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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 22, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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house and starting a dance party with the first family. good monday morning to you. we begin with the battle for the next round of votes just one day until the gop caucuses in nevada >> of course we have district of columbia -- donald trump and hillary clinton the ones to beat. their rivals fight to step up their games. >> it's "your voice, your vote." kenneth moten tells us what's next on the campaign trail. >> reporter: good morning, guys. one day away from the nevada caucuses tomorrow one week away from super tuesday. dc donald trump and hillary clinton are leading. this week it's the early presidential contest switch. >> we just won nevada!
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deep south. while the republicans are out west in nevada for tomorrow's caucus. >> reporter: we're going to keep winning. we're going to make america great again. this morning, donald trump is still riding high. he scored all 50 of the state's delegates winning evangelical voters. >> we won by a lot. it was sort of record-setting. >> reporter: the gop pack is down to five contenders. jeb bush, out. the two cue can american freshman senators left to battle it out to become the trump alternative. >> trump has a relative high floor of support. >> reporter: nevada caucus winner hillary clinton is favored in south carolina, she's already focused on the super tuesday s tuesday states, like texas. it was another big rally for bernie sanders in greenville, south carolina. he got some celebrity help from
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sanders is looking to court the black vote. tomorrow night sanders and clinton will hit the stage for a democratic town hall at the university of south carolina. as for trump, who's leading in nevada by 26 points, he says he's still not being treated fairly by the republican national committee, but the chairman of the party told abc news that the rnc will support trump if he wins the gop nomination. >> he certainly got momentum. kenneth, thank you so much. well, bernie sanders' civil rights record has been called into question. but this morning, there may be proof to his commitment to the struggle. the protesters being arrested in this video from 1963, have been identified as sanders. his campaign said the video was taken in chicago during a demonstration against segregation. at the time, sanders was a 21-year-old college student.
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big story the uber driver accused of a deadly shooting spree, reportedly even picking up passengers between killings. >> such a horrible story. six people are dead. this scene overnight, hundreds of people attending a prayer service for those shot in kalamazoo, michigan. jason dalton appeared to choose his victims. one passenger was so frightened he called 911. >> we were driving through the medians, through the lawn. finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> none of those shots were dalton's passengers. two others were wounded. one is gravely injured this morning. the victims range in age from 16 to 64. dalton is a 45-year-old former insurance adjustor, he has no criminal or known history of mental illness. uber said he passed a background check.
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children and police said, they checked, his family is uninjured. isis claimed responsibility for the blast in syria. and homes left more than 100 dead. the attacks came just as secretary of state john kerry announced a tentative seescease-fire agreement. not finalized. the state department is responding to reports that the u.s. had secretly agreed to peace talks with north korea before it's latest nuclear test. officials said they considered a proposal that demanded the north korean's nuclear arsenal had to be a part of the talks. the fbi director said apple owes it to the san bernardino shooting victims to unlock the iphone. it's not about setting a precedent but extracting
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apple has refused to help the fbi unlock the iphone saying it would set a dangerous precedent. meantime, demonstrators are planning in more than 30 states to support apple. organized by the internet rights group, fight for the future group. it will be held outside of apple stores. taking a look at today's weather front, right now, heavy rain is moving into the south from texas to the carolinas. some storms are possible in texas and along the gulf coast. >> warm again in dessert southwest with highs in the 80s. all right, coming up, even more promising numbers at the gas pump. plus, the passenger bus that caught fire and the frugal travel reporter caught in the middle of the story and the landslide caught on
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cw_6wswswswsosksososososososososososososososos dramatic video from idaho, this landslide has all but cut off a town from the rest of the world. the state highway is blocked. there is no power in town. officials said reopening the road is taking longer than expected because of boulders and trees on the pavements. there are back roads but they're impassable because of snow. an investigation is under way looking into what caused them. a packed megabus. erupted in flames on its way from chicago to minneapolis. a driver and 40 passengers were onboard when the bus caught fire. everyone got off safely with no
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they exited the bus so quickly most of their belongings with left behind and lost. one of the passengers onboard that bus was "the new york times" budget travel reporter lucas peterson he was tweeting out as a frugal traveler. drivers say it's just a flat fire, there's no need to panic. goes out. then, quote, small fire over wheel becomes big, people abandon luggage and get away. flames. series of loud booms. another tragedy in michigan, six members of a family have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. the generator left running in the basement's likely cause. a worried grandfather discovered the bodies over the weekend. the victims including four children all died in their beds. gas prices are lower once again. national average is now a 1 $.71.
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refineries gear up for seasonal maintenance. not likely to see any significant changes in the near future because crude oil prices have stabilize. deadpool is on track to become one of the most successful r-rated movies. it remain on top of the box office over the weekend. it brought in another $55 million and kung fu panda three was a distant 2. all right, movies we have to add to our list. when we come back -- the exciting photo finish from yesterday's daytona 500. the dramatic move right before the finish line. but first, a truly close call for one man sent flying from a gas explosion. neighbors said it sounded like a bomb went off. look at the lines... -uhhh... look at the other line... -mm-mhh.. that's why he starts his day with those two scoops
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we're non stop, we've gotta have our extra protein. oikos triple zero greek non fat yogurt has 15 grams of protein. zero added sugar, zero artificial sweetener and zero fat. and zero holding me back! oikos triple zero. be unstoppable. mmm dannon strong winds and frigid temperatures on like superior created this surreal sight. the stacking of sheet of ices along the shoerls in duluth, michigan. the winds brings them back in. the photographer said this video was actually not sped up. the sheets of ice are from a quarter of an inch to three inches thick. a look at morning road conditions. heavy rain could cause problems along the gulf coast and into the southeast. snow showers in the rockies. if you're flying airport delays are possible in atlanta, dallas and new orleans.
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developments in the sexual assault against bill cosby. >> a judge last night refused to propostpone the deposition of camille cosby. the suit alleges that bill cosby sex yawly assaulted several women years ago. police could wrap up their investigation of nfl quarterback johnny manziel this week. police now have surveillance video of the incident. manziel hasn't been identified by authorities and has not been charged by crime. erin andrews will be in nashville today where a civil trial pitting her against a marriott hotel is getting under way. she accused the hotel of
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next to hers, then she claims he rigged peepholes and filmed videos of her changing clothes. a young woman in miami is fighting for her life in miami. 23-year-old daniele jones lived with the man named byron mitchell for a week before being brutally beaten and left for dead. mitchell said that he was self-defense. mitchell is now charged with attempted murder. her mother said jones is starting to show signs of recovery. in oklahoma city, a real estate man smelled an explosion. authorities believe the first home filled with natural gas after someone stole the gas
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a dramatic rescue by the coast guard caught on camera in washington state. the helicopter arrived just in time to save three people in the water. two surferers the heavy waves knocked away the coast guard crew. no one was injured. and a draltic rescue captured on camera on a frozen lake in ohio, two dogs pulled to safely after they fell through the ice near aakron. they got the shivering pug and black lab out of the fridged waters. >> they're very happy this morning. now to some sports. if the rest of the nascar season shapes up like yesterday's daytona 500 it will be the most exciting nascar season now. >> now highlights from espn. >> i'm steve levy with john anderson. we begin with nascar. vroom. vroom.
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i can't believe that. all right, daytona 500 final lap. number 2000. "dish of the day" gets inside of matt kenseth. we get a photo finish. as they get the checkered flag. hamelin just ahead of truex. a foot. hamelin's teammates celebrate. truex's girlfriend not happy with that. but hamlin the winner. the closest democrat dm in history. big nba story, check out anthony davis and the pelicans taking on the pistons. fourth quarter, pelicans up 92-87 when davis connects. that's 50 points. moments later, that's davis, with the back-door cut for the slam. that's 52 points. later, davis, turnaround jumper, he finished with 59 points and
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most impressive about the 59, he only hit two three-point zblers and he's very tall which is important as well. >> and the unibrow. >> that's all we have for now. happy motoring. >> have a nice weekend. >> thank you. one more item from the daytona 500. it happened while fox's jamie little was reporting from the pits. not only did she walk right by john cena who drove the pace car. >> little did she know right in the face, she got hit by the pony tail. afterwards, he tweeted out, for those who question my powers, #jamie, can't see me. coming up -- moving and grooving. the inspiring centena rishgs an
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see me. see me. see me on my way. find clear skin and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. time now for the pulse. an enthusiastic visitor to the white house. the obamas. >> the white house released this video overnight. look at her excitement of meeting the first couple. who's apparently 106 years old. that didn't stop her from doing some dance moves with the . the president asking her secret to having so much energy. they made her feel right at home. >> i'm so happy. >> we're happy to have you. >> a black president.
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right there. >> black wife. that's me. >> did you think she has egg whites for breakfast or chia seeds. what is her secret? she looks amazing. so much soul. she petitioned to get her meeting with the obamas. a very special moment. during black history month. >> when she was born in 1910, william howard taft was president. she's been through a few presidents. >> she finally got to dance in the white house with the first black president and the first lady. a bride in pennsylvania knew she would have to share her spotlight on her special day. >> her maid of honor was no other than taylor swift. the pop star was thrilled to be a maid of honor for the first time. >> they have known each other since they were babies and swift has known the groom since she was 4. she says she's the happiest maid
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the bride and the taylor swift. kind of hard to upstage taylor. >> it is. but the bride kind of did. it is her special day after all. and a musical mystery from the dark side of the moon and no, we're not talking about the -- >> because four years that album came out, the astronauts reported hearing some weird music while making an hour-long journey around the far side of the moon. the group too far to reach them. >> newly released video showed the astronauts reacting to the strange sounds. there's life on the moon. >> or somewhere else. maybe, you know, kanye was right. he's the king of the universe and his tunes made it back then. >> it always comes back to kanye on this broadcast.
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tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. checking our top stories -- the republican candidates are fanning out across nevada ahead of tomorrow's caucuses. . the democrats are switching places. focusing on south carolina. donald trump and hillary clinton remain far ahead in the polls. arraignment today for the uber driver accused of shooting eight people in callkalamazoo, michigan, six people dead. a teenage girl is in grave condition. a judge in connecticut is expected to rule whether families of the sandy hook shooting victims can sue the maker of the assault rifle used in the attack. weather, dry for most of the west. chilly in the midwest. heavy rain in the southeast.
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calls for speed and a agility to perform under pressure. for two utah high school wrestlers came in hand j. >> helped save a life. >> we were there for a reason. we did what we could. >> best friends were with five teammates and their coach when a woman screamed for help near their hotel room. action. >> if first thing that popped into my mind, this woman was being attacked and it kind of scared me of who i was going to come up against or what kind of scene i was going to come to and what i would do about it. i came to a lot worse. >> reporter: he was having a medical emergency after undergoing back surgery. his wife katy was panicking by his side. >> his head was tilted back. he was out of it.
4:28 am
went to his neck. started feeling for a pulse. no. >> reporter: they picked up the man's lifeless body up from the chair and performed cpr. after our interview, katy called and spoke to the boys for the first time. >> i would just say to them that they mean the world to me. we love them dearly. >> reporter: katy is convinced her husband wouldn't be alive without her help. >> it's the right thing to do. you shouldn't think twice about something like that. you act upon it. >> reporter: though they didn't bring home the trophy from the tournament, the athletes told me they did a whole lot more important. the phone call with katy, they asked her for the life experience.
4:29 am
that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great monday. i do i pull over police officer linked to a deadly shooting steps in to the hot seat what today's hearing could mean for the norfolk up and how one simple action could have potentially prevented the brewing legal battle between a tech giants and the federal government is monday morning in the thirteen years now at daybreak on lucy bustamante monterey senior is four thirty on the dot ran four miles start of the week but we could see a midweek warm a meteorologist greg muller is tracking the temperatures for as the morning greg good morning that also relatively little bump in the temperatures come the mid week by ross could begin with
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now pretty quiet start at the oceanfront things looking pretty good from our dq came down to seventeenth and atlantic right now downtown northfield you can see there's some low cloud cover almost looks a little hazy out there there's actually a little bit of mist and maybe some fog that theirs will be checking his abilities around the region here in just a little bit north winds right now and nine certainly a marine layer coming in and that's why it's kind of misty out there and no real significant precipitation to get down toward roanoke rapids a couple showers there and there will be a slight chance for shower here there but generally it's going to be mostly cloudy today might see a little more sunshine through the afternoon the temperatures will not be warming up much in all we're going to see temperatures pretty much dropping into the mid to upper forties and stay in the upper forties to the afternoon in one area is close to fifty as i mentioned we will see better chances for rain tomorrow and wednesday when i talk about that little bump in temperature so we are talking about rain in that snow so at least we did that and then


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