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tv   13 News Sunday  ABC  February 14, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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it is the neighborhood in flames firefighters worked through the night to control a massive fire in ocean view alleys for families lost everything and i just kept saying god please know my posts i am not going on of the court with a list of things that i want to do. my only agenda is to be a good judge supreme court justice antonin scalia passes away after twenty years on the bench. now the presidential candidates face off on who should replace him the news starts right now the morning and thank you for joining us saw thirteen years now daybreak on joe flanagan would have those stories in a moment but first our top story
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valentine's day. grab your coat or scarf and everything else is to head out this morning it is a bone chilling cold day in downtown overlooking a live view many of you waking up to temps in the teens but it feels much colder meteorologist scott tracking the bigger blast than a chance for snow tomorrow good morning i should go mornings our good morning everybody and happy valentine's day that's right we are tracking chances for snow as we head into the overnight hours will talk about that in just a few minutes. oh look at these temperatures that were starting off and that means we should be starting off in the hurry is the time of the year with seventeen right now in north its head in an emporia were reporting right now fifteen and hymns and twenty virginia beach as well as that are coming in at thirteen and gates felt now the winds have been breezy for the past twenty four hours or so about ten mph being reported at the airport in north at sixteen in virginia beach and seventeen right known him since
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gets a little bit breezy but as a factor in the air temperature and the winds here's what it actually feels like on your skin it feels like four degrees right now and newport news it feels like it's below zero one below and hinson and seven and south exit definitely a cold start to the morning we are sleeping nice and dry on satellite and radar but we do have a few more clouds pushing through mouth up and more clouds just off the coasts over to see a lot of sunshine today but it will remain pretty chilly climbing into the low twenties just before midday will top out in the mid twenties by this afternoon and then more clouds building as we head into the evening hours and we'll talk about that chance for snow and whatnot that's coming up as well the seven day forecast joe thanked a show right now fire crews in norfolk are battling against the strong winds and freezing conditions of fight these flames. dozens of firefighters worked through the night to put out a massive fire in willoughby spit the wins are so strong you can see this camera on
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shaking four buildings have been affected directly but the impact goes far beyond that many people lost their homes. she knew her or tells us despite the size of the fire only one person was her willoughby spit is pitch black illuminated only by police cars and firetrucks i've never seen so many units at a higher before the attention is on this massive fire has forced people to stand in the streets. my neighbors are all standing outside were all talking and offering home and help my neighbor rod again in the door and there was ten of you know we've been on their door nobody got out in the world say the dogs saipan and i hope they are all safe norfolk fire rescue officials say calls for this fire came in just after seven o'clock. soon after that police taped off west ocean view avenue and surrounding streets. marian mcgovern says
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was driving on the willoughby bay bridge and she immediately panicked saw the flames shooting up about twenty thirty feet she said she found out from police officers. it was in her house but her neighbors the flames were moving quickly to cry to know or you will and i just kept saying god is not my posts left to wait in the bitter cold temperatures and high winds. neighbors say they have each other to rely on and to build eachother up the slums as of this cannot be rebuilt homes in the one lost a lot. i just feel for the people that are losing their homes. i was scared to death. she knew her thirteen news now down over fire rescue had a lot to help fighting the flames over sixty firefighters responded to the scene including crews from the navy regional fire rescue. dominion virginia power's working to restore power to customers and the red cross and east ocean
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helping the displaced residents. if you were displaced by the fire norfolk fire rescue want you to call the number right there on your screen. well new this morning we're learning about a second residential fire also in ocean view fire officials say everyone's okay after home went up in flames on parkview avenue early this morning the home sustained heavy fire damage fire officials say a neighbor knocked on the door of the burning home to warn the occupants they all evacuated before fire crews arrived the cause of the fire is still under investigation meanwhile everyone's okay after two separate house fires in newport news and something to produce fire department sent us these pictures from the scene on jonathan court. the fire started after eight thirty last night crews arrived and found flames billowing from the two story home fire officials say the residents were able to escape meanwhile in suffolk seven
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a fire destroyed their home on tea box lane crews arrived on the scene around six o'clock last night spot and heavy smoke and flames. they knocked it out and about forty minutes but family members are helping the two adults and five children who live there. suffolk fire rescue is reminding everyone of the increase risk for fires during cold weather they sent some basic safety tips first. don't use makeshift heating methods such as a kitchen oven range keep combustible was at least three feet away from heaters wood stoves and candles and if the power does go out make sure all electrical appliances such as stoves heaters and air dryers are in the off position. well new sports and a whole lot more ahead plus more cold weather elements i usually have more cold weather you know what we're going to break down your valentine's day forecasters in case you have plans today i'm sure you do
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i am walking back time for shelter sunday we have crackle with as yet have a q a nevada man to sail from portsmouth sbc remains a sanctified themselves are the critical you're just a
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kind of special personality yes she and i love this sassy classy decide what i knew how things are going to happen in cream sauce to freeze well for the single story one that your eye i see her play she's been at the shelter since about october is almost six months which is probably partly due to her her sassy attitude. um but she can be very sweet and she does she loves to play loves toys loves to play and mom karen sue be perfectly and i wouldn't say to two young because you can get a little rough when she plays she can get nippy in scratchy and not the biggest fan of being held but were doing alright in the and when why did she arrive in your car is what was her she came as a sure a ok so she was probably somebody the outdoor cat and wander too far or on and what did you select are to come
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there iwas she's been there for for quite awhile and she needs somebody to come take her home in a lot of attitude will probably go away when she had some buddies undivided attention all the time um but she's super fun every day is shelter loves her she has her own room down the hallway were showing and she runs from hurricanes to her room really knows where her room is the time we got a lot to say you own cats me yet i have won her a little bit of sass apple is love. the success at seven eleven and the fish is going to go i forgot what about the hours of operation or can folks come see i did a rope and twelve to four am actually having a sale of their twenty five percent off so she would be included in a sale on um just to many she mentions that a good valentine's day gift for somebody this is the first i don't know that we've ever
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. i welcome back
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rather even saw the sponsors sunday i went from about the weather you know we've got some watches and warnings posted or advisories i should say i posted for our next system that will bring us chances for snow so let's talk about that furthers the winter weather alerts the blue that you are saying that the winter weather advisory and then we had the winter storm warning and hey i'm in the gray that's are saying offer at the met county also middlesex county that's a windchill advisory and a winter weather advisory so we are expecting some snow fall and again that's what those alerts are for. here's a look outside overlooking virginia beach a gorgeous shot this morning we do have some clout especially closer to the coast and is definitely chilly out there temperatures of seventeen and norfolk and was a city where fifteen right now in newport news and eighteen on the eastern shore and now so we are seeing a few more clouds on the eastern shore you'll notice that your own satellite and radar but the bulk of the clouds still over the atlantic and that could be the case as we had throughout most of the day but our class will serve to
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ahead of our next system already producing snow falling to kentucky also tennessee and that snow will head our way as we head into the overnight hours let's talk about everything on future cast as we head to the morning temperatures will quickly climb by lunch time and to the low twenties will top out in the mid twenties this action ill and if you start to see a few more clouds pushing and with temperatures dropping quickly and to the low twenties looking to be cold all day don't forget the layers the hats and scarves as well as we head into the overnight hours just after midnight will start to see some of that snow fog developing i will start off as snow temperatures will be cold enough and as we head into monday morning i know many of you may be off work with you do have to work. definitely watch out for some scattered snow showers. i mean what happens as we head into the later afternoon into the afternoon hours later morning i should say into the afternoon hours to get some warmer air working into the system so you'll notice
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the forties the country's transition everything over to rain by that point and so were talking as snow to rain fall type of day for monday but for today we're going to be mainly drive plenty of sunshine temperatures and the mid twenties this afternoon in for the peninsula middle peninsula glass to read about twenty six twenty seven on the seashore. also topping out in the mid twenties and the northeastern north carolina he'll be closer to thirty as we headed to the section ends of the seven day forecast twenty five today forty five on monday again starting office now or a mix and then transitioning all over to rain will have chances for scattered showers monday night into tuesday temperatures tuesday climbing near sixty degrees and then once that system passes will cool down just a bit into the fifties a lot of sunshine as we end the workweek with temperatures in the forties and fifties possibly near sixty by saturday though alright i shall bring on tuesday and then there were six six republican
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off in south carolina. abc's lana zach says they're all hitting the campaign trail as time ticks down to the gop primary romney rally stage in the world shared identity to the debate stage. jeb bush and don t think warming up for tonight's gop face off by courting voters in south carolina give me a chance to take this message to america give me the votes that you haven't call three people and get them to vote the first showdown in the south will be for the remaining six republican candidates and some contenders are expecting that ownership gets closer to get nastier and nastier and nastier and they get personal they get on the first find out when he gets it after his big win in new hampshire donald trump has largely stayed on the day but not anymore taking aim at senator ted cruz tweeting it out ted cruz doesn't clean up his back stop cheating and doing
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to sue him for not being a natural born citizen through hunting back on the airwaves his power for personal gain imagine the damage he could do was president and for marco rubio tonight is a chance to redeem himself after goal after the democrats hillary clinton in bernie sanders are facing off on the campaign trail in the next battleground states that will surprise them and i was surprised them in the shop were going to surprise the veteran of the standard is working to capitalize on momentum after trouncing clinton in new hampshire clinton rallied supporters for a comeback i am not new to this fight my friends i know you're here because we have work to do one week left to woo voters ahead of their next caucus is one of the abc news washington two key things really stuck out of last night's debate the first one
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the debate was dominated by shouting matches between the candidates one of the top disagreements was between donald trump and jeb bush trumpet at bush's family history especially his brother and their father bush fired back telling trump to leave his family alone the desired of him going after my family my dad is the greatest man alive among the world and its roof was building a reality tv show my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. i'm proud of what in another exchange senators cruz and rubio both got into a debate over speaking spanish. rubio accused cruz of not speaking a language crews then switched to spanish but the big battleground was the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia the debate began with a tribute to the longtime judge and then conversation
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his replacement. republicans vowed to block any candidate president obama nominates coming up in the next half hour we'll take a closer look it's kali is life and his impact on the nation just ahead on daybreak time's running out the state of virginia maze say no to funding light rail in virginia beach. that hesitation good but the project in jeopardy. plus coming up at seven thirty and put in maybe ten feet from the combat and cows and
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. i or starting off with a look at ascot on forecasts are for saturday's thirty one degrees with a forecast high of the actual high was thirty two degrees so we hit the freezing mark it was so cold day so that makes four street forecasts in a wild eyed today the forecast single digit wind chills in the morning and we're already seeing those single digit wind chills to start off the morning to call start your valentine's day and it's gonna be a cold n as well as high temperatures will only say in the twenties when god has big dip in the jet stream that's allowing all of that colder air from canada to filter into our region. so that's putting our high temperatures twenty to thirty degrees below where we should be for this time of the year
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dealing with these very cold temperatures for today forecasting a high in the mid twenties this afternoon the record low high temperature is twenty three that was set back in nineteen sixty three close to breaking the record i don't think will that we're sleeping nice and dry when you have some class starting to develop over the eastern shore more cloud cover off over the atlantic as we had throughout the day will remain mainly dry we could see a few of those ocean effect flurries along the outer banks and that's about it today so here's how your sunday will shape up twenty one degree that you're heading out for maybe morning bryce mid morning brunch twenty three degrees by midday and then if you have plans this evening we'll drop back into the low quantities it's going to be a cold day overall. definitely bundle up if you're going to be out and about and keep in mind when shells this morning and the single digits by this action in those wind chills will climb a little bit into the teens but overall still a very very cold day like your
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they were showing off. we're not quite red would you say this color is and this is car mine more months so it looks similar to that might be a karma that i think so very good read next. yet our nation thinking of virginia's secretary of transportation aubrey layne says he will polls state funding for light rail in virginia beach. if the city holds another referendum on the issue. lane sent a letter to tell iran build a wave a in it he told bill in a way that he would recommend that the state poll hundred and fifty five million dollars earmarked for light rail construction if there's another public vote on the money would go back to virginia's high priority transportation projects program another round of winter weather temperatures are already in the teens we've been telling you all morning and now another round of snow could be on the way plus the freezing conditions
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. good morning everyone thanks for joining us on thirteen years now never got joe flanagan and isis goddess valentine's day lots of plans are gonna go out now today just bundle up it's real cold. yeah you'll need everything that you can possibly find the scarf the hat and gloves everything it is definitely chilly out there was starting off with wind chill values in the single digits here's a look outside this is riley tavern in williamsburg the morning of you joining us from the pin and flow we do have mainly clear skies and there's a lot of sunshine despite the sunshine it is
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at sixteen degrees right now look at the dew point one degrees so it is not only cold it is chris as well and the wind so out of the north brady in that pretty chilly air. now the temperature change compared to yesterday you remember we were in the twenties yesterday morning. seems this morning so we are down almost twenty degrees in emporium on the rapids were down twelve degrees and eleven right now and hinton says we factor in the temperature and the winds look at what we're dealing with so this is what you want to dress for heading out early like four degrees right now in newport news five and norfolk it feels like it's one below zero in hanson. it feels like two degrees and elizabeth city. definitely a cold start but we are nice and dry this morning satellite and they are sleeping nice and riley did have some classes offshore we could see one of those when they are federal ocean effect streamers along the outer banks were really that's it everybody sing mainly dry as we head throughout the day remember those wind chills
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digits will mainly be in its hands in terms of the wind chill as we head into the afternoon hours and then the winds will start to let up just a bit later on this afternoon and into this evening said then that will lessen the chill factor just a little bit but we are tracking chances for snow coming out and we've got a warm up as well be told that with a seven day forecast in just a few minutes john. all right thanks a shot a three year old boy is recovering after relatives pouring from an icy fish pond in virginia beach. he fell into the water behind a home on a breeze ko as in the bay cliff section yesterday afternoon a division chief with virginia beach ems says the boy was unconscious when family members found him. medics took him to the hospital in serious condition. no word yet on how his condition is this morning. anyone who can avoid going out during this cold weather should do so but if you have to be outside take precautions to avoid serious health issues
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symptoms include shivering confusion memory loss and slurred speech. hypothermia can also be deadly. there's also a risk of frostbite. now if you notice your exposed skin change colors try to warm up as soon as possible also dress in warm layers and cover all exposed skin and help prevent hypothermia and frostbite also make sure your cell phone's charging that you have the thirty news now mobile app downloaded you can stay ahead of the cold with temperature updates and live radars. it is free in the app store and google play virginia person from monroe county wasted no time in jumping in to save a driver who was in a burning car meredith conyers was on his way to work when he saw a car with smoke coming from it connor says it was first in state to get out and see if anybody was in that car driver was there screaming
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to douse our window to get him out that wayne didn't put in maybe ten feet from the convent and cows and salt in flames and sedan may use this moaning and groaning that he was in i get the ac was in for a emergency crews arrived and put out the fire while medics rushed the man of the hospital he's being treated for significant injuries. as for conyers police say he continued on to work. one new information on a string of robberies in portsmouth and chesapeake we told you about it first yesterday on daybreak. please believe this person robbed a gas station in portsmouth and then hit three seven eleven in chess be the first was on portland road in south africa the second on north battlefield blvd in greenbrier and the third on south battlefield blvd in great bridge has big officers say he got money from the first and last but not the second. now there were two other robberies in chesapeake but detectives aren't sure if you are all
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sawed off shotgun held up stores on providence road in indian river road. police say there are some similarities to the other crimes but the weapon was different and the robber wore a different lawyer reputation as the u s supreme court's most steadfast conservative and i'll force to be reckoned with. this morning people across the country remember just as in tone in tone and squeaks scallions. i'm sorry seventy nine year old died over the weekend. the uva law professor turn supreme court justice was considered by many to be a hero to those who believe the constitution should be enforced as closely to the letter the laws can be abc's radio monday looks back at his life and looks ahead to naming his replacement and we're learning this morning in an autopsy is being conducted on the body of associate justice antonin
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hunting trip in west texas and this morning his generous legacy will forever be remembered. overnight america honoring justice antonin scalia by far the most conservative jurist on the highest court influenced a generation of judges lawyers and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape but he looked down on the bible. scalia nominated by president ronald reagan in nineteen eighty six serving some thirty years on the bank known to many as the anchor of the conservative wing of the supreme court he will forever be remembered for his strict interpretation of staunch defense of the constitution. republican presidential candidate reacting during saturday night's debate. this is a tremendous blow to conservative isn't that a tremendous blow. frankly to our country. he will go down as one of the great justices in history this republic the longest serving justice on the current united states supreme court reportedly died in the sleep of natural causes. this morning flights are flown at half staff
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of honor scalia this as a political battle brews over who'll replace him the president says he will fulfill his constitutional responsibility to nominate senate republicans threatening not to confirm an obama nominee reaction on both sides of the aisle i believe that the president should not move forward and i think that we ought to let the next prez the united states decide the president has a responsibility to nominate a new justice and the set has a responsibility to vote as the controversy continues as to who exactly will replace associate justice scalia we do know that scalia is mourned by his wife maureen and nine children he was seventy nine years old and died just three weeks shy of his eightieth birthday. every monday abc news new york back to you. we have more about justice scalia including his time on the supreme court on thirty news now. com good morning
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reaction to his death beginning at eight am. a popular virginia town bursting at the seams for valentine's days traditions are going to tell you where to take your postcards maybe next year. plus you know what they say an elephant never forgets a touching story here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. oooh, i think i saw dessert! hey! steven stay strong! what's that? want me to eat you? honey, he didn't say that! don't fight your instincts! with each for 150 calories or less,
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. happy valentine's day everybody were taking a look outside of cold look outside but it's pretty nice with that the sun shining over looking downtown norfolk and just a few clouds overhead. now you may have saw the camera shaking just a little bit because the winds are a little bit breezy are closer to the coasts are reporting ten miles right now an orphan fifteen and mouth i add him to report and
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sixteen and virginia beach so as a factor in the air temperatures and the winds that she feels like it's in the single digits although air temperatures are actually in the team's seventeen right now in norfolk also love the city the morning in newport news are coming in at sixteen and we've got thirteen degrees right now on the eastern shore and wallace island now satellite but i was sleeping nice and dry in just a few more clouds closer to the coast especially offshore and we've got a few clouds pushing over the eastern shore we could see a few ocean effect flurries moving across on the outer banks and it's really it's two days we're going to stay mainly dry if you are traveling today it's gonna be chilly all across the region from this one too many by virginia authorities in north carolina even some forties down across south carolina but we will see a lot of sunshine that shone out to the west will have more cloud cover and that's associated with our next system that will bring its chances for a few snow showers overnight and rain as
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of the day on monday into tuesday soggy tell that for you coming up with a seven day forecasts show fantasia well new video this morning of one of the last things you'd expect. we all expect to see elephants at the zoo but what about in the street and all that water out of a natural reserve in southern china and damage fifteen parked cars nearby. one life officials say the elephant was heartbroken he reportedly lost the interest of the female element to another member of his her and was moody no one was hurt. aw well sunday morning you know what that means around here thirteen years now. daybreak is time to save you some money we're going to have to ask ole are all over her thoughts on that elephant story she's next to frugal
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u1& well there are lot of people take the time to drive out the valentine virginia for the simple pleasure of getting a valentine's day cards postmarked there it is linda sonny fox took the time to send us for holiday tradition thank you linda one of the special people in our lives here thirteen years now daybreak and since valentine's day fell on a sunday you had to get out there earlier in the week is that cool. we should do that i did one year it's a long drive route fifty eight out
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and on and on but they have been there for decades. cute right. one little boy had a special valentine seven year old adrian rodriguez has been battling cancer for three months in us we turn the lens adrian sole reporter christina for j co outside c h katie last week with the help of his mother the shy little guy asked christina to be his valentine fortunately she said yes excuse me and she took him for a date he will never forget the memory wanted to be my valentine the soviet era tank old christina surprising with an ice cream party here at the station and took and is skinny dip frozen yogurt bar greats switch gears. it's time for saving sunday lar all over here with our valentine's day deals in
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cold outside handset and yogurt sounds gay died nothing besides hot chocolate in the soup sounds good to me right now something else liquid. it's too cold outside maybe now i'm not one of those ice cream all the world now not about my mom to need it but she could walk this morning now and tonight how they like and yet the hot chocolate soup may be right now or are you can head to kyoto by because they are doing their valentine's tradition that they do every year i really don't last couple years you take your you know significant others somebody that you like with you and if you kiss and ran the cashier they would give your readers buy one get one for our world. wow now they're not real you know we can just be a peck on the cheek or whatever engine you can find a willing participant in the restaurant like a discount on their feud and probably to be a total stranger but they do that on valentine's day sweets today only is the only dvd that she
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leg chicken to have things into the store but an amazon has as sale this morning just popped up that aside for a bunch of their kind of newer books on kindle there's the new james patterson book and tina fey but what i specifically wanted to mention was iraqi desert on a story but it's the girl's name is malala. she's from past and sf and hurt their shoes at the end of the book has been on my short list and make ones that i want to check out and it's three ninety nine on there today so instead of waiting for it to come in the library where i can grab it have to read a really fast to get out the next lesson i'll probably just head over and grab it today and that we have been on my kindle so it's nicely put newer books and they'll usually at some older ones when the newer ones come out it's pretty nice out i wanted to mention the sales well they got on things so i miss his stay the stay warm today however i'm glad you came in today the guys were like oh it's cold and it's dry and there was no point doing my
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there and you have a feeling yes it is sweater weather definitely absolutely knows
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i was starting off with another look outside is cold but the sun is shining and warm a few clouds overhead severe heading out early this morning. many church services definitely bundle out with the nice temperatures seventeen right now in norfolk where fifteen and newport news them are coming in at seventeen as well. and elizabeth city eighteen solo bit warmer on the seashore and mouth but we do have mainly clear skies across the viewing area has a few more clouds pushing over portions of the eastern shore definitely a lot of clouds out over the atlanta but the next system that i'm tracking still well off to the west the clouds will
7:47 am
this evening out ahead of this next system and you'll notice already producing snow showers into kentucky also into tennessee's as we head throughout the rest of today we're gonna see a lot of sunshine can rule out maybe a ocean effect for real on the outer banks but most of us and drive later on this evening if you have plans to keep the jackets in the coat any of the clouds will start to increase again out ahead of that next system and it looks like we'll start to have our better chance for say scattered snow showers just after midnight tonight and as we head throughout the morning hours on monday if you don't have to head back to work tomorrow is president's day then you're one of the lucky ones if you do have to head out and travel will likely be dealing with scattered snow showers especially farther off to the west along ninety five and points westward and then as we get some warmer air search move into this system temperatures climbing into the forties by tomorrow afternoon. all the snow will transition over to rain and we will continue with that chance of rain even into
7:48 am
tuesday as well so once again temperature wise that is a pretty chilly today. again those clouds increasing out ahead of that next system as we head into the day on monday temperatures climbing into the forties by monday afternoon we do have winter weather alerts posted this in the winter weather advisory in the blow and then we had the winter storm warning in the paint and a wind chill advisory from four points northward along the eastern shore back in the county and middlesex county as well so far today twenty five degrees mostly sunny that is pretty
7:49 am
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in all gets better and a few days right. that's right we will see warmer temperatures over the next several days but today it's the need is downright cold so definitely bundle of temperatures in the mid twenties this action and plenty of sunshine but the nats as we head into the evening are clouds will increase. we're talking chances for scattered snow showers overnight into early monday before everything transitioned over to rain monday afternoon the rain the last monday night into tuesday blica temperatures tuesday near sixty. all right bill can't wait. big shout out last night all kinds of fun happen out of congo at the aviation museum they had to dance out there for valentine's day and also i was able to go out to
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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- remembering supreme court justice antonin scalia, the high court's leading conservative voice passing away suddenly at this ranch in texas at the age of 79. >> he influenced a generation of judges, lawyers, and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> flags across america lowered to half-staff in his honor.
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legacy. >> getting nominated to the supreme court is a culmination of a dream, of course. on the court. a fiery, pivotal figure, admired by colleagues, widely respected. with friends on both sides of the ideological divide. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff, we do. ruth is really bad only on the knee-jerk stuff. [ laughter ] >> this morning, the battle to tilt the balance of the nation's highest court. president obama ready to nominate a replacement, the senate's majority leader saying -- not so fast. and the republican candidates also weighing in overnight at a raucous debate. >> i think we ought to let the next president of the united states decide. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> our team coverage as we remember this giant of the
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