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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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friday morning, michael steward hudson and kelldon vaughn hudson, both of fountain inn, were arrested and charged with custodial interference and unlawful neglect of a child. deputies have also charged a third person in connection with the case. sheila neves was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. deputies believe hudson was staying with her. tonight, investigators looking at what started a daily house fighter in greenville -- deadly house fire in greenville. according to the corner, a 51-year-old woman became unresponsive at the scene and died a short time later up a hospital. an autopsy has been scheduled for monday. no word on what started the fire. turning to the weather, the start of january has brought some cold temperatures to the area. chris justus joins me now. how cold are we talking?
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chris: it's going to get even colder into monday. a second blast of cold air moves in. i was doing that again. -- was doing the digging. thisiss the coldest mass of air we have had since march last year. 39 degrees in greenville, that's not the coldest amateurs. --coldest temperature. 30 in asheville. below freezing in many of the mountain. 27 in franklin. 29 in andrews. mid to upper 3 3s across the greenville-spartanburg area. clear skies are to thank for that. we are going to fall into the lower 30's overnight. for the asheville area, expect temperatures in the upper 20's. a second blast of even colder air moves in on monday. we are looking for highs to be in the upper 30's and 40 and the upstate. how cold will the mountains be? i will show you that coming up.
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damage in october's massive flood have two days left to go request federal help. the deadline to apply for fema aid ends monday, january 4. it's available in 24 counties, including greenville, spartanburg, and greenwood county's. the deadline is for damage from october's record flooding, not any damage caused by this week's heavy rains. reverend jesse jackson is starting to new year with an effort to get you and others to the voting booth. as wyff new 4's corey davis tells us the deadline to register before the south carolina primaries is approaching. >> because student loan debt is greater than credit card debt. that's why young folks must register. corey: reverend jesse jackson says it's a simple thought, but a big task to get young voters to the polls. >> we're spending too much money on weapons and warfare and not enough money on education. young folk have an interest in voting to makeur society more civil, more safe, and more secure. corey: the civil rights leader announced his goals with local
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greenville at the west end community development center. >> we need to really encourage our young people and some of our older people to vote, because it does matter. corey: another crucial part of the their goal is to educate voters. >> it's very important because a lot of people don't know that if they're 17-years-old and they'll be 18 by the election day in november 2016, they can register to vote nowow and they can vote in the primary in february. corey: your voter registration must be received by january 27 to vote in the upcoming south carolina presidential primaries. the republican primary will be held on february 20, with the democratic primary scheduled for the following week on february 27. jackson stressed that voting could help make a difference in communities. he touched on issues he believes are affecting low-income families in south carolina. >> a million people in poverty in our state and 250,000 have no health insurance. we should not turn down the
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that will enable people to be able to work their way out of poverty. corey: jackson says he will continue his push around the south to encourage and educate as more primaries approach this year. corey davis, wyff news 4 in greenville. patrick: you can register to vote at your local dmv online through the state election commission, by mail, fax, or e-mail. right now, a local group is gearing up to celebrate the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. the rainbow push coalition of greenville announced several events today. a gala will be held on january 15 at the hyatt regency hotel in downtown greenville. tickets are $50. a college fair with more than 20 historically black colleges and universities is planned at the peace center on january 16. that event is free to the public. the mlk celebration will wrap up on january 18 with a blood drive and computer donations at the phillis wheatley center.
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these events at travel problems forced republican presidential candidate marco rubio to miss a planned stop here in the upstate. the young senator was still in south carolina, however. he made stops in hilton head and lexington county. this morning he was expected at mutt's barbeque in easley. rubio's campaign says he will reschedule the visit, but so far a new date has not been announced. coming up, a man is facing charges after being accused of taking a stolen police car for a joyride. and coming up in sports, a big recruiting announcement for the tigers as they start getting ready for the national championship game. this is the best block of all. it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it.
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>> you are watching live, local, breaking news. with patrick hussion, weather with meteorologist chris justus and sports with marc dopher. patrick: north of philadelphia, crews searching for a young boy with autism have found his body in a canal. jayliel vega batista's disappearance on new year's eve set off an intense search in allentown, pennsylvania. the 5-year-old had run out of a
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without shoes or a coat. crews searched around the clock, combing woods, a railyard, industrial buildings, and homes near the lehigh river. that's where fire department crews discovered his body this evening after a resident spotted something shiny in the water. charlotte police say a drunk man stole an officer's patrol car and crashed in the woods. the officer left the keys in the car after exiting a local business. a 22-year-old man jumped in the cruiser and took off. a short time later, the vehicle was found crashed in the woods, completely totaled. the man was found a short time later and is now in jail, facing several charges, including driving while impaired. the u.s. department of justice is investigating how blue bell creameries handled the ice cream contamination linked to 10 reported cases of listeria. three of those believed to be sickened by blue bell frozen treats died. prosecutors are examining whether company executives committed wrongdoing in their
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after weeks of gradual recalls, blue bell recalled all of its ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet and other frozen treats sold in 23 states on april 20, 2015. chris: as you are out and about tomorrow morning, you will notice clear skies. a cold start at 36 degrees. in the mountains, below freezing temperatures. but hey, this is not the coldest morning by far over the next seven days. i will show you that in a couple
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>> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: take a look at this time lapse video from wofford college. our sky cam network in spartanburg. it is hard to find a cloud in the sky. as the sun went down, a crystal clear night. these are the kind of makes that lead to cold ones. last night we had some cloud
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the potential to cool was not that great. 35 below in greenville. 30 for spartanburg. 29 in asheville. tonight will be much colder. high temperatures today were cool, despite the sunshine. 53 the high in spartanburg. asheville topped off at 47 degrees. we have since cooled down a lot. 34 in hendersonville. 20's showing of fact was franklin and andrews. -- showing up back towards franklin and andrews. definite chills showing up now. doppler looking like what we want to see it. 11 days of road. -- 11 days fo rain, now we can pack on a dry day. tomorrow we will see loads of sunshine. starting of cool, and ending the day cool.
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in spartanburg, hararto find a cloud in the sky. 39 at 9:00, 50 minute. 55 by 3:00. anderson has loads of sunshine. 39 by 9:00 a.m.. 51 by lunchtime, cooling back and quickly once the sun goes down. for asheville, another day in the 40's. we may creep up to 51. but i'm thinking most of the day will be spent in the 40's, maybe cracking the 50 degree mark at the end. tomorrow, as we see cooler air moving back in, the high temperature in the asheville area will be in the midafternoon. if you are heading over to charlotte to bank of america stadium, tampa bay coming in, the last regular-season game. 55 degrees to start that game. with that 4:25 kickoff, temperatures getting cooler as the game goes on. you need to bring heavy jacket. lower 40's after the fourth quarter. we are tracking two different
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the northern jet brings in the cold air, the southern jet brings in the moisture. we will see that southern jet first thursday and friday. after a week of dry conditions we can expect some rainfall. i know it's going to be only because the northern jet stays more plus, therefore the colder air --jet stays north of us, therefore the colder air does not affect us. colder air could be in plala at time once we see those low-pressure systems move up, which we know is going to happen. it is a record el nio year. the wintry threat will be high starting january 11. we have it now going through the 31st of january. should that pattern continue we would have to continue threat into february. most of the snows in the upstate happen in late january and early february. we look in the upper level parts of the atmosphere for that.
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monday, just no moisture with it. high-pressure sets up for the rest of the work week. that ridge indicating dry conditions. here comes this low-pressure system thursday into fririy. the cold air is confined to the north, only rainfall for us. then we look back toward alaska. the aleutian sea. look at these two low-pressure system. this means business and it should be staying on track. it could be an active, and a cold end to january. we a a going to continue to watch these because systems like that that will give us problems. four day plus. we are not tracking any one particular system. in fact, the only one that will be heading our way will give us rain. but look at monday into tuesday, 40's for the highest. tuesday will be the coldest day we've had since last winter. 41 the high on tuesday for the upstate. 37 the high for the mountains.
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even there we will see only liquid precipitation. you see a low of 33, 40 on friday. of course, things can change and amateurs can vary. -- and temperatures can vary. you need to stay in june with those things. also a goodime to download our weather app. we will give you alerts and push things to you whenever conditions warrant it. patrick: live radar as well. you mentioned the panthers game earlier. it won't be this cold. check this out, the buffalo bills put out a call to fans for help shoveling snow today, and hundreds answered the call. a lake-effect snow storm dumped a foot of snow on the stadium this week and the team needed fans to clear out the stands ahead of sunday's game against the new york jets. you can see them working hard. fans were asked to bring their shovels. they were paid $10 per hour for the opportunity. but fans headed to the game tomorrow will want to bundle up
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possibility of more snow. >> now wyff news 4 sports. >> its validation that it's not just a small school. we are a significant football power. we can compete with the best in the country. invalidates the kind of coaches that we have. if you are looking for an opportunity to grow as a person, in the classroom, and as an athlete, then clemson is the best place for you. marc: great week for clemson got even better. maryland's rayshaun shaq smith committed to the tigers on national tv at the under armour all american game. the 5 star recruit is rated as
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linebacker in the country. today he said he was all in, choosing clemson over auburn. >> i looked at from the first time i was there. coach venables is a great guy. he knows football. marc: will muschamp also plucked a new recruit out of the under armour american game. wide recevier cavin ridley picked south carolina over alabama. its tough to beat the crimson tide on the recruiting trail. more difficult when you consider ridley's brother plays at alabama. the 4 star wide receiver says will muschamp is trying to turn things around and that really caught his eye. gameday for georgia. for the first time in 15 years, someone other than mark richt leading the bulldogs into battle. bryan mcclendon coaching georgia in the taxslayer bowl. it's his final game with the bulldogs. he's moving over to south carolina to join will muschamp's staff in columbia. taxslayer bowl from jacksonville. georgia playing penn state. dale earnhardt junior on hand for this one. 3-3 in the second quarter. wide receiveveterry godwin back to pass.
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mitchell. the bulldogs are up 10-3 just before the half. more from godwin. this time from his normal position. godwin skies for the score. dawgs up 17-3 at the break. third quarter, georgia adds one more touchdown. sony michel runs it 21 yards and powers his way into the end zone to build the bulldogs lead to 24-3. penn state didn't roll over and die. a pair of fourth quarter touchdowns, and a chance to tie the game with a hail mary. bulldogs win their 10th game of the season with a 24-17 win over penn state in the tax slayer bowl. 24th ranked south carolina wrapping up the non conference portion of their schedule tonight. gamecocks hoping to remain undefeated with a win over memphis. senior michael carrera leads the way in the first half. 16 points for the game. finals seconds of the half alabama transfer ricky tarrant junior beats the buzzer. tie ballgame. first time this season usc doesn't lead at the break. second half, not much basketball, a whole lot of fouls.
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blasted. memphis a school-record 41 fouls. gamecocks school-record 46 made free throws. that's 46 free throws made and 18 field goals. sindarius thornwell scores a team-high 18. usc beats memphis 86-76. frank martin's squad finishes out non-conference play 13 and 0. usc beats memphis 86-76. oops, i heard he said that. tough two weeks for the clemson basketball team. tigers have lost 3 straight games heading into today's game against florida state. clemson desperate for a win with games against syracuse and louisville coming up this week. tigers trying to snap the seminoles 6 game winning streak. have a day, jordan roper. the senior from irmo had the hot hand today. drills the 3 from the corner. clemson clings to a 2 point lead at the break. second half, tigers turn defense into offense. the block by dante grantham.
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fastbreak, gets it to grantham for the layup. a minute later, roper connects again from downtown. one of his 7 threes this afternoon. roper leads the way with a career high 23 points. just over a minute to play, he's leading the break again. sidy jatay with the tough finish. he manages to get the of and under for the layup. clemson finishes off florida state 84-75. the tigers win their first acc game of the season and snap a three game losing streak in the process. furman and wofford opening southern conference playayoday. terriers taking on unc greensboro in spartanburg. let's go to the benjo. benjamin johnson arena. early second half, wofford down by 2. easley's spencer collings takes care of that. one of his 5 3 pointer collins leads the way with a game high 25 points. also a solid outing from eric garcia. the junior from colorado drops 17 points. wofford snaps a 5 game losing streak with an 87-76 win over unc greensboro. furman and vmi, this one was all paladins.
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fadeaway, but kendrick ferrara cleans it up with the rebound and the put back. furman quickly builds a double digit lead. three minutes later croone , redeems himself. buries the triple, 3 of his game high 22 points. furman takes a 15 point lead to the half. second half was more of the sameme furman handles vmi 85-57. paladins off to a good start in conference play. missouri-kansas city in spartanburg to take on usc upstate. spartans down by 1 with less than 20 seconds to play. mike cunningham drills a big 3. last chance for umkc. kangaroos get a really good shot to tie up this game. the message from point blank range. usc upstate holds off umkc 70-68. much needed win for the spartans. in the big south, presbyterian playing the fighting camel of campbell. blue hose win it by 7. that's pc's first road win of the season. it's also their first win in the big south during the current campaign.
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they are playing three games in 4 days in manchester, new hampshire. the swamp rabbits managed to grab a 3-2 win over the monarchs. same two teams again tomorrow in new hampshire. patrick: thanks marc. and chris, you mentioned it is getting chilly. chris: it's getting colder, but i want to mention there is no rain for a while. i know, we needed. -- need it. patrick: thank you for watching wyff news 4 at 11:00. the news continues at 5:00 a.m. remembererhat we are always on and right on your smartphone on the app. have a great evening. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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