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tv   WYFF News 4 Noon  NBC  January 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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asheville skycam, where we are seeing flurries of snow. it is cold and windy. just 31. the north win at 18 makes it feel much colder. let's take a look at live super doppler 4 hd. northern swinghaywood county and madison and yancey counties have been getting snow this morning. they are taking precaution and sending kids home. this is what we are seeing. snow in virginia and kentucky drifted into north carolina and tennessee along the border. it will not last long. clear, cold, and windy overnight. another chilly day tomorrow. we will talk about what it will start to warm back up in a few minutes. in just a bit. also happening now, the new york stock exchange is off to a rough very rough start this new year.
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stocks are falling right now. points in the first few minutes this morning. overseas markets fell even more. china's main index plunged nearly 7%, triggering an emergency trading suspension. the drop was caused by weak escalating tensions in the middle east. carolina flooding now, people who suffered damage in october's massive floods have until the close of business today to request federal help. the deadline to apply for fema aid ends today. fema aid is available in 24 counties across the state, including greenville, spartanburg, and greenwood counties. again, this deadline is for damage from october's record flooding, not any damage caused by last week's heavy rain. the3 historic flooding hit the -- the historic flooding hit the carolinas three months ago, starting october 2.
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19 people died in south carolina, and two died in north carolina. authorities say all the deaths happened in or near vehicles and were caused by the weather. as we cover the roads now you , may have been caught in a major slowdown this morning on i-385 near woodruff road. chances are you weren't the only one. multiple accidents in both the northbound and southbound lanes caused a backup for miles. wyff news 4's allyson powell was there. she has more on the cause. allyson: these are just some of the cars involved in this morning's accidents. tow truck drivers tell us it's unusual that they would have to >> this is very unusual to have we have before, but not that often. usually inf you have a five-car towed. towed. towing. he says five of his wreckers were called to this morning's accidents on i-385.
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someone slowed down, and someone a chain reaction. allyson: a total of five accidents in the northbound and the morning commute around woodruff road for hours. >> the traffic was backed up. it took a good while for the trucks to get around. my truck is a little smaller, so i got around on the shoulder pretty quick, but these other big trucks took them a while to a while to get there. allyson: most drivers heading to school for the year. be busy on the roads. >> this day we knew would be busy. school started back. people going back to work in a hurry, not watching. allyson: batson says they see it too often, and he believes it's mostly because driver's aren't paying attention, leaving these words of advice. >> please, please stay off those cell phones and texting on those phones. allyson: we spoke with corporal bill rhyne from south carolina highway patrol, and he says no serious injuries in any of these accidents this morning. there may have been injuries, but nothing serious.
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allyson powell, wyff news 4, in greenville. geoff: thank you. in north carolina, winston-salem police say an officer was shot this morning. 27-year-old officer nicholas powell stopped a driver for speeding around 2:00 a.m. the officer had the three people get out of the car after he smelled marijuana. that is when one of the passengers tried to get back in the car and drive away. the officer was shot and dragged nearly a quarter of a mile. the passengers were later all taken into custody and the and the officer is expected to , be ok. this afternoon, the investigation continues in buncombe county after a fire broke out at an apartment complex. the fire started early sunday morning at the rock bridge apartments. firefighters say everyone had gotten out by the time they arrived. three people were taken to the hospital to be treated for burns. first responders say it took about two hours to get the fire under control. four apartments were damaged one . one was destroyed. investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a deadly house fire in greenville this weekend.
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on aberdare court. officials say 51-year-old barbara ann kern became unresponsive at the scene and a family friend left a card and flower yesterday at kern's home . kern's friend says this was the second death in two years in that family. in greenville county, firefighters are investigating fire. officials say the fire broke out just before 5:00 a.m. on the corner of west bramlett and wood street in parker. when crews showed up, the home flames were coming out of the home. officials say one person was inside the home at the time of the fire and was able to make it out ok. a greenville county council woman is in the hospital recovering from a stroke. the council chairman told wyff news 4 that lottie gibson was hospitalized sunday. we are told she is stable. it's too early to tell whether gibson will be able to perform her duties on the council. the next meeting is tomorrow scheduled for tomorrow night.
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take a look at this video in north carolina. police say a man lost control of his car in raleigh went , airborne, and crashed into a house. investigators say the man was trapped in the car and was rescued. the house is vacant, so no one else was hurt. police say the man's speed may have caused the crash. in fayetteville, north carolina a pastor says he protected his , congregation from a man who walked into the church with a rifle. pastor larry wright is also a member of the city council there. he says he walked up to the man and asked if he could help. the pastor says he took the gun and hugged the man, who then committed his life to jesus. the pastor says the man told him that he wanted to hurt someone that day, but felt compelled to ask the church for help. police took the man to a mental health facility. turning to commitment 2016 news evangelist franklin graham hits , the road this week to urge conservative christians to the polls. he says it will be a 50-state tour. multiple media organizations report graham starts tomorrow in des moines, iowa.
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south carolina in february. he says he's encouraging christians to vote for candidates who uphold biblical principles, but won't be endorsing any specific candidate. republican presidential candidate donald trump has released his first television campaign ad. titled "great again," the 30-second clip focuses on islamic terrorists and immigration. it will air in iowa and new hampshire until the iowa caucuses next month. until now, trump has only paid for radio spots for his campaign, but he has promised he will spend $2 million a week on the t.v. ads. >> i have a nice>> -- >> i have a nice tuxedo ready. geoff: he has been in the greenville county school district for almost or decades. now he could be going to the
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golden globes after appearing on "the today show." still to come how would you like , to be a multi-millionaire? the next powerball drawing just days away. dale: three counties in north carolina have decided to send kids home because of the snow.
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announcer: you're watching live, local, breaking news with geoff hart and weather with meteorologist dale gilbert. this is wyff news 4 at noon in high definition. , following a developing story out of india today. country last night, killing at least eight people and injuring dozens of others. police say the victims were hit by falling debris. the 6.7 magnitude quake caused major damage to several buildings. a newly constructed six-story building collapsed in the tremor as well as part of a popular market building. the site of the san bernardino massacre is open for business
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a memorial service will be held for the 14 people in a shooting spree at the inland regional center last month. nearly 600 employees will be able gather in groups to talk about the attack before getting back to work. the conference center where the actual shooting happened will stay closed. also happening today, president obama is expected to discuss gun control with the attorney general. the president will meet with loretta lynch to talk about what steps he can take to decrease gun violence across the nation. it's expected the president will use executive action to strengthen background checks on gun purchases. turing to some must see video here, a man in pennsylvania came up with an interesting way to help his beloved dog live out the final days of her life. the man recently found out that his pet has terminal cancer, so he decided to make the dog a bucket list. the list consists of 80 activities ranging from eating french fries at mcdonald's to sledding down a hill and even holding a mock dog wedding.
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process she can put a smile on someone else's face like the eight years that she has always put a smile on my face. geoff: one of the biggest things on the bucket list was forecasting the weather. that item was crossed off when a the list when a local news station gave the dog the chance to be on television. turning to money matters as we take a look at the numbers again here on wall street. as we showed you, the dow was down 350 points out of the gate. that number still hovering well over 400 right now. taking a look there at the big board. the milk for your morning coffee may soon cost a bit more. last week's freak blizzard in the southwest killing more than killed more than 30,000 dairy cows. are warning of a milk shortage as there are fewer cows producing less milk, and road closures kept trucks from
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a massive new television is coming to the tech market, a 98-inch 8k television. l.g. will l.g. will announce the new top of the line t.v. at this week's consumer electronics show. just in case the 60 inch or 70 inch was not big enough. the company says it is about to go into production. l.g. calls it super ultra high definition. it will have four times the resolution of a 4k t.v. no word yet on how much it will cost you, but i imagine it will be quite a bit. the next powerball winner will have a chance to claim one of the game's 10 biggest prizes this week when the jackpot grows to roughly $400 million. lottery officials say no one claimed saturday's $334 million prize. when the jackpot reaches $400 million, it might exceed the size of the sixth-largest prize in powerball history. that was $399.4 million won in 2013 by someone from south carolina. the odds of winning the powerball jackpot are one in 292.2 million.
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the next drawing will be held wednesday. you can give us the odds. somebody will win this thing. at some point, somebody will call and very rich. dale: we have been fortunate we have not had to call in sick in our lives, but wouldn't you like to call in rich? a lot of people dream of that. let's see what is going on at 12:16. a lot of also heading home early today because of snow in a north carolina mountains. is a look at from our skycam in the upstate, are to believe it is doing that in the mountains when it is that sunny. a look from our asheville skycam, where it has been cold and windy. 31 degrees in a few flurries. the wind out of the north at 18 makes it feel much colder.
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4 hd, we see some flurries along the tennessee-north county. madison county, and yancey county have decided to close for the potential of slippery roads. we watched this in the ohio valley earlier this morning, and then encrypted to north carolina and tennessee. a little early excitement -- and then it drifted to north carolina and tennessee. remind us of winter weather. temperatures in the mountains are in the 20's and low 30's. wind. to mid 40's in the upstate. take a-- low to mid 40's in the upstate. it feels like 11 in boone.
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the average in the upstate typically reaches 52. we have had warmer than normal days in the past. today, expecting 46. cooler than normal weather for the upstate and mountains today. average for western north carolina is 47 for a high. 36 maybe the best we do -- may be the best we do today. flurries should taper off around 8:00 this evening. a cold and windy night tonight. tomorrow will be cold, but we should see sunshine. afternoon temperatures for the upstate and mountains below what we normally see. here is our future plus forecast. we put into motion. a few more flurries into the afternoon. by 5:00, it should taper off. watch out for slippery spots on some of those less traveled mountain roads. it will be less than an inch.
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greenville, spartanburg, and interest in dropping down to 29 by midnight tonight -- in anderson dropping down to 29 by midnight tonight. highs of 40 to 44 tomorrow and gradually getting back to normal by thursday. a a ance of showers on friday and sunday, but it would just be rain. saturday maybe our best weekend day. >> i don't know why you guys are making such a big deal about this. geoff: coming up, eva longoria's big comeback to television with .
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>> i know working with your ex is hard, but don't do anything crazy. >> i'm fine. geoff: eva longoria's big comeback to telelesion. she's best known for her role in "desperate housewives," but now she's an executive producer and a star on a new nbc show. "telenovela" goes behind the scenes of a show and its star whose off-camera life rivals the drama of her on-screen story lines. joining us to tell us more is
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great to see you here this having us. eva: how are you? geoff: just great. tell us more about the show that gets underway tonight. eva: o myh my gosh. it is a big workplace comedy with a lot interesting characters. a lot of fun is happening. i play the star of a spanish soap opera, and she does not speak spanish, so she is a fish out of water in this world. and and her husband comes back, who she hates and has to work with. all these people at work and are trying to sabotage her and take her job. it is so much fun. if you work in any kind of office, you will get this workplace comedy because it is so funny. geoff: i looked at a couple of clips. it is very witty. you are really high energy in the show. eva: yes.
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a lot of physical comedy. in :when i read the script, i fell in love with my character because she was insecure and vulnerable, and the exact opposite gabby's. there was so much physical comedy i got to act with and perform, so that was a really big draw for me. geoff: how much are you really in that character yourself? eva: oh my gosh. i am probably never insecure, but there is definitely a lot of drama that happens behind the scenes. geoff: what about the cast? eva: the cast, i could not have been blessed with a better cast. tonight we have zachary levi, who you may know from "chuck.'" he plays my love interest on the show.
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it is interesting to see how we start dating. and then we have an actor from prison"prison break." we have all of these characters that bring light and depth and complexity to the roles. we had so much fun making it. you will see it on camera. it is a breath of fresh air on television. you will love it. geoff: when you have a show like that, you have to have a cast that really works well together. certainly from the clips i saw, that has come together. that has to be difficult, right? eva: it is definitely -- there needs to be chemistry when you have a comedy because it's all about timing and rhythm. we are lucky that the cast has clicked, and we have made magic. every episode is laugh out loud, belly hurting laughter. i am really proud of that. geoff: thanks for joining us. chemistry is the word i was
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dale: today's school salute gogo to walhalla elementary school.
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the student council there held a holiday food drive to collect food for families in need in the community. they did a terrific job. we salute you today. in just a moment or so, it looks like they haywood county schools will be letting kids out. madison and yancey have already done that because of flurries of snow in north carolina. the mountains are overcast and cloudy. still seeing flurries of snow in north carolina. geoff: a reminder of how quickly things can change. dale: it will end this evening. geoff: they do for joining us at noon. we will see you back here live at 5:00 p.m. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> and you're going to get the answers only we can take you to the top-secret "star trek beyond" set. "downton abbey" begins its final season.
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all eyes on caitlyn. >> we've said good-bye to 2015 but not to the style that made news. >> group hug? >> yeye totally. >> this season is double the fun for bachelor ben. our new interviews with the women competing for his love and lust. flashback friday celebrates 20 years of "access" with jennifer lopez. >> little baby jennifer! >> did you ever think you would be here? >> yes. >> lights. camera. access. the bachelor twins bring double the trouble for ben. and he loves it. first on set of the new "star trek" with captain kirk himself. 20 years of access to jennifer lopez. happy new year. welcome to "access hollywood." we've got a big show for the first day of 2016. >> 2015 is over but the fashion moments live on. i sat down with comedian michael kosta and nina parker and asked a style producer anthony ramos
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