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tv   FOX19 Now  WXIX  January 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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million dollar winner shares the story of her exciting win! powerball machines smoking tonight as the dreamers buy tickets down to the wire. the local luxuries you can afford if you're the winner. warming up again... but more changes on the way. what we'll face in the week ahead. local leaders condemning the bengals! the backlash that keeps coming. dropping "in god we trust" from our money? why it could happen. sot "this is fox19 now" powerball frenzy! and tonight - we have team coverage as we count down to the record-... one and a half billion dollar drawing.. and we'll have it for you right here on fox19 now..
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tricia macke.. have you got your ticket? a lot of us here at the station do... we're less than an hour away from the record breaking powerball drawing fox19 now's ben katko.. he's live in queensgate with the last minute frenzy..
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winning it big, in the lottery is something most of us will never experiece. county woman is a richer tonight powerball ticket matched five of the numbers during last weekend's drawing. tonight, our megan o'rourke caught up with the new millionaire and is live with her story. all
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smokes and things store in goshen. you can see the sign in the window tonight, announcing that they sold the winning million dollar ticket. employees are so excited for lots of reasons, but they say mostly...because it couldn't have happened to a nicer, more deserving woman. vicki shoopman doesn't usually play the lottery...just when the jackpots get big. which is why on saturday she sent her daughter out to pick up a ticket. but, instead of letting the machine draw random numbers... nats machine vicki's daughter selected them by hand. 16-19-32-34 and 57. turns out, they weren't just any numbers...they were the numbers. the only one missing, was the powerball. making vicki an instant millionaire. 7:16:55 "it was unbeleivable. i didn't believe it at fact i didn't believe it until they validated the ticket at the lottery office. cause i thought oh it's not that much, it's not that much...but, it was!" :06
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option...and will get to take home about 6 hundred thousand dollars in cash, after taxes. a lot of money for a woman who's worked at her local kroger for more than 35 years...and has been struggling to stay ahead of mounting medical bills. 7:17:33"could this money have come at a more perfect time? not at all. i mean we were the cash poor neighbors so it's wonderful to have something to really move on with" :46 and moving on and exactly what's she's doing. been looking for a new house. she's also buying one for her daughter who selected the lucky vicki tells me purchasing a home, something she capable of doing in but, these looking up. 7:20:30 "it doesn't buy happiness, doesn't buy a lot of things...but it does make you more comfortable" :37 when vicki was here today...she actually bought another i told her not to get greedy and to
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rest of us...we will see how that goes. but, listen to this, she actually wasn't the only million dollar winner in clermont county over the weekend. another winning tickets was sold just a few miles away at the speedway in milford. rl mo fox19 now. so when the big moment happens tonight... we'll have it covered. you can become a billionaire with us.. you can catch the drawing live on fox19 now at ten-59. we'll also be pushing those winning numbers to your phone... just download the fox19 now mobile app. weather now adlib to chief steve cam living close to an elementary school
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is normally not a problem. unless your registered sex offender. now a 48 year-old man in under arrest. fox 19 now's michael baldwin as the info on this. yeah tricia the grant county sheriff's office in kentucky released the info on their facebook page. they arrested ronald ford gilbert and he was taken in on last wednesday. the arrest came as the sheriff's office said he was living within a 1000 feet of a school. what school? deputies say he was living behind crittenden-mt zion elementary school. now his lasted listed address on the sex offender web site is a park bench. the website has his address as second and walnut street on a park bench in cincinnati. he was convicted in 2003 for unlawful sexual contact with a minor. gilbert was released from prison in 2007. he is listed on the website as non complaint for failure to provide
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one--at least temporarly. its 212 barnes road in kentucky. thats the county jail. we checked his background and he's got a few domestic violence charges and a burglary. he's being held on a 5000 dollar bond. michael baldwin fox 19 now. an 18-year-old is recovering after being shot in west chester. police tell us the suspects are on the loose and should be considered armed and dangerous. the teen was shot in the 9-thousand block of north pisgah drive. he had to be flown to university hospital to be treated. it happened around 3:30 this afternoon. police say the suspects took off in a dark blue mazda protege with tinted windows. they are looking for three people. still no arrest - tonight after a hamilton homicide.. police have identified the man who was shot and killed on millville avenue. officers found 20- year old christopher sandle junior suffering from gunshot wounds. he was taken to a nearby hospital
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we're still months away from the bunbury and buckle up music festivals.. but the owners of those fests - are suing cincinnati.. the festival owners - say the city of cincinnati is unlawfully charging an admissions tax... that is not levied on similar festivals.. the city.. is denying the allegations... saying the taxes are fair- and were agreed upon in advance. a 19-year-old has pleaded guilty ... for taking pot brownies to his high school... and giving them to three students... and an unsuspecting teacher. edward goschinski - was a senior at springboro high school at the time... he pleaded guilty to felony possession of hashish and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor... back in april. tricia walk to bam five days after one of the most crushing losses in bengals history, reaction is still coming tonight. jeremy rauch is here now live in studio with more... 2shot bam jeremy this city has now woken up to this bad dream feeling, four straight
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and now one of the city's biggest leaders, is coming down on the bengals. i'll go to my grave saying it was one of the craziest games, and endings, i've ever covered. but, as the players and coaches have acknowledged since, it got out of control and crossed a line. the steelers aren't talking about it, because they say, they're moving on to denver. but here in cincinnati, there's a sense of embarrassment from some fans, on how it played out, and now tonight, the new hamilton county commissioner, as of monday, weighing in. dennis deters: "pretty disturbing. obviously the city wasn't well represented. i'd like to think were a county that believes we should be a safe and cooperative community that gets along win or lose. i didn't like to see what happened on the field from both teams and i'm frankly pretty disappointed." jer bam gfx strong words from the dennis deters. there is another big talker tonight.
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coordinator hue jackson getting the head gig in cleveland. why hue said cleveland was the right spot for him, get that answer later in sports. new tonight, big changes coming to a popular cincinnati tradition. as the city prepares for the 50th annual st. patrick's day parade, it announced the route will change to include the banks and smale park downtown. the parade will start at mehring way and central avenue, then head east on mehring past smale... then it heads down joe nuxhall way and freedom way, parks street. still ahead fans reacting to the moves.. by the nfl.. what st. louis fans are saying to the rams - after the break.. and the big move .. cincinnati.. what it could mean up,. "there's probably 5 or 6 tractor-trailers, several cars and they're still piling up behind us." dramatic new 9-1-1 calls tonight from that massive pileup on i-74.
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the countdown is on.. you'll be able to cable's out. no friday night rom-com? that's a shame. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer you an excuse
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romantic comedy night. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. if you experience an outage, we're committed to getting to your home within 24 hours. and before we leave, we'll do a free whole-home check connections and equipment are working great. [doorbell]
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you'll be able to find out if you are a winner.... in about.. 45 minutes right here on fox19 now... we'll have that countdown clock going all hour.. we will have the winning powerball numbers from tonight's drawing on air, online and on the fox19 now news app. warning shots ringing out today in south korea ... after the country says an object from north korea flew close to the rival's border. south korean media reports -- the object was a north korean drone. this is the first time shots have been fired in this standoff between the koreas -- in the
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alleged nuclear test, one week ago. south korean officials said in a statement that the north korean object turned around after the south fired. it did not say whether it hit anything. the search for a missing malaysia airlines plane has turned up this shipwreck... but still no sign of the aircraft which disappeared with 239 passengers and crew nearly two years ago. the australian-led underwater search is expected to be completed later this year. it has scoured more than 30- thousand square miles of sea floor. in may, the searchers found the wreckage of what was believed to be a 19th century cargo ship ... now they have discovered a second vessel dating from the turn of the 19th century. an accident reconstruction team has a tough task ahead tonight as it digs into yesterday's pileup on i-74. 40 cars, s-u-vs and semi slammed into
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snow squall took drivers by surprise causing whiteout officials released the dozens that crashed. on.. i don't even know cincinnati." butt to "and literally... i mean it's jack-knifed, it's a complete white out and then the trucks behind us went on either side to be alive." butt to "my mom's on oxygen and there's a ton of semis. please hurry." six people were taken to area hospitals. two suffered serious injuries, but not life-threatening. an update now on a story out of lima. yesterday we told you about "donald pugh".. who was wanted by police. officers posted his old mugshot on facebook in an effort to find him -- but pugh didn't like that picture .... .. so he decided to
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that he thought was more flattering. pugh said, "here is a better photo - that one is terrible.". someone saw the selfie and tipped off authorities.. leading to the suspect's arrest in florida yesterday. no word yet on whether he likes his new mugshot. fans reacting tonight ... as the st louis rams ... head west, next season. the nfl confirming last night ... that owners have approved a proposal ... for the team to move back to los angeles. the team will start their 2016 season at the l-a coliseum ... in 20-19 they will open a new 2- billion-dollar stadium in inglewood. fans in missouri ...are disappointed -- but a different story from fans in california ... who've been hanging onto their rams' gear, for more than 20 years. mickey right, rams fan : "i am really sad to se them go, i mean i've been a rams' fan my whole life, my dad has been a season tickets holder for 20 years, it's just depressing to see the team that i loved and just poured all my sundays into fro years, just leave." zach remelious, rams fan : "it hurts! i've been a rams fan my entire life, any time anyone would
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say of course the rams. they've been part of my life for 20 years, i love football, i'm sports broadcasting major because of football and just that they're never the rams aren't the only team looking to move ... the san diego charges are also home ... they have a year to work out an rams -- to share inglewood stadium. if that does not happen ... the have also showed interest in moving to los angeles. a federal appeals court has ruled that wearing military medals that you haven't earned... is part of free speech. the ruling came as judges overturned the stolen valor act conviction of a former marine.. who was convicted after wearing a purple heart he hadn't earned while testifying during a criminal court case. a panel of judges found wearing unearned military medals conveys a message, protected by the first amendment.
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ben lotto tease thanks ben - so one reporter... decided to skip the drama.. of live t-v and get straight to the point... w-g-n reporter, nancy loo received a standing ovation from her coworkers inside for her succint description of the weather.. toss to weather steve cam before you strike
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need to know - if you actually get lucky- with a crucial... debate tomorrow.. who's leading - as voters head to the polls in iowa.. the latest after the break.. and we're ---
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we're airing right here on fox19 now.. we're back just after this- poll-er coaster!
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taking the lead now! ok... so you've been dreaming, but with that jackpot the
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state. costing local the bill for. is this a beauty worlds should what happened when they did. and why your next tweet could be hijacked a morrow man.. plead guilty today.. to growing marijuana... trafficking and possesion of marijuana... child endangering and possesing criminal tools- all felony charges.. this is 52-year-old jimmy oakes. 49 plants were found as well as a stash of pot... and things to grow weed.. in oakes basement - after a warrant was issued in may of 20-14... police say that pot operation - was directly below the bedrooms of oake's girlfriend and her two children, who lived in the house.. he'll be sentenced in march. deer park police are investigating a robbery at the union savings bank on plainfield road around 9-thirty this morning. take a look at your screen. investigators say a man came in showing a hand gun and demanding money... only to flee in a car parked
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cash. if you've got any information that could help police... call crimestoppers at 513-352-3040. so the rams are moving... to la- as we told you earlier.. and by 20-19 they'll move into a brand new state of the art stadium.. so why should you care? because there's a clause in the bengals lease with hamilton county... that says county taxpayers are responsible for financing an upgrade to paul brown stadium if it's featured at 14 or more n-f-l facilities. so the more upgraded stadiums... the more pay for p-b-s... so far no comment from the bengals. bengals? least for now? reds season is announcement of the reds caravan details. this year's caravan will look a lot different than the video we're showing you from with all the new team. the annual journey around reds thursday. players,
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office personnel will travel more than three thousand miles, over five states making public stops and meeting with fans. check out for the schedule of appearances. a federal judge awarded a team of kentucky attorneys more than one million dollars for their role in the landmark united states supreme court case that struck down bans on same-sex marriage. the state will have to pick up the one- point-one million dollar tab. in 2014, u.s. district judge john heyburn ruled the state's ban on gay marriage un- constitutional. attorney general jack conway refused to appeal. but former governor steve beshear hired outside attorneys to continue defending the ban. the case, and others like it, made its way to the u.s. supreme court, which effectively legalized gay marriage last summer. you decide 2016 with three weeks to go before the iowa caucuses, it's a two-man race
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this according to a new bloomberg- des moines register poll, released today. senator cruz is at the top of the poll with 25-percent support. trump now has 22- percent support... though that's within the poll's 4- point-4 percentage point margin of error. the poll was conducted among 500 likely republican caucus-goers this week. another poll shows senator bernie sanders ahead of hillary clinton in new hampshire. mixed reaction from the gop today.. to not only president obama's state of the union... but the republican response.. some not happy about south carolina governor nikki haley's veiled swipe at donald trump.. when she warned americans - to quote - tune out the siren call of the angriest voices.. but she has a message for the donald.. gov. nikki haley/r south carolina "when i say it about my other friends running for president they don't
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is don't take it personally. this is just something we learned in south carolina that i'm passing along. take it if you want and don't take it if you don't. but i think our country will be rumors are already swirling about the seeing governor presidential running mate. she says she'll discuss it with any focused now on south carolina. weather now dry tomorrow but rain is on the way? when do we need to bust out the umbrellas? steve cam what would you do
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looking to make the ultimate billionaire buy... find a pro sports franchise. forbes says the reds were bought for $270 million in 2006. they're worth $885 million now. no font "if i had to spend the money in cincinnati, i'd probably buy the bengals. they need help." if you don't want to spend it all on yourself... look at it like this... if you take the whole cash option before taxes... you can give $3,100 to every person in cincinnati. live tonight... ben katko... fox19 now. did you dive into the office powerball pool? well - that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if you didn't prepare. hitting the jackpot would make your group millionaires over night. but determining who gets what.. could be a huge mess! co-workers involved in lottery pools need to layout some ground rules. hopefully you put an agreement in writing. name a leader,
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buying tickets, money. get signatures, make copies, and somebody got left trouble. and something many co-workers probably forget to discuss --decide up front if your group want to receive a lump sum or money over time. ohio.. indiana and kentucky... all participate in the powerball.. but what the lottery supports varies by state.. in ohio - the lottery supports the state education initiatives. in kentucky - lottery sales support scholarship programs and the state's general fund.
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back to local governments across the state. a buddhist monk... chased and grabbed a man who stole his wallet and his lottery ticket at a south philly gas station.. the 61-year-old victim, dressed in an orange robe, was accosted while he was at a lottery machine at the gas station... surveillance video posted by police shows another man grabbing the monk's wallet and running out of the store, and the victim struggling with him outside before being pushed to the ground. the suspect took off in a dark silver car. the victim was cut on his leg during the scuffle. the robber escaped with the victim's wallet, which police said contained $350. a reminder... we are just --countdown-- to hte live powerball drawing - right here on fox19 now.. we'll have it for you.. on air and we'll send a push to your phone - if you download the fox19 now app. up nextwith the big powerball drawing tonightsome important adviceif
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to pick up a big win at home over houston. and, hue jackson the man for the still ahead in sports with jeremy. could be a new
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earthquake has rattled northern japan. officials have not issued a tsunami warning. it's too early to tell if there are any injuries or buildings damaged. your next tweet ... could be a new advertisement for your favorite store. according to digi- day, twitter plans to gather product related tweets for advertisers to choose from. if your tweet is chosen, you'll receive a direct message asking for permission for the advertiser to use your tweet. no word tonight when the ad platform will be available to companies. and twitter hasn't publicly commented on the project. chipotle says it is confident that its e-coli crisis is
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says its executives met with officials from the centers for disease control and prevention last week. he says the restaurant chain is hopeful the c-d-c will soon declare the e-coli outbreak over. the outbreak began in october. chipotle says it is taking additional measures to make sure its food is safe and will launch a new marketing campaign next month aimed at luring back customers. a farm in virginia is looking for goat snugglers. that's no joke... the farm expects about 90 newborn goats 90 newborn goats by mid-february. so it needs volunteers who would snuggle and feed all those babies. newborn goats have to be bottle- fed four times a day... and they must be kept warm. the farm says no experience is necessary for volunteers. keep an eye on our countdown.. we're getting close - only -- minutes to the live powerball drawing - right here on fox19 now.. we'll have it for you.. on air and we'll send a push to your phone - if you download the
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live wx tease this story has people everywhere
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is looking to expand. how can a bank help? at huntington, we love working with small businesses. in fact, we're the number-one sba lender in our region. all these businesses are too small. what we need to do is merge them. florist, coffee shop, bike repair, architect, funeral home. now they're big enough for me to take seriously. you're scaring the townspeople. relocated. helping you grow. just another way we're looking out for your business,
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videotaped washing hair in a cooking it happened in arkansas - two customers whipped out their got video of the them holding a pot of steaming water while the other washed her hair in it... he then gets a towel for her to dry off. both were fired! is suing... demanding that 'in god we trust' is dropped from all u.s. currency... attorney michael newdow has filed the suit in an ohio federal court... he argues that phrase 'violates the separation of the church and the state.' the suit represents 41 plaintiffs from ohio and michigan including many atheists. what was the powerball number again? seven. we won.. what? we won! don't tear it. phoebe - you don't have any of the first five numbers..
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powerball - we won $3! a fitting clip tonight.. as we count down to the powerball.. but there's big news for fans of friends.. there will be a reunion of the hit show.. next month on nbc. the peacock confirmed the news today- and all six of the cast members.. will be there for you.. simply money so yeah, the odds are unbelievably long, but if you do manage to hit the powerball jackpot later tonighthere's what you need to do first. sign the back of your ticket! and then make a copy of itand put the original someplace safe. like an actual safe. then--keep your mouth shut! one of the worst things you can possibly dois call or text everyone you know to share the news. stay off social media, too. the reality iswinning all of that money makes you a huge target for thieves, scammers, and greedy relatives and friends. the
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handful of states that has laws to protect the identities of lottery winners. nextyou need to put together a team of experts. that means a lawyer, a financial planner, and a cpa to help you figure out taxes. nearly 70 percent of lottery winners end up broke within seven years! the simply money point: don't spend anything until you have a good plan for your winnings. for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. sot "steve weather animation" steve chroma key steve gfx sot
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it's a 50-inch plasma most can afford... jer bam but if you wanted something bigger... jer bam but if you wanted something bigger... this would be the that big 12 the holy grail, but tonight, the big 12 is saying, they won't expand, and that means u-c remains in the a-a-c. the bearcats with game tonight at home, hosting 13-and-2 tonight, an all-out
10:44 pm
bearcats. two dunks from octavius ellis with his double-double. then it's the big bear, cory deberry with grizzly smash. bearcats led by 12 at the half. keep in mind, houston has serious problems in cincinnati. they've never won here. and it's deberry with da-jam again. coogs down by as many as 15 in the second half, they claw back, leron barnes, he can hit the broadside of himself, makes it a 3-point game with 5 to play. bearcats needed to answer quickly, and they do, kevin johnson. summit represent. game-high 15 points off the bench. bearcats pick up a nice win, mick cronin had a family matter after, so here's larry davis. larry davis: "like all coaches we're not satisfied, our staff isn't, mick isn't and we can get better. we've got to rebound the ball better. that's one of the last pieces for us. temple drove it on us too, but the last real piece is we've got to rebound the ball." buckeyes had their
10:45 pm
against i-u last time out... trailed rutgers by 2 at the half tonight, then went bonkers. keita bates diop - 3 of his 14. then it's kam williams, yes i kam. had 14 points off the bench. the bucks running away with it now, and aj harris lobs to marc loving, lovin' it strong. buckeyes had 55 in the second half, they cruise 94-68 jer bam vo tonight, cleveland is getting the same hue we knew in cincinnati, but this is hue, in different colors, and with a lot more on his shoulders. the browns were the first team to offer him a head coaching gig, and he took the bait. it's an uphill battle up north. put your phone down and look at these numbers. 2 winning season in 20 years. hue is the 4th head coach in 5 years. and, the last coach to leave the north with a winning record? marty schottenheimer
10:46 pm
hue jackson: "i can't worry about what's happened before. i know there's history that everyone looks to and points to and says, this can happen to you. i'm not opposed to saying it couldn't, but i don't believe so. at the end of the day, i do understand and recognize, my job is about winning." finally, check this out... a halfcourt buzzer beater from anderson... to force overtime at kings! big time shot by da-lisa mccallum. the lady skins won in o-t. jer bam gfx shoutout to robert hoon for that video. tricia 4-shot steve's tracking
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history. selling at an astounding rate hundreds of thousands per astounding rate thousands per lines wrapping some parts of the country as people look for a chance tickets have been selling at an astounding rate hundreds of thousands per minute!!! lines wrapping around buildings in some parts of the country as people look for a chance
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jackpot now standing at one and a half billion dollars. we want to take you now to the drawing live. good luck! ok - so did you get those numbers..
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