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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  December 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we have snow, ice, tornado reports. this is a strong system. let me put a track on it. from atlanta northbound, 606 with the majority being flash floods. the good news, look towards georgia. the line of storms has moved through the -- moved through there. no severe -- no damage reports now. we are under a flood watch all week. look at all the rain headed into our area shortly. it will be a soggy evening. light showers already showing up for greenville. the heavy stuff is back towards the west. you can see it moving into north georgia, the reds, oranges and yellow. heavy rainfall will continue to move in. heavy rain. that is pushing towards shortly. watch the flood watch. river levels are high. we will see more.
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#winter is coming. i did a video about the weather pattern. i will explain, coming up. carol: severe weather is hammering texas, from tornadoes to blizzard conditions. this is what they woke up to in north texas this morning, severe conditions stranded drivers overnight on i-40 and closed roads in lubbock. several tornadoes touched down in dallas on saturday killing 11 people. michael: there is a significant travel impact. that system moving through the middle part of the country has forced the cancellation of nearly 900 flights. it's delayed another 500, and the flight-tracking service flightaware showed that more than a third of the cancellations happening at chicago's two main airports. hundreds more in dallas, where there's tornado impact. officials blame weather on at least 43 deaths nation-wide since wednesday. carol: and if you are flying out of gsp, all flights from chicago have been canceled. that is at least five. police 20 have been delayed,
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-- newark and atlanta. check your flight before you head to the airport. continued rain is causing more issues for guyton road east of i-85, this is the third issue for neighbors in just three months. you can see the latest damage . the first time, a sinkhole opened up in late october. last week, a water main broke. this time, neighbors say, the road completely collapsed on christmas morning. >> as far as safety and liability, they really need to get that fixed, because they need to do something. get a barrier or something and fix it with some sort of concrete. carol: the anderson county roads and bridges manager says the issues have stemmed from excessive rains. he estimates a fix will cost more than $230,000, and still needs fema approval. and the repairs will take 18 months. michael: this warm wet winter is showing up on the roads. more and more potholes across our area. and hitting one can get expensive, and even dangerous. wyff news 4's mike mccormick is live and local in spartanburg.
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mike: repaving work will be happening on both sides of i-80 five in spartanburg county, beginning in mid-january. but you know that the problem with potholes extends far beyond the interstate. take a look at this example in spartanburg county. this is anderson mill road. a big pothole there. a man who lives nearby says the department of transportation patched it, but the rain kept the patch from staying put. drivers who hit potholes like that are ending up at businesses like bolton james wheel alignment on union street. they had three cars come in today, needing repairs because of potholes. damage includes bent or cracked wheels. the owner at bolton james says potholes can throw your car out of alignment. that can cause tire wear and even impact your fuel efficiency. repairs can get pricey. >> we've seen wheels be as cheap as $200 apiece. wheel repair can be somewhere between $85 to $125
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apiece, and then we have seen wheels that cost upwards of $450, $500 apiece to repair and replace. mike: we tried getting in touch with the department of transportation to ask them what they plan to do about the potholes, but today was a state holiday, said the dot office was closed. we did also try to ask questions about the locations you told us about on social media. a long list from many of you. you can make a maintenance request to get potholes fixed rate there on the dot website. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, live in spartanburg. michael: fallout tonight from the heavy rain and flooding on christmas eve. in western north carolina it , caused a couple of sewage spills. one on riverside drive, the other on river road in asheville. each one released about 6,000 gallons of untreated sewage into the french broad river. the overflows have since been repaired. a strange kidnapping case out of asheville over the weekend. four people face charges tonight. authorities issued an amber alert for elijah and harlee
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joyner around noon yesterday. they were both found safe about an hour later. investigators will not release details in the case, but they charge natasha cantrell and christopher carter of georgia with abduction of children and kidnapping. they charge chadwick agan, also of georgia, with abduction, and trena weaver stands accused of child abuse in the case. carol: a fight between a father and son, involving a hatchet and a handgun, led to criminal charges against both men. according to mcdowell county deputies, 64-year-old thomas stafford and 36-year-old daniel stafford were arguing at their home on tom's creek road last wednesday. investigators said daniel hit his father with a hatchet, and his father responded by firing a handgun. however, deputies say the father accidentally shot another son, who had to be hospitalized for a gunshot to the arm. the father is charged with felony aggravated assault. the son is charged with aggravated assault, communicating threats and violating a domestic violence protection order. we're learning more tonight about conditions inside a north carolina home where a father
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found his 6-month-old dead on christmas eve. first, the background. lincoln county deputies charged stephanie amber tillman with child abuse and neglect. she was treated at the scene for unrelated injuries from two days earlier. the medical examiner still hasn't released the baby's cause of death. as for what it looked like inside that home in lincoln county, investigators used the word horrific. the home is in dallas, just north of gastonia. they say it was strewn with human and animal waste and garbage. dss took custody of two other children also found inside the home. they were ages 3 and 4. michael: we have new information about a man found dead behind a spartanburg county restaurant. the coroner says 36-year-old brent lee tessnear was found unresponsive behind the hardee's in cowpens yesterday. the town administrator today confirmed police are investigating this is a hit and run case and they hope someone with information comes forward and calls cowpens police or crimestoppers. we now know a fight led to the shooting that killed a man in greenville county, that's
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according to the coroner. first responders found the man dead sunday night about 6 in a -- about 6:00 in a home on perry road. the coroner this afternoon confirmed 33-year-old nathan lee crouch died from at least one gunshot to the chest. there's no word yet on who else was involved in the killing. if you know anything about this, call crime stoppers at 23-crime. you don't have to give your name. chris: the live super doppler working overtime tonight. look at all the rainfall headed our way. it will be a soggy evening. the forecast is coming up.
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>> you're watching live, local, breaking news. with carol goldsmith, michael cogdill, the
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john cessarich, and sports with brad fralick. high definition. from tigertown to miami and beyond, as clemson gears up for the orange bowl. mike: today, players and coaches got a short practice, then headed to the beach. i hate that. wyff news 4's marc dopher is in south florida, and today, he caught up with all-american defensive end shaq lawson, on the road to the title. marc: the 2015 orange bowl is three days away. joining me is central's shaq lawson, one of several guys to come out of daniel and play for clemson. what is this like for you as you truly try to take your hometown team to the championship? x it is so special to us. we are enjoying the journey. happy to be here. when we came down here, it's strictly business. we have a chance to bring a championship back home and that's what we want to do, and leave a legacy.
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marc: you played oklahoma and the russell athletic bowl. this is not the same oklahoma team last year. >> no, sir. they have three great players. they can make a lot of plays. of johnny manziel. and peter ryan, and a receiver. players. different guys from last year. have really changed their team and they have a more powerful offense. marc: shaq lawson, acc defensive player of the year gearing up for the orange bowl. in fort lauderdale, marc dopher, wyff news 4 sports. carol: be sure to catch marc and brad for our wyff news 4 hourlong special, "road to the title." it airs wednesday night, at 7:00. they'll be live from miami with a preview of the game, and a recap of the clemson tigers' undefeated regular season.
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michael: if they hover board glided under your christmas tree, what the experts say is the best way to stay safe. a reminder that could save your life. chris: a light look from our laurens skycam, showers and 72 degrees. heavier rain on the way. i will have the forecast coming
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if the free app is any michael: if the free app you're -- if the free act is any indication, you're looking at this year's top holiday gift. the wearable tracking device hit the top of apple's free app downloads, suggesting millions are setting
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up their new devices. almost 4.5 million of the watch-like devices were shipped, sending fitbit stock soaring 5% today. carol: another hot gift this christmas is catching the attention of the consumer product safety commission. from falls to fires, the federal agency is now investigating hoverboard complaints across the country. and an upstate agency is reminding everyone who may have gotten a hoverboard this holiday, to stay safe. wyff news 4's mandy gaither has more from greenville. mandy: we are at safe kids upstate, an organization that is concerned about all the hoverboards you may have gotten over the holidays. yourself or your children is to have a proper fitting helmet. we want to go through how to properly fit a helmet on your child. this one is the only one that fits me. it is a child helmet because apparently i have a small head. they will put it on me like this. you can show us how to fit it.
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put it on, you also clasp it. user the click. when it is on, have two finger spaces between the eyebrows and the helmet. you can see a y shape or av shape around the ears. you can fit one finger space between the chin and the chin strap. that is how you know you have the helmet fitted correctly in the event of a fall. you know it will protect you. mandy: obviously, people need to stay away from roadways, as well. >> absolutely. if you do choose to use a helper board or a skateboard -- a hover board or a skateboard, do so on a trail. rather than roadways. mandy: stay safe out there. mandy gaither, wyff news 4 in greenville.
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4 hd weather forecast. chris: i don't and you will want to hoverboards out there for a few more days. cold air moves in. look at the system. severe weather down towards the south, significant snow to the north. a very dynamic system. across the southeast, heavy rainfall across our area starting to pick up. it will be a soggy night. look at this line to the west. the yellows, oranges and reds, those are heavy rain showers. that will continue to push into the area. like to moderate rain for now, but it will pick up over the evening. raven county seeing the heaviest rain. from robbinsville over towards clayton, the heaviest showers pushing towards the north. franklin, asheville, you will see it shortly. that towards north georgia, the heavier showers are headed your tonight. an inch and a half to two inches of rain. we have a flood watch until
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thursday at 7:00 a.m. why thursday? another round of heavy rainfall moves in wednesday after a short break tomorrow. it will be a sloppy couple days. i am monitoring wind speeds. we don't have severe weather across the area, but inside some of the rain showers we could get gusty winds. from hendersonville to asheville, a gusty night blowing rain showers around. there is the backdoor cold front we have been watching. it was hung up in the foothills, but hickory, boone, nor the rutherford county, marion, temperatures in the 60's this morning. it's in the 40's now. to the south in anderson, greenville, spartanburg, temperatures in the 70's. that cold front will lift north. warmer air will move in. lows tonight will fall into the upper 60's in the upstate. this is typical for july. in the mountains, temperatures dropping to around 60. greenville tomorrow, cloudy
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skies to start. maybe a little bit of sunshine by the end of the day. rain to start, temperatures topping out at 70. typically this time of year, we should be around 50 degrees. we will see highs tomorrow 15-20 degrees above average. near record territory. the cold front will stay put. the warm front lit's north giving us rainfall tonight with a cold front. tomorrow, we dry out for a short time. not long enough, though. the front moves south, but not far south enough. it stops in columbia. another system along the front. rain picks up again on wednesday, heavy at times before moving out on thursday morning. the day starts with clouds, the day ends with sunshine. it gets cold. you can see the cold air bottling up to the west. this will begin to had our way as winter looks to actually begin across the carolinas. the atlantic oscillation is one thing we look at. it has been positive a.
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unusually warm temperatures. towards new year's, near zero degrees. into the middle part of january, it gets negative four. unleashed -- unusually cold temperatures getting us cold air from the north. the first taste comes in this weekend. the warm air with us now starts to erode as we get into friday and saturday. highs this weekend in the 30's in the mountains, 40's in the upstate. that is the start of what i think is a pattern change. it will set up for an interesting january. 100% chance of rain on wednesday. as the new year arrives, we ring in cold air. the start of winter, highs in the 40's for quite a while. 30's in the mountains. it will be cold. michael: interesting is never good. sometimes, it is too interesting. carol: a clemson coach will square off against his former
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ricardo: brent venables will face oklahoma. the carolina panthers suffer their first set back sunday. what is at stake.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: former gamecock and houston texans d-end jadeveon clowney suffered a left foot injury in sunday's win against tennessee. clowney, who was in a walking boot after the game, told reporters he'll be fine. meanwhile, former tigers signal caller and colts third-string quarterback charlie whitehurst was put on injured reserve today, with a hamstring injury. for the second time in as many
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coordinator brent venables will coach against his former employer, the oklahoma sooners. sports director brad fralick has more on this reunion, from south florida. brad: as was the case a year ago, when clemson and oklahoma matched up in the russell athletic bowl, the common denominator between the programs was brent venables, and he talked about his relationship with the players and coaches that are still at oklahoma. he also talked about the running backs. and how difficult they will be to stop. >> i have followed oklahoma all year, not anticipating playing member because i'm a big fan of their team and the people that are associated with the team. the backs are so powerful, break a ton of tackles at first at second level. god help us all if they get to the third level. brad: he was asked why he isn't
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he answered very emphatically that he loves his job, he looks loves who he works for. he loves being in a place where he has the opportunity to be successful. he also said leaving oklahoma was difficult for he and his family a few years ago. it is ultimately turned out to be a great move, but it was he also said he thinks his job is better in most head coaching jobs in the country. if there were any head coaching rumors out there involving brent venables, he squash those today. in south florida, brad fralick wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: just three days away from the orange bowl, and just two days away from our hour long special, "road to the title." myself, brad, and marc dopher will get you ready for thursday's game. join us wednesday, at 7:00 p.m. the shot at an undefeated regular season ends in game number 15. the carolina panthers lost to atlanta sunday, and suffered their first regular season setback since november 30th of last year. but fans certainly showed their appreciation for the team's 18 game regular season win streak.
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upon their arrival from atlanta last night outside bank of america stadium. head coach ron rivera said he was disappointed in the missed opportunities after watching the tape of the game. the panthers can still earn the number one seed in the nfc with a win over tampa bay sunday. the game will kick off at 4:25 p.m. south carolina remains the only undefeated men's and women's teams. the gamecock women remain number two in the latest associated press poll. the gamecock men moved up one spot, to number 24 in the latest poll. both teams back in action this week. carol: thanks for watching wyff news 4. our next newscast is at 11:00. michael: we appreciate the company. we are always on and our mobile app. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, caption content and accuracy.
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