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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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when this ends. and again, tonight at 11:00. live in miami gardens, brad fralick, wyff news 4. gabrielle: tons of clemson fans in miami. for those who couldn't take the trip, people are gathering in bars and restaurants.michael: liz lohuis is at a bar in greenville tonight. liz: we got to bar louie at about 4:00. the spirit has gone up considerably in the last couple hours. people are feeling good about this game, although the tigers are trailing. just a little bit behind. i bar. many of the far as -- the fans i fans. since birth. my mom, when i was little, had a tag on her car that said, my blood is orange. long time. liz: people are very excited
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it is still anyone's game. we will have the wrapup coming up tonight at 11:00. liz lohuis, wyff news 4, live in greenville. michael: if you'd like to follow along with the game on the g check out our live wire. it's a collection of the latest tweets about the orange bowl. go to the wyff 4 app or, and look in the "right now" bar. there is nigel, dancing away. gabrielle: from the bowl game to the ball drop, this will be a night for partying. and officers know that. michael: their goal is for you to make it home safe. wyff news 4's mike mccormick, with their plan of action. mike: tonight, law enforcement officials are expecting more sippable celebrations than usual. >> it poses a different set of circumstances for us. mike: first, there are bowl game watch parties, and they'll feed right into the new year's eve events already on tap. >> it's not good when people have probably had too much to drink before they even start their new year's eve party. mike: the highway patrol and other agencies started their "sober or slammer" campaign two weeks ago, promising extra checkpoints throughout the
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>> it's going to be a long enforcement weekend for us across the board. mike: their hope is that you'll plan ahead. >> very excited. mike: instead of going to a bar or restaurant, josh bailey is having friends over to his house to cheer on the tigers. >> we're probably going to have a few drinks tonight watching it. it's better to stay safe at home, instead of being on the roads. mike: another smart decision, find a designated driver before you even pick up a glass or bottle. if you need numbers to convince you, think about this. 946 people have died on south carolina roads this year. that's 125 more deaths than last year. >> when you start think about that, you start thinking, 946 lives. that's the size of an average high school in south carolina. that's hohomany lives we've lost on our roadways this year. mike: expect extra officers just got on the roads for tonight. >> just be safe, and go tigers. mike: and the extra enforcement will be there through sunday at midnight. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, spartanburg county. gabrielle: officers told us
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michael: they'll be on the lookout for speeding, seat belt use, and distracted driving. gabrielle: let's talk about the weather now. meteorologist chris justus joins us. michael: chris, the rain's moving out, and the cold is moving in? chris: the cold will move down the mountains. john likes to say it is a cop fig up. -- a cup filling up. the front has been giving us rain, and it is now seldom columbia. we are drying out. but the clouds will linger. the live super doppler is bright for a change. we have warnings across the area, one for transylvania and n county. river road, blantyre road, seeing flooding due to high water is because of the rain running off. that warning goes until saturday afternoon. the good news, towar the
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you are seeing receding water. the temperatures are getting cold. it is creee mountain . at 5:00, it was in northern buncombe county. it is moving down the french broad river valley. hendersonville, you are about to see cold air spill in. 60's in the upstate will turn into 40's quickly. later tonight, you will go, it is chilly. 63 at 6:00. 57 i midnight. more on the new year's day forecast, coming up. gabrielle: thanks, chris. a concussion, brusing around the neck. wounds suffered by an officer who was attacked last month. wyff news 4's mandy gaither is live and local in our anderson newsroom. mandy, this happened in november. why is it just being released now? mandy: the chief says they've hit a dead end in their investigation, and are pleading to the public for help. they are thankful for the one thing that may have saved this officer's life. at the anderson police department, officers are
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knowing that here on edenbrook circle, they c cld have lost one of their own. >> there is no doubt in my mind, with the struggle that took place over this weapon, that his intention was to kill her. mandy: november 16th, officer kristin brady saw a man wearing a black hoodie, black gloves, with a black skeleton mask. out of her patrol car she didn't , have time to radio in before the suspect attacked, knocking her to the ground, forcefully trying to get her gun. thankfully, it was in a new holster, bought for anderson officers with money seized in a drug case. >> there's a certain combination of locks, slides, and buttons that you have to know how to push to get that holster out. mandy: chief jim stewart says that's the one thing that saved his officer. without a gun, he says the suspect pulled out a knife. the officer fought the man off before he ran into the woods near edenbrook circle, in the oak hill subdivision off clemson boulevard. kristi hendrix and bryan gary were arrested on drug charges
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investigating the assault case say they found a meth lab at the couple's anderson village apartment, which is near the scene. both had also been spotted in the area where the attack happened. >> i know we have two people in custody that i feel sure were involved with this case. i need, somehow, to tie that to the individuals, or the other individual that's involved. mandy: crimestoppers is now offering a $1,000 reward, for information n at leads to an arrest. you can call crimestoppers at 888-crime-sc. you won't have to give your name. meanwhile, the officer who was hurt is now back to work. mandy gaither, wyff news 4, live in the anderson newsroom. michael: the greenville county sheriff's office traffic unit paid a deputy, dave dempsey. he was shot in the head earlier this month while on the job.
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they say his progress is truly a miracle. gabrielle: damage and spartanburg county caused by potholes is costing drivers hundreds of in fact, one dollars. particular pothole opened up again, after it was filled. wyff news 4's corey davis shows us the damage. corey: this flat tire and busted rim you see here were caused by a pothole. people who drive along anderson mill road say, this was one of many cars that got damaged. a family who drove over the pothole wednesday night came back to pick up their hubcab. -- hubcap. another family is now paying more than $700 in repairs after hitting the pothole. a road maintenance crew told us they had to fill this hole four times this week. the heavy rain is causing the issue. we were there when they showed up thursday, but the fix didn't last long. the hole started to reopen up within minutes. >> i think that they could have maybe put up signage, just to alert other drivers that that pothole is there. >> i mean, it's horrible. they
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it the right way. that way, we won't have to spend our money. corey: the department of transportation says you could file a claim on their website to be reimbursed for damages caused by potholes. we're told they typically reimburse drivers if the agency already knew about the pothole. corey davis, wyff news 4, in greenville. gabrielle: coming up, commitment 2016. why congressman trey gowdy y ys he is voting for marco rubio. chris: outdoors tomorrow, looking ok. a cool day, clouds will linger. we start off at 44, warming into the lower 50's.
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michael: an upstate accused of firing shots while liang a home -- fleeing the home of the greenville police chief. the home. the chief's dog alerted him. backyard. the chief pointed a gun and a flashlight. they say the man yelled and ran way. the chief heard him fired three shots. were to scare him more harm him. the man faces charges tonight. gabrielle: commitment 2016 , gowdy is backing marco rubio as the republican nominee for president. he just returned from the campaign trail in iowa. spoke with him today and joins patrick? patrick: we touched on a lot of different issues today, from why he's backing the young senar from florida, to donald trump's disapproval of the endorsement. but at the forefront, as the iowa primaries are now just one month away, gowdy told me that
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but he's honest, and he'll get his vote. >> i wanna thank trey for coming all the way from south carolina. >> he's conservative. he's good on the issues that i care most about, which is national security and public safety. he has a quality that i do not have. tim scott has it. ronald reagan had it. but he can present our message in a wholeful, aspirational, yet principled way. i didn't go to iowa to tell people how to vote. i would never tell anybody in greenville or spartanburg how to vote. i'm happy to tell you who i'm gonna vote for and why, but you have to decide who you think is best. patrick: as the leader in the house investigation of hillary clinton and the benghazi attack of 2012, gowdy told me that he never mentions benghazi on the campaign trail. he says benghazi is about four murdered americans, and that it's not about marco rubio, secretary clinton, or president obama. on that last topic, as the lead investigator into benghazi and former secretary of state hillary clinton, gowdy has received some criticism for endorsing a candidate that could
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some calling it a conflict of interest. michael: thanks, patrick. wyff 4 has a way for you to give back on this new year's ev in fact one day left to give. , we've teamed up with the greenville news and the asheville citizen-times for the holiday sunshine fund. we have been talking about it all christmas season. every dollar donated goes straight to helping someone in need here in the carolinas. after counting today's donations of $6,340, we now have a grand total of $96,868. we could get to $100,000. again it's the last day to , donate. just send your gift to, p.o. box 1688 greenville, sc 29602. or you can give online at look for the holiday sunshine fund on our home page. chris: take a look to the west. it has been lurking for a while and it is moving into the carolinas. cold air. we have been warm for a while
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: take a look at the time lapse from laurens. wet roads and a few showers out there earlier today. aathe day went on, we are finally starting to dry out. the clouds lingered, but temperatures warmed up. the pavement is starting to dry out. as the sun went down, temperatures will be cooling down. it will be a chilly night all around town. or several days, in fact two
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that is ending. there is the front, slowly moving from the midlands to the low counthey are about to see rain from myrtle beach to savannah. at home, it is all about drying out. for the first time in about 11 days, we are not tracking rain locally. it is cloudy out there, and we did see a bit of rainfall up there, a few drops in the bucket from greenville to anderson early this morning. we have drive back out and now it is smooth sailing. of the temperatures. the blue indicates the cold, and behind it, look closely, the area seeping down into the valleys. the french broad river valley that runs from buncombe county to henderson county, and into pickens and greenville county, that will be some of the first to see the cold air seep down. it will spread out and it will be a cold night for all of us. many falling into the freezing mark in the north carolina mountains. look at this.
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boone below freezing, and for the upstate, we will fall to thmiddle 40's. not the coldest, because of the clouds. they will resin tomorrow. 46 and cloudy first thing in the morning. is that he goes on, we will maybe warm-up nine degrees. not a big spread. we will feel cooler compared to lately. 4:00 p.m., temperatures will not be the high. this is what it will look like tomorrow. in the mountains, your high will likely be sometime around noon. temperatures will continue to fall u air continues to stream into the mountains. nationally, look at all the clouds across the southern united states. we will continue to see those for one more day, then it gets pushed out to sea as cold air surges in and the entire u.s. will be cold tomorrow. of course, with the exception of south florida. at home, we will say goodbye to her temperatures for a wild.
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we will see a chilly night and a chilly day. sunday afternoon, topping out in the upper 40's. another shot of cold air moves in monday and tuesday. we start tuesday morning in the 20's. that cold air lingers all week. towards the west, colder air lurking back there. longer stretches of war-five days, we look at the upper part of the atmosphere. here is the jet stream.. it buckles north. moderate temperatures close to where we should bethat is for the next five days. look what is lurking to the west. another did in the jet stream. we will watch for areas like this. back towards alaska, a big dip in the jet stream. this will move into weeks from now. we have a lot of time to track it. it is these patterns we are looking fofo that our models tell us, it will get cold. middle of january into february oks to be the target here for when the coldest air will arrive.
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we have been dealing with lately. high tomorrow, 54. lower 50's over the weekend with or just sunshine. not a cloud in the sky. next week, the cold air moves in. tuesday, highs in the 40's. in the mountains, even colder with several days of 20's overnight, 40's during the day. this has been the start of the pattern flipping around. gabrielle: we will at least appreciate the sunshine. michael: back and forth we going south florida. ricardo: it's the kind of game you expect with a national championship game. will muschamp rounding out his
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wyff news 4 >> now, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: you think fans are finally ready for the orange bowl to get underway? the players, amped up to go at it just as bad. in fact, according to reports, at a luncheon yesterday, players from both sides got into a shoving match as they were leaving the luncheon. no punches were thrown. both teams have been well behaved today. during the game, both games trading blows in the first half. right now in the third quarter, oklahoma has a one-point lead. deshaun watson, 9-22 for 115 yards with one interception. they are doing most damage on the ground. 119 yards rushing at a touchdown in the first half. baker mayfield, a touchdown. we will have highlights and reaction at 11:00.
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lance thompson from auburn will serve as an assistant coach at defense and defensive line coach. the citadel grad was named national recorder of the year in 2008 and the number one recruit or espn in 2014. the new year's six bowl games kicking off today in atlanta, houston and florida state in the peach bowl. fourth quarter, 'noles trailing by 14. sean maguire finds bobo wilson in the back of the end zone. fsu down, 31-24. but cougars answer the 'noles td. ryan jackson takes the handoff, the run up the middle to extend the lead to two touchdowns. the head coach for hoit the biggest when he's ever had. houston knocks off florida state, 38-24. a life-changing week and a half for panthers quarterback cam newton. he and his longtime girlfriend celebrated the birth of their first child, but newton didn't announce the arrival of his son until posting a tweet about it yesterday. newton, wanting to minimize the distractions surrounding the team. the panthers signal caller saying today, nothing has changed in regards to his approach for game day since
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and his focus is on trying to beat tampa bay on sunday, and wrap up the nfc's number one seed in the playoffs. >> somebody went public, and said this was their super bowl. this is their playoff, because they are not playing for nothing. but we know what can happen if we take teams lightly. they have a very good skill set , especially on offense and on , the defense side of the ball, that if we don't maximize our opportunity early and often, then we're going to be in same situation. ricardo: kickoff at 4:25 sunday at bank of america stadium. and hoops on this new year's yes, we are talking about wofford fall harvard, 77-57. once again, the update from the one. they are knocking on the doorstep right now, looking like they are trying to take the lead.back and forth in this game. plenty of reaction and highlights from this game coming
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ricardo: clemson just scored. look at that. a live update. michael: we are all sparkling around here. here comes january. it will feel like it. chris: we will see temperatures at or below average for the nextrain free. michael: so far. gabrielle: we will see you back here at 11:00. happy new year. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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tonight, new year's inferno a skyscraper hotel up in
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fiery debris, while
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