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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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for any trouble spots and craggy forecasting partly sunny skies but there is a chance to change on the horizon and lead changes can not be a much colder air when everybody to collectively breathe in and i that's the kind of clear the fog i think a lot of us hanson fong maybe from the superbowl last night was interesting a lot of stories out there i talking about how there's like a super bowl flu right. honestly a lot of people call in sick following the super bowl you're thinking because of the partying but it's actually all the shared foods in a chance it can make some of those super bowl germs around eleven that anyway hopefully a feeling ok this morning forty one degrees right now into northwest at ten mph. we had mid thirties in wonder as we take a look at this guys you could see some clearing out to the west rain is offshore that's moving away the area of low pressure those providing the weaning the really cool temperatures yesterday that sliding off to the east so the north we're going to ease
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more sunshine. it is still breezy at the coast for some is reporting winds gusting twenty five to thirty five mph on the pier and oceania still quite breezy but the wind or a lax will enjoy a high near forty seven here's the deal will think it's cooler tomorrow and the next day in the next day and by the upcoming weekend will see highs in the thirties and a good choice on the back talk more about that also the chances for some more precipitation back in the picture tomorrow and maybe a little bit of wintry weather. stay tuned here's ashley with a look at the high rise or heard it's a pretty quiet morning here in the trap of the work that's always kind of hesitate when i say that doesn't that say that something happen so hopefully things they've really nice on the map to this morning right now when you look really good so we'll give you a quick live look at traffic and just peek around the high rise eastbound had george washington westbound headed toward four sixty four minor pickup in volume nothing major nothing that will slow you down as we head
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doing pretty well. you want to remind you if you're headed further out west we do have standing water poured on multiple routes in south canton isle of wight and surry counties will be very careful traveling in those areas this morning and then later on today the coleman bridge has two openings one at noon hour later at one o'clock but other than that we do look good although traffic is starting to pick up just a little bit coming up in a few minutes we'll head back to the midtown tunnel now using that little strip of yellow they're leaving port and headed to norfolk to you live picture right into norfolk coming up next breaking overnight a rowdy crowd in downtown denver causing trouble for police they end up closing the streets leading into downtown and had his pepper spray to disperse the crowd officers in riot gear arrested a dozen people. no officers were hurt but the crowds they didn't shatter a police cruisers window and call some damage on the sixteenth street mall which is the city's pedestrian zone celebrations in fort collins and boulder also turned rowdy stick around to highlights from the super bowl game that
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coming up at six fifteen digs and six so to some scary moments for north carolina governor patrick henri overnight he was in california with the super bowl california highway patrol says a car rear ended the governor's vehicle he reported some minor pain but wasn't hospitalized the governor released a statement shortly after saying in part we were very fortunate and while i am still proud of the carolina panthers. this puts the game in proper perspective. new this morning authorities in florida captured a fugitive from virginia over the weekend james kent booth was wanted in wright county for leaving a work release program without permission on friday he crashed a car in palm coast and ran an off duty officer found him hiding in a shed the next day police in florida say the two other people were in that car when it crashed. officers arrested a woman another man known only as mike is still in the run authorities in western virginia still looking for the father of a girl who is accused of taking
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for three year old haven moses yesterday afternoon state police canceled it a few hours later after the founder trooper say her father james most is the third violated the protective order when he took her from the caretaker of the latest in the investigation in to nicole levels death police say that one of the accused tried to warn the other. when police found the girl's body officers found level stabbed to death last month just across the virginia state line to virginia tech students are facing charges related to her murder police say that one of them david eisenhower had a relationship with lovell morning america is in blacksburg this morning as a friend of the accused killer speaks that is at seven o'clock. well this tragic story has brought some taps into the light that parents might need to know about some of these apps are called go steps they may have explicit photos videos and even text messages that you can't even see jimmy lee has a story a lot of these apps
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calculator app even when you open it it works like a regular calculator but as soon as you type in a secret pass code. it unlocks his head in photos. if you search for hidden vaults apps in the app store google play times of the so called ghost ads pop up popular ones include keep safe vault ky and nice and smart height calculator. not only do these apps hide photos and videos you can even hide browser history. no teams may think that they're sneaking behind their parents back but they can sneak behind the law if you're caught with nude pictures of anyone under the age of eighteen and you send those photos to someone else you could be charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. it's a league to think it is said that it's fun to let the complications of this crazy the kids are doing they're storing new photos of other students in excess tragic really but that's how i just have to
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after coming out everyday and it's hard to stay on top of it but i've got some tips for parents who want to monitor these go stats tonight at six jenny me thirteen years now while resorting to an antibiotic alert this morning the fda is in hot water over its labeling. yet the lawsuit they're facing over the drug level quinn and its devastating side effects last super bowl betting is really big business but people did just that on the football teams from the strangest prop bets of (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service.
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keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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(crowd cheering) abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. you never know when ibs-d will show up. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. do not use xifaxan if you have a history of sensitivity to rifaximin, rifamycin antibiotic agents, or any components of xifaxan. tell your doctor right away if your diarrhea worsens while taking xifaxan, as this may be a sign of a serious or even fatal condition. tell your doctor if you have liver disease or are taking other medications, because these may increase the amount of xifaxan in your body. tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, or are nursing.
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and an increase in liver enzymes. if you think you have ibs with diarrhea talk to your doctor about new xifaxan. i know. six o nine in right now things are quiet across hampton roads still a little breezy at the ocean for wins been gusting from thirty mph. they are but the winds will ease up later today and as we go through the day after the run into him more and more sunshine so while we have some clouds this morning one sat sun comes up in this area of low pressure moves farther away will see improvements coming to a weather nice break here setting up across virginia and north carolina later this afternoon some more moisture increases from the last oh let's get the kids ready for the bus stops and basically we're looking at partly sunny skies once the sun is up
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generally windsor northwest and north about ten to twenty mph as we dig into the middle part in a mid forties skies partly to mostly sunny increasing clouds late afternoon into the evening will take a look at the temperatures all across the region those temps in chilly here but afternoon temperatures getting closer to fifty out towards richmond chances for what weather going to be jumping the car may be headed westward just know you may encounter whether out that way later today. locally we should remain dry but tonight that the chances for showers. it would be a little colder to the northwest maybe a little bit of light mix precipitation in spots at this point we're not looking for anything significant but it is something we will monitor and keep you updated on looking ahead of the next few days temperatures trending down again tomorrow a chance for some mixed precipitation mainly off to the north forty one the high on wednesday and temperatures turning even cooler as we
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i have your full weekend and it's going to be a cold one coming up let's check in went out on his actual upgrade the roads are heating the midtown tunnel you can see that behind me here on the map from the cameras in place you can see here fifty eastbound traffic portsmouth into norfolk now starting to see a substantial enough delay to let you know leave home a couple minutes early to get through that slow down it's not too bad that reduce the traffic is dropping down from thirty five to about twenty four miles an hour as it crosses over the western freeway interchange and head into the midtown tunnel i know westbound traffic into bob portman is doing a little bit better but i just want to force like to lay there on the eastbound side of the midtown. am traffic network map to head up in north carolina we did a couple of cancellations of the current top notch island ferry. the six am run which of course happened about eleven minutes ago was canceled coming from current top but also the six fifty a m ryan has been canceled coming from knott's island so heads up there. coming up
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i have nothing on your bread list i'll give you live to ride across the g or b are right ashleigh thank you it's the start of lovely here in daybreak and we are diving into the ways that we show love to win at six thirty lucy breaks down the love languages that could help you get through to
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. the federal drug administration is facing a
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of an antibiotic. the lawsuit alleges the fda commissioner conspired with pharmaceutical giant johnson johnson to hide the side effects of level quinn for financial gain. it claims it to work together to miss label the drug level when was the subject of an fda hearing back in november two congressional committees overwhelmingly voted that level quinn's labels don't fully explain the risks of taking the drug the fda statistics around twelve hundred people have died and nearly one hundred thousand have suffered the side effects like crippling pain from that rock. all right let's get now to the story everyone is talking about this morning six thousand two hundred and twelve that's how many days it's been since the denver broncos won the superbowl and riled everyone up early with a thirty four yard field goal from brandon mcmanus four minutes later by miller stripped the ball from carolina quarterback cam newton. millie jackson recovered to score the game's first touchdown. noone would end up being sacked during
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the second quarter but the denver defense proved to be just way too much only allowing carolina to kick a field goal in the fourth broncos won twenty four to ten how there are lots of super bowl bets made on who would win the game from the lense of the national anthem to which team would score the first touchdown opportunities to place bets on individual events connected to the big game and big money some of the more unusual. what color shoes would be on say where on stage for the halftime show which song with coldplay played during the halftime show how many times with the golden gate bridge be shown during the broadcast wow anything to worry americans live in san francisco to talk about how the broncos fans celebrated after the big game we showed some of that video throughout daybreak at seven o'clock right after this newscast heil new this morning some volkswagen diesel owners
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fall gets ahead of its claims fund says the automaker will offer generous compensation packages to those whose vehicles exceeded seven mission limits rather six hundred thousand cars in the u s are affected by this i will forget about lunch at aaa today guys. all of its restaurant in hampton roads and across the us will be closed until three o'clock this afternoon to review food safety. this comes after the chain was hit hard with a series of food borne illness outbreaks of polio also begins a big marketing campaign this week and this plugs for you at least twice during postgame interviews last night broncos qb peyton manning said he was looking forward to having a few beers and specify that budweiser the company insisted did not pay for the plugs those two mentions worth more than three million dollars in free advertising or perhaps he was looking for free beer at slights i will probably send
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few case and point out was at ohio ohio city ohio anything of hers to go in from across the region today if it were going to be sending out blog see the same cold or colder after today in much colder weather coming. temperatures today a little on the call center normal upper forties enjoy this eye while temperatures are still a little cool which he sees lately has been watching all morning and now we know it is going to a lot chilly air and were saying you know there's going to be this extended coolers spell of weather coming up to get chilly here in chile or we won't make that every tie after today and we close upper forties in when there is some spots given the low fifties but after today it's alot chilli or for the year on rain we are well above normal with only one or five weeks six weeks and now two twenty sixteen and we are four point six inches above normal on the precept we don't need anymore not for a while we are to see the sunshine today it's going to be nice when i plan on getting out trying
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this nice weather for a while later this morning in the afternoon the area of low pressure to produce the wet weather and the wind near the coast that is farther away and we are seeing improvements will enjoy today but the next system pushes through with cooler air moving in later tonight and tomorrow will stay in the mid forties and after that of the lower forties for wednesday. eventually highs are highs in the upper thirties for thursday and friday. even chili or by the end of the week. it's a lot colder set to move in we'll take a look here the future casper is free for today will enjoy. skies becoming partly to mostly sunny by the late morning in the afternoon but for the clouds roll back in the seeding chances for a few showers pushing in from the last and it will see isolated to scattered showers late this evening and then overnights more scattered what weather and maybe a little bit of mixing off to the north and to the northwest will be a little cooler there and certainly chilly air aloft
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the mid thirties so a little bit above freezing but again cold enough with the air up in the atmosphere little that we should see some mix precipitation late tonight early tomorrow. later in the day on tuesday and tuesday evening some additional mix precipitation or light snow showers possible mainly north again the rest of the week wednesday thursday friday alex bader with partly sunny skies to mostly sunny conditions so it'll be dry right now the skies are starting to clear out forty one of the airport the high today close to forty seven to one of the seven day because that trend is down you know we've been doing these these i guess graded bars here with a seven day we could see the warmer days you have color bars you see that trend going down down down as we head towards weekend thirty two for a high on sundays we go much much colder air action. haha ok great well worth a look at traffic right now in the spots were still
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minutes ago i give you a live look around the jr be well here's some of the best i can give you here back on actually kind of lost our camera at the g r beasley can see are seventeen north and south moving well now let's head to the camera that we do i was not too far from the monitor merrimack in newport news so if you're taking that from the peninsula to the south side you can see traffic moving very well around thirty ninth street was about three miles away from the title track also moving northbound in fine shape so we do look at wideout jeremy and the monitor merrimack as we head back to the traffic network maps and update on your bridge less we have a chesapeake on military highway reporting an opening in about nine minutes of your for me when he is the high rise bridge were headed to don't forget the coleman bridge still set to open at noon today and then again at one o'clock so few things to watch out for four in just a few minutes in the later on today and coming up here in the next few minutes as we zoom out we'll take a look at traffic. i had something to newport news at the monitor about coming up next. all right ashleigh thank you
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. a local world war two that will spend valentine's day with a long lost love. he hasn't seen this person in more than seventy years was talk about a love story we were at
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norwood thomas and his thigh and left for the first leg of the trip to wa surely our thomas will reunite with choice to run so they have not been together since nineteen forty four when to run to begin training as a nurse and thomas got his orders that he was heading for france as one of the d day troops so fast forward several decades and iran signed found thomas to the internet allowing the couple to reach this conclusion i really am anticipating meeting another soldier for whom the action will be the leader joe said thomas says of the two things he's looking for to the most is seeing deron smile and coat giving her a squeeze on purpose or beloved week here on daybreak you can submit a picture of you and your sweetheart to enter to win a romantic getaway at
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a wbc dot com also if you share them on facebook twitter instagram be sure to use the hashtag thirty love we will also show some of those pictures off here on daybreak. and you all have already started submitting some great couple pictures are some of them are right now we have a gallery in thirteen years now. com this is a picture of alejandro in virginia beach. here is another one from amy in newport news. this one is from anna in virginia beach and the smooch is from amy in newport news great because everybody can come ac other will be some sun today but temperatures will remain chilly day but yet to stick around craig is talking rain
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. a growing backlash over one controversial super bowl commercial out of our neck of the wood and what you need to do today if you want your voice to be heard in the virginia primary and learning lessons and love
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ashley smith learned when it comes to love languages daybreak starts right now. oh yes we're having some wine for monday morning. yes we are that's understandable as it was the month of laundry senior is six thirty on the dow right now we begin with the first of your forecast to begin keep an eye on today on the rightist regulars tracking a really chilly start to the work week but it's getting cold or hot big changes coming up i don't know what i'm more excited about the changes in the weather were ashley's little dive in the low weight when i begin i have been trying to say that guy for use i know you're watching right now we're making we're making business i knew whether i have right now mainly clear we are looking for can be a great story i all the sweet love with good stuff going on. temps in the low to mid thirties and
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the coast one of those little closer to your sweetheart this morning out to the west because it is so chilly but it's gonna get even colder later this week scott is going to clear out pretty solid win that we saw yesterday near the coast that sliding farther away right now it's an out their offshore and still a little breezy near the coast but we will see the improvements coming up as winds relax later this morning. our idea north thicken right now you can see the temperatures headed for highs today around forty seven officially so not a bad afternoon but he gets a lot colder later this week and waiting to see next week i had that for you coming up right now is ashley. well been waiting for a hard time every morning i read said tapping out a few spots things are starting to pick up in a couple of areas but i just wanted his wide overview first things are actually moving pretty well
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a look now at traffic conditions around them on demand that when things really have not picked up here on the south side you can see here traffic six sixty four nor the look the volume out there but nothing major at singing the plate light or delays as traffic had to break out of the tunnel and to newport news exit ramp and headed further into suffolk also doing well so let's head back to the mass now and take a look at the midtown tunnel slight delays are leaving portsmouth into norfolk you dropped out of twenty three at the western freeway split and it doesn't really still he was a little but you can see traffic just now starting to pickup eastbound at the time bt give you a live look at that coming up at six for you so much in a six thirty two right now a crime alert norfolk word this morning a family is dealing with the pain of losing a loved one when act of violence. officers found twenty one year old man shot to death yesterday in hunters hill area this morning we're hoping to find out whether police have identified a suspect in this elise brown is here with the other piece of information were hoping to learn about the case today
6:30 am
not yet identified the victim in this case will be working to get you that information but neighbors told us they do know who he is and they say he is a good person around ten yesterday morning please tell us several people called about gunfire. once officers arrived on anderson street they found a man lying in front of the home shot several times he died on the scene neighbors tell thirteen years now during the gunfire they heard a man yelling in pain. a witness says three people stood over twenty one year old trying to help him. family members also showed up. police have not yet a stroke not yet released any details on who may have done this so if you have any information police are asking that you call the crime line elise brown thirteen is now highly think you just a friendly reminder for virginia voters close of business today is the deadline to register to vote or update your information with the registrars office if you want to cast a ballot in the march presidential
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not register by party so primaries are open however you can only choose one of the primaries in which to participate. for more information visit their teen years now back with a new after primary is just one day away now and fresh off a republican debate marker rubio went on the defense yesterday after being criticized for using what sounded like rehearsed lines the latest polls show rubio has a good shot at placing second in the new hampshire primary behind donald trump and on the democratic side bernie sanders edge in new hampshire over hillary clinton remain significant among likely primary voters look for extended coverage of the upcoming primary election live from new hampshire ahead on good morning america this morning president obama is calling for doubling u s investment into clean energy research and development as a way to combat climate change the president outlined a plan in his twenty seventeen budget proposal which will be sent to congress tomorrow. it calls for increasing energy funding by almost thirteen billion dollars by twenty
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of the historic mission innovation agreement reached in november by world leaders in paris. well this week we will get a behind the scenes look at nasa's progress on its journey to mars nasa administrator and former astronaut charlie bolden will deliver the annual state of mass address tomorrow. bolden is expected to discuss the agency's scientific and technological achievements and cutting edge future work the event will take place at nasa langley research center in hampton. major changes could be coming to downtown norfolk tomorrow night the city council will hear proposals from businesses the property in the middle of all that activity going on down there now. one of the players is starbucks cites insights rather grand the street. meanwhile our pilot reports the bank of america tower on commercial place and the building next door also in for a big renovation now six thirty five it was an ad
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bowl fifty the cost of five million dollars for a thirty second spots were going to show you the ads they got the best bang for their buck
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scott is right now maine we clear across parts of the year you can see with our
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pretty nice and we're going still kickin little bit this morning settling down so will really enjoy better weather the area of low pressure moves farther away will talk about the regional weather basically today we have this window. words can be really nice i'd say for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon especially this morning is when z's up the coast but we'll enjoy the nice weather today we've got the bus stop for the kids looking pretty good this morning still breezy though with those winds northwest ten to twenty five mph temperatures will warm up by midday close to forty five degrees and forty seven for the afternoon break. as you can see the temperatures are chilly but you know it's february we expect cool weather temperatures are going to warm today eighty or fifty at richmond if you're headed to raleigh. maybe some showers here fifty four forty six f and d c forty nine in charlottesville at around roanoke forty six of fifty one in charlotte are we in the system approaching
6:36 am
that could produce a few showers late tonight i do expect hidden ish hours especially after the north and west and then for tomorrow so more wet weather and possibly some snow in the mix as well she won that with our future cast moment temperatures today topping out upper forties low fifties for northeast north carolina we'll see tomorrow. that chance for a little bit of mixed precipitation even though temperatures to marcia reach the mid forties and we're not looking a lot but i think cold enough aloft up off your service that we do get maybe a little bit of light makes a spot wednesday cooler and even chili or thursday and friday i will show you that and look ahead to the cold weekend in a few minutes his actions. all right craig just now starting to pick up on the hampton side of the hr bt the minor pickup in activity year eastbound traffic passing settlers landing doing pretty well until it gets a little bit closer to mallory who can see that congestion they are learning to walk around the corner and head to maui street so expect some slight
6:37 am
three quarters of a mile of traffic as you head to the term btn out to norfolk on the travel network mastermind we do have the lace eastbound into norfolk at the midtown tunnel as well. at the gilmer to bridge that six thirty opening is in progress so keep an eye on it let you know when it clears out there for now i went to the high rise bridge or the jordan bridge instead was the opening scheduled for the coleman bridge later on today to check traffic conditions to see if you have any more delays to add to the left that's coming up at six fifty r i s tank killed officially love week on daybreak and were looking into what keeps the spark going release and you might recognize one of our volunteers and how love
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. but i knew this morning a super bowl ad for colonial williamsburg a sparking a firestorm online here's part of the ad that aired in d c philly and new york city last night we reflect upon our sacrifices our brave troops. yes our parades of the ad caused quite a stir on social media
6:40 am
the september eleven terrorist attacks and andre people really taking to twitter to share their thoughts are plenty commons other these brainy college we have for you this half hour of daybreak we'll see what babycenter says i can't believe they paid five million dollars for adult like this we'll have another common to share with you from the land and she said this oh brother. can't people just watch something without picking it apart come on heels of another one from kyla who says i never said what they were going for but could see how people would take it offensively if he didn't really get the whole picture of this at some people are saying online right now here's what colonial williamsburg have to say in response including the world trade centers is powerful and subject to debate but american history is full of tragedies and triumphs. it made us who we are today. we must remember the super bowl fifty s and a box the denver broncos dominated the carolina panthers in a twenty four ten when and for some
6:41 am
as entertaining as the game there's a friend steve harvey. he makes fun of the flab heard around the world when he mistakenly universe winner back in december st i have to apologize again he said. or at all indicated the commercial they are back in this precious canteen add this time it's the girl getting hairstyle help from their nfl dads tonight inside the heat. when did he do it anybody know a locally owned company is creating buzz of an ad featuring an iconic boxer the book i see the ones they would not know was actually seeing that i had no idea what was coming
6:42 am
the reason for my goods of every one of the party got great commercials not the only thing causing conversation last night. it might've been coldplay show but bruno mars and fiance brought the funk to the super bowl halftime show beyonce performed her new song formation which was just released over the weekend there was also a tribute to the previous half time shows in honor of the game's fiftieth anniversary includes with whitney houston michael jackson playing at the lights from the big game ahead at seven o'clock lesson fifteen minutes from now coming up on good morning america. hi all new this morning the twitter mentions are taking over during the superbowl fiance to the top spot as she joined co play during the halftime show queen bee received more than two million acts mentions the assurance came in second with nearly one point two million and the broncos came in third believe it or not with complete one million head to abilene for the many iphone
6:43 am
apple right now her i phone sixes have stopped working showing an error fifty three mm sh that this is why apple says its security measure after the phones were repaired by someone other than apple so basically if you have someone put on a screen for you. that is into the store you get that message you have to contact apple support if you want them to replace your cracks in the four for five pounds for a foreign world of ojai and ten blue screen of death nor was the sole it's it's it's all a great day we curse that yes the embodiment of frustration like cursing up a cold weather yet so hopefully the measures under the water we're talking about bruno mars and beyond see the super bowl and you just watch the video you are sans come like a flashback to my cookies are really there's an all out right here lately but i miss dance move for my meal but michael obeying the voice of the little subtle things he doesn't like our brunei
6:44 am
be too young to really remember michael jackson when he was doing his deed today it's amazing i'm here though we have right now some wet weather of starting here with the look you been to the hague because we do have some very minor or nuisance tidal flooding let me show you that i forecast for schools point here you can see this morning high tide coming up about quarter to nine were going to be a four point four feet and really that's right below that threshold for minor tidal flooding. so right matt nieces to minor level it'll go down a little bit the next couple of high tides then eventually settle down after that the water is up and rushing in to see the water higher at the eastern shore we've seen rough conditions from virginia beach is in that area of low pressure off you are not that you very quickly in the spot on forecasts we're going try a forty six we only made forty two and it's not within three degrees. it's not spot on so we had to take on the chin national start the street today with breezy conditions at the coast and we've
6:45 am
start off with another streak and we'll see how far this next one can know i think the last we got about ten or eleven something like that at any rate here's what we approve the next twelve hours you're going to see temperatures warming up into the upper forties and will see increasing clouds later this evening that area of low pressure now well off to the east and continues to move away we had a very close to the coastline over the weekend and now it is racing off to the northeast we're going to see them break and then we'll see chances for some more precipitation in another push of colder air coming in really important to check out the future cast your notice a few showers late tonight and then rain showers overnight mainly rain smile that could be a little bit of mixing up from the middle peninsula and the northern neck better chances for some snow showers tomorrow night as you can see in all moves out early wednesday couple lingering showers right there improvements after that here's a look at the seven day forecast temperatures this morning starting up thirty zealand forty two the cuse highs are forty
6:46 am
see improvements with more sunshine late and we look at cold weekend is thirty seven saturday eight thirty two for a high on sunday ashley passes the masquerade but you know we have to deal with it and in some ways that move has left the island was thirty two for high water that can be and are well will get a deal with bad credit for it and we don't have to deal with too much other traffic network mask a few delays out there but nothing major this morning so i didn't take a look now at the jordan bridge where traffic had just begin the port and you can see as it approaches the portsmouth side it's a little bit slow but other than that record will be well across the jordan braid no delays eastbound for chesapeake and that's a healthy because we had backed the mass but jordan britt left has cleared that was at six thirty cleaned up six forty five ish herself which i still see some flight delays out there she would take the jordan bridge as another route. now i do when you have the power still watching those birds look at the coleman for noon today and again at one o'clock this afternoon. right
6:47 am
the latest that was landing gear down to twenty seven eastbound at the midtown tunnel you down to twenty three at the western freeway interchange to a few things to watch the four this your traffic troubles welcome back all right ashleigh so much more week on daybreak. and today we're going to teach you the five love languages as described by the famous dr gary chapman so early in the show introducing to our favorite couple ashley smith and her fiance robert dennis that i often get to do a story on a friend. well they were in the middle of learning and choosing their love language is one of the pack. what did ashley pic quality time i won at me in the same thing that doing something together and roberts physical touch. he's a hugger complaint with the tiredness is like going off the inning on a day. dr chapman says the biggest lesson is not to show your
6:48 am
in their lineup switch lanes if you initiate film are firmly touching him and spending a lot to heal. and if you initiate proper spending quality time with her trying to make plans that would be to get yours early why doesn't the love of the spouse should have little desire to be sex with him as as time passes they offer guests attending the circle back to it if you learn to speak the right level you can get to love full even after you come now and that's one of you still did they learn something. i think ashley learned allow the law to think of the admins delano the best wishes guys. we are all rooting for the october is the big month riot the ashley was howling is actually that you have
6:49 am
the absolutely so after the interview he said that we talk is what can we do so what we do we now have the rescheduled date nights per week eleven the eye the eye and the love they learned during those date nights i have to do his love language and he has to do mine. it works for very minimum though the weather is also especially for our community a military version of the five one point in the know how can you show physical touch on the planet right now he writes very good
6:50 am
and your top story in the morning wash norfolk police are working to identify a suspect in a deadly shooting was jealousy twenty one year old man was shot in the country's military on anderson street early yesterday morning he does the scene working to get more commission about the victim from police anyone with information about the incident is asked call the crime line at one eighty eight lock u up and deputies in west virginia are still looking for the father of a little girl who's accused of taking her chances are you've got the amber alert for three year old afternoon state police the few hours later after
6:51 am
dad james moses the third violated a protective order when he took her from park taker and a friendly reminder for virginia voters close of business today is the deadline to register to vote or update your information if you would cast a ballot in the march presidential primary virginia voters do not register by party so primaries are open however you can only choose one of the primaries to participate in more information on how to register visit our website thirteen years now. all right when we checked the roads especially the in to bat on the traffic at work this morning with a few delays taking off the monday morning to see her hands into norfolk traffic for about half as the hr bt about one mile delay so what's up with aperture alternate are clear the mind of merrimack and jr be on the traffic network maps we do often slightly eastbound the midtown tunnel into norfolk dropped out of the western freeway split that standing water still going on our preferred route west southampton isle of wight and surry counties and don't forget the coleman
6:52 am
one o'clock this afternoon but i still wanna get back to the facts and sunday that a bmi of thirty two yet online video will get their attention right now though you mention high water farther it will take a look we also had the coastal waters of just a little bit some nuisance tidal flooding this morning that's the higdon and zoomed in on it sits up out of its banks is not one to be a widespread flooding issue but just a little bit of minor nuisance flooding in those very flood prone areas temperatures right now are in the thirties for inland areas before coast a storm systems moving away wins will relax shower possible aiden was a lot today but tonight we will and then take a look at seven eight years when ashley was talking about temperatures trending down highs thursday and friday in the upper thirties even chilly for the weekend. there's a chance for some mix precept tomorrow into early wednesday about
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