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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  December 29, 2015 5:00am-5:30am EST

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dale: i hope so. let's go stand on the edge of the empire state building! no, don't do that. aly: have you seen those kids in russia they get the selfie sticks and they stand on skyscrapers? not worth it. mike: no danger for me. aly: your news continues right now. >> live, local, breaking news. this if news 4 tmike: happening now. flash flood warnings are in effect throughout the area. and more rain is expected throughout morning. what you can expect for your tuesday. aly: also in this morning's headlines. people across the nation begin cleanup. after this same system brought 200 miles per hour winds to texas. mike: several power outages to report in the area this morning. 1730 customers without power in henderson county. 70 customers without power in anderson and 520 in greenville.
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power in greenwood. aly: a little good news, a little bad news from you today, i feel, right? dale: this particular front is coming to an end. we may see a few isolated showers through the morning. we get a break this aftenanother wave expected to develop will bring us more rain tomorrow morning. through the day tomorrow we will have one more day of heavy rain possibilities. then, drier weather comes in for thursday through the weekend. hang in there and keeeethe umbrella, rain jacket handy. temperature of 68 in greenville. very warm. it will drop a little bit and climb back to 70. 60 in asheville will climb to upper 60's before the day is out. we are seeing a southwest breeze at 10-15. it will be breezy at times in the foothills of north carolina. temperature wise, 70-71 for the afternoon. this is not normal.
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weekend and feel at winter. we enjoy wild -- mild temperatures in the men's again today, too. it is soggy after the rain overnight. we get a break this afternoon before the next wave starts early this morning -- . aly: they could be worse. as we take a look outside at our woodruff road skycam we're seeing that rain still hit our cameras. we're keeping you updated throughout the morning on the latest weather conditions. mike: the national weather service is near the charlotte area this morning a confirmed tornado. aly: this picture was taken in union county north carolina. , crews will determine the size and strength of that tornado today. people across the nation are cleaning up after this same system swept through areas like this in texas, 11 people were killed and dozens more injured when multiple tornadoes swept through north texas over the weekend. police confirmed at least eight people died and 15 more were injured in a twister that hit garland.
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says the ef4 tornado brought over 200 mile-an-hour winds and destroyed over 600 structures. in total the nws says more than , 1600 structures were damaged by at least nine tornadoes in the dallas area. mike: at least six people are dead because of high flood waters in mid-missouri. the fire department rescued people by boat monday. in pulaski county, southwest of st. louis, police confirm at least six people died when their vehicles were swept away by the rushing flood waters. >> we were rescued by a boat with the fire department, but we were rescued at 9:00 this morning. we stood in the water for about three hours waiting for them to get here. mike: missouri governor jay nixon declared a state of emergency after officials closed about 400 roads statewide. aly: the rain back home causing more problems for guyton road east of i-85 in anderson county. it's the third issue for neighbors in just 3 months. you can see the latest damage in this video.
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opened up in late october. last week, a water main break. and now neighbors say, the road completely collapsed on christmas morning. >> as far as for safety and liability, they really need to get that fixed because they need to do something, get a barrier or something and fix it with some kind of concrete. aly: the anderson county roads and bridges manager says the issues have stemmed from excessive rain. he estimates a fix will cost more than $230,000 and still needs fema approval. he says the repairs would take a year and a half. mike: all the rain we've had is causing more and more destructive potholes. a big one here on anderson mill road in spartanburg county. a man who lives nearby says the department of transportation patched it, but it rained again, so the hole re-opened. employees at bolton james wheel alignment in spartanburg worked on three cars with pothole damage yesterday. usually they get two a week. , >> it has either bent the wheel, it's cracked the wheel. generally when you see a wheel , that's bent or cracked it has
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as well. the alignment is very detrimental to your tire wear. mike: you can report a pothole on the d.o.t.'s website. aly: to spartanburg county now, and an update on the investigation into the death of a man found behind a restaurant. police now say they believe it was a case of hit and run. that's according to the cowpens town administrator. the coroner identified the victim as brent tessne. he was found unresponsive sunday behind the hardee's in cowpens. tesnear died at the hospital. if you know anything about this, call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. an update in greenville county. the coroner has identified a man who died in the sans souci area. the coroner says nathan crouch died from a gun shot to the chest during an argument. he ruled crounch's death a homicide. deputies say his body was found sunday night in a home on perry road. anyone with more information should call crime stoppers at 23-crime. mike: we're learning more about conditions inside a north carolina home where a father found his 6-month-old dead on
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first the background, lincoln county deputies charged stephanie amber tillman with child abuse and neglect. she was treated at the scene for unrelated injuries from two days earlier. the medical examiner still hasn't released the baby's cause of death. as for what it looked like inside that home in lincoln county, investigators used the word horrific. this is in dallas just north of gastonia. they say it was strewn with human and animal waste and garbage. the department of social services took custody of two other children also found inside the home. they were ages 3 and 4. aly: friends and family members celebrated a young girl who would have turned one yesterday. as you may remember 11-month old addie grace died earlier this month. addie had krabbe disease. which affects the nervous system and all body movement. her parents were huge clemson fans and dreamed of taking their little girl to a game someday. the clemson tiger, pep band and cheerleaders came to them back in october to give the family support. around 40 people gathered
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piedmont wrote messages on balloons. and let them go. mike: 5:07, dale is back with us, and the rain is going to go away at some point, right? dale: it was coming down last night. we got heavy downpours from yesterday through today. well over an inch of rain over a good bit of the area. as we look out from our various skycam's, we have wet roads as we begin the day. the bulk of this particular line of showers and thunderstorms is pushing to the east affecting the i-77 corridor, charlotte, eastern north carolina. still a few lingering showers in greenville-spartanburg, laurens, cherokee county, union. by late morning, it will be over. we will still be under a flood watch the thursday morning because another round of showers is expected tomorrow morning about this time continuing all they wednesday. we could see well over an inch
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a few flooding areas and parts of transylvania and hope county.over an inch and a half of rain at the actual airport fell in a sh of time leading to a localized flooding. we will have another wave of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. after that, things clear up here is there's the afternoon through the weekend looking good. 70-71 for the upstate, upper 60's for the mountains for afternoon highcooler temperatures new year's day and continuing through the weekend. we will get up to 70, 71 in the upstate. the mountains will see temperatures into the 60's, 69 possible by 2:00 this afternoon. tomorrow, cooler, thursday, 53 and the mountains. low 60's in the upstaby new year's day, it clears up and we will see highs of just
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morning saturday and sunday, 20's and low 30's. daytime highs of just 40, 50. aly: looking to find a new job for your new years resolution. which careers 80 much without a degree? mike: plus a giant squid. puts on a show. why this sighting was so rare. ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours,
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the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta
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the teen known for his
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aly: the teen known for his affluenza defense in court has been arrested in mexico after weeks on the run. mexican police arrested ethan couch and his mother sunday outside of a popular resort. couch made national news in 2013 after being sentenced to probation for a drunk driving crash that killed four people. his attorneys claimed he suffered from affluenza a condition that stems from having wealthy, privileged parents who never set limits. mike: no criminal charges will be filed in the 2014 police killing of 12-year-old tamir rice in cleveland. an officer shot and killed rice outside a rec center last year as the boy apparently reached for a toy weapon. investigators now believe tamir was going to hand over the toy, or show that it was fake. a grand jury spent two months listening to testimony and viewing evidence. the announcined monday that the officer's deadly mistake is not criminal under law. aly: iraq is claiming a major victory in the fight against
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iraqi forces drove isis fighters from the center of ramadi, a key city that fell to isis last may. several previous attempts to retake ramadi failed. this one succeeded, thanks to heavy american-led airstrikes. the iraqi military says isis still dug into pockets on the city's outskirts. the nearby city of fallujah is also still under isis control. mike: with christmas having come and gone, if you are stuck with unwanted cards, there may be an easy way to use them. dale: another batch of rain expected tomorrow.
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a fe after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious. dale: 5:16 is the time as we look out from our various skycam's this mine. this one has a few raindrops still on it. the rain is tapering off. we will get a few isolated showers over part of the upstate this morning. you can see the bulk of the rain
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of t upstate. the charlotte area is getting some good rain. it came down overnight. we have had reports that boiling springs got over an inch of rain, 1.1 in his rain gauge since yesterday. a little rain in gsp since midnight. more heavy rain after that. western north carolina got over 1.5 inches in the asheville area, leading to look less flooding. the flash flood warning has been dropped for the asheville area. we will see a few creeks and streams out of their banks. all of the counties highlighted in light green means a flood watch, watching for the potential of more flooding because another wave of action is expected to start tomorrow morning and impact our upstate, northeastern georgia, western north carolina region all the way through wednesday night. this is the first wave. another low down in the gulf will develop and run up there the southeastern corner of the
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another inch of rain in the process. we have had a lot of rain this fall. it is not over yet. we have one more day of it before we see a break in the action. good weather coming in for the end of the weekend weekend. 68 in anderson and greenville, 70 in abbeville, greenwood at 69, let's check on a few other communities the mountains. 59 in waynesville. 58 in fletcher, mars hill at 57. these are mild temperatures for this time of the year when we typically have cold nights and cool days. unusual weather for another day. southwest wind at 10-20 today. tomorrow, a couple of degrees cooler. right behind the system we have colder temperatures which will reach out this weekend and drop down into the 20's and 30's overnight. daytime highs this weekend just 40's for the mountains, 50 or so for the upstate.
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there is the first wave of action, some isolate is showers through late morning. we get a break this afternoon. tomorrow morning, 5:00, 6:00, we see more it rain develop and run through the region through the day tomorrow. keep the ember rain jacket handy for wednesday. by thursday, looking better. friday, saturday, sunday, clearing up nicely. 70-71 for the upstate high today, 69 for the mountains. crazy for the end of december as we look ahead with the four-day plyou can see this temperatures drop down to low 50's on new year's day for the upstate. 44 for the mountains. cold mornings and cool days saturday and sunday, around 50 for the upstate. low-to-mid 40's for highs in the mountains. aly: thank you, dale. much better than what they are dealing with in portland, super messy as wintery weather made for treacherous roads. look at that. mike: clean up crews were busy
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plenty of cars went off the road. some roads in the area have been closed since sunday. the forecast is calling for mostly light showers today. temperatures may be chilly enough to make for a rain-snow mix. aly: in iowa, a winter storm is making for wet conditions. plows and salt trucks are out. trying to clear roads. in michigan, freezing rain pelted vehicles over the weekend and led to slick and slippery roads. the snow and sleet also led to traffic troubles for drivers in wisconsin. the wintry mix and gusty winds caused several cars to spin out and off the roads. no serious injuries were reported. people were out and about in downtown chicago shoveling sidewalks and trudging through the slush. mike: chinese rescuers built a lifeline into the ground to reach trapped miners. it will be used to send down food, water and communications equipment. a total of 17 miners are trapped to under 20 meters down in two separate locations near the shandong province.
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the mine collapsed friday. the owner on the mine committed suicide sunday. aly: many countries around the world are currently dealing with bad weather. and china is no different. heavy fog covered many cities monday, temporarily closing some highways. in some areas, visibility dropped to less than 20 meters, prompting a yellow alert. looking at your money matters this morning fitbit was a top , holiday gift this year. company officials say the activity tracker's free app from the apple store was one of the top downloads in the u.s. on christmas day. while downloads don't give a clear picture of fitbit's sales the surge suggests that many , people are setting up new devices. mike: if you're looking for a job in the new year. here are some of the top paying jobs. with or without a degree. elevator installers and repairers hold the best-paying job. a person with only a high-school education could earn a median annual pay of $78,000. that's according to the labor department. job seekers with an associate degree could qualify to become an air-traffic controller.
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that job is more than $122,000. target is buying unwanted gift cards. the company is partnering with gift card exchange website cardpool. cardpool provides the trade-in rate of consumers' gift cards and then re-sells them. for example, a walmart gift card $100 would exchange for an 85 dollar target gift card. target will exchange gift cards from more than 600 brands, including old navy, cheesecake factory, tiffany & co, staples and pottery barn. all places i would use give cards at. the program is available at over 1500 target stores. we are just days away from the big game. excitement is building from tiger town to miami and beyond as clemson gears up for the orange bowl. players and coaches got a short practice, then head for the beach yewyff news 4's brad fralick and marc covering the road to the title. >> what quebec to south florida. preparations for the orange bowl
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off 54:00 on thursday. we will be here all week long. the news of the day today is we heard from the oklahoma offense and clemson defense. the running back from oklahoma doesn't really sound like he respects clemson's defense a lot, especially not this year's versio>> he kept crossing that line and then backing off saying he doesn'o put bullets in board material. putting bullets out there that he doesn't think clemson defense this year is as good as it was last year. certainly, the numbers bear that out. clemson was right to number one in the nation in defense last year. i think that is a little bit of disrespect to the tigers. that defense is still awfully good. >> they are also undefeated, 13-0, and rain number one. clemson is an underdog into the football game. we have been analyzing this for three weeks, so let's have fun. if clemson wins the football game, who are we talking about on friday as the main reason why?
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deshaun watson gets you what he gets you, and that's great. wayne coleman, 14 yards. he has had a fantastic year. it is watson that grabs all the headlines, i'm taking wayne. >> i would she and i think deshaun watson is who we will talk about because i see that late game drive that he sustains with third down quarterback runs and ultimately probably wins the game. i think it has been ball where on the defensive side. whoever wins between ben boulware -- if oklahoma wins the game, who are we talking about would be the reason why? >> baker mayfield is a johnny manziel type character where he can create plays off of broken plays. if he gets loose in that sense, i think he can cause a lot of trouble for clemson. oklahoma has to have baker mayfield play well to have a chance to an. >> i think you're right. i'm going with them, too. there hasn't been a running back
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they have been able to contain them for the most part, but if he can improvise, make plays, and lead oklahoma to a win, we will be talking about baker mayfield on friday. just a few thoughts from south florida. our coverage continues all week, especially tomorrow morning. we have a super bowl style mediaour first look will be tomorrow morning in miami. mike: the big clemson playoff game is a few days away. we are airing an hour-long special covering their playoff appearance called the road to the title. it is airing tomorrow night at 7:00. our sports team will be live from miami with a preview of the game and a recap of the tigers undefeated regular season. if you are a tigers fan, this is something it's now time to look at our wyff news 4 timeline on this december 29. on this date in history in 1851 the first american-based ymca , opened in boston.
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london was meant to serve as a place to help young working men find god through prayer and bible study. ymca's now serve about 30 million people in 120 countries.we are taking a live look now at our woodruff road skycam. we're seeing rainy conditions on those roadways. we're keeping you updated throughout the morning on the latest weather conditions.
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in t mike: some incredible must see video. a rare visitor to shallow coastal waters. aly: this child school it was seen in the japan marina.
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