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tv   13 News Saturday  ABC  February 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the thank you for joining us from joe flanagan let's get right to that breaking news right now i have to man is fighting for his life as detectives looked for the person who shot him. it happened while you were sleeping in the ponderosa restaurant on jefferson avenue in newport news police say of thirty nine year old man was standing in the parking lot with some friends just before two this morning. detectives say he stepped away from the group to take a phone call investigators say a bullet
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was on the phone. medics rushed into the hospital life threatening injuries so far police have not released his name or any suspect information. anyone with information should call the crime line. well turning now to your wakeup weather forecasts you may not be able to tell right now but it's going to be a beautiful day in hampton roads. it's going to be sunning it's gonna be well not so chilly. it's chilly this morning but it's gonna warm up a tad downtown hampton neighbors are waking up to temperatures in the low thirties that scored once the sun comes up a little warmer meteorologist nations caught with all the details good morning i got morning towel in the morning everybody that's right we're going to see another called a rock so cold start this morning but we will have a lot of sunshine in the forecasts about the good news for us take a look at the numbers. boy did call in for a year down to twenty three degrees right now we're holding at thirty and smith also chesapeake and portsmouth virginia beach for two year thirty three right now virginia beach are coming at thirty six along the outer
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and on eastern shore watch a freak in the upper twenties when still at the north and northwest today not quite as breezy as yesterday and really the winds aren't too bad this morning i weep and sing the highest reported about seven miles in norfolk at the airport the highest about twelve in hampton and nine in virginia beach so that it will be quite as breezy as it was yesterday so that will sort of take the edge off just a little bit satellite but i was sleeping nice and dry we've got a few high clouds moving across portions of the south side and down into northeastern north carolina said today of a great day to get out and maybe isn't that your work done that you may have been trying to get done the past couple of weekends a lot of sunshine temperatures will climb into the mid forties as we head into this afternoon which is still below where we should be for this time of the year today will be a lot like yesterday temperature wise but ages will be quite as windy as it was yesterday i'm talking a big warm up as we headed to the second half of the weekend i will talk about chances for rain coming up in
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in just a few minutes joe laurie thanks aishah now to the race for the white house it's your voice your vote later today democrats will face their next big hurdle on the campaign trail as bernie sanders and hillary clinton duke it out for south carolina breakdown the barriers so america and americans with up to their potential that is it that's what i care about if we stand together we can do extraordinary things think that what this country can be called today is the south carolina democratic primary democratic candidates hillary clinton bernie sanders turn their focus to the palmetto state. after the nevada caucuses but each campaign is putting a different emphasis on today's contests right now hillary clinton is leading the polls in south carolina clinton has been working to keep the momentum going from her win in nevada last weekend but sanders is already looking ahead to super tuesday. today's results in south carolina
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in virginia in a new poll released by hampton university virginia voters place hillary clinton and bernie sanders at a dead heat when compared to donald trump virginia voters rank the democrats eleven points higher than trump right now have the road stands as a hot spot on the presidential campaign trail. three candidates already visited the region this week. now three more on their way last night. texas senator ted cruz spoke or regent university supporters were enthusiastic telling she knew her they liked what they saw the senator ted cruz wasted no time. as soon as he hit the stage for the many issues to discuss many challenges facing this country in this election. he immediately paid his respects to the late justice antonin scalia and address how crucial it is to appoint another conservative supreme court justice
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the vacancy is filled with a democrat he sees many changes being made toward religious freedom and gun rights and more liberal justice and the court will overturn heller and conclude that not a single one of us has any individual right to keep and bear arms not only did he speak on those issues and his support in de funding planned parenthood. he spoke about the gop race overall. seeing attacks have become quite nasty and personal and they had frozen nasty insults my way that john after my character they got after my intake i don't respond in kind. i don't respond an despite his take on shots taken throughout the race crew says he's the best candidate to take down gop frontrunner donald trump to beat hillary clinton leaving the audience walking away clear concise answers you know this is the problem is able to address issues like
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a really clear began to really but the problem i live in virginia beach. she knew her thirteen news now more candidates are coming to town the days leading up to super tuesday are for rubio will rally at the virginia beach convention center tomorrow hillary clinton is coming to the area monday details about her event not been released and also money ben carson will speak at regent university. wow and other news investigators are looking for what sparked a house fire and sufi crews battle the flames for more than an hour take a look at the flames shooting through the roof of the structure on more farm lane were told the fire took over the entire attic firefighters had to pull out of the house and attacked the flames are outside until they can safely go back in two people were able to get out safely and new this morning a child's toy almost burned our home in chicago you can see the hover board erupting in flames earlier this month the homeowner says his
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the room only minutes before these pictures he came home to find his house in flames likely no one was hurt authorities believe the fire was caused by the hover boards batteries. the u s consumer product safety commission is investigating fires tied to hover boards in at least nineteen states well new developments in the kansas shooting the gunman may be dead but authorities say they still made an address. plus explosive moments in newport news as an officer is cleared of wrongdoing in a fatal shooting of ballet my right and i wouldn't know what to write about my shirt a donation today. how the family plans to keep fighting. plus what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make.
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birds eye voila
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well that saturday morning everybody was starting off with a live look outside overlooking downtown norfolk this morning the sun starting to rise the official sunrise time is at six thirty nine so we're starting to see more and more daylight a little bit earlier so that some good news. thirty four degrees right now in norfolk is chilly with those winds still at the north northwest. not as breezy as yesterday about seven mph and high pressures building in remaining pretty steady right now as we go through the weekend high pressure will continue to build it so that's going to keep the sunshine in the forecast temperatures are cooler this morning compared to yesterday morning almost fifteen degrees cooler and in korea also wakefield around thirteen degrees compared to this time yesterday again satellite radar sleeping nice and dry without a few high clouds pushing offshore over portions of virginia beach and stretching down into northeastern north carolina those costs will continue to push offshore and will see a lot of sunshine as we head to the rest of today
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the low forties by late morning and then as we head into the action of ours will top out in the mid forties it will be a chilly day but still not too bad a lot of sunshine i am tracking a bit warm up for the second half of the weekend i have those details in just a few minutes joe. all right thanks a show check this out. oh dear dear interrupts class in new jersey middle school. please say this box jump through an open window at a school in north arlington and knocked over water cooler busted into a wall trying to get back our students say they just stared in shock my tg is freaking out so i just come by i see is that window open with that dear ol' with the block so i was just like oh okay what's happening here i am having to run into an empty office and administrators quickly locked the door an animal control officer kirk was the deer removed from the building. no one knows
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said he was trying to buck the system sorry but when we come back video you animal lovers won't not want to miss who let the dogs on the tennis court will tell you where the ball boys were chased away plus a deputy injured on the job. a driver lost control on some icy (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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develop a mass shooting in kansas authorities arrested someone in connection with the case a woman is charged with providing guns to the shooter said before he killed three people and injured more than a dozen others before police shot and killed it. abc's elizabeth her as more details i figured for to see this facebook post firing an assault style rifle fifteen types that was to say he used to gun down his co workers is a convicted felon who could not legally own guns. authorities now allege ford got the ak forty seven type rifle and handgun used in the shootings from a twenty year old kansas woman sarah hopkins charging her with unlawfully transferring firearms the fourth shooting spree on thursday spanned across some six miles in three locations the final and
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excel industries before and was trampled it was just air was just trying to get out of the shooting three xl employees were killed renee benjamin bryan said i'll ski and josh could be the bloodshed ended with forty shot and killed in a gun battle with the first officer on the scene the afghan police chief sargent chris carter telling abc news his bosses action saved many lives. if there's gunfire gunfire to stop myself to myself that hard instinct to fight though i mean most of us went away from the no absolutely not we will run towards a gunfight with the community still in mourning the fbi is on scene hunting for answers this as we learn ford was served with a restraining order at work just ninety minutes before the first shooting a court order to stay away from an ex girlfriend who claims he was violently abusive writing he's in desperate need of
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health officials confirm what the motive appears to be domestic base in their investigation is continuing it was with her abc news in kansas become a us attorney finds no criminal wrongdoing in a deadly police involved shooting in for news officer shot and killed kwanzaa beatty last july after beatty pointed a sawed off shotgun at them. the police chief said an internal investigation found the three officers involved were justify his family believes he was wrongfully killed with the way that the lab no matter we did the officers proceeded to act and use deadly force is up for that information that we are going to come also attorney says the department of justice will review its findings and take federal action if appropriate we might see extra police on the road and
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extra dui patrols will be out in full force tonight and next friday and saturday as well be in the grant will cover the overtime costs for these extra patrols scary moments for sure stampede in michigan check this out it was nearly caught on camera the deputy was hit by a van during a winter storm this week. deputies stopped a car on the highway that's one of and coming from the opposite direction crossed the center line hit the patrol car then the deputy. luckly he was able to get back in his car call for help were told he is recovering. new this morning a special site check this out of fireball was caught on camera over the spanish guys according to experts a fragment from a comet produce the fireball traveled fifty nine mph before crashing against the earth's atmosphere. the observatory doesn't know of this fireball is connected with two others
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guys in the last few days in france are things that have been at the look that one that i was talk about these numbers this morning is chilly i got some comments on facebook for some frost on the windshield of your head out early this morning you may need to de frost those vehicles i didn't have any problems with that this morning. look at these temperatures were in the twenties twenty nine right now next morning eastern shore are coming in at twenty eight and now club on the middle peninsula glass to waking up to twenty seven with thirty one and saluted and thirty two and bob jack as we head over to the peninsula look at these numbers more twenties twenty four in williamsburg where twenty nine right now in newport news good morning anne hanson you're sitting just above freezing at thirty three degrees are also thirty three in march might decrease down to thirty one twenty six right now in windsor and twenty nine in carrollton and the cars northeastern north carolina more of the same but if you want thirties in the mix thirty than at morgan's corner and thirty one right now and del there's a cold start to the day is going to actually enter the days will talk about that
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the winds are going to be quite as breezy as they were yesterday. pretty calm especially little bit farther and one and as you get a little closer to the coast are seeing the winds pick up just a little bit reporting twelve mph right now in hampton on satellite and radar something nice and dry some not tracking any rain but we do have some high clouds push offshore right now across northeastern north carolina and the outer banks but we will continue to see a lot of sunshine today as high pressure builds as to our south. that's going to keep the southeast drivers are not as these clouds with all due to the jet stream are seeing a dip in the jet stream that's helping to bring down that colder air from canada as we head into sunday the jet stream will live to our north and we're going to see some milder conditions as we head to the rest of this morning plenty of sunshine by lunch time temperatures climbing into the low forties will top out in the mid forties by this action know which is still pretty chilly for this time of the year have been if you have plans this evening waxy drop back
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bit farther and when we start the day on sunday were to start with temperatures a little bit warmer than this morning so not quite as chilly but look at these afternoon high temperatures and the sixties a well above what we should be for this time of the year for today though it will be a bit on the chilly side forty six degrees was still a lot of sunshine and then as we take a look at the next seven days look at these temperatures sixty three on sunday we're going to stay in the sixties monday and tuesday a cold front into a pretty strong cold front that will drop our temperatures back into the forties as we head into the end of the week job. all right thank you asia coming up in sports the best of the best remain in high school hoops highlights from the east region championships and much more coming up in we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast.
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. in sports news an extremely busy time of year in high school basketball this is the east region championship weekend sports director scott cash has the highlights in your sports weekend. let's get started with the group four a east regional final a killer dance heritage that the time jt won with an interesting study that found as well then it's jt won the league and football star and a basketball star and early lead the titans the back comes heritage li lynn richardson with cyan the end their best scorer is germane merrill number four puts on a sweet move the second half of the way thanks to previous marriage. lake taylor one of seventy to fifty nine new funds will move three a regional final morgan at hopewell travers field of twenty five for
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trouble in this game. next up its field dishing off to travis came home for the floss and a big three and the big green is k k davis who had that locked up ahead mentally going to be in grooming and more from one to three to fifty six an orphan girls also won the region championship game. this is the missing girl that grew for reagan's mike and for the region championship. joan blood on the run with the us he wasn't president then was the same another run and gun days of holden and listen and try to make a game of it but it was way too much money can in this one seventy three the sixty one will soon fall in the pca as tournament collegiate again kristen holding the crusaders getting on the board first and off the corner on the drive with would add to that with lance
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pointer with ten men thing bishop tobin that comes to collegiate strong. the nz chavis had fifteen with a knife the man like that and with the comeback was underway and grant also with a nice touch. we had fifteen is well in the second and danced and really came to light and sixteen for the game was the collegiate game for the fifty seven to forty two they played was unmanned and the tca its campus again tonight the arab world at home last night scope against manchester the first place team in their division rivals playing some of the best hockey of the season. steven whitney made it rain nothing cameras in the second period that was his second goal of the period he wasn't done he would later have the natural goals in one period. whitney scored again it was for nothing at that point one six
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the perfect e news now with a great time slacking ard scott thanks so much of the game attendance has gone to the dogs in brazil took this one out dogs were used in the brazil open as ball boys is part of a campaign to encourage animal adoptions while we could do this on shoulder sunday the dogs were pretty good at retrieving the tennis balls in some cases they didn't want to let go of the organizer of the campaign says she hopes the one day stunt gets people to consider adopting a pet up on daybreak a beautiful sunrise over downtown over those cool and clear conditions will stick around throughout the day. don't get too used to entice is tracking big changes this weekend but it's good news plus tornado recovery
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. i good morning everyone thanks for joining us now thirteen years now daybreak on joe flanagan advice of the first things first good weather today getting even better we love it. we do love and you know what we're going to see almost a twenty degree temperature dye job as we head into sunday. you know what i'm looking forward to its rings not that far away getting closer and closer let's talk about city events that we've got going on today at the greenbrier ma five k in chesapeake at the greenbrier mall. ashley smith is rnc for this event are heading out there and definitely cold temperatures right around thirty degrees in chesapeake it starts at seven o'clock this morning call it mostly sunny but again it is chilly so definitely bundle up if you're heading out take a look at these numbers we've got temperatures in the low twenties right along the ninety five corridors of emporia you're coming in at twenty three right now are twenty five and sari were in the eye mid thirties and
6:31 am
the outer banks also sitting in his thirties upper twenties right now and will yet they were coming in at thirty and hansen know yesterday the winds were very very breezy as sort of dismayed if a little bit colder than the forties today though the winds have lessened up a little bed so we are going to really feel the edge like we thought yesterday said that it's breezy but we're still seeing the winds are just a little bit closer to the coast about twelve mph right now in hampton and nine in virginia beach. the satellite and radar are sleeping nice and dry some not tracking any rain a few more clouds have pushed across northeastern north carolina. those will continue to push offshore will see plenty of sunshine today if you're going to be traveling temperatures for our viewing area generally in the mid forties but if you're traveling say out to the west forties and fifties i'm near sixty degrees as you head towards columbia south carolina and in washington d c coming and in the mid to upper forties by this action was still a lot of sunshine across the region. i am
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head into the second half of the week and i think you want to stick around to see just how high those temperatures will go to have those details in just a little bit joe nation a community of waverly continues to rebuild after an ef one tornado right now there's a curfew in place to protect people from walking around through debris that still scattered everywhere ebola has more of the town's road to recovery. how difficult it is for people to lose everything not just the physical but it's a great emotional told a community disrupted and heartbroken after a tornado tore through their town but now the people of waverly are coming together as is poured into waverly united methodist church to pray for the victims' families affected acreage is no question about that will be changed for the dead on shore we in this situation right
6:33 am
were killed in the storm when they were tossed from the mobile home they were in our cleanup efforts continue around the community and friday was the first time we heard from city officials in a press conference they gave details about the destruction left behind saying six buildings have been destroyed and more than two dozen people are without homes still the mayor spoke with confidence and banking the different agencies and citizens committed to helping the people of waverly get back on their feet. well now that we have a long way to recovery we may optimistic about the deer were hopeful and we know that we will eventually reporting i near new beau thirteen years now officials hope to have more most residents back into homes by tuesday i volunteered to show up at the fresh pride super market in waverly ne morning at nine a m the national weather service confirmed at least
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in virginia on wednesday aside from the twisters in waverly and fanatics tornadoes also touched down in mecklenburg county near the north carolina state line move on and patrick counties and also lancaster county near or at the han river one of those tornadoes cut a twenty eight mile long path of destruction from the middle peninsula to the northern neck ten homes were wiped out in tampa hannah more than fifty others were seriously damaged by winds estimated to be a hundred forty miles an hour our crews got a firsthand look at the damage about two dozen people were injured and many people we talked to were amazed that no one was killed there in the world to both groups throughout the movie through most of the closer role of the most and so were
6:35 am
held she will be the one hundred and forty five year old church also destroyed during wednesday's storm don't be alarmed if you see a lot of fire crews in kerr county this afternoon later today three volunteer fire departments will hold a joint training session and boy aka the training runs from noon to four p m today the departments will conduct water shuttle training in the parking lot at moore middle school fire trucks will be drawing water from various hydrants in the area during the exercise officials say it should not affect your water pressure coming up help is on the way for veterans will tell you about a new clinic offering free legal help to our local heroes plus get ready the oscars are tomorrow who
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. i was starting off with a live look outside overlooking riley tavern this is in williamsburg were nice and dry but it is definitely chilly. we've got temperatures in williamsburg right now at twenty eight degrees the winds are calm those calm winds and clear skies really help the temperatures to fall overnight and don't forget we still have those wins at the north and northeast or north or northwest were still breaking down that colder air from canada all across the region were sitting in the twenties and thirties even down to fayetteville at
6:39 am
now are twenty six in charlottesville for coming and a little bit warmer slightly warmer relatively speaking and norfolk at thirty four n korea right now sitting at twenty three degrees now satellite and radar something nice and dry eyes were going to a lot of sunshine today we did have a few more clouds pushing across northeastern north carolina those continuing to move off shore so the sunshine will continue across the entire viewing area. i'm going a little bit cooler than this model but i wanted to show you this because in general we're going to see temperatures in the forties which is still slightly below where we should be as we had a little bit farther to the north it will be a little bit cooler special on the eastern shore topping out generally in the low forties and then across northeastern north carolina you like the climb near fifty. as we head into this action is the upper forties near fifty degrees for northeastern north carolina. everyone's going to be in the sixties tomorrow we'll talk about that warm up and i got the seven day forecast will take a look at the extended forecast coming
6:40 am
i stand corrected i was told by this lovely woman who worked in return it's through vienna. yet the bond you say tomatoes i say tomato. but thank you for that correction here was coming i wasn't you know just trying to keep those intact got to break the eggs and lots of thing can see here. well we have two traffic alerts that could impact your weekend plans the first is about emergency road repairs on which to grow in virginia beach were told the project includes milling and paving from cleveland street to dennis wrote the work is going on now until eight am and again tomorrow from three am until six p m drivers should expect delays and some construction noise avoid the area. if you can plus kings grant road will be close at the intersection of north lynn haven road for utility work that work will take place between seven in the morning to nine at night drivers need to follow me to
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and as part of a shortage on is the next edition of coastal connections with it a hike and help out the children at c h katie also got some heart . later today dollar tree will open its newest store is located on a center brick lane and suffolk grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at seven forty five this morning special family friendly activities for the public are scheduled to immediately follow the event. dollar tree is headquartered in hampton
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fourteen thousand stores in the us and canada next week the virginia department of veterans services will hold veterans legal services clinic low income vets can get free legal help to draft wills powers of attorney in advance medical directives the clinic here in hampton roads will happen tuesday at tidewater community college in chesapeake to see if you qualify go to thirty news now dot com. a virginia beach naval officers short test in on jeopardy ended last night lieutenant junior grade chris gigolo. i'm sorry giglio one the last last two nights but he couldn't pull off another when he came in second. julio is a naval officer aboard the uss carter hall the final countdown is underway oscar sunday or eight films up for best picture and many are eager to see what host chris rock will
6:45 am
the oscars diverse in the controversy. this is randy has the latest from hollywood red carpet is out in final preparations underway for hollywood's biggest night the eighty eighth annual academy awards yes i feel so lucky this year eight films are nominated for best picture the evidence leads the pack with twelve oscar nods including leonardo dicaprio with his fifth acting nomination. i'm just a fan of film for best actress cate blanchett is competing against brie larson jennifer lawrence charlotte trampling and sear sharon and the many anticipated with hollywood's leading ladies will be wearing. it's a great way for me to express what's happening on the inside inside the governor's ball celebrity chef wolfgang puck steve is preparing more than fifty dishes for sixteen hundred guests including a new doughnut recipes and
6:46 am
on here and can be framed and while backstage final rehearsals are underway for two time host chris rock i think he's going to do a great job he's done it before it's anybody's guess what else i imagine he will discuss the diversity controversy. the second year in a row all twenty of the acting nominees are white spot like this year's shining bright and will be and both being walking the oscar red carpet at the oscars fashion you can expect some wild moments and some of the presenters including charlie staring kerry washington lady ga ga and sofia vergara radio abc news hollywood exciting millions of people will be watching the oscars tomorrow night and we hope you watch it with us to throw big oscars viewing party and you're invited to get to walk the red carpet pictures with this big oscar statue watch the broadcast on big movie screens and hang out with some of us. what more could you ask it's at amber meadows cinema cafe near virginia beach town
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seven forty five tomorrow night if you can't make it will stay in touch with you on social media use the hashtag thirteen oscar that could be so much fun can't wait for that oscar party no one speaking of sunday is going to be much warmer as we have is a second half of the weekend not so much today still on the cool side let's take a look outside overlooking a virginia beach this is from the ad dairy queen cam and seventy that when sick we didn't have a few clouds out there not really causing any issues we had a few people walking along the out the border. the ad oceanfront here. i did these exercises are heading out early you will definitely need to bundle up that's for sure we've got temperatures below freezing and spots north of here above freezing at this point thirty four degrees newport news at twenty nine right now at freezing allows the city of thirty two and then an elf on the eastern
6:48 am
country and at thirty degrees now we still have went out of the north and northwest so that's bringing down that colder air from canada but is not going to be as windy as it was yesterday so the winds will relax a lot as we go throughout the day today and the reporting mainly com for the end when the closer to the coasts are picking up one about seven miles in norfolk at the airport and twelve right now he insists again the winds will take the edge off just a day especially compared to yesterday the satellite and radar sleeping nice and dry again there are those clouds continued to push offshore and not causing any issues we actually have high pressure building just to our south high pressure will continue to build across the area as we had throughout the weekend so right now our winds are at the north and northwest where accidents happen to a southerly wind as we head into the overnight hours and it's a sunday i remember a southerly wind is a warm wind for us are really going to see those temperatures job doesn't have to add the rest of today this is mainly a temperature forecasts and not tracking any rain
6:49 am
the low forties will top out in the mid forties by this afternoon. i mean if you have plans this evening will quickly drop back to the low forties even some upper thirties especially farther and when i'm in by tomorrow morning a little bit cooler than the model i think there's a little high especially closer to the coast but temperatures not quite as cold this morning or tomorrow morning as they are this morning and then as we head into tomorrow afternoon. look at these numbers well into the sixties low to mid sixties for many locations not today though still on the chilly side definitely below where we should be for this time of the year which is right about fifty three degrees are only going to climb into the mid forties i mention i thirty five degrees will call unseasonably cold as we had to ride the next seven days the sixties monday and tuesday i am tracking a pretty strong front that's going to move through wednesday producing scattered showers also the possibility of a few storms behind that front were to drop back into the forties likely get chilly
6:50 am
right thanks asia and ninety seven years old a pioneering african american woman is finally being recognized for her work to put the first man into space in the moon under the new printers woman. many are hoping you remember as a key figure in the space race albert einstein once said the greatest scientists or artists as well . the so it's fitting that a favorite einstein hubby noted the start of a ceremony for this woman known to verve and all so however would argue that the attention that retired nasa physicist and mathematician dr catherine johnson is now getting is long overdue. it was johnson trajectory calculations that put the first man into space and the first human on the moon when said are the computers right when we get the computers and she double checked the calculus
6:51 am
calculations acknowledgment for her work with national here she is receiving the presidential medal of freedom from president barack obama last november. family friends and former colleagues gathered at the virginia air and space center in hampton making sure her contributions to the space race remembered work that she remains humble about to this day the day is over. you know they say and do so and so you go this bench complete with an inscription bearing her name will be installed near the hampton carousel efforts by the national technical association and the saco for projects not lost on this crowd though is the ground johnson broke when she was first hired by nasa langley back in the nineteen fifties at a time when african americans really didn't get the recognition they deserve but justin will tell you that
6:52 am
not to be the best mathematician she could be silver screen is also on the way to henderson from the hit show empire will play johnson in a movie residents of amazing really audrey senior thirteen years now great story thank you andre well the movie will be based on a book called hidden figures which tells the story of johnson and other african american women who helped the space industry the movie is set to be released sometime next year. well if you think warring i'm working at nasa is hard try this one we've been taking on coal jobs during the month of
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weather job this all month this week it was a us navy job i was invited to go on board the carrier uss george washington. joe's job was all about looting stores on the ship. i learned a whole lot about cool weather jobs on ships and a whole lot more about the weight of the gator aid our check the stars here bringing aboard soups to nuts people with a paper and much more. we have to get this food on the ship somehow which entails us being outside working on the pier and most time that is early morning and it's going and how do you know you're finished with residents on what people thought i was training with george young a big strong color specialist who says it can even get cold here in the hangar bay when you're doing the ship's tours job that only wave on the other thing that's a
6:56 am
so moving is the key facet of your question. we had a long that seven hundred pound pallet full of eatery to the fan tails so i thought we'd be plenty warm. there are portable heaters visible on this level and sailors told us they keep the big doors cracked for circulation can be really cold here portland river to the rose festival and it was a pretty brisk twenty degrees up there and we had an eight hour cnn anchor so we were outside in the neck out whether for quite awhile to meet gordon was showing some other jobs that could be cold and nasty with the deck department has to do their daily maintenance engineers doing an oil change one of the rigid whole inflatables on board on this day they read and painting the anchors of this massive ship time and time again we heard a theme developing when it comes to these cool weather crops in a spy at the sight of where total air
6:57 am
showing what's under all the training and preparation comes down to sucking up the warmth of the tail on the people from a lot of the genesis of the one guy from detroit told me the secret to staying warm out the next marker because i love it if there was never to do everything at the end it is not a little bit but that was what i thought it would be like a mini sewing kit will be the team where we got our part which one of it's got the gore tex lining got nice fleece inner lining is nice and fairly warm thank you guys for your server yeah go navy geoff lawson told me we average around fifty degrees for high temps february we been at about forty eight degrees for the average high temp he said but i had a lot of challenges
6:58 am
cold or really fell while
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think you are joining us i'm joe flanagan left to right to that breaking news right now hampton man is fighting for


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