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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm Sunday  NBC  January 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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balloons were releasededn the nicholtown community of greenville, in memory of cobey smith. the teen's mother joined organizers of the "put down the guns now, young people" organization. group leaders say they will release balloons every day until january 26th, hoping someone will come forward with information. he was shot to death in january 25, 2015. the 16-year-old's old body was found near a trail that runs along the field behind sterling school. last year, after the shooting, a $2000 reward was offered or information. if you know something, call them at 23-crime. tonight in greenville, friends are remembering a woman who died after a fire at her home. today, a family friend of 51-year-old barbara ann kern left a card and flower at the home on aberdare court. the fire happened just before 6:00 last night. investigators say kern became unresponsive at the scene, and later died at the hospital. right now, investigators are looking into what caused of the fire. kern's friend told wyff news 4
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in two years that has happened in that family. investigators want to know what started a fire at a buncombe county apartment complex. the fire started around 2:30 this morning, at the rock bridge apartments. firefighters say everyone had gotten out by the time they got there. three people were taken to the hospital, to be treated for burns. first responders say it took about two hours to get the fire under control. four apartments were damaged, one was destroyed. happening now in oregon, a group of protesters and so-called militiamen are occupying a federal building at a wildlife refuge. the stand-off came after the militia members showed up p the small town of burns, to support a pair of ranchers convicted for arson. after a march and rally, the small group took over the national wildlife refuge headquarters, about 60 miles away. the leader of the protest says they're fighting the government's overreach of taking land and resources away from the people. now, let's get a look at your
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weekend. wyff news 4's chris justus is here. chris, it's going to get colder, right? chris: it finally feels like winter. we are seeing another -- of cold -- we are seeing more cold air. 54 in greenville. st. louis and cincinnati, both in the 30's right now. that chill is headed our way. 36 in boone, 44 in asheville. tomorrow will be one of those backwards days where the highs are around lunchtime, then temperatures plummet for the mountains. this evening, it will quickly be in the 30's by around 11:00. in asheville, temperatures quickly falling to around freezing. highs tomorrow and tuesday, barely running out of the 30's in the upstate. mike: record flooding prompted president obama to sign a federal emergency disaster declaration for the state of
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-- the state of missouri this weekend. crews have been hard at work making repairs, following the devastating flooding. the president's declaration means the department of homeland security and the federal emergency management agency will coordinate disaster relief. it also means federal money will be used to help pay for recovery costs and debris removal. gyms across the area are very popular right now, as people promise to get fit in the new year. wyff news 4's corey davis, with some tips on how to stay on track with your new year's resolution. corey: right now, it's packed here at the caine halter branch of the ymca. a lot of people working out here have dififrent fitness goals, but a trainer says it's important to come in with a plan. the beginning of the year usually means thousands of new memberships at ymca locations in greenville county. roughly 3500 people usually sign up, hoping to have a healthier year. but wellness specialists say, a lot people don't make it through
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we're told it's important to find something that you like to do, whether it is a group exercise are working with a trainer. specialists suggest that you have a workout partner, to help keep you motivated throughout the year. right now, 41% of south carolinians are obese, and battling many health issues. experts say being active has a lot of health benefits. >> exercise can help you decrease blood pressure, your blood cholesterol. so it's not only for looks, but it's also for your health. corey: the "y" offers a free program for all members, called "wellness works." it's made to help you create a fitness plan that works best for you. trainers say it's never too late to become physically active. you could hop on a machine and work out, but just remember to come in with a plan. corey davis, wyff news 4, in greenville. mike: getting a workout at work there, corey. there is no fee to join for this month. the regular monthly rate is $60 per adult.
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county teenager's disappearance. deputies say michael hudson was found yesterday, after he ran away from the parent who has custody of him. friday morning, michael steward hudson and kelldon vaughn hudson, both of fountain inn, were arrested, and charged with custodial interference and unlawful neglect of a child. deputies charged sheila neves with country meeting to the delinquency of a minor. deputies say they believe hudson was staying with her. police in gastonia say a man shot his wife in the face, and killed his neighbor. joseph zinna is facing charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder. police say the 48-year-old went to his neighbor's home on new year's day, and shot him more than once with a 12-gauge shotgun. investigators say zinna also shot his wife while she was in a moving vehicle. zinna is due in court tomorrow. today, the carolina panthers looked to earn home field advantage in the playoffs. all they need is a win over tampa bay. the buccaneers taking on the panthers right now in charlotte.
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can't show you any highlights. but right now, at halftime, the panthers have a lead over the buccaneers, 24-3. we'll have more updates on the game coming up a little later in mark's sports cast. -- marc's sports cast. a pastor in north carolina says a man with a rifle and ammunition interrupted his service. wait till you hear what happened next. plus, a man steals a car, and the little girl inside it. the latest in the search for the three-year-old. corey: ill -- chris: the winds are up. it is breezy in the mountains. six-10 mile-per-hour winds. that ushers in cold air.
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>> you're watching live, local, breaking news. with mike mccormick, the weather with meteorologist chris justus, and sports with marc dopher. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. mike: in north carolina, a pastor says he confronted a man who walked into the church with a rifle and a magazine of ammunition during a service. this happened on new year's eve in fayetteville. pastor larry wright, who is also a member of the city council there, says he walked up to the man, and asked if he could help him. the man asked the pastor to pray
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the pastor says he took the gun and hugged the man, who then committed his life to jesus, and apologized to the small congregation. the pastor says the man told him that he wanted to hurt someone that day, but felt compelled to ask the church for help. police took the man into custody, and he voluntarily went to a mental health facility. the site o othe san bernardino shooting rampage that killed 14 people and hurt 21 others, is set to reopen tomorrow. there will be tighter security as the inland regional center's 600 employees go back to work. the center has been closed since the december 2nd mass shooting. in new mexico, police found a three-year-old girl who was in a car when a man stole it. according to published reports, the little girl's mom had gotten out of the car, and left it running while she filled water jugs outside a gas station in albuquerque. police say a man jumped in the car, and drove away. hours later, officers found the little girl in a vacant lot. they say she was cold and scared.
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not the thief. president obama is reportedly moving ahead with plans to use his executive powers to tighten gun laws. in this election year, the president knows he has no chance of getting the cooperation of congress. so tomorrow, he's meeting with his attorney general to map out what he can do, legally. brian mooar has the story from washington. brian: returning to washington to start his last year in office, president obama is reportedly hoping to tighten gun laws, without the input of congress. but he's getting plenty of feedback from the candidates hoping to replace him. >> if he w wts to make changes to these laws, go to congress, and convince the congress that they're necessary. brian: with san bernardino joining a long list of cities hit by gun violence on his watch, the president will meet with his attorney general monday, to talk about an executive order expanding background checks and restricting sales to some criminal suspects. >> criminals or people with mental issues, mental health issues, should not own guns. i think that's what the president
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brian: republicans don't see it that way. >> his first impulse is always to take rights away from law-abiding citizens, and it's wrong. >> i'm especially concerned, because i know what a republican president would mean. brian: republicans vow they'll undo any obama orders on guns. >> i will veto that. i will unsign that so fast, so fast. >> on my first day in office, they're gone. brian: from the campaign trail to the white house, a new talking point in the debate over guns. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. mike: later tonight, you can hear an insider's perspective on what polls don't tell you about political races. during "matter of fact," host fernando espuelas interviews carl cannon, the bureau chief for "real clear politics". plus, espuelas will also take a look at what it really takes to be president, the unforgettable moments that politicians would like to forget. that's tonight, right here on
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chris: in spartanburg, expect a cold night. clear skies, temperatures falling to the 30's by around midnight. colder on the way tomorrow.
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. mike: tonight is the last night to visit the 25th annual holiday lights safari at hollywild
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county. the park added tonight as an extra night as part of the silver anniversary of the event. gates just opened at 6:00. the park closes at 9:00. admission is half-price for the drive-through lights and access to santa's village. you can add on the deer forest feeding experience. this is a big fundraiser for the park. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: certainly, a chill in the air this weekend. this is nothing compared to what is headed our way tomorrow into tuesday. at or below freezing across the area with asheville being the cold spot at 29. a cold day, we topped out in the middle 50's in the upstate. 48 in downtown asheville. a nice night, from woodruff road you can see clear skies, a few high cirrus clouds, and noticed the dew points at 23.
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it is that kind of environment. 36 in boone, 44 in asheville, good evening in anderson, you are at 52. 49 in abbeville. a live super doppler, dry. no rainfall, but possibly snow flurries the north carolina mountains tomorrow. look at lowe's tonight, frigid. especially in the mountains, 19 in boone, 24 in asheville, 26 in hendersonville. towards greenville, 34. 30 four in spartanburg. anderson, 32 the low. tomorrow, we start in the 30's and warm a few degrees. loads of sunshine across the upstate tomorrow. 40 by 11:00. we won't warm up much. in the mountains, it could be a backwards day. 32 in spartanburg by 8:00 a.m., four-day to by the end of the day. that's it. in anderson, starting off at 33,
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we start off at 27 in asheville, warming up to 31 or 32 degrees. that's it. temperatures tumble between 2:00-5:00. tomorrow evening, in the 20's. we start off in the 20's, struggle to warm up into the 40's across the area. by 5:00 tomorrow, we are tumbling back down into the evening. into tuesday morning, around 14 in boone, 22 in asheville. tuesday afternoon, most of us will not get out of the 30's. it is that kind of cold air headed our way early in the week. nationally, we do not have precipitation. the only rain right now is towards florida, and that is moving out to sea. that is good news. we will not have cold and rain, no ice or snow precipitation concerns. across the country, fairly cold.
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some of the snow activity banks up against the north carolina mountains. a few snow flurries possible tomorrow afternoon and morning or areas like asheville northbound. it will not accumulate at all except on the tennessee side of the border. that will not be much, maybe an inch. at home, in greenville, spartanburg, anderson, asheville, sunshine and a lot open it here -- a lot of it. clouds building from the south and we will see building moisture. thankfully, temperatures do warm-up and we will not have any concerns for ice thursday or friday. the only concern i see is the southwestern part of the mountains. that would be first thing friday morning. temperatures, warm in the mountains at 52. no concerns as far as wintry precipitation. but look at temperatures. especially tuesday, high 41 in the upstate, 39 in the mountains. we stay cold the first half of the week. we warm-up as the system comes
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us rain. a break on saturday, then more rain on sunday. it is interesting to note, temperatures in both of those systems friday and sunday are above freezing. time of year. just a few degrees, they'll will will keep you posted. mike: i am shaking my head. rain is great. chris: ice is no good. mike: snow, no good. many of you may disagree. chris: maybe the kids. but we are all kids to some degree. mike: thanks, chris. maybe a good reason to get out in the cold, the powerball jackpot is expected to grow to about $400 million, one of the game's 10 biggest prizes. lottery officials say no one claimed saturday's $334 million prize. that means the jackpot continues to grow for wednesday night's drawing. the odds of winning the
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million. good luck. >> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> we are 14-and-1. we lost one game. it is not like we have been trending in that direction. we have done some things to win ball games and be 14-and-1, and i really think, now, we just have to refocus. marc: it is the final week of the nfl'regular season. the 6 nfc playoff teams are set, but home field advantage, still up for grabs heading into week 17. comes down to carolina and arizona. the panthers clinch the top spot , and home field advantage with a win or a loss by arizona. arizona earns the number 1 seed if they win and carolina loses. some scoreboard watching in arizona, nfl creating a little drama by flexing the panthers game to 4:30. right now, the panthers have a sizable lead
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the third. arizona, excuse me, seattle leading arizona 30-6 in the third. right now, loooo like the panthers are in good shape to claim that number one overall seed in the nfc. we will have highlights and post them reaction from charlotte tonight after sunday night football. speaking of sunday night football, we've got live coverage of minnesota and green bay coming up tonight on wyff 4. both the vikings and packers have earned playoff spots. still, plenty to play for tonight at lambo field. the winner of this game clinches the nfc north, and secures a home game in the first round of the playoffs. the loser will be on the road next week. live coverage starts at 7:00 with football night in america, kickoff at 8:30. all of it, right where you are. it's here on wyff 4. playing for pride in atlanta, no postseason possibilities for the saints or the falcons. still, these are two teams that don't like each other. atlanta trying to finish the regular season on a three game winning streak. 2nd quarter, falcons down 7-3. matt ryan rolls to his right, and hits tony moeaki.
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this play, but manages to get it into the endzone for the first atlanta touchdown. falcons up, 10-7. saints get it back on the very next drive. drew brees, ben watson. initially ruled out of bounds. they take another look. watson got his knee down. so new orleans manages to retake the lead. in the second quarter back comes , atlanta. ryan hits devonta freeman in the front corner of the end zone. the falcons take a 17-14 lead to the break. 4th quarter, all square at 17. a bad time for matt ryan to throw an interception. saints set up with perfect field position, and they take advantage of it. a field goal at the buzzer wins it for new orleans. the saints sneak out of atlanta with a 20-17 win. the falcons finish 8-8 after starting the season 5-0. shortly after clemson clinched a berth in the national championship game, head coach dabo swinney hugged former quarterback tajh boyd, thanked him for his help in building a foundation for clemson's current success. i caught up with the former tiger all-american after the
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>> can't be more proud of this team. they all put a lot in to it. it's been great to watch, to see what they have done, it is tremendous. ultimately, they could win four championships in the next 10 years, and that's because of the shortcomings, the failures. you can't succeed without the failures. to see the steps they've taken, and the foundation that's being laid, i am happy to be a part of that. marc: chance for a little history today in columbia. a win by the south carolina women moves them to 13-0. the gamecock men's team is already there. 26-0 would be the best combined start to a basketball season in sec history. attention, arkansas. somebody should guard number 23 in white. tina roy with the hot hand today in columbia. threes on back-to-back possessions in the third quarter, as the gamecocks build a 50 point lead. how about another bomb from roy? those 3 three-pointers, enough to outscore arkansas in the 3rd
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to score 7. tina roy hits seven 3's for a career-high 21 points. the gamecocks win, 85-32. they're a perfect 13-0, just like the man. a new sec record for south carolina basketball. the swamp rabbits spending the last four days in new hampshire. a big win for greenville. they were down to bengals with two minutes to play. they managed to score the equalizer and take it way shootout where they won it by the same score they won, 3-2 but a win for the swamp rabbits. more nfl news, we do have a team on the clock for the nfl draft. the tennessee titans will be picking first in may when the draft rolls back around and the next generation of nfl players. mike: already looking at may? marc: i am looking at next weekend. we are headed to arizona later
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national championship? it is a huge deal for the state, the area, and a huge deal the beyond. run for this team. chris: it's coming in tomorrow. he will feel it. one of those backward stays in the mountains where you start 20's. tomorrow evening. 39 amounts, 41 in the upstate. mike: we will see you here after good night. national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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on this sunday night, new year's battleground. with 29 days to iowa, the war of words heats up between the front runners. what trump is saying about both hillary and bill clinton. and that terror recruitment video that uses trump's comments about muslims. the standoff at a federal building occupied by armed anti-government activists in oregon. tonight, why they're outraged and vowing to continue their occupation for years. day of rage in the muslim world over the execution of a prominent clergyman, all part of a bigger struggle between religious rivals. and saving the sea.
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