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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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watch simply means watch out watch tv watch channel thirteen. watch your store maps from the stations because there's a good possibility something could form again we have seen stuff form that's why looking out here to the west we now have eight and a huge line of tornado warning after warning after warning after warning out in western virginia and we've of course had our own warnings come through here salon to get rid of this purple for you. those are the areas of course everybody is really under that watch and will focus in on the warning is in effect right now from around big bethel to the north and east near pasture road up near dandy loop road and heading to the northeast where is it likely to be a tornado if there is one well in my estimation it would pry be we get this little hook typically because the other way but i have a feeling we're going to find it right in here we see that sort of gap in the radar presentation
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velocity and see if that's where it is indeed it's almost exactly there we have two different areas one here over grafton and another one back here to the east out over the water so i wouldn't even doubt we have a funnel cloud out there north east of the coasts and take all this off of here for you go back and get the root of the watches and the warning filled make it a little easier to see and write e im here we have a little bit of a gap in the green area and then another sort of gap right in there so those are the two areas right now that we're most concerned with about the possible tornadoes and they are working their way to the north and the isa for watching us from again red hill village or mention zeller downpour back river southern newport news you're out of the woods for now the twin attic cellar possible traumatic cell has moved to the north. i also like the fact that this is
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again in terms of the rotation n goes from being broad about seven miles long which is more of a straight line wind damage type of this scenario to being tied or wrapped up and then it goes back to being elongated again as the cell sort of pulses and now over the water because there's less friction over water the odds are much much higher that we have at least a if not a tornado at least a funnel cloud or a water spout over the water they're heading toward areas me of gloucester and mathews around mary s and dave on it will very very shortly be on top of you over mob jack day it's really heading almost directly for mob jack day and in another five minutes or so will be up exiting mob jack day and heading over the communities of beaver let dave on an upward hudgens and quinn's island so that's the tornado warning that we have in effect right now it
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around graft and then lift your right on the water it's probably a little tiny tiny bit here is the one we had over the norfolk area is now is still showing signs of a water spout a rotation but that would be out over the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel around the second island let's say. so again things right now definitely still active across the northern neck and really the middle peninsula winding down a tiny bit here in the immediate downtown in norfolk and sort of seven cities area. but then we have this big line of storms out the west once again so guys that's the very latest on the throw back to you from it will of course have a lot more on how long this'll last coming up a few minutes i think we will stay on top of the situational evening and we mention we talked about schools letting out right now a number of schools systems were keeping the kids inside untill the warning expired hampton that was one of the city's doing that the kids have are still in
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hampton police reporting a tree down at mercury in aberdeen. why doesn't take much for the usual areas to flood all around downtown or for the second hour with christina's vertigo who was near the hay well and really the flooding is not the big concerns here at the event at the hating and c actually things are pretty good but the wind the wind is really what city crews city officials had been really worried about him here is why with how saturated the ground has been and how strong the winds that we've been seeing has been the concern is that the power lines in the trees could come down of course that could cause many power outages and reaping a picture of what we've been seeing out here in the near downtown norfolk. within a couple of bursts of rain come down in those very strong winds and that is exactly
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want everyone to prepare now are less junk in our thirteen news meteorologist craig waller creek was a situation where you are guys right now we just pulled over off of victory boulevard in fort smith i wanted to get a chance to see some of the water that something coming down there's a lot of water here and i'm noticing some pondering on the roads around for that to continue to be an issue at hand off the camera by photographer nate and let him good pull some of this or get a good look. basically what we've been watching again the clouds moving we were under that sell out something with that rotation but that stuff is moving so incredibly quickly. then again it was a heartbeat over the western side of portsmouth moving towards norfolk that was one that they had the warning on it or continue to watch as we are also watching some additional development downs in northeast north carolina so going to put ourselves in a position it looks like
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round of severe weather with some developing cells that are right now just showing signs of intensification to run to watch that adjustment keep you updated on the ones farther north up the peninsula but you can get in a situation where you start chasing him and you never catch him so what we're doing out here with the weather lab the mobile weather labs were getting into position to kind of catch the storms as they're developing run to continue to do that right now said becky jeff hardy trade were starting to get some pictures and hear a couple through social media we just got one incredible picture of a car flipped upside down by the wind that takes a heck of a win to flip a car completely upside down that was in the community of waverly out in isle of wight county al to again long for sixty of those of you ever taken a back way up the rich on for sixty know where we're talking about and were comforting right now to get that on the air a leash actually i can see over there or has it on the ears were going to get her just the second mean all very quickly sector shows you
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came through whether they were porn addict or not we don't know yet will have to go out but as i mentioned earlier it doesn't matter if it's in the mall proper win from a tornado or an eighty mile per hour wind from straight line wind it's going to do the same kind of damage to your home your car whatever structure you were and so that's why we have then again so worried about the system for the past couple of days to come swinging through the area. so right now if you're watching from the pencil you're still under the tornado warning we can cancel it for you as i just mention completely gone from your area still around. extreme extreme eastern sections of mathews county around the community of achilles. you're still pretty much right close to where this possible tornado is located. that is moving to the north so what were most concerned with now is the storm moves up in them object they will be the communities of from babe on the beaver let the hutch
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with two twenty three logo is in the top of your screen that is the area that certainly there's a funnel cloud out there. we know we have some very very strong winds this is a look at d i know that's not shown a whole lot right now all the different colors just quickly show you the wind shear and see what kind of wish your were getting with this storm that's down a little bit but again with less friction over water that still going to be some significant winds that are coming onshore shown thirty some miles per hour so watch that but whatever toy he should because i just saw she had that oh no we got two of the anchors ok back to the actors are based elsewhere keeping an eye and situations all over captain rose were sending a crew to sussex waverly area c was going on there were also keeping an eye on traffic conditions. then earlier today that went into protection mode let's go over to ashley smith to find out about traffic and very busy on the traffic network maps i do want to start with a
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years now traffic cameras because we're watching the interstates as well a lot of the traffic issues are off the interstate we do have one we will see very heavy traffic headed for the monitor merrimack. it was an accident that stopped traffic for quite awhile six sixty four south was shot in newport news you can see things are moving now but we have about a three day three and a half mile back up making its way to the monitor merrimack the hr bt headed to the south side's back of two and a half miles. jeremy is not that it didn't go over to the port of newport news and had isle of wight county but of course we've been watching isle of wight county very very closely as well with a lot of activity going on out there and back to the traffic network maps will talk about some issues we have discussed here and some we have not so we did talk about the issue that just popped up in hampton. mercury blvd in aberdeen we have that down the tree right now so if you're in that area expect very heavy traffic or use cunningham and todd instead and also when you had to begin way really. another issue are falling out there for sixty forty. still shut
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there and downed power lines as well to let them back to the death now of course we will be a big issue but several spots further out west. big issues as well guys with power lines down you always and soon both lines are dry and this just in one of those lanes have reopened route forty at four sixty in waverly but obviously there are some problems there were getting some reports of damage and alicia has more on that. did you forget a lot of you are pictures coming and you can share yours as well by using the hashtag thirteen storm and of course when it's safe to do so now that picture that jeff was talking about just a little while ago here it is right here this is a car that overturned that he was mentioning you can see some of that damage out there with those downed trees and power lines that were saying here's another image of that same area from isle of wight news and weather of course we'll have more pictures to update you with as they come in now to see some of these tweets a lot of authorities around hampton roads the first place they're going
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city of virginia beach we did some fun facts about what you mean can we now and what you need to do during the event of a tornado. we've got another tweet coming in from the virginia department of emergency management services they're saying you know to keep in touch with them and follow them on twitter as well we've got schools updating their twitter feeds obviously we know a lot of them have dismissed early for the day city of hampton so no really twitter is the best place to go for all this information and will continue to keep you updated on their back to the desk shot jeff lawson will tell you that in order to confirm whether it's a tornado or straight lines actually have to go down on the ground and take a look at the damage right now along the focus is on the town of waverly. all right jess. yet as we've been talking about for years really of what we want to emphasize that's why we say when a storm like this comes through it doesn't matter whether it's a tornado or whether it's straight line winds of eighty or ninety ball prowess down burst winds it's going to do the same
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does so that's why things again or so so important that you take cover in a situation like this let me assure you a couple of things going on here first the entire area and talking about it for couple of days that was likely we would get under a tornado watch today or at least near us we are indeed under that watch until nine pm and what a watch means is simply watch out some think would form not will form but it's a very distinct possibility. they put that out ahead of any storms forming we had that out from just after the lunch hour through nine pm now that we started seeing things forming that's when we get the warning so as you can see this entire purple area that extends all the way down to the outer banks. everybody in eastern virginia eastern north carolina maryland for that matter the eastern shore anyway under a tornado watch now that we can get rid of those because that simply means something might try to
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see we have a huge um i'm not sure i remember in a long long long time this many warnings back to back to back to back to back up the line from south and west of raleigh up through the door i mean it's literally every county almost every community as you head up there from south of raleigh. all the way through charlottesville is under a tornado warning right now. in addition course the tornado watch so we're going to really really have to be on top of that line will take a few hours to get here but that is our biggest concern at this point. once we get rid of what's out there right now and the only area left that has any kind of a warning in our immediate vicinity is over. matthews it covers almost the entirety of matthews and it is a tornado warning around newport new point comfort highway back up toward bethel beach road over
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breeze road the community of hutchinson moon in beaver let if there is a tornado right now it would be very close it looks like a beaver lead over port perry. it's going to condemn object is going to continue to work its way to the north from their supper watching from those locations gwen's island need to be taking cover now. evan i understand yes more information. ok jeff we are watching that storm up in mathews county of course and other one has as you mentioned has been canceled for the coasts and in gloucester and new york. so really it's that storm up in mathews county right now watching that is moving to the north east around at beaver lake community as you mentioned jeff around a tabernacle moon and up towards quinn island an island technically not under that warning this storm is going to be moving out into the chesapeake bay here pretty quickly. watch as it crosses over the bay for aca my county but you also towards the west we're getting some sunshine out there right now that is of
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destabilize the atmosphere to the next line that is out west just a line of watches and warnings all the way from charlottesville to farmville south boston on the durham downpour to raleigh so we're going to get a break here for a little bit but that sunshine breaking through the clouds not a good thing because then next line as it moves eastward could run into that warmer air where the sunshine has come out and will be watching that line very closely will be several hours before makes its way off towards these but as the next area of concern i think seven once again to reiterate we do have some thunderstorms affecting the term live lightning tracker on if you're watching us for the eastern shore you're saying what about us well you have a thunderstorm over your head and some heavy downpours you do not have anything at this point that looks for an attic that whehe attic thunderstorm or potential to an attic thunderstorm certainly one with very strong and gusty winds is right now directly over mathews county and moving pretty quickly to
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five mph so right now if we measure the distance here from the south to the north end of the county. it's around ten miles at the mo so ten miles at fifty s some i'll miss sixty mph. it's going to take ten minutes and so certainly within the next ten minutes will be able to give the all clear to almost all of areas there of mathews county except for maybe when silent letter twelve minutes from now will be able to do that again just to reiterate is that storm moves out now are getting some of the sunshine breaking through we are going to see much more stable conditions in the very short term look at that line out to the west it's just a tremendous line of showers and thunderstorms with an incredible amount of lightning actually let me check the lightning on the tsongas center this up a little bit just to show you how impressive this line is and as we put the war live
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as i expected actually. six hundred strikes here in the last oh fifteen minutes or so but while i can see that that line of tornado warnings extends even farther to the south so we can take that off there take the lightning tracker off for you at one point a few minutes ago i was tracking nine tornado warnings that were al along this line i see one two three four five hour down to six six tornado warnings and a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings with that western line song actually go here just really quickly to the satellite presentation and turn that on instead because i think that'll give you a little bit of a broader view of what is going on you'll be able to see. look at all the tornado watches a course that were out and then you can see is they move through. now we're getting the breaks were getting the sunshine here al
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disappearing through ahead of this next line and it's that line extending right down the middle of your screen from charlottesville down to halfway between richmond and roanoke it down to just west of raleigh that one is slated to come through here again in the next. o let's get it's been moving i want to do this let's take it back for hours or so so right now is it for fifteen will take it back to one fifteen and get three hours worth. so here we go where it was three hours ago this night after going to have to interrupt we have some breaking news we have just confirmed with game and inland fisheries that two people have died in the town of waverly. there are concerns about the wellbeing of the third person a possible third fatality and possibly one of the fatalities could be a child that we have not confirmed at this point but
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are dead possible touchdown of the tornado and this is our coming in from the department of game and inland fisheries a little bit earlier we were looking at some of the damage from waverly we know backed out there been some roads closed because of downed power lines as well as downed trees root for fisk sixty at forty closed again because of some problems they had closed it in the open one lane in the closed it again just moments ago. let's go over to on a leash on who has up some pictures of some of the damage in waverly and lisa and jeff was talking about the power the force needed to flip a car that's right in here that picture once again this is such a powerful image because it really gives you an idea of the destruction and all the damage that the storm has caused you can see that that car right there completely turned over. here's another look a wider look at the scene and you can see all of that image right there now i'm monitoring facebook and twitter. if you happen to be in that area and it's safe to do so please share your
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the word out there and um you guys informed of the damage and everything going on other symmetry hashtag thirteen storm and with those pictures i think lisa let's check in now with paula miller from the virginia department of transportation paula what are you hearing about conditions in waverly tonight looks like he was traded from our cruise that we're hearing from the scene right now we're all facing a lot of downed trees and power lines in that area so people need to steer clear of rope for sixty near route forty the road was closed it was open temporarily on and traffic was moving one laid it on in each direction but thankfully since after the close that road again the route for sixty in the vicinity of route forty is closed to traffic again and people need to be very careful of those downed trees if they're out at all or have to be out in the power
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there. route three a won the whole thing in greenville is another area but i'm going back drop for sixty per second. we have to put the two are there over and over people should take on route forty west route thirty five north to route six a to get them back to for sixty they need to travel in that direction that is to be sure of but it primarily of six sixteen also in southampton county were getting reports and we have crews out there with downed trees as well moves are in the hole i know the earlier you were in protection mode what exactly is that's where he died. well we're getting ready to do report with you and i in him so very quickly because we see the tornado warning and were told to secure shelter here at the district
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course there's the fact that we all went to the basement here up until that morning had passed. all pictures are coming in of widespread damage in the town of waverly have you set up a command post and what is your request of the citizens as your troops mobilized to respond we have our incident command are headed that direction actually they're arriving on scene right about now and they're there and then of course we have our area headquarters are in headquarters in waverly. our personnel there also had to seek shelter during that tornado warning here as well but they were in the basement there for a good fifteen to twenty minutes and at one of our other area headquarters as well. turns out there and no issues. fortunately it looks like it's it's pretty much the trees and the power line issues that will be dealing with lee to get those
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the people need to not travel if they don't have to be out there they're obviously in three rows we talked about there not to be able to be throwing it away because they would be impassable at this point but it's those downed trees and power lines that people really have to be careful about and are our crews are out there in removing some of the trees already but we still have a lot of work ahead of ri paul miller was the dot thank you so much for talking with us and of course we'll be checking back in with you periodically to get updates but right now what a totally should because so much of the damage we're getting pictures coming in from waverly want to share some of that with these pictures are incredible jane and regina take a look at this this picture is coming from michael campbell on twitter from waverly is a trailer heavily damaged he says the ripped open by possible tornado in the town of sussex county. now another treat we need is love this is truly truly incredible. this is a metal twisted and contorted
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say here the empowerment temple church and this last picture i wanted to show you he says this is much of route four sixty and route forty heading into waverly you can see all that damage there again and combing through these pictures on twitter on facebook feel free to send them to us and will share them as well. alright thanks to a leash and again we want to let you know that but to be more confirmed dead in the town of waverly this coming from the department of game and inland fisheries and also there is another person on the way at least has been injured possible third fatality were working to get all of that confirmed and working to find out whether or not the fatalities involve a child i know we're seeing images come in and of twisted metal jeff let's talk about the force needed to cause this kind of dances. well it doesn't matter as we said if it's porn addict or if it's straight line winds yes it requires a tremendous amount of force but steal what it doesn't matter if its
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it is going to get hit by an eighty mph when it's going to do the same kind of damage whether it's spinning or not whether it's a straight line when the only difference is that you generally don't get straight line winds that get over a round seventy to eighty. typically here you can in the midwest but around here that's or the upper and now the difference in is a strong tornado might have winds of over a hundred mph hundred and ten or twenty or whatever that's why people think of thorn added tornadoes is doing so much more damage and of course the big ones camera on the relatively small sized tornadoes is pretty similar with some of the straight line winds that we get. this is so again a wide view of the system now out of our area other than the eastern shore but even then we have not seen any warnings yet because that when attic part of the cell is moving right up the central chesapeake bay so if there any warnings out
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include maybe ten gere island possibly write down the western shoreline of the eastern shore but in general right now the tornado threat is moving out of our area few very isolated showers until you get out to the west and again look at the number of warnings with that next line and it's still hours away when i was getting re do earlier before you broke in with breaking news that confirm that that is get an idea we know these individual storms are moving north or north easterly at fifty to fifty five mph i want to get a general idea of the eastward movement and in general it's about thirty mph that it's making its way to the east so that would put it if it continued right smack dab from the eastern shore down through norfolk and down to about eighteen ten roughly thirty miles per hour there before ours so in approximately four hours at eight thirty we're going be
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over them a downtown area and sort of be the eastern parts of the region the hobby still get the westerners before that but we have some time for this thing to move toward us and hopefully it can weaken a little bit as it does but with that kind of intensity right now we are really really concerned about what is going to happen a little bit later this evening so that sort of the broad perspective is again for right now we don't have any kinds of warnings out. so let's look at a couple of different things and give you the broader view in general what we can expect and why right now it's seventy degrees because temperatures are so high because the humidity is so high dew points in the sixties the winds of the south a twenty three in a few thousand feet up its sixty to seventy mph with those kinds of wins and the shower even that you get can pull those stronger winds down to earth surface look at the temperatures even seventy roanoke rapids in emporia
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so the stage is set right now for another severe weather outbreak in a few hours as that next line moves through we are under that tornado watch until nine pm so i would think that as we get past couple of hours from now let's say six thirty or so we're going to start to see more of the potential warnings out near the interstate i eighty five on and the five core door and then working its way here the latter portions of our newscast and aunt wore on nightly news programs in jeopardy in that kind of thing we're going to start getting those more over the metro area here you can see the two different lines that were talking about moving through and here's that western line if you will still coming through seven fifteen it's a little bit to the west and then it starts dying out by nine forty five let's hope that that is right in that the system will weaken a little bit as it moves toward us and then by morning. wow what a
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really quite a bit chilly air and highs tomorrow will be mild but nowhere near the kind of warmth that we saw today so we will be seeing the sun returned with all the snow on the backside the system and that incredible line of watches and warnings that extends from near charleston. all the way up to about philadelphia pennsylvania those are just that's just the three watches and then of course we have all those warnings that i'd talked about as well. so tonight still strong storms mainly during the evening and then the paper off tomorrow shower possible really early otherwise partly sunny and mid fifties and then the rest of the forecast is going to cool it off a little bit as we head into the weekend saw a throwback to you guys the news desk. we prepare for this next line right thanks jeff. all eyes are on waverly right now we are hearing from our sources that there is a lot of damage near the empowerment temple which is in the two hundred block of county drive empowerment temple church two hundred
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waverly. a lot of damage in that area. yes a lot of downed power lines in that area us some downed trees or some road closures particularly for sixty one to be careful there sunday tours set up in that area for sixty right at route forty. that road had been close right after the storm because of the debris and then they opened it at least one lane and they had to close it again so they got in and authorities are asking people to stay away from the area but get lots of reports of damage we're looking at some pictures coming in through social media that are really just astonishing. looking at one right now the mobile home that looks like it's come and destroy them. hats off though to some of the area school systems were doing what they did to try to keep kids safe when hearing on loan from the from hampton newport news one kid up telling me actually i got a tweet that said they made us hide under the desk for an hour and wouldn't let us leave. i do drills to prepare for
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prepare so it's a good thing we're looking at some of the damage in waverly right now unfortunately this is just one shot of of of a lot of damage the cement town right now all of this happening in the middle of afternoon drive less techno with ashley to give you an update first at the monitor merrimack just a quick heads up your traffic is now moving six sixty four south of amman to demand that following an earlier crash but of course major backups they are also major backers of the hr bt headed to norfolk and making its way to hampton. you can see those big issues around the downtown tunnel the midtown and the high rise bridges well in terms of just heavy traffic for the afternoon rush but i do want to get to spots further out west and some northwest as well. some areas we've already talked about some we have not. of course jen has been talking about the big issue in waverly for sixty at forty and we talk to paul paula miller from the dot she mentioned all lanes again close the detour in place just don't forget about that heading now to southampton county we have another report of downed trees and thick sixteen at sadler again
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there as well. greenville county three o one at blank flame again another downed tree that i'm just blocking the northbound lanes but honestly i would just avoid that area at all possible because i'm short. southbound traffic is going to be very compromised as well if you're planning to the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel listen to this we are under level for it when restrictions that means winds are stronger than fifty miles per hour as you cross the bridge and head to the tunnels. here are the only vehicles are allowed to cross cars and trucks that do not have exterior cargo also many bands can cross right now at suv's if that is not you will not be allowed to cross until those when restrictions drop just a little bit of taking a close eye on the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel and i'll let you know when those when restrictions start to drop now we had a little bit further north west erie county route ten and cabin point just the look of a weather incident were not sure but standing water and downed tree or what exactly is working there but all
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directions there in surry county to avoid that area as well as if you can. i love white county jones dr amber wells bay road we know there's standing water out there working to find out of lanes are closed but i'm sure at this point whether their clothes or not it's going to be a rough ride for you so i would try to avoid that intersection as well because we don't want you to ride through that water and of course damage or car so again another intersection to a boy here and we just head back to the traffic network mapping taking a look again at the bridges and tunnels it's going to be a very busy afternoon rush hour. if you don't have to head out please do not but if you do will keep you posted right here on thirteen years now. guys aren't banks as we have the setting for a potentially dangerous situation as night falls all across hampton roads trees down all of the place. power lines down all over the place again if you see a power line down as soon as the stay away we also have some flooding issues want to show you picture this is coming in from fort smith this is county and halifax close to live downtown you
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pretty deep right there if you see standing water we see it all the time people say ok i can get through with my car in the next thing you know they stall out we have even bigger problem so avoiding the outstanding water if you're driving around or even walking around for that matter. now we want to go to craig he's been out in suffolk for a good part of the afternoon and he's on fifty eight bright red dot traffic was terrible. that's correct we headed out towards were cashier is very slow go and it's been one of those things where now with the sun breaking through the clouds increase really blinding conditions when you have the sun shining down through the clouds and then reflecting off the wet roadways. lots of pondering on the sides of the roads we just passed with an ambulance just a couple moments ago so we are headed out towards the waverly area over the years i've done a number of storm surveys quite frankly with different
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attic window i want to try to get out there get a look at that ourselves. we have that out for you. it looks like it's gonna be a busy next few hours anyway and most likely into the evening so we're by no means don't want this again we hate to see these storms develop like this the immediate have to read here is going to enjoy little break but out of the set next line already taking shape and and i'll hopefully be able to show you some more pictures coming up just a bit i will tell you i see a police car beside the road coming up and we are coming up what could be an accident here travel very slow on fifty westbound as we head towards downtown suffolk area and will catch up for sixty back up towards waverly as soon as we can trade back to the metro area we have new information just in concerning an incident on eightieth street in newport apparently a tree has had a house i believe we have a picture yet of that tree fell
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see quite a bit of damage the home has been condemned there is a family that lives in that house they are now displaced. we're getting reports of a number of trees down on the peninsula in hampden there's one down at the aberdeen in mercury i see that according to hampton police we have one down in butler farm road at loop this way and that's blocking the roadway there the police asking folks to use caution if you don't have to go out you should probably stay in because you just never know where those down lines are downed trees are as well let's check in now with just life in jeopardy are beginning to start to look at the damage and it has as it has crossed the region are you beginning to get a picture of just what the storm. well we know that many areas suffered some severe winds were course have to wait and see if it's porn attic or not. right now the eastern shore. especially the northern portions there of northampton county and all
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thunderstorm right now but it is not in this case fanatic as far as we can tell we do have a line again of some stronger parts that sell out near it and your island i specifically talked about them a little bit earlier and that's moving very quickly but this next line is as battle line is i've seen in many many years across virginia and north carolina the number of warnings is unprecedented we have was literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles of cities and towns and counties that are under a tornado warning from virginia all the way down into north carolina again the entire region shaded there in purple is under a tornado watch that means that conditions are favorable until nine pm for tornadoes to form that was put out one or two o'clock this afternoon. obviously we've already seen that now we are seeing this again increased threat coming in
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going to take hours to get here but nonetheless what seo for tis two in korea it's moving the eastern section it's moving east at about thirty mph so if you're watching us right now from out near emporia or near i ninety five. it's only going to take about another hour and a half let's say roughly at six o'clock you're you'll definitely start to see some warnings whether or not the tornado warnings are severe thunderstorm warnings remains to be seen in general once the sun gets lower in the spy guys right here long fifty eight at the weigh station and we just noticed this car we saw the flashing lights of police officers over your near the weigh station and saw this car skidded across the exit you see the dirt kicked up the tire tracks and crashed into those trees right there there's no ambulance on site i don't believe there's
4:39 pm
based on the way the responders are standing around but obviously the mess they're in a lot of damage to that carson crashed into the trees and craggy the room all right as we were just showing i want to show you that the west this next line tremendous amounts of lightning with the tons of watches and warnings on to put the watches and warnings on there and you can see them just all those colors the red little boxes and the yellows all indicating severe weather or in many many cases tornadoes and that is moving to the east that thirty so roughly it's around forty four miles give or take to emporia from where that line of storms is so if you move everything to the east let me actually clear that often give you just a very rough idea and i want to find thirty miles. here we go and
4:40 pm
miles. so let's say in an hour. this is going it's four forty five so at five forty five we should roughly see the leading edge of the severe weather right down through there that would put it roughly at six thirty again this is a general idea six thirty here approaching western hampton roads and then by seven thirty or eight thirty offshore is a very rough idea of when this next line is expected again we're keeping our fingers crossed because he should see some and we're working on getting these to be able to be put on the air some of the pictures just classic strong tornadoes out in the western parts of the state. my guess is that if we did have a tornado with the ones that came through it looks like that's a very distinct possibility that it's probably an ef zero or one probably not two but again we haven't seen all of the damage yet some of these ones out to the west i can
4:41 pm
to use on a scale of one to five that's starting to get toward a moderate even the strong was considered a strong tornado and that line is moving to the east so right now it's seventy degrees temperatures are it's seventy out an emporia and roanoke rapids once the sun goes down the steps will come down a little bit hopefully that the fact that we've seen some rain trying to again cool things off slightly that might help us a little bit i should get this future cast early and you can see the first line moving out the second line moving and i actually have another future cast that i like for the very short term better well let me go and find that one can hear it is time to bring this one up instead and see what it shows i haven't even had chance to take a look at this locale much that matches the current picture much more closely than what is going on with that sort of
4:42 pm
hdtv vs non hd this one is so high resolution that can only run out for six twelve hours twelve hours i guess whatever it is so we don't use this when we go into our longer range view coach future cast but notice how that line certainly holds together there is at six thirty six forty seven o'clock still love not maybe is intense but still see some of his very bright reds and there are still going to be capable of spinning up some tornadoes as the winds aloft are very very we see that line really starting to diminish so that's what we're hanging our hats on now that's what we're hoping happens as the storm moves to the east but has so much momentum. there's just so much wind in the upper levels the atmosphere is coming in from all different directions and that gets everything spun up and producing again if not straight line winds the tornadoes so we will really really really keep our eye on that system as it
4:43 pm
evening just gave you a rough breakdown of the time so it's goin' down to skip straight ahead to the rest of the forecasts because we haven't done that now that we're getting a bit of a break and is that comes up tonight forty nine the strong storms ending windy with clearing late capture by morning down about forty nine tomorrow fifty nine and i think it's maybe that the degree or two to i haven't had a chance to type in all these numbers yet but on the air for three straight hours or whatever it is becoming mostly sunny trois but definitely mild and then tomorrow night forty seven mainly clear blustery and chilly. let's see if this is an updated seven day or not. yup looks like it is so tomorrow i guess that's right so tomorrow mid to upper fifties couple of inland areas closer to sixty ten percent chance of a morning shower friday chilly saturday very chilly sunday we start
4:44 pm
rain moving in next week a little bit monday but mainly tuesday was the most significant huge storms again once we get by this first system and that's the one that we're really going to be worrying about the seasoning salt throw back to you guys now and will try to get everything set up for when we come back. i paced up we are in the calm before the next storm is a lot of damage out there right now state officials are responding dominion power is also respond. all right let's go to banana harry she's on the line from dominion and i know but neither one of the warnings that you always like to give and that is to stay away from those downed power lines or write a review or just saying there's a lot of damage in the area and the biggest direct tax system has been the strong winds and lightning which can bring down trees so we urge people to please stay far away from downed power lines and anything that may be cutting them to be a conductor of electricity and the people are concern tonight there in the dark but there was
4:45 pm
to slam right into hampton roads are you waiting to see what happens with that second system or are you responding right away trying to restore power. well we have we are responding right now we will continue to work as long as the cake we had about thirty five hundred customers without power right now and hit the road in northern china the biggest trouble spot they're in office in the peninsula. so our crews are working as hard as they can to restore power quickly and safely as possible is what is it that you tell people to do when they lose power they should call you immediately right. absolutely or the quickest ways to go on a smartphone and put him down dot com and you can report a power outage right there and also check the status of your outage and you can certainly also call us or keep in touch with us via social media well of course are concerned about your customers but this also plays and poses a significant hazard for workers. absolutely and i workers are well trained to work in the kind of conditions that are too dangerous for them to climb the pole they will not do so
4:46 pm
safe to do it but as soon as they can do it they won't do it and work there. there used to working in severe weather conditions and they're prepared for this storm and they're prepared to work as long as it ate its all right thank you very much lydia harris from dominion virginia power's and right now about thirty five hundred people without power and that is in norfolk and mainly up on the peninsula as well advising people to call if you lose power. contact the dominion reported because they don't always know immediately so you wanna call that number one eight six six dom help. well all eyes are on the town of waverly right now we have confirmed that two people have died there and there's concern about the wellbeing of the third person are some of robertson's on the line right
4:47 pm
pretty devastated when i rang out at the forefront of it off as a whole lot we read what is on all of that kind of device industry right now there are cars from kits that are here today for whatever work directing traffic from what i have a lot of people that are kind of walking around fifteen hundred songs almost no power on the floor for your own history and what we're seeing here right now a lot of people out here try to find that i am excited what will that was one that that that day before came right from behind or how about when we think after that for like half an hour winds right now that we headed over to how life would be pretty incredible adventure for which we have to have died as a result of your fellowship pretty much
4:48 pm
out here and people just kind of try to get the point but more so an obviously as you try to maneuver it must be difficult to get down streets of dc a number of odd places that are blocked off actually it kind of got into town to wait for directing traffic and are back after the area we're talking forty f or first responder was the first responders out here he added that in rome which for not having adequate for the kind of odd though because with everybody the vote when you finally get the job we wondered if he had directing traffic and on till we were heading back to over think everything else before starting to come out of point in trying to figure out you know how much damage there is not aware whether to go from here more so as you travel into waverly tell us about
4:49 pm
forgot that some of your office and along the way we really did find out they were free but it is on the way to the waverly everything by a trust fund was actually clouds by the sun was shining on the way if you're part of his account of labor costs three hundred am and i really lot differently to the house but for right now lou. ok i will more so and know that you will be busy the gathering some information please see to keep us updated of course on the other tragedy coming out of waverly with two confirmed fatalities are confirmed by the department of game and inland fisheries and we of course are on continuing to try to find out more information about exactly how that happened and we're also keeping an eye on the area around a church in the town of waverly. we are hearing from some of our viewers who are helping us to tell the story but there is
4:50 pm
the empowerment temple church which is in the two hundred block of county dr marcella robertson is on the scene we will stay on the story on our atlas go back to jeff already the good news is that the first line of storms has moved out the bad news is that in its wake were getting some sunshine coming through actually panned this over a little bit here little more to the west and you can certainly see that we are getting peeks of sunshine we talked yesterday that the more sun we get the more unstable the atmosphere would be nice if we could have just got a lot of low clouds and everything after this maybe help to mitigate that instability coming in from the west. this is the broad view and we've highlighted everywhere in that sort of purplish area that's the entire region that extends the original one drawing that came out of the box it came out of the midwest from the storms forecast center did not include all the way through
4:51 pm
and a lot of the counties between one p m with the sound didn't include the outer banks. they decided that the local office decided it was a good call to include everybody in our viewing area underneath of that watch so again a watch means that you need to just keep a watch on your local tv stations local weather app and watch the sky make sure you know that you keep updated because something cool in the form lot of confusion all the time and people between watches and warnings warnings are the worst of the two warnings means that something has actually formed or is likely to have formed like a tornado we don't know it's always a tornado but it's either a severe stutter thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado or a tornado in the case of tornado warnings cases severe thunderstorm warnings we know that it is a very strong thunderstorm capable of producing severe weather so the point is a warning is worse. this is a watch. we've obviously then had a number of warnings that
4:52 pm
taken the watch is off that's what makes it a little bit easier for everybody to see what's going on still some rain across areas of the extreme western shore there of the eastern shore up a sort of near hancock and west of key but it's really this next line is the one we're worried about now i'm adding in the warnings and again remember warnings are worse than a watch warnings mean it is severe and is moving exactly toward the areas that are depicted. so here's the last two hours of movement and you can see this storm system is making progress it's moving rapidly to the northeast which means overall the eastward movement is not quite as fast but still around thirty mph. it looks like in fact let's double check that and put this on the current setting here we are right now let's go back to where this line was two hours ago and will
4:53 pm
line back here two hours ago will take it through the present time and we'll see how there's a new warning that's not too too far west of us. so how far has this line made it to the east and two hours about sixty eight miles or so so it's moving eastward at thirty four mph if we take that get rid of all of this stuff. take the current line put right in through here and move all of that to the east at thirty miles and you can see in about an hour it's going to be approaching the west side of richmond it'll be approaching i ninety five add another hour on to that and it's going to start to get from franklin up the west of williamsburg so that gives an idea the next two hours we will obviously break down more in detail for you show your future cast and talk about some of the damage but
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
i had a cyst or mistaken the deadly turn. we have confirmed two people have died after a reported tornado in waverly that is in sussex county were told that number could grow and that information is coming to us from the virginia department of game and inland fisheries. an officer from that apartment is on scene in waverly with the crew at that scene as well and we will bring you a live report as soon as we confirm all of that on the ground there and we have team coverage of this massive system that's hitting us our reporters are looking at what you need to do to keep your family safe and all of our meteorologists are tracking the storm's let's go first to jeff and jeff what area unfortunately the entire area again we've been talking about two lines of storms moving through the first one is now gone from our viewing area. look at the sun peeking through that's not good we
4:58 pm
the temperatures down a little bit so that it doesn't create as much instability this purple area. this entire region. all the way down to the outer banks all the way up to the eastern shore all way out the western virginia under a tornado watch in again to watch simply need something might form there wasn't anything in any of these areas when this watch was issued but we've been talking about for days how we would likely need a watch on to get rid of that make it easier to see what's going on when something does form that's when you get warnings that you really have to take note watch simply means watch channel thirteen watch the skies now we have warnings the red ones are tornado warnings the yellow or severe thunderstorm warnings. the blue are flood warnings the green or another type of flood warning we had one another's another one out near durham. so all of this still this is a worst case scenario we've got people out in emporia which is right about in here trying to clean up from severe damage and a possible tornado and now is
4:59 pm
clean up we're going to see more tornado warnings encroaching on them and severe thunderstorm warnings and strong and gusty winds and about another hour and a half we're keeping our fingers crossed there are some indications that this line will be weakening as the sun goes down that typically happens but they're so strong right now that even if we weaken them thirty forty percent it still could be some real serious issues around here right now the wind suddenly only twenty three sustained we had a higher today gusting up times to the mid forties that is going to continue so here's that first line that has pretty much been moving out and here's the timing of the next line oreo around eighty five ct or not played in our viewing area in another hour but then by seven o'clock starting to encroach on the western parts of the thirteen news now viewing area and then over here from franklin up to newport news at about eight i think this might be even a tiny bit slow. they may be moving a little bit quicker
5:00 pm
of things then to the evening and by nine o'clock over top of the metro area and moving out by ten so that's why the watch for example is only until nine o'clock so that's the timing and this next line just a massive amount of warnings what it will have to pinpoint what parts of the cell stay the strongest as it moves toward us of the next several hours but for now things are unfortunately going to get worse after they've gotten here better in the very short term guys are a thank you we need to get to waverly now and that's where we are told two people died during the storm or seller robertson joins us now on the phone and marcellus at the scene for us there right now you know i remember when i got the waverly over downtown on and what we saw was a lot of devastation i mean i when you first come in down town to get behind the brick had been called off of the storefront there were tens of tons of


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