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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later right now police have no suspect information as you can see there on the scene are still trying to gather lot of information we are working to bring you more details about the shooting are lisa brown affect life on the scene look for her report coming up in our next half hour our thinking so much sandra arroyo was a good morning to you my name is andre cielo with lists of this month and we're going to check in with the awesome forecast that had this week the league and not be too bad this week trek back out now we settle in in school the moment there i will learn a surly unlearn shirley will end in squeaky wheel back to the seventies now i kayak and a downturn and surely they would always say something in the raid boss and say hello you know what thing she has with the kinds of when to check in with the awsome as i wan shi
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the sorry i'm sorry i cynically overcast today so excited. overcast conditions few sprinkles out there really nothing awesome about today's forecast but isn't terrible either. temperatures in the mid forties this morning and as you can see low fifties down to the south and we and low to mid fifties so elegant and a couple sprinkles on there just a little isolated shower on her for passing just north of the husky towards gates county most of the area is dry right now visibility not too bad but we're still watching just in case is a little bit of patchy fog. now here's a quick view of the next three days forty eight the high today in one area staying in the low fifties so we stay cool to warm it up the chances for rain as we go tuesday and wednesday after that some more changes towards the weekend. let's check in now ashley she's got a look at the roads. all right craig not too much to talk about on the traffic that were passed but if you think that all depends on where you're headed this morning so let's start with some good news here at the top of the rush hour traffic at the jordan bridge making its way either
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moving very well this morning that's the westbound lane headed toward portsmouth. you can see not much working at this point at the bridge eastbound traffic headed toward four sixty four came in very nice shape if you're leaving portsmouth are no issues there. let's head now though to a second camera and an update around naval station norfolk so we still have a pretty decent delay here were not backed up to sixty four at this point but with the delays beginning right around terminal boulevard and at that slow crawl into the base this morning so again. hampton boulevard one of your alternate route into the base contract no work math would take a look now. all in ninety five in greenville county just a heads up. there is max and ninety five south just before he gets legal flake right now just the right shoulder is blocked right and the attitude of that other white shoulder is blocked right now so without causing major delays but something to watch out for her height in that area i'd love to look for the high rise bridge and the coleman bridge and were checking traffic on sixty four in
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the selected six of three now later today the newport beach fire department set to discuss safety concerns surrounding meth labs they say they want people understand how dangerous myth making is many of the chemicals used in meth labs or explosives or explosive rather putting innocent people and first responders in danger. this comes after the fifty mm f us in our area just this month yesterday police border police responded to a domestic dispute and tell us that they found a meth operation they went to apartment complex in park place off of west twenty seven to serve a warrant when they found that lab earlier this month just the police found an operation in a shed off of meadows landing in western branch last sunday police in newport news say that they busted a meth lab on middlesex road and that one led them to two other locations in the city last week. those are all of the confirmed cases in which the drug was produced in addition investigators say the newport news cases led them to a location on cynthia drive and hampden in that incident police only said that they found items used to
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calling it a lap supporter time another heart breaking news out of kalamazoo michigan a teenage girl remains in critical condition this morning after an uber driver allegedly one of the shooting spree killing six people and injuring two family friends held a prayer vigil last night. the suspect jason dalton the sec to be arraigned today. police believe he randomly picked his victims on saturday night while he picked up a dropped off his customers the shooting spree spend seven hours an apartment complex a car dealership and finally a restaurant parking lot. well this is the fifth mass shooting in the us in the past twenty one months on december second side for rubin his wife tish team only shot and killed fourteen people in california two months earlier christopher harper mercer killed ten people at a community college in oregon and then in june of last year dillon drove shot and killed nine black church members in south carolina made twenty four tina elliott roger killed six people in shooting in a shooting and stabbing attack at
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santa barbara good morning america is going to have a lot more in the charges dalton faces right at seven o'clock so scary new video to show you this morning everyone is ok after a chair lift derailed in a timberline resort at timberline resort in west virginia dropping about thirty feet twenty five people dropped with it and one hundred straight including a norfolk native this is video of you are sent us his image on carmel getting rescued. carmel is a member of the bryce ski resort in the terror attacks on france may be in the past but it's still at the top of mine for many people with the french government is now doing to help people get
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my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas
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and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your dermatologist about humira. because with humira clearer skin is possible. . good morning and welcome back six o nine right now things are looking for get around town point park won the skyview here you can see everything very quiet out there it is overcast or at least mostly cloudy and you may encounter a little bit of very light drizzle or mist most areas are dry bags notices those drive in especially around norfolk are coming in just a few water droplets on the windshield so it's not a question you might see a pocket or two that captures generally in the mid to upper forties near the coast we do have low fifties and when
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change very much today though i expect him to stay pretty close to forty eight through the day with mostly cloudy skies and a few more peeks of sunshine later this afternoon little bit of fog and patchy locations but you know it's just not anything significant in any of the reporting stations we did have some reports of fog around some of the bridges nasa continues to keep this updated there with her reports coming in from the bridge tenders so we'll let you now temperatures are right now livid if he's in when we have mid forties reported nor fic and little cooler up on the eastern shore but most areas upper forties to low fifties died so we had a front come through and now that status out this low pressure here over east texas is going to ride kind of along the frontal boundary in pass offshore tomorrow so today we have the north winds coming in rushing in to see warmer weather over the next couple of days but the loss of the better chances for rain coming up today go temptress a stang upper forties to low fifties williamsburg little warmer also a bit warmer for
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let's get a look now at chesapeake here's ashley craig just checking traffic right now in chesapeake around greenbrier parkway you can see we're still very very calm out there on the road. here's westbound traffic headed toward indian river and east bound making its way toward battlefield in very nicely this morning with no delays to report on the traffic network map to have an update so craig and i have both have been watching different angles of the fog this morning and the dod did issue an advisory the coleman bridge looks like maybe the fog has lifted just a little bit and then now for them to clear that advisory it does not mean it is not still foggy out there of course crabby are keeping a very close eye on that but at least it's not impacting visibility for the ride as much as it was earlier this morning so get a bit of good news there that we are not of the woods just yet you still see that heavy traffic from naval station norfolk and advisory for you at the high rise bridge for later this morning and will check traffic in a few other spots coming up next on my dash thank you but we're watching breaking news in hampton this morning after a man was shot
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see right now these are like that is about to show you what's going on up there right now still very heavy police presence out there we'll try to get those live pictures later. elise brown is on the scene right now she's trying to work at the police have named any suspects for shooting a man has died will have something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters
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we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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new this morning more aftermath from the terrorist
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instructional video about how to react during an armed attack and illustrated video lays out the do's and don'ts in case of an attack like the one in paris. it says the first reaction escape help others to do so and warn other people about the danger the second part tells people how to protect themselves if they attract friends also put out a leaflet in december with similar temps this morning pope francis is calling for worldwide ban on the death penalty speaking from the vatican yesterday he called on catholic politicians everywhere to work for moratorium on executions during the church's current holy year he made the comments ahead of an international conference against the death penalty that begins today in rome this morning a federal grand jury has indicted a moderate decline bundy and his two sons in connection with an armed standoff that happened there but his ranch back in two thousand fourteen several law enforcement officers were allegedly assaulted during that incident. the indictments come three weeks after
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oregon led by bunnies son's thought gas prices cannot get any lower. think again. yet the average nationwide price for a gallon gas is now a down fifty five cents from two weeks ago and fifty six cents below this time last year prices haven't been this here in hampton roads the average price for gas is just a dollar fifty one one of the holiday's most popular gifts has now been deemed unsafe by the government's consumer product safety commission has sent out a new safety standards for hover boards. the feds say they will take away or recall any of the two wheeled scooters if they fail to meet certain safety standards. there have been fifty two reports of fires resulting from malfunctioning of reports deadpool grab the top of the box office for the second week in a row the comic book film starring ryan reynolds has already brought in more than two hundred and thirty five million dollars its debut two weeks ago that
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grossing r rated film in second at the box office jack black's kung fu panda three and risen the film offering a new perspective on jesus's resurrection debut this week at number three all this week is also about revisiting those new year's resolution the alive part of this for giving away a five dollars visa gift card every day this week watched a break during the six o'clock hour for the keyword and over thirteen years and a common policy for sat for a chance to win that's also where you'll find all of the contest free money as one of our resolutions here at the station was make a lot of folks very happy yet long as new and different gift cards and things be given away hopefully yeah you're watching you're able to play along and maybe when they are really happy today i say i know it's really a kid who sings where it's not going to be terrible but yesterday we were we perfect. yes seventy two was the high today is going to be like forty eight learn and never have to get
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fit into his normal so some too bad you can see the visibility pretty good up ron hansen right now you can see around the river there and looking back across secure south near space center no problems right now on the peninsula as we check the spot on forecast let's update you on our street we said yesterday the temperatures are going to be at least fifteen degrees above normal we typically average fifty two we hit seventy tease about twenty degrees above average. love that forecast reach up to three today we should make it for as we are calling for another drop in temps twenty degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon. so yesterday low seventies today i'm thinking at the airport upper forties and not much warmer than that in many areas will be a little bit warmer but it stays chilly as you can see through the afternoon at norfolk international hopefully little miss sunshine of the we even bought temps a degree or two but bottom line. much much cooler than yesterday. this morning we have a little bit
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showing up crossing out the gates county. very very significant they're off to the southwest this is where we are picking up some more action there's an area of low pressure down there that is going to track to the northeast it's going to bring with it the chances for rain so we don't have very good chances for rain today we should drive the most part maybe a little pocket of sprinkled out of this out look what happens tomorrow tonight late and into tomorrow morning rain develops and rain is going to be likely tomorrow will see it moving through some of the heavier stuff over the western and northern parts of our viewing area that bad sushi we have another system that is going to bring more chances for rain with this area of low pressure you see this development i hear that circulation a warmer surge of air to get into wednesday i expect highs wednesday well into the sixties may even push a little warmer than apple will say mid to upper sixties anyway and then what this front coming through we're going to see a chance for severe thunderstorms i think maybe late wednesday evening and
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lingering sprinkle maybe on thursday but the big news cooler drier air through the upcoming weekend temperatures today are going to tap out upper forties i mention we will see just a slight chance for a later today but a better chance over and over the next forty eight hours you can see the rainfall totals generally half an inch to an inch. we will keep in mind keep that updated theirs downtown norfolk and currently work forty five temps are staying in the upper forties officially low fifties in linn and temperatures will be a little warmer tomorrow the big warm up wednesday but that chance for showers and afternoon storms and then drier and cooler conditions to weaken. i dash to the watch and i cried while there are few things on the traffic network maps to watch out for this morning i do want to dive into them but first a quick live look at the monitor merrimack see that the traffic here six sixty four north and south between newport news and suffolk still moving very well. here's are northbound traffic crossing the bridge about to head to the tunnel and out to newport news there's that southbound
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towards suffolk so just a minor rise in volume nothing major nothing that will slow you down as we head back to the traffic network map that you have an update on your brakes list for this morning all of them are in the chesapeake so the gil martin bridge now reporting an opening for eight fifteen right after rush hour ends but to still be a little bit busy out there see me when i use another route during that time the high rise bridge opening at nine o'clock this morning so i'm not too far from each other there are the jordan bridge a good alternate route if you don't wanna deal with any delays or the gilbert in and the high rise bridge coming up here in a few minutes a little spike and yell their fifty eastbound portsmouth into norfolk at the midtown tunnel a live look there and a live update coming up next a roundtable station norfolk com ashley thank you as we start resolutions week here on daybreak take a look if
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. i people put their names favorite sports teams and kids initials on their personalized license plate to write here virginia and many may not realize that there really is a strict vetting process for what the department of motor vehicles allows on the plates investigative reporter laurie geller joins us with this story the dmv rejects hundreds of plate requests
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the lady less a place that won't get the stamp of approval to get stats the agency has a quite a few rules for you to clean your plates denied list includes plates that are considered vulgar sexually explicit or encouraging violence and illegal activity some plate requests are so bad we can't even show them on tv customers are very creative in a lot of times you look at the message and i don't get it or get it and someone to say that to merely going backwards in it located jumps out at you. they took us quite a bit of time to decipher some of the plate requests on the west. what means one thing to one person might mean something completely different to another. coming up tonight at six here why dmv says the scrutiny is important to citizens and what you need to know before putting in your plate requests. laura geller thirteen years now. six twenty five is your time a new this morning the high season of potholes is set to start and that means more
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report from the aaa finds that in the last five years sixteen million drivers nationwide have run into a pothole trouble on average people pay about three hundred dollars to fix you may be able to get reimbursed. experts say find out if it's a local or state road reach out to the jurisdiction and the shore course to document everything and we are staying on top of breaking news here's a live picture out of hampton were police are investigating a deadly shooting. our reporter elise brown is there a live report from her next lesson over police officer charged in the deadly shooting set to appear in court the movement we can expect in the case and as her husband faces dozens of sexual assault allegations she is going under oath
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more breaking news that we told about early on of hands to where police are investigating a deadly shooting or ago officers have shut down power tam parkway at shell road while they
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been on the scene all morning long gathering those details we will go to her in just a few are right now we will get over to meteorologist craig has been tracking the temperatures outside will be cooler than we had this weekend but we'll take it for now cracked. yes it can be an okay day when temperatures just slightly below normal through the afternoon will stay in the upper forties maybe low fifties in when i get to our weather headlines in a moment we start with the lads skyview over hampton where it's overcast and we have overcast conditions for norfolk as well right now at the airport the winds are north northeast at eight mph and can be that northeast flow today that keeps the temperatures at the coast down a little bit temperatures expected to stay upper forties here in when there's a little bit milder and that's certainly the case this morning as you can see with the satellite radar images that much shaken right now little sprinkle down to the south crossing from gates county towards past with tank you can see that is crossing over just north of park hill and it will continue to release you might see a sprinkle or two if you live just north of lisbon city or back towards
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weakening here as it moves along also approaching south mills. here's our weather headlines for tam a step back to get a good look at this much cooler today than yesterday with skies mostly cloudy we may see a little bit of sunshine this afternoon temperatures in the upper forties for highs today low fifties in when rain is going to move in late tonight so if you've got plans late tonight early tomorrow. be prepared occasional rain tomorrow and then warmer wednesday a chance for afternoon storms or evening storms on wednesday cooler but nice for the next weekend i'm going to talk about that coming up in just a bit. here's ash to the look the ride. i sounds good craig we take a look now at tropic thirty minutes into the morning rush hour sing a few delays out there's a will kick off with a look around the midtown tunnel tried checking traffic now portsmouth into norfolk we are seeing a steady stream of traffic there making its way into the tunnel and headed for norfolk so maybe add about five to ten more minutes to your commute just to deal with the slight slowdown in there i might
6:31 am
about twenty four twenty five mph told of a drop in speed out there on the second candle we had not been able station norfolk traffic you can see your five sixty four westbound at the exit right there to terminal boulevard and this is where the delay began to drop down substantially in terms of speed going to be that slow crawl into the base this morning so we when to use him to boulevard as another route just a quick look at your travel time this morning you can see traffic sixty four eastbound not see major delays in williamsburg taking the normal thirteen minutes from old stage to one ninety nine and if you're headed between the cluster in yorktown at the coleman the normal three minute drive if you're headed seventeen south but again the focus is on your delays were checking traps around the hr bt coming up next so much we get back to the breaking news out of camp that we would tell you about now police are investigating a deadly shooting there. but right now officers have shut down palette m parkway at shell road while they investigate this case early spring is on the scene gathering more
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elise andre lucy pleasee just before four this morning officers found a man shot multiple times inside of a car parked behind this tape off home. they say he was sitting on the driver's side where he was then rushed to the hospital police aren't saying at this time how or if this home is connected to that male officers have been going in out of the residents about thirty minutes ago medics wheeled the person out of the home whether police of weeks both spokeswoman said it's not related to the shooting is still a very active scene out here perhaps still part of shall road blocked off. also there are several officers including detectives and k nine unit looking through the car grass and pavement right now. officers say they do not have any suspect information but they are asking for help and see if you if you have any information that you call the crime line by many amps and elise brown thirteen years now are ten o six thirty three on the docket today motions hearing
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police officer involved in a deadly shooting by officer michael eating ten is charged with voluntary manslaughter in the death of the late them the prosecutor saying to shot and killed late them after her with the knife back in two thousand fourteen with his mother said her son suffered from mental illness later today as suspect in a decades old rape cases on the docket to appear in court for a motions hearing virginia beach police arrested benjamin would only impact in two thousand and fourteen. investigator say in nineteen eighty seven would only offered a woman arrived home that assaulted her police say improved forensic technology help them arrest him more than twenty years after the crime happened. his jury trial is set to start tomorrow right now hampton police are asking for help to find a missing teenager seventeen year old jarrett ellis disappeared on friday the last time anyone saw him was on one court that's back behind the new market your small alice has a social disability scene there and screams at you see him or you
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hampton police immediately we're learning new information about proposed changes to the state budgets both chambers of the republican controlled general assembly unveil their own draft last night's gop lawmakers are pushing for bigger raises for state employees and more spending on public schools. meanwhile democratic governor terry mcauliffe wants to lower corporate tax rates and increase spending on economic development initiatives mr. mcauliffe has expressed confidence that all parties will reach an agreement six thirty five now and later today things are about to get a hole out loud or near oceania virginia beach practice flights for their short set to start this afternoon. this life will happen mondays wednesdays and fridays until march for the flight team needs to put in a certain number of training hours of practice flights before any are shows mark your calendar for the annual air show it set for september tenth and eleventh. oh my goodness i mean the babies and i can sleep another night but the practice of racial violence she stood by her
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assault allegations. yes but will her unwavering loyalty was stated opposition ahead when camille cosby is slated to answer questions under oath and still to come how one simple action could have potentially prevented the leg battle between
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let's check looking pretty good there the view from the dq down at the oceanfront also show mostly cloudy skies the bed they can see a jogger out there along the boardwalk just enjoying a little time with mild conditions right now temperatures are ranging from the upper forties to low fifties for most of the area will certainly take that lets go and check things out for eaa will take a little closer look at the temperatures will start with the airport forty five degrees at norfolk international and the winds are north northeast at eight mph visibility down in a few spots but no real dense fog reported in earlier while we had a little better on some of the bridges those mentioned earlier the fog advisories of the data put out has been lifted so good news it captures forties and low fifties across our area even see the cold air where it should be up in canada the warmer air down to the south we have kind of zone will flow right now cross region winds blowing from west to east pretty typical actually. as you can
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around atlanta and all and as we look off to the north these beautiful up around boston the chilly up that way things are looking good along the west coast about the next eighty five cactus league baseball get go in spring training their grapefruit league down in florida looking good as well the chances for rain over western parts of north carolina and into south carolina. locally we should remain dry with mostly cloudy skies looking for an official high temperature staying around forty eight this afternoon low fifties in one camp or similar off to the north with mid fifties back towards williamsburg and a little warmer for northeast north carolina. take a look at the full seven day forecast the break this down in more detail time the chances for heavier rainstorms on wednesday there's a brief spike there and then cooler with more sunshine this weekend our national check out the jar bt seen a few breakaway yet pregnant is that time of the morning about forty minutes into rush hour where we kind of normally start to add the jar bt to the list of the southampton to norfolk traffic sixty four eastbound
6:40 am
away from the hr bt here and i will see delays at the beginning all back to the bridge that crosses over the hampton river but they become pretty solid here at settlers landing road to expect those delays or use one of your alternate routes the monitor merrimack with a g or b which are both clear to the south side. well in the traffic network maps an update on something else that i've cleared in greenville county i was watching a crash ninety five south just before he gets labels lake that has wrapped up but again we're not out of the woods just yet we have willfully the tar bt as walls around the base and the midtown tunnel the latest on your slow down and alive with the traffic on six sixty four coming up that make us leave the experts say when in doubt throw it out easier said than done to people getting rid of stuff just isn't that signals that is beyond a break between visiting those new year's resolutions. one of them being organized and put to an
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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i six forty four to time later today bill cosby is what camille is due in court to testify under oath in a lawsuit against her husband over the weekend will cause his lawyers filed a last
6:44 am
the deposition but yesterday a federal judge requests rejected that request the lawsuit was filed by seven women who clean cars we defame them by calling them liars after the accused him of sexual assault. good morning america will have a live report from massachusetts ahead of camille deposition starting at seven o'clock right after daybreak this morning an attorney for apple is going on the offense and he has spoken out as the company battles a court order to hack into phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. this is a pandora's box there's no limit to what the goa government could require apple to do if if if it succeeds this way we've also learned that the justice department paid for but they never installed the app that would allow the fbi to easily and immediately unlock say it for weeks phone the only person who knew that code with he and his wife killed fourteen people before they died in a shootout with
6:45 am
members of congress return to work for the first time since justice is honestly a sudden death. justice scalia was laid to rest yesterday in washington d c now the debate over his replacement is heating up. republicans want the next president to decide who to leave replacement should be. however democrats say it's the president's constitutional responsibility to do so in the race for the white house. the winners emerged over the weekend hillary clinton in nevada donald trump in south carolina is shaping up to be a three man race between trump and senators marco rubio and ted cruz heading into tomorrow's republican caucuses in nevada the democrats have their next contest saturday in south carolina and look for much more on the race the white house ahead on good morning america this week the democratic presidential candidate is scheduled to hampton roads for a synod will speak at a rally tomorrow at norfolk scope doors open at nine thirty in the rally begins at noon and were told the event is open
6:46 am
information visit thirteen news now and gop frontrunner donald trump will make a campaign stop at regent university in virginia beach this week. trumbull participate in the presidential candidate forum on wednesday. the event will feature a live interview with university chancellor question answer session with the audience. doors open at eleven thirty the event starts at noon new this morning to new blockbuster phones were unveiled at the mobile world congress in spain. the samsung galaxy s seven and the s seven edge both feature twelve megapixel cameras and they mark the return of the micro sd card slot and are water resistant to and it's a major anniversary for the legend of zelda video game. remember this cracked or bluesy with nintendo and the players have been saving the princess collecting the tri force and the feeding villains for thirty years now and the legend doesn't look like it will end soon with three games due this year including
6:47 am
the we you and i were a commercial pie was never became worse. yeah but at the super mario brothers instead it is funny looking back to some of the games you know it's a totally different i only wanted the feeling now that his acts on asteroids and a smooth water is a well like our studio for before crews lay them on guys are so all the way to start the talk about the weather i know i am so looking for your piece on decluttering i thought that was going to retire but yet we forecast that came to losing unlocks the secrets to decluttering your house that we all can work a little bit on that great stuff coming out by right now things quiet beach overcast conditions downtown norfolk. we had temperatures in the mid forties it's gonna be cloudy mild this morning temps in the low fifties inland and south as we take into midday temperatures around forty eight officially keep in mind again and when there's a little bit warmer skies remain mostly cloudy i do
6:48 am
through the clouds later today so maybe mostly to partly cloudy as we go through the afternoon but other big news much much cooler than yesterday forty degrees that's it for the airport it's gonna stay there a couple sprinkles pass by down to the south this one crossing now from night was when you cross paths with tank now pushing into camden and working into current tech approach me when kirk tuck so gonna watch out one lonely sprinkle down to the south passing north of lisbon city around south mills cup light sprinkles down that way very isolated. this is the big picture is what i want to talk about when to get into the future casting you can see the north winds shifting around to the northeast as we go through the afternoon in the evening storm system here an area of low pressure kind of moving along and it's going to bring with a good chances for rain late tonight early tomorrow so look for the rain expect that what conditions for the morning commute tomorrow it's gonna be wet with the system coming
6:49 am
to time not a terrible day but another system packing with that more rain and snow on the backside of this one looks like significant snow potentially parts of eastern missouri and arkansas illinois so much cooler system and the backside this one tracking to the northeast and that's significant for our area because the wintry weather it's gonna stay away from us here in norfolk we're going to see a surge of warm air on wednesday highs expected to climb into the mid and upper sixties maybe even low seventies and that sets the stage for a few heavier storms wednesday evening one cent passes ending may be a lingering sprinkle or two on thursday it will turn cooler and clear out as we had we kept temperatures right now in the mid forties at the airport we have upper forties to low fifties and once again it is overcast and the winds are north northeast at eight mph. highs today staying close to forty eight a little warmer and one lesson i near forty three the rain moves in late and will be with us tomorrow occasional rain start off with rain in the morning and then maybe some more showers
6:50 am
the seven day it warms up on wednesday and then after day showers and the chance for storms will see improvements as we head to the weekend check out western ranchers ashley r reich re checking out rapid now and six sixty four not too far from our skills we take a live look at our first camera you can see traffic right around military highway moving very well on both sides of the road. this is your southbound traffic there had it with our skill and northbound making its way toward dock landing moving steadily there on both sides but i do if you live look at our second camera and take a look at the berkeley bridge very heavy traffic right now on both sides of two sixty four westbound traffic headed to the downtown tunnel. this may just be congestion due to all those folks leaving norfolk and headed into portsmouth during the eastbound side just beyond this point i did see some flashing lights are coming at the end of the bridge as we're approaching the exit to tidewater that could be causing the delay coming from portsmouth and ran for sixty four north but i do want to check on that i can give you an update here momentarily
6:51 am
a few other spots around the bridges and tunnels the latest on your morning commute coming up next high daschle thank you. it's the time you've been waiting for that moment the keyword par de bry gift card giving away if i was the key word is organization or team of course giving away five dollars visa gift card every day this week and now that you know the key word go to thirteen years now dot com click on the features tab and enter the keyword for a chance to win you can find official contest rules on our web site they're right speaking of organization and its revisit your resolution week and a break and we talked about following through on those new year's eve new year's resolution so we sans professional organizer nancy watson to help organize one young lady's room again i want to hear her advice see the before and afters. not only how to learn how to get organized but also state board was seventeen year old cora merkel's room before we
6:52 am
organizer nancy watson. we felt like three trash bags and here is cora his room after her now she has a place to put stuff. so how did this become vs the main thing is stuff is off before nancy spent four hours with her talking choosing sorting here's what's in the closet she will wear. this is somewhat close. that's at twelve dollars for under bed storage we hang her artwork up there were frames hanging around we pulled what she wanted and now we have bands that each place for everything to go to beach been about twelve bucks at target and see what she hadn't filled the bins you can pull out makes it much easier and check out these boots supporters. these are great they go down in the boots and they hold the boot up and then they're not flocking around him and he says the hangers are her favorite things on a regular hanger that will be on the forgot the rebel group are there they're and they're very narrow. nancy says the best thing you can do to
6:53 am
prevent bringing things in the first place. do the math of how much money you make an hour that item or ten hours or almost to working with me she says if the answer is yes then you'll be back much more likely to maintain it well so it took or fifteen minutes to pick up her room and before it would take are literally two to three days plus couldn't mow my grass shoots over laos the watson has so many ideas guy she says one of the things you can do for your whole family does have a living will follow me that way if you pass or someone close to passes the kindest most emotional child will get all the stuff away because they're the ones that have the heart except a family knows exactly what they want to do with the stuff the receiver and the giver
6:54 am
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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the breaking news widget somewhere the coast guard rescue off the virginia beach coast according to dispatch a passenger was taken off of the cruise ship and early this morning because of a medical situation he was taken to waiting for jenny beach ems workers who just actually minutes ago transported him from the dock
6:57 am
working to get more information for you we will pray to you as soon as we get more breaking news to tell you about this time in hampton where police are investigating a deadly shooting officers on the scene at palate and parkway and is near shell road combing for the clues or leads brown is also their gathering the late breaking details a lease with multiple gunshot took out all right we're having technical difficulties with leases marvel we can tell the police a man was sitting in the driver's side and rushed to the hospital of a vehicle that you see there and scream please try to figure out what led up to the shooting and who pull the trigger officers including detectives and the canine unit have been out there searching for evidence going through clues or figure out who actually shot this person breaking following the story have updates for you throughout the morning through the good morning or cut ins and of course in thirteen years now at noon and ashley's here now the techniques are let's take a look now at the berkeley britain had back there because traffic really heavy especially now in
6:58 am
some flashing lights out there the top of the berkeley bridge onto sixty four but i did check with police were not seeing any major accidents or breakdowns so it could just be our crews responding to something in the road or something like that it is called the delay though so watch out for that and slight delays as well had norfolk and portsmouth at the downtown tunnel on the traffic network maps we still have those delays headed to norfolk of the hr bt headed toward the base on five sixty four and headed toward norfolk at the midtown adequate bridge lift report in the coleman bridge now opening at nine this morning and then one this afternoon for the rest of your alerts over to facebook and twitter our guys take a look at the radar one little cell down in north carolina that's crossing from camden didn't occur attack a water lily started he sprinkles air like the pasture south and not silent in roll across chor teck sounds will watch that again very very light nothing to be worried about their mostly cloudy cooler today temperatures in the upper forties we will see better chances for rain late tonight
6:59 am
but improvements coming up for the week good morning, america. donald trump on a roll. >> we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. just won. >> the gop front-runner celebrates big back-to-back wins now all eyes on the nevada, the next vote casts tomorrow. can marco rubio and ted cruz stop his momentum. the uber driver accuseded of killing six people. reportedly picking up fares during the rampage. now those passengers are speaking out. >> we were driving through median sfls and uber is responding to the attack. amazing escape.
7:00 am
before it goes up in flames. how they all got out alive rocket man out of this world mystery. the newly uncovered tapes revealing the, quote, weird music, astronauts say was playing on the dark side of the moon. what the famous rocket man really heard. i'm a rocket man >> ooh, that was bad. >> but it felt so good. >> great monday morning here on "good morning america." we're getting to the bottom of that space mystery and speaking of stars. >> yes, none other than sam champion, everybody, in the house. >> of course, they have pandora in space. >> 30 years ago, yeah. >> also, it with us new then. welcome back, sam. good to have you here. we'll begin with the race for the white house.


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