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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  March 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the region today we do have calm conditions of looking at we've got some really nasty much right now temperatures are in the lower to mid thirties but it is going to be warming up as we go along so we got some nicer weather to look forward to and if you love really love warm weather you're gonna get excited about the temperatures coming up for a wednesday and thursday how about mid seventies and i'm gonna hold back an italian that's where we're headed today will be that warm but it will be warmer than what we saw yesterday yesterday officially we topped out in the in the upper forties it was forty eight degrees today we headed to the low sixties and while it is turning out pretty chilly right now thirty three degrees the skies are going to be mostly clear. no rain to worry about nothing to worry about our weather wise take a look here. hour by hour temperatures getting up close to fifty seven around midday and then into the low sixties this afternoon. gorgeous weather today and as i mention the rest of the week looking very very nice is while i love more fully on that coming up in
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an early look at the ride good morning good morning craig were taking a look first at the midtown tunnel had for thirteen years now it's at the camera is the camera i'll be watching because you may have heard that we had overnight construction at the midtown helpful actually closed last night at six o'clock to start those repairs in and do all of that at the midtown tunnel is not scheduled to reopen until five o'clock this morning so i haven't seen any movement yet on either side once i see movement a latino hopefully wraps up a little bit early early bird commuters out there knowledge now back in the traffic network maps he said warning symbol up there in newport news sixty four eastbound at lee hall. we do have overnight road work there as well only one lane is blocked so you have to worry about taking another route this morning but of course that could slow you down just little bits will keep you posted and let you know and that clears and then coming over for affordable to the very early morning look at traffic five sixty four westbound its naval station norfolk. but if you think so much time now for thirty two
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weekend they were separate cases and kevyn orr to please very busy on saturday and sunday the first one on saturday happen on kingston street leaving one person dead two others took place last night while pollard street and the other one on the streets are lisa brown joins us live at police headquarters with much more on these crimes elise good morning andrea mostly pleased to tell you one shooting is too many now detectives here at the police department are investigating three the most recent happening around ten o'clock class i onli certain police got there they found a man injured now police say they do expect him to be okay now hours before that around eight o'clock last name please say a sixteen year old boy was seriously hurt in lynnwood. officers investigated around the intersection a part of our streets. the first shooting out happen on kingston avenue in east ocean view saturday now that was around two o'clock in the afternoon. officers found thirty eight year old robert knight the third shot
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he died at the hostel now police are looking for a small blue or gray car to car that may have been involved we say may have some damage on to that may be a cliff you do see that car we do know any information about any of these three shootings police are encouraging you to call the crime line live in norfolk. elise brown thirteen is an orderly sake you it's four thirty four now on the docket the man accused of killing his mother said to be arraigned this morning at nine thirty shawn hunter could enter a plea on charges he shot and killed some of neil hunter in norfolk. she was shot inside a home on west cliff drive in norfolk last month police have not released a motive for the shooting let you know what happens in this morning a lawsuit has been filed against a charter bus driver accused of a deadly accident in yakima county the complaint against bush and seeks five million dollars on behalf of the victim's family for grief and mental anguish as
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bryce saw there on route thirteen last minute and less margin kept driving. troopers later tracked down shannon and arrested him in virginia beach. sianz jury trial is set for march twenty seconds learning of plans of the pentagon to permanently move one or more army brigade combat teams back to europe the top american commander there signal an urgent need to share of allied defenses against russia. that's according to partners of military times if approved the move would involve thousands of troops and cost billions of dollars right now sixty five thousand american forces are stationed across europe and meanwhile in south korea the u s military will hold exercises there this week amid increased tensions with north korea last week in junk food ordered his country's nuclear weapons to be at the ready about twenty one hundred marines and sailors arrived in south korea over the weekend the exercises are held every two years and involve american and south korean
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and should wrap up. march twenty virginia is pumping more dollars into efforts to boost tourism here in the commonwealth later today governor terry mcauliffe will announce the recipients of more than eight hundred thousand dollars in matching grant funds are part of the virginia tourism corporation's marketing leverage program. the grants are designed to help local and regional tourism entities attract more visitors by leveraging local marketing dollars. remembering at nancy reagan's reaction to the former first lady's death and her lasting legacy on the country never expected that i have a problem with that a plane makes an
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we are i will take a look right now the conditions outside and looking pretty good verses we get the day started you can see that the oceanfront. it's pretty quiet down that was given a good look at norfolk right now and basically will refine across the region the conditions are going to be mainly clear that so we know maybe some little hazy early this morning the generally speak we got really nice day shaping up you could see across syria the skies are mainly clear to head up towards stand in charlottesville little bit of cloud cover up that way as we checked the airport conditions thirty three so it is chilly. south winds five mph and there have been a deal expected to be a little breezy later today when to pick up more like ten to fifteen mph so not too bad and with the wins coming from the southwest it's going to drive our temperatures up so we started off chilly as we take it to the day see the temperatures warming hour
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the late morning in the noon hour into the mid to upper fifties widespread still lots of sunshine across the area as a little more cloud cover out to the last but very pleasant temperatures low sixties maybe even mid sixties for some the inland areas temperatures were warm over the coming days will take a quick look at that and here it is you can see those temperatures getting up in the mid seventies wednesday and thursday little coolers into the weekend but all these temperatures staying well above normal typically when the mid fifties love in this extended outlook but check naval station norfolk here's ashley. all right we'll take a quick look here because we don't have too much traffic to discuss at this point in the morning five sixty four westbound toward the base the shock here is right around chambers field you can see everything is moving very well the few cars are out there headed toward the bay state and hampton blvd so we are doing fine there on the traffic network maps nothing to your road work. we had a project in newport news actually that warning symbol is still up there look around here just a
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at lee hall that roadwork has wrapped up we don't have to worry about that. i am still watching the closer at the midtown tunnel that one fifty eight so that is not supposed to reopen until five o'clock this morning it could reopen early i will let you know check on that for you than coming up next was the truck traffic on sixty four in just be all right ashleigh thank you for that over gas prices are going up again as daybreak continues
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this morning the nation is mourning the death of nancy reagan one of the most influential first ladies a mother and a wife she was also president ronald reagan's most trusted advisor the former actress died at her california home yesterday of congestive heart failure she was ninety four and two regulars know to bring some hollywood glamour to the white house and for her crusade against youth substance abuse like you know when someone offers you got oil over this. president obama and first lady michelle said in the statement are fortunate to have benefited from her quote proud example meanwhile mourners continue to lay flowers outside the reagan memorial library in simi valley california nancy will be laid to rest there next to the president
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more reaction to nancy reagan's death comes your way at seven o'clock live from the reagan library in simi valley california coming up the man who is widely credited as the creator of modern e mail also passed away this weekend. ray tomlinson invented direct e mail messaging and nineteen seventy one before his invention of electronic messages can only be shared on a very limited network to tomlinson was inducted into the internet hall of fame a few years ago he was seventy four years old. ten o four forty five a new this morning there's a new effort to urge major land and mobile carriers to offer robo call blocking new york senator chuck schumer is behind this push. he says the rebel calling blocking technology should be available to all consumers are also threatened legislation if the federal trade commission doesn't put pressure on the carrier's despite the federal do not call rules thousand still receive those on wanted robo calls. new this morning for the first time in nine months gas prices are now going back
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com the national average is a dollar eighty one for down the regular experts think that the prices are only going to keep rising in the next few weeks as the demand goes up and the crude oil prices rise above the average price in our area is a dollar fifty six gasbuddy reports that the cheapest gas is at the sun koh on victory boulevard at smithfield road drivers there are paying a dollar forty two new video this morning take a look at what happened this weekend in long island new york a plane's engine lost power while approaching the runway of small airport to see what happened there. he deployed the plane's parachute enabling it to safely drop to the ground the pilot says he had only a couple of seconds to act and that he and his daughter are lucky they did not hit a nearby building the engine died and i pulled the parachute very lucky the crash happened as a man and his daughter returned from a college trip to rhode island. fortunately he only suffered a scratch my scenes there on his head. good
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much more on this crash after daybreak incredible california is bracing for more severe weather today after a storm dumped heavy rain on the state over the weekend a triggered deadly flooding forcing water rescues in the los angeles area and sacramento one woman died after her car got stuck trying to drive through those floodwaters. some homeowners are tracked as well. chances are cars. it's been a big mess up our tall camel though the housing of firearms within one near san francisco mass save the waves have been battering the shore and the apartment building their neighbors are watching nervously because it has been dangling from a cliff for weeks after daybreak be sure to stick around for good morning america can have a live report from san fran with all of the damage happening there are incredible video coming into that area here at home are dealing with temperatures chilly temperatures and thirty chile get started now but later today and for
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temperatures have been waiting you know we had our eye to see what the last ride whenever but we kept saying hang in there guys next week looks awesome and we're not going to change it on would that be a terrible thing to do. we switched it off yesterday's high was forty eight beautiful but a little chilly temperatures were below the average high of fifty five. no rain so for the year were about four to thirty inches above normal were not going to see the rain today we see mostly sunny skies with a few more clouds late afternoon five o'clock temperatures close to sixty expect highs today in the low sixties for most areas live in a cloud cover up along sixty four as you head up toward charlottesville maybe up towards the new interchange with i eighty one at that way but for our area abc thirteen in thirteen years now viewing area we are really in great shape mainly clear skies temperatures are gonna be my later today with gibson whether back across missouri into illinois this at this track into the northeast and
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stable weather pattern over the coming days you could see maybe a few more clouds late afternoon or even kind of pushing through but i still expect sky as largely to be mainly clear to partly cloudy overnight and then tomorrow more sunshine across the region you can see it just looks great matches for tuesday but wednesday as well as we get into thursday and friday will see skies becoming partly sunny but still very pleasant temperatures staying above normal over the next seven days. we're starting off though with chilly conditions that will drive that point home measure out the door this morning you want to coat going to be out and pat me the heavy coat especially samuel in areas like emporia twenty eight thirty in franklin and suffolk thirty four in virginia beach thirty a mile visibility is excellent we will continue to see that across most of the region when south at five mph the pressure is holding steady. the high today should reach about sixty two so we'll be mostly sunny breezy and warmer yesterday again upper forties today low
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weather is going to continue mainly clear pleasant and i are overnight low close to yesterday's highs a very nice seventy one tomorrow the warming trend continues and it will be very very mild for early to mid march tomorrow night lows near fifty one as we look at the next seven days the temperatures will be the mid seventies wednesday and thursday upper sixties friday and saturday and there will be a chance for a few isolated showers on sunday remember daylight saving time begins this weekend saturday to put this in the little clock symbol up there for saturday night but we will spring ahead one hour with those clocks remember to change at the smoke detector batteries right time to check in with su will see what she's watching run chest right now craig chesapeake traffic actually still in pretty decent shape you can see behind me on the other maps here as we take a live look at our camera at that same story you can see here sixty four westbound traffic at greenbrier parkway there you're inside lanes there
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eastbound traffic not much out there at this point in the morning so we're kicking off pretty mild on the roadways at this point nothing major working at and really right now i have an update on that one project i was watching at the midtown tunnel will do that now her back to the hour traffic network map here. we'll zoom in on the midtown as you can see we do not have read on both sides the midtown tunnel anymore you're on the maps i have been watching the camera to see when the midtown tunnel will reopen as it looks like it did just a few minutes ago i saw some movement there especially portsmouth into norfolk also couple of cars making its way to portsmouth as well. i went to a final check just to make sure that was a fluke or anything like that the traffic really is moving at the midtown tunnel i'll check that will give you an updated five o'clock also coming up at five o'clock we'll head back to sixty four traffic at the high rise bridge but she thinks it's four fifty one now it may seem counterproductive but a new study says that getting peanuts the babies may actually help them from
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four fifty four now a new this morning health officials have confirmed the fifth case of the z virus in north carolina based in raleigh got the virus while traveling abroad as people normally do when they get here in this country officials say the person is being closely monitored and there is no risk of
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there are no confirmed cases of mosquito transmitted zeke in the us the state health inspector isn't taking any chances. we are in the process of hiring to entomologist to work statewide to coordinate our mosquito monitoring and survey the virus can cause several different birth defects in right now there is no vaccine. new research is now suggesting there may be a way to prevent peanut allergies in children giving them peanuts when their babies doctors in the uk have been following a group of kids since birth and they found that giving them peanut proteins before they turned wine reduce the chances that they would become allergic to peanuts. the effect lasted even when kids stop eating peanuts for an entire year less than five percent of the kids. given the peanut early on developed allergies you this morning our energy drinks are bad for the hearts researchers at the university of the pacific california study twenty seven healthy volunteers and they found
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energy drinks a day may increase the risk of an abnormal heart rhythm and lead to higher blood pressure as well. new this morning just a day after it became public that amazon had quietly removed the option of increasing its fire tablets the company reversed itself amazon dropped encryption from far devices with the launch of its latest operating system the company says the drop the encryption because few users are taking advantage of a rookie police officer in northern virginia will be laid to rest today more on how her hometown on her over the weekend united on the water crisis but divided on the auto bailout highlights from last night's democratic presidential debate in flint michigan and we're looking at a beautiful week ahead there's a live look from a western cameron
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the remembering fallen heroes two officers killed in a line of duty will reach their final resting place today details on the rookie cop from virginia and newly engaged officer from texas killed in line of duty. plus the big takeaways from the democratic debate in flint michigan plus the big winners from what we can caucus is this a certain news now at day break is coming up on five o'clock at the top of this half hour ashley standing by watching the road for a trouble spot is here to check of your forecast before you head out the door you have some really good news for spank great great news that is good great news temperatures are really going to warm up. if you're ready for spring regular and tasted it this week with temperatures really climbing right now though still feeling very much like winter with temperatures upper twenties for a couple in love there is a husky important we have mid thirties around virginia beach and norfolk also williamsburg thirty two now in chesapeake and down towards elizabeth city we also have low thirties up on the eastern shore. visibility is good right now in norfolk
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the south three mph but it will become increasingly breezy later today with south and southwest winds about ten to fifteen mph. this guys are going to remain mostly clear for much of the dead you will see a few more fair weather clouds late in the day so maybe eventually becoming partly cloudy this afternoon but for the most part we will enjoy a lot of sunshine in the high today around sixty to be back full forecast temperatures climbing into the seventies over the coming days right now check the high rise here's ashley are a good morning craig with the high rise bridge in chesapeake is a really good example of how traffic is shaping up mainly across hampton roads you can see a lot of deep green on the map will take that live look now at traffic in just a peek at the high rise bridge here's your eastbound traffic headed toward george washington south military bowers hill. here's westbound traffic making its way to work for sixty four battlefield in greenbrier are in fine shape no issues to report no brake lights out there roadwork anything like that coupling freely across


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