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tv   13 News 11 Weekend  ABC  February 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:20pm EST

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have led to this shooting family members of the twenty one year old victim tell me they want answers and they were out here talking to anyone that might have seen anything it was a mixture of sadness and fear on anderson street sunday after someone gunned down twenty one year old in front of his whole movie was a really scary because i have to sign in is my close to my house and we could have been one of the police say the victim was shot several times the scene in hunter's bill leaving neighbors shaken and heartbroken. we hear about the gunshots and as i'm hearing guy says i had more screen out al al in burns and that kills me to hear somebody scream out for help and nobody's there to help new and we come outside and inside three people standing over him so i hope his way while police investigated the killing some of the victims' family members came to anderson street
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their own questions trying to figure out what happened they were too upset to speak on camera but echoed when neighbors said about the twenty one year oldt f violets him in the sun that as sin on the porch that his own business. it was polite he was nice in this weekend in your face she knew her thirteen years now a driver is in h car ran a red light and crashed into an suv in hampton last night to other people were hurt in the wreckage east mercury bl nolice y speeding and blew through a red light the car hit an suv that was in the process of making a turn blowing of the driver with critical injuries is a man officers didn't say if he was in the car the suv other people who were hurt a man and a teenage girl should recover from their injuries no word yet on what started a house fire in hampton that sent one person to
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were on bannister drive off of deerfield boulevard late this morning. people who were inside the home got out on their own before crews arrived. that included one the hospital for smoke inhalation firefighters had things under control within twenty minutes after they got there the flames and smoke still managed to cause heavy damage to the house a warning tonight from the norfolk sheriff's office after dozens of people receive calls from someone pretending to be a sheriff's deputy the callers telling people they missed jury duty and need to pay a fee if they don't have to spend a day in jail. caller then tells people they need to put money on a prepaid card without hanging up otherwise someone will come to arrest them if a person gets a card. the caller has that person read off the card number. now if you get one of those calls where you have gotten one you can call the norfolk police department's economic crimes unit that number is six six
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deputies in western virginia say an abducted girl is safe looking for her biological father who is accused of that that amber alert this afternoon for three year old haven moses on your phone say police canceled it. hours later after police found her deputy say her father james knows the third violated a protective order we took her from her caretakers home in scotts hill virginia. that's south of charlottesville those arrests that are related to this incident a classmate nicole avail the thirty two year old or rather the thirteen year old from blacksburg police found murdered in north carolina say she tried to tell a school resource officer labelle was having an inappropriate relationship with an older person. police say that is not the case officers found the del stabbed to death last month just across the virginia state line to virginia tech students are facing charges related to her murder police say one of them david eisenhower had a relationship with labelle kerry cook went
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she tried to warn her resource officer labelle was seeing someone who was older than them. someone other than eisenhower or this one guy whom would he look older than eighteen and be there for their day in and hung it with him for just posting screenshots of how they were cute couple and how they were great together and because he just looked too old i went to school and the police the investigators say they spoke to cook a day after the bill's disappearance but she did not mention any inappropriate relationship the blacksburg police department released a statement saying that if a student had reached out to the sri with the concern quote he would have acted on it through the appropriate channels football's biggest night did not disappoint super bowl fifty is in the books with the denver broncos emerging as champions
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consider a storybook ending for quarterback peyton manning and presidential candidates making every minute count in new hampshire democrats and republicans trying to round up support days before the state's primary and the storm system that brought us the windy conditions the rain and sleet is slowly pushing off towards the east will mean some sunshine in the forecast for
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the presidential candidates were on the hunt for votes this weekend in new hampshire two days before the state's primary polls showed donald trump with a big lead over other republicans doing democrat bernie sanders may be enjoying the home field advantage. he is ahead of hillary clinton heading into
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martha gonzales the candidates around hoping to score with voters the super bowl sunday following some big plays last night on the debate states in the top quiet for another donald trump appearing on this week is standing by some of his most controversial stances as president you would authorize torture i would actually authorize something beyond waterboarding to lose weight by being more like them. yes i'm sorry you have to do it that way today marco rubio unapologetic for this and let's dispel once and for all obama doesn't know what he's doing he knows exactly what fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing he knows exactly what i have before brushing off criticism corrosive and will never push bush for jeb bush. look i said this last night i am going to say this every chance that i get barack obama is wanting to do is
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well bernie sanders backing him serve following his appearance on saturday night live. democratic socialists of hillary clinton here now to explain how dressed up in flint michigan to discuss the water crisis there. what happened in flint is immoral and a new poll just out of the gap narrowing between the democrats with sanders know ahead of clinton by just seven points. marci gonzalez abc news manchester new hampshire thirty four people are now dead following an earthquake in southern taiwan this weekend one of the hardest hit areas the city of time on where seventeen story apartment building collapsed. rescuers continue to pull survivors out of the rubble they say about one hundred people still trapped. and a massive storm system that brought us the wind the rain the sleet continues to spin off
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slowly moving eastward the one to be on twenty nautical miles out into the atlantic ocean hurricane force wind warning up because of those winds that are gusting well over seventy five mph over the over open ocean. even while on the coastline we've seen winds gust topping forty mph we have seen that wind rain and some leslie that's been mixing and still likely some sleet mixing in with this little heavier bursts moving across parts of virginia beach in the mouth of the chesapeake bay and back across in sections of north carolina can see them very slowly for progress of the back edge of the last three hours. so in the next couple of hours we will see things really start to wind down that those winds will continue to be gusting out of the north and northwest as we head to the overnight hours notice mainly some light rain across eastern shore could be a few sleek palette mixing and down towards the southern tip of the eastern shore in out ports in northern portions of virginia beach that heavier bursts things starting to wind down back across the south side and parts of north carolina back
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or exceeding the swan river in the albemarle sound things holy push off towards the east so by midnight or so they'll still be a few showers lingering to coastal areas might be a couple hours too fast for any precipitation exiting here on future cast. we will see things certainly improve as we enter the morning hours on monday chilly start to the day temperatures in the mid to upper thirties as we go through the day will look for partly sunny skies temperatures by midday hours into the mid forties and into the mid to upper forties to near fift er bursts we could see a few snowflakes are a few sleep outs trying to mix and tomorrow evening and as we head to the day on tuesday another day with partly sunny skies and another little system moves through those future cast once again calling for some isolated showers and here we see the pinks and purples indicating a deal that of some mix precipitation once again tuesday as temperatures
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lower forties on a chilly day on tuesday looks like as we enter the evening hours things will really start to wind down its certainly looking at some gusty winds out our spot on forecasts were going forty six degrees for high temperature today hit forty six in virginia beach forty five just be forty six in leesburg but not the only hit forty two still at the start the streak over the spot on forecasts for tomorrow is calling for those breezy conditions especially as we go to the morning hours cloudy skies out there right now forty one degrees normally wins twenty two mph winds gusting to twenty six in chesapeake twenty encourage top forty in many a forty seven and up thirty one in virginia beach and twenty six in hampton so forecast for tonight thirty six degrees rain and sleet early exiting off the coastline in the next couple of hours and to mark forty seven degrees morning skies start to clear out as we head into the evening hours with another chance for a few isolated rain or snow showers and forty five on tuesday forty one wins a thirty seven
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by next week and a push of some very cold air moving in so valentine's day. partly sunny and forty two today for a romantic fire. yes the base to build one right thanks a lot of growing up on the sunny spore special brian smith has complete highlights of super bowl fifty in
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a local world war two veteran will spend valentine's day with a long lost love he hasn't seen in person for more than seventy years were the airport today is more with thomas and his son left for the first leg of the trip to australia where thomas will reunite with joyce to rocks they haven't been together since nineteen forty four when to run began training as a nurse and thomas got his orders that he was heading to france thomas was among the paratroopers parachuting into normandy as part of that d day invasion fast forward several decades and to run son found thomas
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allowed the couple to reconnect through skype is getting closer and i really am anticipating meeting another soldier for whom the action will be thomas is forward to most is seeing to run smile and quote giving her a squeeze. that's great and has been had this really is a seventy plus years while
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