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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  December 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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reports of flooding, many of them flash flooding. never, flash flooding is the kind that happens very quickly and is the most dangerous, because oftentimes, folks do not have time to react. greenville county, abbeville county, other counties, and as we continue through the evening, you will need to watch these, because some of the streams and creek are high, but the worst is over. doppler is showing we still have some more towards abbeville and lawrence county, but it is moving quickly. this is nowhere near as much as the upstate. we are starting to dry out, and in case you were wondering for the year, how much we had above normal, we were in a drought for the summertime, and we are over eight inches above normal for asheville. we certainly do not need more rain for quite a while. carol: chris, thank you.
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county today and joins us live in mauldin tonight. patrick, tell us what is going on. patrick: carol, i am here, and it is really dark out here, so i am going to ask you to use your imagination. it is a really small creek that would go unnoticed any other day, and just behind me, a small picnic table. now, imagine that creek overtaking the field, all of the way up to the picnic table. that is the kind of volume of rain the upstate has seen. this morning off of east butler area, this picnic area in the suburbs suddenly turned into a river and a threat as the waters rose closer and closer to the road surface. this is just many roads and bridges in danger of being overtaken after torrential early-morning rains. we are told by police there are bare canes set up.
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greer police were ready. but it has happened in the past where this area will flood before other areas of the city, and that is why we have blocked it off. patrick: and then it was on mount lebanon church wrote that the floodwaters were closinthere were no barricades set up to stop drivers. the ones we saw, however, still took it very slow. >> if you remove the barricades and get caught by us, you can lose your license. more poorly, if you remove the barricades, you can cause a lot worse. patrick: ok, so keep in mind, that barricade you saw, that will remain in place for safety reasons, so even though the rain has stopped, the safe and be on the lookout for those barriers. michael: patrick, thank you.
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some areas in downtown are still dealing with flooding tonight. we are live and local. corey? corey: yes, michael, and you can hear the falls behind me. they did have one intersection in greenville county at woodruff road where there has been some flooding reported, but as far as downtown, there are not any new issues, but part of this is underwater. cleveland park was closed. the flooding in cleveland park made it dangerous, and the city close to until further notice along swamp rabbit trail and the greenville zoo. people take advantage of the brakes and the heavy rain to venture out to false part. david and his wife compared the
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took of the area in 2001, the water a lot higher during that storm 14 years ago. this time around, the water did not meet flood stage. it only rose to about seven feet. >> we got engaged in front of a waterfall yesterday, so waterfall is our kind of special to us right now. corey: so again, in greenville county, emergency management said they are not taking any emergency action at this time, but they are keeping a close eye. michael: anderson county is keeping an eye on this. standing water and rivers overflowing. take a look in pelzer. they are seeing the water rise over the boat ramp and into some of the yards. in some areas, it is actually immersing the holiday light display.
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fralick, who is getting ready for the orange bowl in florida. brad: carol, hi. how are you? data swinney -- dabo swinney is giving more details about why some were sent home. he said both lakip and mccullough will no longer be a part of the program. lakip is a senior. he is finished, and mccullough is gone. he did say deon cain will have the chance to earn his way back. >> they did not do us right. it is no more complicated than that. it really is not.
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i treat them all the same. i love those guys. they are not bad guys. they are not bad kids. they are not robbing a bank or anything. they forfeited their opportunity. it is a privilege, it is a privilege, and we have rules. brad: he was asked what the reaction of watson was when he heard that those three players had been suspended, and he simply said no reaction. we will have more coming up with little bit later in sports. we are live right now in south florida. carol: thank you. much more at 7:00 right here on wyff 4 with our hour-long special to highlight clemson's season and preview the orange bowl. we will be live streaming the mobile app.
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michael: and we were getting ready for the big game, live wire. about the tigers, and some fun from our staff. you can look at what our sports team has been doing down in south florida, covering the tigers, as well, and you can use our app or go to carol: still ahead, a look at other parts of the upstate living with high water. chris: and back to the
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now to the flooding. in
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tarot: now back to the flooding, -- carol, now back to the flooding. report: let's go to some video i shot while still daylight. the residents were watching the water from the nearby creek climb up into their backyard, get close to their trailers, and almost going underneath the trailers, and some residents out here, 17, to be exact, were evacuated. they decided to leave here. the red cross decided to open a sheltered to let those people stay for the night. it is a scary time. the owner of the park was looking at the water and his mobile home, and here is what he has to say a little bit earlier about the situation.
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in 20 years, they have never experienced this. we have had more floods. reporter: he thinks that some of the nearby development has made this problem worse out here, although the heavy rainfall that has fallen in those areas certainly is a cause, and it does look like the rain is letting off here, and the rain is going down a little bit, so i do not believe any water went into the mobile we will be staying there. that is all from out here in greenwood. john lyon reporting live. carol:aly has more from a time when the water was dangerously high. aly: take a look behind me.
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close to the bridge, so much so that waves are starting to push up. we have been traveling in spartanburg all morning long. if the rain continues to get worse, you can tell just how problems it is going to create in areas like this. we have been driving along those roads. not as bad as the area around here. there are ditches already starting to fill with water. again, this situation could get much worse. once again, turn around. do not drown. make sure you are following that mantra. stay safe. michael: 20 of flooding in cherokee county, as well, today. that is an area that had to be evacuated, they're on your left, an apartment complex on brugg
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carol: wyff 4 has a way for you to give back. every dollar donated go straight to helping someone in need right here in the carolinas. after counting the don't nations, we now have a grand total of $90,528. just send your gift to p.o. box 1688, greenville, sc, 29602.
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. chris: about six to 12 more hours of showers, and i see a good chance of rain for about 10 days. things are getting better here at home. you can see live super doppler 4 hd with a lighter green. those are lighter showers. we still have flash flood warnings for several areas, and other than that, we are starting to see the waters recede. we still have some showers back towards newberry and back towards union and cherokee county seeing some showers, but
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getting bethings are coming to an end very quickly. we had over two inches of rain, and a record amount of rain in one area. we have had 250% more rain than we should from december 1, and if we were to convert that to snowfall, check this out. the typical rain to snow is 10. it looks like some of that rain will possibly be some snowfall as we head into january and february's colder air. this is nowhere near what we should see. almost all of us is stuck in the 60's. then colder air moves in. overnight, cold for the mountains, 46 asheville, 56 in greenville with some showers and
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tomorrow, 56 degrees to start, and we will be warm again, but colder air will come in as the day goes on. a snapshot, 4:00 p.m., that is typically the high. 46 in asheville, so the day will be getting cooler. still the 60's in the upstate. if you are filling up a cup, and it over phils, that is what it is like in the mountains. it will take in a while to move down. it will be dry, but it will be in the 50's. for new years day itself, it will be a cold one, starting out at 44 but warming up to 52 with mostly cloudy skies. let me show you the national picture. we are really the only place with significant weather.this goes down to the panhandle of florida. after that, colder air. it starts to move our way as we go throughout the next 40 eight hours, but not for miami.
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if you're hopping on a plane, you will need shorts. 81 to start off, 76 in the game with a wind. it is a southerly wind at this time of year that really warms it up. mostly cloudy skies, and the same for new year's day. for the weekend, it is looking nice, 49 degrees. in fact, i did the digging. let me go back. saturday, if we look at saturday in particular, it is the coldest they we have had ends last march. yes, it is cold. and the panthers game in charlotte, it will be chilly. you will want to bundle up for that, especially when the sun goes down. and that chill, we will see temperatures below average for a change.michael: snow. all right, the orange bowl is nearly here, kicking off in less than 24 hours. carol: brad fralick joins us
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brad: carroll, michael, how are you? yes, the orange ball kicks off tomorrow afternoon, and if clemson is going to win, they
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announcer: now, wyff sports. brad: tomorrow at 4:00 at the stadium down in miami gardens,
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and tough news for the tigers, losing three players just two days before the orange bowl. three players were sent home for violations of the rules, including the tight end macola. but in order for the tigers to win against oklahoma, it will take a big performance from number four, deshaun watson. the season began with questions about an injured knee, and it ended with this. >> deshaun watson for clemson. >> deshaun watson for clemson. brad: leading the number one ranked team in the country. >> pictures on the wall, and to be able to be there, that was
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guys like marcus allen and tony dorsett, and to see one of your players and to meet the others, i mean, it was awesome. it was a blessing to be a part of it. >> he is in the end zone! touchdown, watson! brad: the coaches say having someone like him is once in a lifeti>> you can go your whole career and never have an opportunity to coach someone like him. >> and watson takes off and breaks the tackle. >> the best player on the best team. he exemplifies class and character. still very mild-mannered. he is not looking for a pat on the back. >> it is watson.
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>> there is the internal battle, and he understands he is competing with himself. >> watson has the tigers one game away from a shot at the national championship. brad: and in just a few minutes, you will see "road to the title ," our hour-long special, and a host of others will be with me as we bring you that special. we are so looking forward to that at 7:00. we will have some fun. make sure you u ep it here. and we put a microphone out there. live in south florida. michael: thank you. beautiful weather, 75 degrees, no rain. chris: they are definitely living it up. we are going to be livinfinally with drier weather by
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however, breaking the jackets back out, winter arrives. high temperatures right around 50. the lows at not below freezing, and highs in the 30's with lows in the 20's. so far, we are rain free until at least next friday, so another nine or 10 days of drying out. carol: but this is normal for this time of year. and we want to remind you to join us tonight at 7:00, and we thank you for watching wyff news 4. our next newscast is at 11:00. [captioning performed by the
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