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tv   13 News Saturday  ABC  February 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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everybody know what we're off to a cold but beautiful start this morning we're going to take you through allow the sky these as we had to wrap a shout. here's a look at the numbers are heading out early it is definitely chilly were down to twenty five degrees in emporia where twenty eight right now in newport news norfolk a little bit warmer relatively speaking because we've got that went off in the bay where thirty one right now in virginia beach twenty six and suffered in the morning enhancing your coming in at twenty nine degrees now the winds have really calmed down overnight were really supporting calm conditions for most of our viewing area with the exception of hampton virginia beach only reporting about three miles so the calm winds and the clear skies and has been a few clouds overhead this morning lily had our temperatures to bottom now so here's a look at the next twelve hours we'll have mostly to partly sunny skies as we had throughout the day to day temperatures a little bit cooler than where we should be this time of the year right about the mid forties by this afternoon and then will quickly drop into the thirties as we head into
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dry but i am tracking chances for rain and even some wintry precipitation as we head into your sunday and then we're talking yes the possibility of more snow in the seven day forecast i see that in just a few minutes joe carter thanks asia this morning a person is recovering after a structure fire in virginia beach it happen while you're sleeping on whooping crane circle that's not far from shore drive dispatchers tell us a fire sparked around one thirty this morning. medics treated the person for minor injuries on the scene. no word yet on what sparked that fire or working to learn more about a shooting in chesapeake. here's what we know so far the victim told police he was walking on importing avenue around ten o'clock last night when a car drove by and someone in the car shiny another person drove the victim the hospital now his injuries are believed to be non life threatening so far police have not released his condition or any suspect information we'll bring you more when it comes in later
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community will come together to remember the dooley family police say cameron dooley shot and killed five members of his family in a murder suicide last month a concert has been planned to help the community heal. that concert is this afternoon from two to four at deep creek baptist church the event is free but organizers will accept donations for the doors to leave fund at town developing now and so what mass for several businesses in virginia beach who have numerous leaks coming through their ceiling. one business had their ceiling come down talking about tenants of the shopping center obama's road and general booth blvd aaron diehl of those shows as one of the tenants struggling to keep her business afloat leak after leak on a client's hair and i'll send my subject and read and so in a rush to get the trash can over there in the big bucket every year that was the last couple years have been like for
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salon in virginia beach she's put buckets on the floor and the kids in the ceiling plans had to walk around all this mess to try and catch the water right next door to her salon in other business had their ceiling come down these leads have been a huge problem at the shopping center off damn that and general booth blvd christine says it's cause our business to drop off of all businesses closing found this same issues that were having she tried contacting the company that manages the property and had no luck they're based in new york i have made every attempt possible to contact them i call them again was mounted on the return call i email them. i don't get a return email but if something isn't done soon christine says she can't do business here anymore. my business it's my liability but they shouldn't be putting themselves at risk
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i contacted the property management company regarding the links in this building had yet to hear back from them but the city tells me they'll have to have an inspector come out here the timing of his building is safe and then they'll move forward with the owners are ready virginia beach and the low thirty news now new sports and much more ahead including a weather update nation yeah we've got a nice day and sorkin have any outdoor plans looking pretty good it will be chilly but a lot of sunshine will talk about the rain coming up in the extended forecast in just a little bit and there's oohs and ahs in the studio special edition of shelter saturday morning were joined by oregano. yes not in our omelets but the criteria of
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and what collect on her shoulder saturday and oh my my heart has been known to everybody else and this is the area's puppy we've ever had i saw oregano. emily peck is here from virginia beach spca animal you're saying you have a group of dogs named after spices the air with the oregano is why navigator for five females on the other names. it's fantastic rica anything yet and the parsley time in rosemary's this summer i can give us a little background on oregano so cute yeah like demeanor. oh she's so sweet she's a little camera shy this morning
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months old and she is a bully breed of mastiff mix in her and her sisters will be available for adoption on monday old sisters are either four or five others. wow yeah so i could carry more weight so mellow and laid back kind of family would be great for reagan. gosh you know really anybody she seems to be great with other dogs greet with the hands of the best thing about a puppy as you can print it yourself. so we can really try to make it work in any setting and how old is oregano oregano was three months old she is a big rush is going to be a big girl yet how long have the advantage for girls yet. yet one of them in with you i am we had a couple weeks until they all are vaccines on board said they'll be available on monday to launch our homeless pets awareness week on yet we are partnering with ten other local shelters in hampton roads to promote the seven point six million animals a pastor shelters every year the shelter is asking folks
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for homeless awareness and then the shelter has an adoption special going on sars are half price adoptions on february thirteen and fourteen. that's fantastic if somebody wanted to adopt her how much the price money would come down to the shelter and thought an application or a week for me everybody in your family on puppies are one seventy five for adoption and that includes their spay neuter six months a heartworm prevention on the go all get microchips which is a big deal. man's hips are huge because that's how we're going to help combat this homeless pet issue by helping pets that do have homes to return to the fantastic i hope we do more on that next week talking to jen our producer is a homeless pet awareness is a great promotion. it is romanian wire saw as wonderful and the mayor's actually declaring a homeless awareness week. i am so we're hoping to get a lot of folks interested in coming out to shelters and meeting some of
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animals like oregano and or sisters on the water mains is also helping out the virginia beach spca that all week they'll be donating two dollars from every orange crashing last year allowed gas to wear your orange bitter orange ribbon bow at your shelter and adopt oregano cuz she sae ok that's fantastic. the ad we have a quick update to this is going to be whatever we hope happens or a noun. our dog raven and her last week monday i got adopted and live happily on the home the er every time she looks so happy that it's going to happen or how do i ever done and ready to play. oh yeah i'm feeling
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i gotta gather myself after that adorable puppy i just cannot get over how sleazy was i let's talk about the weather were often chilly start this morning we've got temperatures down into the twenties for most spots definitely cooler than yesterday morning so let's zoom in here twenty eight degree of an ex more on the eastern shore of twenty seven and now for coming in at twenty six right now in gloucester as we head over to
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joining us safe from newport news year twenty seven are coming in at thirty one and hansen right now. more the same on the southside twenty nine right now in thalia coming in at twenty one and longview and we've got thirty two in crestwood and northeastern north carolina not leaving you out of the chilly conditions thirty degrees right now know is this city for twenty seven and gates bell and low forties at sea on the eastern shore and at satellite and radar were not tracking any precipitation this morning mainly just some high clouds spreading over the area making for a very nice sunrises so let's talk about our future cast because i am tracking chances for rain for the second half of the weekend not for everyone so for today we're going to remain dry will have a few clouds a few high thin clouds passing overhead caught mostly sunny to partly cloudy will remain dry if you have plans this evening. still to be dry but it will be chilly as temperatures drop back into the thirties as we head into sunday another area of low pressure will develop off
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some moisture back into north carolina mainly so by sunday morning most of the viewing area driver will have clouds around and notice we could see for mixed precipitation also some snow showers for the central portion of northeastern or after the central portion of north carolina's his knee and as we head throughout the day on sunday the rain will try to spread a little bit farther north. i think the best chance of seeing any rain also some wintry precipitation starting to make than it is and north carolina we could get a few showers on the south side but as a system continues to pull away when i see those rain chances decrease in overnight sunday into monday and then by monday morning we're going to see clearing conditions but another system will move then late monday into tuesday and that can bring us chances for rain and even some snow showers. i would talk about also the winds because with that area of low pressure and definitely have the strength and off the coast it's going to kick up the win so here's a look at the eye when guys as we head into sunday night
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guys remember not sustain the hatter is about twenty three we could see those wind gusts as high as forty as we head into sunday for today that we're going to be quiet the winds relatively light temperatures in the mid forties by this afternoon forty seven in hanson low to mid forties on the eastern shore and northeastern north carolina he'll climb near fifty degrees so today enjoy it because as we head into sunday temperatures a lot like today but we will have more clouds and chances for rain and even some winter precipitation as we headed to northeastern north carolina so for super bowl if you're heading out. if you live say along the outer banks northeastern north carolina definitely take the ranger with you but most of the area will remain dry and then tracking chances for snow and rain showers as we head into late monday into tuesday good advice folks go out for the super bowl you travel somebody's home might be a little slick coming home after the game. yeah i think the south side a few showers if you save your going to
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peninsula the state tried to think will be dry for most of sunday i'm going to my house the new hard drive. are you going anywhere. now i'm not rich or how the player gets a good thick of things asian well we turn to some more news here working to learn more about an accident on i sixty four late last night state police dispatchers say they responded to reports a multiple vehicle crash on i sixty four west has passed northampton boulevard. it's in virginia beach a viewer says this video the aftermath you can see the fruit of the cars completely smashed dispatchers weren't sure if anyone was hurt but they say a rescue team was sent to this scene have the backing of day i told you you're stopped in traffic no other team is now confrontation caught on camera. portsmouth city council and the knicks pulled over back in december near duke street and maple
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room contains my camera video of the traffic stop to see me through his window rolled down talking to him and then makes gets out of his car despite the officer's order to stay inside. we spoke with councilman makes on the phone he said the officer was aggressive toward the game ended the way we do get irritated. ok the current me oh determine the what the poet the bard the moral statement from the coral the police released this video was following the outcome of an internal investigation they did tell us the results of that investigation. in other news police in north carolina are considering chargers in an accident that caused a
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side police say a car pulled out of a driveway hitting the boss and another car yesterday afternoon in matthew's that's near charlotte eight kids and a bus driver were on board medics took two people to the hospital one child on the bus and the driver of one of the other cars. both are expected to be okay. students are just a little shaken up i was terrified just what i wanted to see their faces in crime and shaken up but that we have seen those cases so i would probably be in the hospital police agree officials say the bus driver and bystanders help students off the bus before police arrived. well an alert employee help stop a bank robber in hampton police tells two suspects approached the scene at bank on coliseum drive yesterday afternoon they were wearing masks over their faces and went into the entrance way leading into the bank and employees solomon use the bank's electronic lock to keep them
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would be robbers ran away empty handed. the police are still trying to track them down in case they strike again. the final countdown republicans have one final push to earn your vote before
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. welcome back with another look at your weather forecasts and we're going to head to williamsburg is a live look at riley tavern this is in williamsburg and we do still have some puddles on the roadway said it was a mention that because we have a lot of spots below freezing this morning. watch out for any on black eyes three frozen puddles out there this morning twenty eight degrees out right now in williamsburg va definitely below freezing with dot com wins the conn wins in the clear skies and really help those temperatures to fall overnight are actually saying it temperatures cooler than
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time some spots down almost ten degrees cooler and franklin also in korea ten degrees cooler and wakefield now we've got winds at the north and northeast today most part supporting com right now with the exception of norfolk to six miles in three and both virginia beach and hampton by winds will stay out of the north and northeast and so that can help to keep our temperatures at bay. we do have some high clouds moving overhead will see more of that as we had the other day to day not produce any rain were to stay mainly dry but we will have the clouds around temperatures climbing in this graphic is going a little bit warmer than what i'm thinking will top out in the mid forties by this afternoon but we will drop back into the thirties as we head into this evening so definitely keep the ad the coat and the gloves with you you'll need if you're heading out overnight we'll talk about chances for rain for the second half of the weekend and the potential for more snow and the seven day forecast joe our nation thank you. the new hampshire primary just three days away and tonight the republican
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debate right here on abc for the democrats a new national poll shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a virtual tie. abc's kind of mode and is in new hampshire to show us it's a busy weekend for all the contenders in twenty sixteen race is the final push for support in new hampshire. i don't watch anything just want your vote what does it rock with the south carolina kept out of the granite state. the bad weather still bitter about his loss to tech rooms in iowa. i don't think i did come in second. i think i came in first stop the less the great state of the waters more than the other candidates off the new trail their supporters were on the ground walking door to door fridge and even ninety year old former first lady barbara bush brave the treacherous conditions were signed before tonight's gop debate hosted by abc news the overnight bernie sanders got a lot slower section of
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and chester the hillary clinton was also there and deter violence and calls to the neighboring vermont senator with a walking lead for tuesday's person the nation primary. new hampshire's never quit on me and i've not planned i know new wood working with injured young supporters have rebuilt their today while the top gop contenders are prepping for tonight's abc news debate right here a thing in film college of mobile abc news manchester new hampshire to watch the debate tonight on abc thirteen abc's david muir and more threats will moderate primetime coverage starts at eight p m rally in virginia beach is urging military veterans and their families to make their voices heard this election year the defense of freedom tour stop last night at the founders and were told more than four hundred people attended the event speakers included that wounded vet jason redmond navy seal gold star mother and a former army sniper event is hosted by
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america of its advocacy group they're encouraging vets and military families to make sure they vote in the upcoming election will bundle up we got a cold start to the day today but i sure has good news for your afternoon plans. that's next their full forecast in them are going to we're one day away from super bowl fifty are your office pools in here what president obama thing or rather who president obama thinks will bring home that lombardi trophy the special mission to breathe new life into downtown or what it could mean for local (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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. good morning everyone thanks for joining us on thirteen years now they've become joe fleming advice to staff the weather today i sian i can't stop talking about the superbowl tomorrow you're looking at two panther fancy a sari bronco fans i know you're out there are some battles fans are going to get email. i shall just be generic and that president obama take the middle row make the top like a politician exactly know what though i'm excited about super bowl because of the food rather than a day at your house will be right the ok that don't work for me what would it have to try to plan something out of wood about favorable forecasts for you the carolina panthers and the denver broncos are
7:27 am
thing to keep in mind we will have a few showers possible along the south side if you're going to be heading to save the contents of the middle peninsula or the eastern shore you'll get there sunday mainly drive better chance for rain down into north carolina temperatures though by at six thirty about forty three degrees it will be chilly temperatures this morning definitely chilly were down below freezing in many spots were twenty eight right now newport news journal of the city where twenty nine and while silent norfolk a little bit warmer than everyone else because we've got that went off of the day that's keeping temperatures in the mid thirties now satellite and radar are sleeping nice and dry but we didn't have the high clouds overhead were to see more of that as we head throughout the day today but we will remain dry as the temperatures this afternoon although chilly and we will see a lot of sunshine that is slightly below what we should be for this time of the year which is right about forty nine degrees and still not bad at all. i am tracking chances for rain will time that our free will feature
7:28 am
minutes also will take a look at the extended forecast that's coming up a swell job all right thanks a show well as plenty of buzz about what's to come in downtown norfolk and city leaders are all leaders to get a chance to hear about potential business plans next week a council meeting she knew her as a look at what they'll be talking about downtown norfolk has seen its fair share of changes over the last few years i went to tcc years ago is very much here is pretty dead now it's a lot more going on and there could be more coming downtown according to their docket that we've obtained city council's meeting this coming tuesday night is packed with proposals from businesses hoping to get their piece of property in the middle of the activity. one of the players starbucks which has two locations in its site on grand. i think anytime
7:29 am
provide more services and products to consumers all better for the economy that's not all our partners at the virginian pilot reports that the bank of america tower on commercial place and the building next door is also in for a big renovation these potential changes and discussions have people hoping for a bright and diverse future i hope there's a variety it attacks all kinds of young people older people on professional keep on reporting in norfolk. she knew her thirty news now well for one offer homeowner everytime it rains it pours in his backyard. mark cagle lives in wards corner. he says everytime it rains he ends up with thousands of gallons of water in his yard he blames the city crews install new sewer line in his front yard about a month ago and then sealed the old line in his backyard with concrete
7:30 am
the city's says it's his responsibility to hire a subcontractor costs thousands of dollars i don't have and i don't know what else to do a city spokesperson told us there where the problem and they are working to find a solution later today portsmouth residents have one last chance to weigh in on the city's budget plans for next year the city will host its final budget community engagement meeting the city manager of the school superintendent will talk with residents about priorities for twenty seventeen. today's meeting starts at nine o'clock at church one high school in the flint water crisis michigan governor rick snyder's defending how his office responded potential links between legion airs disease and contaminated water. the governor's office received an e mail year ago that detailed a surgeon legion tears amid worries of lead contaminated water. this happened after state officials switched the source of plants water to the flint
7:31 am
state officials are skeptical of any link that was ten months before the potential link to the juniors was publicly disclosed later today than ever to sheriff's office is collecting water to send the flint michigan workers donated more than three hundred cases of water in two days. they also collected one hundred and sixty more cases for a water collection drive today. if you are interested in making a donation drive is from nine o'clock until five today at new beech grove baptist church. that's aunt abby's lane in newburgh well coming
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?@ u1& are ok on a boat or have a friend to take
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the water but you know it's stories of people getting in the mariners regime has tried to educate voters on the subject and that's coming away with this an educator from the minors and mark argue with me and marco tell us about this program helped establish her this year what's what's all about this is actually the fifth year for the safety of sci seminar at the mariners museum. we've been working with lynn full connecticut. captain henry marx is leading this the seminar will be the host that the mariners museum with a daylong course that teaches you how to be safe on the water how to interact with other boats especially the big ships that we have in hampton roads is a busy harbor a busy port town and so it's really important to be safe and we give you the skills that help you be confident guys assigned us a lot of great pictures will take a look at some of them now in the one that got my interest was the big life raft there that we see tell us about that what it's all yet every year we go ahead and and inflated life raft
7:34 am
rafts on their boats but don't often get a chance to blow them up so easily blown up there and give you chance to see how that works get inside out. we also will be demonstrating flares which is something that everybody keeps on their boats for safety but doesn't get to use very often that one picture as we keep a look at these how many people fit inside that life raft i saw that look like it could hold about ten people and it was it's really crowded with about ten people in there but they they can fit in there and that's what you have to do of course when you're out at sea. don't leave anybody in the waters and over the years that you've had this at the attendance looks good it's sold out. how many can you hold his eye hundred people five hundred. we hold about a hundred ton but it's been growing every year we had about seventy five last year were expecting more this year if we can get them any instructions on like how to say or is it more peer safety its safety but is also on its also attic it out on the water when you're dealing with other boats its first aid when you're when you're out on the water it's on its
7:35 am
here in hampton roads which can be unpredictable so i got to in my boat years ago when i had one i was a little nervous about the carrier of the big coal ships coming in the cargo ship that something you're telling people you gotta navigate around those they can turn very quickly absolutely absolutely they're trying to watch out for you but they can always see what's going on in the water you're talking a bay maneuvers ocean maneuvers and safety on the waterways rivers in the area this get this course will offer a certification in near coastal safety at sea from us sailing and so was it one teaches skills that you need to cross the ocean but it will teach you what you need for here in the bay and close to shore it's awesome knowing you got something isn't today a special day over there absolutely today's community date the mariners museum will be offering five dollars admission for all hit the roads residents to please come out and join us with a lot of you are all about the community community day
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. as breaking news from taiwan after a six point four magnitude earthquake struck the death toll has risen to thirty now including a newborn baby in a small child at least a hundred people are still missing more than three hundred others were hospitalized with injuries rescue efforts are focused right now on to collapse residential high rise buildings firefighters pulled
7:38 am
thirty people out from rubble and efforts continue. right now organizing another look at your saturday forecast looking absolutely gorgeous although a bit on the chilly side here's a look outside this is overlooking hansen this morning a gorgeous shot as the sun is shining bright this morning i am so if you're heading out early here's what you can expect a lot of sunshine but it's definitely chilly but a lot of spots below freezing with the exception of norfolk coming at thirty six degrees for twenty seven right now newport news were coming in at thirty elizabeth city and while of silence. also in the twenties but now falsely reporting twenty eight degrees on the eastern shore now satellite and radar use of the high clouds in the shot overlooking hampton and here you go on satellite radio or shine those high clouds pushing through the area. wanna see more of that as we head throughout the day today so it will remain dry today as we head throughout the day there
7:39 am
evening will remain dry under partly cloudy skies clouds will increase overnight here's what i'm tracking we've got another area of low pressure that's been developed just off the coast and then it's going to intensify as it gets right off the north carolina coast so by the time we head into sunday morning we'll have mostly cloudy skies most of the area will remain dry but even some mixed precipitation into the central portion of north carolina and then as we head throughout the day we could see a few showers on the southside maybe clipping the eastern shore but the bulk of the moisture that we're going to see tomorrow will remain along northeastern north carolina here at seven o'clock heading to super bowl games you will need the umbrella for joining us from north carolina but you likely won't need it from the peninsula northward so the opponents of the middle peninsula as well and we could even see some snow showers developing on the western edge of that system it will quickly pull away as we head into monday morning so we will see
7:40 am
another system will bring us the chance for rain and even some snow showers as we head into late monday. not only will the system bring rain to the area especially for north carolina but it will pick up the wins as well as a look at the wind gusts as we head into sunday night and sunday afternoon we could see those gusts up to about forty mph in hatteras about forty mph as well across virginia beach and into north that supported a forty five degrees and mostly to partly sunny that is slightly below what we should be for this time of the year right about forty nine and then thirty two tonight increasing clouds will call it seasonally chili will be a bit chilly overnight so forty five degrees on sunday again that rain mainly in northeastern north carolina as we head into monday into tuesday we're watching that closely and will be tweaking the forecast as we get a little bit closer to time joe thinks a show of carolina governor pat mccrory is hoping some of the excitement the panthers are generating will transfer to his campaign. curry's
7:41 am
campaign tries to connect the panthers super bowl run with his time in office the commercial closes with mccrory throwing a football to a child and saying keep pounding panthers courage campaign website also is decked out with the panthers team colors. all eyes are going to be on the golden game bets are being plays we all have our predictions even president barack obama listened to what he had to say i got to see a little more information but i think it is a great story for peyton manning to be no tours and of his career in a super bowl and the defense the broncos have this unbelievable but the stuff is going to close a nice middle of the road. spoken like a true politician. well super bowl weekend means big business and big bucks for the league the team's ticket sellers just about anyone associated with the game
7:42 am
bowl fifty will generate six hundred and twenty million dollars in overall revenue that's a record for a one day sporting event the big dance means big business for the us from the ads to the football as to how much right down to the lombardi trophy but much of it is actually made in america abc's david muir has the story how much of what we see on the field in america's biggest game is actually made in america turns out a lot starting with the venue three hundred iron workers helping instruct levi stadium with twenty three thousand tons of steel build an ark and saw both teams vying for this trophy to vince lombardi made in rhode island by tiffany and company before either team gets their hands on this we have to handle this will simply call remember our trip to mid ohio inside hundred forty were stitched together in place of wilson footballs husband and wife team mark and i met here on the line to their four children think
7:43 am
also the cfo on the field just like we did help with the players have on ninety percent held that you see on the field aided america many of them shot sports of that real illinois seven hundred fifty workers even made the hell that the panthers quarterback cam newton and finally the ads ones that make us laugh. we're the ones that make a stink. remember whether text formats you want a loan to build a factory in america you can do fortunately we didn't listen to the experts this sunday their third super bowl at four point five million dollars as their message to people the owners hired hundred new workers at first but then last year wellpoint more than one thousand white outside chicago . it was abc's david muir reporting we do joe's job sewn made in
7:44 am
bowl fifty a former nfl star sharing stories about super bowl number one. listen up as roger brown takes is down memory lane. remember that
7:45 am
. welcome back when super bowl fifty kicks off tomorrow to bring back alot of memories for roger brown owner operator of roger brown's in downtown portsmouth in the very first super bowl the green bay packers took on the kansas city chiefs. brown the seven time pro bowler from the detroit lions in the l a rams was in the stands of
7:46 am
coliseum wasn't even packed for the first super bowl roger was practicing for the pro bowl at the time it was in the same stadium. he says he was rooting for the packers coaches had two tickets and they said we could go so we had a day of no practice of just born to her to the pro bowl game of the super bowl game that was great so fifty years later roger brown to watch the super bowl in his port for the restaurant inviting everybody to join him he says cam newton the panthers need to win and prove something by the way i was not at that first super bowl but i totally remember watching it i was in high school with that i'm dating myself by asia all forty nine of those games i've seen on tv. gotta go to one of a like roger i say go panthers. sorry bronco fans. tomorrow is the super bowl if you are a big football fan you may
7:47 am
the commercials you might recognize a few familiar landmarks in one of them colonial williamsburg will be featured in a super bowl ad. it will be seen in three markets tom brokaw narrates is some of the biggest moments in us history are the themes the ad will air in philadelphia new york and washington d c where waking up to some very chilly conditions on this saturday morning especially if you have a little bit farther and when we're seeing temperatures down about ten degrees in wakefield eleven degrees from this time yesterday and in korea so it's a chilly start to the day and it can remain chilly as we had throughout the day a lot of numbers below freezing where twenty five right now and sorry twenty seven in korea are still holding in the thirties was a mid thirties along the outer banks in manti own office at thirty eight degrees right now and twenty eight on the eastern shore we've got thirty one and virginia beach the satellite and radar showing the high clouds moving through
7:48 am
remain dry as we head throughout the day but we will have those high clouds moving through the area forty five degrees by this afternoon so we'll call it mostly to partly sunny. that is slightly below what we should be for this time of the year which is right about forty nine degrees. here's a look at the marine forecast just in case you try to get out on the boat we do have a small craft advisory in effect for the ocean as we head into sunday action gale warning will go into effect so there's definitely something to keep in mind. no warnings or watches for the chesapeake bay at this time the ways one foot for the day and three to four feet for the ocean will take a look at the sev (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership.
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people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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one last check the weather looks like we're in the forties for a long time yet to be chilly today also for sunday but it will be dry as we head into sunday though will have chances for someone to presentation mainly along northeastern north carolina and chances for rain as well and the winds will pick up sunday as we head into mine amtrak in another system that could bring us some chances for snow mix precipitation and or snow showers late monday into tuesday. always a scary word yeah it's the book keep you posted on it. i do wanna say happy birthday though i have to said door as she watches every weekend
7:51 am
and believe this the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
7:52 am
good morning, america. republican candidates just hours away now from taking the stage in new hampshire. tonight's face-off, right here on abc, may be one of the most crucial moments in the race so far. is trump looking for devine inspiration? >> i almost want to just go in and pray. >> and can rubio ride the iowa bounce to the top? >> if you get a call on tuesday
7:53 am
true, it's a lie, keep voting.
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