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tv   13 News 11 Weekend  ABC  March 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:20pm EST

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. remembering former first lady nancy reagan the wife and confidant of president ronald reagan died today at the age of ninety four a family spokesman said reagan died from heart failure the actors turned politicians wife was fiercely loyal to her husband and had a lot of influence on his time in the oval office with more on the life of nancy reagan. here's abc's loren lester nancy reagan seen smiling here in her ninety fourth birthday party last summer is today being
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all her years of life. well wishers dropping off flowers loved ones pulling into the l a family estate to pay respects the hearse escorted through town. the former actress married ronald reagan in nineteen fifty two and as first lady of california and then the nation is remembered for bringing some hollywood glamour to the white house and for her crusade against youth substance abuse. what you do when someone offers you president obama and michelle obama tweeting this photo today releasing a statement saying quote our former first lady redefine the role in her time here she was also known for being protective of her husband accused at times of controlling him to do everything we can when president reagan revealed he was suffering from alzheimer's disease. nancy became his caretaker and an
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research. nancy was known for the great love she and ronald reagan shared over more than five decades of marriage battle of persisting in life and death president reagan died in two thousand for his gravesite this iconic image was taken of mrs. reagan kissing the cough and nancy's son michael reagan tweeting today that his mother is where she has always wanted to be with her ronnie and nap for her body will be physically laid to rest to hear at the reagan presidential library alongside her beloved late husband loren lester abc news in the valley a teenager is in the hostel after she left him seriously hurt tonight norfolk police say it happened near the intersection of pollard street in barre street in lindon with officers got out there around seven forty five p m and found a sixteen year old who had been shot police expect him to recover in virginia beach a person is in custody after shooting this morning at the oceanfront elect a person critically
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hotel near seventeenth street and atlantic avenue say the gunfire came from inside the building. some of them told to her that it may have been the result of a good time gone bad people staying at the super eight hotel says this shooting could have stemmed from a late night party as they sit outside this morning and watched investigators they said they're still unsure what led to a guess at the super eight hotel at the oceanfront may not have asked for an early wakeup call sunday but they got one from virginia beach police at six thirty we were going to miss the fun in the night and they were pounding on our door the more we tried again the elevator a weekend in the code block outside officers filled atlanta gavin u s more and there are police officers everywhere course the rash was gone. police say they got a call about a firearms violation at the hotel when they arrived they found a man who had been shot. medics
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life threatening injuries investigators say the accused shooter ran but officers found him a short distance from the hotel although officers haven't said what may have led to the shooting. guess think it has something to do with the party that took place hours before the gunfire probably other factors to get her party and guns and alcohol just don't mix around i'm not opposed to guns love guns but i just understand having dance and sing we just have to shoot them off at people i know it's crazy in virginia beach to her thirty news now. portsmouth officers are looking into a shooting that happened in their city this afternoon someone called my mum was around two pm and said there was a shooting victim near deep creek boulevard and columbus avenue that's just outside the lincoln park community detectives believe the shooting actually took place blocks away on portsmouth blvd in prentice park get any information about the shooting you can
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remember you never have to give your name or testify in court and you could be eligible for a reward. police say a person who was shot and killed in norfolk this weekend was from chesterfield county officers now thirty year old robert knight the third in a minivan on kingston avenue in ocean view yesterday night had been shot a number of times he died at the hospital. detectives still are looking for small blue or grey cardi think was involved in the shooting the car she had heavy damage to its front and today hundreds of police officers in massachusetts were among the people who pay their respects to an officer from virginia was killed in the line of duty. officer ashley greene didn't honor today in her hometown in western massachusetts we did was working her first shift with the prince william county police department last weekend when she was shot in two other officers were responding to a fight between husband and wife investigators say the husband opened fire killing clinton and his wife
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officers twenty eight year old twins funeral mass and burial will take place tomorrow and a lot of finger pointing is democratic presidential candidates fight to speak of you are talking about the wall street bailout with some of your friends destroyed this economy you know excuse me are talking hillary clinton and bernie sanders going after each other when it comes to the economy in free trade together one after the governor of michigan weather to be to replace both criticizing his lack of help for the people of flint and coming up on sundays for special william and mary it faces haas turn the conference semifinals brian smith lets us know if the third time was the charm for the tribe and while we're looking at chilly temperatures out there right now i'm naptime waits for no one. good, clean food waits for anyone who orders it.
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. a lot of heat coming from michigan tonight is the democratic presidential candidates faced off on the debate stage the location the city of flint were lead poisoned the water supply. hillary clinton and bernie sanders were united as they took aim at republican governor rick snyder both said he is not doing enough to help the people who live in flames they were not so united on other issues including economic policy and practices i don't give speeches for i have said repeatedly no bank is too big to fail no executive too powerful to jail sanders won three out of four democratic caucuses and primaries this weekend clinton still has a large lead in pledged delegates the michigan primary is
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clinton a double digit lead in that vote republican marco rubio won the primary in puerto rico today picking up more than half the votes there. that is revealed twenty three more delegates bring his total number under fifty one he still is trailing far behind two of his opponents donald trump and ted cruz each of them one two states a piece this weekend. currently trump has three hundred and eighty four delegates ted cruz has three hundred roughly double the number that rubio has ohio governor john casey has thirty seven pledged delegates taste o hundred thirty seven delegates to win the republican nomination for president. the high temperatures today live below normal but we are looking up in warm up as we go through the week pictures in some spots by midweek could hit near eighty degrees. spring fever i think is about to set here in hampton roads and take a look at the live radar again clear skies out there right now you'd expect a clear sweep on radon gas in
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sprinkles in a few spots but those quickly gave way and a partial clearing as we went to the afternoon now mainly clear skies across eastern virginia north carolina high pressure in control. that'll slowly drift overhead and slide off the southeast coast line to buy tomorrow is when switching around toward the southwest will warm things up very quickly. low sixties tomorrow and into the seventies by tuesday so really a temperature forecasts you a future cast chilly night tonight i will start things off tomorrow morning in the thirties in some spots near freezing but those wins coming on the south and southwest will quickly warm up by noon other to the mid to upper fifties and will see temperatures topping out in the lower sixties maybe degree or two cooler near the coastline mostly sunny skies clouds move through tomorrow night i'll call a partly cloudy night in a mild night overnight lows in the upper forties around fifty degrees and this will start things off on tuesday morning a few clouds around but those will quickly give way to more sunshine and temperatures by the midday hours well up into
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highs in the low to mid seventies on tuesday afternoon on the core though across the eastern shore the outer banks because of the influence of the chesapeake bay and the sounds but still a very nice day on tuesday with lots of sunshine will be even warmer as we head into the day on wednesday because the only downside of your pollen suffer with pollen levels are going to start to go back up over the next few days is treason or the big issue this time of year juniper maple and ash and it will be in that high category as we head towards the day on wednesday outside right now mainly clear skies the live skyview thirty nine degrees winds are calm is at high pressure sitting right over head and those will eventually switch around towards the south later tonight. thirty seven franklin thirty six in newport news thirty three and lost her thirty two mth of thirty seven kirk of thirty watch a pre thirty seven hampton williamsburg thirty in portsmouth and thirty one degrees in gates hall forty four and overnight temperatures generally in the mid thirties mainly clear skies chilly winds switch around towards the south
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two degrees mostly sunny skies tomorrow night a few clouds moving through forty six not as cold tomorrow night. here comes the warmth as we head through the week seventy one degrees on tuesday with lots of sunshine seventy four wednesday seventy five thursday called for a move to thursday night into friday that'll drop respect the sixty six degrees but with lack of near seventy on saturday sixty seven sonny with a chance of a few showers also the weekend that we set those clocks ahead one hour solos in our sleep and was a sort of readjust things again in our sunshine as we head to the afternoon comes up when you fast i forgot to say that it's really tough part because you remind me that i think slot in the play on sundays for special william and mary jazzy they can get a monday night date
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. and that is our
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now continues tomorrow with thirteen hour day break in between knowing his day to
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the timing of the word special. chevron has probably been there each one to get a step closer to a monday night date and possibly get sick in their past top seeded hofstra
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the charge for the indiana hoosiers against maryland and outlaws biggest you can probably bet juices to come up with wonder. there's no hiding it. actually it's not a sports match till now. why was her bridesmaid than welcome to the sunday sports press we begin with college hoops and march madness the trouble we've been married was hoping three would be a charm a win over hofstra and the tribe would be in the caa finals for the third straight year and hoping that my propel them to their first ever ncaa tournament appearance when mary also eyeing a third straight trip to ca files as we mention they jumped out of the gates pretty fast on the pride sean sheldon one of those seniors nice hook shot inside a job at an early two nothing lead off the loose ball you're always taught don't throw it back towards the opponent's pocket. daniel dixon makes him pay were tied for peace now down for early
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now skype is going to bury the corner three. now the margin to just one attend a nine x that it was kind of virtual stern is going to drive the lane on in pain and whoa nice easy lay up the soetoro by one twelve eleven back an hour now see another one of his three pointers the south more help and take a twenty twenty seven lead to lead by four at halftime second and more show than that baby hook working to perfection. i gave up three point lead thirty eight thirty five he had nine points of attack gets into a vessel runner off the glass were tied at fifty to appease their back or just kind of picking things up. david cone spot up threes it's good he had nine points. try to get within one in sixteen fifty nine they proceed to go on a short eight will run during a minute thirty span dixon with three of his own he had ten points back to now announce you had twenty two points off the bench to lead the tribe they tie the game and sixty five all with under four


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