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tv   FOX19 Morning News Extra  FOX  March 18, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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the tri-state... as local teams begin set to take over the tri-state... as
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tournament play. its a big night for xavier fans..xavier's number 2 seed is the best in school xavier fans..xavier's number 2 seed is the best in school history. they'll be facing off against the 15th seeded weber state at the scottrade center in st. louis. it's the first time these teams will play each other other. here's video from yesterday in st. louis..a bigpractice day at the scottrade center.. the arena will host first and second round games in basketball's tournament today. xavier looking for four of would be their first time if they make it 9:20 tonight. cincinnati will take the floor tonight for the first time since losing a
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american athletic conference quarterfinals. the bearcats are using that loss now as motivation for tonights game. no 9 seed uc's bearcats will face off against number 8 seed saint joseph's hawks over in spokane washington. they will play the very last game of the first round tonight at spokane veterans memorial arena. here's video of them practicing for the big game yesterday. cincinnati ranks among the top teams in the nation in's been their strength..but the bearcats will need their offense to be just as good in tonights game. the bearcats will be able to rely on forward gary clark, who said he is fully recovered from an ankle injury. this game will be uc's sixth straight ncaa tournament appearance. game time is at
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texting and texting and walking.... you see it everywhere, most of us have probably been guilty of it ourselves. now imagine getting a 50 dollar ticket... for doing it! a lawmaker in new jersey is the first to propose a bill to make texting and walking illegal. in 2010 alone, texting and walking killed 4-thousnd pedestrians. and researchers say it has become a major safety issue, that needs to be addressed. the bill suggests treating texting and walking just
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fine if they see you doing it.... and even sentence repeat offenders to a small amount of jail-time. mike molzberger. general manager of kings chrysler, jeep, dodge, ram in general manager of kings chrysler,
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the kings automall he is purchasing pink shirts with our fox19now think pink logo for all his staff to wear on the 19th of each month and signage too. he lost his wife to melanoma about 3 years ago and feels the give back is important. weather now the wind has finally died down across the region. today, sunny skies will prevail as temperatures reach the upper
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recently, this is much more appropriate for this time of year. an upper level low will deliver the chance for some tomorrow some mixing. the continue tomorrow linger into sunday morning. temperatures on both weekend days still to come the search for a
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the search for a car which crashed into the ohio river after an accident... why officials can't go into the river to find that car... coming up. plus we're getting you ready for the race for the cure. we'll talk with a physical therapist about how to train safely... coming up
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breaking now... fire crews are on the scene of a barn fire in liberty township.... where 5 horses have died. fox19's shawn lanier is live on the scene with the latest details
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an early morning butler county barn fire, authorities said. no humans were hurt when flames broke out in the 1700 block of kyles station road just after 6:30 a.m. friday, said liberty township fire chief paul stumpf. but when crews arrived, they found heavy fire shooting from the roof of a barn. they were unable to rescue the horses inside. the barn is a total loss. the cause remains under investigation. the homeowner told the fire chief a space heater was not turned on in the barn overnight. a damage estimate was not available. happening today today, the step- mother of a 4- year-old franklin boy will face a judge... just a day
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homicide. an autopsy revealed that the severe burns on the boy's legs ultimately led to his death. the step-mother, anna ritchie's, bond is set at 350- thousand dollars. the father, robert ritchie iii, says this whole thing feels unreal. " that whole day just seemed like a big blur... like a nightmare on loop" "he was a big r2-d2 guy and he loved darth vader. i actually got him one of those kylo ren's there a few weeks ago. he loved it." anna ritchie is set to be in court today at noon on a child endangering charge. still more questions than answers.... after a vehicle crashes into the ohio river. we might get some of those answers... this afternoon at 2 o'clock, campbell county police will be holding a press conference to release new details about their ongoing investigation of the accident that happened tuesday night on the combs hehl bridge. the boone county water rescue team told police it could be sunday or
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ohio river allow crews to safely return to the water cincinnati police are holding a press conference later hours after they announced the federal indictment herald for firing a american tower. occasions in on one of them... bullets barely missed a person we'll be at the news conference and bring you the new information as soon as we get it. i will continue to follow breaking news for you and bring you the latest information right here on the our website fox19 now-dot-com. right now, we want to get a check of your weather with catherine weather now transition the wind has finally died down across sunny skies will prevail as temperatures 50s. even though
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recently, this is much more appropriate for this time of year. an upper level low pressure system will deliver the chance for some rain tonight into tomorrow. tomorrow morning, there is the potential for some mixing. the chance of rain will continue tomorrow afternoon and linger into sunday morning. temperatures on both weekend days will be in the 40's! think pink animation cincinnati's susan g.
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cincinnati's susan g. cure is september 24th and while the race is this fall, many people will start training physical therapist and avid runner stacey mcconnell tells us how to prepare for a run or walk while " videos online he is an avid runner, having done multiple marathons, including boston, and has his own program underway to help runners, especially those interested in the flying pig. here is a link to the initiative we have with him currently: http: he can also be found on our facebook page as well: https: stacey encourages the runners that he works with to continue to challenge themselves with this vigorous activity, compare their running only with their own
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they perform. he appreciates how running allows him to eliminate a lot of stress, stay healthy, hopefully live longer and be a better employee, friend, brother, father and husband. top ten things a runner should do to avoid injury: 1. get shoes from a local running store. 2. join a running group such as "couch to 5k" or "sit to fit" 3. go online and copy a 5k training program and follow it day to day 4. start with lower miles and progress slowly 5. incorporate rest days into your program 6. use cross training to get more cardio without impact to legs 7. strengthen and stretch areas of weakness and tightness 8. stay eat right, stay hydrated, and get good sleep 9. be careful with "hill repeats", "speed work". 10. long slow weekend runs should be long and slow still to come right now it looks
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the white house might be between... trump and clinton and... wait until you see some of the early ads. we'll show them to you after the break toyota billboard you decide 2016 ?are we looking at
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match-up in november? more and more, the two presidential hopefuls are attacking one another. fox news correspondent doug luzader has more from washington. on cam intro if you're playing the odds right now, this is likely to be the match-up come november -- and, we're getting a preview now of what that could be like.
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his web ads are cheap, simple, and cutting. and, a big hillary clinton superpac is taking a page from his playbook. nats but for all the bluster, donald trump and hillary clinton are no doubt flawed frontrunners. trump may have a ceiling of support -- and, he's facing a republican establishment effort to dislodge him. ryan says "..this is more likely to become an open convention then we thought before." for her part, hillary clinton is dealing with an enthusiasm gap -- and, an ongoing f- b-i investigation into her use of classified e-mail at the state department. napolitano says " has the evidence, it's corroborating and recorroborating the evidence, and i believe that it will recommend to its superiors in the justice department that the evidence be presented to a grand jury. what happens there, nobody knows." but at the same time, there are real questions about that, with the new york times reporting that behind closed
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urging democratic leaders to united around clinton. is it possible that his justice department would actually pursue a case against her? krauthammer says "..he must either have information, or really strong intuition that this will not happen." on cam tag even though these are the two frontrunners, it is fair to say that hillary clinton is farther along the path to winning a nomination than donald trump. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. still to come do you spend a lot on your easter celebration... you may be surprised how much americans spend on the holiday. plus... a woman fights to keep her pet.... the problem... it's an alligator! we'll explain coming up next open studio bump shot 3 shot welcome back to
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trending now animation fox19 now's kara foxx is here with what's trending
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fighting to keep her beloved pet from being taken away from state officials. mary thorn's place, you'll see a friendly homemade sign warning you about her gator, rambo! rambo has become a part of her family since she
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rescue 11 years ago. you can see rambo's really tame, but now there are questions about whether she can keep the gator. the alligator lives inside mary's house. he waits by the fridge for food. he even watches tv. mary says you may think she's crazy for treating rambo like a family member - but she insists she's not. take a listen i get that all the time. and then once they meet him his personality takes over. you see him sitting there? he'll sit there like that till he has to go pee. mary has a license from the florida fish and wildlife commission to keep from the florida fish and wildlife commission to keep rambo, but there are questions about getting the license renewed because of how big rambo has become, and whether mary has enough land for him to meet regulations. i asked you all on facebook do you think mary should be allowed to keep
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pat said while he doesn't consider a gator a good pet, mary should be able to keep him since she's raised rambo for so long the gator probably wouldn't survive in the wild. on the other end, marty says no way because you can never 100 percent guarantee the animal won't hurt someone. we're talking about a spring holiday that may
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this year. you've probably spotted the easter decorations lining the store aisles. it's just a week away from sunday. according to a survey by the national retail federation -- americans are expected to spend 17-point-three billion dollars this easter. that's roughly 146 bucks -- per person. and it's the highest amount allocated for easter since the survey started 13 years ago. so where's all this money going? according to the survey -- most of that money goes to food. easter clothes comes in at number two. gifts and candy are
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out the list. companies have taken notice of the increased easter spending. you can expect to find spring sales -- and of course easter specific ads -- to encourage you to spend more. still to come on the morning x.... do you love to run? we've got the the morning x.... do you love to run? we've got the perfect running shoes you can wear for this years race for the cure! coming up next
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the fox19 mobile app, you'll never be without fox19 news. from to text and email alerts for
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all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 30 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call now. training for cincinnati's komen
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is important but nearly as essential is what you're wearing while you prepare for the race. stacey dejulius with fleet feet sports cincinnati says it starts with your socks. talking points about shoes, insoles, socks & bras: " save your insoles, socks & bras: " save your toenails! your walking and running shoes should be a half to full size larger than your everyday shoes " shoes are good for 400 miles if you count steps - 10,000 steps = 5 miles " shoes should never celebrate a birthday " all shoes are for different foot types flexible or stable arches; flat or high arches, etc it's important to get properly fit for the shoes that will be best for your feet and your biomechanics
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right shoes for you will help prevent pain in your hips and low back be sure to wear non-cotton socks to prevent blisters " all shoes are flat on the inside, so a great way to prevent injuries is to replace the cheap foam piece that comes in a shoe with a higher quality insole that supports your arches. insoles are great for high heels and flats too : " 80% of women wear the wrong size sports bra " sports bras should be replaced as often as shoes and should not celebrate a birthday " the right size sports bra will help prevent chaffing, soreness in the chest and sagging. " you should never have to wear two
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i'll probably bring a water belt or handheld water bottle as well if we want to promote the importance of being self sufficient and having water on you when walking or running as for us, we are fleet feet sports, a specialty walking and running store with two locations in blue ash and oakley. my husband frank and i own both locations. we are currently training around 500 people to do the flying pig 10k, half-marathon or after causing a bears are back in
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scare... the polar bears are back in
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we'll explain coming up and a reminder fox19 now is once again teaming up with saint jude children's research hospital for the annual dream home giveaway. tickets are on sale right now and if you buy now, you'll be entered to win a 25-hundred dollar play set from recreations outlet and a honda civic from superior honda. text "home" to 4- 19-19 for a link to buy your ticket... they're going fast so don't wait too long
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with havertys furniture,
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the spring home event is happening now. from classic to contemporary, havertys. multiple times during a fight has died. the hamilton county coronor just announced that 56 year old clifford wagers passed away at uc hospital. police say it all started with a fight on crowthers drive late wednesday night. butler county sheriff's deputies later arrested the suspect 28 year old jonathon day...who turns out to be wagers roommate. day is charged with felonious word on any further charges at this point. just in time for
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snap... berit and little one go back on display today at the zoo. this is new video the cincinnati zoo sent us of them playing during their 2 day break from visitors. zoo officials say they wandered through an open door, forcing a lockdown! visitors were never in any danger, but there's still an investigation to figure how they were able to get out. i will continue to follow breaking news for you and bring you the latest information right here on the morning xtra and our website fox19 now-dot-com. right now, we want to get a check of your weather with catherine weather now transition the wind has finally died down across the region. today, sunny skies will prevail as temperatures reach the upper 50s. even though this is cooler than we have been recently, this is much more appropriate for this time of year. an upper level low
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will deliver the chance for some rain tonight into tomorrow. tomorrow morning, there is the potential for some mixing. the chance of rain will continue tomorrow afternoon and linger into sunday morning. temperatures on both weekend days will be in the 40's! toyota billboard
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of dollars through donations and race registrations. and the $19 race special ends at the end of this month! molly mcknight is on komen's board of directors and has a passion to find a cure for breast cancer through her own story. komen greater cincinnati race for the cure your registration gets you to the start line, but your fundraising gets us closer to the cures! date:september 24, 2016 time:race site opens at 4:00pm place:cincinnati riverfront we race because. one in eight women in the u.s. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. because every minute, somewhere in the world, someone dies from breast cancer. and because, breast cancer knows no
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socio-economic status or geographic location. we continue to race because at the current rate, 13 million breast cancer deaths around the world will occur in the next 25 years. but, when you participate and fundraise for the race, we fight these statistics together. in 1980, the 5-year relative survival rate for women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer cancer confined to the breast was about 74 percent. today, that number is 99 percent! komen has played a critical role in every major advance in the fight against breast cancer - transforming how the world talks about and treats this disease and helping to turn millions of breast cancer patients into breast cancer survivors. this progress was made with your continued support and together we can reach our vision of a world without breast cancer. founded in 1997 as the susan g. komen for the cure greater cincinnati race for the cure rftc , this affiliate has grown from a rftc
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an approximate $170,000 in revenue race/affiliate revenue of over $1.4m in fy2015. in the greater cincinnati affiliate of susan g. komen funded over $10.3m to address screening, education, and breast cancer. additionally, we over $2.1m toward for the cure research grant contributions to these programs made by the komen affiliate are in support of our promise to save forever by people, ensuring all and energizing science to find a cure. still to come tristan mclintosh went home last night on american
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going home next week? we'll ask our idol expert coming up that's it for this hour... we've got another with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, thlitae nutella takes pancakes to whole new level. tella.
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stay with us. cam bump in
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the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe. a message from tide


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