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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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he reeally both and said dad it's really warm i said yes you're right my second one that called. i just wanna said the winds are whipping he's out on the campus of old dominion. you see the flags air and i think more for leasing the camera shaking i she's over the controls of the camera and if we feel is correct the other way i should back towards you the ripples that are out there on the water we can gracefully all the way overpass downtown norfolk what you get overlooked the wave pattern on the elizabeth river this indicates to me winds gusting thirty thirty five mph and only take a look at that you seen that report from norfolk down to chesapeake very windy conditions the warm south wind gust of thirty six round virginia beach and dock as well so the winds are blowing in the temperatures are really up there already seventy four degrees at the airport and a bump up the afternoon highs temperatures of twenty five degrees warmer right now than it was at this time yesterday
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hour by hour temperatures will stay in the mid seventies upper seventies in the letter yesterday afternoon evening chances for showers and storms we need to talk about that right now are dry just a couple of stray showers you go farther west and that's where you're seeing some very intense rain we will see the storms rolling in. we're going to talk about potential for some strong or severe storms and a big drop in temperatures stay tune alright and when were not on the year the weather authority team constantly updating the forecast some thirteen years now that commie can also download the thirteen years now whether caster app is free in the apple or google play and breaking news this news out of chesapeake we're live at a mobile home park fire this is the scene right there along south military highway. so we have learned that this fire has left three adults and two children looking for place to stay officials say that one adult suffered burn injuries to the hand are also told the family is looking for hats that they lost in that fire. there's no cause for this fire at this time breaking news charges dropped
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killing a man during a domestic dispute in virginia beach. a judge cleared making that his suits of voluntary manslaughter. the court found that his sous acted in self defense in terence covington to death. police arrested at his shoes after officers found covington stabbed to death and said record in september the commonwealth's attorney's office released a statement saying that there is insufficient evidence to prove that a criminal act occurred making to his suits left the court surrounded by her family. breaking news out of hand to right now several businesses have been evacuated because of a suspicious package. canton police are on the scene at town center near big bethel road at the shopping center the newport news bomb squad is assisting will continue to follow the story as new details emerging right now campus police are stepping up patrols at virginia commonwealth university in richmond officials issued an all clear just over two hours ago this morning police
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person roaming the monroe park campus. investigators say the man wearing all black in a ski mask broke into a home stole a rifle ammo and a gaming station nobody got hurt. the suspect got away police think that he's no longer knew that campus. well developing right now the clock is ticking down to employment for hundreds of newport news shipbuilding workers seven hundred and thirty eight pink slips are expected to be handed out at the end of the workers' shifts. this is not the first time recently at the shipyard had to lay off workers and it will not be the last newport news shipbuilding eliminated four hundred and eighty jobs in september the shipyard says that more are likely on the way saying that the total number of layoffs could reach fifteen hundred if that number holds up another two hundred and eighty two people could be let go and to help people while they're out of a job a series of food drives are being planned on for every twenty fourth one is scheduled from ten o'clock in
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in the afternoon the united steelworkers office on huntington avenue in newport news and hampton there's one march nineteen from ten to three at the virginia peninsula food bank on aluminum avenue in norfolk a food drive is being planned for her eighteenth one thirty to three thirty at the iron workers union hall on virginia beach boulevard another one will be held there on march seventeen very happy homecoming for one shift today at naval station or the us as leroy grumman came home after several months in the mediterranean elise brown shares just how important the role was there the us and as leroy grumman is finally back in its home port civilian mariners something they're excited to see family friends and have a good home cooked meal pasta the crew aboard the u s and as leroy grumman had nothing but smiles waves in peace
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on land. first officer hugo blanco says the ship has been at sea for five months providing critical support to ships and more able to basically deliver the fuel primarily the ocean destroying parts of the hard numbers drop off days before unfortunate that the students they would have to come was stationed at all hours night we always have people on walks. if there's any kind of special operations not only did the crew replenish items for the navy but for other countries as well. france with that would really like that their nato allies robbery in the mediterranean in total the meade forty three and c replenishment that includes transferring to six point eight million gallons of fuel with the mission completed the civilian mariners can't wait to see loved ones and catch up on all the messed very happy to see them go on for the missing as well not
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call norfolk home jeter supply officer teachers he has a special message for family in minnesota. love you and a couple weeks in norfolk police brown thirteen years now the uss montpelier case at such a return to norfolk on friday while deployed the fast attack sub traveled more than thirty eight thousand nautical miles they visited a number of places including ports in greece and france the crew has fifteen officers and one hundred and twenty nine interested personnel another homecoming to tell you about the coast guard cutter bear is scheduled to return to portsmouth tomorrow the crew is returning from a monthlong patrol in the western carribean where the took part in a joint seizure of more than twenty one kilos of cocaine. we have an arrest but still no motive for murder in virginia beach on sunday christopher mitchell is set to face a judge at two o'clock this afternoon on charges of second degree murder is accused of killing robert atwood at the mayfair
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sunday police have not released the relationship between the victim and the suspect mitchell will face a judge as we said at two o'clock this afternoon will you know what happens here he is a public official that prosecutors say was up to some shady business. now there is an effort to get more for treasurer anthony barr out of office. his lawyer says it's not going to work will explain why martha gonzalez in manchester new hampshire with donald trump the latest attack and why i love that story and i will personally not stop until i reach my peak performance becoming a better second half
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his campaign. abc's martha gonzalez in manchester new hampshire now with the ladies today donald trump once again on the attack leading ted cruz didn't win iowa he stole it. accusing cruz a fraud calling for a new election in iowa after the cruz campaign falsely suggested that dr ben carson was dropping out of the race and a night what an incredible victory we had crews will be fine and then to new hampshire today hoping to keep the momentum from his first place finish in iowa well trump is bypassing the granite state today that were used in arkansas or six days away from the hampshire primary from saying despite his second place finish in iowa he's more confident here in new hampshire. no i don't think a feeling the pressure i've done very well in new hampshire. i've been here a lot more but the pressure is on here on the democratic side after leading iowa in
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fighting for a week ago for two thousand eight victory in new hampshire. i am in a contest with your neighbor or bernie sanders is enjoying a double digit lead in the polls the lose lose you and today the republican field is narrowing with rand suspending his campaign martha gonzalez abc news manchester new hampshire family and friends gathering to remember a very young life lost the latest on the co levels funeral arrangements and the investigation into her death coming up and grab
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. or your loved ones will gather to remember a nine year old boy killed in a crash in norfolk. that's right his name is lucas valor he was a cancer survivor and he was killed after police say that a truck hit his mom's van on monday. it happened in twenty seventh street and llewellyn avenue the crash injected ballard and his seven year old friend seven year old kiana clowney is still in hospital with serious injuries to their room or from the band out of this one only thing he was playing with going so far no charges have been filed police say that lucas did have his seatbelt on. that vigil is tomorrow and walk elementary school at six o'clock family or friends of nicole madison level will gather to celebrate her memory
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tonight to honor the murdered teen tomorrow the thirteen year old would be laid to rest. authorities found his body saturday in north carolina after she went missing from blacksburg to virginia tech students are charged with the girl's murder david eisenhower's now charged with killing her natalie keepers is charged with helping get rid of her body keepers is due in court tomorrow and coming of our next half hour we take a look at how level may have met eisenhower and the latest on the investigation into her death. that's coming up to twelve thirty a crime alert for you this noon police released the name of the man accused of robbing a virginia beach seven eleven overnight police say around twelve forty five this morning this man twenty six year old gregory jones walked into the store on holland road according to the investigators he demanded money from the clerk and after the clerk handed over the cash. jones took off he was arrested a short time later he now faces robbery charges and we're working to learn more about the condition of a shooting
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police officer on patrol heard several gunshots last night. seconds later a call came in about a shooting in the area of thirty first street and oak avenue. we're told that officers found twenty five year old man suffering from gunshot wounds his injuries may be life threatening but we now know that he was conscious at the scene police have no information on a suspect just yet. overnight firefighters put out a fire in a home in mobile avenue that's off kimball terrorists take a look at this video sent in to us by a viewer dispatchers tell us a fire started around two o'clock this morning could see the flames shooting from the roof of that building. fortunately though there were no injuries investigators are still working to figure out what started this was also on the docket today the case of the portsmouth city councilman and the criminal charges against him trial is scheduled today for charges which with improperly displaying license plates and
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over in the pen trace park neighborhood in december the city's police launched an investigation from express chief saying he did not appreciate the officer's demeanor during a traffic stop will be sure to update you after the trial a group of people in norfolk just filed paperwork to recall city treasurer anthony burke put following his public corruption charges. this cultural partners at the virginian pilot the newly formed group called citizens to recall committee is behind the push for votes lawyer raised questions about the accuracy of the petition last month pleaded not guilty to corruption charges is accused of taking thousands of dollars in bribes from developer. the jury trial is set to star in may. plenty to talk about the weather right now when a man she just points over my shoulder both evan and i see in through the afternoon to be helping jeff keep it tied to the radar coverage from the storms roll through later this afternoon into the evening. i think they laugh line interview as
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quite likely right now things are still relatively quiet boy the wins ever picked up our tree that is when gas is just a moment your temperatures staying in the mid seventies for a little while then falling off later this afternoon and later this afternoon notice those thunderstorms symbols in the forecast as well this is very springtime type of the temperatures up in the mid seventies. keep in mind normally forty nine is the high this time of year so we are well above normal the airport seventy seven in virginia beach seventy five was missy the relatively cool readings in the sixties up from richmond petersburg west point. those temperatures this of course readings are saying well above normal the way up drywall tile and it is a bit chilly out that way the winds are coming up from the south and really warming up we have a warm front that is lifting while towns been a little bit cooler this morning after the noon hour the look of these winds gusting up to thirty five mph at
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oceania and gusts around thirty two down and appear very windy out there this afternoon in those warm south winds will continue this afternoon so sustained winds south of twenty two mph the pressure is falling and will continue to fall as a cold front out to the west approaches we're still basically dry right now across the media area you get up to ninety five couple light shower showing of the heavier activity through the mountains right now we'll be watching for potential stronger storms as well there's an area of low pressure spinning out here and the frontal boundary that extends out from that is what is going to push through again we just had a warm front lifts through our area this morning the winds are coming up in the south when threat and this is a little change since this morning earlier the storm prediction center with the national weather service in that center out of norman oklahoma they had us all in this marginal risk of severe weather threat. now it really looks like the marginal threat is a little farther to the south still pretty good
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stronger storms and certainly some heavy downpours and gusty winds but it isn't like the severe threat a little bit greater down to the south and less of our media area considered a marginal threat will watch it you can bet on that and we will keep you updated through the afternoon evening as this one comes through you can see the wet weather will linger early tomorrow i expect thursday to be a little soggy as well especially coastal areas and through eastern north carolina as we get to friday nana came and asked me an interesting question today you bite on the set chance for any possible snow early friday. well he's going to turn a lot cooler you'll notice that the future cass really brings the rain as the cooler air moves in especially late friday so we're going to be watching there is some potential select cooler air eyes were so so mushy that there might be a little bit of mixing or something maybe in the back edge that most likely most of that motion will move that will keep you updated if things change e you can bet we'll have recovered. i also
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i really early next week or late sunday into monday there's a potential coastal low it looks like right now this is the gs model that the center that would be farther to the south and just down off the southern part of north carolina coast before it shoots up to the east but that too could produce and what weather late sunday into monday if it tracks farther north we can also do some other issues with the coastal storm cell was to watch nbc will have a full update for you back one day to read about another five ten minutes and the full forecast the next half hour. granted i think that right. well that same system that's headed our way right now trigger a series of tornadoes in alabama and mississippi lashing rain powerful winds damaged a number of buildings and uprooted several trees for others the cleanup is just the start of things well the fact is we only lost material things make you feel real blessed there's nothing new that came be replaced and we didn't get a scratch on us were not hurt
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the good news here. while there's plenty of damage only minor injuries were reported young business leaders taking charge to raise money for local charities. how you can get involved with this great cause of the party to go home to find the same time
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. am a young business leaders taking charge in virginia beach were
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division of the central business district association and over the past six years the group has raised one hundred and seventy thousand dollars for local charities and nonprofits are here to tell us about how he did it and how you can get involved is joshua schulman thank you so much for being here thanks very much for having me. so tell us exactly what you guys raise the money for how has it helped the community. well we've raised money for several different charities of this year and last year we raised money for junior achievement of greater hampton roads they are all about getting into the schools and teaching kids about entrepreneurship and workforce development skills and um we've also raise money for samaritan house in the past and we just look for organizations that had you know kind of jive with our shared mission to create movers and shakers basically taught the casino night. what is it once again be what this
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ten thirty the sailor senator didn't answer and it is a fantastic event that it's lester was still sold out completely. mom and i live in a casino gaming there's a light entertainments them unless you had over three hundred people there so loud it is expected to be a good turnout again this year anyone can go for the price is sixty dollars right that's right although we've enabled a promo code on their website so if your viewers want to log in it's at the us media. com and other promo code is wbc. ok so they'll get ten dollars off the ticket price so they can days for fifty dollars and talk about the movers and shakers that you get to network with. well the cda is our kind of parent organization so a lot of board members from the cda are typically in attendance and it is it's just it's it's a great showing people really
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and um you know it in our group personally you know we we like to network and and one another and help each other growing professions in personal lives in and it's been a great avenue for me to make friends and should read this to some one to fall a lot of people constantly coming in and out of a hampton roads for business reasons as well so i write can find everything about it especially for being here today with this and don't forget they have a promo code with a ten dollar discount
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the clothes are starting to
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take a live look for sky view camera overlooking downtown norfolk. it was nice earlier today wet and windy weather though is on the way greg has an update for us in just about a minute but first here's a look at our top stories charges dropped against the woman accused of killing a man during a domestic fight in virginia beach. prosecutors dropped voluntary manslaughter charges against may convey his suits the court found that agency was acting in self defense when she killed terrance covington police arrested at his shoes after officers found covington stabbed to death on sedgwick court in september the commonwealth's attorney's office released a statement saying that there is insufficient evidence to prove a criminal act occurred and were following a developing story out of hand to several businesses were evacuated because of a suspicious package. hampton police are on the scene at town center near big bethel road at the shopping center in newport news bomb squad is assisting will continue to follow the story and bring you any new details emerge
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the weather is warm out there today and sixties seventies in some spots but that's not sticking around for long craig is here with an update on that cold front come through this evening that to change things up but you know the thing that cold front come through it kind of pack some punch and i need to be prepared for some heavy downpours are potentially some strong maybe even severe weather and certainly not out of the question right now fantastic when you step outside if you like warm weather to really feels like spring in fact it's almost a year and we set out there to feel that warmth and think hey this is early february no it shouldn't be this warm we are going to see the changes coming this is what i want to show you right now our future cast temperatures in the mid even upper seventies in a couple of spots look what happens out to the west the showers increase in risky chances for thunderstorms late afternoon into the evening. notice how the ride home. areas near the coast may lock that may still be dry it is certainly going to be windy but you see the chance for storms out to the west and that is going to
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this evening and as we go through ten eleven o'clock there's that potential for some stronger possibly severe heavy rain may linger into parts of the area early tomorrow morning but i suspect on daybreak tomorrow morning i'll be covering a lot of this whether as it's exiting and they look for additional showers to develop later today or later tomorrow down the coast even southside hampton roads has more weather tomorrow but the thunderstorm threat that's going on this afternoon and tonight i'll talk more about that we have a look at your weekend in just few minutes they too are i think he cracked you an update now on the fight against the virus the cdc is expected to issue new guidelines in response to alarming new case in this outbreak. well so far at least forty cases have been reported in twelve states health officials now report the virus has spread from person to person by sexual transmission and not by a mosquito abc's elizabeth her
12:29 pm
the latest on the z virus a disturbing development out of dallas in the battle against his ego virus was spread by mosquito spread through sexual transmission an individual when abroad acquire the virus came home and infected their partner while the virus transmitted through sex is rare it is not unheard of year the u s turns out back in two thousand eight. a traveler infected with disease the virus in senegal return home to colorado and his wife later tested positive for the virus still officials say this is the first case of sexual transmission in this current outbreak. they also call this latest piece out of dallas a game changer because the virus with possible links to birth defects in unborn babies and paralysis in adult can be potentially deadly and cause debilitating complications as dr richard dresser saw firsthand in brazil said she contracted the disease is seven months ago and at one point could only move her eyes. the fact
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still having such difficulty walking does make a pretty severe in the coming days the cdc says it will release new guidelines in the meantime officials say the old guidelines still stand. if you're pregnant avoid traveling to zeke affected countries and for others we are repellent and avoid mosquito bites in addition to new guidelines from the cbc the red cross is now asking donors to week twenty eight days after a visiting zeke affected countries before donating blood. it was with her abc news new york on the investigation continues this newness of the murder of a thirteen year old girl nicole level. still ahead how investigator says she met
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. the following new developments in the murder of thirteen year old nicole madison level. her mother overcome with emotion as she tried to speak about her daughter and this noon we have new details about how the team may have met the man charged with murdering her abc's in the pilgrim has more new details on the murder of thirteen year old local level authorities now say at least one of the two virginia tech students had been planning it for weeks. a very preliminary determination of deposit that is stephen nichols' mother remembering how her daughter
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survive childhood cancer and illnesses. coley had a passion of working in the music they sing heart broke it. nicole passed many people throughout her short life unable to complete her statement tuesday the thirteen year old local levels last seen on january twenty six her parents say she put the dresser up against her bedroom dr before climbing out of her window. police say she was killed the next day her body discovered on saturday about eighty miles south of the blacksburg how billy saying that thirteen year old was active on social media with multiple facebook and instagram accounts nicole also an active user on the instant messaging app kick. that's where police think she met eighteen year old david eisenhower a freshman at virginia tech one of the two college students charged in her murder. he spoke here to our baltimore affiliate about his track career. i realize in the moment that i'm doing
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they could be doing and yet i still have goals for myself because there are people who are better than me and i will personally not stop until i reach my peak performance eisenhower of former high school track star now facing charges of premeditated murder. court documents charging that his accomplice now beekeepers began planning the murder in early january in charges for her accessory before the fact first degree murder of a pilgrim reporting there while all eyes on pennsylvania courtroom now try to be starring comedian bill cosby is in front of a judge this knew it but he says an agreement he had with the former district attorney
12:34 pm
bill cosby says he should never have been charged in the first place his attorneys are expected to continue to make that argument today. the comedians
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how to deal with the former district attorney and in exchange for his testimony in a civil suit. no criminal chopper charges would be filed but in december just days before that statute of limitations expired. a new prosecutor brought indecent assault charges against the seventy eight year old tv icon. there's still sufficient evidence for the prosecutor proceed if he is permitted to admit evidence of what is called prior bad acts. the current district attorney said there is no written record of any such agreement. cause he has repeatedly denied all of the allegations against him over keeping on eye on the weather by craig has a
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. a very big day for high school
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get today's ness bill signing day it's the first day of high school athletes not just the official scholarship offers to play for the school of their choice. often the scholarships are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to a top d one school already more than a dozen recruits from hampton roads have signed their letters of intent with the guys getting in on the super bowl action the nfl says that she will sing the national anthem before the big game sunday she joins a long list of superstars who've been given the honor including whitney houston cher and garth brooks id of ansel did last year and that's not all for ga ga chef paying tribute to david bowie at the grammys a little over a week after super bowl singing a medley of songs big question is what look will she be escorted by sharing that hand of the iowa getting a glimpse of more super bowl ad some of them to be released on line ahead of
12:38 pm
with the puppies being called the winner the empire ave as as honored instead be declared a winner. the writer is heinz cashing in on the wiener dog cuteness this time around. this is their loony super bowl commercial not only is it going viral it's already being called one of the best actions of super bowl fifty. love those dogs right now i don't know to love the weather it later this afternoon it's pretty nice out there right now in this is a lot of sky view from up in oyster point langley federal credit union and you can see it's still pretty nice up there on the peninsula around oyster point we are going to see the temperatures continuing to warm and we were calling temperatures at least twenty degrees colder. this was for yesterday than what we saw mommy guess what we were
12:39 pm
degrees colder three pm so that exceeded the forecasts treat this part three to seven today were flippin that were on a saturday afternoon temperatures at least twenty degrees warmer and folks were already there temperatures much much warmer than yesterday we were at fifty one for an official high right now sitting seventy four. it's going to get a little warmer thanks to the south winds very very breezy afternoon say windy with gusts to thirty five mph in norfolk a thirty three mph gust in chesapeake. a thirty six mph gust in virginia beach. so a very windy out there right now virginia beach looking pretty good from my town center and you can see atop the western view they're pretty nice still but the winds are blowing south and twenty two mph that's going to drive our temperatures up as we take a look out to the west showers overtaking farmville we've got some light showers around the richmond area just kind of passing by but the line of storms farther to the west is a cold front out there that is going to march through later this evening it will drop temperatures
12:40 pm
when i get into the future castle take a wide view here and she again the approach of the showers in my late afternoon evening the rain becomes more likely around you'll see it pushing through and early tomorrow morning still out whether priests in north carolina now i do expect more showers to push northward in the hampton roads look for the wet weather around here as well but if you're farther north maybe peninsula middle peninsula northern neck your chances of rain in less than say southside in eastern north carolina this stuff will move out late thursday into early friday on the backside of the system colder air works and i think the boy sure will be out before most of the really cold air moves in but if it does get in a little sooner we'll be watching the priests of type on the back edge of that rain as it moves out looking ahead to the weekend saturday looks good but there could be a coastal low that swings by just to really sting to the south east of our area but enough to produce whether late sunday so there you go you can see the wet weather across the region and certainly this
12:41 pm
tomorrow like these while drier friday and saturday
12:42 pm
. courier earlier in happenings family and raise the debt our new college sports team is headed to the seven five seven is volleyball. the brighton strength college will introduce a new women's volleyball team this fall to hampton roads and joining us to talk about it. we have eric rockwell his bobcat athletic director and will startling is the head coach of the bse wins bobcats
12:43 pm
joining us out sightings were my favorite sports eric first of all that bs started with basketball and now moving on the life we have so much excess of the first three official years and the basketball program with all the laundry list of accolades and huge success in our success on the court but actually the class was well soon athletes perform well and we decided to bring in a sport talk to brian a strand volleyball happen to be the one we want to go with because so big that our water and the american college volleyball association. all posts in two thousand fifteen is the largest sports team sport and heighten girls for high school united states in the southeastern region is actually going to fast this all reluctant to get mr will style epic is not only a great coach but a great administrator get the program off the ground yet no surprise that my girls play volleyball they all love it can sign welcome. this is so exciting for all of us held views little bit about yourself and down what you
12:44 pm
i think both grow globally planets are in agreement that the search and or high school cloud over to virginia tech and we have high hopes to phone a great coach great in the basketball team and enjoy some success immediately and what are you looking for specifically in the players who are interested in this opportunity. looking for young women in the area who might have thought that they didn't quite have the opportunity to play in college i still want continue their education and hopefully look to bryce trying to stay home and play for us and enjoy some success both academically and athletically where will they play where the home games day will be tied water volleyball center virginia beach but they can attend classes at either campus very good art so eric if someone out young ladies listen to this and very interested. what should she do to get involved you can actually go to bsc broadcast our car and walked the whole process. ok and when they make a phone call a kind information are they going to get about brian stratton will
12:45 pm
the bed mrs russell actually walking through all of our programs will draw fans and it will go from there. aside from volleyball you offer lot of support for students who are interested right. oh yeah absolutely. in terms of childcare and so forth that absolutely. so again if you are a young lady out there who is interested in playing for the new volleyball team so excited about this what a great opportunity this is the information that you need back is the information for the winter semester those of the phone numbers to call and um take a look at the website and again held a recruitment icon if you can click on it
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