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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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as support and happen to get the real way the divine string field youngest brother john says his family is still trying to come to grips with one hand and assist them with the boys is given so much in the dodgers trailed in the go fund me page has already raised over fourteen thousand dollars in just a day hundreds of people offering their condolences and support giving the family says sense of hope and encouragement as hope hope that keeps us all off and they are picking up the pieces and top hat a devastating tornado ripped through four counties in the middle peninsula and northern that lightning our homes destroying the church and sending up to two dozen people in the hospital amazingly the storm didn't claim any lives in that part of the state my coding is just back from there where people are thanking their lucky stars that is right david and janet it looks like
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lucky unlucky as that was people are feeling very lucky that everybody survive a brother to both groups is to go into the movie you through most of the rosary will take a moment stay in the summer when the bill o'malley held she made the tornado cut a twenty eight mile long path of destruction from the middle peninsula to the northern neck with the ground zero bit all right here on keno road in tampa hand back in all ten homes were destroyed more than fifty were seriously damaged by the twisters estimated one hundred and forty mile an hour winds twenty to twenty five people were injured dennis campbell just did what he could to help his relatives pick up the pieces discern that the real witness to our cabanas you this is normal clothes does most earns back to the boulders johnny campbell was happy to find an old family bible and
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perspective the material it's all a place of the plaza not a place nearby the one hundred and forty five year old st john's church was ruined the good news here is that no one lost their life but clearly many many lives have been impacted and it will be some time if ever before those lives return to normal since its release and the scene to scene the people in our town leaders in the end. this is really really scary he know at about six hundred people lost power crews were out there working today to restore electricity and state police were out as well closing down roads trying to discourage the curious from coming out and clogging things up thirteen years now the virginia department of emergency management says most injuries happen at cleanup. they advise against less is an organized volunteer effort emergency management also suggest separating debris into
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not place to bring me here or on trees or poles officials say you should put debris on the curbside for pickup. not the street. hampton police arrested three men and a teen in connection with the burglary the medico green route bryant a bronze kuan scott and a teenage boy they each face charges including burglary and grand larceny police say yesterday afternoon. the suspects went into a home on winchester drive near christopher c kraft elementary school they allegedly forced a window open and stole two b's and a game system. police arrested the suspects after a short chase and recovered the stolen electronics. a crime line tip led to david patterson's arrest faces robbery and gun charges portsmouth police a paterson held up the cvs pharmacy on frederick boulevard back in october. patterson is in the portsmouth city jail on those charges in this case and on other unrelated charges. a north carolina
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possession. dare county officials say thirty three year old sarah cannon faces felony possession charges that they're county narcotics task force got a tip about a person with the amount of heroin on them. police recovered the drugs and she was released on twenty five thousand dollars bond. a virginia lawmaker is pushing a bill that would require schools to warn parents of a teacher plans to use explicit material on the bill concerns sexually explicit material it does not define what sexually explicit means that would be left to local school boards delegate steve lane who represents parts of albemarle county is pushing the bill he says it's not meant to ban books or infringe on first amendment rights. the number of farms in virginia went down last year but existing ones are growing in size the national agriculture statistics service reports the average a tree age of existing farms grow the virginia farm bureau said farming remains stable here in virginia there are more
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farms in the commonwealth and overall there is a nationwide decrease in farm numbers a surprise endorsement today for gop frontrunner donald trump today he picked up the support of one of his onetime rivals chris christie the new jersey governor standing side by side with frum told reporters the billionaire businessman will quote do what needs to be done to protect the american people. christie recently ended his own campaign for the party's nomination. the endorsement comes a day after marco rubio and ted cruz pounced on trump in last night's lone star debate and today the attacks kept coming. rubio change tactics a bit last night attacking trump on all fronts including his business background has prepared us to lead a nation. the attacks continued this morning. rubio has said he did not enter the race to attack other republicans called trump a con artist during a morning tv news interview. meanwhile democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are heading to south carolina this evening
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support ahead of tomorrow's primary. several people are dead in even more hurt in a mass shooting tonight we have new information about the man police say opened fire in a kansas factory and chesterton police say this man's lawn care business was a coverup for criminal operation details on this charge is a
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i place a hs big man hit a drug ring behind the fake lawn care company partners at the virginian pilot reports twenty eight year old marlin day was arrested this week on drug charges. agents say the owner of precision landscapes news the front to sell large quantities of heroin and cocaine. this comes after a seven month investigation by the fbi has a hearing set for tuesday authorities have identified the man who opened fire at a kansas factory where he worked as thirty eight year old cedric larry ford ford was served with a protection from abuse order about ninety minutes before
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three people before storming the xl lawnmower parts factory. armed with an assault weapon and automatic handgun. eleven people were shot and three were killed police officer killed four during an exchange of gunfire and the sheriff called that office or a hero. the only reason he stopped shooting because that officer stopped the shooter board had an extensive criminal record including arrests for burglary and battery the atf is investigating how ford that is what it's a marina de sales in the hospital after being attacked and left for dead this makes the second marine attacked in that area police believe someone attacked thirty five year old michael schroeder from behind as he was walking home he suffered a fractured skull and a concussion. the family believes he was lying in the street for at least an hour to teens are being held behind bars for attacking another marine in this surveillance video at the same mcdonald's a couple
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happened on the same day but we're told are on related. a tanker carrying thousands of gallons of water crashes on the highway the driver is trapped in the wreckage here for the man who pulled that her trucker to safety and
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underway to all easter sunday they are there any films up for best picture and many are eager to see what host chris rock will say especially about the oscars diversity controversy abc's brent hit has the latest from hollywood red carpet is out in final preparations underway for hollywood's biggest night the eighty eighth annual academy awards. yes i feel so lucky this year eight films are nominated for best picture the president leads the pack with twelve oscar nods including leonardo dicaprio with his acting nomination. i'm just a fan of film for best actress cate blanchett is competing against brie larson jennifer lawrence charlotte trampling and sear sharon and the many anticipated with hollywood's leading ladies will be wearing. it's a great way for me to express what's happening on the inside inside the governor's ball celebrity chef wolfgang puck
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fifty dishes for sixteen hundred guests including a new doughnut recipes and little bit of prosperity link on here and can be framed and rehearsals are underway for two time host chris rock i think he's going to do a brake job he's done it before it's anybody's guess what else i imagine he will discuss the diversity controversy. the second year in a row all twenty of the acting nominees are white spot like this year's shining bright and will be and nothing blocking the oscar red carpet at the oscars fashion you can expect some loud moments and some of the presenters including charlie staring kerry washington lady ga ga and sofia vergara radio abc news hollywood. come watch the oscars with thirty news now out our official viewing party sunday it's at the pembroke metal cinema cafe in virginia beach. doors open at seven forty five that will be plenty of prizes games even a red carpet. sob alliance is hosting and some
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will be there as well plus it's all free. close call for washington a combat medic says he rushed to help a driver after a tanker truck full of sewer water roll down the highway right in front of him. the good samaritans as he climbed into the trunk pry the door open and found the driver unconscious the crash happened late yesterday morning the brave rescuer says is in states prompted him to step up and help them with trying to help somebody and i guess kind of pays off sometimes problematic of dozens of tomatoes this is my bad about all the check for spinal injuries and broken bones and that's when firefighters took over. officials say the driver should be okay right. the sun has been peeking through the clouds today looks like that's going to continue into saturday and sunday so jeff what is that we can look like well in terms of the sky cover pretty much like today altho little sunnier especially on sunday
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to mostly sunny and then it'll be mostly sunny on sunday so fairly similar in that respect tomorrow the temperatures are going to be similar as well know will start to see some changes again at times today we've seen a few clouds but overall we're going to college at least partly sunny now it's partly cloudy to mainly clear so continue to clear out be mainly clear this evening breezy though and quite chilly north wesley was not nearly what they were earlier today which was not nearly as bad as last night of the day before gradually been easing so that'll drop this down on average about forty by seven o'clock. meanwhile poco quickly about some tornado facts virginia the entire state averages eighteen tornadoes a year calculated over the last twenty five year stretch on wednesday alone there were over a dozen and we're still counting. one entire state gets one ef three tornado on average
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just within fifty miles of hampton roads on wednesday so incredibly unusual situation meanwhile nothing like that in the forecast i mention some warmer air heading and today shelly temperatures below normal. that continues tonight as we look for that northwest wind coming in ratings will drop back into the thirties and twenties even want to get in londonderry were leaving to find some upper twenties a lot of spots will be anywhere from around thirty to thirty two or three and then at nine o'clock or still cold were still in the thirties at that point but again not as much wind as what we saw today not as much of a breeze so by afternoon mid forties will feel like lower forties that still chilly but it's better than it has felt out there at times today so looking back to the west. saturday night into sunday morning we see anymore this twenties no we don't it looks like saturday night we're going to see temperatures dropping down only into the thirties and right near the water's edge were going to be around forty
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difference you can see them from wind direction and that just brings again especially when you combine it with the sunshine the south westerly wind brings high sunday back up over sixty for most of us hears that northwest when continuing but the wind shift starts to move in our direction. so tonight thirty degrees clear and cold twenties though for the inland and rural areas tomorrow forty five partly to mostly sunny still chilly for this time of year and then sunday sixty one monday a great day to have off if you have to work over the weekend of off monday tuesday and like that weather pattern and then a front moves in wednesday warm out ahead of it and then a big dip in temperatures behind it was some rain. most people would have harsh words for anyone who stole from them but one burglary victim in pennsylvania actually offered the band a job thieves invaded the man's coffee shop construction site two times they broke into a second story window and made off with all of them and
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this decided to take the high road and left the burglar a job offer and a twenty dollar bill. the businessman says if there is a next time perhaps the robbers will think twice about stealing from him police in california got calls about a unicorn on the loose yesterday. this is the fairy tell me. julie asked the california highway patrol spent hours chasing the five to six hundred pound pony even gold in the chopper she poses as a unicorn for photoshoots the pony slipped away from a child and darted i d out traffic police say a driver could have been seriously injured or even killed if they ran into the animal happy ending now a neighbor with the horse was finally able to get juliet home port in all i knew serpent is slithering into the history books the eastern garter snake is
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the virginia general assembly approved it today and were told the idea came from eleven year old aden coleman of williamsburg senator thomas garrett said he initially wanted the timber rattlesnake to represent the commonwealth but coleman pointed out that that is west virginia statesman an eight year old killed by something you'd see in a regular old birthday party coming up a family's warning about balloons. then at six and explosive moments in newport news as an officer is cleared of wrongdoing and officials today about my right hand and would write about my shirt they don't make it as the town of waverly rebels were learning more about the lives lost in the storm here from i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency.
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what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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it is it. a little girl has been killed by a birthday balloon our family is warning others about how dangerous balloons can be. officials in portland oregon say the dad found a second grader unconscious with a mylar balloon over her head before on the floor cut off the balloon and perform cpr paramedics tried to revive a little girl for almost an hour but it was too late on the for sale my god. combine one one hand slip start cpr then went in to check on her and all the scene was taken our bed him and he covers up her head from the balloon on her family says it appears the girl tried to suck the helium out of the balloon the girl's parents had no idea this type of balloon could be so deadly virus now in louisiana today the cdc
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reported there earlier this month officials are investigating the cases in people who reportedly traveled to our caribbean country are told neither of the two is hospitalized or pregnant only about one in five people who get the virus show flu like symptoms doctors say it's uncommon for people who come down with the virus to get sick enough to go to the hospital people in maine are cracking down on fake service dogs the issue became so big the legislature called for a task force to resolve the problem right now in maine there are no state or federal certifications and anyone can buy a vast for the dog to some businesses they're questioning people who actually need a service animal. anyone can get those service dog vest off the internet. one telltale sign is off of the service dog is a fraud is simply their bad behavior that's it for thirteen is now at five thirty the news continues
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police shooting on the peninsula. the family of kwanzaa be furious after the officer who shot their son is cleared of wrongdoing petey was shot and killed last year in front of the opposite says beattie had a gun but family members say the shooting was unjustified eric cain spoke to the family and to prosecutors exploding in grief and anger are off. melissa and clyde are going leave the newport news commonwealth attorney's office after learning no charges will be brought against the officer who shot and killed their son cole ones of beatty about what my right eye revenue would write about my shirt a donation today after meeting the family howard when defended his decision not to charge officer randy gibson the winners here today. quinn says gibson and two other officers chased and confronted be the last ally
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confidential informant had told gibson beatty had a sawed off shotgun and beatty allegedly pointed it at an officer. we did at the offices perceive a threat they acted to use deadly force is up for that information that he was unconscious but no fingerprints were found on the weapon and bb's family question witness accounts the kkk amassed over the weekend looking to be the father returned to talk to reporters with a gun in his pocket. pledging to find justice the goal. he's going to be that the other foot in the winter with missy and the caa says the department of justice will review its investigation. meanwhile the family still has a ten million dollars civil lawsuit that names the chief of
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after gibson is also named in another lawsuit following a separate police shooting eric came thirteen years now tonight in waverly dozens of people still have no place to go home six buildings were destroyed in wednesday's tornado and a curfew is still in place for the town that is the situation as residents of waverly begin the long process of recovering from this deadly storm this afternoon town officials held a news conference. they told those schools were open today and that power is back on for most of the town. meanwhile the red cross in operation blessing are among the groups helping the storm victims of the things you expect so many people. com how the hell it is no you don't know these people may be ported to consoles a new situation is very thankful that they hear the tornado also claimed the lives of three people a two year old boy and two men were tossed from a mobile
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those cuts have left his family saturday timmy lee spoke to relatives about the heartbreaking loss. john williams was in school when a tornado tore through his sister's mobile home that don't in this song the video message posted on that soon after he got a phone call from his mother she was kind of limits to my brother was the owner of the loan for just a day later he learned his two year old nephew here in indy and stepfather larry turner were also gone to the story just in the goan a nephew has his own personality. john says he and his brother were extremely close and you still can't believe he's gone back to the way all the family can do now is lean on each other for support and reflect on


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