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the leicester bridge to look at how long it's going to take to wrap up the work there. the project manager tells me that it's looking like at least a two month delay which means the bridge will be done and open to all traffic until well into the summer months of twenty seventeen. it's a massive project that crews have been making headway on for months the mother nature is now to blame for the slowdown in the construction progress on menu unless you break any laws construction project our town. chris went oh wait says the project manager were worth fighting whether little bit on what we can do on the critical path work on his brakes on days like today when the temperatures are around forty crews can continue piecing together the break. highways have become an even bigger concern we can't operate this pantry in winter garden thirty miles
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already february nd of january that we can operate just can't re ups of this critical work verse destruction has slowed traffic create traffic snarls construction already not favored by those who live nearby now they will have to wait at least an extra two months until until done. once it's completed the really great for all of us that live here in virginia beach and offer the areas. today i also found out that on wolves have become a big big problem on the existing two lanes of the bridge and this city is ready to fix that when that this is coming is coming up at six p m reporting live in virginia beach to see her take out their teen years now a city beach man accused of shooting his mother is behind bars tonight. police arrested yvonne tay williams in los angeles california. thirteen years now reached out to beach police and the lapd to find out what led to williams' arrest in either department would give us
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been on the run since thursday when police say he shot his mother inside their home and to the mall drive were told williams will be brought back to virginia. it took years to track down the man accused of burning a three year old newport news boy nathan horton is charged with felony child neglect police say back in two thousand fourteen he heard his girlfriend son eric cain spoke with a neighbor who says something always seemed wrong with the family twenty four year old in a tin horn extradited from north dakota to newport news where he is charged with burning his ex girlfriend's little boy the alleged abuse happened in september twenty four team inside this apartment complex off jefferson avenue and n b where corn was babysitting the three roles according to court documents ford told investigators he used a flat iron to straighten the boys hair when the child accidentally bumped into it but a hospital contacted child protective services
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the second degree burns came from the iron clamping down on the boys on immediately after the injury report moved out west is that he was one that by better job. ally shea king lived underneath porn in his ex girlfriend at the time she says she knew something was off by the unexplained injuries to the boy and well being of that when or where they went on the life of another baby come with all your soul as bro gotta take the babies in hospital for now faces malicious wounding and felony child abuse in the country came to me i just feel so bad about the baby because i think that you know being what it was my job we did speak with the boy's mama she says he is doing better he's right now in colorado with his dad in your forties era came thirteen years now but also school assistant principal accused of sex crimes can get out of jail today a judge said jordan gary joins bond of twenty five thousand dollars police say last month jordan made inappropriate comments to a
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center norfolk public schools says jordan is on administrative leave during the investigation a landmark settlement that's how the lawyers for more than a hundred women who work at b e systems shipyard in norfolk are describing what happened in federal court today the shipyard agree to pay the women three million dollars and to change business practices following a sex discrimination lawsuit mike getting was in the courtroom for all of the truck didn't want them to see but also boasts the most of the most to the listing above the sea the ship fitter janet appel is one of four named plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit under the settlement be a e systems repair norfolk will pay three million dollars for alleged gender discrimination to women who work for the company between two thousand and seven and twenty fourteen va agreed to pay an additional one point one five
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additional payments to some of the workers in all one hundred and sixty six plaintiffs will receive between five thousand thirty thousand dollars apiece depending upon how long they've worked their women were systematically denied raises and promotions of they were subjected to a recommendation system all with their bosses miss it alleges that they had those same bosses were engaging in sexual harassment of these women so it's a bad situation in a statement va spokesman carl johnson said while we deny the allegations in the complaint. we elected to settle the case and put it behind us. va systems values all of our employees and is committed to treating each an everyone fairly and with respect. the a's system remains dedicated to ensuring inclusive and diverse workplace the plaintiff's lawyer says though the settlement speaks for itself. it provides a remedy literally for every single thing that was alleged to
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the allegations at this point in a settlement is pro forma equal rights advocate legal director jennifer rice said in court today that the program attic changes the company is promising to make one make a real difference in how things are run at the shipyard reporting live mike and thirteen is now a crime alert after a man was robbed as he was getting off the bus in newport news the victim says he got off that bus monday night near forty eighth street an marshall avenue when two men jumped him and punched the man took the victim's cash and jewelry and ran away police connected the string of business break ins to one man. here's his picture investigators say this guy targeted five off of businesses since last month those businesses include chance kitchen and golden pizza both on tidewater drive the most recent break in happened at paradise piece on chesapeake boulevard in all but one case we're told the suspect got away with cash again if you recognize him call the crime or to
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serious drug charges tonight that their county narcotics task force pulled over john kane michal rodriguez in kitty hawk yesterday inside the car deputies found heroin and a bunch of cash investigators say the drugs came from virginia caine and rodriguez are both out on bond tonight a college student but she found her dream job but it turned out to be a scam. i would while relieved that i failed and the curry who i never ran across up to life a warning sign she didn't see when applying online and a doctor perform surgery on the wrong baby. the parents are speaking out about the big mix up plus gloucester county high school students could be getting an extra twenty minutes added to the beginning or end of each school day parents have to see about a very pretty evening setting up but it is cold out there in a set to
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the next several days and have attracted network still expect some delays sixty four southbound at the eminem and on both sides of the hr bt plus as we head to our camera
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i twenty minutes added to the school day that's what the gloucester county school board is considering for high school students the idea said to be in the early stages of the board says it doesn't know if the extra time would mean school would start earlier or time would be added to the afternoon jenny lee explains the next step in this process one of the main
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actually getting a brand new schedule next year right now school officials are talking about how adding more time to each school day could affect bus schedules and the elementary and middle school schedules. i would agree with that because i just i don't think they would get much more accomplished in just twenty minutes. gloucester high school students could be sitting in class for an extra twenty minutes a day. i've got mixed feelings i'm just not sure of the educational value is going to be with twenty minutes. next fall students won't have block scheduling anymore and instead of having seven classes will have eight the high school is moving to a semester style schedule where students will have four classes in the first semester and four in the second to get them ready for the transition to college that would be a bad idea because this new schedule is adding another class to the students load officials say that adding an extra twenty minutes to each school day is necessary but parents like lori bell are worried about how it will
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activities. some of the practices are unlike yorktown so you know they have to get there. the new schedule with new start and end times won't be finalized until march or april when the budget is approved. gotta give it a job just see what happens. what's the worst could happen it doesn't work and they go back to an old schedule change is not always a bad thing in gloucester jenny mead thirty news now new information on the murder of a fourteen year police officer reservist for alleged gang members are on trial for kevin quick seduction and murder a witness took the stand detailing the moments after quakes two thousand fourteen death he said he saw the suspects take a big bag out of the truck similar to the one quick drove in louisa county the group was arrested days later in the trial has already been going on for nearly two weeks a judge is trying to decide if the jury will hear the case of a virginia boy found dead in a
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for two days the seated jury for ashley white's trial lawyers agreed late last night to take a break the trout will pick up again later this week but without a jury. the poll asked the county judge said the jury pool had been tainted by media coverage of five year old noah thomas' death. white is accused of leaving the boy home alone and the boy's father is also facing charges of abuse and neglect by now secretary of state john kerry is on his way to germany tomorrow to meet with world leaders to try come up with a compromise to end syria's civil war situation in syria is getting worse the us as russia's counter terrorism campaign in syria actually is helping ice is the obama administration says russia is straightening syria's government and worsening humanitarian crisis the first of its kind report from ad shows car locking systems have stopped nearly two million people from driving drunk in the past seventeen years ignition interlock system is a device the driver must blow into before the vehicle will start
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required for all dui offenders that law took effect in twenty twelve mad says since then the devices have stopped more than a hundred thousand drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel in the commonwealth north carolina ole requires them for certain levels of offense. this next story might have you asking how could this happen. a doctor perform surgery on the wrong baby. jennifer melton delivered a perfectly healthy baby at university medical center in lebanon tennessee not long after the birth her new born with and for what melton bought would be a routine physical couple hours later the nurse brought the baby back with the unexpected news at that point the nurse started to miss on the procedure that had been performed on him that day it clicked his tongue at that point i began to cry hysterically the doctor didn't try to make any excuses in a report from the hospital the doctor admitted to asking for
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taking legal action against the hospital. once again a nice crisp evening out there we are going to see a few clouds rolling in we have a couple of harmless clubs right now in the metro areas but north and south of us both things are starting to thicken up a little that as you can see have turned the sensitivity way up here on the radar try to see any little bit of precipitation that is forming and the heaviest area certainly to the north and down across north carolina especially than just south of this there's a little bit more in the way of some snow flurries or snow shower activity but in between the two were starting to see a little bit of action as well. all of this is evaporating as far as we can tell before it hits the ground it is very very dry out as he put it all into motion you'll see it starts moving toward the coastline and very gradually it's starting to get a little bit of extra impetus a little bit more moisture associated with that but most of it is going to evaporate before it
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as a result we have a slight chance of certainly a few flurries this evening temperatures out there right now forty one here officially on the south side wins out of the west southwest look held writers this is why we can't get the snow very easily anyway to come down from a few thousand feet up down the ground thirty three percent humidity. it's just going to evaporate. actually technically it's called sub le mate liquid is evaporating solid like a snowflake is called sub nation but not get too technical on you. let's talk about the spot on forecast tomorrow afternoon wind chills will be between twenty five and thirty five generally the lower end of that range forecast for today was forty five so far up the forty two so he say wait a minute or fourteen or thirteen whatever it was yesterday well we thought so too at seven o'clock they came out and said actually made up a couple degrees higher than we had told you at four and five so as a result we just barely missed yes they were starting over
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ending an acting was thirteen or fourteen so anyway right now with all these forty and forty ones across the region has a cold or thirty nine down a great bridge that is barely cold or forty also a very popular number across the pencil with a thirty nine at langley a few more of these thirty eight thirty nine when she get up on to the middle peninsula and sort of interior sections of the middle pencil northern neck. meanwhile a few thirty nine thirty eight of akron thirty seven z then back across extreme inland areas of northeast north carolina while closer to the coastline down to the sound is generally forty about forty one all of these are generally a little lower than yesterday with very few exceptions richmond for examples on change. so this evening dropping back notice most of what's over s will evaporate and not even show up on future caster on radar certainly not the ground so less chance of anything sticking or anything that even noticeable is pretty much more in the northern locations temperatures down into the twenties though
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feel like the teens and then tomorrow boy is going to stay chilly highs only in the mid thirties a few upper thirties and land while down in the teens friday thursday night into friday morning and then tempers friday afternoon remaining cold with a system sliding by question be how close to the coastline does it get. certainly for north carolina we think at least a chance for some wintertime weather for you and maybe even here you can send the seven day we have the best chance though as being in north carolina late in the afternoon evening and in the overnight and then only thirty three on saturday blustery and cold sunday even colder highs not getting out of the twenties and that there could be little debate affects now actually ocean effect the best chance might be with northerly winds in parts the outer banks like we saw a month or so ago another system coming monday tuesday much bigger one that'll probably be a little bit of a mix changing over to mainly
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thinking and cold though the pitchers jeff wright ii reunion several years in the making see how world war two vet from virginia beach reacted after seeing his long lost love in australia and two gop presidential candidates drop out of the race as the rest of the package to south carolina
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. i today is calm the re union we've all been waiting for the way hash over to the movies we saw while vertical is always a good thing. after three days of travel in seventy years of virginia beach world war two that is reunited with his long lost love and norwood thomas arrived in adelaide australia late last night our time in the last time nor would it is long
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brace like this was back in london before the noun ninety three year old parachute into normandy as part of the d day invasion. well since then the two have lived separate lives and have been separated by oceans now norwood and his son will be in australia for the next two weeks and united states lord valor will have more on the much anticipated reunion including photos taken by norwood son who helped make all of this happening. alright the navy is working to streamline its mail system they want to make sure transferring sailors get their mail faster. currently a command has to keep the transfer information a card filing system and re address all the mail by hand the new online maybe postal directory system will kick in next month. a warning for anyone looking for jobs online elisa williams is a nursing student in charlotte north carolina. she thought she found a good job on craigslist but it turned out to be a scam. williams thought he was hired by a company called integrated
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would be a financial assistant five they feared i was going to be shopping for her foster home fifty five bed they sent her a check for nineteen hundred dollars and told her to deposit it keeping five hundred for herself and wiring the rest to one of the holds a lease to use the banking app to deposit the check and police say mass. where she went wrong if she'd gone to a bank the teller could have told her it was a fake check police say you should always be wary when someone wants you to use your bank account like what happened in this case big project is on hold in chess a big coming up we'll tell you how long the city might have to wait
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i don't think anybody can soften for a little. now the classmate of the thirteen year old girl allegedly killed by a virginia tech student is speaking out about a warning that couldn't save her friend plans for chesapeake fieldhouse are on hold. why some people think that means it'll never happen and an arrest that took fifty
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is accused of a horrible crime revealed during a confession. that's on thirteen is now at five thirty frames for violet station in chesapeake on hold plans for proposed sports complex had high hopes to draw in more people to the western branch of last night's city council voted to delay those plans and marcella robinson has reaction to that decision right now the plan is on hold for at least another sixty days that time of the city manager a chance to do more research and look at other locations before coming back to city council. some believe that just means the field house will never happen. it would've been a great thing a massive nearly nine million dollars sports complex in chesapeake potable water electricity the community it was a destination venue that would have brought hundreds of
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