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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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when someone trafficking heroin distributed. it's not a matter of if someone will die as a matter of when a strong message from authorities on the local state and federal level working to fight the heroin epidemic in virginia thousands of navy job cuts in the future were digging into the plans to downsize and twenty seventeen revitalizing the arts district in norfolk how up and coming businesses could breathe new life into the city policies but the president owns his own company and is just sixteen wait isn't what he's up to now the news of four starts right now. this illegal drug business led to a virginia beach woman's lethal overdose and today he pleaded guilty in federal court. twenty
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from virginia beach admitted to distributing heroin resulting in that hat says he sold narcotics to virginia beach residents including twenty three year old monica poetry she overdosed on heroin and died had knew about boundaries doubt but continue to sell drugs. he faces a maximum penalty of life in prison sentencing is set for may not have is just one piece of the heroin problem in hampton roads today local state and federal agencies sent a strong unified message about fighting the deadly epidemic thirteen is now was one of the first to shed light on the growing heroin problem here in virginia with our special hooked on heroin when documentary jimmy lee was there for today's news conference in norfolk and jimmy officials want people to know their plans to combat drug problems are effective in yielding results. yet today attorney attorney general mark herring sent a very strong message to the public that he will be
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drug dealers and traffickers like gregory hat he was joined by federal state and local agencies today the u s attorney's office the dav fbi ncis norfolk police portsmouth police newport news in virginia beach were all there today and a show of force against his heroin epidemic hearing in u s attorney dina ben tay said that they have after prosecutors to make these harrowing cases a top priority and along with enforcement and the prosecution peace education and prevention are key factors in this initiative the a g's office recently came out with a documentary on here when and are partnering with local schools churches and community organizations to get the message out about the dangers of these drugs and how addictive they are the ag also highlighted some key pieces of legislation one which would expand the use of the locks down which is a drug that can reverse the effects of an overdose almost immediately. this bill would make it so that
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agency can use it last year seven hundred and twenty a virginians lost their lives as more than car accidents and it's tragic and it's heartbreaking and we all need to work together to turn around this problem. it's shockingly large when you talk about hundreds of people who are dying across the state of virginia. it is a problem that really needs a great deal of effort and you what the da is doing to help local agencies tackle this issue and will also hear from local police on just how important this multifaceted faceted approach is in keeping our city safe. jenny me thirteen years now alright thank you and tell me about four thirty will hear more from the u s attorney and in december we brought attention to hair when this issue in a special called hooked on heroin virginia's growing killer the agency attorney general and u s attorney are praising it as a good picture and how the drug is affecting the lives of families here in
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half hour documentary is online on thirteen years now but calm and you can find it under the investigate staff we are following another case of drug trafficking but this case involves legal drugs husband and wife are charged with inappropriately prescribing and misusing prescription drugs ballots and patrice was termed themselves and to dare county and atlanta officials after authorities searched the animal hospital and max had a home and sunrise lane in calling to the watches both own the animal hospital authorities charged the waters with felony trafficking in opium and heroin now and walter also faces a charge of felony obtaining a controlled substance by fraud or forgery both are out of jail on bond our tree looking at some cloudy skies right now and have to nurse you can see more. skyview at the dq at seventeenth and atlantic as we can also be looking at a
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some sleet in some areas tonight so how widespread is this just not very hilly very nicely but we've already had a proof from evan stewart sitting right over there in the weather lad he did a school park today in poco seventy seven around two o'clock in posts and he ran into a shower of sleep as you can see why these low gray clouds around at times and there's a decent amount of shower activity on radar i would almost call this scattered but it's really some of it is not making it all the way down to the ground and was also not a lot of immediate metro area right now little bit more off to the north and these are probably some the places like in gloucester here northern parts of southern north central gloucester have the best chance of this little bit of a light rain shower having some sleep in it. same thing is you get up here little bit closer to middlesex county little bit of a light brief shower sprinkle crossing the ocean front area another one just over the state line here down
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continue to get through the evening to see very isolated showers by northern areas we've been saying it for awhile now and the best chance of the far northern areas little bit more sleet or snow mixing and enough so that you might even notice it a little bit more substantially so a lot of clouds out there but again we're going to be talking about some inclement weather as we head through a few areas this evening i'll be back to talk about a real cold snap moving in stages though when i come back and update a story we brought you as breaking news at four yesterday today we learned more about the two people found dead yesterday in southampton county sheriff's deputies found sixty four year old donald draper and fifty nine year old the nasa report in a home on southampton parkway. they were husband and wife told deputies responded to a call about a gunshot victim deputies are not searching for suspects the medical examiner's office in norfolk will determine the cause of death for the couple and now
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little bit about traffic conditions across hampton roads we are dealing with very heavy traffic in hampton as you make your way to norfolk sixty four eastbound at the hr bt i'll give you a live look at part of that traffic as we head to our camera here. this shot is why around king street and you can see here trap of making its way to the hampton river bridge the settlers landing mallory eventually out to the hr bt pretty much stop and go at this point for two miles when to break down totally stopped traffic at the hr btu are moving now to do a pretty decent delay processing delays at one of her alternate here as we head back to the traffic network mask you can see your thing just now starting to slow down newport news to soften six sixty four south of the eminem might be a little bit better either to the south side and notice traffic here at the jr be making his way to the south side is clear so often something to consider if you are headed to the south side this afternoon we're going with some delays on the south side as well talk about that welcome back our thanks ashley delegates the scott taylor is wrapping up his
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randy forbes. taylor is unhappy with ford's decision to switch from the fourth congressional district and to run instead and the second form is made that announcement yesterday taylor told thirteen news now he thinks the switch is wrong and he does not think of others and the second will except i had much respect for cars words he's a nice guy and don't know probably those things for our original course but i think the notion that his position which is a sacred honorable position to just be pass off a congressman like a football is disgusting. taylor says he's had more than seven hundred people attend to campaign events in recent weeks and has another one scheduled for tomorrow in for cousin forrest taylor an attorney pat cardwell are all seeking the republican nomination for the second they face off against each other in a general primary
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polls for primary day in new hampshire's of voters even reporting they did know who they would vote for it to the very last minute and the gop titled rob went to the primary as the frontrunner in the polls but it's a fight to the finish between democratic candidates marty sanders and hillary clinton with sanders ahead in the polls with a large voter turnout was good to do just fine. we're going to keep working literally until the last day of voting to cast the first polls close tonight at seven and you don't wanna miss a beat today on the new hampshire primary download our mobile app now for live coverage will find the latest updates along with the results once they come in and our apt is free and compatible with apple and android devices new businesses could shape the future of norfolk arts district a look ahead at what's in the works with
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424.
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. we are back with the new buzz going on in office right now and it's all about the arts district it's a big part of the big revitalization plan and if you haven't heard about it no worries elise brown is about that is out there for the arts district is really starting to evolve people say just years ago a lot of these buildings had empty spaces in our business and are feeling them bringing new life to the area right now in the arts district officially been me on this track which stands for new energy of your fat with splashes of color and murals. it's hard to miss this vibrant section of norfolk area is near the intersection of virginia beach boulevard in grandview street surrounded by institutions like the chrysler museum in the harrison opera house rachel mccall with the downtown north county says it's all about uniting in creativity and color guard
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institution and get them together with small local businesses and artists working and living in that area businesses like push comedy theater work release in physics beans in balls and soon the grand the social club which is scheduled to open in april partially down a nice bar co owner ddr in court says it will also have karaoke pool and a seasonal food served concession style of apparel design of the small chicken are both going through the mall itself keeping with the spirit of the neighborhood due in court as proceeds from the pool tables will benefit the arts they're going to a local charity here where we're trying to purchase instruments and some of those instruments to schools helping kids in bringing even more life to the arts
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brown thirteen years now and it's good for us it's right down the street has how many of you are introducing your children to technology like smart phones and tablets in an earlier age in the past two years experts say the same or more tech savvy tots kids who can easily navigate technology with no problems experts say children are attracted to the colorful screens in fast moving objects on these devices coming up on thirteen is now at six we'll tell you what day. some experts say you should introduce your kids to these devices mardi gras is in full swing in the marlins braves are still taking the early start this morning i mean i may keep the friendly man from you and i mean there's not a white guy in this whole round a little bit chilly weather didn't stop the celebration strong winds gusting up to thirty mph making the mid forties temperatures still like the upper thirties mardi gras also known as fat
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before the beginning of women's rights swedish furniture retailer ikea is recalling two types of ceiling lamps officials say the glass shades should fall could fall and hurt people the company has received customer complaints about the shades of some law in hiding lamps ikea officials say anyone who owns one of the two ceiling lamps should return them for a full refund and you don't need a receipt i can begin selling the lot plans in two thousand to and hide the models in two thousand and twelve study on death rates in the hospital re admissions reveals positive results about veterans' hospitals researchers found that va hospitals compare favorably unfavorably when it comes to treating patients with three common conditions heart attacks heart failure and pneumonia. the va undersecretary for health says the results debunk the impression that va health care lags behind other hospitals. we also agree that
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improvement in both systems as i mentioned a minute ago we did have a little bit asleep a couple spots this afternoon evan saw some pitocin. i should also add that it was forty eight degrees when that was happening he said i don't remember ever seeing its lead at forty eight member week or so ago was doing it while doing it super bowl day around forty two or forty three in some spots are one time in early december about fifteen years ago scott regina and i were playing golf and it did it at fifty degrees so amazing as you can see there's obviously a range showing up on radar but it's so cold aloft that every once in awhile one or two these areas that make it down the ground is a few sleet pellets mixing and later tonight more the same even the littlest snowflake activity trying to make sense on the far northern spots eventually right now we're at forty six degrees. pressure is holding steady in the dew point fairly low at twenty
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sunshine and some clouds and every once in awhile again a very isolated shower across the region he said a man sunshine for awhile and then the clouds now really starting to thicken up at least on that one picture but again it depends on where you're located hunters out there forty seven in newport news forty six inch sp same reading in norfolk but fifty one right now in virginia beach forty fives and hand them back to wakefield so readings way above freezing but again because it is so cold aloft as the south couple thousand feet up that's why this is falling freezing in that thin little layer layer of cold air and then doesn't have time to completely melt as it falls the last thousand or two thousand feet through these forty so again a little bit of very light precipitation just spotty areas this evening little bit of sleet mixed in at times and by late tonight maybe a little bit of snow mixed in especially some of the more northern areas
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at a slight risk of a shower on the eastern shore with that north westerly westerly when everybody else it'll just be partly sunny and temperatures will be way below normal and a tiny bit below what we saw today and then as we get into thursday we're going to look for readings to drop a little bit more eye captures only in the mid thirties believe it or not and it gets colder than that still the coldest sustained outbreak of the winter set to move in here over the next week as you can see all lot of snowfall but light out the nation's heartland. so the forecast for the masa is a high of forty three degrees the mall for today we said forty five actually was forty eight so we're now up to fourteen straight forecasts yet closing our record twenty one but will try to keep going another we can do that breezy and chilly tonight a stray shower with a possible mix especially to the north
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say a shout as i said and was up close and close in primary today talking to the second graders is a shot from clint and all the enthusiastic children want to get on tv and they always come off the goddess of the dancers they well and they obviously did that so tomorrow the seven day forecast calls for forty four but only thirty five on friday thirty seven thirty six and look at valentine's day twenty nine and then a storm approaches monday tuesday of next week and could be an interesting one will track that of the next few days i cuddle up with your loved one well up next meet an outstanding teenager. we figure old regina how many sixteen year old do you know who pay other people's power bills give out
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. welcome back everybody. if you've already met president obama and started her own company. what else is there
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lot because eric powell wants to make a big difference in our community and now he's taking on an ambitious project to help homeless teenagers. he's going to make his mark. he's gonna need your help take a look the story about a proud mom and a proud dad and their sixteen year old son eric powell who isn't your typical kid that started my company when i was eleven yes you heard right. it took my by surprise to them what are you serious. my company called green genes that we as jews rules everything around me for a whole word om is a nonprofit organization mean we actually gave away a scholarship. we pay utility bills for single mothers. we gave away things given that sticks out on a mission to collect jeans for homeless he said can i do really want to help out and is getting help from his friends a grass field hi evan was charged
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until he gets ten thousand genes on the team and how it is today and i didn't have enough pain to use a certain general. i now feel really bad about that. it's getting so much love especially from siblings learning from the last campaign for house in the winter it's super cool with the homeless are just out here. this can make a big difference that eric knows he'll have his hands full but we think you'll do just fine like he said he's not your typical kid right mom the sex of an amazing young man he is very intelligent he's there to hear from the well is handsome and intelligent head of the sixteen part of what is left of it but you know what he is a tonnage is that his balls that you want to go into his room. now notice
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that is all of the best on you know what he wants to be when he grows up he told me either a football player to the playful progress of high school he wanted to get the shutout was born engineer football player and man did both go you know and if you want to donate for jeans for teens or you want more info on eric's dream again that stream with a j check out making a mark of thirteen years now. com the gray kid ii when your kids get behind the wheel safety is the first priority for news and
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i bake us are on the way for the navy the pentagon is plotting a course that includes seven billion dollars in reduction this will mean fewer sailors and a slowdown in the growth of the size of the fleet is all despite the pentagon's
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week and that plan includes the purchase of lockheed martin f thirty five joint strike fighter jets and the purchase of nine virginia class attack submarines over the next five years migrating joins us now with details janet and regina navy town this kind of talk of cuts is never good news but as one retired admiral told us it's not etched in stone and things could still change in closing this proposal reflects the hard choices we've made in the context of today's security environment and economic constraints and it does not leave much room for needed flexibility under the proposed defense budget the navy could be absorbing the seven billion dollar reduction in fiscal twenty seventeen funding according to newly released documents obtained by our partners at defense news under the plan the service would reduce the number of ships it's buying and uniformed personnel could be cut by sixty four hundred sailors below previous forecasts
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out the fleet will ultimately grow we will get to three hundred chips and fy nineteen will get to three hundred and eight ships in twenty one which is the requirement. how will that affect hampton roads we don't know those details quite yet. retired rear admiral craig quigley says the budget is a long way from being a done deal the president submits his budget proposal to the congress today that congress will then receive it and then they will dissect it and they will come up with their own judgments and adjustments and some will agree some will make changes to it. so this has many months to play out before it becomes law this proposed budget does include a very modest one point six percent pay raise for the troops which would fall far below civilian sector wages republicans on capitol hill are already promising to work toward a bigger pay raise reporting live by cutting thirteen news now there's a lot of work to be done in the fight against heroin but the u s attorney dana ben tay
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good progress our area lisa stayed in heroin overdose fatalities with eighty seven and just the last nine months today on the steps of the norfolk federal courthouse where several defendants had been convicted minty spoke about the continuing challenge for trafficking heroin were going to do our best to prosecute him to ask for a severe sense and we're going to redouble those efforts. if you tragic heroine someone dies and as i explained that the traffic island long enough that will happen. what have you learned in a nutshell about this issue what are some things that really touched you. it's it's a trend in very young people are dying who are just beginning their lives. it's really tragic and that if this can affect anyone almost anywhere if there is no economic or social strata in the desert across the side then he stresses that
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heroin traffickers has become more education about the drug and how addictive and deadly it can be ordered thirty thousand dot com to see our documentary called hooked on heroin continues growing killer and coming up at five here about the guilty plea made in federal court today in the fight against harrell and the cold weather is dominating hampton roads take a look at this cell phone video of the hague in downtown norfolk. the high tide is causing some tidal flooding there. let's check in now with jeff satisfied will gradually be dropping though they were several inches about four five inches higher this morning than they were yesterday. remember yesterday we had a few minor problems as you can see though they shot the elizabeth river obviously it's within its banks and not going to go out anytime soon as you can see very light very isolated areas of precipitation lot of this isn't reaching the ground it certainly isn't some of these larger clumps of precipitation that we find out they're up here probably
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that's what some of this is trying to show up other areas we just have some heavier downpours and some cold cold rain occurring so it's really a mix across the region most of this just light sprinkles are a few very brief showers across parts of northeast north carolina and again everything is moving relatively quickly off to the north and the isa for this evening. you can see temperatures dropping from the upper forties where they are now back in the mid forties here in the next hour then in the upper thirties and in some spots will be more like a seven o'clock shower. other spots may be more like eleven this one says for north at around nine so the point is just pop ups were a hit and miss isolated showers this evening even see some of those low clouds and temperatures that will be cold but the big news is a real cold snap coming in as we head toward the weekend i'll have more on that. just few minutes except the weather turn it into traffic here quickly. we do have some delays to discuss
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working on the roads in terms of breakdowns accidents on interstates. that's all cleared now there is an accident on the secondary is awful said on live but i do or talk about the interstate travel because we do have those rush hour delays that will certainly slow you down for whatever you have had his afternoon and evening so had to the max now a lot of red here across the area you can see in several spots mainly around the bridges and tunnels which is what we expect help when a helmet or thirteen years now traffic camera here in just the second is to give you a live look at how traffic is shaping up at the hr bt this time go. norfolk to hampton for the live look sixty four westbound around fourth view so we have three and a half miles to go before we hit the hr bt u can see that kind of slow crawl there i headed toward the tunnel and out of the peninsula and delays began roughly round graham the street to deal with six miles of that stop and go traffic. you may wanna take the monitor merrimack with the g r b if you're headed to the peninsula. speaking of the peninsula as we head back the traffic network maps
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headed to norfolk and some of the eminem as well for the jr b is clear on both sides a bit of good news is we do have some accident of the secondary shall post those details online and i'll be back in just a few minutes right. thanks ashley speaking of traffic high schools in newport news and portsmouth are among twenty five schools participating in a state quite safe driving campaign the four week campaign called mission possible buckle up and drive the speed limit is designed to educate teens about the dangers of speeding and help them develop lifelong safe driving habits. well here are the stars john hatcher and trinity garden from woodrow wilson high school where so happy to have you here today you may be our youngest newsmakers will welcome us talk about the dangers once again the centers for disease control has evidence that shows that that young age eighteen nineteen twenty past the age where accidents happen. tell us about your
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change the numbers. well our program is sponsored by the mb and another organization to help students i see very good now and the brevard written with young people they're often fooling around with a lot of devices while they are behind the wheel. what do you do to educate your peers about the dangers of dealing with devices while driving along the teller put the phone you know the code or sometimes a lot of wonderful friends what about seatbelt safety if you talk to your friends about that and so has never been to court with people never to say that one more night to coo not too cold to wear a seatbelt. do you see young people in your age good riding around with our seatbelts. yes our people a lot of people and what do you tell them when you see this as very dangerous in the shell was with a simple spread the message in school
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students played and after the plates to sign a banner to steve that they should not try to paint these two phones we're signing a pledge and their signing of a banner you have that banner with us today. do you feel led to making progress. the campaign started yesterday so we should be making progress and while this is a good thing that you can spread on social media being great role models for young people of your high school thank you so much for joining us. i guess i thank you parents and students listen up there's about a week left to file the federal application for federal student aid tidewater community college will host financial aid awareness day next week. the event will take place on february fifteen from ten in the morning. the six at night at the student center is on the chesapeake norfolk portsmouth and virginia beach campuses all current and prospective college students and their families are
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plan to attend tcc a new record is set for the number of shark attacks around the globe will tell you which country had the most and drinking water problems
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pick pick pick pick. it's like a miracle right here and off again is making national news patients who lost her ability to speak because of a stroke or traumatic brain injuries are finally finding the words in music and it's happening it's a tear as music and medicine center bruce looks on as the story the night just before mother's day twenty fourteen stroke robbed eighty one year old peggy andrews of her ability to speak for seven months. the retired high school guidance secretary was new. is it really frustrating for you not to be able to communicate it was like
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the tip of your tongue. only it was all of her reach. you can understand everything i'm saying so long but you can't find the words to talk back to me oh no oh no this is whom you visit her daughter could scarcely believe that first session of neurological classic there'll be a year ago at center of music and medicine center in norfolk the waking mind and a few words again and that's the one whom you may cry and cry and because we've never had been in the major molly says music activates the year of your mind than anything else. language is focused in a very small part of your
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the power of the shot is like rofl in your during the meeting as a way to re wire the brain instead of sitting in traffic and just waiting and being frustrating being frustrated that you can find a different route boohoo boohoo their own histories about it starts with the melody then adds words let's say they are out making george the word that there are mistakes the music away in that you may use the bearing that i am very new and challenging venue broke through the frustration towns to join the team haha my new room or car or in jewelry is the room and you get that smile that great while the doctor says that
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language there's no way to bring them back but if those neurons are just damaged music can help them heal right now in the headlines on usa today dot com a train crash in germany in the word we're getting right now as crews have rescued all the survivors. this happened this morning in bavaria the survivors are getting treatment at the hospital eighty people were hurt however not everyone made it out alive at least ten people are dead at this point we don't know what caused that crash improving police community relations starting this week us attorney general loretta lynch will visit six cities the highland police department that she says can serve as role models for law enforcement miami dade county in florida. portland oregon indianapolis fayetteville north carolina phoenix and l a and remember although shark attacks we had last summer turns out last year was a record breaker. there were ninety eight around the world fifty nine here in the u s making it the country with the most and the state that
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you in the us was florida they had thirty we covered a lot of shark attacks you out there just now lah somebody might remember those and there were eight off the carolina coast last summer hopefully it will be quieter dishes are absolutely thinks is okay well a cornell university fraternity president accused of attempted rape and sexual abuse was released from custody today the student did not appear in court today and no evidence was presented wolfgang ballon jer is the president of an elite fraternity at cornell university and the son of the owner of one of new york's famous concert halls the student pleaded not guilty to first degree attempted rape first degree criminal sexual act and first degree sexual abuse. the ivy league university is taking action the speed with which they took this case from the university's purview and
4:39 pm
setting suggests that the prosecution believes they have a strong case. now the university's president is taking immediate action placing the fraternity on interim suspension saying sexual violence has no place at cornell challengers lawyer is denying the accusations saying the students and the sensor will be established of the proper time and in the proper place turning to the flat water crisis general motors in the united auto workers union plan to donate three million dollars to support increase health and education services for flint children exposed to lead united way made the announcement the organization says is outlining a framework that will provide children with at home care nutritional assistance and early childhood in supplemental education continuing coverage on that mystery scene found on the potomac river test showed the oily sheen is fuel oil the coast guard and environmental authorities are
4:40 pm
results on additional samples the spill source is undetermined but it is near reagan national airport registration is now open for the statewide tornado drill over the last few years a million virginians have taken part businesses families organizations and schools can practise taking cover in the event a tornado hits the drill is at nine forty five in the morning on march twenty seconds last tornado in virginia was two years ago on the eastern shore and terry stone campground thirteen years now give you continuing coverage of the twister that killed three people and damaged the camp well as i've been shown the radar been saying in mentioning that some of the rainiers are some the precipitation is not all the way reaching the ground this is a perfect example of that right here. this picture from hampton these wispy little areas that you see
4:41 pm
practiced by the sword know what you're looking for but that is virgo that is precipitation again not making them the ground perfect picture of it there's just take a look at the radar and as you can see in the set into motion. we certainly have a number of areas of what looks like rain across the region but it is not as i said reaching the ground everywhere even in some spots where it is we actually have a little bit of sleet and then saw something falling earlier pecos and watch this we're right there did you see how there was a little blip there of some of those different colors. same thing out here last time i looked there was there as a little pet so every so often we're getting some of the sleet mixing and here's another shot looking west. obviously some rain has fallen and hit the camera lens there that's from the chamberlain hotel as we look off to the west meanwhile temperature dropping this evening to thirty eight degrees couple of stray showers especially to the north will be the best chance of any kind of a little bit of a mix
4:42 pm
chilly notice future cast same thing some of these areas getting a little bit of a mix occasionally with temperatures this warm no worries at all about any kind of problems for the rush hour in terms of any winter weather. obviously the roads can get a little bit damp will have to watch for that little bit later tonight there's a better chance of a couple of snow flurries or even a stray snow shower some of the far northern areas could actually get a very minor accumulation but temperatures will still be above freezing so hopefully that would not cost too much of a problem on the roadways if we even get that and then tomorrow notice temperatures rather chilly just like today cold tomorrow night with clear skies least for most of us dropping down into the twenties to be a little bit of a weak disturbance off to the north but most of us will not see that and then thursday. what a difference but today and tomorrow we're cold waiting to see how it feels out there during the day thursday despite
4:43 pm
thirties and it'll feel like the ones when you factor in that win. so here's this slow moving system just very gradually lifting as we call it out to the northeast tonight then low by morning thirty two breezy and chilly few stray showers a mix is possible in a couple of spots especially to the north and then tomorrow forty four partly sunny breezy and i call that quite chilly especially if you're out in it for awhile but boy that's nothing like thursday thirty five very similar numbers friday saturday and sunday not even hitting thirty on valentine's day good day to stay indoors thirty a m monday with a steal on a likely and then someone precipitation still possible on tuesday and that one can be a little bit of a mixed depending on where you are in the area. turning now some strange texan one can say was they actually love showing off cute frames by the sword you know me well and i held
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kids of my own yet but you know i don't know make it through to the other day i write to pass a wedding person will talk about what to do a whole it's now the aids but let's go talk after that one of the most famous babies we all know baby charlotte she is making her first steps in the cosmetics were about baby charlotte. of course princess charlotte is that even one yet but she's the daughter of prince william and duchess kate and she got an early birthday gift so in anticipation of her first birthday which is in may just a few months away here marc jacobs or march it announced a brand new lipstick named after the princess she already has her own line you're coming out of our chickens bp says the charlotte shade is inspired by quote the deepest saturated pink tones of an english rose in the right if we don't pay tithing. i know i think so too it right myself and right now the list
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department stores but you can get online for about thirty four dollars or to order a few of those that read about here. i took it to another interesting story here to pull a told people. yesterday i believe that was to text rain check that the word rain check to a certain number yesterday so they could get one free burrito doubt course this comes after a lot about issues over aaa but if you add an extra two to the number that tripoli told you to text message at the cell phone number of a lawyer in washington d c now yet he really mean got dozens of attacks from people he did now demanding a free burrito and obviously the ll bean had no idea what these techs were about what's going on eventually he found out about the promotion and then he replied to all those folks saying look at the wrong number but his daughter loves vegetable is aware of the mix out and the lawyer will get a
4:46 pm
burrito burrito burrito the title and the backs of the day and another province below the rate at that time well the next questions over why a cruise ship sailed out in the middle of the storm creating a nightmare for passengers who is calling for an investigation going on thirteen is now at five a show of force by state federal and local leaders the message they want to send a drug traffickers in virginia. plus a look at what
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the florida senator is calling for an investigation after royal caribbean cruise ship sailed into a storm last weekend. senator bill nelson wants to know why the ship's employees decided to sale knowing the forecast the ship started to encounter rough seas and high winds sunday traveling from new jersey to florida and the bahamas more than forty five hundred passengers were
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there was not much damage and that you see worthy but the question is when there's a storm brewing why our mistakes may occur ship is scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning back in new jersey cruise company gave passengers a full refund and a discount on a future cruise an albino turtle is getting quite a bit of attention in australia there it is right there. volunteers from the colon and north shore coast care were amazed to find this rare albino greene turtle on the beach and they named him all the ins all we have for you today at four thirteen is now in five starts now husband and wife duo accused of having illegal drugs how investigators say the couple used in this animal clinic to get access to pills the familiar sound inside it is you dorm
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is full of cockroaches with the norfolk city leaders working right now to try and attract a fortune five hundred company and how that major investment to help the local businesses popping up downtown. this man twenty eight year old gregory had could spend the rest of his life behind bars he sold the heroin that killed a twenty three year old virginia beach woman in december of two thousand and fourteen. today had entered a guilty plea in federal court virginia's attorney general came to norfolk for the hearing mark herring is trying to make at an example to send a powerful and unified message on the fight against heroin and prescription drugs emily joins us with that message what a show of force from local state and federal law enforcement agencies today we had and cis the dav fbi ice newport news police portsmouth police virginia beach and norfolk. all of them standing together on
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court building backing
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