they
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the birds are taught to see a drone as prey and catch it and taken to a safe place a decision on whether to put them on the job will not be made for another few months free press are right there well it's day two pizza we here are thirteen years now daybreak were highlighting the best pizza hot spots in anthro today its northeastern we heard from viewers who pointed us to a restaurant that's been around for a very long time. earlier we told you about the police would been there for decades now we hear from customers fifty nine years and azalea in pizza on east little creek road in norfolk has to change the way they make pizza. i am very picky tastes like and what isn't about the pizza that keeps customers returning year after year all right right here that's the secret sauce. they still won't tell me what city certainly going to tell their customers. all they know is that the customers love it remember the days when the pizza maker throughout
6:43 am
more they have a pizza roller allen needs it to the pumps out hundreds of pieces every day but the lady back there again with the full range of the food the game room creates a family atmosphere people are also friendly will be a dull side the bar don't have an afternoon october mostly to the edge so you might remember this face camille york is a teacher grady high school coastal virginia magazine named her a top teacher twenty four t and she is also a former employee now they don't technically work or the tummy was in the secret sauce. now the home team and everybody's loyal bill would reveal that secret sauce the mom that tell its secrets and fifty nine years. it's day two pizza we get oh and one also mention a couple other places on the intro zillion isn't the only one others you raved
6:44 am
grandest repeats at antonio's italian restaurant and don't forget to tell us what your favorite pizza joint is named rose just for a facebook or twitter page and mention it there and also use the hashtag thirteen pizza week so we can hear from all of you about the other place tomorrow i get to take my turn at the pace of the day i actually get to make when i get that we got two cities i got to canton in newport news sauce on the assignment is ever the hell the really really good people right here there's the much more ahead
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good morning at mass on good morning america the race for the white house. ted cruz coming out on top of the iowa caucus meeting donald trump and all the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders virtually tied the race too close to call we live in ohio with all the decals with him and your tops or in the morning rush of pizza delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint overnight portsmouth police are searching for two people police say the two armed people took cash and pizza from the smell of pizza delivery driver. it happened just before one thirty this morning in avondale road and
6:46 am
south of where i to sixty four crosses over victory boulevard told the driver is ok if you have any information about the robbery call the crime line and now to a major construction alerts starting at nine o'clock today virginia beach public works crews will close a portion of lynn haven parkway. the closure will begin at albright dr anne and jack dalrymple streets crews make repairs to the repairs to water lines sanitary and storm sewers and sound walls they will also add new pavement and sidewalk so we are told that the tours will be posted until the construction is complete is expected to last until september arate that erin ashley is a co op that store to see what happened on the road. yeah we do have just a handful of delays right now by doing a heads up to on thirteen years now the complex traffic we keep a running list of all of that the scheduled traffic alert other him to resume she follows there right now though traffic and east battle will be heavier than westbound can see there
6:47 am
into norfolk like a laser of a downtown tunnel westbound travel a bit slow but moving slightly better on the traffic network maps the other couple delays been talking about here. eastbound at the age or bt as well as peace about the midtown tunnel and no traffic picking up a little bit around the high rise bridge that is it's not the guys know our daybreak viewers rock riley and four i steam ship called me out the litter this is proof that we ride i was referencing every rose has its orgy in art. yes the man to one of poison and although i didn't really change a man says he's straight. oh i could sing it when i won't but every one of the other hand there are the points and tony temperatures and a new one will be warmer tomorrow
6:48 am
groundhog coverage on gma good morning, america. upset in iowa. ted cruz scores a huge victory over donald trump. a major setback for the billionaire. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> record turnout helps the senator soar. trump humbled in defeat. >> i'm just honored. i'm really honored. >> but still vowing to win the nomination. and marco rubio's late surge puts him within strike distance of trump. >> we are not waiting any long story take our country back. >> riding a wave of momentum into new hampshire. >> the democratic race too close to call. a virtual tie. but hillary clinton is declaring victory. >> as i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa. >> bernie sanders not conceding defeat. >> i think that sont shows the american people this is a
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