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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  March 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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remains. what the owner says they offered in its place. donald trump plans his first stop in the tri-state. what we're learning about the visit. gullywashers headed our way. i'm tracking whether they'll mess up your morning commute. plans to beef up security after the madison school shooting. could those plans include metal detectors? and a story too bizarre to believe... a man accused of killing a driver, then sitting in his lap for a drive... on fox19 now. sot "this is fox19 now" a wet night... in the tri-state... kicking off a soggy stretch of days.. good evening to you.. i'm megan o'rourke.. in tonight for tricia macke.. you're looking live at downtown... behind us.. where you can see roads starting to get wet.. we want to get
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for the chief.. tonight with the forecast.. and catherine.. rain could impact the weather now bodak chroma key continue as we head into the overnight. tonight,
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date on the soggy stretch of weather... by downloading the fox19 now weather app... just text rain to 4-19-19 from your smartphone to download. madison tonight... the madison school community is working on ways to move forward... and make some changes. just over a week ago... a student opened fired inside the halls of the junior-senior high school there. our ben katko is live at the school tonight. he has the story. tonight was the first of two forums the school is holding since the shooting. no media was allowed inside.
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an intimate conversation... about how the community... and the school... will repair since they became forever changed. a wet rainy night... is a much different scene outside madison junior/senior high school than the backdrop of chaos that unfolded in the daylight a few days ago... deputy kent hall "the first thing that i knew wasn't right was hearing pop, pop, pop. retired deputy kent hall is the school resource officer at the school. he was there when 14-year old james austin hancock allegedly shot several classmates during lunch. aj huff/school and community relations coordinator "everybody's just a little on edge, and that's going to take a while, i think, to go away. ultimately, we've moved on. we're back to education, and we have to be at this point." to help get there... the school has been meeting nonstop with students, faculty and staff. tonight... parents had their chance. aj huff "we've just got to really listen to everything and figure out what's going to be best and start to
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happen overnight.." one of two set for this week. on the agenda... a conversation about how the school should move forward with safety... support and security. no font/mos "madison's great. they did a good job with this. they're recovering and they will continue to improve." school officials say they'll take they're recovering and they will continue to improve." school officials say they'll take what they share... and what they learn in these forums... to the board of education to figure out what's best for the school system. so far... security has been beefed up... and other small changes are in the works... but could more security upgrades be on the way? aj huff "we're not ruling anything out at this point. we're going to take any and all ideas." james austin hancock has denied charges of attempted murder and felonious assault. police say two more are charged for knowing he had a gun and not telling anyone. the second forum is tomorrow at 6 pm at the school for elementary parents.
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katko... fox19 now. a local man's on camera battle with a cincinnati cop is now making national headlines. he got into it with a cincinnati cop over jaywalking. he's headed back court tomorrow. but we still have lots of questions... what are you're rights? was the man wrong for not complying? fox 19 now's michael baldwin is live outside the justice center and he spoke with a experts to find out. megan this case is starting to get national attention and tomorrow morning around 9 it stage again here behind me. officer gave resisted. the question is was he wrong. we showed the cell phone video recorded by charles harrell to former cincinncati cop now state senator cecil thomas. in the video you see harrell being jaywalking. thomas question is whether the initial stop for jaywalking was
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the police union tells fox 19 that the officer followed harrell because he smelled the sent of burnt marijauna. thats not illegal to walk down the street smelling like marijiana. its not illegal to smell like alcohol thomas told me the officer was wrongfully stoping him, which thomas feels may the officer gave commands hands behind back harrell had to comply even if its an illegal stop. you have to comply you're not allowed to resist put your stuff down for me. oh i don;'t have to put my stuff down here's my id thomas said in his opionon harrell did not have to put his stuff down as long as he was getting his id. the police union tells fox 19 now quote officer osterman did absoulty nothing wrong. he should be commended for staying professional. while mr harrell became very beliigerant, for the record, cincinnati code
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the light at the cross walk to give you the go sign before you cross according to defense attorney mark krumbein when you cross whether it says your safe to cross you just have to make sure that it doesn't cause cars to stop abrupty harrell now has a drug charge, jaywalking and contempt charges for taking pictures in court. now he;s tryng to go it the legal way as he filed this motion to record his court appearance. live outside the court house michael baldwin fox 19 now. you decide 2016 we're learning more tonight about donald trump's first campaign stop in cincinnati. we're told he'll hold a rally at noon at the duke energy convention center sunday after stopping in dayton saturday. we're still getting details on ticket information... but that will be posted
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soon as its released. eric deters, who heads up the trump campaign in the tri-state, says he knows the issue that will set trump voters' support here. "i will bet you that on saturday and sunday, donald j trump say no tolls in building this bridge. if we can build airports and bridges in afghanistan and iraq, we don't need tolls to build this." john kasich has already come out publically in favor of tolls. fox19 now has also learned trump will meet with butler county sheriff richard jones on sunday. right now day one of free agency ends with the bengals re- signing two of their biggest players on defense. jeremy rauch is live in studio with the latest. tonight adam jones is saying, "of all the teams i talked to, we have the best chance of winning it all." that's what the bengals pro bowl corner told geoff hobson, after he re-signs in cincinnati for three more years. check out how adam jones announced it on
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no super on sound adam jones: "hello world. it's official. i'll be back with the bengals for the next three years. let's go get a adam jones said he wanted to play for a contender, he's back the next three years at 32 years old. star safety george iloka also re-signed million dollars over two big deals for the now... the big east today for a reported 30 years old. star safety george today for a reported 30 two big deals for the bengals. happening right now... the big east tournament is underway in new york city, and we are there, man. joe danneman is live with the muskies. hey joe. we are live outside of madison square garden where the big east tournament is on right now. the xavier coaches are inside scouting who they will play tomorrow - including head coach chris mack. today named the national coach of the year by the us basketball writer's association. xavier's first ever national coach of the year.
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thrilled for chris because it's a testament to what he has built over seven years. i get that this was for this season, but really when you think about what he has done over seven years, you're carrying on the xavier tradition. you think about the great coaches that we've had at xavier and for chris to be our first national coach of the year what a great honor for him but it also puts a stamp on the program. what's interesting is that mack won national coach of the year, but didn't win the same award in his own conference. more on that - and we talk to xavier's james farr at the team hotel later in the show. live in nyc joe danneman fox19 now. thanks, joe. the bengals also
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the first day of free agency. we'll break it all down, plus high school tournament basketball, coming up later. still ahead flu concerns in ohio.. the number of cases sparking concerns... plus - houses leveled.. after a natural gas explosion.. what we're learning about a firefighter - hurt in the blast. as you know, we have ohio who has an absentee governor donald trump... taking on governor kasich now in ohio.... we're live in washington - ahead of the next big contests in the race for the white house. catherine chroma
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adam jones said he
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en involved a 3rd officer, have been jason cotterman sulfsted were sergeant andrew avenue in the west end last march, up... rather than citing him. both officer have been acquitted. they have been behind bars for months ... a kentucky couple is now facing murder charges in the death of their child. 29-year-old lisa payton and 33- year-old jarod martin of carrolton... were arrested last police began investigating the death of the four day old child. police say payton admitted to dropping the child while she was under the death. charged with but last month ... investigation continued ... police upgraded those charges to murder and wanton endangerment. not what you'd normally expect to see when heading to the airport... but this miniature horse... isn't at c-
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... is helping to calm and relax nervous passengers.. the pilot therapy program at the cincinnati / northern kentucky international airport began today.. the number of people battling the flu in ohio is taking a big jump. the ohio department of health says that last week, there were 203 new confirmed cases of the flu at the hospital compared to 93 from the week before. this brings the total to 653 since flu season began last october. a massachusetts chipotle restaurant is temporarily closed because at least one worker tested positive for norovirus - it's a very contagious virus that can cause symptoms like vomiting. two other workers at the restaurant are suspected of having the virus, but no customers appear to be infected. cleaning crews arrived last night. it comes as the restaurant chain is still reeling from an e-coli outbreak at several locations. an update today on that baltimore schools police officer..who was
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hitting and kicking a student. that officer, 44- year-old "anthony spence" has been charged with assault, misconduct and child abuse. he turned himself in last night, and is now out on bond. another officer who stood by and watched the beating, is also charged with assault and misconduct. dallas fort worth area are cleaning up debris after several tornados touched down yesterday.... you're looking at the aftermath... three tornados in 24 hours hit the towns of stephenville, tolar and cool. the state is still bracing for more severe weather today. a wet morning commute... could impact your travel plans.. meteorologist catherine bodak in tonight with the forecast. bodak chroma key the light rain will continue as we head into the
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fighting childhood cancer.. and the chance to win a new home.. a look at the work
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hospital.. ahead of the dream home giveaway.. 4 sec nats of music video a local brewery... getting in the music video biz.. a look at their take on a hit macklemore song.. a man shoots and kills a driver.... then police say he hopped in his lap
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and took the wheel. where he was headed. a local district changes school start time... the health reasons behind the move. and why daily deals on health and cosmetic procedures may not be a good idea. right now thanks for sticking with us.... a live look downtown.. where the rain is picking up... we'll have another check of your forecast.. just ahead. you decide 2016 millions of votes have been cast in the race for president but so far, neither republicans nor democrats are fully behind their frontrunners. the picture could become much clearer next week when voters in five states, including ohio and florida, cast their ballots. ryan nobles is live in miami... and ryan - the republicans have been hitting hillary clinton for years over her use of a private email server while
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issue in tonight's debate? and today we saw carly fiorina is
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cruz. there's another big-name former candidate who has yet to endorse. and that's jeb bush. any word on whether he will throw his support behind anyone? donald trump ... he's heading here to cincinnati this weekend.... and he's hoping for a knockout win in both ohio and throw his support
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ryan nobles live in florida tonight... thanks ryan gov. john kasich/r presidential candidate anyone who is in this race should decide on gov. john kasich/r presidential candidate anyone who is in this race should decide on their own what they want to do. but i want to tell ya, after ohio, i will compete all across this country and i'm going to be the republican nominee ohio governor john kasich... sounding very confident heading into next week... a new fox news poll puts him in first in ohio... with 34 percent of the vote... compared to trump's 29. that same poll puts kasich's job performance at a 79 percent approval rating among ohio republicans. we'll have continuing coverage as more states head to the polls... on air, on our free mobile app and always on fox19 now dot com. weather now bodak chroma key the light rain will continue as we head into the overnight. tonight, temperatures will fall into the upper
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killing a driver, then sitting on the victim's lap and taking the car to walmart. take a look, this is the suspect, 33 year old joseph wisdom. officers say the victim's body was found still inside car in the store's parking lot. wisdom was arrested inside walmart and is now charges. explosion rocked a neightborhood look at this- the blast leveled three businesses and as far as two blocks away... firefighters were there investigating a gas leak when the building exploded. all nine firefighters received minor injuries and have been released from the hospital. new tonight.. the first uterus transplant in the u-s has failed, with doctors having to remove the donor organ from its
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the cleveland clinic announced today, that the first uterus transplant recipient - a 26- year-old texas woman named lindsey had a sudden complication, and the transplanted uterus, had to be removed... the clinic says, the circumstance of the complication, is under review. the clinic says it plans to continue with the transplants. the procedure has been successfully performed in sweden. amazon is expanding its delivery service to the sky... and it means new jobs in the tri-state. today "air transport services" out of wilmington announced that it will operate an air-cargo network for the online retailer. it'll happen here at the wilmington air park... the same spot where d-h-l used to operate. amazon officials say they're bringing in 20 boeing planes... aimed at supporting one and two day delivery to customers! this is time lapse video.. showing the home that could be yours... fox19 now is teaming up with saint jude children's research hospital for the annual dream home giveaway. tickets will be going on sale in
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your chance to win a dream home in union kentucky! fox19 now's dan wells went behind the scenes in memphis... to see the work... you'll be supporting.. cancer is the number one cause of death by disease for kids 14 and younger in the united states. that statistic is the reason st. jude children's research hospital in memphis exists. we see the patients everyday...and it really reminds us what we're trying to do doctor stacey ogden, a cincinnati native is a lead researcher in the department of cell & molecular biology. the research we're doing can make a difference in someone's life dr. ogden shares the vision of late actor danny thomas. in 1962....thomas made it his mission to create a facility dedicated to children and saving their lives regardless of faith, race, gender or the ability for families to pay for care. nats of danny thomas dedicating the hospital from that point to this..... intense research and new treatment
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against all kinds of cancers. in fact, since st. jude opened... the survival rate for leukemia, the most common form of the disease, is now at 94 percent, up from just four percent decades ago.... i talk with parents and their life is changed in one day....from they're child being healthy and the next day a diagnosis of cancer. and today we need your costs $2 million per day to operate st. jude. i have donors that come in and they know they are making a tremendous impact and they are saving a child life while st. jude in memphis treats the most serious cases of childhood illness the impact of this place, its care, and its research are universal. tickets go on sale tomorrow morning ... for your chance to win the dream home.. don't miss it. we have breaking news now in over- the-rhine. police and emergency crews have just been called to the scene of a shooting at
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we don't know how serious the injury may be but we have crew headed to the scene to get more information. nancy reagan... is lying in repose. .tonight at the ronald reagan presidential library... today ... house speaker paul ryan payed his respects.. to the late former first lady.. reagan will lie in repose tomorrow as well.. as the public pays respects. her private funeral is planned for friday. indian hill students will soon be hitting snooze... thanks to science. the school board voted to move back start times beginning next school year. according to school leaders, the decision was made after research by the c- teens are healthier the later school starts in the day. just as fortune cincinnati as one of the best new cities beer lovers... the craft beer makers of rhinegeist got a little more crafty. drink your rhinegeist, cruisin through the city... tip toein' on elm past findlay. the over-the-rhine brewery gave macklemore's
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video. includes several cincinnati references, but this parody adds a few more. will want to know recall just issued shards of glass. the pieces in some 12 and 18 bottle packs with deposit guam. finding a half-off coupon for dinner is one thing, but how about a deal on plastic money's nathan bachrach is here with some advice--before you book a procedure through a deals site. simply money if you use those "daily deals" sitesyou've probably seen ads for teeth whitening, plastic surgery and laser eye correction there! but not everybody thinks that's a good thing. health and cosmetic procedures now make up as much as 10% of the online coupon business, according to data from "yipit". we spotted deals for botox injections, laser hair removal,
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local deals site this week! but medical organizations don't like this trend much. the president of the american society of plastic surgeons says "limited time only" deals don't encourage the thoughtful decision-making people should practice before deciding on surgery. they also may not give you adequate time to check a doctor's track record. with a half-off dinner coupon, all you're really risking is a bad meal. rush into surgery, you could risk a lot more! the simply money point: the discount sites say they check out the clinics who want to offer deals. but make sure you do, too! for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. ready to head to space... pack your bags.. when you may be able to blast off.. for an out of this world trip.. still ahead... who did the bengals re-sign in free agency? and who did they lose? plus, joe d has a live report with xavier in new york city. catherine chroma
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how would you
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you may be able to do that as early as next year. amazon founder jeff bezos' company "blue origin" is already launching rockets at florida's cape canaveral air force station. now comes word that the company's for people are expected in 2017. bezos says people are a trip on a suborbital craft. blue origin isn't taking deposits just yet. next time you're stuck in traffic - just be glad you're not seeing what this week! that's right, a tiger! it happened in doha, the cub on the between cars - the whole thing was caught on camera and posted online. eventually, the cat fearless motorist.
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out where it came from! this little guy was all about vegetables as opposed to the circus... take a listen. seems like four year old max really his family assured go to the farm is opposite of the reaction they expected. live wx tease it's never easy to
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt
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and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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bodak chroma key the light rain will
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fox19 now weather app... just text rain to 4-19-19 from your smartphone to download. gfx sot "sports open" jer bam gfx of the bengals unrestricted free agents... tonight... four of them are coming back to cincinnati. there was the one that got away... and maybe two or three... here's a look at the big names coming and going after day
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george iloka and adam jones - huge. the one that got away... that's marvin jones. leaving to be detroit's number one guy. mo sanu and reggie nelson, still a question mark heading into day two. jer bam gfx big honor for chris mack today - national coach of the year according to the u-s basketball writers, but not big east coach of the year. joe d is live with x in nyc. joe live let's update you on tonight's late game here at the big east tournament - marquette leads st. john's xx-xx. xavier plays the winner thursday for the first time xavier feels like favorites to win this. here's james farr tonight at the team hotel. james farr: "i think people are finally realizing how good of a program xavier is. you know it's not like xavier has been a losing
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program for 20 years. we are finally getting the recognition that we coach mack you got to give the credit to him" and check out xavier's trevon bluiett in the bright lights of nyc. muskies play their quarterfinal game 7. live at msg joe danneman fox19 now. coming up... sweet 16 basketball in the tri-state. you'll see it next. jer hplaz gfx down goes purcell
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summit country this customer is running to get her deposit in today. too late. branch is already closed. but she could make the atm. still won't beat the cutoff time. really? at huntington, with atm and mobile deposits, you have up till midnight. we call it all day deposit. midnight? what are you, a bank or a convenience store? i've got to make a deposit! you go, girl! she's got no chance. deposit hours that make sense for you, not the bank. welcome to huntington, one of money magazine's
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i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way
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that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. roger bacon also with a dominating win. so, we get bacon and summit in the regional final, saturday night. division regionals at cintas tonight. big time showdown between wilmington and moeller. jarron cumberland - he's tall. blocks isaiah payton. call payton a shorty.. he don't mind. burns cumberland for the finish here. big moe rolling
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wilmington fights back with who else? the future bearcat. 22 points. 7 boards. 2 blocks. wilmington wins by 3, onto the elite 8. been a magical run for lakota east... looking to keep it going against centerville. evan kuhlman... kool as the other side of an icycle... buries the trey andrew emerick... this team goes as emerick goes... bucket and the foul. east led by one with 2 and a half to play, but centerville comes up clutch as the hawks go down 37-36 state tournament right down the you think campbell county is fired up? taylor jolly - a big hump day. points. gets their first ever win at state, winning 48-33 that moment when a cow dabs. my eyes can never un-see that. holmes in the sweet 16 tonight give n' go works like a gem here. jaynice stovall -
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bulldogs and camels onto the elite 8. it's never easy to lose a family pet. but one local man says his grief has been intensified after the animal ashes. fox 19's frankie jupiter talked with that man and has the story. dog i've ever had. i mean hands down gon' get me emotional." lobo is his name and he was part of the family for over 9 years. "he's like my son, he really is and to know that im not getting what i paid for back, i really wanted to have his ashes back." on february 29 turner brought lobo here, noah's ark animal clinic on colerain after he had a seizure. he says later on the clinic reached out to him and told him that lobo had taken a turn for the worst. "we made the choice to get him euthanized and to get his ashes back."
10:55 pm
called the clinic after a week wanting to know if the remains were ready. he says, he was told to call back the next day to speak to the person that handles cremation. " we can't find them, they must have either lost it, lost the ashes or thrown them away" turner was crushed. "yeah its not a human but it was one of my best friends to me he was human. he's my lobo." he says the clinic offered to give him 59 dollars back, which he says is the fee for cremation return. "i said your insulting me, i said you just tell me you lose my dog ashes and i don't even care about the general manager of the three locations reached out to me via phone. he tells looking into this mistake was made, resulted in this the case they too are heartbroken over the mistake. general manager be reaching out to miss the turner
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the issue. live in colerain frankie jupiter fox19 now megan 4-shot catherine's tracking the next 24 hours.. tricia cam don't forget we're always tracking the weather on goodnight. talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more
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at humana, we know when you have your health... ...great things are ahead of you like seeing old friends or making new ones, learning some moves or showing off your skills and being free to keep on ex ploring. choose a humana medicare plan for the care you need... to h elp you have better health for everything that's ahead.
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