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hundred fewer sailors by october of twenty seventeen of course of the downsizing happens will feel it in hampton roads by getting us here with a look at the possible impact mike david and janice for specific impact for us here happen road is still far too early to say a lot could still change but with this being the home of the world's largest naval base its probable there will undoubtedly be some pain here it's very clear there will be some adjustments to programs made reductions in numbers of ships aircraft squadrons sailors certainly how will that affect hampton roads we don't know those details quite yet. retired rear admiral craig quigley says the budget is a long way from being a done deal that the president submits his budget proposal to the congress today that congress will then receive it and then they will dissect it and they will come up with their own judgments and
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agree some will make changes to it. so this has many months to play out before it becomes law under the proposed defense budget the navy could be absorbing a seven billion dollar reduction in fiscal twenty seventeen funding according to newly released documents obtained by our partners at defense news under the plan the service would reduce the number of ships it's buying and uniformed personnel could be cut by sixty four hundred sailors below previous forecasts this proposal reflects the hard choices we've made in the context of today's security environment and economic constraints and it does not leave much room for needed flexibility still pentagon leaders point out the fleet will ultimately grow we will get to three hundred chips in fy nineteen will get to three hundred and eight ships in twenty one which is the requirement and one part of this budget already drawing fire on capitol hill the one point six percent pay raise for the troops which does not keep pace with the private
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already vowing to improve upon that reporting live by cutting thirteen is now the defense spending is a big part of president obama is four point one trillion dollar budget sent to congress today. the proposed spending package includes a plan to fight global warming isis and cancer. it also calls for two point six trillion in tax increases one of those proposed taxes as a ten dollar per barrel tax on oil to fund clean transportation projects republicans are lukewarm to the president's budget proposal the president's budget could mean one giant leap for an of president obama included a nineteen billion dollars request for the space agency the administration plans to use it to help send american astronauts to mars within the year nasa will test or habitat aboard the space station nasa administrator charlie bolden was at langley today to talk about how the budget will be put to good use is a significant increase in the amount of
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the congress to approve for aeronautics. so that's for the work that goes on here whether it's clean aviation whether it's building explain x wing airplanes all those kinds of things in which man is really going to participate. nasa says that bar strip could happen as soon as two thousand thirty parents who are upset with how some students in virginia beach are graded our meeting tonight the school board is set to vote on a new grading system this spring. some parents say under the new system students don't get credit for homework and there's no penalty for late assignments on top of that the parents say they want to get middle and high school students on the same grading systems. tonight's meeting starts at six thirty at the virginia wesleyan college convocation center in norfolk well tonight the chesapeake city council is expected to vote on a new sports complex in western branch community leaders hope the fieldhouse will draw people from other the plan is said to be in the very beginning stages there's still no exact
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field house with macy's pulling out of chesapeake square mall we told you about this it's hoped the sports complex will draw more people to the city as suspicious fire on the eastern shore leads to the discovery of a homicide victim. now state police are trying to figure out who lit the match x more firefighters found the mobile home engulfed in flames late last month on opal hanna mack wrote inside they found seventy year old shirley onli the medical examiners working to figure out how she died the cases being investigated as a homicide. new information on the thirteen year old blacksburg girl found stabbed to death. a friend of the co levels as a seventh grader talked of running away and starting a family with the man now charged in a murder the friend says lovell met eighteen year old david eisenhower online eisenhower of virginia tech student is charged with abduction and first degree murder. another virginia tech student nineteen year old natalie keepers is charged with
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there's a rather strange crime a man in her dry clothes accused of attacking someone with a ratchet police say david king jr was fighting with the victim yesterday and king allegedly hit the man of the back of the head with a ratchet the victim is expected to recover. king is charged with malicious wounding say workers' paychecks could become a secret two bills are working through the virginia senate and those bills would make it harder to find information on public employee salaries. one bill would ban databases from including workers' names supporters say linking names and job information increases identity theft and the other bill would exempt the records of local police officers i don't give up. last the call from attorneys fighting the new congressional district lines in north carolina they want the new lines drawn by the end of the week of this comes after a panel of judges ruled the first and twelveth districts were racially gerrymandering the state wants to wait to draw the new
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already started for the march fifteen primary voting is going on right now in new hampshire it's the first in the nation primary an update on where the candidates stand just hours before the polls close and with dozens of zinc a virus cases in the us were looking at which mosquito repellent offer you the most protection and even though i have the word snow or sleet in my vocabulary as i go through the next hour so a
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the environmental protection agency is investigating after a train carrying petroleum derailed and burst into flames police say ten train cars went off the tracks in marysville ohio this morning elise to train passengers were hurt witnesses say the crash than a huge plume of fire and smoke into the air. hazmat crews and firefighters from fifteen different department works to contain the flames police have not yet determined the cause of that accident. a judge dismissed a part of a defamation suit against bill cosby is former
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judge dismissed model janice dickinson is claim against cosby is former lawyer for denying her allegations that the comedian drugged and raped her in nineteen eighty two. however the court did not dismiss a defamation claim against cosby in that same loss of thousands of people lined up along the main streets of new orleans to mark the end of mardi gras people on floats around hers and trinkets as they rode down st charles avenue and canal street spectators bundled up and comes in costumes to watch the famous mardi gras parade parade goers came from all over the country to join in the festivities. the mardi gras parade marks fat tuesday in louisiana and this is the last day before lent ash wednesday is tomorrow. rererd turnout predicted in the primary of the twenty sixteen presidential campaign as voters make up their minds we look at the candidates last minute efforts to win people over keeping yourself safe from the z virus tonight
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the virus spreading mosquitoes away. then at six norfolk city council meets tonight coming up details on
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the other a big test in the presidential campaign is underway right now voters in
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their ballots in the nation's first primary is a critical contest and most of the candidates spent their day trying to connect with undecided voters. abc's martha gonzalez has the latest polling place is packed on this primary day voters making last minute decisions in these final hours i honestly was not sure who i was going to go well for up to the very minute candidates making the rounds dangling round of last minute support even a little walk the line the night he and a new one the donald trump went the frontrunner in the polls but he's a cad a little boost for the occasion we had three winning index will notch the small first precinct to cast and count ballots at midnight. i just ran into trouble he said you killed me
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to undecided and independent voters the very sin is the republican side in the democratic side he was was kind of art are clear choice. vermont senator bernie sanders pulled ahead here in new hampshire with a large voter turnout was just fine the way hillary clinton says this is our fight to the finish. we're going to keep working literally until the last day of voting to cast the first polls close at seven the rest at eight tonight and some of the candidates are so confident they've already planned their victory parties are seconds all is abc news manchester new hampshire and you can get up to the minute results on the new hampshire primaries with thirteen years now we will have live updates on our mobile app and on our website and get full analysis and nine of thirteen years now and eleven the team put together to investigate the flint water crisis is getting to work tonight michigan's attorney general introduce the panel today the team includes former
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agent will investigate whether any laws were broken or if there was any misconduct on the part of anyone in office flint water supply switch to the flint river as a cost saving measure in twenty fourteen the untreated river water cause lead to leach from old pipes making the water dangerous to drink to man are safe today after their boat overturned off the north carolina coast the coast guard tweeted this picture of the wrecked fishing boat late last night that boat ran aground near carolina beach while the fisherman waited for high tide to re float the boat. one man fell in the water the coast guard crew went out to get them both men had minor injuries at least one student went to the hospital after two school buses collided in north carolina there is no word how badly that student was her the wreck happened at a middle school in charlotte this morning one bus had nineteen students on board the other carried twenty one students school officials have not said if either bus driver here will face charges seven people are still in critical condition after a
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connecticut we told you about it first yesterday on thirteen years now and five se police say the driver told them he lost control as he merged into the right lane the bus with fifty five passengers on board slid off the snow covered highway into a guardrail. medics took thirty six passengers to the hospital and officials say seven of those victims suffered critical injuries virginia beach judge found a woman guilty today in a deadly hit and run sarah flanders is convicted of second degree murder and felony hit and run police a flanders hit richard pence with a car in the parking lot of plaza middle school and left him to dive back in twenty fourteen flanders sentencing is set for june she faces up to fifty years in prison budget talks are planned in two local cities portsmouth city council is discussing next year's budget at a meeting tonight. last year the city have twelve million dollar budget shortfall council raise the real estate tax and cut the sheriff's office budget
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in chesapeake the school system budget is front and center tonight superintendent james roberts is calling for a pay increase for employees that comes from our partners at the pilot roberts is also proposing adding more workers for elementary schools and replacing dozens of school buses right it's about to get a lot colder in hampton roads a blast of arctic air will drop our temperatures by the end of this week and jeff joins us now with those details jeff. yeah you're probably going to see some areas that don't even reach the thirties for high temperatures in other words stay in the twenties on valentine's day really really cold meanwhile start to see a our immediate vicinity but definitely see some down there near i eighty five a little bit more to the north more more places now starting to show up with very light precipitation that includes a little bit of a wintery mix and we had a few areas around here earlier gloucester report a little bit of light precipitation. i saw
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picture earlier and evan was in posts and saw some sleep around two o'clock this afternoon as everything comes through then there's not alot going on but in a few areas where it comes down just slightly heavier pull some of that colder air down so even though it's been in the upper forties we've been seeing some of these pockets of sleep again because just for a minute. it pulls that cold air with that right down closer to the ground so for this evening dropping to thirty eight to about thirty nine breezy and chilly just a few stray showers the best chance of anything with a little bit of a mix occurring is going to tend to be a little bit more to the north that wind gusting up to twenty mph highs today lot of forty eight sin here as you can see get down into the south side. we had a little bit milder air closer to fifteen even fifty two in north carolina amounts today very very minimal one one hundredth of an engine or fax to one hundred pts in virginia beach. slightly more
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one hundred to nine one hundredths almost a tenth of an inch in other words up there around newport news the tenth of an inch in milford. that's what the northern areas again going to be where we have the best chance of a little bit more the precipitation tonight may be transitioning over to a little bit of sleet or even a few snow showers that have a slight chance of lightning the ground up in some of those northern areas but for most of us again no worries at all for this evening or for tomorrow morning's rush hours rush hour and then look at the temperatures tomorrow will get in the mid forties and then will start to drop during the evening back down by the overnight will have a lot of twenties with the wind it's going to feel even colder than that but for most of us it'll be mainly clear with that slow moving system some of the far northern areas still will have a shot at a couple of snow showers is even colder air rushes and but look at this giant swirl is just a huge area of low pressure that's just not going anywhere very quickly
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chilly some stray showers with a little bit of a mix possible especially to the north lamar forty four partly sunny breezy and chilly will feel more like the thirties most of the day and then we will have thirties on thursday thirty five for the highs similar number friday and saturday for the high and then by sunday valentine's day another front comes through and gives us highs in the upper twenties monday tuesday the warm air starts to return as the system organizes across the deep south that one looks like it'll likely bring us a little bit of precipitation or maybe a mix across parts of the area depending on its exact track guys back to you by with dozens of cases of the sick a virus in the u s the question is how best to protect yourself. health officials say your best bet is insect repellent consumer reports put out a list of a palace that work best against the mosquitoes that spread to cover the most effective ones contain high amount of an ingredient called the carrot
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top doctors group is issuing new guidelines for the treatment of major depressive disorder the changes recommended specialized form of talk therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy that instead of anti depressants since the stop there because not have the typical side effects that anti depressants to the group is hopeful that people who don't do well on the meds can still get the help they need to bring a fortune five hundred company and good paying jobs to norfolk city council is working on a plan tonight to try and do just that on children as young as two o using smartphones and tablets she knows how to unlock the kindle and on the sandwich over here but what's the impact on your child's development. we went to the experts to find out what you need to know too and this year students are speaking out to us about what they're calling a big cockroach issue in their
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videos to prove it but they say university officials are not doing anything about it
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i do it. the veterans affairs will not expand compensation for agent orange exposure. vs is only veterans who actually served in vietnam can get benefits from ninety thousand veterans who served off the coast of vietnam still will not qualify for help although they may have also been exposed. senators mark warner tim kaine joined other senators to help move that's to the benefit position but the va did not budge agent orange exposure is linked to various illnesses including cancer putting together a budget and getting out of debt and setting long term
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of a series of workshops in newport news. the city's teaming up with the virginia cooperative extension starting this week they'll offer classes to help people create spending plans and managed at the hope is to help families live better lives. most people do have long term goals and if you want them to be realistic sometimes have to begin with the end in mind the family's life and they don't really know how to start early still and they can save money so what this class day. it teaches you how to create a spinning class. the classes start tomorrow they are free but you need to register check out thirteen is now dot com under the features tab for more information. a traffic alert that may impact your commute tomorrow drivers should plan for delays on south battlefield blvd in chesapeake. only one traffic lane will be open to putting the northwest river water treatment plant and alison road. utility crews need to do some work there the closure starts at nine am and ends at three p m we're
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the traffic that's all for thirteen years now at five thirty thirty news now at six begins with plans to bring more jobs to hampton roads known tonight we're hearing from norfolk city council members about efforts to bring a four thousand five hundred company and thousands of jobs to the downtown area council me to figure out what it would take to bring that kind of economic boost in norfolk that meeting starts in less than an hour. erik ainge is live with more on the fly. gorgeous is that one of the first steps council will take in making this happen and they're going to vote to allow whether or not to allow the city manager to authorize five million dollars to go to the economic development authority five million dollars is what it will take to bring another fortune five hundred company to downtown norfolk tonight in tea party hero along with the rest of norfolk city
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to transfer money into the economic development authority to have the human resources company adp call norfolk home to be approached and to be able to deal with fortune five hundred company is significant for the city especially as it will bring jobs that could total up to one percent of our entire population. city leaders anticipate the performance based grant paid out over several years would be covered by the revenue eighty p generates for the city thousands of new jobs means thousands of the need to eat and sleep somewhere so it's significant for downtown is just a significant over the entire city downtown norfolk council president mary miller says a company like eighty feet would boost the local establishments on brandy st. if it's two thousand new employees intent and has a significant impact on people back in shock either you know hungry in the street and are an independently owned and operated businesses small businesses are expanding millennials want to own their
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necessarily work for anyone
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