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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  March 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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after the death of a 4-year-old boy... why his stepmother is now facing charges. dan vo president obama has nominated a new supreme court justice... but he's already facing a political battle with senate republicans. sot full "nats bugle" kara vo let the celebrations begin! how folks in the tri-state are spending saint patrick's day... good morning -- it's 4:30.
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and i'm dan wells... let's get our first look at the forecast with meteorologist following a police pursuit. police say they were called to a
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symmes township for a disturbance involving an intoxicated man... they told him to sleep it off.. but we're told he got in his truck and started driving. officers were able to pull the vehicle over on i-71 southbound, near stewart road. officials say they're taking the driver to bethesda north as a precaution. new this morning new this morning... disturbing details in the death of a four-year-old franklin boy. police say austin cooper was found not breathing wednesday morning.. he was taken from a home on boulder drive, to atrium medical center, where he was pronounced dead. his stepmother, anna ritchie, is charged with child endangering. investigators tell fox19, ritchie put the boy's legs in scalding hot water as a punishment the night before his death. "people said this apartment was a great place to live. but when you hear about someone boy like that, that's not right"
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sad" police tell us more charges could be filed... pending the results of an autopsy. ritchie is in the warren county jail and a video arraignment is scheduled for tomorrow. happening today supreme court nominee judge merrick garland will meet today with senate minority leader harry reid. political watchers say his confirmation could be a difficult path to the highest court in the land. the 63-year-old is a longtime justice department lawyer and federal court of appeals judge. as a federal prosecutor, he worked on high profile cases like the oklahoma city bombing and the unabomber. the white house has also asked senate majority leader mitch mcconnell if he would meet with garland, but mcconnell refused. "it seems clear that president obama made the intent of seeing the in order to politicize it for purposes of the election." "we hope the saner heads in the republican
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mitch mcconnell to do their job. if merrick garland can't get bipartisan support, then nobody can." garland's nomination -- if confirmed -- would shift the balance of the court's leaning for the first time in decades. we want to get another check on this morning's forecast. frank joins us with ahead.
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now that not one... but two polar bears were not were they were supposed to be at the cincinnati zoo. berit and little one took advantage of an open door wednesday morning, making their way into a hallway behind the exhibit. they were found in a "behind the scenes" area. zoo officials say that area was secure, though guests were asked to move inside or leave the park as a precaution. those living near the zoo expressed some concerns. "my first reaction was that i'm glad i don't let my cat outside. cuz it's just that's kind of frightening to think that you could just come home and there
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walking in your front yard" no one... including the bears... were hurt. the bears are expected to be back on exhibit by tomorrow. happening today today... the only time of year where madness makes us happy. today, xavier will have its first practice in st. louis... ahead of the muskies first game on friday. and we will have coverage from every local team throughout the tournament. fox19 now is in des moines, saint louis and spokane with coverage from every first round game. i-u and u-k met media tonight talking about today's opening games. jamal murray: "i've played on many stages before, played in many must-win games. so, i've been here before and it's up to me to get these guys rallied up and ready to fight and mentally prepared because the other teams' giving us their best shot. so, we have to be ready." yogi ferrell: "i feel like in the tournament, the
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in the tournament, you're basically one of the top teams in the country." for the very latest march madness coverage.. log on to fox19 now dot com... anytime.. or check the fox19 now mobile app. not only is it march madness... today of course is st. patrick's day! right now, restaurants and bars are gearing up for big crowds. expect to see a lot of green-clad basketball fans if you're heading out at some point today. one of the busiest areas, is always the banks downtown... and folks at the holy grail have something extra to celebrate. "its also our fifth year anniversary. we opened up five years ago on st. patrick's day 2011" "it's very busy, very green, basketball on. it's a good time" if you have work in the morning and don't want to go crazy, those in the patty's day spirit say you can still celebrate with irish food. ihop patrons will be
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the irish" today... guests at participating restaurants can score 1-dollar short stack pancakes... the only catch... you have to wear a visible article of green clothing... the offer is good all day. happening now and a reminderfox19 now is once again teaming up with saint jude children's research hospital for the annual dream home giveaway. tickets are on sale right now and if you buy now, you'll be entered to win a 25-hundred dollar playset from recreations outlet and a honda civic from superior honda. text "home" to 4-19- 19 for a link to buy your ticket... they're going fast so don't wait too long! are republicans turning against their party's g-o-p frontrunner? why a group is planning a meeting today.. coming up. and a live look at dublin, ireland, where there seems to be a lull in the st. patrick's day parties... they're four hours ahead of us... how the tri-state is celebrating, next. levee cam
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your storm for your morning
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live on their roof in texas. they moved couches, a t-v' and appliances outside. you can even see one man using a broom to sweep the "floor"??? 3-shot chat today partly cloudy skies breezy
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celebrate saint patrick's day! the party will begin even before the sun comes up... kara dblbx our jessica brown joins us live in covington with a preview. live 'good morning! you are right doors will open around
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day events tri-state... log on to fox19 turning to election news... conservative
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to meet today to discuss ways to stop g-o-p front- runner donald trump. attendees will consider a contested convention or rallying around a third-party candidate.... but no such candidate has been identified. fox news decided to cancel the next republican debate... it was scheduled for monday in salt lake city. donald trump said he wasn't going... and shortly after that announcement, governor kasich also decided to skip. instead the two will host their own events that same night. missouri's primary to call. trump and hillary less than one point... with 100- percent of precincts reporting. we're being told some absentee and provisional ballots remain uncounted-- overseas absentee ballots will be noon tomorrow. possible in both under missouri who loses by less than one-half of 1 percent, can seek a
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idol the stakes are high contestants on "american idol"... and so is the transformation from ordinary person to superstar. there's a lot going on behind the scenes, to make the contestants look like the stars they hope to become... and for some, it's is a very new experience... "i can't wait to get into my hotel room and wipe know it looks great but i'm still getting used to the makeup situation" "they've been doing this for 15 years, you better be ready to put makeup on. if they tell me to where heals and a dress, i'm going to doubt it but i might do it if they tell me that's what we need to do. i probably won't do that, i'm going to go against them on that." tonight.. find out which finalists made the top 5.. at 8 p-m only on fox19 now. fox19 now is giving away a trip for two
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it's easy to enter... log on to fox19 contests, and then choose, idol giveaway. selected march 25th. nike says it has the answer to muddy cleats.... new technology coming up. but first a check of your saint patrick's fox19 now returns. "fox19 now never stops. download the fox 19 weather now app for in your neighborhood.
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subway system is set to reopen in a few minutes... it was shut down for more than 24 hours, following a series of electrical fires. metro will reopen 5 a.m., unless inspectors find an immediate threat to passenger safety. a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in pennsylvania is now on its way back to the senate for review.. the state house approved the measure yesterday. the governor says if the bill reaches his will be signed into law. happening today happening today across the region... ohio's department of health says its testing suspected cases of zika virus... the medical director says initial results could be provided to doctors and local health departments within 48 hours of the lab receiving a blood specimen. happening today happening today across the tri- state... take advantage of "spring into healthy'" a community health fair will be held from 11 a-m until 1 at the villages at roll hill community center.
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pressure evaluations, eye checks, mammograms and other preventative treatment. and goodwill is location in west chester. a ribbon cutting ceremony is set for cincinnati-dayton road store... doors open at 9 o'clock. doctors have trend between and the number of we'll explain coming up. adlib weather and traffic tease welcome to fox19 now it's 5 o clock.
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and i'm dan wells. today partly cloudy skies breezy


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