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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  March 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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you are looking live at winner aviation in youngstown, ohio where donald trump is holding a rally ahead of tomorrow's primary. and a live look in westerville near columbus where john kasich is simultaneously hosting an election eve rally. trump and kasich.. neck and neck in ohio. breaking now transition but first breaking news... a 16-year old girl beaten by a 34-year old man, has died. court documents say the girl was unconscious when she was taken by 34-year old william arnold and another person to mercy
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the documents say she was then taken to u-c medical center for emergency surgery. is in jail on a drug charge. additional charges are pending. video just into our phillipsburg, ohio... half north of here. a tornado on the ground. good evening i'm williams.. let's get right to what have you learned? steve weather
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the most recent quinnipiac university poll has the republican- runner, donald trump tied with ohio governor john kasich. take a look at the numbers... trump and kasich both have 38 percent... followed by ted cruz with 16 percent and marco
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and with a race that tight.. it begs two questions... first... could hamilton county decide who wins ohio? and second... is hamilton county ready for tomorrow? fox19 now's shawn lanier is live at the board of elections... shawn you tackled question number two... shawn remote yes i did.. you may remember the county had so many problems with its e-books in november... a judge decided to keep the polls open an hour and a half later... delaying results on big issues.. for the entire state. tonight the county says it's ready. one voter isn't so sure. jerry hagenhoff: "they told me i didn't belong there" that's what jerry hangenhoff says he was told last november as the hamilton county board of elections was having issues with its e-poll books. jerry hagenhoff: "they were sending me around forever to two different places." he says a process that usually takes him a few minutes took him an hour
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with the deputy hamilton county board of elections to see if jerry's tomorrow would be as simple as it once was. lot smoother." krisel says it should be made. sally krisel: "removed the printer process from the e-poll books be less of a problem books. we worked very make a check-list on what you need to go through to make sure everything is programed correctly. we also doubled the size of our phone bank." then there's the training, which many poll workers said was the biggest problem. robert martin: "the training was abysmal. people that train had one motive in mind that i could see and that's to get people out the door within four hours." krisel says they completed training with more than 23- hundred precinct election officials and experienced no problems. but jerry says there's only one way to convince him.. jerry hagenhoff: "they have to show me it works."
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they will also have 116 troubleshooters in the field all day and night. each troubleshooter will be responsible for three locations that are grouped close together. the idea is to have them quickly go directly to the location to solve any problems. live downtown shawn lanier fox19 now the candidates are trying to get votes in other ohio counties... and states as well... donald trump started his day off in hickory, north carolina... before heading to this event in tampa, florida. and as we told you.. he's now in youngstown. kasich's been in ohio all day.... starting his morning off in youngstown, which you see here... kasich also held an event in north canton... and as we told you is now in westerville. the democrats also face off in the ohio primary tomorrow. lets take a look at those numbers... hillary clinton has the edge over
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to 46 percent. this according to the most recent quinnipiac university poll. sanders was in ohio today... here's video from his stop in akron... he also had an event in youngstown earlier in the morning... and this afternoon he held an event in charles, missoiri.. sanders is headed to chicago later tonight. hillary clinton started out her morning in chicago... here is video from that event. clinton then made a campaign stop in charlotte, north carolina. hamilton county sheriff jim neil says he will be voting the democratic ticket in tomorrow's primary. but, take a look at this. sheriff neil says he attended the donald trump town hall event as a spectator on sunday. even sitting directly behind trump. but just a few hours ago, neil addressed why he went to the rally... saying he wanted to show appreciation for donald trump's support of law enforcement. "i apologize to the other democrats that are going to be sharing the ballot with jim neil. it was selfish on my part to not think of them
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rally." sheriff neil only showed up to appreciation. when ohioans head to the polls have you covered way. live at polling locations throughout the day... live on the bottom online and on the fox19 now mobile and for a complete results, tune into the fox19 now news at 10. rob now that your sleeping habits are changing... you'll be able to watch all our local teams in the n-c-double-a tournament! ad-lib joe danneman is following.. "x"... "u- c".. and "u-k"... joe... joe d here's my bracket... wondering if i should put xavier in the final four? it's the first day of tournament practice and we ask chris mack if this is his best team coming up. steve wx desk
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are nausea, constipation and vomiting. brintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your doctor if brintellix could make a difference for you. did you fill out your bracket yet? twitter actually giving many people a head start. sports director joe d is here with new information on the leaked ncaa bracket as local teams start work for this week's games. talked to chris mack about that leaked bracket... and he said it ruined his selection show experience. said several people saw it on twitter and texted him xavier's seed and opponent before the big surprise on t-v. the ncaa tonight
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investigating who did this and how to stop it next year. next stop for u-c is spokane. first practice today on campus since learning they'll fly two- thousand miles to play their first game. crosstown it won't be a cross country trip for xavier. x marks its first round spot in saint louis. it's time to work for the bearcats and muskies. what might be the best team in xavier history. chris mack: "can you ask me that in a few weeks? it's been the most enjoyable team to coach. i do think we've been the most cohesive team we've ever had. so, yeah, in many ways i think it has been the best team." both teams leave wednesday. we will have cameras in both locker rooms throughout the week.
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tricia roof cam let's take you out live... a nice spring evening on tap... but that could change tomorrow night.. your 7 day forecast is next. the nafta trade treaty -- 850,000 jobs lost. special trade status with china -- 3 million jobs lost. now the trans-pacific trade deal could cost america 448,000 more jobs. only one candidate for president has opposed every disastrous deal -- bernie sanders. while others supported unfair trade deals, bernie stood with american workers. he'll take on wall street and their trade deals because he doesn't take their money. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a balcony to collapse in clifton sunday afternoon. we were out there today at ludlow avenue at middletown. police say a woman who lives in the unit had just walked back inside after being on the balcony prior to the collapse. thankfully, no injuries were reported the collapse. you decide 2016 it seems to always be the key state in the race for the white house... and it is well documented that no republican has
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presidency without winning ohio... tomorrow is the warm-up... the primary... 3-shot rob dr. mack mariani is a political science professor at xavier university... welcome.... first question - are you surprised at how close the polls are in ohio? dr. mariani - earlier polls are in ohio? dr. mariani - earlier in the show we told you hamilton county says they will be fine tomorrow... of course they had issues in november with the e-poll books that delayed the results for the entire state... what could happen tomorrow if hamilton county
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dr. mack mariani.. thank you for being here... thank you for being here... ohio governor john kasich's
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on marco rubio to urge his supporters to drop a lawsuit that would take kasich off the pennsylvania ballot. the suit says kasich doesn't have enough signatures to appear on the ballot on april 26th. donald trump commented on the whole situation while he was in west chester on sunday. take a listen. have the signatures. does anyone know that? he didn't qualify in pennsylvania, so if he doesn't qualify in pennsylvania he shouldn't be running on tuesday, right?" contends that the suit was filed 13 a three-judge matter in the coming weeks.
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we continue to follow breaking news of the touched down half north of downtown we'll have a damage assessment at ten. we've got new dash camera video... and brand, new information on why the uber driver accused of opening fire on multiple victims... may have done it. and it's almost time to fight these nasty mosquitos. we'll have the repelling gadgets that are worth the moneyat ten. tonight on fox19 now... don't miss all new episodes of gotham and lucifer...
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did the ncaa selection team get it right? john calipari says no - and his boss tonight wants changes. joe d is in the newsroom working on that. joe cam 4 take a look inside john calipari's house during the bracket announcement. not exactly pumped, right? new information tonight from u-k's a-d. his idea to make the selection process better is coming up. sot "sports animation" american workers brought us back from the crash. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of we've gotta create new jobs and
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i'm hillary clinton and i
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he says it's time to to the brackets. just did release a statement saying the process of picking teams needs to be more transparent. says it's time for the ncaa to release updates the weeks leading up to selection sunday like they do in college football. the man in the white hat is duke tobin - he's the brains behind the bengals draft. twenty-eight nfl teams at uc today to watch what they call the underwear olympics. it's the bearcats' pro day... and somebody needs to tell the broncos scout - eyes on your own paper - cheater. twenty bearcats
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hopes to be drafted. it's state week at new cath. breds are one of sixteen teams left with a chance to win state. their star is a third generation player now in the state tournament. more on that tonight. joe bam/gfx roger bacon - aiken - wilmington - and lynchburg are all still alive in ohio. the news doesn't stop when we go off the air! that's right tricia, if you head to the fox19 now facebook page right now... you'll see that "no swimming" signs on myrtle beach have vacationers concerned.. but, the signs don't necessarily mean what you think they do... check it out. springing forward for daylight saving time, can mess with your sleep cycle... but, there can be deadly consequenses of not enough sleep. that's on fox19 now dot com.. and a photo of a very angry woman riding splash mountain has made its way around the
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on fox19 now dot com. along with how the photo got posted online to begin with... those stories and more are online right now! we will see you tonight at ten.... tricia 4shot don't forget wheel of fortune and jeopardy are next!!! announcer: fox19 now never stops. take us with you wherever you go. log on to and download the fox19 now app. severe weather
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content
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from sony pictures studios, it's america's game! wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show -- pat sajak and vanna white. [ cheers and applause ] hey! that's us! how are you? what a nice group. thank you. thank you, jim. thanks, everybody. we appreciate that. bye. hi. you're here. we've been waiting for you. all right, get ready. it's "toss up" time. $1,000 at stake.


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