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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we are good. we are excited. >> so many fans are excited. so is the tiger here. he just up for the occasion and has a bag of oranges. that is appropriate. michael: there is still time to see them play in arizona, we checked out several websites. carol: some tickets on the 50 yard are $2400 each. we found tickets on the upper deck priced at $612 each. the website college football experiences will take care of your airfare, hotel, and a ticket to the game but it will cost you more than $5,000. michael: many tiger fans planned ahead and bought tickets long before last night's game. but it's a little pricey for some. >> my grandson hunter and his father are going to the game,
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weeks ago i guess. >> i jumped up. shouted and kept jumping on the beds. >> we thought they were gonna throw us out of the hotel room. >> look at this. you can get a single ticket. also airfare and hotel for $5,338 a person. >> that's too bad. that kind of snuffs out the little guy you know. that seems like it's kind of an executive affair. but we'll be watching at home. and pulling just as hard. carol: we checked around and found prices for a round trip ticket from gsp to phoenix leaving on january 10 and returning on january 12 start at however prices have been going $550. up and down throughout the day. michael: taking a train/bus combo through amtrak costs $$356 but you'll have to leave on thursday, january 7 and you will get there at 2:00 in the morning on january 11. and remember you'll still have to find a place to stay after that.
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nights big games is also playing out online. michael: news 4's nigel robertson went to the clemson university social media listening lab to get an inside look. nigel: it is the day after both big games so we came here to the clemson university social media listening lab and plugged in alabama, football, clemson, championship just to see what people are talking about. you can see the spike last night in online talk about college football, about clemson university and alabama. we wanted to know who is getting the most chatter and take a look at this clemson and alabama are , pretty much getting the same amount of chatter. you see, both are green, meaning that that chatter is positive. take a look 67.6% positive talk about both teams. both teams pretty much getting the same share of conversation on all things social media.
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so this will only keep building. in clemson, nigel robertson, wyff news 4. carol: let's check in now with meteorologist chris justus. you can feel a bit of a change. michael: chris, getting cooler, but we'll finally get to see more of the sun. chris: sunshine and no rain on the way anytime soon. it will get colder. it is 11 degrees colder than yesterday. that leaves us with a pretty cold night. in the mountains, it is getting into the 30's. asheville is already at 39. hendersonville at 43. it is 50 in spartanburg. overnight, expect clouds to clear. if you are going out tonight, it will be getting cold quickly. by 10:00, it will be 45. it will be 30's shortly after midnight.
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the mountains and will be below freezing after 2:00 a.m. i will have more coming in a few minutes. carol: right now, a teenage boy in anderson county is receiving treatment after a serious accident involving fireworks. as wyff news 4's corey davis tells us, this accident remind all of us to use caution when in join fireworks. >> emergency officials say the teenage boy was handling fireworks that go inside of tubes like this. we're told that it's one of the most popular items sold at this fireworks stand in anderson. >> you should never hold this in your hand to shoot it because this will blow up in your hand. >> brenda mitchell says these fireworks are fun but they could be dangerous if they're handled incorrectly. >> me personally, my kids, i make an adult do it, don't let kids do it by themselves not unless an adult is standing right there with them. a new year's eve celebration >>a new year's eve celebration ended abruptly for a teenage boy in starr.
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they were called to ansel fowler drive around 9:30 last night. officials say the teen suffered serious injuries to one of his hands after a firework malfunctioned. the supervisor says the injury was traumatic. the boy is now being treated at the augusta burn center. mitchell says these fireworks should be handled with caution. >> the tube should be sitting flat on the ground. reporter: she says that's when you put the firework inside the tube. then light the fuse. >> but when you light the fuse, you need to at least get far away before it goes off. reporter: it only took six seconds for the fuse to burn before the firework was launched. mitchell says you should wait a few seconds to reload the tube just in case all of the firework , wasn't lauched. corey davis, wyff news 4, in anderson county. michael: tonight the cherokee county coroner tells us a young man died while playing around with a gun. the coroner says 20-year-old tezlar ross died when he put a gun to his head as a joke and the gun went off. witnesses say ross and 3 others were looking at a three-eighty
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carol: clemson university is denying claims made in a lawsuit about the death of tucker hipps. the 19-year-old died during a fraternity run in september 2014. the school filed documents in the past week answering allegations made by hipps' parents. they say he was forced to walk along a narrow railing of a bridge over lake hartwell. the school says it had no knowledge that sigma phi epsilon had a long tradition of making pledges jump off that bridge and swim to shore. clemson is hoping to dismiss the lawsuits. michael: the parents of a missing laurens county teenager have been arrested. meanwhile the search for the 14-year-old continues. deputies say michael hudson ran away from the parent who has custody of him. on friday morning michael steward hudson and kelldon vaughn hudson both of fountain inn, were arrested and charged with custodial interference and unlawful neglect of a child. deputies are still trying to find michael whom they believe is in the greenville area. they say more charges are possible if someone is hiding the teenager. carol: still ahead how folks
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the new year. chris: and there is some warmth in florida. even there, it will cool to the 50's tonight.
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>> you are watching live breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00. carol: singer natalie cole has died. she was the daughtererf legendary singer nat king cole. her mother maria also sang in the duke ellington big band. natalie cole battled on-going health issues, including hepatitis c and addiction. she underwent a kidney
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natalie cole was 65. michael: he made his name on the iconic show mash. wayne rogers was 82. for 3 seasons he portrayed the colleague and cohort of alan alda's hawkeye pierce on the show. he also starred in the series house calls. rogers was also known as a savvy real estate investor and shrewd developer. his publicist says rogers died in los angeles of complications from pneumonia. carol: donald trump has set up an office in downtown greenville. no one was there today to talk with us. but there are computers and phones set up inside the office on main street. michael: while many people were focused on the giant ball drop in times square last night. that is tradition. but around the country, people celebrate very differently. folks in pennsylvania had a sweet new year's eve, thanks to a giant replica hershey's kiss. not the real thing.
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they pick it up off the ground. and closer to home, georgia rang in the new year with a giant peach. this year marks the 27th year of the 'peach drop'. organizers say it's the southeast's largest new year's eve celebration. it attracts around 100,000 people each year. carol: up next meet some of the , first babies born in the carolinas this new year. >> 3,2,1. michael: what fun. a polar plunge. that is no hot tub. chris: it is a clear night out there.
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western carolina... and we got to meet some of the very first of 2016. born today in the upstate and western carolina. and we got to meet some of the very first of 2016. coleman andrew zell was born at 12:23 a.m. at spartanburg regional, to proud parents morgan and evan. away wyatt raymond wofford was parents brooke and justin. then at 1:17 a.m., kevin and pauline sweetman welcomed jordan ellery at mission hospital in asheville. kayla and justin southerlin welcomed baby carsen at 2:25 a.m. and rileigh jo-ann miller was born to parents markus and kaitlyn miller at bon secours saint francis eastside in greenville. michael: this is a traditional day for polar plunges across the country.
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after a countdown from a polar bear, dozens ran into the water at one of the park's lakes. >> it is really cold. but if you've never done it it seems like totally crazy but as soon as you get it in you're alive. and the coldness is just awesome. that's why i went in twice. michael: in fact her mother-in-law got her to take polar plunge two years ago, and now the forecast. chris: you certainly noticed it, it is colder for us. we are 11 degrees colder right now compared to yesterday. standing closer, you can see most of the state is colder. the mountains are: off right now and it is already 39 in downtown asheville. cold air is surging in and it will be a cold night.
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we have a north wind at 12 miles per hour making it a little bit colder. this morning was chilly, the clouds in place limit us for how cold we can get. 52 in anderson. 48 for asheville. over the afternoon, the clouds did make us cooler. we talked out in the middle 50's -- topped out in the middle 50's. it will certainly be a cold night. we will be dry for at least another seven days across the area. 20's for the mountains tonight. it 30's for the rest of us. getting closer into the mountains, some of these valleys will be in the middle 20's. black mountain, 31. when he eight back toward canton -- 28 back toward canton. and it will be a cold start to the day tomorrow, but with sunshine we will warm up into
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tomorrow will be colder than today, that is because we have an air mass coming into the area. high temperatures tomorrow, it will be a struggle to get out of the 30's in the mountains. many -- 36 for mars hill. it will be a very cold day tomorrow. from spartanburg to cherokee county, there will be loads of sunshine but it will be cold. it will be 50 for downtown union. over the next days, temperatures if you're going to charlotte for the game, kickoff is at 4:25 will get cold. look for temperatures to be in the middle 40's by the end of the game. nationally, a lot of clouds across the southeast. at the cold air will pretty much settle over the entire area.
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even there it will be 50's later on tonight. you can see with the latest model, we will be in the 30's over the next couple of mornings. some more cold air on monday. 43 the high on monday afternoon for greenville. now as we head into the rest of the work week, the cold wilil spread over the united states and it will be a chilly week with temperatures below average. look at this toward canada, this will head our way by the end of the month. it we look at these two branches of the jet stream, the northern and southern branches. later this week we will see a low-pressure system moving our way. with the northern branch of the jet stream being so far north, we will have just rain. but later in the month, this cold air will be in place at the same time the low-pressure
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so we have a high winter threat through the end of the month. we are not watching any particular storm, just a chance that is there and it is more favorable for winter weather. lots of sunshine over the next several days, a small chance of wintry weather. the system will arrive by later in the week. we will see 50's for highs and even the mountains will see low temperatures in 30's. no real concerns there as far as tricky weather, but the pattern will be more interesting. michael: interesting. thanks. this is interesting, national chairmanship game is coming up. >> first, we will enjoy the victory over oklahoma.
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>> now sports. >> alabama bullying the big 10 champions, and booking a spot in the national championship game opposite clemson in glendale a week from monday. >> from 4, to the final 2. the national championship matchup is set. this is after alabama rolled tide over michigan state in the cotton bowl last night. 38-0. the early line is out for the college football playoff title game in 10 days. and yes, clemson is again an underdog to the crimson tide. alabama a 7-point favorite over the tigers. maybe it's a good omen for the tigers, who were also underdogs to oklahoma. clemson went on to beat the sooners by 20 in the orange bowl
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the offense ran all over ou, to the tune of 312 rushing yards. quarterback deshaun watson pitched in 145 of that total. he was on his way to m.v.p. honors. but, as he's done all year long, quick to turn the praise on him.,towards his teammates. and credits their team bond as the reason that they are >> you 14-0. know, we just serve each other, support each other, and really just love each other and if we do that, no one can break through us. as a unit, it's tough to beat us when we are all on the same page, and have each other's back. >> the heisman trophy finalist will now lead his team against alabama. the game is 10 days away in arizona. kickoff is monday night at the 8:30 p.m., january 11. site of the championship game playing host to the fiesta bowl today. last year's national champ ohio state squaring off with notre dame. third quarter, 28-21, ohio state
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the buckeyes beat the irish, 44-28. and the carolina panthers are playing for the number one seed in the nfc playoffs on sunday. and they won't have the services of running back jonathan stewart for the third straight week. stewart ruled out with a strained foot. mike tolbert will start, and be backed up by rookie cameron artis-payne and undrafted rookie brandon wegher. the panthers also have a number of players listed as doubtful, including wide receiver ted ginn junior and safety kurt coleman. >> i do not get it. i really don't. it is funny. at one point, you have a 14 game winning streak and people doubt you and you lose one game and people doubt you more. we will just show up and play. >> and they will be playing the tampa bay buccaneers. jadeveon clowney will not be
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clinch the afc south division title sunday. the former gamecock will miss the contest versus jacksonville with a foot injury. but clowney should be able to return next week, if houston clinches a playoff berth. week 17, plenty of scenarios on the line. everybody is trying to get that number one seed. michael: january comes and it feels kind of like january. chris: december was the warmest we have had on record. and now it is cooler. we do not see clouds, it will be beautiful over the next several days. rain will be here on thursday night and friday. it should be all liquid precipitation. carol: thank you for watching. our next newscast is at 11:00. michael: our news and weather coverage continues around the clock at and our mobile app, get wyff4 on the go. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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ts on crowded sidewalks, those around him run for cover. at least two killed. tonight the manhunt is on. forced to testify. the wife of bill cosby loses her battle to avoid deposition in
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