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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 12, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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multiple fronts.... fox19 now has confirmed that a person of interest is being interviewed in the case of the middletown mother who was found shot to death in her car in dayton wednesday... after she had taken her 6-month old child from a babysitter in middletown. brittany russell's daughter haven.. was also in the car.. but survived the car.. and heat.. were still running. the child was later father at the department. as we get more information on it to you. also breaking now... the ohio health is active case of the zika virus in butler county. it's tied to a 56-year old woman who
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there's also a new case reported in licking county in connection with a man who just returned from haiti. according to the c-d-c... the virus is usually contracted through a mosquito bite... and transferred through sexual contact. and the family of sam dubose has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court against former u-c police officer ray tensing. the dubose estate is seeking damages and court costs to be covered by tensing himself. tensing is facing murder charges for the shooting last july that left dubose dead, and the whole incident captured on a body camera. megan roof cam and right now as we look live in queengate... fasten your seatbelts. a roller-coaster ride has begun... complete with bitter cold, snow showers.. and the chance for a valentine's day mess! meteorologist jeff creighton is here... jeff it could get a little dicey tonight... jeff weather megan traffic cams
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everything seems to be moving along fine... but keep an eye out for spots with low visibility. you decide 2016 "president bill clinton! clapping" hillary clinton sent a heavy hitter to cincinnati.. to try and get ohio to elect her for president. the heavy hitter? her husband! fox19 now's shawn lanier is live at the clifton cultural arts center... and shawn bill clinton had a clear message. shawn remote megan, that message was his
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it was packed in this room we are entering. as you see now it's empty. several supporters here on this floor ranged from those who voted for bill clinton to others who were too young to remember him as president, but they left the same way. energized. bill clinton: her instincts are always what can i do to make it better not the 42nd president is doing what he can to make sure his wife is the 45th. bill clinton: "elect the best change maker i've ever known. it was a very important push in a very important state. the room was full of supporters holding their phones just to get a glimpse of bill clinton speak. daisy brown remembers voting for him in the 90s but never heard him speak in person. until now. daisy brown: "that he's speaking for hillary. he's standing by his woman, his wife." daisy too wants to stand by hillary. she believes it's what the country needs.
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perspective. we need a house. then there's this 20-year-old u-c student. she says she remembers bill clinton from clips online, but was excited by what she heard. maayan yarchi: "it was very much worth skipping class for." skipping class, but still learning so much. maayan yarchi: "i loved what he had to say about points on education, the environment, and policy clinton left many walking away with excitement, not for him, but his wife. daisy brown: "all the things he spoke about today is what we need, and what she'll be working on." shawn remote the key was what hillary will be focusing on and right now she's focusing on south carolina, but not losing any focus on how important ohio is to this election. live in clifton shawn lanier fox19 now.
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covered as the candidates come and go here in cincinnati. you can bet there will be plenty of visits. full coverage on air, on and on the fox19 now mobile app. right now... a 13- year old is in custody after police say he pulled a bb gun on a cab driver... then stole her car.. and crashed it. take a look at the aftermath.. and the smashed up cab. now, according to police, the teen pulled that bb gun on the cab driver at the shell on harrison avenue in westwood... before crashing on baltimore avenue in north fairmount. information on a story you saw.. "first on fox19 now." not only were we first.. we are happy to report we were partially responsible for getting an alleged serial bank robber off the streets. we learned of the latest charge prince.. made by covington police.. happened in that city. prince made his first appearance in kenton county following his arrest last night for a robbery in
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he's in jail right now on 300- thousand dollars bond. a sergeant with erlanger police says he caught prince by being in the right place at the right time. after he finished an interview with us, he turned on his camera.. and working on a tip... in an amazing turn of events... he spotted prince. he arrested him at his home on may street. the video... showing prince's silver car with ohio plates that matched the description. police say prince robbed three banks in the past week. the victim who died in a fiery crash, that shut down a portion of madison pike for six hours, has now been identified. police say 28-year old david erksine of burlington was driving a pick-up truck when it collided with a semi early yesterday morning. according to kentucky state police the semi to burst into flames, pinning erksine in his truck. the scene video.. .stunning. the driver of the semi... and a witness attempted to free erksine from his truck but were unable to do so.
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man walked into a columbus restaurant with a machete and attacked several people last night. tonight the owner of this place has a theory about why he may have done it. we'll have it for you next. it's fish fry season in the tri-state! how you can get your hands on the best catch around...coming up. jeff you're watching fox19 now at 6:30 in high definition, sponsored by performance toyota: always home of the $24.99 oil change developing now... an investigation
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were shot and high school. now a police they are not looking for any today's incident. out thus far, and what i there is, we don't outstanding suspects. these two young women were found next to each other and there was a weapon found beside them." the spokeswoman did not have any information on the relationship between the two girls. and at this time they don't know what led to the shooting. we will continue to update this story throughout the evening on and the fox19 now mobile app. the owner of a north-east columbus restaurant, where customers were attacked with a machete, says he believes his establishment was targeted because he is israeli. but, the f-b-i says it's too early in the investigation to tell... the attacker, 30- year-old mohamed barry, was fatally shot by officers after fleeing the scene that witnesses described as a "systematic attack". "a man, he came in and started beating up on
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just started down the row hitting everybody, people were bleeding." four people at the restaurant were injured. one is listed in critical condition. a police officer about an hour and 20 minutes from here posted something to facebook that has him on leave tonight. details next. and a live look downtown now... we're monitoring the threat of accumulating snow.. just in time for valentine's day.. and that's not all. make sure you see jeff's forecast.. next. an ohio police
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. posting a controversial comment on facebook. the comment by officer lee cyr about a black lives matter activist who killed himself reads quote... "love
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facebook posting two days after mccarrel the 2nd the state house steps. according to fairborn police.. investigating the post. a bill now house health and welfare committee would prevent anyone under the age of 21 from vapor products in this includes and even smokeless now, the bill heads for approval. should it become law, house bill 299 would take effect august 1st. if you know someone who has overdosed on heroin... and you need to save their life... you can now buy the overdose antidote narcan... at kroger... without a prescription. today ohio attorney general mike dewine and ohio senator rob portman came to the new kroger in oakley for the announcement... plus see the revival drug first hand... and remind people of the serious heroin crisis in this country. "while we're talking here today between 5 and 10 americans will lose their lives from a
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someone in my family who was a recovering addict, i would want to have nalaxone." c-v-s announced earlier this month it would make narcan available without a prescription at all of its pharmacies in ohio beginning next month. valentine's day is right around the corner, and with a multitude of online dating sites and apps it isn't too late to find a date for the romantic holiday. but, attorney general mike dewine is warning that some online daters. are actually con- artists in disguise. these "sweetheart" scammers create phony profiles to attract victims, establish relationships with them, and then trick them into sending money. according to dewine.. if someone says "fate" or "destiny" brought you together.. be wary. it's just about dinnertime... are you feeling hungry yet? it's fish fry season in the tri-state... and things are off and running tonight. our ben katko checks in in erlanger... where one church is serving huge crowds... right
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ok here at mary queen of heaven in erlanger . all night long. tray after tray after tray going out to all the hungry people. they're gonna feed a ton of people. they expect to feed close to 3- thousand people as far as meals go. we had a chance to go behind the scenes. it's an incredible feat to get this all done. they've got dozens of fryers. they have to come for the atmosphere. it's the "cod-father" sandwich that they just can't miss. it's something we got a look at. we're gonna update everything tonight at 10. i'm too hungry to go any further. in erlanger, ben katko.. fox19 now." for a complete list of fish fry's across the tri-state, head to fox19 now dot com. time to check in
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tracking your forecast
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earlier we told you about the westwood chase sparked by a 13-year old who police say pulled a b-b gun on a cab driver. but just how realistic did it look? we'll tell you why local officials say the incident could have been much worse. and just in time for valentines day... a cincinnati company wants to make you and your spouse members of the mile high club! you heard that right. we'll show you the local man turning heads with his romantic service. and while valentine's day might be hearts and flowers for many couples... it's also prime scam time for thieves! hear why. and tonight on fox, check out a new episode of sleepy hollow at 8, followed by second chance at 9, then we're right back here at 10. megan cam coming up... big news for the big o. we're on campus with new information... and... we take you courtside to some of the biggest showdowns in high basketball. next with joe and jeremy. sot
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"nku is in chicago tonight, practicing at the chicago bulls facility, before their game tomorrow... so that happens up
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high school games tonight. right now, it's cov cath and dixie on the court. their first meeting of the season and bragging rights on the line. new cath and holmes will follow this game in the nightcap. you can follow me on twitter for updates, @fox19jeremy. highlights tonight on the final quarter. now here's joe, with some big news on the big o." joe danneman: "jeremy - he's already immortalized in this statue on campus - tonight we just found out oscar robertson will be forever honored in the nba. the commissioner today announcing the big o will receive the nba lifetime achievement award this weekend at the all-star game in toronto. more tonight at ten. megan." when we go off air, the news doesn't stop. here's a look at what's trending now on our social media platforms. we told you kroger says it's going to sell
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decision is sparking a big conversation. what are your thoughts? weigh in on our facebook page. and have you ever wondered what the most "googled" valentine's gift is? we've got the state by state list! just head to fox19 now dot com. we will see you tonight at ten.... don't forget wheel of fortune and jeopardy are next!!! announcer: fox19 now never stops. take us with you wherever you go. log on to and download the fox19 now app. jeff a potential
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from sony pictures studios, it's america's game! wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show -- pat sajak and vanna white! here we come. ready or not. when jim beckons, we come. thank you, sir. thank you, folks. have a swell show. i'll be over here if you need me. hi, everybody. everyone should have one of those devices. there you go. get ready for our first "toss up." it's worth $1,000.
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