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tv   13 News 5  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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an impossible idea. today jay lived at home mom is by and grab his mother can't get him a braun as we said this is a senior living community for people have been displaced from their homes and investigators will be out for much of the night trying to figure out what exactly causes by the lazy or just be the road continues now with the information on the man accused of making mass and suffolk state police arrested brian keith ward yesterday entertain got ahold of warren's arrest warrants and found out when officers found inside the suspects . brian ward remains locked up tuesday held without bond today after state police say they discovered a meth lab in the shed behind his country home in suffolk before sunrise monday a regional task force executed a search warrant along elwood road targeting the home warren shares with his brother according to court documents police found three guns inside his living room belongs in that case a purse
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he's a good guy but the guy you know yes the records ernest greene lives next door to warn and knew about his neighbors felony drug convictions he says he reported warren said to the city months ago the city didn't know so you know we go out to be careful because there is a guy as a convicted felon he might have a gun or drugs into this week if we got to take a cop out there with you inside the shed court documents reveal state police found a hundred grams of methamphetamine. it's a huge shock he had done a lot of work ever in my house neighbors feel for warren's mother who owns the home that turned into a crime scene she's super help those helpless earrings and spy gives people exiting the whole family is just there ready to help anything you need. there are here to help so it just breaks my heart it's tragic authorities also searched another home for math a mile away and glen haven drive but state police have not said what was discovered their reporting in suffolk
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justin is an author police are looking for a third suspect in a deadly weekend shooting investigators say trade l cook has active warrants for second degree murder and attempted robbery he's wanted in connection with the murder of robert knight the third on kingston avenue the deadly shooting happened saturday afternoon police arrested alicia hernandez and condos are masters in newport news on sunday the pentagon's push to close military bases continues the defense department's second ranking civilian leader repeated that objective today during a visit to naval station norfolk by cutting first reported on this plan yesterday he spoke with the deputy secretary of defense today. what is not everyday the deputy secretary robber work said it is very important to eliminate what he called excess infrastructure so far though the idea isn't getting much support we absolutely think iraq is an absolute bottom we have what we consider about twenty to twenty three or twenty five percent excess infrastructure. gotta get rid
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down the drain for the fifth straight year pentagon leaders are seeking approval to close bases they've included language in the twenty seventeen defense bill requesting authorization to launch a new round of brac the last time the base realignment and closure commission met in two thousand and five. the panel clothes for monroe and tried to move any association is jen operations to cecil field florida the plan will likely run into a buzz saw once again in congress where last year the house armed services committee voted down the idea sixty two but other on track the would save about ten billion dollars overall would have to spend more than that to close the bases furthermore the economic hardship caused a lot of communities with the process again there may be shared with the last four years the presidential election
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of to get approval but we're going to push for deputy defense secretary robert bork did have reassuring words for hampton roads though i don't have to worry about norfolk norfolk is ever going to be on the list is one of the finest naval platforms that the world in the entire world of but yes brock we really need to happen and there is bipartisan opposition with the offices of senator tim kaine a democrat and representative randy forbes a republican telling thirteen news now this week that they are against it and third district democratic congressman bobby scott who we just heard from that story said today it is unlikely congress would approve another round reporting live like getting thirteen years now construction on the new bon air bridge is going on right now crews broke ground today in dare county. it's a project that's been in the works for years. the new bridge will span three and a half miles and will take about three years to complete it will run parallel to the current one the old bonner bridge was built back
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overdue for replacement the old bridge had an expected lifespan of thirty years a mother or young child are recovering after getting hit by car this morning norfolk police say two cars crashed near hampton boulevard and twenty six three. the impact of that crash cars one car to spin out hitting a mother and child were crossing the street. marcella robertson explains what might have caused the crash. eight twenty we heard a good on the radio and some new police it's a motor vehicle accident with injuries involving a pedestrian with seed that the boulevard traffic was backed up because the light at twenty seven st. the same time and nissan trying to make a left turn jeep collided with a nice time and unfortunately at that moment a mother and her three or
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the street impact of the nissan the hope that the mother in the child about six seven feet away from the luckily the mother and her young child survives and what they're ok but the mother was hit hard in cause of this dent on the side of the nissan your heart just being a mother yourself you discover it just makes your heart wrench. witnesses say both drivers were distraught event with a mother in the child in for both drivers were involved in the accident the driver of the nissan is charged with failure to yield marcella robertson thirteen the virginia beach high school student is recovering after a pickup truck hit of the accident happened in front of cox high school this morning police said the boy was riding his bike to school in short david driver the truck hit him. no word on the extent of his injuries or if the driver will face any charges for the each won a
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sea level rise the city will use them more than eight hundred and forty four thousand dollars to protect homes businesses and military bases. more specifically the funding will go towards a citywide analysis of sea level rise and how to adapt to it. the study will be complete in two thousand eighteen hampton roads is rated second only to new orleans as the most vulnerable areas to sea level rise in the country and hampden just got a bunch of money to fight pollution more than three hundred and eighty nine thousand dollars is coming from the state to retrofit the lynn haven lake the goal is to cut down on pollution from stormwater runoff near peninsula town center project is expected to start this fall or winter it should also decrease the risk of flooding in that area. and tonight you can weigh in on hampton's next budget the public meeting starts in an hour at city hall the city manager wants people to discuss everything from taxes to economic development the current budget is more
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million dollars one hundred and ninety five million goes to the schools the two thousand seventeen budget will be presented to city council this spring. new developments in the death of freddie gray why one of the baltimore police officers accused in the case must testify in the trials of five other officers and he's the first celebrity to pick a legal fight over a sex tape what ex wrestler hulk hogan said. on the stand today class the good news that the state high school student thirty six games over six days watching other people will put this all together and i'll be talking about some numbers as well big time temperatures expected we can even make a run at a record to let you know when and as we take a look at our camera we had mountain or ah sixty four westbound just before fourth you an accident has cleared we still have a fix
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northview avenue so definitely use the eminem or the jr b instead into heavy traffic eastbound as well our second camera in virginia beach. another accident still blocked
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the thirty six basketball games in just six days is a big undertaking gng ooinbc you right now we're talking about the vhs l basketball state tournaments ryan smith is in richmond with a look at what it takes organize this massive event. it's no secret the players who made it to the state high school hoops tournament here in richmond i put in plenty of work the same could be said for the people who put this event
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they work together as a team was a collaborative effort manages one person that i think that yres y look what a tease from the area schools andow i'm o thankful of that effort from everybody else is not one person two people can too. it's also time consuming for folks putting this together since it isn't a fourteen hour days at the ward this time of the season he could start as early as eigh and told the eleven pm when it comes to players and their families it's worth thingwith water stains on his birthday the first time they walk in the home and they come out and see the court and taken pictures of my mouth wide open eyes of marxism is the past fifteen years the most challenging part of putting this altogether trying to maintain the struggles of the kids are not valid until midnight on you know ng t seul games in a way that realistically they played
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at the end of the day to keep things in perspecti if i can work t is in good fun or less that fourteen years now. richmond attory ma herrang is in office right now he's meeting with the norfolk academy earlier today he met with newport news hampn and portsmouth police tald aboutot build strongerathipsns between offics an he communities they serve this is part ofar h third annual stawide public safety to newport news schools its parks programs park stands for summer program for arts recreation and knowledge it w to keep kids busy even when school is out. students from kindergarte n school do activities such as acting journalism and roboth school students even get job experience they have on the learning lab in but then they worfo in the afternoon help manage our elementary a middle school
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six thousand students will get to participparkat this summer instead of the normal two fouls. there's awent ty three million dollar homelessness in the commonwealth the funding is coming from the u s department of housing and urban development. hampton roads will get the second biggest chunk of the money at more than six million northern virginia will receive nine million the grant announcement comes the same day a new affordable housing complex opened in virginia beach mayor will says sms tweeted this picture of the ribbon cutting at crescent square apartments on diamond springs road the complex has eighty apartments forty two of the units are dedicated for people who were homeless the rest are for families who make just twenty five usand dollars a year residents started moving in today. crime alert in denton police thing to seven eleven robriesbere connected the first one happened late last night old buck grove road. the second happened two hours later four miles away on shell road police said is
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in both cases were told men had guns and ran away once they got cash from the register. anyone who might know sothgin about these cases is asked to call the crime line this week the homeland security department will be tested on its ability to deal with crippling cyber attacks. this comes in light of high profile breaches at target and home depot. organizers say the exercises are meant to test human responses and great experts ability to share information. officials from five countries will observe the drill. although the homeland security department would not say which ones and the like today's weather hoping it sticks around for awhile while you're in luck it will hope it sticks around for the weekend i have now sort of going to talk about that couple of changes as we head into saturday and sunday still well above normal doggie that him and will go that more in just a second
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not a cloud in the sky look in that direction and several others that i've checked out as well. clear skies then obviously on radar right now seventy two degrees. look at just how dry it is that humidity and twenty one percent of course the seventy two degree temps or later in the spring will be a little bit more humid than this but not right now winds have shifted to the fence up wesley all day we've got a very light sea breeze has kicked in here and dropped us from fifteen to twenty degrees above yesterday back down to only eight to ten eleven twelve thirteen above where we were yesterday so make a slight bit of a difference as you can see gone to the rest of the evening than we're going to shift back. notice those exclusive when strings they were coming on shore now by eight forty five they show up is vegan and the west or the southwest so go into the evening will see readings dropping back into and through the sixties by late tonight fifty is still again the normal high this time of year is in the fifties and
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looking at fifties for alone tonight so that is unusually warm feel very in one very rural spots will actually make it in the forties but the point is very very much above normal notice some of these low clouds offshore that is the warmer air coming across the chilly waters of the atlantic and creating some fog off shore so you may be heading out deep sea fishing. i don't know there's a lotta that going on this time of year but if you are you'll probably run into at least the chance for some fall off shore back over land the rest of us are just enjoy temperatures again that are very very warm for this time of year and not all that far from a record better chance of maybe taking a run to record on thursday. right now i'm saying we're going to fall a little bit short of that but it'll depend in part on the wind direction and how much of the sea breeze we get late in the day i'm thinking these winds will be light enough that we'll get a little bit of a sea breeze and hold us officially near the airport anyway in the mid
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upper seventies probably now if we can keep that southwest wind blowing strong enough to overcome that sea breeze we might take a run in eighty dishes the record high then during the day on thursday let's talk about it. eighty two is the record mile course and seventy seven so not that far from it. thursday seventy five assuming we get a little bit of a sea breeze without a sea breeze we could make a run at that eighty degree record and then on friday looks like temps will drop back i think southern areas to be quite warm weather fronts or sitting in wavering over top of us nothing going on right now little bit of moisture out well to the west of us that's what slated to come in here later in the week with about twenty percent chance of a stray shower by friday in that warm front in the cold front will slip in battle turned to waltz or stationery or warm fronts with a waiver across the region saturday sunday and monday because it's in close proximity will have a chance a couple of those isolated showers better chance of more scattered showers then on monday but
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sixty seven sixty six. that's over ten degrees above normal the good and nice since i don't legal fight is unfolding between hulk hogan and the news and gossip website gawker over a sex tape. the ex wrestler to stand again today and it's not all the testimony not all the testimony was fit for tv and you will find ever cleared any virginia abc
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testimony of paul hogan's lawsuit against gawker media grew extremely explicit today things were said that we can say on tv when sewing the new york based website four hundred million dollars for posting an edited clip of a sex tape made of him and the wife of his then best friend elizabeth are reports of what hogan said. on the stand today or go again back on the stand for his one
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fight against walker bush wrestling legend is suing a gossip website for posting a secretly recorded tape of hogan having sex with heather clem the dead wife of his then best friend florida radio shock jock bubba clem the changes made so much damage with hogan is claiming gawker violated his privacy testifying that he had been betrayed by his friend tipsy call they all pose on the other that a turn the cameras and other recovery to retire this hurt our defense told the jury the existence of a team was already in the news making the story simply news worthy for gawker the where to click to go buy something new here
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because advertisers don't like their ads to be next to stories offers warriors also pointing out hogan is the one who went on howard stern's radio show laughing and joking about the t the strong the rest of the bad situation i was making the whole game maintains he gave interviews because he wanted to prove that this tape wasn't a publicity stunt and now with this fight he becomes the first celebrity to take a the way the trial was with her abc news new york art is your throat itchy nose running you're not alone the pollen count is through the roof right now is gonna stay that way for few days we're looking at the best ways to get some relief and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu turned down president obama is meeting invitation even sell
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the warm weather are coming back. i'll give you some tips on how to prevent all those seasons and snow falls the gop presidential candidates will be fighting over four states tonight with donald trump still in the lead. i am i and
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everything she can to stop we will not let a person like that ever become president of the oneida lots of people are starting to feel it this warm weather means allergy season is here jimmy lee spoke with an allergist about what we can expect this season. allergy season is already off to an aggressive start out as a top he said that his office has been crazy busy over the past couple of weeks and as the temperatures continue to go up it's going to get even worse treaty signed this movie. watery eyes sneezing occasionally it is runny noses in years they have cut the tax those pesky allergies are coming back. today's pollen count is nine point five on the central point scale which is almost that
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its mark on the range today dr greg kane a good analogy physician he says the higher the temperature the higher the pollen count the trees of avg on the signal that it's time to wake up and start producing pollen so even when it gets cold that made me not affect the pollen counts that much and in this area hard to appoint two of them an allergy capitals of the country dr kane a says the only thing that can considerably lower pollen counts is heavy rain but there are some things you can do to keep her symptoms from flaring up. keep your windows closed shower at the end of the day to wash off any pollen on your skin and hair and a boy taking naps on the couch. i often tell people to be careful about sleeping lounging napping on any fabric furniture which turns the whole lot of allergens including phones that during the season. jenny thirteen years now. well if you think your allergies are bad now just wait. evan stewart is tracking an


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