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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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go mike: depends on where you look. like patches here and there. john mentioned making snow, which is happening behind me at two world. you can see the snow machines. the cold temperatures, the wind, and the natural flurries helping things out. what to see real accumulation, you have to look in the higher elevations of the mountains. speaking of higher elevations, take a look at what we found at this ski area. it finally looks like winter out there. in fact, that ski area was bare down to the grass on friday. now look at it. of course, they're making snow of their own up there, but the flurries don't hurt. it was 19 degrees up there when we were there earlier. >> the snow falling from the sky makes everything look pretty, lets you think it's winter. but we've already skied 32 days this year, and we would've had our stuff on the ground, and been open for skiing, no matter what. mike: off the mountain, in
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heavy flurries were coming down. at times, you could see snow blowing around on the streets. schools closed early to keep students off the roads. back here live at tube world, a couple more cars pulling up as the man-made snow continues to come down. as you heard, it is real snow they came down, and the cold, making people feel like it is time to get out and enjoy the winter weather attractions. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, live in maggie valley, north airliner. michael: a chilling start on wall street. the dow fell more than 400 points today. that, officially, is the worst opening day in 84 years. this first trading day of 2016 had the traders showing their worries about a slowdown in china and tensions between saudi arabia and iran. saudi arabia is cutting ties
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oil closed lower, continuing a decline. many analysts say the low prices at the pump will get even lower. >> i'm enjoying it. i always have to get premium in my car, so i have to make sure it's as cheap as possible, so i can keep riding longer. michael: according to estimates from aaa, gas should remain a bargain throughout this year. carol: president obama says he will roll out a new set of initiatives on tightening the nation's gun laws over the next several days. the president met with his top law enforcement officials today at the white house, including attorney general loretta lynch and fbi director james comey. they delivered a list of recommendations for gun control measures that would not need congressional approval. the president says he is confident the new gun control initiatives are constitutionally sound, and consistent with the second amendment. >> this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country. it's not going to prevent every mass shooting. it's not going to keep every gun
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it will potentially save lives in this country. carol: the president didn't specify what actions he plans to take. that announcement is scheduled for 11:40 tomorrow morning. michael: michael slager has posted bond. he was -- his bond was set at half $1 million. he did post the $50,000 bond and he is out of jail tonight. cell phone video showed him shooting walter scott as he ran from a traffic stop earlier last year. the judge set a trial date for october 31. carol: it back up for miles on i-380 -- i-385 added time to the commute. traffic north and south was at a crawl. a total of five crashes caused the slowdown for miles. a towing company owner says he
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wreckers -- five wreckers on the job. >> that is unusual. we don't see this that often. if you have a five car accident, usually one or two of them have to be towed. the other three usually don't get towed. this is unusual for five cars to be towed. carol: officials say chain reactions cause the accidents. they see this too often, and they say accidents can because by texting and distracted driving. michael: the oconee nuclear power plant will undergo inspection tomorrow. the regulation commission will inspect power cables were two of three units. of take several days. the plant is located near seneca, 30 miles west of rain fell. carol: today was the last day for south carolinians to apply for fema assistance after historic flooding devastated the area. the governor requested an extra month, and that month expired today. michael: a greenville county council woman is recovering from
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a stroke. the council chairman told wyff that lottie gibson was -- what to the hospital yesterday. she is in stable condition. it is too early to tell you she will be able to perform her duties on the council. the next reading is tomorrow night. >> i think mostly to remind evangelicals that the votes are important. carol: the son of billy graham is kicking off a 50 state to her, urging conservative christians to vote. franklin graham left the republican party. what could this mean for presidential candidates? john: the cold air sweeping across lake erie, producing snow showers around cleveland. an additional half inch to an inch of snow possible in cleveland.
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>> you're watching live, local, breaking news. with carol goldsmith, michael cogdill, and the weather with chief meteorologist john cessarich. sports with brad fralick. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. carol: the son of billy graham is hitting the road, holding rallies in 50 states and urging christians to vote. franklin graham has left the republican party and says he will not endorse any candidate. >> we are not supporting any candidates or any party. we want to lift up the name of jesus christ. carol: franklin graham kicks
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we're a week away now from thecollege football national championship game... and stores are cashing in...wyff news 4 was there when ashipment of orange bowl championshirts were delivered to mr. knickerbocker in downtown clemson... excited fans werewaiting around to get their hands on one... this store is expecting another shipment iweek... where were you 34 years ago?some of you might not have been born... others like us have a lot ofmemories... in 1981 ...
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i was in thesecond could say the sophomore year... of my tv career. it was also the first and lasttime the clemson tigers werecalled national champions... a michael: the tigers were called national football champions, a title they hope to regain let -- next month. carol: mandy gaither has a look back. all new at 6 60. mandy: the year was 1981. $1.25 for a gallon of gas. 78,000 would buy a new house. for tiger fans, the biggest thing to come out of that year, this team. looking back seems like long ago. >> what about the play on the offensive and defensive lines? wax it seemed like you got momentum going.
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>> it is probably the most physical game i have ever been involved with. >> that new year's day was like yesterday. >> when i look at that, it looked like it was a few years ago. it was a few years that that took place. the excitement everybody had, it was the first time. >> the paper may look worn, but the memories are not. he was working for clemson's athletic department. >> now, he is dabo swinney's go-to guy. the 81 season sticks close to him. literally, he keeps this moment -- this memento on his desk. a ticket from the game. >> it is a reminder. >> what a difference 34 years makes. the cost of a ticket back then, $15.
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that is not the only thing that has changed. check out the press between the years. >> all the information started off my electric hybrid -- typewriter. >> with so many similarities between the 1981 season and now, making new memories while making room on his desk. mandy gaither, wyff news 4 in clemson. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: looking ahead to when the tigers had to phoenix -- had to phoenix a week from today, or a talking about, it should be dry on monday, partly sunny with highs in the 50's. we'll find in the forecast as we go through the week. a different story for us. off and on larry's and snow showers continue to taper.
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once the sun went down, so did flurries in snow showers. a couple snow showers confined to higher elevations along the west facing slopes along the tennessee-north carolina line. as expected, no snow in the upstate. her outside and across the area. -- clear outside in cold across the area. scattered in nature, swinging from north-south. most areas had a dusting to, the higher elevations had an inch. a dusting of snow on the grassy areas of downtown asheville, flurries all the way down into hendersonville during the day today. 3/10 of an inch of snow, as we move into the northern mountains of north carolina, a half inch of snow. roads becoming slick, especially bridges and overpasses that have not been treated. they will be slick overnight. the ski resorts, besides making
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snow, windy conditions, an inch and a half on beech mountain. in the upstate, a live shot from laurens. it is cold. 35 this morning at the greenville airport. warming up to 44 degrees, we ended 2015 over the last month or so, unseasonably warm. the cold front passed by, then cold high pressure has built in for the weekend into this day. eight degrees below average, far from the record high of 80 set in 1910. 29 degrees this morning at the asheville airport, close to where it should be. 37 the high, 10 degrees below average for this time of year. the wind made it feel colder. right now, 22 in boone, 30 in hendersonville, 38 in anderson. 39 in toccoa. gusty winds give us a wind chill of 15 in hendersonville, 18 in asheville and boom.
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a wind chill of 28 in spartanburg, feels like 30 in downtown greenville. humidity starting to lower, 39% in greenville. cold air all the way down into charleston, 44 degrees. 38 in atlanta. chilly in orlando, 58. they are probably bundled up in miami. 67 degrees in miami. the northwesterly flow, lake effect snows for the first time this season,. the great lakes. 21 with flurries, three degrees in michigan. most of the country starting to feel like december. there is a cold high building for tomorrow, even with plenty of sunshine it will be cold. tonight, clearing skies, diminishing winds, low 23. 18 in the mountains with flurries. windy are most of the day. in the upstate tomorrow, sunshine and cold. high 42.
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reaching the high at 3:00. in the asheville area, sunny and cold, light winds. high 39. starting off at 24 in the morning, 39 the high at 3:00 in the afternoon. the four-day plus, we are talking about a slow warming trend and rain on friday and rain on sunday but dry on saturday. now back to you. michael: deputies and charleston county say michael slager remains in custody although jill records indicated he had been released on bond. -- jail records indicated he had been released. the website for the jail says he was released at 5:23 p.m. today. the site was updated to say he was back in jail and 5:51. carol: the south carolina coaching staff is complete. ricardo: will muschamp has produced a name that has been
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shaq lawson said he will play in the championship game. tebow sweeney backing up the claim. -- dabo swinney backing up the
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: shaq lawson has made it known he will play in the championship game despite a sprained ncl. dabo swinney reaffirmed this. his defensive end should be available for the game in arizona. he said in a teleconference, he is optimistic shaq lawson will play. shaq lawson returned to practice. he injured his knee in the first half of the orange bowl. he leads the nation in tackles for loss.
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after passing -- after dealing with heart related illnesses. prior to his time in tiger town, he coached the citadel for seven seasons. he served as the head coach and athletic director at a high school in arkansas. he was 82. will muschamp's coaching staff is complete. they announced the higher of kurt roper as co-offensive quarter -- coordinator. he was the offensive coordinator in florida in 2014 before joining the cleveland browns staff. roper and bryan mcclendon will share the duties. charles tillman will miss the -- the panthers playoff run after he torn acl. he played against new york in week 15 before tearing it in the season finale against tampa bay. despite that, carolina is in good spirits after wrapping up home field with a win.
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the final minutes. ron rivera said today, the team that its swagger back after the loss to atlanta -- got its swagger back. >> playing as well as we did yesterday, it is exciting. it is great to see the guys enjoying it. it is great to see them with their confidence. i think that is something that is part of who we are. ricardo: the panthers enjoying a bye week. they will face either seattle, washington, or green bay, and that will be sunday, january 17 at 1:05. carol: thanks for watching. we hope to see you at 11:00. michael: we are always on and our mobile app. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk! okay! fun's over.
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tonight, campaign bliss. bill clinton hits the trail as donald trump puts his money where his mouth is. but his new ad has already erupted in copt very versailles-- cocontroversy. a we go inside as armed protesters tame control of a federal building unless the feds meet their demands. what they want. taking aim. what we've learned about president obama's executive actions on guns. the white house about to go around congress asso uponents vow to fight and the real life whodonit who has so many viewers hooked, amateur detectives split and tonight outrage calls
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