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first comes lo open fire a man is killed after a woman drives the wrong way on i-71. new technology that could have prevented the crash keeping you safe while you rock out the new security measures at us bank arena a teen pretending to be a doctor now behind bars... why he says he didn't do anything wrong jess: how a common cell phone habit is turning us into the walking dead. sot "this is fox19 now" new developments... in the wake of a deadly officer involved shooting... good evening i'm tricia macke... three cincinnati police officers... shot and killed a suspect in westwood... after they say.. he pulled a handgun from his waistband... tonight - we have team coverage on that shooting... frankie jupiter just spoke with the hamilton county coroner...
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who has been at the scene all night... and his here to tell us the details. so michael around 4 oclock.. police say they got a call that the man was waving a gun.. what happened next? by night fall the police lights were still turning. a suspect shot by police after showing a hand gun pulled from his waist. a woman at work at a near by restaurant took this photograph. the man's body is covered in a white tarp in the middle of the street on harrison in westwood. and you can see the gun next to the body. michael baldwin: what did you think when you saw all this. jerrie wooten: it was crazy i was keeping my son back cause i didn't want him to get in the way what's not clear is if the man was in or out of his vehicle when he was waving the gun around.
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this telephone poll. this man saw it 911. or three minutes later the gentleman who hit the pole got out of the truck and i thought he was going to sit down or something and you know and wait for the cops but he just started walking up the street and those would be the last steps the man would take. police tell fox 19 the man at first and then went to his waist pan where the gun was. 5 officers were on fired the shots killing him. martin wishes the man stayed by his truck. i mean this was something that was really nothing i don't know what's behind it you know he could have just sat down and waited there is no sense in losing your life over this. i don't understand that that brings us to the officers who did the shooting. police tell me this is a rough nite for them as well. lt. steve saunders: nobody goes to work at all with the intention of having to use their firearm but if they are faced with a situation where it is a life or death situation certainly that's an option and you have to weigh those circumstances. its a
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procedure the there weapon will be placed on officers who fired there weapon will adminstravive leave is investigated. we did ask if the officers recorded any video from there car and the live in cheviot michael baldwin fox 19 now. continuing with our team coverage... police have not release the name of the suspect. fox 19 now's frankie jupiter talked with the coroner. frankie, police say three officers fired at the suspect.. do we know how many times this man was shot? the coroner tells me she doesn't know exactly how many time the man was shot, but will say it was several.
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african american male in his mid to late 30's. the body has been moved from the scene and an autopsy is set for tomorrow morning. i'm told it was hard to tell how many gunshot the suspect was hit with because of lighting. tonight we heard from the hamilton county coroner. "we have to do something about this in this community and the police are doing their absolute best to keep us all safe and we need to help them. everybody needs to jump in. make a stance against violence. and try and decrease the number of times our office gets called out in the middle of night. i'm told police do plan to hold a press conference tomorrow at district 1 at 11. reporting live frankie jupiter fox 19 now. of course - we are still working to gather new information on this story..
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always on fox19 now dot com.. weather now tricia 2shot students in lewis county schools... can sleep in tomorrow... lewis county is closed... but the rest of you might want to ditch the winter coat tomorrow.. chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer here now with how long the warmer temps will stick around. steve cam breaking now minivan just got on exit 12 rolling southbound in the northbound lane on
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breaking now... those 911 calls... just released after a deadly wrong way crash on i-71... and tonight cincinnati police... are reviewing those calls to figure out more about the crash... near dana avenue. this is video, taken this morning, of the remains of the deadly accident .. here are new pictures of the woman who police say caused the wreck, 22 year old taryn chin. police say she was intoxicated...they also tested her
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according to police she was driving the wrong way on 71 at three this morning... when she hit the car being driven by 47 year old jose arenas head-on, killing him instantly. arenas was a 20 year employee of cintas, working as a service rep for their tile and carpet cleaning division. he was a hard worker, he had a great attitude, really upbeat and always known for going the extra mile in helping anyone in anyway he could chin is scheduled to face a judge tomorrow morning. this was the second, deadly wrong way crash in our area in just the last few weeks. and that's not including an accident in dayton, that killed 5... this past weekend. as our megan o'rourke found out tonight, there's a new technology that could stop accidents like this, before they happened. tricia, traffic here on 71 is moving without any problems tonight. but, earlier today it was the scene of tragedy. the victim, hit head
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exactly what this technology you just mentioned aims to do...give drivers time to take action. twisted metal and broken lives. unimaginable destruction that one company believes could've been stopped. 1:30-1:43 "suzanne murtha: we are closer than we've ever been, because we've been working on this since 1999, and we're anticipating a rule at the end of this year that will hopefully require this and we're really able to being able to prevent this" suzanne murtha and her company, atkins, have developed the potentially life saving. here's how it works...later this year the u-s department of transportation is expected to start requiring all new vehicles to have connected vehicle technology...essen tially software that allows vehicles to communicate with one another. the atkin's wrong- way application, can identify when a car is going the wrong way, and send warnings to both drivers. 2:17-2:28 "suzanne murtha: some auto manufacturers are going to, some cars are going to beep, some will have shaking seats...some might have a
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over to the left, you're about to have a crash" a notice that could give innocent drivers, enough time to take life saving action. that's because wrong way crashes often involve impaired drivers...just like the accident on 71. the ohio state highway patrol spent 2 years conducting a study...found 70 percent of wrong way crashes, that happened in the evening or overnight, were caused by an impaired driver. 5:56-6:04 "suzanne murtha: at the very least, with the type of technology we displayed we can at least send warnings to all the drivers around them to have them move" murtha tells me she expects the u-s department of transportation to mandate this technology in all new vehicles. quite possibly by the end of this year. rl mo fox19 now. happening now happening now... a top 25 showdown just went final at the cintas center. jeremy rauch is live with postgame
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providence. jer live postgame pressers just wrapped here at cintas moments ago... we'll get to that, but i want to show you highlights of this top 25 battle between xavier and providence first. x came out on fire tonight edmond sumner lobs it to jalen reynolds for jam, he had double double then great ball movement, tre bluiett hits back to back, to back 3's. had game high 23 points second half, myles davis, one of his 12 assists to james farr for the dunk. x wins 85-74 jer live
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we're back live at cintas with more postgame reaction, and why tonight's game sets the table for an even bigger game here, next week. live with x, jr, fox19 now a dying twin...
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sister's hand in utero... the sonogram picture comforting a grieving family.. coming up. "these allegations and accusations will be cleared up a teenager is facing charges after posing as a doctor... it may sound like a doogie howser storyline... the bizzare story - afte r the break . live now steve chroma
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right now
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you think that happens in other countries.. not here... but it happens here in cincinnati.. and it could be happening right now. people enslaved-- being sold for sex to the highest bidder-- right here in the tri-state. tonight-- fox19 now investigative reporter, jody barr has the story. color:black"> nats open... "i was forced into doing sexual acts for people i would never have done." perkins would spent days--working the streets--and being sold to men for sex--men from downtown columbus to the suburbs. that all changed around 2010--when vanessa perkins landed in jail--facing another charge of soliciting for prostitution. she was--as she told us--at the
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wanted to end. "suicide actually became a real option for me. i actually tried to put too much heroine in the needle so that i wouldn't wake up and i did. and, i kept waking up and i would be so mad at god for, why am i still here...i don't want to be here." "the ladies would come through, i'd give them a jail sentence and 3, 4, 5 months later...i'd see them come back again and again and again." judge paul herbert says it wasn't until a few years ago that he realized--there was something more sinister going on. "i was the guy who thought this was the world's oldest profession." "we gave them a human trafficking assessment tool and it showed that 92 percent of all women charged with prostitution are victims of human trafficking." and it's a similar story in cincinnati. we reviewed human trafficking statistics from the national human trafficking resource center. since 2007--ohio's ranked in the top five in the u-s for reported human trafficking
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just last year, ohio reported 289 human trafficking cases--the fourth highest number in the nation--behind california, texas and florida. "you see a girl out there on the corner--you think she's out there by herself, but no...she's being monitored." "pimped out, sold to the highest bidder...just anything you could name." we'll call this woman caroline. she was trafficked in cincinnati for more than a decade--forced--sh e says--to service men in downtown parking and hotels. she got out about a decade ago--but says--there are still women in the queen city--enslaved in a sex trade. barr: "did you keep the money you earned?" caroline: "oh, no. you were shook down and every dime was taken from you." white;mso- highlight:white"> last year--cincinnati- area victims' centers dealt with 250 trafficking
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trafficking victims--they never find their way to recovery. fortunately--that's not the case with vanessa perkins. ...key card swipe... she's been clean and free for 6 years. she's now working for the prosecutor's office that prosecuted her in 2010. "when they told me to put my resume in here, i thought it was a sick joke." vanessa perkins tells me--she's proof that there is a way out for victims of human trafficking. although this problem is growing in the tri- state--there are more ways now that ever to find help. the woman in columbus--what makes her case different than classic prostitution? prosecutors were able to show the
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fear she had of her physical abuse. the state determined she--like other trafficking victims--commit crimes like this because of the threat of being beaten--or killed. an 18-year-old has south florida -- accused of practicing medicine without a license. the young man was apparently so successful at it, he was running his own medical clinic in west palm beach. detectives arrested 18-year old malachi love- robinson for practicing medicine without a license... allegedly giving a physical exam to a female undercover officer... "i'm hurt because of all of these allegations but this is not the first time
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will pursue this, and when i do, you will be the first to know, ms parker" but the sheriff's office and health dept says he was practicing medicine without a license...... and slapped him into handcuffs. new at ten new tonight... the pope... just wrapping up his trip to mexico... pope francis thanked mexicans for their hospitality at his final mass in the country and tried to reassure them... that even if times seem dark, there are lights of hope. the appearance follows a five-day visit during which, he repeatedly condemned the violence, corruption and poverty that tear apart many mexican communities. an expectant mom got heartbreaking news from doctors - one of her unborn twins likely will not survive. but the kansas family will hold on to a sonogram picture that warmed everyone's heart... take a look - it appeared to show the twins.. holding hands. the doctors
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of baby mason, on the left, with his tiny hand wrapped around the finger of his growing twin sister, madilyn. the mother says she's comforted knowing if mason does pass, he won't be alone. breaking news now.. the president is expected to visit cuba next month as the two countries continue their efforts to normalize relations after a half-century of cold war opposition. the white house is planning to make the announcement as early as tomorrow. president obama and cuban president raul castro announced in late 2014 that they would begin normalizing ties. sot stormtracker stinger steve cam big changes at us bank arena. we'll show you what officials are doing to
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we all do it. i'm jessica brown. how a little
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a car plows of a house with
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what the homeowner says helped kept him from getting hurt jess: how a common cell phone habit is turning us into the walking dead. listen up country fans. what you can't take into tomorrow's blake shelton concert target is hoping to make shopping a lot easier... for
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you decide 2016 we're just a few days away from the republican primary in south carolina... and a new quinnipiac poll shows that the trump campaign... isn't slowing down. take a look. trump has a commanding lead at 39-percent of voter support. senator marco rubio is in a distant second place at 19- percent... followed by senator ted cruz at 18-percent. closing out the bottom are ohio governor john kasich, former florida governor jeb bush and doctor ben carson. south carolina governor nikki haley announced her pick for the gop presidential nominee today. the state leader's endorsement, just days before the state's saturday primary, is expected to provide a huge boost to senator marco rubio.... gov. nikki haley/r south carolina "we say that every day is a great day in south carolina, ladies and gentlemen if we elect marco rubio, everyday will be a great
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haley will be on the campaign trail with rubio through saturday's primary. haley - a popular republican figure- just last month delivered the gop response to president obama's state of the union address. but on the other side... a much different story ahead of the democratic caucus in nevada this saturday. former secretary of state hillary clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders are in a dead heat... with 44 percent and 42 percent respectively. and right now... 11 percent of democratic voters are still undecided! and back here in the tri-state... some voters are already making their choice. this was the scene at the hamilton county board of elections today... for the official start of early voting in ohio. from now until the march 15th primary... the board in each ohio county... will offer extended hours for everyone to vote. for more
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head to fox19 now dot com. are you heading to us bank arena anytime soon? maybe you've got tickets to see country superstar blake shelton tomorrow night. either way... you'll notice some big security changes inside the doors. our ben katko is there... with the story.
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permanently adding walk-through metal detectors. sean lynn/us bank arena "it certainly has been a conversation piece for a while - a couple of years." there will be 22 metal detectors inside the arena. their next-door neighbors at great american ball park already have them... sean "certainly events of the recent nature have kind of spurned those talks to get it a little quicker. when push came to shove, we were happy to make the investment." every single person... every single event... will walk through the metal detectors. and that's no matter who you are - a patron, employee or performer. no font reporter: "concerts, the circus, cyclones games - all of them i'm going to walk through a metal detector?" sean lynn: "yes sir. you will walk through a metal detector when you come to an event at u.s. bank arena." lltag: as for bag restrictions... this one is likely too big. you're now restricted to a bag 12 by 12 by 6. be aware that what you bring... could be confiscated. all you need to know about these new security additions is at fox19 now dot com right now. at u.s. bank arena... ben katko... fox19 now. weather now
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thick cloud cover means a grey
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walking? you know.. you're walking and texting at the same time. it's a trend that is increasingly dangerous. fox19 now's jessica brown has the story. look around and you'll likely see people walking --heads down, texting. they look more like zombies than pedestrians. how distracted are we? i recently put texting to the test...with a little social experiment. take a close look at his woman on her phone falls into a fountain...she didn't get hurt except ego...or this man texting..almost having an encounter with a bear we see it all the time distracted walkers on their phones. "im doing a story on texting and" some claim they have their multi taskign skills under control. labeled i have peripheral :"i have great peripheral." :but youre on your just concentrating on my phone but i
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really don't. "ive definitely had close calls wiht lighting poles .. "i've hit a few people every once in a while." including me at uc's campus... "ya its a little dangerous" dangerous and even deadly..according to the washington post...more than 3 thousand people have died form texting and walking in 2013 and more than 420 thousand hurt in the us.' "someitmes you get wrapped up in the text." and if you're the people most likely to get hurt millenials...accordi ng to researchers at ohio state university. "ive seen ankle sprains, ankle fractures, people hurt their ankle, broken bones, not approaching proper way." dr. marcus romanello with fort hamiltton hospital says he sees it all the time..peole closing environment not
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cues like sirens or even cars coming. " i definitley see people walk across the street dr. romanello says it's not worth it ..i need to be more aware i think." it sounds like sense...don't text harder than it sounds even for me...but to be safe look up while your walking and always check both ways the street....and in dr..words just enjoy the jessica brown fox19 now. jess tag: it sounds like common sense...don't text and walk..its harder than it sounds even for me...but to be safe look up while your walking and always check both ways before crossing the street....and in potholes! today the local triple-a branch announced that they're seeing a huge spike in damage calls tied to all the road problems. and get this... a new study shows that americans are spending about 3- billion dollars a year on pothole- related damages. streetcar interstitial we're getting a new look tonight at just how much the streetcar is expected to cost taxpayers over the next year... sorta - the
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regional transit authority... has submitted it's funding requests to the city of cincinnati.... the request was for the fiscal year starting july first... in the amount of two-point-eight million dollars from you... the taxpayers. that number is based on a projected cost of three-point-four million dollars for operating expenses minus 618 thousand dollars in revenue. a new tool to help you keep an eye on the teenage driver in your family! how you can get it - after the break. house... the woman it narrowly missed... just ahead. "we're live at cintas center, postgame reaction coming up, and i'll tell you what xavier did for time all year tonight against providence." logo take a look at this
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today in delhi... a car plowed through the front of a house on tahoe terrace... police so far - aren't saying exactly what happened.. the driver was transported with minor injuries... and luckily no one inside was hurt! "i was going from one room to the next, and i was just cutting through the room that this happened in and all the sudden this car just came crashing through and i kept backing up to stay away from it, and that's what happened." again... police haven't said what caused the driver to lose control... and so far no charges have been filed. shopping can be a real struggle for parents and caregivers of special needs children. but target is rolling out a new type of shopping cart into stores nationwide next month... to help. caroline's cart is the brainchild of three. it is named after "caroline" who has special needs. her mother, drew ann, came up with the idea... after struggling to wheelchair and a
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the same time. out the carts in 2014. this would go over day... man gave his sweetheart... a bouquet made of chick-fil-a nuggets.. and waffles... he said nuggets are her all time favorite food.. live wx tease having a teenage driver in your
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nerve-wracking, but a new piece of peace of mind! here's simply bachrach. simply money if you've got a teenage driver in your familythis is the story for you! verizon today unveiled new help you spy on whoever is driving verizon just amped car smart device called "hum". "hum" was used primarily for roadside assistance and maintenance warningsuntil
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unveiled new hum features, including "boundary alerts". these allow you to set up a boundary and get text alerts when your vehicle exits that area. that could come in handyif your teen's only supposed to be driving to and from school, or within a five or ten-mile radius of home. another neat feature "speed alerts". you set a maximum speed for the car, and if it goes over that, you get a text! hum will also let you track your car's location, travel direction, and driving history. the simply money point: this kind of provide real peace of mind to parents, which may be well worth the $15 a month fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. sot animation" steve chroma key thick cloud cover means a grey
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when xavier shoots well, undefeated this season when they shoot better than 40 percent. tonight... let's check out the highlights. third time this season xavier has hosted a top 25 showdown at cintas. jer live here comes number
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villanova wednesday, x does travel to georgetown first, saturday on fox19
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one ranked villanova wednesday, x does travel to georgetown first, saturday on fox19 now. and coming up... the bearcats won't talk bracketology, but they understand what's at stake. get their take next. mark sheldon: "i mean, devin mesoraco is a guy if he's healthy can be an all-star catcher, a perennial all-star. he certainly showed in 2014 why he was an all-star
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hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes!
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move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be (vo) the longest-lasting midsize the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan.
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could be the new face of the reds. pitchers and catchers are in arizona tonight, they officially report tomorrow. gary clark: "we had anymore right now. we just need to keep getting wins and position ourselves where we want to be." jer live mick cronin is calling that world war three. in other words... let's get physical. live at cintas, jr, fox19 now tricia 4-shot steve's tracking the next 24 hours.. tricia cam
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always tracking the weather on goodnight. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference
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(tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. at devry university's college of business, we're looking for what the companies you'd want to work for, are looking for: the go-getters. students who want to go places,
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or the start up they haven't even started yet. at devry we teach, what's been business-world tested. so if you want to learn today, and make an impact tomorrow- you're our kind of student. our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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[ crow caws ] frankie: mike tends to define his life in seasons -- football season, baseball season, and for a brief window in may, spelling season. ...o-u-s -- parsimonious. yes! hmm. looking good, guys. i can't believe you're really hitting the bee circuit again after what happened last time and the time before. hey, those were building years. brick is older and stronger now. plus, since i made it to regionals, they let me out of gym to study. we're still working on his killer instinct. i just got off the phone with axl. he's got one final left, and then he's coming home. he's done, mike... at least until september. possibly forever. well, i can't go up there and get him.


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