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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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them school about their crushes green nose gear over to meteorologist craig miller greg along with the stick around as we're looking at a mass early this morning but warmer weather coming later on i was just adjusting our lives skyview in this picture really tells the story you can see right here. this is bramble to ave and i will mention the tides of enron and noticed it's very rare they don't run the trains overnight but they're keeping the wire a looming keep the tracks warm soothing joking kind of ice or wintry weather building up on the track so everyone while see the tide running by here but over this bridge here over the head you can see the conditions car traveling along there is snow and there's some ice on these bridges some of the road's been treated other areas did not receive the treatment could be snow packed or ice covered so temperatures still below freezing and you want if i invariably changeable conditions as are traveling in confined areas where
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all that santa gets really slick and its downtown norfolk the secondary road that was one years were actually doing gauge the four wheel drive on my jeep coming in so some areas you can find the roads wet other areas more snowpack or even ice covered see really want to be careful. winter weather advisory for the virginia part of the viewing area down in north carolina gates county back into her fur and also north hampton. i will say this advisory runs through ten a m for southside until one o'clock this afternoon for areas yes to the north and then until four for areas farther north to the west of richmond we have a winter weather advisory read take a moment here to show you the satellite radar images the snow out there this morning i look at the transition that takes place later this morning by nine ten eleven o'clock start to see warmer air moving in with the changeover to rain so while we could see maybe an inch or inch and a half across parts of the area with the snow a little bit more to the north and west eventually does really matter because we're going to the warmer
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wash it out to talk a lot more about all this lead details on all of your condition throughout the morning they will be changing right now going to check in on the roads. it's a holiday so volumes are going to be very light out there but if you do have to travel it's going to be a masseuse ashley and craig of the goodness of the holiday a lot of folks just enjoying the show from the comfort of their own home you don't have to get out there but if you do again as craig mentioned the roads are certainly not a thing to play with this morning on my drive them short all of our drives and we had a little bit of getting a little bit of sliding so be careful to leave home in enough time to get to work or wherever you're headed safely. let's head over to our camera first because the door to show you in hampton sixty four right in the sixty four interchange we had an accident on the westbound side just passes interchange. i've been watching his camera and look at the accident just wrapped up in a display of course traffic volumes not the issue but it is still coming down out there and happen to us can be very careful as you play in the morning commute
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i'll check for any more accidents and we do have some awesome specific the dot issued icy conditions advisories about those coming up at four forty artists either you so much that we have breaking news to tell you about the last twenty minutes or so firefighters in virginia beach told us they responded to a two alarm fire at an apartment complex is happening on tree top drive not far from my two sixty four and burnett road the department posted to twitter that one person is being transported to the hospital dispatch tells us the call came in at three thirty this morning mccain is heading to the sea right now will take a live report from him as soon as he gets the scene. our team coverage of this snowy weather that we're dealing with this morning with elise brown in the peninsula. that's right she is live in a mobile weather lab valleys where are
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it looking out year corners and streets are covered in the morning in the morning to work that you mentioned reason why the room the will or the way she's just the way the u the one i covered the first in just a few hours the american heart association wants you to help them lobby delegates and state senators the state lobby day starts at nine
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they do a lot of snow up there and they want to get to lawmakers they want to get them to approve ten million dollars governor terry mcauliffe set aside in his budget the money would be used to bring grocery source of so called food deserts are areas where residents do not have access to fresh food is fast food restaurant in court a convenient source of the quicker we can we can address those health issues the quicker we can reduce risk for type two diabetes or heart attack while statistics show that these communities have higher rates of health issues state lobby day in richmond road from nine thirty to eleven thirty this morning. if you can't make eagle is call email or write a letter to your senator or
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. i you are i would take a look right there at the updated snowfalls are forecast for today but i don't get too concerned with that i will take a closer look let me start off though with a look at our advisories will get back into that here in just a moment what's going on across the area we have the wintry weather out there right now i did bump up the snow forecasters to hear but it really doesn't matter because later today we're going to see a changeover to rain and when we get half an inch or a trace or an inch or inch and a half or a little bit more than that if the rain comes and melts it all way you look at isaac cates pretty and secondly one of those days where getting a lot just you know by asking a lot of snow or anything like that some of the kids may get out this morning since kids are off for president's day and play a little bit that we're going to see a transition to rain even by mid morning so if you've got a little one that's really a snow lover you want to get out a little bit early i do pretty close
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the south side because we are going to see that transition to rain and it's going to be messy now as far as travel goes you wanna stay off the roads early this morning if you don't have to be out there don't don't go because later this morning as that change occurs we get the warmer air and the rain comes and that's going to wash away in the conditions will actually improve although the roads will be what you can tell it's a very slick spots which should be super careful out there that certainly better than the snow in the ice it's out there right now and it's going to continue to be a problem even in the afternoon for areas north and west that's we have some more temperatures are currently in the lower to mid twenties for much of the rate you will notice temps are starting to warm up down to the south many and thirty five thirty one acre tat we will see warmer air moving in later on so when chills right now in the teens and twenties and has been cake you hour by hour through the day you'll notice the temperatures will be warming and that transition from the snow to
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this morning i have more on the extended forecast that i understand his word of the accident we would hear about that from eckert is going to be the morning where we have several acts the report come and we've already had a couple some things are clearing quickly but i'll continue to come up to that list we just to let you know what you expected to head out the door. so actually headed back to the same area we checked just minutes ago sixty four eastbound just past the six sixty four in hampton reveals flashing like they're off to the right shoulder and that is an accident. it looks like the separate accident in the one i was watching earlier this morning so again around our bridges ramps overpasses the tunnel that's where you going to be a little bit extra slippery on the roadways we ask to be careful knowledge no one is totally clear but right now all lanes are open in that area doesn't figure that rapid network map they do have a couple other accident when chesapeake one in newport news. again those icy conditions advisories issued by the dot will talk about those coming up at four fifty figure so much everytime those four forty one an
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the cliff to collapse and new video shows the moments just after the sheet of rock suddenly drop. plus mom and dad listen up thousands of high tears are being re called the problem that can allow children
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our storm coverage continues this snow sleet and freezing rain moved through hampton roads parts of our area under a winter weather advisory right now. that's right in back is a live look at our sky the camera actually has some of the level of inflation the beach at town center this. actually that's i'm looking at her. i think we're on the peninsula looks like it's in the middle level of driving the roads on the peninsula. greg is of course tracking the storm force and he's going have an update for some just a few minutes and the spokesperson for reid us says its crews are prepared to treat roadways and interstates as needed. here's a live look at our thirty news not traffic camera. the dot did not do any pre treatment for this storm and that's because crews put down brine solution before snow moved in on friday. the solution is still on the roads. be warned though no matter how much pre treating or treatment treatment is done crews do say there could still be icy patches. we saw few of those in north carolina the state d o t began pre treating
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yesterday crews hit the streets again this morning about three o'clock the freezing rain is a big concern there and cdot spokesperson says it makes their job much more complex because it cannot plow it like snow or sleet that is why they put salt down the shrine to keep it from adhering to the pavement done this for forty five for those of you must get on the roads this morning are few things to keep in mind remember to take it as slowly as possible never use cruise control increase your following distance and also accelerate and brake slowly. if you skated stare into the direction the car is moving and went off at cass and of course always wear your seatbelt to see your weather pictures just remember to use caution when you're doing it you can post them to our facebook page or tweet them to thirteen years now we can also email them to share the wbc. we'll be checking with the norfolk fire department today to see if they know what caused a massive fire this weekend
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apartment condo buildings along through an apartment and condo buildings along west ocean view avenue on saturday night at one point more than five dozen firefighters were battling the fire to the house to finally put out about thirty families lost their homes during the chaos as chaotic and fire fighters and police officers or people this would have to come out of house to another apartment. so those people who are american red cross is helping a number of those families affect consumer alert me to know about if you have little ones thousands of high chairs are being recall the arm on eight models of the moon is oz high chair can break or bend allow your child fall out. it has happened at least fifty times has led to several injuries if you have one of the stairs stop using in
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replacement parts are dealing with the blanket of snow moving through area right now yet howell slick writer myself i saw now myself on the way in turning run into the station every other little bits look at their craft store that has now acknowledged that this kind of condition to be their lease for a little while yet for a while through the morning it was interesting coming in across the south and i drove up just one sixty bypass horrible minds are still all over the place and is in the other a secondary roads that are pretty heavily traveled also pretty bad but once again for sixty four. here is heavily treated were a little bit better. comingng in or fake different situation very roads to what we do now is as you travel you might say ok it's not bad at all here i'm able to roll on but you could come into an area where maybe it's just an area where the trucks typically taken ramp off to change a different location whatever you have rapidly changing conditions you can see again the tide running i mention this in the top of the show we watch either do not keep track for me to keep them free of snow and ice so they
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keep the trains running. you can see vehicles traveling along bridges and overpasses in countering variable conditions and snow cover and some ice on some of these bridges and then the roads are treated a little bit warmer. say you go from what conditions to those snowy conditions really want folks to be careful. winter weather advisory this morning and it will continue into the afternoon ferry to the north and west across the southside hampton roads through ten am den in north carolina we also have it for each county in to her for northampton county their easter so obviously all the areas in virginia that pickup parsing on to the winter weather advisory we are going to see a changeover to rain though and things will improve. i was telling my wife faces a great time for her to try to work from home early this morning get into work later today as temperatures warm up we see the rain. relax you wash away some of the snow or ice that's out there to get slushy messy for a while mid morning but as temperatures
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forties in the afternoon certainly better conditions what can be slippery but not as bad as snow and ice which is what we're dealing with early this morning. you see the snow still widespread across the area but watch what happens with our future cast as we take you forward through time by nine o'clock to see the changeover rain across northeast north carolina rain into the south side including parts chesapeake in virginia beach that nyx liner that transition line across northern virginia beach to portsmouth and norfolk and then snow still at nine o'clock with a pencil middleton slayer is off to the northeastern shore and more widespread mixed precipitation concern here for sleet and ice for inland areas into north carolina at short and ninety five to ten thirty eleven again that transitional area pushes farther north and by noon again still some mixed precipitation far north but much of the region's start to experience more rain than
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continue through the overnight temperatures will continue to warm winds will pick up and look what happens tomorrow we start off again to get the overnight maybe a little bit of a break we finally catch a little bit of a break for the overnight that tomorrow morning. more wet weather and a chance for a few more thunderstorms isolated that we could see a couple of heavier downpours temperatures tomorrow much warmer and that heavy rain pushes through. after that a nice little break so welcome that more sunshine coming up later in the week temperatures right now in the twenties will be of low thirties near the coast isn't mention the roads are going to be very messy. we already have word of another accident out there we'll hear from ashley here just a moment his seven outlook presidents day sets a good thing we say in so long to you know a lot of kids not having to mess with the school buses all that but still very messy early this morning and that is because of the day tomorrow rain after that big improvements later in the week years actually. ok good so just gotta get past really did a little bit of rain tomorrow
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for because we still have to get out about today so as you plan the community do have to head out. i am watching a few accidents will give you a live look now at one of them this one in chesapeake for sixty four to northbound that away from sixty four just pass out military highway right now the right shoulder is blocked only felt all the lanes are open as you can see traffic is not going to be the issue. asia was going to be for the few of you that will be out there this morning. be extra careful because again the interstate certainly compromises morning with that snow that came down so back to the maps now and talk about the rest of your issues this morning another accident in newport news sixty four eastbound just past victory boulevards are headed toward j clyde in west mercury will see the right shoulder block there as well and i in hampton sixty four eastbound just past the six sixty four showed you this a few minutes ago the right shoulder still blocked out there but i believe this one is in the very last stages may be cleared by now so a bit of good news there are no accident that just popped up one to sixty four to
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still need to talk about your view not issued icy conditions advisories will do all that coming up at five o'clock already thinking so much for fifty two a sheet of rock comes crashing down the a new video shows us the moments after a cliff collapsed into the ocean during an earthquake we got
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i forgive i was a time later today the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia is expected to arrive back in virginia. our sister station w fa out dallas reports that the cause of his death will likely be ruled a heart attack someone found him in his room at the simple ranch in market access. saturday night the towns of el paso a judge says she wants to speak with scaly his personal physician before ordering an autopsy it didn't take long after his death for democrats or republicans argue when his seat should be filled some argue it should be filled after the next president is elected office. good morning america will have much more on that at seven o'clock some new video shows the moments just after a cliff fell into the ocean happened yesterday after five point eight earthquake struck in new zealand near the city of christ's church. you can see the smoke cloud that formed and unfortunately there have been no reports of any
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four fifty six is your time day break is giving one lucky person a chance to win a trip for two to new york city includes airfare hotel and tickets to see good morning america during the six o'clock hour walk for the keyword enter it on thirteen is not calm you have several chances to enter throughout the week to pick the winner after daybreak on friday. however we continue in store mode this morning that's right in fact in just a few minutes we'll check back in with elise brown his truck and driving conditions on the peninsula forcing the mobile weather lab live
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i was five o'clock on the dot and we have team coverage this morning of the snow covered roads all across hampton roads for. that's right we do have crews on the peninsula while preggo ashlyn am monitoring conditions right here in the studio manager visiting us again overnight dumping more than an inch of snowfall in some areas take a look at that video that is just coming down there sandra conceal the white on the radar to signaling more snow on the way yet what we are also keeping track of breaking news a two alarm
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just got to the scene will have more from this moment good morning tea lemon tree senior and sarah parker lucy is off today we are holding down the deathly as hampton has prepares for a very messy monday morning bring me right over to greg for the very latest on the storm's path correct is presidents day a lot of folks having today off schools are out a lot of government employees getting an extra day so if you're fortunate enough to head the day off just enjoy some time in bed stay there snuggled up. let us talk to about the mess that is outside and here's the good news for anybody has any travel interest from a need to get out later today we are going to see improvements later on that this morning it is messy snow widespread it's called a changeover to rain and i do what you know roads like brian wilton avenue here snow covered in many areas so you want to be careful and some ice potentially out there as well. we have a winter weather advisory for southeast virginia and parts
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