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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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we'll have the ahead in a live report. you might need to find a new spot for lunch today. why every single chipotle will be closed during its busiest time of the day. sot full "i had a chance to talk to the team last night and thanked them for allowing me to be part of the journey. it was an incredible team win tonight." kara vo and peyton manning leads the broncos to a super bowl title. more on their big win over the panthers...and your reaction to lady gaga and all those crazy commercials. kara 2 shot good morning -- it's 4:30.
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and i'm rob williams... let's get our first look at the forecast with meteorologist frank marzullo. wet a much colder week
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problems in denver after an impromtu party breaks out. thousands of fans hit the streets to celebrate the broncos latest super bowl win. police in riot gear did have to use pepper spray on a small group of unruly fans officers did arrest 12-people. a parade and rally are planned for tomorrow morning. the title is the broncos third in team history. let their top ranked defense do most of the work. linebacker von miller was named m-v-p after forcing two cam newton fumbles. wton was picked one spot ahead of miller in the 2012 n- f-l draft. peyton manning and the offense didn't look good, but had just enough to get the job done. peyton manning football team. and he just knew to go out chance to win a championship. so, i'm just so proud of him and what he did to make his way back from injury and what he meant to this group." kara wipe fscg
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peyton manning could retire, although he's not talking about it. here's a look at his number. manning ranks first in n-f-l history in passing yards, touchdown passes and wins. he's also the only quarterback to win super bowl titles with two different teams. lady gaga is getting rave reviews for her performance of the national anthem.. and guess what she had some help from a st. x grad. oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light... jazz pianist alex smith was on stage as gaga hit all the right notes. he graduate from saint x in 1996 and u-c's college- conservatory of music. as for gaga...her performance is being mentioned alongside whitney houston and celine dion as one of the best of all time. nats of commercial rob wipe vo
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commercial featuring kevin hart is being called the best of the big game. it barely beat out the weiner stampede in a u-s-a today reader poll. if you missed it...the ad features hart as an overprotective dad who spies on his daughter's date with the help of hyndai's car finder. kara wipe fscg fox19 now viewers are talking about a different spot altogether. they're buzzing about mountain dew's puppy- monkey-baby. chrissy logged onto our facebook page and said kinda creepy yet hilarious at the same time. reveal while suzie says something i will never be able to unsee. and as for talking about the product, i was so put off by the visual i had no clue what the product was. log on and tell us what you think. rob 2shot we want to get another check on this morning's forecast.
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a look at the day ahead.
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are considering sanctions on north korea after its latest rocket launch.
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the launch over the weekend. top government offiials from both countries are also pushing the u-n to impose sanctions. north korea claims the launch was for science and is peaceful. rob ots millions of tourists are heading to rio this week... as the city celebrates carnival. and that's prompting new fears about the zika virus. carnival has become a dry run olympics in rio de janeiro which 6-months. rio hosts the largest carnivale in the world with the streets per here in the u-s blood banks are now screening donors for zika if they recently traveled. covin says: "for zika virus we know that some people that have the infection don't have any symptoms so in conjunction with aabb american association with blood banks and this is just not us it's blood centers across the country we've added an extra layer of protection" u-s health officials say the mosquito that carries zika is common
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a dozen cases have been reported in florida and another 10 in texas. rob ots remember that missing 63-million dollar lottery ticket in california? now a man claims he won and is suing to get his money. he says he tried to claim the prize months ago, but was told the ticket was too damaged. a 7-11 employee says you can't see the numbers or the barcode on the ticket. kara top vo xavier is almost certain to move to its highest ranking in team history today. right now, the muskies are ranked 6th. but two teams ahead of them lost over the weekend, which means xavier will move up. some experts say they could get votes for number one. matt damon is back as jason bourne. we'll have your first look at his new movie. and every chipotle in our area will be closed today during one of its busiest times. we'll tell you why ahead in a live report. levee cam meteorologist frank marzullo has your storm tracker forecast for your morning commute ... coming up. weather now anim hold on, hold on...i'm so
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hopeful bernie sanders was on saturday night live over the weekend. sanders appeared next to larry david in a sketch about the titanic. his appearance comes just a couple weeks after hillary clinton made a cameo of her own. rob & wx chat toss to wx a much colder week on tap with on and
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new york city will reopen this morning after a massive crane collapse. one person was killed and three others were injured when a 565-
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collapsed during friday morning's rush hour in lower manhattan. this is video of that wreckage being towed away. the mayor says the accident is a reminder that safety must come first. "there is a full investigation going on to review everything that could have happened on friday to determine exactly what caused this accident, and to determine the changes that must be necessary in policies as a result of it you decide kara wupe vo trump still has a into the new hampshire primary tomorrow night. percent over marco rubio and ohio governor, john kasich is not far behind. kasich has said if he doesn't do well in will likely drop out. north carolina governor pat mccrory is recovering from injuries from a car crash after the super bowl. police say the car he was riding in was rear-ended. mccrory says he has some pain, but did not want any treatment. rob ots another n-f-l superstar is planning to retire.
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lynch is said to be so frustrated by his injury plagued season...he's planning to retire. teammates are trying to talk him out of it. detroit's calvin johnson announced his retirement last month. my god, that's jason bourne kara top vo and look who's coming back to theaters. the first trailer for the new jason bourne movie made its debut during the super bowl. it stars matt damon as bourne and tommy lee jones as the top government agent trying to hunt him down. it's the first new bourne movie since 2007. 4 shot time now for the fox19 flashback... it's the one that started the bourne franchise, the bourne identity. there's been a new development in the so-called
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case against the so-called affluenza teen. we'll tell you what's new this morning. and charlie sheen, offering advice to johnny manziel. you've gotta hear this in 20 minutes. "fox19 now never stops. take us with you wherever you go. download the fox 19 weather now app for live street level radar in your neighborhood. and lightning tracker warns you the instant lightning is detected near you. search fox 19 weather now in the app store or google play weather now anim
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about a weekend shooting in blue ash. we know that at least two people were shot. dblbx fox19 now's jordan vilines is live at the blue ash police department. live blue ash police say investigating this case wil be a lengthy process considering that there are two crimes scenes to investigate along with multiple victims and suspects. vo the incident started yesterday morning around 1130, that;s when blue ash police offiers got reports of a shooting in the 11- thousand bloick of oak avenue. we're told one victim ran away from the scene and was picked up by a day in the neighborhood. that car was then involved in a four vehicle crash at deerfield and cornell roads. a three-year-old passenger in the
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minor injuries from the crash and was transported to the hospital. the male gunshot victim was also transported to the hospital for treatment. a second male sustained a gunshot wound in the shooting and fled the scene on foot. his whereabouts are unknown at this time. snow is expected to hit new england. schools in boston and providence have closed for today... and the national weather service has issued a blizzard warning for southeast massachusetts. police are working to find those behind a deadly shooting inside a crowded nightclub in orlando. two people were killed and 10 others hurt. police say they're looking for as many as three shooters. happening today happening today across the region... evansville's mayor is set to make a big announcement about the future of hockey in the city. the evansville icemen are moving to owensboro.. no word if a contract has been signed with a new team to play in evansville. senator rob portman will meet
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today in columbus. he will tour a catering company victims, hear their discuss his ongoing trafficking. happening today happening today across the tri- state... cincinnati police chief eliot isaac and mayor john cranley will hold a community meeting on violent crime. they'll be asking the bond hill community center from 6:30 until 8:30 this evening. also today... the city of covington is asking input on community development. they're looking for ideas that could be addresses through programs. the meeting starts chambers. adlib weather and traffic tease kara 2 shot now
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and i'm rob williams. a much colder week on tap with on and off snow showers
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