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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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retailers who don't have a license to sell or who don't , perform federal background checks. the background checks themselves would be, in his words, brought into the 21st century. there would be a step up in research and technology to make sure triggers are not pulled accidentally. and there would be expanded treatment for mental illness national -- nationwide. >> there are people out there, and there always will be. if they want a gun that no, they will go around the system. especially they know they can't cap -- pass a background check. the ones that don't have a criminal history will go about it the right way. >> we respect the second amendment. we are not anti-gun, we are anti-gun violence. we believe there are common sense gun laws that will respect the rights of gun owners. patrick: senator marco rubio says the president is assessed
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amendment. senator ted cruz says, quote, "obama once your guns." however, to my knowledge, donald trump has yet to respond today, but keep your eye on twitter. michael: we want to know what you think. you can let us know on our "now" poll. let us know if you think the president's executive actions will reduce the number of mass shootings in the united states. the poll is on the wyff4 facebook, twitter and website home pages. here's a look so far, and so far, the no's have it. if you vote on twitter, make sure you include hasthhtags or your vote won't count. carol: south carolina governor nikki haley will provide the gop response to president obama's state of the union address. you'll be able to watch the address and haley's response, right hehe on wyff four. tonight at 9:00.
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yard covered in snow. the family's snowmachine c cated this. they tell us they plan to run the snowmachine tonight. carol: let's check in now with chief meteorologist john cessarich. michael: john, no chance of real snow tonight. right? john: not anywhere across the area. we have namely clear skies across the western carolinas in northeastern georgia. no natural snow, but ski resorts are continuing to make snow. these temperatures. they're barely got up into the mid to upper 30's especially in higher elevations of north carolina. barely reaching the freezing mark in boone. 26 degrees, 33 -- bang and hendersonville, 39 into color, 37 in downtown greenville. temperatures very cold. no danrous wind chills like yesterday. we have a northeast breeze at 5-12 miles per hour in the upstate.
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our next storm system will arrive, i will talk about that later on. michael: it's winter, but things are heating up in spartanburg. city leaders say economic development success is the biggest in the state. mike mccormick is live and local downtown. mike, what do you say? mike: new businesses are coming. historic buildings areetting upgrades. signs of growth are everywhere. the sparkle in spartanburg attracted table 301 of greenville. the group opened papi's tacos inside the growler haus. this week, both started opening for lunch. >> we feel there is an audience that can be captured during those hours. mike: dundas street, a new coffee stand. not far from there, the hub city co-op is getting closer to opening. new windows and an opening in march. on morgan square, the old sandwich factory location is
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marriott hotel is starting to rise. a couple blocks away, miyako sushi group is planning a move to the building new store. -- the building next door. it'll feature a rooftop bar. >> the first one in spartanburg. >> we are the biggest economic state right now. that is a long way from where spartanburg was 10-15 years ago. mike: city leaders say the momentum is thanks in part to teamwork between the city, the county and the chamber of commerce. >> those entities are working together in the realm of economic development better than they ever have. mike: the city even has a website,, to help you track momentum. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, live in spartanburg. michael: clemson and alabama for the national championship coming up on and the storylines monday.
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roots in the state of alabama. sports director brad fralick i i in now with more. brad: it sounds like dabo swinney's family may be growing recently, especially due to the request he has gotten. a decision, some of these family members haha a decision to make. they are from alabama. they have grown up rooting for the crimson tide. but their son is coaching the tigers. dabo's when he played at alabama, won a national championship in 1992, and has friends in and around the state that are diehard alabama fans. he grew up dreaming about playing for the crimson tide. many friends and family are coming out of the woodwork, wanting tickets. >> i have a lot of people to want to be in my family right now, by the way. it is a big family. i have a bunch of cousins and nephews that i didn't even know i had. but no, it's all good.
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all i know is, they are not getting a ticket for me unless they are wearing orange. brad: we will be in arizona beginning thursday night. coming up in sports, we hear from deshaun watson and his thoughts on facing the crimson tide on the road to the title. carol: in order to get you ready for the national championship, we've started up our live wire again. you can find it on or our mobile app. the live wire a collection of tweets about the tigers and the championship game, and it features everything from throwback videos from the 1980 one team, to recent interviews with players. >> i would say the state of health care is constantly in flux. michael: that could be why it remains a huge political issue. up next, insurance, and the cost of health care. >> it's a chance to get a couple of questions in and get your exercise in. well tell you about the walk with a doc event at bon
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john: inside it is nice. clear skies, over lake hartwell you could see you ripples -- you can see ripples on the lake. the windchill making it feel colder than the temperature in
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michael: health care is back in the headlines. enrollment for the insurance exchange is now in its third year and currently underway through the end of january. health care is not just a national issue. it is local. we sat down with an upstate doctor who says e problem is not just people having insurance, but the half -- the cost of insurance and health care. the u.s. census shows the median household income in south carolina, from 2009-2013 was just under 45,000 dollars a year, about $10,000 less than the national average.
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have to go to the hospital. we will take your appendix out. in the u.s., that is $20,000 for that to be done. that is cap -- catastrophic. that is a down payment on a really nice house, that's a new car, and in other parts of the world, it is $2000. michael: the state reports nearly one out of every south carolinians is enrolled in medicaid. carol: the first "walk with a doc" event of the year at bon secours wellness arena took place this morning. the event happens once a month, "well walkers" get the chance to ask a doctor questions. today, the doctor was steve keiser, a sports medicine physician who works with both athletes, and active people. >> people always ask what is the best exercise. really, the best exercises exercise you actually do. i think walking is the best. all you need is a pair of shoes and motivation. >> we are neutral greenville and looking for a doctor, a primary
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same philosophy of just, we stay healthy, we try to stay healthy, we are active and we eat right and we want a doctor that understands all of that. carol: for people who just wawa to get out and walk, they can head to the bonds of her wellness arena tuesday and thursday. -- the bon secours wellness arena tuesday and michael: an thursday. update now to the story of caitlyn the dog. we've covered her recovery for months now. her dna test results will be published tomorrow. last memorial day, caitlyn was found in north charleston with her musclebound with electrical tape. -- with her muzzle bound with electrical tape. many were curious what breeds make up her background. the charleston animal society had the test conducted. they will publish the results in the "carolina tails" magazine tomorrow. caitlyn underwent surgery this summer and lives with a foster family. >> we sowed a seed 30 some years ago. it is time to have babies, ha
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carol: the road to the title. a look back in time with clemson great geoff davis. -- jeff davis. john: clear to partly cloudy chilly. i will be right back. days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in calififnia instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings
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politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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less than a week carol: less than a week before the championship, and while tiger fans are looking forward to the future we're taking a , look at the past. michael: today, wyff news 4's mandy gaither sat down with clemson great jeff davis. it's all new at 6:00. >> there it is. mandy: as a team, they struck fear in those they played. number 45 helped keep those fierce fires burning.
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mandy: this game shaped jeff davis. 22-years-old, a national champion for the first time in clemson history. yeah, this is it. there you are. >> that's it, that's it. we number one, baby. we just shocked the world. mandy: what do you think about this, looking back? i mean, 34 years. >> i tell you, what being around young people, it keeps you young, ha. matter of fact, i don't oftentimes know it until a young person will say something to me, like, do the math. haha, then i have to think about it for a second. i say, wowwww. haha. mandy: looking back at wyff news 4 locker room footage from the night they won it all, our interview then, with william devane. >> boy, he look good. he look so young. he look slim, too, haha. mandy: are you saying that's not the case now? >> i'm saying all positive things, because i wouldn't be who i am if he didn't do what he did.
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mandy: don't want to make him mad. >> that's exactly right. mandy: and how about this young guy? that is coach ford right after the game. >> oh, yeah. still looking intense. mandy: from the band, to the fans. >> the cheering after the game, y'all walking into the locker room. oh, man. mandy: so many memories from that night. but after the game, there was no sign of davis in our archives. >> i'm probably somewhere laid out on the floor, because i didn't have anything left. i don't know where these guys getting all this energy from, haha. mandy: now passing along the torch to a new generation, which includes his twin sons who play on the team, hoping to be celebrating a national championship once again. >> as i would say it, we sowed a seed 30 something years ago. it's time to have babies . mandy: mandy gaither, wyff news 4, in clemson. carol: check out this picture.
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headed home after the national championship game on j juary 1, 1982. very happy people. michael: great laughter in that piece. we want to see your team spirit photos and videos, recent or from back in the day. again, not so long ago. bama fans, we'd like to see yours too. just upload them to the u-local section of you might see them on the air. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: satellite and radar showing things nice and quiet. high pressure continues to dominate. it is based over virginini this high will build across the area by tomorrow morning. it will shift and head up to see as we go through tomorrow afternoon. the northeasterly breeze in the upstate keeping it cold. cold through the deep south thanks to the high. we started off at 23 degrees this morning at the greenville airport. we warmed up to 41 degrees.
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for this time of year. far from the record high or the record low on this date. at the asheville airport, 21 to start the day this morning. not quite as cold as gsp, but it was pretty breezy which kept the wind, kept the temperature up. the wind chills were in the single digits. record low on the state, negative one in 1924. life shot over laurens right now, clear skies and it is cold. current temperature already 35 degrees in laurens, 30's for -- 37 in toccoa, 33 in asheville and hendersonville. 36 it -- 26 in boone. light winds out of the northeast in the upstate. humidity continues to go down.
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40 in columbia, 39 in atlanta, 38 in charleston, cold along the beaches. 36 in myrtle beach, 31 in wilmington. 31 in cincinnati, 38 in st. louis, 62 in orlando. 70 in miami. 52 in new orleans. most of the south, pretty cold. most of the country is looking like winter. a lot of clouds up here is the storm system and the planes states, we will see -- in the planes states, 24 in bososn, 40 three e memphis, 34 in kansas city, 43 in denver. cold temperatures, colder than we would normally see. not like the last couple weeks or we had temperatures above average for this time of year. the high is locked in over virginia tomorrow morning, so it will be a very cold start to the day.
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out to sea. clear skies and very cold tonight, low 22 in the upstate, 15 on average for the overnight low in the mountains. tomorrow in the upstate, sunshine and high, thin cirrus clouds. high 47. we start off and 28 at 9:00 a.m., upper 30's and lunchtime. 35 at 3:00. in the asheville area, mostly sunny, light winds. high 43. starting off at 25, warming into the upper 30's at lunchtime. 43 at three of rock in the afternoon. the four-day plus, a warming trend, increasing clouds thursday. rain comes in on friday. we could be unsubtle are most of the weekend. commute -- computer models are . that is why i put in clouds with a chance of rain all the way through the weekend but we'll fine-tune that. michael: very cold in the
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carol: the stories run deep between dabo swinnnn and alabama. brad: we have heard about them all season. we will hear about more of those, he has never shied away from sharing.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> for us to be the best, we have to beat the best. the last couple years, alabama has been the best. they have been the center of
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have to beat the best. the opportunity is in our hands. we have to earn it. brad: deshaun watson embracing the challenge that will be basing the crimson tide. i have not faced a -- they have not faced a quarterback of watson's caliber this season. dabo swinney meeting the media, the stories of him growing up in alabama will be a huge part of the run up to the game. ricardo lecompte has more from clemson. ricardo: growing up in pelham, alabama, clemson head coach dabo swinney love the tide, loved bear bryant, played under gene stallings as a walk-on wide receiver. his first coaching gig came as a grad assistant in tuscaloosa. and on monday night, he'll try to win his first national championship as head coach, against his alma mater. >> it's kind of cool. i mean, you know, i think it's neat. i think god has got a sense of humor. i really do. we want to be the best, so let's
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and see if we can get it done and measure up. if we're good enough to get it done, we'll get it done. if we're not, then we'll go back to work, and keep working. so i think it's exactly the way i would have wanted it to be. ricardo: swinney won a national championship with alabama in 1992, and regardless of the outcome monday night, he says this program isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. reporting in clemson, ricardo lecompte. wyff news 4 sports. brad: thanks, ricardo. for the third time this season clemson is on the cover of , "sports illustrated," this issue ahead of the title game. and it is wayne gallman, who probably should be talked about more than he is. a little tease here. we will talk about wayne gallman in-depth. "road to the title," live from glendale. join us before the game for an
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college basketball, it is a full slate. south carolina at auburn, clemson on the road, furman and wofford on the road, usc upstate hosting north carolina at home. south carolina men and women, a combined 28-0. first time in sec history. tonight. michael: you are going to arizona soon. john: it will be in the 50's. sunshine, upper 50's all the way through early friday, saturday, next week. nice weather up there, brad. the game will probably be in the 40's. 47 the high tomorrow in the upstate, 43 in the mountains. bundle up. carol: thanks for watching. our next newscast is at 11:00. michael: we are always on and our mobile app. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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