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the morning. tomorrow's snow. we're checking in with schools and prepare for the storm. as the fbi investigates possible attack plans on the super crime watch alert... through the on where you're most likely to be a a dog's date with man adopts a dog of his own for an ordered meet the dog he tried to have put down. sot "this is fox19 now" snow on the way... and the timing is going to impact your morning.. tonight - we have team coverage on the winter weather alert.. and we begin with meteorologist steve horstmeyer.. with just how much snow is on the way. steve cam if you were outside tonight, hopefully
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heard steve if the cold wasn't bad just a few hours we're going to see snow too. fox19 now's megan o'rourke is live tonight in kenton county where road crews are ready to go. megan? the snow may not all day long the crews here at the public works buildings have been busy preparing for whatever comes their way. here in kenton tons of salt still in the reserves...and that's not including what's packed up and ready to the roads tomorrow. the kenton county public works garage is quiet tonight...but, in just a few hours when the first snow falls, it's going to be go time. all 16 trucks...will roll out to tackle
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:46:52 "staying ahead is the challenge, but if it lot easier on us to get everything cleaned to carry on for 2 or 3 days that's when the because this is expected to be a relatively short of time...foreman 17 county drivers a.m. but, even that's going to be up to 46:12:11 "we watch a lot of news from the national to make the best decision we can on when to bring the drivers in so we aren't wearing them out too early and go around the clock" :23:24 plan is to hit secondary, country and subdivisions. because of that, in the morning there may be some areas still covered. the best advice--- of some patience. plow drivers say they're going to be and safely as
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whenever there is a weather event during the morning commute it does complicate the situation. also, making things a little tricky, are these colder tempatures. want to bring in fox19 now meterologist matt holiner to explain. --- mic handoff toss to matt holiner --- we have school delays and closings always available on
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use the fox19 weather now app to get updates on tomorrow's snow fall.. and if the kids get the day off- send us some pics of how your little ones spend their snow day. breaking breaking now.. the fbi and department of homeland security - in an internal memo... say they are investigating a possible super bowl attack plan.. a series of attacks
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cables are raising concerns about a quote - complex plot. the attacks are on fiber optic cables in the san francisco bay area... where the game will be on february seventh. authorities do say there is no specific or credible threat against the game - at this point. new tonight.. your first look at a dog's injuries after it was attacked by another dog.. these images are graphic... earlier today we told you about the man who was court to put down his dog. this after it viciously attacked another. instead of doing so, he adopted another dog that looked similar only to try and return it and pass it off. that's was a no-go, a judge sentence the man to 28 days in jail. but that dog used as the decoy is doing ok tonight all thanks to a chip. the pitbull mixed named baby is getting second chance. fox19 nows frankie jupiter caught up with the dog and
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tonight that dog named baby is alive and well here at the spca after her new owner wanted to use her life for death. baby is about a year and half old and is a pitbull mix. she's full of life and is playful. "she's got a good disposition, she's sweet, you know nice. she's still a puppy" but this man, jason dotson tried to own dog--a dog order to be put down. "he brought the dog in on the 9th to have it put down and it was actually not the dog that was supposed to be euthanize but in fact the dog that was adopted on the seventh from this facility." the puppy, baby was being used as a decoy, to prevent dotson's own dog--a dog who according to police vicously attacked a service dog--from being destroyed. "you just think how cruel it is. why would you that to an innocent healthy dog" but the spca detected the decoy dog, by a chip that was implanted in the back of the
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example of how it's done. nats this reader detects the chip that's a little bigger than a grain of rice, an identification number appears, which can be used to identify the animal. the spca chips all of their dogs. "it's very important. if a collar comes off or something like that. the chip is never going to come out. it even sometime in dog theft. you can prove that that's your dog." but in this case a near death, a man looking to pull a fast one on the spca and the court. baby is enjoying her treats, and the hope is now, that this time she'll be adopted for life..and not for death. were told by the spca that baby will be up for adoption tomorrow at noon. live in colerain frankie jupiter fox19 now. thanks frankie.. we've got a link to that adoption website... right now on fox19 now dot com. breaking right now in sharonville.. police are shutting down reed hartman highway at the
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ramp because of a suspicious package. police don't know what's in it, but received a report about it and are closing the highway to check it out. we are working to gather more information, and we'll bring you an update as soon as we get it. were you a victim crime? were you robbed or your home burglarized? if so... you're probably in this new report released by the city. it's the 'crime stats' in cincinnati over the last year. take a look at the graphs sent to us by the city. overall violent crime went down to its lowest point since 2011! the data showed a similar trend with property crime. change however... the department saw an increase in shootings and homicides.... reaching its highest point since 2010. the department says they plan to do additional research to figure out how to stop the trend this year. fox 19's michael baldwin has been
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and know's where your most likely to be a victim. well tricia the good news is that overall crime is down according to this report. it really seems to be concentrated in certain areas of the city. like here in avondale where you are mostl likely to be the victim of a fatal or non fatal shooting. it was quiet on the streets of avondale tonight as most people made their way around with no problems. but, according to this crime report released by the city--at least over the last year this is the place your mostly likely to be a gun shot victim. the crime report said there were 52 fatal and non fatal shootings in the area. that has some sleeping with one eye open. its almost like your looking over your shoulder but other than thats its mostly ok because im in the house and the area isn't starting off on the right foot. take the most recent shooing victim--ieasha williams who was shot along reading road in avondale while riding with a
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told she may never walk again. residents tell me its a tough area to live in. it's sad its real sad when you got to watch and you can't let your friends go out in the front and play cause you worried if someone is going to ride past shooting or not the report also details the places that had the highest number of robberies which is westwood. westwood is also mostly likely to be the victim of property crime in 2015. they had 413. fop president sgt. dan mills testifed in front of cincinnati's law and public saftey committee. you'll find that if your car gets broken into or if you get hit over the head and your wallet taken. or other terrible things that could happen to you most of the time it occured from someone that should still be serving a sentence. pastor peterson mingo is with the cincinnati human relations. on organization on the front lines when it comes to violent crimes. he said there is only one way out for things to improve. people have to get to the point where they are tired of being sick and tired and stop
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the hit king... is in.. at least here at home.. what we're learning about pete's induction into the reds hall of fame.. "they got the piece of paper, we got the money. a couple's life changed... in about 528 million ways.. how the powerball jackpot winners' say they're doing now... steve chroma of former juvenile judge tracie
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tonight... but she may still be headed to jail. dropped the eight remaining criminal her. her second trial was set to begin today, but prosecutors felt it wouldn't be worth best interest of the public. a judge will consider whether she needs to serve her six month sentence for her conviction on unlawful interest in a public contract. given up on the type that's going to give up on anything. but, this is fine. i'm happy. and say this is the second best thing because it's not. maybe, it would be if i wasn't from cincinnati, but since i'm from cincinnati - this is the first big thing." the hit king hits it big. pete rose will enter the reds hall of fame this summer... and - he'll get a statue outside of great american ball park. where will it go... and how will pete pose? sports director joe d with that story tonight. there is some time
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the hall of fame induction is this summer... but... the earliest the statue would go up - would be the following year. no specific date is set... but... if we're talking the rose pose - what's more iconic - 4,192 or the headfirst slide? there are three big red machine members already in bronze at the ballpark. that's johnny bench. joe morgan - who stole so many bases with the reds - is captured stealing a base... and that's tony perez... mid-swing of his game seven world series home run. there's a theme. the reds tell the story of who these players are in these statues. how do you tell pete's story? here's rose when questioned about his pose. pete rose: "well, i sure in the hell don't want me standing at turfway in the $2 window. i can say that now, there's nobody looking over my shoulder. probably a head first statue would be more up my alley than, you know, down
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any statue as long as it's got that 'c' on it." the reds will also retire pete's number fourteen. this hall of fame induction weekend did take permission from baseball's commissioner... and rules changes at the reds hall just to get pete in. there is a specific spot pete wants his statue - that part of the story is coming up. we're just about 24 hours away from the next powerball drawing... that jackpot.. up to 50 million dollars.. a far cry from the
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jackpot - that three people hit nearly a week ago. and we still don't know who two of those winners are... but the robinson family ... has already claimed their 528-point-8 million dollar share of the prize.. since their big win ... the family has gotten a private tour of elvis' mansion in memphis, attended the country ball .. where they met some of country's music's finest. and as the robinsons get back to their new "normal" -- the enormity is just starting to sink in. "i love my hondas and i can't even drive my own cars right now / we are very private people. /my friends, they want to come see me and they can't come see me right now/ a little overwhelmed. /i want to go visit some of my friends and just relax.. lisa went back to work yesterday, john was back for the first time today... it's still unclear how much longer the pair will work. the ark encounter is taking shape... and now you can
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the grant county , kentucky attraction is set to open on july seventh.. corresponding with genesis seven-seven... the scripture when noah entered the ark. today - the group behind the bible- based attraction - answers in genesis- tweeted - you can now purchase boarding passes on their website. adult tickets - are forty dollars. now sot stormtracker stinger steve cam still ahead
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support behind donald trump... what it could mean in the race for the white house. plus - a warning about your wireless router at home! it may not be as safe as you think!
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get it. today all four chester murder case faced a judge for arraignment. police say justin koch, demarcus staley, jibril willingham and rodney foster a home invasion ended with 18-year old tyler kassow killed. at this time police on a motive... but say the event was planned out. you decide 2016 i am here because like you i know that it is now or never. i'm in it to win it! you betcha... republican presidential frontrunner donald trump has received his first high-level endorsement of his campaign. fmr gov. sarah palin/r alaska you ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors job and go kick isis ass. former alaska
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presidential candidate sarah palin announced her support for trump today in iowa. he's deadlocked there with senator ted cruz in a battle to win the state's caucuses. trump and palin will campaign together in oklahoma tomorrow. dr. ben carson... today - temporarily suspending campaign events through tomorrow... after some campaign staffers were injured in a car accident. dr. carson made the announcement today during a stop in south carolina. the crash reportedly happened in atlantic, iowa. one student volunteer is in grave condition... and carson says he plans to fly to omaha to be with the staff member's family. will smith's former co-star on fresh prince... is slamming his wife.. after her rant on the lack of diversity among oscar nominees. janet hubert - who originally played aunt viv on the sitcom - took to facebook... with her
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right, people are hungry, people are starving, people are trying to pay bills, and you're talking about some ----- actors and oscars. it just ain't that deep. hubert says jada pinket -smith is upset because her husband's movie - concussion was overlooked by the academy. weather alert turning now to the weather... a dicey morning commute could be on tap.. steve cam meteorologist
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megan o'rourke is kenton county...
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latest as road crews prepare? you can see there's no shortage of salt... county crews tell me they still have more than 34 hundred tons. if there's a challenge with this storm, it's going to be the timing. that's because as you just heard steve say, the snow is expected to start just before the morning commute. so, in loaded up all 16 of earlier tonight. here at 6 a-m and then they will head right out. but, tony schmiade, the public works foreman tells me if the snow comes be ready.
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have everyone here minutes...then it's getting to all 200 roads. 46:33:13 "two to 3 inches you are going to see some slick roads, you can't be on every road all the time, going to take a while to get everything covered, so you may see some of the country roads and little bit of coverage on them" : 46 the best advice--- of course just have some patience. plow drivers say they're going to be working as quickly and safely as possible...but, whenever there is a weather event during the morning commute it does complicate the situation. so, keep that in mind for your morning commute. rl mo fox19 now. wake up early with fox 19 now in the morning... our winter weather coverage will begin tomorrow morning at 4 a-m. and to help keep you ahead of winter weather ... download the fox19 weather now app.
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by hour forecast ... and live radar. we have an update on breaking news in sharonville. reed hartman highway has just reopened at i-275 after concerns about a suspicious package. police tell us it turned out to be boxes of ventilation. they've given the all clear and re- highway. our families turning now - to a fight to save our families.. today paint a widespread the northern kentucky. and that is where our ben katko is tonight. he's live with the eye opening stats. the numbers in this small piece of kentucky at the top. know someone with problems linked to
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it's an issue so big... could say it's as talked about as the weather or the reds around here. emily gresham wherle/nky health dept. "northern kentucky's community response to heroin - we've been very open with it. everybody knows it's a problem." released today... the 2015 version of the kentucky health issues poll. in it... numbers do the talking about how widespread a problem this has become. emily gresham wherle "the openness that we've taken as a community to work together toward solutions, is part of the reason that these polls numbers are showing such a high level of awareness." the report shows 35 percent of people in northern kentucky know someone who has had heroin-use related problems. eric specht is one of them. eric specht "he died in our home of an overdose in our bathroom." heroin killed his son nicholas. from there... a movement to save lives known as "nky hates heroin" was born. eric specht "they made the conscious decision to jump in that pool, but by god they cannot get out
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going to be able to get out of if just by thinking about it. there's going to be some help. they need some support." compared to the 35 percent in northern kentucky who know someone with a heroin- related problem... statewide the number is at just 13 percent. eric specht "it's a sad commentary that it is such a problem." the report now places kentucky alongside new mexico as second to only west virginia in most drug overdose deaths. emily gresham wherle/nky health dept. "our neighbors, our friends, our co-workers are impacted by this problem." the report shows the numbers on the rise since 2014. i'm told the health department is working on more treatment options... and to stop the spread of infectious diseases... through needle exchanges. live tonight... ben katko... fox19 now.
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investigation from the wall street journal has found a big problem with the security of many routers! experts found security issues with half of the brand new routers shipped just last year! the problem with wireless routersis that
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prompt users to install new firmware updates, like your smart phone or computer browser likely does. and those updates are usually patches for security glitches that hackers could exploit. just think about what you use your home computer for, too. checking your bank account, paying your bills and more. if your connection to the internet isn't safe, neither is all of that information. the simple money point: if you have a wireless router, even a new one make sure to check on the maker's website for updates! many have new firmware you can downloadbut you need to look for it. for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. the latest out of north korea... alcohol without the hangover... the so-called "suave" liquor is made from an extract of ginseng, and uses a type of rice instead of sugar. the secret blend is what makes the alcohol hangover-free according to state run media. sports and weather up next -
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working on? and xavier's first ever game as a top five team - is a nail biter. highlights are coming up. coming up. sot "steve weather animation" steve chroma key
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minutes of thank yous. but... simple doesn't mean easy. he admits it'll be emotional the day he enters the reds hall of fame. would think some of those thank yous will be for his big red machine teammates... and pete wants his statue here - right by tony perez... who he says is his closest former teammate. but - we're still yet to lock down that pose. pete rose: "i don't think it's proper to create an argument which way your statue is going to be. but, the statue has to have something to do with being aggressive. because that's what i was - charlie hustle - i was aggressive." joe hplaz/gfx baseball's commissioner did approve this induction... and said pete doesn't need permission anymore to tip his cap at any reds on field celebration. but... he still can't work with players - and that still bothers pete. pete rose: "i'm better served by helping the players. i would love to work with billy hamilton for a month because there's no way in the world i can't make him a
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making guys on the reds a better player - it's better for every one of us as cincinnati reds fans." here's the weekend schedule in june. saturday is the big day. that's pete's speech and jersey retirement. sunday is the big party when pete gets his red jacket. xavier's first ever game as a top five team is a home game tonight against georgetown. x tried to speed this game up. trevon bluiett won't blow that. and - sean o'mara. big fella with a big finish. xavier up one. but... tre campbell. you figure a guy named tre can make some threes. he made five. x didn't get a good whistle tonight... but... georgetown outplayed xavier. it's xu's first home loss this season. so - i guess nku's new league means they play some blacktop games? oof. norse at oakland and jalen billups
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big game for j-b - scored twenty-two points. close game - late second half - lavone holland steps on the clutch. nku grad drew mcdonald with 18 points and 11 rebounds. good norse win - by 17 at oakland. courtside pass for miami and buffalo. redhawks played a good first half. that's chris bryant. in fact - miami won the first twenty minutes. ali barnes. lands a punch. it's just - buffalo outscored miami by i think they call the bulls. redhawks winless in conference. think pink
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[content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take
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and a local breast uses work with patients and her organization to show just how powerful a little bit of humor can be. the word cancer isn't typically a but cathy halloran isn't your typical hits the stage to perform stand up comedy, most people know her as chick. font: cathy "chick" halloran, cancer
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chucks' have maddona and you have chick." it's where her organization' chicks and chucks got its name. an organization chick has dedicated herself to, since surviving breast cancer. on january 14 years of being "every year i'm a survivor i do something stupid and crazy. at nobodys expense but my own. chemo hurts ok, chemo sucks. but the word 'no' hurts more than anything so i'm thinking, why don't i do standup comedy?" cathy took stand up comedy lessons and since getting that mic in her looked back. along nurse rick terry, "he made contact with me and said, i do this, tell stories about the hospital. we could do a comedy thing together." chick and terry performs standup for 'chicks and raise money for other causes. "you've done so much for so many people" after beating
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knew she had to continue helping others going through the same battle. unannounced, she marched to the st. elizabeth boss's office and made her pitch. "i said you need to hire me while you still like me. cause i'm gonna be a hemmoroid. you may night see me but i'm gonna be hanging around until you get me a job. i need to be here." two weeks later, she was in. now she works with recently diagnosed breast cancer patients, fitting them with wigs and prosthetics. "a patient walks in here and they feel hopeless guarantee i can make them chuckle at some point in time during our consultation and during the wig fitting" and of course, putting her sense of humor to good use. "my breast friends. because i never would have met them if i wouldn't have gone through breast cancer. so that's why i call them my breast friends. bff stands for breast friends forever." tricia 4-shot the morning news is on early.. starting at four a-
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snow falling in a few hours.. steve? tricia cam don't forget we're always tracking
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